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This piece is named "Doves", it represent peace and happiness which I think goes well with your theme health and healthy living. The two parts of health are physical and mental. Physical health is eating clean and exercising. In doing so you can gain mental health to find peace and happiness and know that you are doing something good for yourself and your well-being. -Caroline Dorion, 11th grade

Lillian Wentworth, 6th grade

March marks the beginning of spring, and for me is a month filled with hope. It is also National Nutrition Month and National Youth Art Month- both relevant themes in the work of People’s Resource Center.

We are so excited to be partnering with College of DuPage this year to celebrate these important topics through an amazing display of artwork made by young artists in our community! We sent out a call for artwork made by youth in grades K-12 that explored healthy eating. Students from all over the county sent in images of original work they made using all different types of materials. We are delighted to also join the conversation on food scarcity, good nutrition and the importance of food pantries during a live webinar "Food Is Money: The Economics of Nutrition" Wednesday, March 17. I hope you enjoy these amazing creations as much as I do. I am awed by how many kids were inspired to make art and let their creativity shine despite challenging times. I am also filled with hope as I flip through these pages. Enjoy!

Lesley Gena, Director of Art Programs, PRC

Avisha Gunthey, 5th grade

Julia Ott, 2nd grade

Keira Schwegman, 2nd grade

Daniele Saudargas, 4th grade

Eleanor Gunderlock, 1st grade

Haiqa Ahmed, 4th grade

Kaylee Rex, 4th grade

Julianna Dale, 1st Grade

Delanie Graziano, 12th grade

Braxton Halperin, 5th grade

Tijus Uzzardo, 3rd grade

Dante Johnson, 2nd grade

Ariella Poi, 7th grade

Zoe Hayes, 2nd grade

Rida Ahmed and Evy Engstrom, 5th grade

Brody Highsmith, Kindergarten

Aaila Abndrar, 2nd grade

Samantha Ho, 4th grade

Jasmin Vargas, 3rd grade

Carter Sullivan, 7th grade

Felix Poi, 1st grade

Kairi Rios, 6th grade

Katie Munoz, 7th grade

Deividas Saudargas, 5th grade

Gabriella Boczek, 2nd grade

Liam O’Hara, 2nd grade

Jamey Dale, 3rd grade

Alexis Ott, 4th grade

Kaitlyn Thompson, 6th grade

Aarav Gunthey, Kindergarten

Jozie San Roman, 1st grade

Nabiha Mohammed, 5th grade

Rahma Syed, Kindergarten

Rowan O'Hara, 5th grade

Kaitlyn Highsmith, 1st grade

Manvi Dutta, 1st grade

Daniya Syed, 8th grade

Yumna Salman Mohammed, 3rd grade

Sophia Escobedo Antillon, 4th grade

Vincent Gentile, 1st grade

Stevie Eliopoulos, 2nd grade

Amelija Uzzardo, 2nd grade

Samita Ukani, 10th grade

Skyla Johnson, 8th grade

Valentina Rios, 2nd grade

Janae Terry, 1st grade

Joseph Arroyo, 5th grade

Zoey Poi, 4th grade

James Smith, 2nd grade

Rose Sundberg, 3rd grade

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Youth Art Exhibition- National Nutrition Month/Youth Art Month  

Youth Art Exhibition- National Nutrition Month/Youth Art Month  

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