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Promotional Mugs – A Winner All The Way! Most people are not aware about the rich and varied history behind mugs. The first mugs were introduced more than 8000 years ago and were made of clay. The walls of these ancient mugs were very thick and drinking from them was a difficult task. Over the years, as civilizations flourished, mugs made of gold and silver gained popularity – but they were not compatible with hot drinks. Mankind had to wait several thousands of years before convenient mugs were introduced. The discovery of porcelain by the Chinese in the year 608 brought about thin-walled mugs, the kind that is enjoyed even today. The Perfect Mug Apart from having thin walls, an ideal mug will also need to have the right amount of thermal insulation – this ensures that liquids do not get cold or warm quickly. Men and woman, irrespective of age and demography, share an amazing passion for mugs. Who doesn’t love taking a sip of their preferred beverage from their favorite mug? The more attractive a mug is, the more reason for a person to get attached to it! This is why promotional mugs rank among the most popular gifts received by customers. Why should you add mugs to your marketing campaign? Most marketing teams face a complicated question while embarking on a promotional campaign – “Which product should I use to promote my brand?” The answer lies in a product that is high on practical value and promotional abilities. Mugs easily fit into this category. Here are some of the reasons why you should use mugs to promote your business: Good imprint area: Mugs offer good imprint area to highlight your brand. Moreover, an imprinted mug finds pride of place at a customer’s desk, ensuring that he and those around him view your logo regularly.

Attractive and eye-catching: The biggest factor favoring promotional mugs is the fact that they are available in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes. Customers who receive attractive mugs as promotional gifts tend to get attached to them and will keep them longer. This ensures longer visibility for your brand, establishing a long-lasting relationship between the company and customer. Inexpensive yet effective: Most marketing teams have to follow a stringent budget while planning their promotions. Mugs or tumbler cups are cost-efficient gifts that fall within the marketing budgets set aside by companies. Hundreds of American companies have used mugs to boost their brand presence while increasing their revenues. Whatever be your budget, you will be able to find the right mugs to promote your business. Choose an attractive color that complements your logo best and distribute imprinted mugs among your cherished clients and employees. They will appreciate these thoughtful gifts. Let the power of mugs take your business to the next level!

About Promo Direct Promo Direct ( was formed in 1991 by Dave Sarro, an Internetbased entrepreneur focusing on business promotional items. Over the years, the company has earned a reputation for delivering quality business promotional products to a diverse range of customers. Promo Direct is supported by a large network of supply chain and delivery operations in the United States and Asia. ***** Copyright Š 2012

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Promotional Mugs – A Winner All The Way!  

Most people are not aware about the rich and varied history behind mugs. The first mugs were introduced more than 8000 years ago and were m...

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