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Protect Your Hearing Aids From Moisture

Are your hearing aids malfunctioning at times, turning off unexpectedly or giving you static sounds? While your hearing aids may be fairly new, the environment can wreak havoc on their small components. While it is best to wear your hearing aids all day and every day, exposure to moisture can affect the function of your aids, so it is important to remove your hearing aids when you are swimming or bathing. Many hearing aid manufacturers offer moisture resistant models, but if you live in a humid climate or perspire daily as a result of heat or physical activity, even your moisture resistant hearing aids may require some extra care. There are many types of hearing aid containers available that can remove moisture from your aids overnight. Dri-Aid offers a variety of small storage jars containing desiccant, which will drain the moisture from your hearing aids while you sleep. Dri-Aid jars can be effective for several months, are small enough to fit in a nightstand drawer, and easily fit in a bag or purse. If you are looking for more powerful moisture control, Dry & Store offers several hearing aid storage units that not only remove moisture, but disinfect and deodorize aids with a germicidal UV lamp. This may be the choice for the hearing aid Purtone Hearing Centers (480) 374-5571

user who suffers from chronic irritation or infection of the ear canals. Dry & Store units need to be plugged into an electrical outlet, but are still small enough to fit in a suitcase for travel. If you are concerned about humidity or perspiration impacting the function of your hearing aids, contact your hearing healthcare provider to discuss accessories designed to protect your hearing aids from moisture.

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Hearing Aid Moisture Hearing aid function can be impacted by exposure to moisture. Dri-Aid and Dry & Store offer options to...