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April 20, 2012

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cover art by jesse keener

the argonaut


on the cover Title: “Kendra” “I’m not sure if there was any direct inspiration. The models always play a big role in my photos and that is generally where I start. I’ve had an interest in photography for a long time but I’ve been doing it for about seven years now.” — jesse keener

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Leo 7/23 - 8/22 Make it your goal to run five miles in an hour this semester. Or, perhaps make it your goal to at least step inside the Student Recreation Center once. You might like it.

Taurus 4/20 - 5/20 Finding your other shoe wouldn’t be so difficult if you had cleaned your — wait, was that a shoe on the roof? Better check that out.

Virgo 8/23 - 9/22 It’s normal that Halloween is your favorite holiday, but knocking on people’s doors in the middle of March asking for candy? Not so normal. Save the trick-or-treating for October. Libra 9/23 - 10/22 If it’s your dream to rock out like Eddie Van Halen, it’s time to make it happen. Break out the “Guitar Hero” and practice your head bang.

Gemini 5/21 - 6/21 After a week of waking up to the blaring kitchen fire alarm instead of your alarm clock, it’s time to ban your roommate from trying to make breakfast.

Scorpio 10/23 - 11/21 When was the last time you actually enjoyed your coffee, instead of slurping it down for the caffeine rush? Try to savor every sip this week — it’s quite relaxing.

Cancer 6/22 - 7/22 Immediately give the person next to you high-five the person next to you — go.

You might be a Vandal if... life with the silver and gold

“You sometimes dread going home over the holidays in the fall and winter because the sea of blue and orange that you know will saturate your hometown.”

“You are relaxing under the beautiful UI trees.” —debra hurley

—kelcie moseley

“When half your classmates, no matter what class, come from (a) farm.” —hannah fraley

“You graduated and you still don’t have a job related to your degree.” —leanna mischa ricks

“If you were arrested for vandalization.”

“The reject-materialism girl with dreadlocks sitting in front of you is wearing a Calvin Klein bra.” —alycia rock

“You’ve seen (Boise State) clothes at the store, put them on the bottom shelf, and buried them under other clothes so no one would buy them.” —john andrysiak

“You bleed silver and gold.”

—jesse clyde

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—clay hanson

Sagittarius 11/22 - 12/21 You’re ready to change your look, but think long and hard about what makes you, “you” and emphasize that. Capricorn 12/22 – 1/19 You’ve been practicing your autograph since you could write — you’re destined to sign something more than the top of your German exams. Dream big. Aquarius 1/20 – 2/18 Start planning next year’s epic April Fools’ jokes now. Your prank alien abduction is going to take some planning. Pisces 2/19 - 3/20 Feeling like your back is against the wall? Turn around and bust through it with an iron fist. You can do anything. Aries 3/21 - 4/19 Just imagine the day when you’ll be able to swap hot tea and a cozy blanket for sweet iced tea and tan lines. Have patience, that day will come.



Super (duper) moms She put Spiderman BandAids on your scraped knees, made you chocolate chip cookies after your first day of school and still sometimes picks up your dirty socks when you come home to visit. Moms are awesome, and to all those Vandal moms on campus this weekend, you rock and we salute you.

They teach you things

hayden crosby | rawr

University of Idaho photography club has its photos on display in the Moscow Food Co-op’s gallery until May 9.

Picture perfect

Photography club hopes to raise funds at Moscow Food Co-op danielle yantis rawr A fundraiser for the University of Idaho’s photography club brings the Moscow Food Co-op a little closer to UI. To raise money for the club’s trips and expenses, the photography club has displayed photos in the Co-op’s gallery. The photos are for sale ranging in prices for $80 to $30. “The photographs that are in the gallery were chosen by the photography club’s adviser Bill Woolston. He taught at (UI) for 30-plus years and retired last semester,” said Elizabeth Gibson, the photographer featured in the gallery said. The Co-op works with local artists to get them exposure, and acts as a stepping stone to get into larger exhibits and displays like that of Moscow’sPrichard Art Gallery. “I got into photography by taking classes in junior high school,” Gibson said. She said her brother was also an avid photographer.

“I enjoy taking photos of whatever strikes me,” Gibson said. “(I like things) that have an interesting composition, structure or texture.”. Tim McGinn, the photography club’s vice-president, said he has enjoyed capturing memories with his camera since high school. His passion for photography has extended fully into his work for the photography club. “I enjoy taking pictures of landscapes mostly with interesting perspectives,” McGinn said. When the thought of a photography club was being discussed, McGinn said there was a high level of studentinterest expressed online. “There were a lot of people interested in starting a photography club and posted their interests for it online,” McGinn said. Annie Hubble, art coordinator at the Co-op, said she likes to support local artists and wants to continue helping smaller art collectives have a place to display their work.

“It’s a stepping stone for these artists that can’t get their work into the Prichard (Art) Gallery.” Hubble has been the art coordinator for more than 10 years, and she said she has a passion for art. “The Co-op’s original location was not large enough for an art gallery, and when we moved to this location over 15 years ago, I was really excited we had the space for one,” Hubble said. This display is a new experience for both the photography club and the Co-op. “There are 11 art shows a year in the Co-op’s gallery and this is the first time the university’s photography club has ever been featured there,” Hubble said. Because there are only 11 shows each year in the Co-op, the photography club was pleased to be a part of them, Gibson said. Hubble said it was a last

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teachers, my mom blamed all of my subpar scores on what was at fault: my study habits. I hated it then, but now when problems arise, I am able to clearly discern when I am to blame and when someone else is slacking. If my mom had focused on keeping me happy all the time, I would probably be in the same pickle as the boy who cried wolf.

They birthed you

Even if they did From tying nothing else for you your shoes to tyever, you would still nicole ing together color to be eternally lichtenberg have schemes, moms grateful to your mom educate their kids. rawr for this one. Your mothThey are a treaer loved you enough to sure trove of information. My painfully shove you out of her mother, Martha Lichtenberg, body. Even more shocking is the taught me how to frost a cake, fact that she loves you in spite French-braid hair, order pizza, of having had to birth you. wrap a present, make a bed, change a diaper, visit with old They are proud of you people, read, balance a checkYou probably remember a book, make popcorn the oldtime, probably in middle school, fashioned way and stand up that you did awfully in some for myself. It takes a while to competition and your mom was realize, but most of what you genuinely excited about your learn in your formative years is success. For me, it was seventh a result of your mom. grade track, and even though I came in dead last in the 100-meThey were your first ter sprint, she congratulated me buddy and said, “It doesn’t matter if Chances are, most of the you win or lose, you just have to time you were under the age look the best. And you did.” of five, you spent in a 100-foot Nicole Lichtenberg radius of your mom. Even can be reached at though you both occasionally lost your temper, more often than not, at the end of the day you still liked each other.

They were your parent first and your friend second This is something that took a while to realize the benefits of. In high school, when all of my friends’ parents were calling the school constantly to blame their kids’ grades on the

illustration by erin dawson | rawr

the argonaut



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molly spencer rawr Brandon Rowley and Zachary Johnson stored large collections of records in their personal living spaces until they decided to expand their collections and share them with the Moscow community. “We both had lots of records,” Johnson said. “We were kind of wondering why there wasn’t a cooler record store in Moscow, being a college town and all. So instead of waiting around for somebody else to do it, we decided we would.” Deadbeat Records opened in November 2010. “It’s nice when (students)

discover us,” Rowley said. “We get a lot of WSU kids because we sell records at Adam Hart music in Pullman.” Their space is small, but the employees of Deadbeat make special orders for customers who doen’t find what they’re looking for on the shelves. “We’ll do our damndest to find it and give it to them at a fair price,” Rowley said. Johnson’s favorite part is getting to listen to new music as well as helping people find music that they like and seeing when people are happy their

product. Rowley said in donation cases, they still try to give a student $10 for a box of records. “Even when you get a box of donated records — if 95 percent of it is pure garbage, that 5 percent that isn’t garbage could be worth a lot, you never know,” Rowley said. “Or at least be standards that will sell and make the money back.” dylan eller Dylan Eller, a University of Idaho student and Deadbeat records employee, said the work atmosphere is often lonely because

My job is to sit and listen to music, and that’s pretty cool.”

sometimes there will be fourhour stretches without clients. “My job is to sit and listen to music, and that’s pretty cool,” Eller said. But he said customers, when they show up, are usually friendly and he tends to have good conversations with them. “They’re coming into a record store so they are obviously into some of the same stuff as you,” he said. Deadbeat Records will be ready for “Record Store Day” Saturday and handing out free goodies to anyone who walks through the door. Molly Spencer can be reached at



Television style icons

There is a modernized golden-age University of Idaho sophomore look to the show of “Mad Men.” The Rendel Jones said he models his pershow’s phenomenon consists of razor sonal wardrobe after that of blondesharp tailoring and silhouettes of the haired lady’s man Barney Stinson 60s. from CBS television hit “How I Met Some UI females expressed Your Mother.” interest in style from other Jones’ admiration of television shows that the men Stinson’s “suit-up” style is would never admit to even not unique. In fact, a variknow about. ety of UI students said they “Adrianna from ‘90210’ belook up to the television cause she can dress well, (and bachelor’s slick style. her style always) goes with “(I look up to) Barney the occasion,” said sophomore Stinson from ‘How I Met Jessica Valadez. Your Mother’,” Senior Dan isla brazzil Valadez said she is a big fan Blackwell said. rawr of “90210” and likes that each Senior AJ MacVittie also character in the show, even said Barney Stinson. the male characters, can convey their “He’s just Neil Patrick Harris at his personality through clothing. finest,” Macvittie said. “Pretty Little Liars” was also popuKnown for his vicarious suits and lar among female students. hilarious displays of game changing “Spencer from ‘Pretty Little Liars’,” moves — in and out of the bar scene sophomore Cait Rowland said. — he more importantly has gained Sophomore Alexandra Chapman many Vandals’ respect for his dedicaalso chose a “Pretty Little Liars” cast tion to the Stinson personal style. member. When a character dresses in a way “Hanna from ‘Pretty Little Liars’ the audience can relate to or admire, because (her style) is edgy at times, he or she becomes more memorable. yet simple in other times,” Chapman Stinson’s undying love for designer said. suits and his consistent style advice It’s true that there is some favorkeep viewers — and on-screen friends ite shows running through televi— coming back for more. sion screens of UI’s campus. While Television shows set in the 1950s Barney Stinson-fans rock their suits, were also popular sources of inspiradelicate and flirty women of shows tion for UI males. like “90210” and “Pretty Little Liars” “The fashion of the men in classic, continue to inspire and impress UI very formal and clean. Hair slicked ladies. and looking fresh and the women’s Isla Brazzil can clothing is very conservative and be reached at reflective of that era,” Senior Adam Capp said.

illustration by jacob smith | rawr

TV characters make for on-campus fashion inspiration

rawr SPEAK

OUT What’s the worst of Moscow? matt maw rawr

“I really do not like the East City Park in Moscow because when it rains it gets all swampy and gross and you can’t walk through there at all.” abby overfelt freshman sociology major

“Having lived here all my life, I think the most annoying, personally, is the smoking ban in bars.” adam epsy senior mechanical engineering major

“I hate the bipolar weather of Moscow.”

lauren naughton sophomore finance and marketing major

“I just really wish that Moscow had a Jamba Juice because I really enjoy smoothies, and Jamba Juice smoothies are the best.” carly manhart freshman secondary education major

“I’d say the worst thing is the streets because they make no sense.” jacob wheeler junior wildlife sciences major

“The worst thing about Moscow is it’s too far from the mountains. All snowboarding and skiing is two and a half hours away at least, and it’s unfortunate.” molly mcGee junior civil engineering and spanish major


Reading into Snow White pected in enchanted kingdoms Mustachioed dictators — narcissistic monarchs admire and bacon-and-sauerkraut themselves in their talking casserole aren’t the only dark mirrors, dwarves mine for more patches in Germany’s history. whistling tunes in the mounThe Grimm Brothers’ 1812 tains and bunnies poop fairy tale “Little rainbow pellets all over Snow-White” is Keebler-elf gardens. At a barbaric tapesthis point the story try woven with isn’t so different from jealousy, torture the Disney-fied fantasy. and human organs The Grimm Brothsalted to taste. ers’ nightmare begins It’s time to after the child’s seventh straighten out the birthday. Lil’ Snow facts. Forget the gets a figure and the wicked stepmothmatt maw suddenly-envious queen ers of films like r raw institutes a new child Disney’s “Snow organ donor policy. She White and the tells a huntsman to carry the Seven Dwarfs,” this year’s girl to the woods and “stab her blockbuster “Mirror, Mirror” from Tarsem Singh and Rupert to death,” then bring Snow’s lungs and liver back as proof. Sanders’ “Snow White and the The queen adds that she’ll Huntsman.” In the original “cook them with salt and eat version the antagonist is them” to allay any of the man’s Snow’s family, her own flesh concerns about her sanity. The and blood. tale’s lack of singing squirrels “Mom” is a queen with unand frolicking deer suggests he paralleled beauty. She laughs killed everything else in the forin the face of birth-induced est, so he’s probably too bored stretch marks and wishes for to question the idea. a baby “as white as snow, as The yarn gets more twisted. red as blood” and as black as Not a single male in the story the frame of her favorite sewis capable of keeping his wits ing window. Disney’s queen around the girl because of her didn’t boast such a diverse 7-year-old beauty, though by group of gentlemen callers, Walt’s grace they keep their but things were different in pants. The queen repeatedly 19th-century Germany. tries to kill her daughter and Events continue as ex-


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minute opportunity. “There was a cancelation from an artist a week before the photo club asked about putting their work in the gallery, so it worked out perfectly,” Hubble said. Chandler Abraham started UI’s photography club because he saw a need for a student outlet to express their love of photography and learn more about it. Abraham is graduating this year and has an internship for the summer. The club takes pictures for sports clubs, campus events and other clubs, as well as any other opportunity offered by

the university — all at a low or no cost. “The club offers free photo services with non-profit organizations and for the community, we also hold a Friday night (picture) event once or twice a semester at Friendship Square and it’s a $1 (per) photo shoot,” Gibson said. Small, off-the-wall events like this help publicize the club and show off the work they can do. This also helps students that might need photos taken for graduation, formal events or just for a fun cheap activity. The photography club hopes this gallery event gives publicity to the club and raises money to further their careers and keeps the club going. Danielle Yantis can be reached at

the dwarves house Snow in a glass coffin when the queen’s third ploy poisons her. A prince procures her and spends his ample free time watching her — just watching her. Grade-school teachers hit boys with yardsticks whenever they catch them staring at the dead girls who sit in front of them, but manners are murky here, after all. A disgruntled servant tires of moving the casket at Prince Freaky-Fetish’s whim and smacks the poisoned apple piece out of Snow’s mouth. Snow awakens just as the prince runs out of tissues and he marries her the next day. The unwitting queen arrives at the wedding, and they stuff her feet in red-hot iron shoes and make her dance until she dies. Here are universal lessons not offered amid cinema’s rampant confusion. It’s important to remember that pretty people always get their way, men are single-minded idiots and torturing in-laws makes for fun weddings. Yet the nameless servant exemplifies the story’s most critical lesson the huntsman forgot. When stuff gets real, sometimes it’s best to start smacking people. Matt Maw can be reached at


from page 6 around our apartment,” William Gunderson said. “We try to make sure everything’s neat and orderly, I guess.” But they are different when it comes to trying new things, he said. “Ivar’s learning how to rock climb, right now,” William Gunderson said. “He’s bought a bunch of equipment – a bunch of gear for doing that. He takes it pretty seriously, whatever it is. I’m a little more comfortable with sticking to the things I know.” Joanna Wilson can be reached at

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