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Prom Dresses In Earthy Revitalized Colors in Great Silhouettes Earthy colored prom dresses are getting acclaim for the approaching proms. You could be the first to clad one in a silhouette that matters the most. It is therefore not hard to find a prom dress in, natural environment friendly color shades. The world is conscious in keeping itself green and that is what dominates the prom of the new approaching year. Green dresses are gracing catwalks and at the premieres. Regarded as timeless masterpieces there are shades of green for a refreshing makeover. Not just green it’s about the all new earthy feel by cladding dresses blending in with it. Other colors competing with them range from mossy to turquoise, and one to suit each skin tone. Go to the new arrival prom dress range for ideas on the latest trends and fashions coming up in earthy color prom dresses. Earthy colors compliment halter necks totally in season and out there in fashion to suit everyone, layering and ruffling is really fun, flirty and sexy and adorned lacy waistlines and the cinching and folding done on prom dresses with extreme care and sophistication adapt themselves beautifully with the glam prom event.

Apparel websites go green with Layered hi to low excellent outfit in Grass Green, strapless prom dresses with asymmetrical embellished borders and ruching along the bodice and Column style prom dress with layers in hi to low hemline, impeccably tailored fascinating strapless bodice prom dresses in light green soothing hue complimented by a graceful ball gown silhouetted pleated net skirt. It is simply chic to go for the natural colors which is an embodiment of style Whether it is about the charmeuse gown having scooped neckline with a low back or the glamorous rhinestone at the bust line or about prom dresses having a ball gown silhouetted skirt in Emerald green, or the modishly designed prom dresses at an astounding value, the A line skirt in net with flares and the two tier accented layers in Olive, Ocean Green and in Army green, it is going to be a total color transformation in the most eco-friendly manner. It can therefore start a revolution in prom fashion for 2010 also seen on star studded celebrity parties and at the academy awards. Then comes the ever the more appealing short lengths formal dresses which is in fashion, competing with equal majestic feel with it’s counterpart prom dresses in long lengths. The chic short version is therefore, catching attention. There is the ruched cross over styled strapless bodice prom dresses and a pleated short skirt in amazing pistachio, glamorous outfit with a strapless bodice and belted waistline with frills that flatter and great silhouetted knee length prom dresses in Green. You will also be fascinated by the refreshingly distinctive and utterly vivacious flattering shades of 'chocolate' brown when it comes to party prom dresses this year. Shades of brown look great on most skin tones and look especially good over a tan skin tone and is a neutral color contrasting itself with the

other in trend blending up in the two tone prom dresses as well. Other vibrant colors are the, not so earthy but quite in trendy metallic shades, like gold or silver, more eco-friendly colors like Turquoise, Forest Green, Lime, Green Yellow, Chartreuse and more of the earthy and nature friendly Mint, Moss, Tea Green, Pear, Pistachio in great mermaid, A- line and ball gown silhouettes with the asymmetrical prom dresses in range. The style statement for 2010 is therefore to get in style with these colors and silhouettes in mind for glamorous makeovers for 2010 proms. Andy Anand Call Us (909) 979-1855 269, Pacific Street, Pomona California 91768, U.S.A

Earthy ColorPromDresses 20-dec-2009  
Earthy ColorPromDresses 20-dec-2009  

The world is conscious in keeping itself green and that is what dominates the prom of the new approaching year. Green dresses are gracing ca...