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A Women With a Vision

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There is no limit to what Sybelle can accomplish.

Combining the client’s ideas and vision with her expertise and experience, Sybelle Design consistently serves up beautiful and functional spaces at the conclusion of every project. What she brings to the table is impeccable taste and a sound knowledge of all things design and staging.

Being an integral part of the estate community for over twenty years, Sybelle applies her professionalism and skill not only to the intricacies of interior design, but also keeps a keen focus on how people can inhabit and indulge themselves in a living space, using every facet to its greatest advantage. A consultation with Sybelle takes you forward from the get-go, first helping you realise your vision for the ideal space, and gathers momentum through each crucial phase of brainstorming, planning, budgeting and project management.

Reinventing traditional staging with each step forward, the team at Sybelle Design first focuses on the property, the spaces within, and the client’s idea and requirements, before the process of actual staging and design begins. All through this process, the team simultaneously works towards arranging various concepts and themes into a framework of visuals and multimedia aesthetics that highlight industry trends and integrate seamlessly into marketing strategies, public relations campaigns, and ultimately property sales.

Sybelle’s unique touches to each of her highly sought-after home stylings come with a process that includes exquisite attention to detail, the inclusion of bespoke furniture from her own personal line, intricate restorations that recreate and elevate a space, as well as carefully curated artwork and decor to complement the home’s existing features such as staircases, flooring, wall panelings, fireplaces and more. For Sybelle, securing these first impressions is key to creating focal points in each room, and evolves into redefining corridors and entryways to lend the perfect balance for an immaculate finished interior.

Working with Sandra Bullock is a prime example of the collaboration Sybelle is trying to promote and flourish. Their collaboration explored a unity of entrepreneurial skills, coupled with a common goal and creative drive where each used their expertise to achieve a level that highlights why Sandra Bullock is known and respected as a leader and a driving force in the community.

“For our own success to be real, it must contribute to the success of others.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt

On a more personal level, Sybelle herself remains devoted to maintaining a sense of community within the industry by consciously promoting young and upcoming artists, empowering young women and encouraging them to meet their goals. Tapping into local talent to source everything from modernist art, to liaising with marketing gurus and influencers to promote the industry is all part and parcel of Sybelle Design’s vision for the estate industry in Auckland and beyond.

Tips & Tricks for Your Home Interior Design

“Trends come and go and the best advice I give to my clients is to keep your furniture neutral and incorporate the trend color with soft furnishing like cushions and blankets.”

Sybelle Nakhle co-founder at Sybelle Design, says.

“This décor statement is so transformative. You can quite l iterally change this around as the trend change every year without having to redecorate your entire home.”