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CHANGE OF ADDRESS. It would be of great service to the College if members of the Club would kindly inform the College Office of any changes of their permanent addresses.

The College would welcome any corrections of this record, and any material for next year, especially from abroad.

These should be addressed to The Praelector,

Queens' Co ll ege.

The Praelector gratefully acknowledges

the receipt of a number of items of news from members during the past year.

The dates given after the names of members of the College refer to their B.A. degrees. (s) indicates a former scholar of the College.

QUEENS' 路 COLLEGE 1931-1932.


The King. President.

John Archibald Venn, Litt.D., Gilbey University Lecturer in the History and E~onomics of Agriculture. Fellows.

Andrew Munro, M.A., Vice-President, Bursar, Steward and Mathematical Lecturer. Rev. Charles Travers Wood, B.D., Dean, Divinity and Hebrew Lecturer. Arthur Bernard Cook, Litt.D., Laurence Professor of Classical Archaeology. Rev. Robert George Dalrymple Laffau, M.A., Tutor, Chaplain, and History Lecturer. Cyril Montagu Sleeman, M.A., Natural Science Lecturer. 路 Archibald Douglas Drowne, M.A., Tutor and Mechanical Science Lecturer. Leonard James Potts, M.A., Praelector and Lecturer 路 m English. Edwin Arthur Maxwell, B.A., rviathematical Lecturer. Honorary Fellows.

Charles Tate Regan, M.A., Hon. D.Sc. (Durham), F.R.S., Director of the Natural History Museum. Robert John Tillyard, Sc.D., F.R.S., Chief Entomologist of the. Commonwealth of Australia. Sir William Peel, K.C.M.G., K.B.E., M.A., Governor of 路 Hong Kong. . Librarian.

Francis Giffard Plaistowe, M.A.


Queens' College Steward of the Manorial Courts. Alfred Frank Topham, LL.M., K.C. Directors of Studies.

Robert Mary Stephen Theodor Momber, M.A., Modern Languages. Hugh Treherne Llewelyn Roberts, M.A., La,,¡. Organist.

N. E. 'vVallbank. J. McLellan.

Assistant Librarian . For 1932-3. J. W. Perry.

In tlte Michaelmas term, 1931, there were 220 bachelors and undergraduates in residence; in the Lent term, 1932, 213; in tile Easter term, 1932, 212. THE



On \Ved11esday, October 28, 1931, the President, Dr Fitzpatrick, died after an operation. Obituary no:ices appeared in last : ear's Annual Record and in The Dial for the Michaelmas term, 1931. On J\fonday, February 15, 1932, Dr Kennett, Regius Professor of Hebrew, died after a stroke. An obituary notice appeared in The Dial for the Lent term, 1932. On Saturday, March 12, Dr Venn was elected President. A biographical notice of Dr Venn was published in The Dial for the Easter term, 1932, On Wednesday, March 23, Canon Gray, Vice-President, died after a short illness. - An obituary notice appeared m The Dial for the Easter term. The President has ~ppointed Mr Munro to the office of Vice-President in succession to Canon Gray. On Thursday, June 16, Mr E. A. Maxwell, Mathematical Research Student of the College, was elected to a Fellowship; and Sir William Peel, Governor of Hong Kong, to an Honorary Fellowship.


Queens' College FmsT



Mathematical Tripos, Part IL

!VI. S. Bartlett lb*). E. C.R. Kahn. R. T. Porter. Classical Tripos, Part II. G. E. Kirk ( Distinction in Hi,tory) . . Natural Sciences Tripos, Part I. M. Ingram. J. R. Rose. C. H. Westcott. Histovical Tripos, Part T. P . Al len. R. C . Latham (Distinction ), 1vlodeY11 Lang11a1;es Tripos, Part I. J.E. P,1ter (French). G. W. Tory ( French and Ger111a11). :11echanical Sciences Tripos. W. T. Hollo way. English Tripos, Part I. J. L. Beevers. Part I.

" i\fAYS."

l:v[ athematics. Classics. 1\tlecha11icnl ~c iences. l:conom ics. English CoLLEGE

T. Crippin, E. Rusliwnrtl,, ]. 0. Acknl\ cl. H. Lead Pm~ ;in • .I. G. Walker. A. H. Nutter.

P1nzEs, 1932.

J>enny White Prize (Mathematics). l\t S. Bartlett. lfu p;hes English Essay Prize. Not awarded.

2nd Pri ze, !VI. S. Bartlett. D. H. Sconce. prox. acc. G . E. Kirk. Ryle Reading Prize. C. G. R . Pou11cey. hon. rnrnt., B. Brandretl1, E. A. i\lax\\'ell. Chase Divinity Prize. C. G. R. Pou.n cey. Hughes Lati11 Essay Prize.


Goldsmith's Exhibition.

A. R. Oliver.

lames William Squire Schola1,ship. A. Hooton. Steel Sti,dentship. C. G. R. Pouncey.

A. D. Pir was placed first on the list in the I11ter111ediate Examination of the two-year I.C.S. Probationers, August I9J2,



Elected to Entrance Scholarships on the results of Higher Certificate Examinations held in July, 1931 : A.G. Reynolds (H ighgate School), Mathematics. N. Abramson (Emanuel School, Wandsworth), Classics. H. C. Bibby (Liverpool Collegiate School), Natural Sciences. E. Cohen (Ce11tral Foundation School), Natura l Sciences. C. F. Beckingham (Huntingdon Grammar School), History and English. ¡ A. W. G. Kean (Blackpool Se~ondary School), History. Elected in June, 1932 : First Year. Elected to Exhibitions:J. 0. Ackroyd, Jfeclianical Sciences. H. Leaderrnan, i\1 echanical Sciences. A. H. Nutter, English. Second Year. Elected .t o Foundation Scholarships:T. Crippin, i'vlathematics. ~L Ingram, Natural Sciences. C. H. \Vestcott, Natural Sciences. P. Allen, History. R. C. Latham, History. J. G. Walker, Economics.¡ J . L. Beevers, English.

Re-elected _to a Minor Scholar;;hip : J. C. frost, Mathematics. Third Year;

Elected to a Bachelor Scholarship:.'., G. E. Kirk, Classics. Elected to a Bachelor Scholarship in October, 1932 : M. S. Bartlett.

Queens' College


AMALGAMATED CLUBS, ETC. Rowing. Captain, D. Bailey. Secretary, J.E. N. Russell. In the Fairbairn Cup we went up from 16th to 13th. In the Lents the first boat, after rowing seven full courses, bumped King's on the last night; the second boat lost three places, and the third two. In the Mays the first boat kept their position; the second lost one place, and the third won their oars. C. A. J. Barrington gained his Trial Cap and was most unfortunate in not getting his Blue. Cricket, Captain, H. S. Wigfield. Secretary, R. A. S. Farnfield. Won 2, lost 6, drawn 5. The batting was good but inconsistent; the fielding showed improvement. R. A. S. FarnfieJd played in the Seniors' Trial. Rugby. Captain, D. N. Matthews. Secretary, C. E. Powell. Although beaten in the first round of the cup ties by Caius, we were not disgraced. G. S. Waller played regularly for the University and was unlucky to be put out of action a fort11ight before the University Match. Association. Captain, D. A. Gray. Secretary, W. J. West. We suffered one defeat in the league, and gained promotion to the second division. In the cup ties we beat Magdalene, but lost to Caius during extra time in a re-play. Hockey. Captain, G. T. M. Mitchell. Secretary, H.B. Parry. Nearly all the matches were won or drawn. In the Knockout (second di vision) we beat Sidney in the final and gained promotion to the first division. G. T. i\'1. Mitchell played for the University throughout the season, and also for Scotland against Wales. Athletics. President,J. 0. Fielding. Secretary, J. K. Maw. In the Knock-out we were defeated by Fitzwilliam House, who reached the final. J. 0. Fielding again represented the University against Oxford in the High Jump. Lawn Tennis. Captain, R. G. Bullen. Secretary, A. R. Oliver. We won about half our matches. C. R. D. Tuckey represented the University against Oxford (singles and doubles), and A. R. Oliver was elected to Fenner's. Squash-rackets. R. G. Bullen, representing the University against Oxford, won his match (9-0, 9-0, 9- 0).



Sir Shenton Thomas, C,M.G., O.B.E. {1901), Governor .and Commander-in-Chi ef of the Gold Coast. A. D. Cr~w (1921), Sc.D. (Cambridge). .. NEW YEAR'S HONOURS, 1932 :. Knighthood. J. F. i\foylan, C.B., C.B.E. (1904) (s.), Receiver for the Metropolitan Police. C.I.E. H. A. Watson (1906), lately Secretary to the Government of Madras in the finance Department. EccLESIASTICAL.

W. J. McK. Kennelly (1892), Rector of Warehorne, Ashford, Kent. G. E. Davis (1894) (s), Chaplain to the High Sheriff of Devon. '0l. R. Johnson (1901), Honorary Canon of Liverpool. L. M. Andrews (1909), Honorary Canon of Truro. R J. Hitchcock (19ro), Vicar of Keresley-with-Coun don, · Coventry. D. Hoole (191 r), Rector of Hatbern, Leicester. E. J.B. M. Kennett (1912), Vicar of St Paul's, Fairhaven, Lanes. - F. A. Redwood (1912) (s), Vicar and Rural Dean of Ormskirk. D. W. Irving (1913), British Chaplain at Haifa, Palestine. L. H. B. Staveley (1913), Mission to Seamen, Tynemouth. A. H. Cullen (1915) (s), Bishop of Grahamstown, South Africa. N. S. Kidson (1916), Vicar of Priors Lee, Wellington, Salop. R. A. Down (1922), Vicar of Emmanuel, Weston-superMare . . (Oct. 1930). B. M. Dale (1926), Vicar of St Andrew's, Handsworth. E. B. Bull (1928), Principal of Nabumale High School, Mbale, Uganda. ORDAINED DEACONS : -

A. W. H. Moule (1925), to St Luke, Hampstead. W. W. Liliie (1929), to Louth-with-Welton , Lines. J. de Blank (1930), to Wa!cot, Bath. F. S. A. Etheridge (1930), to the Parish Church, Trowbridge,

Queens' College


W. D. Kerr (1930), to the Parish Church, Rotherham. L .. W. Matthews (1930), to All Hallows Parish Church Allerton; Mossley Hill, Liverpool. R. D. Shorten (1930), to St Wilfrid, Leeds. H. R. Sproule (1930) to Aston juxta Birmingham. R. C. Tootell (1930), to All Saints, Blenheim Grove. A. H. Watkins (1930), to Christ Church, Luton. R. de B. Welchman (1930), to St Andrew with St Catherine, Plymouth. W. F. Willson (1930), to St Mary and St James, Grimsby. PRESBYTERIAN.

W. R. C. Joyce (1929), to Handsworth, Birmingham. EDUCATIONAL.

G. F. Rose (1921), Principal of the Cambridgeshire Technical School, Collier Road, Cambridge. G. Braithw~ite (1926) (s), Assistant Master, Perse School, Cambridge. G. C. Harding (1928), Assistant Master, Wellbury Park School , Hi tchin. S. B. Palmer (1928), Assistant \laster, Sebright School, ¡ Wolverley, Nr Kidderminster. _T. H. White (1929), Assistant Master, Stowe School. L. W. R. Cox (1930), Assistant Master, Aldenham School. G. E. H. Faxon (1930), Assistant to the Professor of Zoology, University of Glasgow. R. E. Wycherley (1930) (s), Assistant Lecturer in Classics, Manchester University. C. T. Ayre (193 r), Assistant A nglais, Lycee Lakanal, Sceaux, Seine, France. C. W. Ayerst (1931), Assistant Master, Preparatory School, Langton Matravers, Dorset. J. L. Hinton (1931), Assistant Master, St George's School, Vancouver, B.C. R. W. Whitmore (1931), Assistant Master, Pocklington School. E.W. Chanter (1932) (s), Assistant Master, Victoria College, ¡ Westbury, \Vilts. Coat School, Blue Master, Assistant M. G. M. Pitt (1932), Oldham,



C. F. Addlesee (1931) (s), Traffic Apprentice, L.M.S. Railway, Bradford. K. C . Bailey (1931), St Thomas's Hospital, London. L.A. Brown (1931), Cuddesdon College, Oxford. D. H: Bruton (1931), articled to a solicitor. W . L. Clough (1931) (s), with J. & P . Coats, Ltd, Paisley; W . H. Diamond (1931) (s), engineering in India. B. S. Dove (1931), reading for the Bar. J. L. Evans (1931), articled to the Town Clerk of Portsmouth . I. C. Fletcher (1931), Middlesex Hospital. G . L.A. Hick (1931), Wycliffe Hall, Oxford . R. W . B. Izzard (1931), Editorial Staff, Daily 1"\foil, Berlin. J . N. Jefferson (1931), R .A.F., Sealand, Chester. A. F. Martindale (1931), Civil Engineering . P. C. D. May (1931), Chartered Accountanc y in London. A.G. R. '\fooring (1931), Administra tive St'rvice, Nigeria. J.E. L. Newbigin (1931), Intercollegi ate Se~retary, Student Christian Movement, Glasgow. T. Padmore (1931) (s), Inland Re.venue Department , Somerset House. R. C. Politeyan (1931), in a solicitor's office, Epsom. R. J. Rackham (1931), engineering in Henfrew. 0. E. Thomas (1931), engineering in Renfrew. B. A. Walton (1931), reading for the Bar. D. 0. Wharton (1931), Manchester Royal Infirmary. B. Brandreth (1932), research appointmen t with Messrs Chivers . . A. \V. Hart (1932), Colonial Veterinary;S cholarship at the Royal (Dick) Veterinary College, Edinburgh. MARRIAGES.

Rev. P. J. Heaton (1921) to Miss A. November 16, 1931. G. R. M. Pakenham (1921), to Buchanan, July 30, 1932. M. H. Slater (1921) (s) to Miss October 1, 1932. L. R. Taylor (1923) (s) to Miss July 28, 1932.

I. S. Pearce, at Calcuttn, Miss Rosemary Fiona Margot Jean Thomson, Helen Marjorie Gooch,

Queens' College


C. T. Eddy (1927) (s) to Miss Margaret Liversidge, January 9, 193I. Rev. E. B. Bull (1928) to Miss Doris Jeffrey, October 3, 193 I. Rev. E. N. Ducker (1928) to Miss B. M. G. Payne. Rev. C. Marr (1928) to Miss Dorothy Mann, June 7, 1932. G. E. H. Foxon (1930) to Miss Joan Burlinson, July 20, 1932. K. C. Lee to Miss Daphne Hayward, July 12, 1932. ADOPTION.

The President and Mrs Venn, a daughter (E lizabeth Avis), aged 5. BIRTHS.

L. J. Potts, Fellow, a daughter (Margaret), June 30, 1932. Brig.-Gen. A, C. Temperley (1899), a son, August 7, 1932. Rev. E. Parry Jennings (1914), a daughter, August 7, 1932. Dr C. H. Whittle (1918) (s), a son, September 23, 1932. Rev. P. J. Heaton (1921), a daughter (Ingrid Rosemary), July 3 r, 1932. OBITUARY.

Rev. Canon C. V. l\forriman (1864), of Germoc, Marazion, Cornwall; September, 1931. Rev. G. 0. K. O'Neill (1879). Rector of Ea ton Bishop, Hereford; February, 1932. B. \V. Campion (1887), of Glenside, Teignmouth, Devon; January, 1932. B. L. A. Kennett (1914), in Northern Nigeria, on April 12, 1932, of pneumonia. E. C. Saville (1901), drowned while fishing at Salmon Arm, B.C.; Summer, 1932.

NEW GATES. During the Long Vacation the cast-iron gates leading to the College Backs from Silver Street have been replaced by new and wider gates with handsome red-brick piers.



Canon J. H. Gray, late Vice-President, bequeathed £1,000 free of duty to the President and Fellows, "to be applied at their discretion to augment the Chapel Endowment Fund or to found a Classical Scholarship." Mrs Fitzpatrick has given books, bookcases, and certain articles of furniture to the Lodge. Mr A. D. Browne has given a handsome collection of antlers to the Erasmus Room. An old member of the College, who wishes to remain anonymous, has presented £3,000 to establish · a Hebrew Scholarship in memory of Canon Kennett. THE COLLEGE LIBRARY. "The President recently made over to the Library the room between his study and the first floor of the Library. Into this extension (now called the \Vest Room) have been fitted tl1e eighteenth-century hammer-head cases which formerly stood athwart the ends of the original cases in the oldest part of the Library. It has thus been made possible to restore the cases in the oldest part of the Library to their se\'enteenth-century condition and to improve in a marked degree the artistic effect. At the same time the President made over two large oak case!' and a great many valuable books from the President's Lodge. These cases, together with the two left to the College by Dr Fitzpatrick, haye been set up at the east end of the Old Chapel for the accommodation of the Reference Lib~;, rary, etc. BEQUESTS.

A very large number of books were bequeathed to the Library by Dr Fitzpatrick, Canon Gray and Canon Kennett. The Kennett Bequest is a valuable collection of books on Oriental Languages. These have been arranged in the large room on the second floor of the Library, and most of the books on oriental subjects from other parts of the Library have been grouped with them by Mr H. M. J. Loewe. Mrs Kennett has presented a bookcase to go with the books.

Queens' College



From Mr A. D. BrowneA large number of books from the library of his father, the late T. G. C. Browne, Esq. From Queens' College Historical SocietyA History of lvlodern Europe, 1792- 1878. C. A. Fyffe. 1900. England under Queen Anne. Blenheim. G.M.Trevelyan. 1930. The Economic History of England. Vols 2 & 3. E. Lipson. 1931. . Recent Developments in International Law. J. W. Garner. 1925. The First Century of English Feudalism, rn66-n66. F. M. Sten ton. 1932. From W. C. BadgerThe Bibl<', the Empire, and the VVorld. W. C. Badger. 19II. F rom the Blacker Library of Zoology, .MacGill University, MontrealAn Introduction to the L iterature of Vertebrate Zoology. C. A. \Vood. 193I. From F. A. Colenut (1909)Erasmi Roterodami Encomiitm l'vforiae, i.e. Stultitiae Laus, Praise of Foll y , pub. at Basle 1515 and decorated w ith marginal draw ings of Hans Holbein the Younger, now reproduced in facsini ile by H. A . Schmid, transl. by H. H. Tanner. 2 Vols. 1931. From Prof. A. B. CookThe. Rise ¡and Progress of Classical Archaeology with sp_ecial reference to the University of Cambridge. An l naugu! al Lecture. A. B. Cook. 1931. From G. E. H. Foxon (1930)A Report on Stomatopod La1-vae, Cumacea and Cladocera. G. E. H . Foxon. 1932. From Prof. R. A. Millikan. Problems of Modern Physics. H . A. Lorentz. 1927. From Dr J. VI. Oman. The Natural and the Supernatural. J. W . Oman. 1931.



B. S. Maine (1916). Plummer'sC ut (DesmondH armsworth, 7/6). H. G. Q. Wales (1922). Siamese State Ceremonies (Bernard Quaritch, 25/-). J. Torbarina (1926). Italian Influence on the Poets of the · Ragusan Republic (Williams & Norgate, 12/6). T. H. White (1929). Darkness at Pemberley (Gollancz, 7/6).

QUEENS' HOUSE. Lieut. Bache, who is in charge of Queens' House in Rotherhithe, gives a most encouraging report of steady progress in the work there. The total number of those using the House is about 150: of these approximat ely 60 are in the Men's Club, 40 are Boy Scouts and 25 Wolf Cubs, and the rest are nonScout members of the Boys' Club. No visitor can fail to be struck with the scrupulous cleanness · and neatness of the premises, and of the excellent discipline which exists without being too obvious. The financial situation is, however, anything but satisfactory: our income at this end shows a serious diminution. The actual deficit on the year's accounts is about £20, but it would have been much larger but for rigorous cuts in expenditure . Mr Bache has done wonders in raising money by entertainme nts, etc., in Rotherhithe : he and the boys have made or subscribed about £75 in the year. The fire of two years ago, during which a great volume of water was poured over the house, is still making its effects felt in dampness which affects the plaster, and of course this is not covered by the insurance money which was claimed and paid long since. So a good many repairs have been necessary, for which . we at Queens' have not paid a penny. at 'Grove the in . campea boys of number a At Whitsun Chidlock at held was camp suinmer Queens'; in August. a on the Dorset coast. · Mr Bache has now fo hand a number of winter ictivities, including technical classes and lectures. Offers of personal help m these or other ways will be welcomed by him.

Queen/ College


QUEENS' COLLEGE CLUB. During the year, June 21, 1931, to June 18, 1932, 53 new members joined; the total membership is now 822. The annual meeting was held in the Combination Room on June 18th, 1932, the President in the chair. Messrs W. L. B. Hayter, R. A. Hayes and A. C. Crooke were re-elected, and Dr H. R. Youngman was elected, to serve on tbe Committee. Mr Laffan laid before the meeting for consideration a suggestion that the annual meeting and dinner might occasionally be held on a Thursday or Friday, for the convenience of tbe clerical members of the Club, e.g. on a day between Easter and the beginning of the Easter term. The suggestion was opposed by several members who emphasized tbe charm of the College in June and the pleasure afforded by a week-end in College. A small committee was then appointed to consider what steps might be taken to provide a memorial to the late President. The annual dinner was then held in Hall. There were present, besides the President and Fellows, Dr Regan (Hon. Fellow), Sir Shenton Thomas, Major Harvey, Drs Robinson and Youngman, Messrs Abbott, D. G. Allen, Atkinson, Ayrey, Braine, Brand, Brandreth, Boddy, Budgett, Butler, Carr, Cattell, Chanter, C. A.. Chase, Cobb, Coggins, B. S. Collins, Colton, Constant, Crowther. Doran, Dunne, Ede, Ellis-Jones, Evers-Swindell, Fielding, I. C. Fletcher, Ford, Gentle, S. R. Gibson, Goodliffe, Gorse, H. T. Green, Harling, Hayter, Humby, Kruckenberg, Lemmon, Lewis, Loewe, J. McLellan, Mallows, Momber, Nicholson, Norden, Northam, G. R. M. Pakenham, W. W. Partridge, L. Patrick, Pettman, F. G. Piaistowe, J. A. Pocock, J. A. Potter, C. G. R. Pouncey, A. R Price, P. L. C. Price, H. B. V. Pryce, J. B. Richardson, J. R. Rose, Schooling, Stephen, Stewart, C. E. C. Stileman, Stone, Strong, Tharp, Walker, J. P. H. Warner, L. M. Westall, Whitby, Wodeman, making a total of 86. The toast of the Club was proposed by Mr F. W. Gentle ; Mr E. A. Maxwell, recently elected Fellow, replied. Sir Shenton Thomas, K.C.M.G., Governor of tbe Gold Coast, proposed the toast of the College. The President replied.

QUE~NS' COLLEGE CLUB ACCOUNTS FOR YEAR ENDING JUNE 30, 1932. Receipts. Balance, July 1, 1931 Dividends 46 New :Members ..

£ s. d. 51

5 4 zs 18 5 48 6 o

Expenditure. Printing, etc. Secretarial Help .. . Balance, June 30, 1932

£ s. d. 48 8 6 6 14 7 70 6 s


9 9

Copies of J. H; Gray's History of the College can be obtained from the College office, price 6/6, ·postage 6,1. There · also some photogrnvure prints of the late President's pqrtrait at the College office, price 1/3, postage


J. Hall&> Sm. Pnnters, Cam!,ridffe.

The Record 1931-1932