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April 2010 Eddie Boulter DFC By Peter Bodle It is with great personal sadness that I have to inform you that long time Shipdham member and aviator

Eddie Boulter passed away in early April. Eddie was a consummate pilot, a thorough gentleman and as straight as the day is long. He was one of the UK’s WWII heroes with a great career as a bomber pilot in one of the legendary Pathfinder Squadrons who lead the way into battle over mainland Europe for the main RAF Bomber Command force. (He completed 19 bombing sorties to Berlin alone)

After the war he set up in business and became one of this country’s leading designers of modern, efficient, domestic and industrial boilers. He was a man for all people and able to mix comfortably within the most senor Military circles and with famous Captains of Industry. He and Christine were able to

count the likes of Sir Ivor Broom KBC, CBE, DSO, DFC**, AFC, and Lady Jess, and Colin and Hazel Chapman as personal friends, yet still take time to sit over a coffee with a student pilot in the clubhouse and chat about the minutia of flying procedures and skills. He will be greatly missed by many sections of the aviation and military reunion circles where he was well known for his gentle manner and straight talking. Eddie lived life to the max, and did more with his time on earth than dozens of other men have, put together

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Christine, Debbie , Sarah and his grandchildren at this time, and when the hurt has passed, many of us at Shipdham will be proud to be able to say that Eddie had been our friend.

Shipdham Flying Club - Bulletin - April  

A bulletin regarding the sad news about Eddie Boulter

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