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QUEENS' COLLEGE 19~.~ 1931

CHANGE OF ADDRESS. It would be of great service to the College if members of the Club would kindly inform the College Office of any changes of their permanent addresses. The College would welcome any corrections of this record, and . any material for next year, especially from abroad.

These shol.lld be addressed to The Praelector,

Queens' College. The Praelector gratefully acknowledges receipt of a number of items of news from members during the past year.

The dates given after the names of members of the College refer to their B.A. degrees. (s) indicates a former scholar of the Colleg~.

QUEENS' COLLEGE r930-1931.

Visitor. The King. Pnsidrnt. Rev. Thomas Cecil Fitzpatrick, D. D. Fellows.

Rev. Canon Joseph Henry Gray, M.A., Vice-President. Rev. Robert Hatch Kennett, D.D., Regius Professor or Hebrew and Canon of Ely. Andrew Munro, M.A., Bursar, Steward and Mathematical Lecturer. Rev. Charles T ra vers Wood, B. D., Dean, Di vinity and Hebrew Lecturer. Arthur Bernard Cook, Li tt.D., Laurence Professor of Classical Archaeology. Rev. Robert George Dalrymple Laffan, M.A., Chaplain, 路 History Lecturer and Praelector. 路 Cyril l\Iontagu Sleeman, M.A., Senior Tutor and Na tural Science Lecturer. Archibald Douglas . Browne, M.A., Tutor and Mechanical Science Lecturer. Leonard James Potts, M.A., Lecturer in English. John Archibald Venn, Litt.D., Jun ior Bursar, University (Gilbey) Lecturer in the History an d Economics of Agriculture, and Senior Proctor. 路 Honorary Felfows.

Charles Tate Regan, M.A., Hon. D.Sc. (Durham), F.R.S. Robert John Tillyard, Sc.D., F.R.S. 路 Librarian.

Francis Giffard Plaistowe, M.A.


Queens' College Steward of the Manoria-l Courts. A lfred Frank Topham, LL.M., K.C.

Directors of St11dies Robert Mary Stephen Theodor Momber, M.A., Modern Languages. Hugh Treherne Llewellyn Roberts, M.A., Law. Organist. J. S. Dawes, Organ Scholar. For 1931-32, N. E. Wallbank. Assistant Librarian.

J. McLellan.

In the Michaelmas term, 1930, there were 217 bachelors and undergraduates in residence; in the Len\ term, 1931, 215; in the Easter term, 1931, 213.

On 30 September, 1931, Mr Sleeman's term of office as Tutor came to an end. Mr Laffan has been appointed a Tutor, and I\fr Potts Praelector.


~'vfathematical Tripos, Part II.

Part I.


E. A. Maxwell (b"'). C. F. Addlesee. T. Crippin. J.C. Frost.

Classical Tripos, Part I.

G. E. Kirk.

Natural Sciences Tripos, Part II. Part I.

G. E. H. Foxon. M. T. Terry.

Historical Tripos, Part II. Part I.

D. E. Lupton. J.E. Pater.

Modern Languages Tripos, Part II. T. Padmore. Part I. ¡. A. M. Elliott. F. S. Green.

Queens' College Mechanical Sciences Tripos.

W. H. Diamond.

Economics Tripos, Part I.

J. G. Walker.




M. S. Bartlett.

Natural Sciences.

C.H. Westcott. J. R. Rose.


R. C. Latham. P. Allen.

Mechanical Sciences.

W. T. Holloway.


J. L. Beevers.


Hughes English Essay Prize. Hughes Latin Essay Prize.

p . R 1 R d. Y e ea mg rize.

1931. M. S. Bartlett. W: L. Clough.

{ A. 0. Barkway. I. C. Fletcher.

{ A. 0. Barkway. · D. . . p . ' C,iasc ivrnity rize. L. A. Brown.


, D. E .. Lupton passed 5th in the Inland Revenue· Ex· amination. T. Padmore w~s 5th on the selected list for ·the Home Civil (Administrativ e Class) and rst for the Consular Service. ·

R. J. Rackham was . awarded an Industriai Bursary by the Commissioners for the Exhibition of 1851. M. S. Bartlett obtained First Class Honours in the London B.Sc. Special Examination in Mathematics, Part I, July, 1931.


Queens 1 College ELEC'.I'IONS To ScHOLARSHIPS, &c.

Entrance Scholarships (on the results of Higher Certificate Examinations held in July, 1930) : E. Rushworth (Bradford Grammar School), Classics. E. C. R. Kahn (Oundle School), Mathematics and Nat1iral Sciences. R. I. Porter (Victoria Grammar School, Ulverston), Mathematics and Natural Sciences. E.W. Brittain (Bradford Grammar School), Natural Sciences. G. W. Tory (King Edward VII. School, Sheffield), Modern Languages. Elected in June, 1931 : First Year.

T. Crippin. Exhibition of £30 (Matlz~niatics). J. G. \Valker.' ,, ,, (Economics). J. L. Beevers. ,, ,, (English). Second Year.

M. S. Bart:lett. Foundn. Sc.holan,hip of £80 (M athernatics). W. T. Holloway. ,, ,, (Mechanical Sciences). G. E. Kirk. ,, ,, (Classics), J. E. Pater. ,, ,, (History). M. T. Terry. ,, ,, (Natural Sciences). J. R. Rose. Minor Scholarship of £40 (Natural Sciences). Graduate Research Studentship of £80 for Mathematics : E. A. Maxwell. · Gier.dinning Nash Scholarship: F. E. Le Grice. War Memorial Scholarship: . E. A. Youatt. Edmund Childe Haynes Scholarship: F. V. Ormiston.

Queens' College


AMALGAMATED CLUBS, ETc. Rowing. Captain, C. A. J. Barrington. Secretary, A. W. Ha rt. In the Clinker Fours we beat Corpus, but were beaten by Caius, the winners. In .the Lents the first boat fell two places, and the second one. In the Mays the first boat was very heavy and lifeless, and lost one place ; the second boat lost its stroke through illness on the first day of the races, and went down three places. G. Gray gained his Blue. T he Boat Club celebrated its centenary by a May Week Ball. Cricket. Captain, G. R. Brand. Secretary, H. S. Wigfield. We had a poor match record, almost entirely owing to the bad fielding of an otherwise good side. The second XI failed to win any games. ¡ Rugby. Captain, I. C. Fletcher. Secretary, D. N. Matthews. Although we won most of the friendly matches through united team work, St Catharine's, the ultimate winners, were too strong for us in the first round of the cup ties (31-6). It is a happy omen for next season that six of the back division were freshmen. Association. Captain, D. A. Gray. Secretary, W. T. Holloway. In. the league we were relegated to the third division. In the cup ties we drew with Caius in the second round, but were defeated in the re-play. W. J. West and C. V. Tillett played in the Freshmen's Trials. Hockey. Captain, J. B. Trimmer. Secreta ry, G. T. M. Mitchell. We were quite up to the average of the last few years. In the knock-out we beat Emmanuel II and Jesus, losing in the final to Downing (4-2). G. T_ M. Mitchell represented the University against Oxford, and again played for Scotland. J. B. Trimmer and K. B. Parry gained their Wanderers' colours. Athletics. In the knock-out we beat Jesus, but lost to Sidney, the ultimate winners. In the Relays against Oxford C. Bicknell ran and J. 0. Fielding hurdled for the University; and Fielding represented the University against Oxford in the High Jump at Stamford Bridge. Lawn Tennis. Secretary, R. G. Bullen. The team had a very successful season, losing only two matches. C. R. D. Tuckey l)layed regularly for the University. Squash-Rackets. against Oxford.

R. G. Bullen represented the University




Dr Cook has been appointed the first Laurence Professor ' of Classical Archa eology. H. M. J. Loewe (1904), (s), has been appointed the fi rst University Reader in Rabbinics. J. A. Chalmers (1926), (s), Ph.D., Cambridge. D. B. Cater (1929), Llewellyn Scholarship, Charing Cross l\,fedi cal School. A. M. Lester (1931), Burney Yeo Exhibition, King's College Hospital. NEW YEAR'S

HONOURS, 1931 : -

Kaiser,i-Hind Medal.

The Ven. Archdeacon E. H. W hitley


K.C.M.G. Sir W. Peel 路(1896), (s), and . T. S. W. Thomas (1901).

C.B. (Military Division).

Brig.-Gen. A. C. Temperley

(1899). EccLESIAS'tICAL,

Rt R~v. Bishop Gill (1883), (s), Chaplain at Hyeres, 路 S. France. W. H. Braine (1889), presented by_~he College to the Vica~age of Great and Little Eversden. F. W. Dwelly (1906), Dean in the new Chapter o~ Liverpool Cathedral. G. H. Roper (19ro), (s), Vicar of Keresley with Coundon, . Coventry. W. S. Dobson (1913), Vicar of Pulloxhill, Bedford. E. Parry Jennings (1914), Vicar of St Michael and All Angels, Blackheath Park. 路 J. H. M. Barrow (1915), Vicar of St James, Moss Side, 路 Manchester. .W. S. A. Robertson (1916), Vicar of St Ives, Hunts. E.W. Buswell (1923), Vicar of Comberton, Cambs. V. H. Copestake . (1923), Curate of Dunster, in charge of Alcombe, Minehead. F. H. Pickering (1924), Vicar of St Nicholas, Durham.



Y the death of the President the College and University have suffered a grievous loss. He has been loved and admired by every generation of Queens' men since he came to the College twenty-five years ago ; and it would be impertinent here to attempt any appreciation of his personality, well known as it ¡is to every member of the Club. Some facts of his life are recalled below. Thomas Cecil Fitzpatrick, the youngest son of the Rev. R. W. Fitzpatrick, Vicar of Holy Trinity, Bedford, was born on August 27, 1861. He was educated at Bedford School and Christ's College, Cambridge. He was placed in the First Class in Part I of the Natural Sciences Trip~s in 1883, and in Part II (Physics) in 1885, and afterwards served for many years as one of Sir Cavendish Laboratory.

J. J.

Thomson's demonstrators at the

A .t Christ's he was successively scholar,

fellow, and, after taking orders in I 888, chaplain. He was Dean of Christ's from 1890 until he was elected President of Queens' in 1906. Perhaps it was his chief pride at Queens' that he knew personally every resident member of the Colleg~, and that he was always ready to help as far as he could any one, senior or junior, who came to him. In the administration of the College his unusual business ability played a great part in re-organizing the finances and guiding the general policy of 'Queens'. College buildings were greatly loved by him :


under his

inspiration the Lodge and the Old Court were repaired and restored, the restoration of the south and southern half of the east sides of the court being a gift from him to the College to commemorate his twentieth year as President.

The Dokett

Building was also erected during his presidency.

Finally, he

was the prime mover in the foundation of the Queens' College Club in I 912, and has presided over it ever since, fostering it and taking great pleasure in its steadilr mcreasm~ size and.

prosperity. In 1912 the President married Miss Annie Cook. Mrs Fitzpatrick's kindly and generous hospitality has endeared her to us, and we offer her our deep sympathy in her loss. The President's work for the University cannot be described here.

For many years he has played a leading part in its

administration, on Syndicates and Boards and at the Council of the Senate, where his vigour and acut~ness were of the greatest value.

He served twice as Vice-Chancellor, in 1915 and

1928. At the beginning of September the President was in excellent health ; but he underwent an operation during that month, and died suddenly on Wednesday, October 28, The funerai was held on October 31, when the College Chapel was filled to overflowing by members of the College and other personal friends of the President. There was a simultaneous memorial service in Great St Mary's Church.


Queens' College


W. H. Wagstaffe (1926), Curate-in-Charge, St Lawrence in Thanet, Ramsgate. · M. C. Garton (1927), Missionary work in Peking. E. N: Ducker (1928), Curate of St Andrew's, Nottingham. ORDAINED


H. C. Alexander (1924), St John's, Sparkhill, Birmingham. L. S. Thorp (1926), St Simon's, Plymouth. M·. Parsons (1928), Tutor at St John's Hail, 'Highbury. R. G. Clarke (1929), Huddersfield Parish Church. A. Scott (1929). Christ Church, Harpurhey, Manchester. J. F. p. Trimingham (1929), Christ Church, Gipsy Hill. C. F. Walters (1929), St Mary's, Bideford. E. H. Burbidge (1930). T. H. Sutcliffe (1930), Adlington Parish Church, Lanes. EDUCATIONAL.

E.W. Hickie (1913), (s), H.M. Inspector of Schools. H. L. Watkinson (1914), Headmaster of Marlborough Secondary School. · W. T. Marsh (1922), (s), Headmaster of St Albans School. C. W. Ward (1929), Instructor in English, Ministry of Public Instruction, Bangkok. · G. C. Harding (1928), Assistant Professor, Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

NEWS OF OLD QUEENS' MEN. W. 0. Chantler (1922), Headmaster of Cliff School, Shanklin. S. G. Budgett, Headmaster of Sandgate School, Esher. A. A. Taylor (1925), working for .Toe. H. in London. P. J . Darr (1927), Assistant Master, County School for Boys, Gravesend. · F. Baker-Smith (1930), working as an artist in America. l\il. Black (1930), Assistant Master, Royal Grammar Scliool, Newcastle-on-Tyne. H. Coombes (1930), Assistant Master, Wednesbury High School. · K. T. Jenkins (1939), with the C.S.S.~., Strand. F. G. Mo~lt (1930), (s), under the Empire Marketing Board.


Queens' College

I. E. F. Moultrie (1930), in the Imperial Bank of Persia. J. Thomas (1930), Assistant Master, Chard School, Somerset. J. L. Hinton (1931), Assistant Master, St George's School, Vancouver. A.

MARRIAGES. Rev. E. Parry Jennings (1914), to Miss Enid G. Davies, 9 April, 1931. G. V. J. Maxted (1921). to Miss Anne Charlesworth, 13 June, r93r. Rev. W. H. Oswald (1922), to Miss Joan Stuart Wilson, 14 February, 1931. T. Toda (1925), to Miss Kiwako Tokugawa, April, 1930. P. J. Darr (1927), to Miss Freda Rowlands, 3 August, 1929. N. G. Wykes (1928), (s), to Miss Ann Penelope Boyd, 1 September, 1931. R. W. V. Robins, to Miss Alice Kathleen Knight, 23 April, !93 1 · OBITUARY. Rev. Prebendary A. l. Ingram (1864), for nearly 40 years Rector of St Margaret's, Lothbury, and a tireless worker for various Church organizations; Vice-President of the Queens' · College Club; 17 January, 1931. · Rev. T. P. Moorhouse (1870); January, 1930. , Rev. J. Jervis (1882), (s)~· one time Vicar of Oakington; April, 1931. A. J. Lyon; 3 November, 1930. · A. G. Weddell (1885), in a motor accident; .May, 1931. Rev. A. E. Houfe (1891); February, 1931. S. E. Denyer, C.M.G., M.D., F.R.C.S. (1894), (s), formerly Director of Studies in the College, and a distinguished medical specialist; 25 February, 1931. I. G. Kelly (1907), (s); January, 1931. · W. H. Sparling (1913), Headmaster of a Preparatory School at Kersal, Manchester; January, 1931. R. W, Clay (1927), Assistant Master at Herne Bay College; after an accident, 11 May, 1931. A. B. Heaton (1929); in an accident, February, 193~.

Queen/ College


GIFTS TO THE COLLEGE. A. H. Noble (1908), (s), presented·the College with a sum £10 for the sixth time. Trinity College presented a water-colour by T. C. Wageman of P. Kelland of Queens', who was Senior Wrangler in 1834. It has been hung in the Combination Room. Dr A. H. Lloyd presented an electrotype facsimi le of the medallion in the British Museum with a contemporary portrait head of Erasmus: placed in the Combination Room.


GIFTS TO THE COLLEGE LIBRARY. Presented by Queens' College Historical SocietyThe Crisis of E nglish Liberty. A JRstory of the Stuart Monarchy and tlte Puritan Revolution. Sir J. A. R. Marriott, 1930. Wolsey. A. F. Pollard. 1929. Greek Political Theory. E. Barker. 1925. St Augustine-The City of God. Tr. by J. Healey. 1931. Finance and Trade 1111der Edward III. Ed. by G. Unwin. 1918. The Soda/ a11d Political Ideas of some English Thinkers of the Aug1tStan Age (A.D. 1650-1750). F. J. C. Heamshaw, 1928. .. The Social and Political Ideas of some great Thinkers of tlu 16th and 17th Cenl1tries. F. J. C. Hearnshaw. 1926. Innocent III. L. E. Binns. 1931. Presented by the Committee of the Exhibition of Silver Plate belonging to the University and Colleges of Cambridge held in 1931Cata/ogue of the Exhibition. Presented by J. Y. Dawbarn (1878)Lewis' Sketches of Spain and Spanish Charader made during lzis Tour in t/1at Co1mlry ·1833, 1834. n.d. Facsimiles of Sketc~s made t"n Flanders and Germany and drawn on Stone by Samuel Prout. n.d. Presented by D. J. GambieIsotopes. F. W. Aston. 1924.

Queens' College


Presented by E. W. Gibson (1924)Tudor Constiiutional Domments (1 485-1603),


R. Tanner.


Presented by R. G. D. LaffanHandbuclt der Deutsc/1m Geschichte. B. Gebhardt. Vol. I. 1922. Presented by W. H. MillerA History of the Tory Party (1640-1714). Presented by L. J. PottsShelley and the Unromantics.

K . Feiling.

0. W. Campbell.


Presented by H. T. Ll. RobertsSkplien's Commentaries 011 the Laws of England. G. C. Cheshire and others. 4 Vols. fVharton's Law Lexicon. 1925.


Ed. by


Presented by the Victoria and Albert Museum, South KensingtonCatalogue of the Victoria and Albert 1Y.fuseum Exhibition of Englt'sh Mediaeval Art, 1930. Presented by the Western Theological Seminary, Evanston, · Illinois· Christ in the Gospels. B. S. Easton. 1930. Presented by J. J. Wiles. The Mountain · Wreath. By P. P. Nyegosh.

Tr. by

J. J.


1930. -1 Presented by J. F. Williams (rgoo)A Collection of Essex Deeds al Queens' College, Cambridge. 1931.

Presented by J. J. Williams (1931)Tudor C()nstitutional Documents (1485-1603).


R. T anner.


RECENT BOOKS BY QUEENS' MEN. Frank Rutter ( 1899). El Greco. 1930. G. B. Harrison (1920), (s}. Shallespeare. _1931. Second Elizahet/zanJournal. 1931. T. H. White (1929). (with R. McNair Scott). , Dead Mr N ix()n. 1931.

Queens' College


QUEENS' HOUSE. THE first event to chronicle about Queens' House is that, .to our regret, the Rev. E. M. Vanston resigne~ the post of Head in the summer and left after Camp. Although we wereand are-anxious to have a Queens' man once more as our Missioner, because he would know our College life from inside, yet we were fortunate in havin g a keen man to step into the vacancy in Lieutenant Bache. He is a Lieutenant in the Naval Reserve and has served in the Merchant Service for many years. Twelve months ago he left the sea , to devote himself to social work and came to live at the Alice Barlow House in Rotherhithe: so he became interested in Queens' House and took a part in our work, about wh ich he is enthusiastic. He is a layman- the first we have had at the House for twenty years-but is attached to Christ · Church where the Rev. Leslie Hills of Queens' is Vica r. We are confident that ne will do well at Queens' House and, when he gets to know us, at Queens'. Mr Vanston left the work in a healthy condi tion. The Scout Troop contains about 80 Scouts and Cubs, thou gh with rather a deficiency of older boys: there is a small Club for boys who do not wish to be Scouts: and there is a larger Club for men. The Summer Camp was held in the grounds of Marlborough School, by kind permission: a few, though too few, Queens' men went to help, and in t!,.e wet weather their help was doubly va_luable.

QUEENS' COLLEGE CLUB. DURING the year, July I, r930-June 30, 1931, 68 new members joined. The annual meeting was held in the Combination Room on Jun.e 20, 1931, the President in the chair. It was agreed to invest· £100 in 3½ per: cent Conversion Loan. Messrs S. H. Day and P. J. Oldfield and Rev. R. Broxton were re-elected, and Mr H. G. Lemmon was elected, to serve on the Committee,


Qtteens' College

The annual dinner was then held in Hall. There were present, besides the President and Fellows, Dr Regan (Hon. Fellow), General Temperley, Messrs K. C. Bailey, Barrington, Binnie, Blake, Bonser, Braine, Brownrigg, Budgett, Butler, Carey, G. vV. Clarke, Collingham, Collins, Constant, Crosse, Dawes, Doggett, Doran, Dunne, Ede, Fawkes, Gentle, Goodliffe, Gorse, Hampson, Harvey, Hayter, Hitchcock, Hobson, Kendall, Kennett, Kershaw, Kidd, Lemmon, Lloyd, Major, Martindale, Momber, Morgan, Moultrie, Nicholson, Norden, Northam, Oldfield, Partridge, Pakenham, L. Patrick, R . Patrick, Pedler, H . C. Perry, K. M. Perry, Pettman, Pilkington-Rogers, F. G. Plaistowe, J. A. Pocock, Privett, Reynolds, Richards, Richardson, Riley, Robbins, Robinson, Rogers, Seltman, Sibcy, Slater, Storr, Strong, Thackray, A. R. D. Thomson, Vv. S. Thomson, Tinsley, Underwood, Whiting, J. J. Williams and Youngman, making a total of 88. The toast of the Club was proposed by Mr G. W. Clarke; f\fr S. G. Budgett replied. Dr Regan proposed the College, coupling his toast with the name of the President who had just completed his twenty-fifth year as President of the College. The President replied.


Balance, July I, 1930 Dividends 68 New Members ...

£ s.

E:xpendilttre. d.

8 3 23 7 6 71 6 0 81


s. d.

22 IO 5 ... Printing, etc. Purchase of £120 3½ per cent. Conversion Loan 102 6 o Balance, June 30, 1931 ... 51 5 4




Copies of the Vice-President's History of the College can be obtained from the College office, price 6/6, postage 6d.

The Record 1930-1931  
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