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Plasma devices

We take a look at some of the latest plasma skin tightening machines in the market.

SIX Aesthetix Plasma Wave Pen The SIX Aesthetix Plasma Wave conductor tip creates a tiny plasma flash (similar to a tiny lightning bolt), which jumps from the tip to the skin and evaporates, leaving a very small, superficial brown carbon spot that looks like a freckle. There is no heat to the surrounding skin. These small spots draw the skin together in their direct environment and shrink the excess skin. 011 312 7840 Plasmatek™ Distributed by Radiant Healthcare, the Plasmatek™ Wireless device from LeaseMedica is a fully portable, true plasma device that fits into a case the size of a camera bag. It only requires a 10-minute charge once a week and the only disposable cost is the needle. The device’s NAPPI code can be used for medical aid claims since this device is medically CE approved and registered in South Africa. 011 794 8251/3

LCN Beauty Pad Pro // 3.0 This multifunctional beauty device combines three state-of-theart cosmetic procedures in one – LCN Scalp Pigmentation, Plasma and Needling (to support the plasma treatment for optimal results). Beauty Pad Pro // 3.0 is made in Germany according to the highest safety and hygiene standards. 010 593 3293

Plexr® The Plexr® device consists of a docking station with three hand pieces, which can be used simultaneously. Plexr® uses patented plasma technology to sublimate excess skin. The excess skin tissue shrinks and evaporates without imposing risk on the deeper layers of the skin. This means a quick and easy procedure with minimal downtime. 021 917 1911