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An All-Inclusive Island Family Retreat on "the most beautiful lake in Maine" www.atteanlakelodge.com and I’m chewing. at’s right. When I’m eating, with my family, maybe, my mouth attracts people to come up and ask me to do impressions. As soon as I put the meatball in my mouth, it’s “Hey, man… Chaka Khan?” ere’s no voice that can’t be untapped.

Attean Lake Lodge is an all-inclusive resort on a 24-acre island located on a remote lake in Maine. Our secluded lodge is the perfect place to unplug and enjoy nature's escape and reconnect with your family. Our lodge does have solar power and WI-FI 24/7 for those who need to check in with work while vacationing. Relax in one of our 14 rental cabins with gorgeous lake views! Each cabin has gas lights, kerosene lanterns and a full bath with hot, running water. Spend your days relaxing leisurely in the lodge or by the lake or fill your days with adventures, exploring the numerous hiking options, or seeing the beauty of the lake and rivers using one of the many boating options available to you. Most days we offer tubing and water skiing for those looking for extra fun. There is truly something for everyone!

For generations, Attean Lake Lodge has included all meals, daily housekeeping, activities, and entertainment to provide a fun, stress-free vacation!

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Up here, our answer to Virginia Beach is Old Orchard Beach.

Iwant to go to the shore and everything. I’d like to take a little boat tour. I’m looking forward to seeing the towns. It’ll be fun. Dope show and a dope turnout.

Who is the Mount Everest of people it’s impossible to do an impression of?

What about another impressionist? A mirror of a mirror. Can you impersonate Jimmy Fallon?

“Oh, I can do Jimmy Fallon!” [ e impression is so good you can see Fallon rising in his chair to speak to a guest.] “You’re so excellent, man. Phenomenal.”

I’d ask you do to do an impression of Lorne Michaels, but I realize I’d just be asking you to do Dr. Evil. Same thing. Literally. [As Michaels:] “It’s that thing where you inspire a character that makes a lot of money and then Mike Myers doesn’t give you a cent of it.”

Who has contacted you ripping mad after you did an impression of them? Or maybe just a little upset. [A long pause.] Kanye West.

When you’re touring, do you prepare impressions of people from the area for extra resonance? Will you do, say, Stephen King? Or maybe Martha Stewart when Snoop Dogg visits her up here.

I might do something special for Maine. I have two months, bro. I’ll be ready.

Our readers can screen you right now in the thriller Private Property (2022). In Netfix’s Resort to Love (2021, flmed beautifully in Mauritius) you get to be both a good guy and a bad guy. What’s it like acting when you have all these voices in your head?

I turn the characters on and o . I’ve acted since I was 8, before the impressions. I did school plays in Norfolk, Virginia. e impressions are just another tool.

The venue Aura, where you’ll be performing here in Portland, used to be called Asylum. What’ll they call it after you perform here?

Decimated. Incinerated.