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themostvulnerable Protecting a n d theirunbor nchildr en W o m e nf a c i ngcri si sp re g n a n cy are amongthe mostvulnerablelivesin our society. For the unbornchildabortionis a matterof life and death,whilefor the motherit risksaffectingthe rest of her life negatively. T h e r e ' ss o m eth i n gmi ssi n gfro ma rg um ents supportingabortion.They leaveout of the picture , e wom an' sconcer n t h e h u m a nr el a ti o n sh i pi ns vo l ve dth for her baby and the baby'sutterdependenceon her.



Newrespect for humanlife In the US, breathtaking new imagesof unbornchildren have led peopleto thinkagain.{11 ln New Zealand,new researchshows that abortion harmswomen'smentalhealth.This backsup research from Finlandand Nonruay showingharmto womenfrom t3lt4r abOftiOn.t2l,

Ratherthan feelingpressuredto introduceabortion, lrelandneedsto adoptan ethicallycoherentapproach where respectfor the inherentdignityof each human lifeformsthe basisof publicpolicyconcerning unexpectedpregnancy.


This leaflethas been co-sponsoredby the SecondLook Project

ProLifeCampaign, Dublin1 StreetUPPer, 34 Gardiner Faxi01-8748094 Tel:01-8748090 proliie@indigo,ie Email;

"l am a memberof a groupcalled SilentNoMore,of mostlYwomen who say theyregrettheirabortion. so I knowthis, I'm post-abortive whenwe abortthe child, we violatehisor herrights, we the motherssuffertremendously, andour familiessuffer." civil rightsleaderMartinLutherKng Jnr' Dr AlvedaKtng,nieceof assassrnated (J 200 5) a n u ary, Newsweek

a more wemustcommitto building As a society, mothers socialclimatefor expectant life-affirming andtheirunbornchildren.

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On Abortion and Ireland - There Is Something Missing From The Arguments Supporting Abortion  

Women facing crisis pregnancay and their unborn children are among the most vulnerable in our socieity. For the unborn child abortion is a...

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