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Skin care is one of the most important things that one should be keen on when looking at matters to do with our bodies. This article gives the best tips that one should be keen on and look at to maintain a healthy skin. To lean more and get the best products those are natural free and tested for a better skin check out dermefface fx7.

1. Avoid alkaline substances on the face One may think that washing their face with soap is a good way of keeping it clean or dealing with bacteria but in the real sense that is not what happens. Soap and other detergents that bring foam have alkalinity that has a high PH which draws natural oil from the skin and causing dryness. Soap Lather and foam makes the skin dry and lose its natural moisturizing oil making it look dull and un-natural.

2. Avoid toners with alcohol content There are many toners out there that are high in alcohol and mercury and these substances are not good for the skin as they end up causing dullness after some time. The use of these products may turn the skin to look very nice at the moment that they are used but for that to continue one has to keep on doing it which is bad and in the long term the skin suffers dryness and over-dependency in some unnatural substances.

3. Use glycolic acid products These products are considered to be one of the ways to keep the skin natural without any risk or side effects. It helps the skin to recover and get rid of dead cells allowing for better and healthy skin. The increase in cell production helps to come up with a clean skin that is smooth and natural without experiencing any issues.

4. Use natural proven products Many people jump on to any product that has promises without even looking keenly on the ingredients that make up the product. This has led to many people experiencing problems and developing skin issues in future. Use of medically proven products like genf20 plus are highly recommended and that one also be keen on imitations.

5. Protect skin with sunscreen Depending on your skin and how it reacts with the heat from the sun, one has to be keen and ensure that they are protected from excessive sunlight that will damage the skin. One should wear sunscreens since the UV rays from the sun will damage the skin in case there is too much heat and this could make the skin dry or even cause sun burns.

6. Facials are good to distress the skin Depending on the frequency that one go to have facials, their skin will vary differently since this is the care that the skin needs to stay healthy and stay refreshed. People do this differently and as others take a week to have a facial, other go for a month but it is highly recommended that one have it once every week. This will help to keep the skin refreshed atall times.

7. Don’t scrub off acne As much as one would not want to see those acnes, one should understand what it could become. Scrubbing off acne on the face or skin will spread out the bacteria and if not cleaned properly will spread.

8. Use natural moisturizers You don’t want your skin to suffer dryness while you can keep it naturally moist and healthy. A moisturized skin looks more healthy and rejuvenated and it is easy to achieve this. Usually the choice of moisturizer depends on the type of skin whether dry or oily. People with oily skin should go for water based and oil based for people with the dry one.

9. Maintain hygiene on cosmetics Maintaining hygiene is very important as one’s skin could get bacteria and infections from improper hygiene and skin care cosmetics. Keeping bacteria and maintaining cleanliness helps to keep away the germs causing bacteria and acne on someone’s skin therefore making it healthy.


Drink enough water

Maybe one of the most natural ways to stress-freely maintain your skin is to drink plenty of water. Taking water not only helps the whole body to deal with many things but it helps the skin to become more healthy, stay rejuvenated and keeping it smooth. It also helps in faster cell reproduction and replacement of old cells. This in turn helps the skin to always be fresh and smooth. Check out to check out a review of the best natural product for skin care.

Summary Skin being one of the most important parts of human body needs good attention. This article gives the best guides on how to maintain a healthy skin.

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10 best skincare tips  

Skin care is one of the most important things that one should be keen on when looking at matters to do with our bodies