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Lucia Hoxha


I was born in the valley surrounded by mountains in the stunning beauty of my beloved Slovakia, where my heart belongs 41 years ago to a family of loving parents and rather wonderful people as the youngest child.

I was always the one being in charge of my own life. I always achieved whatever I put my mind into and if it wasn't happening, I just worked little bit harder and found the way to do so. Very successful, winning tennis competitions, shining on the stage, involved in various projects, hanging out with celebrities, being on TV - as a high achiever since my early formative years, I was used to winning in life... and then, in my early 30-th, for the first time - I started feeling like a failure... I was not able to conceive a child!

It was a first time when no matter how much I tried, it was just not happening. In fact, the more I pushed, the more painfully I failed. I was living an extremely busy life and felt exhausted after numerous burn-outs...

I realised if I really want to be a mum, there is something new I need to do as whatever I am doing simply doesn't work! And so I started searching for answers - no longer on the social media or internet, but inside of my soul. Even more importantly, I started asking myself new questions! ...and that's where my Journey Towards Motherhood really started...


Lucia is one of the top fertility coaches and a woman who herself had a very tough and long journey towards motherhood. She learned so much during those 11 years and her life has never been the same ever since. Her mission is to reunite and help every woman to enjoy and understand every step of this journey, feel uplifted, content and happy.

With over 18 years of experience in coaching women all over the world, Lucia brings new perspectives and sheds the light on a topic that was and still is somehow a taboo. She believes women do not have to suffer in silence, feel alone and be misunderstood anymore.

Lucia's openness and ability to empathize helped already thousands of women to find their natural flow, internal strength, happiness, and unbreakable faith, many of them are now holding their own babies in their arms.

Lucia is married and a proud mum of beautiful little twin girls

Lucia Hoxha Fertility Coach

Supporting Women all over the world on Their Journey Towards Motherhood

www.luciahoxha.com Ambassador of Global Institute for Extraordinary Women

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Freedom is to be at peace with myself and to express the truth of my being...