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Ragbag is a brand for upcycled bags and accessories, designed by talented European designers. The production is done by ‘ragpickers’ and small fabricators in the slums of Delhi and Calcutta (India), providing them work and income. Ragbag is started in 2005 by Siem Haffmans after meeting Anita Ahuja of Conserve on a conference about EcoDesign. The first collection is designed by Ellen Sillekens (Rietveld Academy) and produced by Conserve in New Delhi (India). In 2005 Ragbag won the BiD Challenge (Business in Development) and in 2006 the “Ei van Columbus Award” and the “European Business Award for the Environment”. In 2007 the Calcutta collection was launched, designed by Vera Winthagen (Design Academy Eindhoven) and produced by Fairdeal Crafts in Calcutta. In 2010 the Tea-bags and Cushions are launched, produced by Adithya Trade in Tamil Nadu. Our principles: 1. Fair – We work on a equal base with small partners, always paying them a fair price of approximately 20% of the advised consumer price. 2. Upcycled – Our products are made mainly out of post-consumer waste, that is upcycled to a higher level. 3. Fashion – We work with talented designers from the best design schools.

‘New Delhi has approximately 17 million inhabitants and every day more than 1.000 people arrive in the city to find a better future.. Around 150.000 people are dependent of waste collection and trade for their daily living.’

Our partner in Delhi (India) is Conserve. They work with ‘ragpickers’, who collect plastic waste bags and sell it to the collection centers. Plastic rags are washed, dried and separated by colour. The plastic bags then go into a machine, which presses them into thicker and durable sheets. The project is already creating jobs for more than 60 ragpickers, people at collection centers and fabricators in the slums of New Delhi.

Delhi Collection

Colour: Cricket DS-001

Colour: Brick Lane DS-002

Design: Ellen Sillekens Material: Recycled Plastic Size: 35 x 40 x 8 cm

Colour: Beach DS-006

Colour: Indian Ocean DS-003

Colour: Arabian Night DS-002

Colour: Brick Lane DOB006 Colour: India DOB001

Colour: Beach DOB007

Colour: Cricket DOB0056

Colour Indian ocean DOB003

Design: Siem Haffmans Material: Recycled Plastic Size (big): 20 x 14 x 3,5 cm

Delhi organizers

Design: Siem Haffmans Material: Recycled Plastic Size (small): 15,5 x 12 x 2,5 cm

Colour: Pakistan DOS0 01

Colour: BrickLane DOS007

Colour: Indian ocean DOS003

Colour: Beach DOS006

Colour: India DOS005

Design: Material: Size:

Siem Haffmans Recycled Plastic 12 x 8 x 2 cm

Delhi Wallets

Colour: Pakistan DW001

Colour: Indian ocean DW003

Colour: Arabian Night DW002

Colour: Beach DW006

Colour: India DW005

Calcutta Our partner in Calcutta/Kolkata (India) is Fairdeal Crafts Organisation. They work with women in small villages, who collect used sari's and other 'rags'. This fair trade organisation works with small family companies to process waste cotton into colourfull new fabrics and bags

Calcutta collection

Design: Material: Size:

Vera Winthagen Recycled Cotton Sari 35 x 30-50 x 10 cm

Colour: Orange / Green KS003

Calcutta shoulderbags

Colour: Blue / Grey KS001

Colour: Red / Yellow / Blue KS002

Colour: Orange KM003

Colour: Pink KM002

Calcutta mobile bags

Colour: Red KM004

Colour: Green KM005

Colour: Grey KM006

Colour: Blue KM007

Colour: Black KM001

Colour: Red KM002

Colour: Green KM003

Tamil Nadu Our partner in Tamil Nadu (India) is Adithya Trade. They work with ragpickers, who collect the tea bigbags at the tea factories, restaurants and hotels. This strong and waterproof materials are washed, cut in patterns and sewn into new products. Every bag has its own unique print, depending on the tea factory or plantation where it comes from. The project is generating work and income for approximately 20 ragpickers and small fabricators in Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu collection

Design: Material: Size:

Vera Winthagen Recycled Tea bags 35 x 30 x 8 cm

Colour: Every print is unique TN001

Colour: Every print is unique TN002

Tamil Nadu Tea bags

Colour: Every print is unique TN003

Large: 70 x 100 cm Colour: Rainbow DC003

Small: 35 x 50 cm Colour: Rainbow DC001

Tamil Nadu Cushions

Medium: 50 x 70 cm Colour: Rainbow DC002


Catalogue 2011