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30 Cities With The Most Residential Pools

Wondering which cities in the United States have the most swimming pools? Fixr recently published a data visualization based on a survey conducted by Lending Tree that provides a breakdown of the highest concentration of residential swimming pools by city per capita. The data shown above is from a poll conducted last year in July 2021.

The majority of residential swimming pools in the United States are located mostly in the south and western regions of the United States. Surprisingly, Phoenix, which has a smaller population than that of Los Angeles, actually tops the list. According to the report, 32.7% of all homes in Phoenix, AZ have a swimming pool in the backyard. One of the reasons for this has to do with Arizona being one of the hottest – landlocked states in America. A mean household income of $80,779 and lower than average construction costs, mean most households can afford to build a pool.

Swimming pools continue to remain a high-priority investment for homeowners in the Sunshine State of Florida. Coming in at the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th spots on the list are Miami at 30.6%, Tampa at 27.7% and Orlando at 25.9%. These figures have remained pretty consistent over the last 5 years.

Growth in residential pools continues to remain solid in traditional markets throughout the U.S.

Las Vegas comes in 4th place with 23.8 %, followed by a variety of California cities: Los Angeles (19%), Riverside (18.3%), San Diego (17%) and Sacramento (14%). Texas also has representation in the top 10 with Dallas, TX taking the number 10 spot with 13.8% of homes having a pool.

The poll also took a look at some of the areas of the country with the lowest concentration of swimming pools. According to the same survey conducted by Lending Tree, large cities with the least amount of pools per capita are: Portland (1%), Kansas City, MO (1.2%), and Seattle (1.3%).

Top 30 U.S. Cities With Highest Percentage of Residential Pool Ownership

1. Phoenix, AZ

2. Miami, FL

3. Tampa, FL

4. Orlando, FL

5. Las Vegas, NV

6. Los Angeles, CA

7. Riverside, CA

8. San Diego, CA

9. Sacramento, CA

10. Dallas, TX

11. San Jose, CA

12. Jacksonville, FL

13. Houston, TX

14. San Francisco, CA

15. Buffalo, NY

16. Austin, TX

17. San Antonio, TX

18. Memphis, TN

19. Oklahoma City, OK

20. Indianapolis, IN

21. Virginia Beach, VA

22. Providence, RI

23. Hartford, CT

24. New Orleans

25. Washington, D.C.

26. Baltimore, MD

27. Atlanta, GA

28. Cincinnati, OH

29. Boston, MA

30. New York, NY

According to P.K. Data research, over 40% of inground swimming pools are located in two states, California and Florida. Other areas of the country with a high concentration of inground swimming pool ownership include the states of Arizona, Nevada, and Texas.

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