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A Word from Rhonda Project PUSH Founder It’s officially spring! The beginning of a new season and new month is symbolic of a fresh start. This rings ever so loudly with me as Owner of Signature Notaries, LLC; A Nationwide Notary Network. Over the past few months I have toiled about the decision and direction of this company that I started from scratch which eventually became a nationwide business. This meant making a decision that would ideally affect my entire world and everything I had built for the past 6 years and counting. It meant letting go of the familiar for what is unfamiliar. Although, I will still operate and manage this business I had to let go of an important part that I held onto so tightly. I had to let it go so that I could enjoy being ushered into a new realm...and a new purpose. Have you ever been where I am talking about? That “stuck place”? In between giving up and giving in. Afraid to get out of the “comfort zone”? Afraid of what people would think or say regarding your decisions? Afraid for a lack of provision? I was there and I can tell you that stepping out into the unknown is scary but also fulfilling. It causes fear because of those unknown places. It also fills until your “cup runneth over”. This is a new place for me...but I like it. It is unknown and uncomfortable but it is exciting. I have taken the plunge and now Project PUSH is my FULL TIME PURPOSE. It’s a new month, what are willing to let go of in order to be ushered into? What if your billion dollar idea is just a terrifying decision away from being manifested? Till Next Time…. Rhonda

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What can we learn from Kodak? Chisa D. Pennix-Brown, MBA

Kodak used to be the largest and more world renowned brand in the world when it came to photography. They were the innovators, but yet they have filed for bankruptcy. What happened to the brand that we grew up on? If you take a look back at most of your childhood pictures I'm sure they were printed on Kodak paper. The nostalgia of Kodak has resurged in the Instagram, but you do not need to print out anything unless you want to. The desire to have the classic is there, but somehow reinvented electronically and instantly nonetheless. I urge you to be an innovator like Kodak, but take a clear look at what you market can handle and do not sleep on your competitors. As much as I like to think that I compete with only myself, the reality is that there are always events happening, classes being taught, and plenty of other distractions that will lead a person to choose an alternate path that does not direct them to the Lady Bizness, Inc. brand on a particular day. However, I know that there are other things to choose form, but I make sure that I continue to give consistent service, excellent value, and constantly research the market. I've seen too many people jump out there and not look at what else is going on in the state, county, city, or even the neighborhood that they host events in. So, here are some steps that business owners should take when planning and executing successful events. 1. Secure your venue and date. I am so tired of seeing events posted as TBA, which means To Be Announced, for me it means Thinking BAckwards! Thinking BAckwards means that you have not put enough effort and thought into your event to even have a specific date and location. Putting out information in this manner is a waste of time. You DO NOT have an event until you have a date and time! 2. Check the market. This means that you should look into the area and see what else is going on that YOUR target market would go to instead of coming to your event. Social media makes this a breeze, check on city websites, view professional sport activities, and take the time to even Google your city and date to see what comes up. There are sure fire ways to see when you don't want to do an event and when you do. By having your date, time and location, you can begin publicizing almost immediately. This gives you an advantage over your competition.

3. Be mindful of annual events. I always stay away from certain events and dates because I know that as a small business I can either be a part of the festivities or that there is no need to compete. For instance, I know that in North Carolina, October is Homecoming all over. I know that the last week of February and the first week of March is CIAA, in Charlotte, NC. I know that the second week of March is MEAC, Winston Salem. I know that somewhere in March Women's Empowerment takes place in Raleigh, NC. I know that June is the Natural Hair Care Expo in Raleigh. I know that April and October is the High Point Furniture Market. These fact effect the locations, times, and dates that you have events. 4. Choose the right tools. One thing that I dislike with a passion is a plastic table cloth. I care enough about my business to invest in cloth. It costs a little more, but in the long run it actually costs less, because you can wash it and reuse it. A plastic table cloth says dollar store and ultimately cheap. Is your brand worthy of more? There are so many great places to get ideas from and to be classy is not hard. 5. Be original. There are many great ideas out there and there is typically nothing new under the sun. However, you have to create your own style when hosting events. For instance, I am hosting the Bizness Branding Summit on June 1, 2012 ( My goal was to help other businesses that needed a voice and an identity that can only come from great branding. I have been to plenty of Summits, Expos, Seminars, etc., but My Summit focuses on the things that were missing from the others. I listen to what people want to have, see, and do, and then translate that to an annual event that will be huge. I believe in myself enough to spend time thinking about what other business owners want. If you take away nothing else from this article, make sure that your brand keeps up with technology and watches its back from competitors. Do not be so set in your ways that you jeopardize your brand and become Kodak. You want to continue to innovate and be relevant with great planning, marketing, and branding. Make sure your brand can "Show Up & Show Out!"

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Fish Fears I stay stuck here scared Scared of swimming The water tickled my gills I suddenly think, Will I ever face my fears? Finally at full speed I burst out of my cave, Let my fins flutter And soar across the deep blue ocean I imagine myself soaring through the sea This world of wonders Seems to me, beautiful I glide through the colorful reef and realize, I have faced my fears.

Miss Zaylah A Student N2 Success...

5 steps to Being in the Gift of Now

Melissa E. Watts “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is God’s gift, that’s why we call it the present.”- Joan Rivers So then , why is that we spend so much time reviewing the past and trying to predict the future when the only time frame we have control of is the present? WHAT ABOUT THE PAST? Memories can be filled with love, joy, and happiness those are the feelings we want to take hold of and bring them into the now. However more often those memories are filled with pain, sadness, regret, anger & guilt. Those are the feelings we want to leave in the past. Those feelings do not serve us in our present day lives and are not resourceful. When we are focused on those negative feelings of sadness, regret & guilt from the past we send out that very same vibration into the Universe and therefore we manifest more of the same. WHAT ABOUT THE FUTURE? Imagining what might happen is great until our imaginations seek the worst ossible outcome. We have no way of knowing EXACTLY what will happen good or bad, although we can imagine only good outcomes or only the outcomes we desire. Many ideas about the future are rooted in hope, love, bliss and joy, and more often others are rooted in fear, lack, and desperation. Some of the thoughts that may come are “Is this really going to work?”, “We’ll never be able to do that..”, “I’ll never be fit and healthy”, “What if it doesn’t work out?”. Those are all lower vibration thoughts which lead to lower vibration feelings and the outcome is more of the same. IN THE END Ultimately, whether you focus on the regret and guilt from the past, or the lack and frustration of the future you will send out that lower vibration into the Universe. The Universe is your support group and will support you in whatever vibration you choose to emit. The key is deciding what vibration you would rather have returned to you, high or low?

THE 5 WAYS TO STAY IN THE GIFT OF NOW 1. Stay in Faith – Faith and fear can not occupy the same space. When you are

in faith you have strong conviction that you are fully supported by your DIVINE CREATOR and therefore the Universe is always abundant, joyful and limitless. Everything is an opportunity for growth, learning and expansion 2. Re-frame your language – The conversations you have with yourself are key to what you will attract and because of that must be supportive. Instead of saying “What if this doesn’t work out…?” try “What if everything works out just the way I want it..?” Those two statements send two very different feelings/vibrations into The Universe and that means what you get back is different also. 3. Make Moves in Joy – When you set a goal and instead of taking the next step towards it you find all the ways you can’t achieve that goal or it would be hard or you don’t have time, etc, you will attract more of those same feelings and you will put off taking action until you never achieve that goal. Instead, when you are feeling doubt or fear take the next natural step in achieving your goal no matter how small. When you are taking action in joy you are showing the Universe how you want to be supported and energizing your vibration around achieving your goal!! 4. Affirm it!! – Your words are the beginning of your creation…. words leads to thoughts which leads to feelings which leads to manifesting. Whenever you are feeling regret, fear, sadness, lack or whatever You can use this affirmation or create your own. ”I am so happy and grateful everything I want is already here, thank you, thank you thank you.” 5. Gratitude – This is simple (reason I left it for #5:) ) Whenever you are feeling detached from the present, regretting the past, or worrying about the future you can always refocus and look at all the great blessing in your life right now, and no matter what your current reality is you can always change it. The power to change is in you. When you are feeling down about your current circumstances you can seek out (an organization) those who may be less fortunate and be of service. Being of service to others is a surefire way to uplift your vibration. Melissa E Watts, Certified NLP Life Coach, Law of Attraction Mentor, Metaphysician, Timeline Regression Specialist, Hypnotist, Reiki Practitioner and Master NLP Practitioner is The Law of Attraction Mommy. Her passion is to teach others how to be successful, holistically, in life, business and relationships on their own terms using a variety of transformational and healing processes and techniques. Melissa lives in Greensboro, NC with her two daughters. You can book your Complimentary Breakthrough to Bliss Session today at

Larie Writes Crimson stained mind, innocence lost w/nothing gained. Climb, far away from the pain, time to escape the explicit fame. Hind,sight, is like a salt grain… mine drowned in sulfur rain. Behind. It happened to be something that just couldn’t be tamed, vine, not intertwined, open to being maimed. Bind me up in vain; dine On the red & white candy-coated-cane, pine away the disdain chime in with the ghostly-whistling- train realigned on the road into MY- own- unoccupied lane.

Thine own way to maintain tried performing, “normal”/sane. Cry no more to remain pried in a molded frame, ride alongside the absence of their game enshrined, self-released of injudicious shame! DIE to the desire of appointing rightful blame disinclined forgiveness; peace & uninterrupted sleep…that’s the aim. Hide not my heart’s strain; guide it cautiously, as if it were butaneshined and doused in cocainerefined life-inflicted-torn vein grind wisely, little Jane. Unsigned.

Fear is mentally, verbally, and physically abusive (health complications can arise when we operate in fear). t wants to keep you where it thinks you will be safe. It doesn’t want you to leave. It doesn’t want you to flourish, to live life, to be happy. Fear will whisper any lie it can think of in your ear. It will invade your thoughts with limited beliefs, and the meanest, nastiest things. Being in fear is being in an abusive relationship. But know that Fear is what it is Fear!! It is a coward. It only has power over you because you allow it to. Claim your power back and give fear the boot right now today!! Sharisa T. Robertson,

Motivating Moments… Words that instigate Success...

"On your way up the success ladder, reach back and help someone else; that way we all can have a glass of wine at the top" ~LaTersa Blakely

I can’t deliver failure. ~Jay Z Never criticize an underdog… they may write your paychecks one day. ~Rhonda Nails

DO IT AND THEY’LL UNDERSTAND IT LATER. ~TDJ Don’t just climb the ladder of success. Create your own ladder, then create the system that will climb it for you. ~Rhonda Nails

Faith When you have come to the edge of all the light you know, And are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown,’ Faith is knowing one of two things will happen: 1. There will be something solid to stand on 2. Or you will be taught how to fly. ~Unknown

Words of Wisdom for the

CLASS OF 2012 Love yourself, have confidence! Realize it's tough out there whether you are starting a business or career but don't give up! It takes hard work and dedication. It's not going to happen over night! When you get to your 2nd or 3rd year doing what you love keep on pushing ! The breakthrough will come! ~M. Williams

Put your best foot forward. No dream or goal is too BIG. ~April Joy

Take the time to learn as much about technology and #BiznessBranding as you can...know that even if you want to work for someone else YOU are the BRAND above all else! ~ Chisa Lady Bizness Pennix-Brown,

It’s ok to dream, just make sure YOU believe in it. ~Twitter@MiltonMcClain

Take every educational/training opportunity afforded to you so that you are prepared to meet the needs of the workforce no matter your major because nothing is guaranteed. Preserve your credit and reputation as you work your way up! -AJ Wesley Never do it for the money.

Seek GOD first in ALLLLLL things! Nothing is too small to take to Him. ~Barbara Elerby

If it’s the money that motivates you, your in the wrong profession. Pursue Your Purpose on Purpose! ~Rhonda Nails

Don’t fall for the minimum payment trap! Wayne Bland Financial Advisor

Credit & credit cards are one often one of biggest threats to becoming financially independent. You need to maintain an open line of credit to establish and maintain a strong credit history and score. Your credit score will make all the difference when applying for a mortgage or financing a vehicle if you choose. I say if you choose because I don't believe in financing vehicles. I will save that for another article but you CAN buy your vehicles like the 1%without banks loans and high interest rates! Sorry, back to credit cards. Paying interest on credit card debt is one of the biggest wastes of money ever... Let's say you had a $10,000 balance at an 18% APR. The minimum payment is usually interest + 1% of balance (to put that in perspective, that would be $250.00 for the first month in this scenario).Under those circumstances, it would take you 342 months and you would have paid an extra $14,423.30 in interest! So that $10,000 balance actually cost you a total of $24,423.30! Banks have different formulas for calculating the minimum payment, but you get the point... it's a total ripoff! Here are 4 techniques for how to pay off credit card debt fast... (1) Prioritize your credit card debt Organize your cards from the highest APR to the lowest APR. Then you will want to make sure you really focus on wiping out the debt on the highest rate card(s) first. (2) Reduce your monthly spending Look for expenses in your monthly budget you can trim or eliminate completely. The gym membership may not be worth it if you only go a couple times per month... instead go running in the park, exercise at home, etc. The biggest money drain for most Americans is eating out. It's easy to get in the habit of dining out once or twice a week... over the course of a month that equals a lot of money that could be used for paying down credit card debt. Every $1 less you spend saves you up to $2.50 in credit card debt. (per the example at the top) This Holiday season scale back on your gift giving instead of spending hundreds or thousands or dollars that you really can't afford. Live within your means!

3) Get a second or weekend job The quickest way to pay off credit card debt is to increase your income... but of course that's easier said than done! However it is possible, here a couple ways to do it... If you work an hourly job, see if you can pick up some extra hours. If you have a salaried job, then outside of a raise or promotion there probably won't be any way you can increase your pay. So look into getting a second job, even if it's only for the weekends. Sure, it may only earn you a few hundred dollars extra per month, but that's all money you could be using to pay off debt faster. (4) Sell stuff you don't need (and stop buying it) Yes, selling stuff you think you need can be painful, but it's best for you in the long run. Can you really afford a $650 a month car note! We seem to be obsessed with the idea of accumulating stuff we don't actually need. All of us are guilty of it to at least some degree. Whether it's collectibles, gadgets, handbags, or something else... they're all things you don't really need. So go to your closet/garage/basement and identify the things you could really do without. Then hold a yard sale or try eBay or Craigslist to get rid of them and raise some quick cash. Understand needs versus wants. This concept is without a doubt one of the most important techniques to pay off credit card debt... and how to prevent raking up new debt in the future! Wayne Bland Bland Financial Services Group Office:704-535-4833/704-970-8336 Cell: 704-957-6608 Let us help you put all the pieces of the puzzle together....

What is the one BEST character trait to possess as an Entrepreneur?? Integrity. No one can EVER take it from you and they will ALWAYS remember you for it. -Natasha Clark, The Lioness Group,

...CHARACTER -AJ WESLEY SelfSelf-Integrity; if you don't have integrity for yourself first, don't get offended if/when someone challenges your business integrity. -Larie My Heart Speaks.

The "Best" character trait to possess as an Entrepreneur is being able to make a decision. You can not straddle the fence. There is not always time to revisit a matter. On occasion opportunity only knocks...once. -Katherine Waddell This Needs To Be Said Media

Trust. In my business, there is a level of trust that i will provide them the best service I possibly can....and to know that i have the knowledge and understanding tax laws, rules and regulations..i believe it strengthens that trust and as a result they return every year and refer me to others. Anissa Barbee Transformation Tax and Financial Services

Featured Article Series: Parenting for Success Katherine Waddell This Needs to Be Said, Inc. One of the things I worried about constantly while raising my children was simply this, ‘Am I a good Mother?’ It didn’t matter what others say they saw or what they believed about my parenting style. What mattered more was what I thought about myself. Over the years I have learned what good parenting looks like. Now I do not have to depend on the confirmation of others to know if I did the right thing or not by my children. There are three areas I want to touch on offering some tips from my experience to be your guide. In school you want your children to understand that their education is important. Find realistic goals for your child and avoid comparing them to any other child. While raising my older two boys alongside my brother and sister who are all close in age I learned a few things. All four of the children learned differently. Each of them brought home different grades consistently. I could not hold each one to the other’s best. I understood that although the children learned differently, often times there are not enough opportunities for each learning style in the classroom. Show that school is important by not talking bad about the school. Co parenting with the school for our children, it is beneficial to let the teacher know you all are a team. When a teacher knows you are working with them you will see better results in the education your child receives. Get involved. You don’t have to be at the school every waking moment, but invest some of your time. Besides this is a great way to know what is happening during your child’s day. At Home the first them I am going to say here is to be sure to relax together. Teach your children what balance looks like. Use your space at home for what it is purposed for. Live, sleep, play, relax, and enjoy one another’s company. Reading together never gets old in my household. One of my favorite things to do even with my youngest son now is to share in reading a book together. When children see you reading and sharing that with them, their love for literature will grow. Eat together is a valuable investment in your family.

I personally believe nothing brings you together like food. With our lives being so busy this can become extinct if we are not careful. Plan for one night per week at least to all be around the same table sharing a meal. Here is a fun suggestion for meal time, have little cards with conversation starters at each person’s spot at the table. Let the children come up with some of the topics.

In the Community Working together teaches a lot of lessons. So choose something you can do with your children like chores in the yard of an elderly neighbor. Or support a community event like building gardens to supply healthy and nutritious foods. Your children will understand the time it takes to complete a task and the satisfaction of their role in it. Volunteering together is one of the things I love doing with my children because this is a time where your motives are not about making money, it is about touching the lives of those who are a bit different from you. I teach my children to treat people the way they want to be treated so when they encounter someone who needs their help the do not look down on them. Rather they should seek a way to make their day better. Playing together is the most valuable thing you can offer your children. All work and no play makes your children avoid coming near you. It’s the truth. You are a better parent when you seek to do things better for your family. Remember you are a Parenting Success! I would love to hear your feedback about any of the things I have suggested. Your responses may be a part of an upcoming article. Feel free to email me at: and tell me your “Parenting For Success” story.

THE UNDERDOG PLATFORM Don’t ever tell an UNDERDOG what they CAN”T do... Name: Kejuane Hester Society’s previous View: Convict Current View: Master Baker and Owner of Favor Desserts Bakery and Café located in Durham NC. Favorite Dessert : Carrot Cake Biggest Obstacle: Starting the business was slow because people were unfamiliar with me baking cakes. It took a while for people to give me a chance and win their support. I had to continue to be persistent even when I heard a lot of “No’s”. One Word Self-Description: Persistence My Turning Point: A good friend of mine went to prison and I should have been on the case. As a result, he is serving a 24 year sentence. He took the greatest sacrifice and left me out here. Why did you never give up? Because I knew that this was the talent that God blessed me with. I knew that I could be successful if I kept pushing and persevering. “It’s not in me to quit.” Who is an Underdog to you? Bernard Hopkins and Floyd Mayweather, both professional boxers. These are the people I draw strength from. What does Success look like? Success lies in your daily routine. What you do everyday. Preparation and execution. That is SUCCESS.

Success is sweet…. and Kejuane Hester knows it. According to society, he was NOT supposed to be this successful. After all, he was a convict serving time for a drug charge. But when it’s time to pursue your purpose….there is no prison that can hold you. Mr. Hester learned and perfected his craft in the prison that held him for several years. It was there that he was able to learn how make the most desirable desserts. It was also behind those walls where he learned about his “Favor with God”, hence the name of his successful Bakery and Café; Favor Desserts located in Durham NC. If you have ever believed that you could not rise to success because society, or your community or even your family marked an “X” on you. Keep in mind that Success is always SWEET. Ask Mr. Favor Desserts...

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