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cover art by paige baxter




on the cover “Untitled” Aquarius

“Untitled” is a surrealist painting meant to portray a bizarre sense of place within a snowy environment. This painting can represent a dream-like state one might have. Paige Baxter is a graphic design major at the University of Idaho. She said she enjoys painting for class and in her spare time.

Your temper may be butting up against your calm exterior. Let it out — punch a pillow or take a boxing class. It might be fun to let that energy out in a positive manner and your drinking buddies will thank you for it.


2/19 - 3/20

Imagine this — you don’t get a break. You have to keep chugging along without any time to see friends and family. Don’t you appreciate that three weeks a lot more now? Indulge your silliness with some interpersonal time, but don’t lose sight of challenges ahead.

Aries Submit your artwork

3/21 - 4/19

You’ve been putting your nose to the grindstone all semester and it’s paying off. Your fiery personality may feel dampened by the snow, but you’ll pull through with snowball fights and hard partying over break. Just remember to prepare for next semester.

Taurus M O S C O W Mo vie In fo 88 2 -68 73


1/20 - 2/18

4/20 - 5/20

Usually, winter would be a time for you to hunker down with tea and a good book but you’ve got a wild streak this year. Indulge it by taking time over break to hang out with friends and warm up with a cold one. Don’t be scared — you just might enjoy it.

5/21 - 6/20

chava thomas rawr


9/23 - 10/22

Wha-bam — that’s the sound of winter malaise hitting you like a truck. You’re strong enough to put it to good use and you should make every effort to continue your pursuit of knowledge, even though you aren’t in school. Pick up a book or surf Wikipedia — either way, you’ll better your mind.

Dreaming comes naturally to you but it might be time to wake up. There’s a lot to do before you can relax, and you need to focus on tasks ahead. When break rolls around do what comes naturally — wear your sweatpants and get caught up on all your favorite TV shows.



6/21 -7/22

Fluidity is the key to life. No one needs to tell you that but it seems you need a reminder of your key values. Turn inward over break and reexamine your relationships with friends and family. You might have some catching up to do.


7/23 - 8/22

You are so fierce and you know it. Unfortunately, that might make you seem a bit conceited to others. Temper your awesomeness and show some humility to others around you. They’ll appreciate it.


8/23 - 9/22

Oh, Virgo. You’ve been desperate to get a break for winter and you’ve definitely earned it. Think about traveling somewhere new with your time off, but catching up with friends is another great way to spend break.

10/23 - 11/21

It’s time for you to stop focusing on yourself and turn your attention to the world around you. Ask your friends how they are dealing with winter — someone could use a listening ear. With your insight into human emotion, you might be the perfect shoulder to cry on.


11/22 - 12/21

Andrew W.K. said it best: “Party hard.” This won’t be difficult for you with your fun-loving nature, but be responsible about how you behave. Others may not appreciate your idea of a good time and you need to accommodate them, no matter how boring they might be.


12/22 - 1/19

You’ve been a rock for a lot of your friends but they need to take a turn. Open up to someone about what’s been bothering you and make sure not to step away too soon — you have a lot to let out.

PG Daily (4:20) 7:00 9:40 Sat-Sun (11:00) (1:40)

PG-13 Daily (4:30) 6:50 9:30 Sat-Sun (11:50) (2:10)

PG-13 Daily (4:10) 6:40 9:10 Sat-Sun (11:20) (1:50)

Single santa?

Find mrs. claus.

PG Daily (4:00) 6:20 8:40 Sat-Sun (11:10) (1:30)

sooo lonely... PG-13 Daily (3:20) 6:30 9:30 Sat-Sun (12:00) Showtimes in ( ) are at bargain price. Special Attraction — No Passes Showtimes Effective 12/10/10-12/16/10

rawr events.


Holiday humbug It gets dark before some folks wake up. The snow is conveniently piled in the middle of turning lanes. People are bundling up, finishing schoolwork and purchasing plane tickets. Winter break is around the corner. Here’s some inspiration for the imminent holiday preparations.

Makes the heart grow fonder Most of us have loved ones far away. Some prefer the distance. But excuses like “losing cell signal” don’t always work, and Auntie McAmish won’t jump on the Skype-wagon. When communication is necessary, can help you wish warmly with minimal effort and contact. The site has a plethora of party favors, greeting cards, journals and calendars that contain seed-infused paper. Send Auntie some 4.5 by 6.5 inches of affection and she can grow some Black Eyed Susans in the flowerbed by her outhouse. The paper is made from 100 percent post-consumer material. The seeds available range from Spurred Snap Dragon to Bird’s Eye to English Daisy and more. Some products can grow spruce trees. Now a picture of two reindeer Eskimo-kissing can be buried in something other than a post-unwrapping trash bag.

Deck the halls No holiday season would be complete without festive decorations. The website matt UglyChristmasLights. com has some suggestions. The site features snapshots of terrible holiday lighting by the dozens. The archives go back almost a decade. Some pictures show front yards full of monstrous, blow-up Christmas characters gathered like armies for saccharine slaughter. Some photos show houses with enough light to burn the cynicism from every shopping mother’s eyes. Other photos show ominous

illustration by loren morris | rawr

glowing strips surrounded by darkness, like angler fish luring carolers to a permanent silent night. These garish decorations are guaranteed to induce epileptic seizures in the most Valium-pumped in-laws.

Talk to the sweater


Another way to rawr kick St. Nick in the crotch and offend everybody involves clothing. If there’s an ugly sweater party coming up, stop by The blog provides commentary and links to various pieces of cringeworthy cloth. A green sweater with a disembodied Santa face hanging off the front might distract boring conversationalists. Faux fur, a leopard-print lapel and an awkward felt wreath may

confuse those who seek to categorize you. If nothing quite captures the apathy and longing for spiked punch, have one custom-made — there’s a link to an order form. Any tasteless combination of elements can be woven together for that bitter, earless Van Gogh in all of us. Ugly sweater parties may be fun. But wearing these garments in normal situations will make a stronger statement.


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eet trol A Str ate Con Clim a s. Storage Unit

Call: 882-8391



amrah canul | rawr Kevin Dimmitt poses for a photo in steampunk fashions near Brink Hall on Wednesday.

anthony saia rawr

Theora Rice, University of Idaho student, said steampunk is more than just fashion. “It has to do with a lifestyle,” Rice said. “Of course fashion has a tie to steampunk culture, but it is more than just dress and goggles. From what I have learned about it, steampunk is more about having and making things with the ability to fix them if they break.” Rice said when she was younger, her father—who had always been a handy guy, worked on their cars when they broke down instead of wasting money on a mechanic. “Little did I know, I was living a steampunk life even when I was younger,” she said. Rice said instead of trying to figure out what happens to an iPod when it dies, most people just throw it away and buy a new one. “Steampunk seems to defy our throw-away culture,” she said. For steampunks Rice and colleague Kenneth Webb, life is about taking something apart and learning how it works instead of tossing it.

“Steampunk to me is about creation, but creation with a purpose. Not only am I going to make something that has aesthetic value, but I also want to create something that serves me or the world with more than one function,” Webb said. Webb has made numerous pieces he said are inspired from steampunk ideals. “I have made clothing, hats and goggles, and some have other purposes aside from their original use, but in the end they are all handmade,” he said. Webb created his own pirate hat out of raw materials of leather and sinew. Instead of buying a premade one at the store, Webb said he opted to produce his own — to see if he could. “I think steampunk is a lot about exploration as well,” Webb said. “Steampunk Magazine” said the term was coined in the ‘80s as a variant to cyber punk. Steampunk embodies the Victorian age, particularly with clothing, and incorporates the idea of the steam engine as a mode of transportation. Culturally, steampunk influences can be seen in many

places, particularly in film and literature. Tessa DeMoy, costume designer, took the steampunk ideal and molded its influences into Washington State University’s production of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” “We were going with a darker feel and wanted to show the change into this steampunk world. When Jekyll transformed to Hyde, so did the costumes. We incorporated a lot of moving parts and gears into the costume giving the outfits a more industrial feel,” DeMoy said. She said steampunk has not only influenced local productions, it can be seen in Hollywood productions. “You can see some of the influence in ‘Sherlock Holmes,’” she said. The clothing in the film is reminiscent of the steampunk style as are some of the gadgets that Holmes carries in the film. However, even before these ideas could be reproduced in film, some steampunk enthusiasts chose to follow literary works. “Some ideas in steampunk come from the H.G. Wells novel



amrah canul | rawr Connor Hoover and Theora Rice showcase steampunk fashions by the Idaho Commons on Wednesday.

‘The Time Machine,” and others stem from Jules Verne’s ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,’” Rice said. These novels incorporate the 19th century setting, more specifically the Victorian era, but the largest influence behind this cultural phenomenon can be seen in the Joss Whedon series “Firefly.” “Firefly” took the idea of steampunk and made it contemporary. The series fused the science fiction base of steampunk with influences from the Wild West. “Firefly” was cancelled a few years ago but the series spawned a featurelength film, “Serenity,” and an enormous cult following. “A few friends of mine just had a “Firefly” marathon,” Rice said. “That show is great. Obviously there are some far-fetched ideas but it is entertaining.” Some may say steampunk could be this generation’s movement toward sustainability, which may be accurate. “When it comes down to it, steampunk is all about form as well as function. I like creating and sharing my ideas with others and I think that is what it is all about,” Webb said.

Sociology/Anthropology would like to congratulate the following Fall 2010 graduates: David Couch Aaron Faucett Kaitlin Holmes Jaimie Korner Norma Librado David Loseth Adeline Lustig

Gloria Mahoney Holly Olson Caleb Parry Nora Resendiz Heather Sargent Melonie Schutte Boinnie Wiscarson



rhiannon rinas rawr

katherine brown | rawr

Dance major Sadie Champlin demonstrates a spin in the Physical Education Building Tuesday night.

Congratulations Fall 2010 College of Art & Architecture Graduates Coreen Nicole Becia, B.S. Arch Hasia Adwoa Belloe, B.S. Arch Kelsey Marie Blagden, B.F.A. Slyvia A. Capaul, B.F.A. Ashley Nichole Cochran, B.A. Claire Susuanne Echanove, B.F.A. Nathan William Enderle, B.A. Tyler Marshall Hatfield, B.A. Jonathan Michael Hill, B.F.A. Brianne Renee Keifer, B.L. Arch Gillian Lee Keller, B.F.A. Andrew Steven Knecht, B.A. Alex M Kuzmenko, B.S. Arch Christopher Lee Lavoie, B.S. Ashley Nicole Miles, B.S. Art Ed Doran Oliver Myrie, B.S. Arch Stephen R. Normand, B.A. Andrew Joseph Potter, B.F.A. Matthew Brian Riley, B.F.A. Matthew Thomas Wheeler, B.S. Arch

Whether it’s dancing around their kitchen in stocking feet or performing under lights, University of Idaho dancers love to move. “I started dancing because my mother was a ballet instructor and I was always very kinesthetic since I was a little girl,” UI dance instructor Mia Seshiki said. “She thought ‘Well, you have a little girl who’s really into movement. Better put her in some ballet classes.’” Seshiki said she has been dancing for 14 years and teaches classical ballet on campus. “I continue to dance because, like I said, I’m very kinesthetic, so it’s very hard for me to not move when I hear music,” Seshiki said. “I generally just move anyway, so teaching dancing and dancing … helps me to feel good about my body and about myself. And, it’s who I am.” Sarah Grigg said she was more or less forced into dance. She was about five years behind the other girls at the studio when she was in fourth or fifth grade, she said. “I started dancing because my mom used to watch dance videos a lot and I always used to dance in the living room. She kind of saw me becoming a tomboy and wanted me to be a girl, so she made me go to ballet class. And, I hated it for a long time,” Grigg said. Grigg said dance has made her aware of her health. “I think about it as kind of like a personal sport,” she said, “I like to be active. It really is an outlet for me to just have time to myself and it’s the one thing I do for me that nobody makes me feel guilty (for) doing just for me.” Niki Braman started dancing at the age of 3 and said she continued because she was “relatively good at it.” “My parents put me in dancing because they thought it was cute and they wanted to see me twirl around on stage,” Braman said. “They both say they never

assumed that I would make this my life career.” Sadie Champlin started dancing at 4 or 5, and said it was her mom’s way of helping her make friends. She said she was the girl who cried every time her mom left the studio. Champlin said she loves dance for many reasons. “For one, it keeps me moving, keeps me fit and healthy and it’s also this huge emotional outlet to where I feel like I can dance out any emotion. It’s literally therapy,” Champlin said. She said she continues to dance mainly for health reasons, and because she knows this is something she wants to do when she is 50. Jett Bingman started dancing six years ago for a high school play and said he fell in love with it. “It’s a form of exercise for me. It’s a way to release endorphins,” Bingman said. “It makes me really happy, and in musical theatre it’s … a way to communicate emotion rather than singing and dialogue.” People love to dance because it keeps them moving and it can help them forget about their problems, Seshiki said. Ballet is a favorite style for Braman, Seshiki and Grigg. “I think ballet is lovely. It’s about creating the longest line possible, elegance and sophistication,” Seshiki said. She said ballet fixes whatever goes wrong in her day. “Ballet’s my favorite and I love being at the bar,” Braman said. When she first started dancing it was ballet and tap, Grigg said, and she hated tap. Once she stopped tapping, she started loving dance, she said. “My favorite has been ballet. There’s got to be something about the romanticism in it and … as far as the movement goes, I feel it fits my body the most,” Grigg said. “It’s not like I’m trying to make my body fit ballet, it’s more I feel it in my body.” Seshiki said people don’t realize how difficult ballet really is. She said this is because there are many things to think about when performing ballet.

rawr “For example, if you’re thinking about footwork and thinking about the steps, you also have to think about your core stability, the exact place of your arms and where your fingers have to be, the line of your neck, where your head is, where your eyes are focusing and the articulation of your lower extremities,” Seshiki said. Champlin said there are numerous studies being done on the brains of dancers. “They’re doing studies on dancers and how much information we can hold because we’re just thinking all the time,” she said. Champlin said her favorite styles are lyrical and hip-hop. “Lyrical is more of that emotional outlet. It’s very contemporary – you’re very vulnerable when you’re dancing it. A lot of it’s about love and broken hearts and you’re really putting yourself out there when you’re dancing it,” Champlin said. Bingman said he enjoys musical theatre the most because it incorporates many styles of dance. “My main emphasis is musical theatre, so we do move-

7 ments from all over the world and incorporate them into fun dances that people love to watch,” Bingman said. These five dancers dance from 10 to 60 hours a week or more, but all agreed that dancing takes a toll on the body. “I don’t actually dance that much anymore. I actually teach more than I dance,” Seshiki said. “My body itself is actually quite old. My doctor has told me I have the body of an 86year-old. I have a lot of arthritis because I danced so much back in my teenage years.” Braman, who received a concussion last week in dance rehearsal, said dance has damaged her knees. “Normally I’m pretty sore and there are certain things we’re not supposed to do when we’re dancing … I’m a snowboarder also,” Braman said. “So if I want to snowboard, I probably can’t dance that day.” Bingman said he hopes to continue dancing with companies and tour because he loves the reactions he gets from audiences. Braman said she

has known since she was in Kindergarten that she wanted to be a dance teacher. “I really want to have my own dance studio and be my own boss and teach little girls how to do dance,” Champlin said, “and share for them why I love dancing and hopefully get them to love dancing as much as I do.” Grigg said she would lose a large part of her identity if she couldn’t dance. Braman said she would sleep all day if she couldn’t dance. “I’d probably snowboard a little more and be in a lot less pain, physically, but I don’t know if I’d do anything. I also can’t catch so I can’t really play sports,” Braman said. Champlin said if she couldn’t dance she would go crazy. “If I couldn’t dance, I would probably still find a way to dance,” Champlin said. “I know there’s ... companies for people that dance in wheelchairs or on crutches or (for) people without legs or arms. I probably would have to join one of them.”

BEST PRICES IN TOWN! katherine brown | rawr

Dancer Sadie Champlin demonstrates dance moves in the Physical Education Building Tuesday night. Champlin began dancing when she was 4 or 5 years old but only became serious about it in the last 10 years.

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We’ll take your naughty and make it nice.



Goggle-wearing mavericks Friendly competitions in glass blowing on the Palouse anthony saia rawr

photos by steven devine | rawr

Light from the torch bounces through a clear glass tube to create a spiral effect. There are many sizes, colors and weights used during the glass blowing process and each has a specific purpose.

Michaela Adams Alex Anderson Cory Collins Nichole Corn Andrew Dennis Darin Gammel Mary K. Givler Samantha Haines Corbin Hohstadt Michael Howzen Nicola Kumler

Sarah Lothspeich Candace Lowe Drew Maffei Kaleb Maxwell Annie McCloskey Casey McDaniel Lindsay Merrill Kyle Miller Dana Morris Jaimee Myers Ashley Nielsen

Ilya Pinchuk Alisha Puckett Conor Richards Jessica Samson Whitney Schroeder Heather Schumacher Haley Sevalstad Bryttanie Tuttle Cyrilla Watson Kristen Whitney Derek Wieting

Ronnie “Crondo” Chavez is one of few glass blowing gurus on the Palouse. He has been doing it for a little less than a decade but said he has some notoriety. “I had always drawn stuff you know, so I was really into art,” Chavez said. Creating blown glass art is not a new idea. You know the vendors who set up in the mall and make small figurines? Those people are technically glass blowers. Armed with different sizes of glass tubing and a torch, these goggle-wearing mavericks express their artistic side in a medium different than sketching or paint on canvas. It wasn’t easy for Chavez, he said, because there weren’t any formal teachers when he first began. “I started doing stuff and now I do custom pieces of glass for people while also showing off my stuff (online),” he said. He posts on a website where other glass blowing artists show photos of their work, thus improving their notoriety in the glass blowing world. Mike Porter, co-owner of Glassphemy, a glass shop in Pullman, has been blowing glass the same amount of time as Chavez but said he feels he is not as advanced as he could be. “I had to train myself,” Porter said, “Had I taken some sort of class for it I’d be a lot further along in my skill and technique.” Porter, like Chavez, said he did not start out as a glass artist, but fell into the profession. “Initially I got into glass blowing through a friend who was blowing glass for a distribution company,” Porter said, “I never really made any fine art, more like doodles, but I always listened to music.” Chavez said he drew a lot before delving into glass blowing and named off a few bands he listens to while working. “I listen to a lot of Deftones and Tool when I’m working. It

just gets me into that state of mind and I find myself turning the glass to the beat,” he said. “It is nice to feel the beat when I am making a piece because it brings forth a new sense of creativity all the way from pulling a point to the final product.” When a glass blower is working on a piece, they use different lengths and widths of glass cylinders and heat them with a torch. They start by heating the glass while turning it in a rapid motion so the glass does not harden and crack. “The torch that I used has a feed of two different things: Oxygen and propane. The supplies can be expensive but I’ve been fortunate enough to start making a living doing this, but at first it wasn’t so easy,” Chavez said. He said he was worried in the beginning that his newest career path would not come to fruition. “I went through about $600 worth of materials and supplies and nothing was working. I was afraid that I just wasted a ton of money, but I kept at it,” he said. Chavez said hard work and determination have paid dividends for him and not just with burn marks from his torch. “I led a team of glassblowers in a competition in (Las) Vegas earlier this year,” Chavez said. “It was an honor to be selected from a group of my peers to lead the team. We don’t even know if we won but we had a good time.” Ronnie is not the only one in his family working on glass blowing. His brother, Ruben Chavez, has started as well. “I moved up to Pullman from the San Diego area, mainly to check it out. Like my brother, I started out drawing things and doing stencil work,” Ruben Chavez said. Stencil work is when the artist takes the negative of an image and cuts it into separate pieces to produce a stencil a person can spray-paint over to produce an image.


Ryan “Buck” Harris works on an inverted double perc during the Las Vegas 2010 Champs Flameoff. Fourteen teams of three battled on the torch for two days and were judged on the third day of competition.

Ronnie “Crondo” Chavez works on a multiple section glass piece. Chavez was the captain of a three man team during the 2010 Las Vegas Flameoff.

more information To see glass art from Ronnie Chavez and Holy Waters, visit: To get posts/info about Glassphemy, visit: Glassphemy/109200409124527

“The first one I ever did was of one of my buddies. He was overseas in the military service and got killed. It was a tribute piece to him,” Ruben Chavez said. Ruben Chavex has produced many stencils but has started to focus on blowing glass as well. “I’m just starting and have a lot to learn, but it is really cool to learn something new,” Ruben Chavez said. The competition for glass blowing is starting to heat up in the Pullman area. Although Ronnie Chavez and

Porter produce their own glass and sell it, a new competitor is coming to town. Prominent glass blower known as Holy Waters is opening a shop in Pullman by the same name. Holy Waters is known for its clothing line, but started out as a glass blowing establishment. Porter said it was cool that Holy Waters is opening, and said he hopes a bit of friendly competition will be good for business.


Ronnie “Crondo” Chavez works on pulling handmade custom color tubing that will be used in sections, making reversals, wig-wags and other pieces for his glasswork.



Survive your family this Christmas Another holiday season is upon us, and you love the holidays as much as the next person, but sometimes your family can be a bit too much this time of year. Between dealing with a crazy, drunk uncle, a snobby, criticizing cousin and your mother who expects you to be in compliance with everything she says, it’s a wonder your past holiday experiences haven’t made you say, “screw it,” and book the Bahamas vacation you’ve been dreaming about instead. There is a reason we put up with the headache — we love our families, but that doesn’t make them any less annoying. To get through the holidays without causing yourself or your relatives physical harm, here are a few tips:

Volunteer for dish duty

Sinking a relationship with one gift

kelcie moseley


photo illustration by loren morris | rawr

volunteer to clean up. Not only will this make you look like a saint, but the impatient younger crowd will get bored and harass your brother, who did not have the quick wit to come up with an excuse.

It is exhausting when the whole lot Take a quick comes over at once, walk especially if you are in a house with children. It can be helpful The children locate to get away from the you quickly when crowd so you don’t dinner is done and get overwhelmed. megan beg you to play games To detract attention eimers with them. They do rawr from the fact that this in front of their you’re trying to get parents so you can’t away, ask a relative to join say no without looking bad. you. Exercise is a great stress To avoid these crafty kids, reliever, and you may find

you don’t actually mind how much more accomplished that cousin of yours is.

Don’t get mad — get even If you just can’t let something Uncle Phil said go or your sister is just plain asking for it, try not to get mad. Focusing on revenge is enjoyable, as long as you keep it fair. If a relative mentions a funny yet embarrassing story about you wetting your pants in the 4th grade, laugh along and bring up their embarrassing story. They may find themselves keeping quiet about you in the future. If a family member is being particularly rude, you


from page 3 country is not impoverished. In America, being poor is associated with not being able to have the nicest cell phone, newest car or to dine out often. What appears to be a life of poverty to the average American is a Moroccan making the best out of their situation. When I come back to the U.S., it is likely I will either try to kiss you on the cheek four times when we see each other, greet you in Arabic (or

could “accidentally” drop their perfect piece of Christmas ham in the dog’s dish while they aren’t looking. Hey, we won’t judge you, and they will never know.

Grin and bear it Remind yourself: ‘You only have to put up with it for a few hours twice a year.’ Is it really worth it to spoil holiday joy by lashing out and telling Cousin Susie her skirt makes her look like a prostitute? It may be tempting, but probably not. As much as you try to deny it, these people are and always will be your family. Try to make the most of your time with them.

For a couple’s first Christmas, it can be difficult to choose the right gift. Gifts convey a message, whether intentional or not and both genders should think carefully about that message. Jewelry for girls typically means “You’re beautiful” and electronics or music might say “I pay attention to what you enjoy” to a guy, but the following gifts often send all the wrong signals. Starting with the girls:

Kitchen appliances What you think it says: “You like to cook, so enjoy these new pots and pans.” What the girl thinks: “Make me a sammich.” The intention may be pure, but anything related to domesticity for a new couple will likely make a girl think you want her barefoot in the kitchen. Unless she specifically asks for it, stay away from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Sexually related gifts French or Spanish or Macedonian), tell you how dumb I think you look or start peeing by the nearest tree. None of these are bad things, but eventually I will return to my American ways that were probably deemed odd by Moroccans when I first arrived here. My Moroccan adventures have come to end and despite the danger and occasional sketchy situation, I would not trade the stories for anything in the world. Well — maybe a plane ticket home, but that is another story for another time.

What you think it says: “Haha, sex is fun AND funny!” What the girl thinks: “You need some assistance, since this is basically what our relationship is based upon.” It doesn’t matter how funny you think it is to buy the “Idiot’s Guide to Oral Sex” or how great those flavored condoms are, these types of gifts will not go over well with

see gift, page 12



Keep your chin up


chava thomas rawr

The Hanukkah bush provides compromise Christmas morning. I come from a weird backJewish children don’t celground. My mother is a Jewish ebrate Christmas but instead immigrant from Ukraine and get a consolation prize — my father was raised Mormon Hanukkah. Hanukkah in Boise. There was is a minor holiday in never any mistake the Jewish tradition about my Jewish idenbut became inflated tity, but Christmas to placate Jewish kids held a little grey area who were bummed for my family. out about not getMy father still ting presents or a wanted to celebrate visit from Santa. For Christmas with his eight nights, Jewish family, so every Christpeople light candles mas Eve we’d go to to celebrate a miracle my grandmother’s va cha that allowed oil to house. My mom usuthomas last for eight days in ally worked overtime rawr a menorah. We know but my sister and I how to live. would enjoy homeIt gets better. Instead of turmade bread and pumpkin pie key and pumpkin pie, Hanuk(no ham, of course). kah food consists of anything We’d open presents, hang deep-fried. Latkes, or potato out with weird cousins and pancakes, and jelly doughnuts go home with no presents on illustration by loren morris | rawr

rawr is tired and ready for break.

are traditional. However, I’ve seen my mother order french fries at McDonalds and claim it was Hanukkah food. My dad was happy to go along with Hanukkah and later converted to Judaism. But he always missed the Christmas tree from his youth. A glorified candlestick just isn’t the same. I too wanted to trim the tree and pick out ornaments and lights. So, my dad and I found a loophole called the Hanukkah bush. The Hanukkah bush is an invention of Christmascoveting Jews who want the cheerfulness of a tree without all that pesky Jewish guilt. You can turn a Christmas tree into a Hanukkah bush in several ways — decorate it for Hanukkah, and take it down before

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The weather seems to be getting to everyone on campus, and with finals piled on for good measure a lot of students might be feeling a little down. Put away the Dashboard Confessional and try these peppy pop songs from female musicians who know how to act soft and be tough. “One Night Stand” – The Pipettes Full of cheesy pickup lines and disdain for feelings, this song is cutesy and full of girl power. “Blind” – Ke$ha People might cringe when they hear this singer’s name, but “Blind” is a catchy single girl’s way of getting back at an evil ex. “F— You” – Lily Allen Check out the censored version for a good laugh. “Chewing Gum” – Annie This song is about chewing up boys and spitting them out. It’s the perfect pop song for every femme fatale.

“Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)” – Lady Gaga While this song wasn’t a big hit for Ms. Germanotta, the song is candy-sweet and has a great synth line. Check out the video, too — it’s a stereotypical spoof of Italian-Americans. “Courtship Dating” – Crystal Castles This 8-bit breakdown is great for dancing and headbanging alike, with shrill vocals from Alice Glass. “Army of Me” – Björk The classic from Iceland’s most famous import thumps and throbs with a heavy bassline that’s sure to get people dancing. “Gold Lion (Diplo’s Optimo Remix)” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs It might take some digging to find, but this remix ramps Karen O’s shrieks into high-pitched squeaking to great effect.

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from page 10 these types of gifts will not go over well with the average girl. Not only is it not romantic, it will make her think she’s not satisfying you in the bedroom. Want to make her cry and hold out on you for weeks? Go with this.

Gift cards What you think it says: “I want you to get exactly what you want at your favorite place.” What the girl thinks: “I didn’t want to pick out something and/or I forgot until last night.” These are great for a small occasion, like a six-month anniversary or a random surprise, but not Christmas. Get something specific and thoughtful, — don’t leave it up to her. As for the guys…

Underwear What you think it says: “I noticed your boxers/briefs were looking worn and thought you might like nice new ones.” What the guy thinks: “I’m your mommy, not your girlfriend. Let me wipe those crumbs off your chin, sweetie.” For a first Christmas, girls should steer clear of clothing for boyfriends. Unless it’s a gag gift or an inside joke, don’t al-


from page 11 Christmas depending on when Hanukkah falls, since the Jewish calendar is lunar and holidays move around. You could. use Jewish-themed ornaments, with blue and silver coloring or stars of David and top it with a star of David made of aluminum foil. My father, sister and I always had fun decorating the Hanukkah bush. My mom barely tolerated it but it gave us a unique tradition. We’d eat

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“Rich Bitch” – Die Antwoord This offering from South Africa is a solo song for Yo-Landi Vi$$er, the female MC of Die

low him to associate you with his mother in that context.

Tickets to a show What you think it says: “I want to see this romantic show with you so you can hold my hand while I cry during the tragic scenes.” What the guy thinks: “You stand no chance of getting out of this now because I got you these tickets for Christmas. I laugh evilly at your misfortune.” The opera or play you’ve wanted to see for so long might seem like the perfect thing to do with your boyfriend, and you could trap him into going by giving him tickets as a gift. If you want to get him tickets to a show, make it his favorite band or a cool art show he’s wanted to see. If it’s a gift for him, make it something he will be sure to enjoy.

A baby Okay, so this one is kind of silly to say, but I’m pretty sure it’s the No. 1 gift a guy doesn’t want to receive for his first Christmas with a girlfriend. It actually counts for both, since it’s not likely the girl wants that either at this point. So the best gift you can give each other, in the end, is to be safe and enjoy each other’s company. Merry Christmas and you’re welcome. latkes, and open presents from under the Hanukkah bush. Our cat would knock the ornaments off the tree — er, bush — and we’d have fun finding and replacing them. In Moscow, I’m hardpressed to find a menorah, and it takes a lot of effort to make latkes. The Hanukkah bush has remained a tradition for me — it’s cheerful, and the lights are a substitute for the menorah. Plus, my Christian roommates can call it a Christmas tree, and we’re in agreement as long as they don’t ask me to sing Christmas carols. I hate them.

Antwoord, and it proves she can spit game as well as Ninja. “Je Veux Te Voir” – Yelle You might not understand what this girl is saying but she’s fierce about it. Every drag queen should do a routine to this song.

rawr | 12.10.10  

In this holiday issue of rawr, we cover glass blowing, steampunk and more.

rawr | 12.10.10  

In this holiday issue of rawr, we cover glass blowing, steampunk and more.