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Benidorm 2010 April in Benidorm!

As one of the hottest Gay resorts in Europe, you are assured of a fantastic time here. With two of the best beaches in Europe and the highest density of Gay bars and businesses within a short walk, Benidorm has something to offer for everybody. Eating out Benidorm’s most reccommended Restaurant Michael’s has just launched a new menu. With over a 100 choices, there is sure to be something for everbody. Due to popular demand he is extending the Early Bird offer through all of April (7.95€ 3 course menu available every day except Sunday from 4pm - 10.30pm)

news • news • news

Olivers bar (Next to Queens) is under new ownership. Pop in and see them Andros Clothing is also moving to the corner locale next to Queens and Olivers. Any news or announcements you want considering for publishing, email me at: ianplatt03500@gmail.

.30 for Served 4pm - 10 ! all of April

Bringing you the Best Choice of Drag Shows in Benidorm Open Daily from 8pm • April Shows at 10.15

Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays • The Horror Sisters Mondays, Thursdays • Miss Sheila Blige Alternate Tuesdays • Miss Shape/Didier & Sandy Saturdays • Dinah Rodd

incognito’s JJ’s Bar Splash Sauna Mojito’s (Ex 42nd Street)

H20 Sauna La Cuineta

Hagars Bar

Piston Broke Mercadona


Paneil’s Intimate Bar

Refuel Cafe El Payaso Mercury Beach The Look Bar Peppermint

Chaplins Babylon Company Bar



Men only Casa Don Juan


Bears Bar Viva Lovers Bar

To advertise call Ia

Passion Sex Shop

Michael’s Restaurant Hotel Mayna Ale Hop

Sex Shop

New Openings



Andros Clothing

Oliver’s Bar Queens

Beer Barrel Peoples


Michael’s Restaurant

Benidorm’s most reccommended Restaurant. Proud sponsors of the Benidorm Gay Guide Map

El Papagayo

an on 619 236 428 or


Kafee Klee Rich Bitch Andros Underwear

Petit Palau apts

PUZZLE CORNER Solutions on Page 31

ACROSS 6. Late tributes to somebody coming from the wars! (7) 7 & 9 Across. Could they be the barriers between political factions? (5-5) 9. See 7 Across 10. Daily record at the saw-mill? (3-4) 12. A man with unbelievable relations! (5-6) 14. He displays an advertisement for William’s watch (4-7) 18. Strike another match (7) 19. Could possibly be synonymous with power (5) 21. Young attendants used by bookmakers (5) 22. One who will produce hand-made predictions (7)

DOWN 1. Put your weight on a rung of the ladder (5) 2. Plaque that shows a different battle (6) 3. No-one who is brazen will be cast! (3) 4. A jagged point will get the Spanish fish (6) 5. Swimming movements for oarsmen! (7) 8 & 20 Down. Get in touch with the fellow - he’s an intermediary (7,3) 11. See 17 Down 13. According to the letter, it’s illuminated with real variation (7) 15. He conducts the German songs we hear (6) 16. This is quite a problem - give me a gin well mixed (6) 17 & 11 Down. Could they be authors of “The Wraith” and “The Phantom Spirit”? (5-7) 20. See 8 Down

For private sittings and appointments please contact Kenny on 96 587 8424 • 686 361 594 • Forget the past. Your preconceived ideas have been unfounded and there is a new move to open up a friendship right now that seems so right. You have been influenced greatly by others, and it would seem that they are jealous of your success, and your ongoing plans. Make sure that you take everything into account as you currently find yourself not establishing your priorities, at a time when getting it right, is essential. As love enters you have to be in the right frame of mind to take it all on board. Just lately you have made plans to settle d own more, and the fear that partnerships bring you can force you to so readily change your mind about things. There is a nagging doubt that has to be cleared away as it is counter productive and stops you from letting go. The past cannot hurt you now, but who knows what tomorrow can bring? Logic tells you that this is not the time to let go of any business connection. Your need to network isn’t an expansion, but a realisation that if you are to survive the next few months you are going to need sustained help, not unwarranted interference in the workings of your personal life. Don’t mix business with pleasure however sorely tempted you are, and be true to yourself and continue to hold together that which you know that you must. Somebody just moved the goalposts and the situation that you now face brings with it more of a challenge. If you really need to succeed then this will bring to you the chance you have been long awaiting. The chance to prove to all who matter, to get things better into perspective, and to show them just what you are so capable of. Taking into account recent pressures and you can be seen in a very favourable light Planetary changes bring you to a position where you are in two minds about something, and things just got a lot more complicated. See your way through by examining this on all levels and weighing up the pro’s and con’s. The influence of others isn’t an option as you go it alone and start to reap almost forgotten dividends from an unexpected source. Let bygones be bygones as you finally accept a long awaited apology. Taking responsibility is the best thing to happen for a long while. You have needed time, but it is plain to see that you want and need to go back to where you are happiest, and that this may mean sacrifices. You are not running away, you are moving on and up, and it is now obvious that you don’t have to go it alone to bring attention to your situation. As time moves on the shadow of the past has gone, and it’s plain sailing once more!

Zodiac Zone • Call 806 515 805 (24 Hours) 1-2-1 Personal Readings call 806 515 789

Kenny Corris brings you the Horoscope With all the will in the World you won’t be able to change the person that you love, and you have to accept them warts and all, right now. A lot of soul searching has simple revealed your own vulnerability, and need to make the changes that are currently written on your heart. See to it that your message reaches those who have done their utmost to put a spanner in the works. If anything, this has served to bring you closer together! Just throw caution to the wind and live a little. You have been under pressure just lately, and finding the time for yourself right now isn’t selfish, it’s self preservation! You need some rest and relaxation to charge the batteries, and to help you to make the right decisions about the near future, that have been constantly put off. Face facts and you can make that fresh start much nearer than you think! A great time to start something new, especially a project or new venture that brings you much contentment and happiness. You never know what you can do if you don’t try! This isn’t re-invention, it is new concepts forming, and it will highlight your expertise at the same time. An acquaintance takes that positive step into becoming a friend during the last week of the month, and gets put to the test almost immediately, with surprising results. You were wrong, and things have been made up at last. The element of surprise hits home mid month when a surprise phone call leads to much more, and someone crawls out of the woodwork too. A serendipitous time, in which you are called upon to change routine, and help out when and where you can. Being needed, and having to adapt to changes and some unfortunate delays, each serve to show how far you’ve come! Love is on the cards with the positive action of Venus, Goddess of Love, affecting romance and heartfelt emotions this April. There is a spring in your step, and don’t think that others haven’t noticed. Balancing your busy life with time for a relationship is something that you will take in your stride, but take time to show that this time around love doesn’t have to enter by the back door anymore, and you have learned to love with an open heart Trust is the most important element of any relationship, and sometimes you don’t get the full backing that you need. With so much now at stake remember that you must always remain true to yourself, and that you have done nothing wrong. Time brings great changes, and it is just about time that, for once and for all, things became a little easier for you. Your balance and poise will see you through a challenging time ahead!

Serving Full English Breakfasts inc. Tea or Coffee for €3.50 Real English Fish and Chips Freshly battered Cod, Hake or Haddock from just €4.50 Our Famous Sunday Lunch Beef, Pork, Turkey or Lamb Served with fresh vegetables, Roast and Mashed Potatoes, Homemade Yorkshire Pudding and Gravy Try our 3 course Menu of the Day inc 1/2 Bottle or wine or beer or water or Tea or Coffee Only €9.50 Directions: Coming off the Mediterraneo main road at the Rincon end, go towards the beach and the BurgerKing. Just before BurgerKing turn left and just up on the left hand side by the Pharmacy is the new Regent Bar

Phillip and Anne (Formerly from the Regent Bar and Popopollo in Albir) Welcome all

Soduku Solution

Crossword Solution. Across: 6 Wreaths; 7 Party; 9 Walls; 10 Log-book; 12 Story-teller; 14 Bill-sticker; 18 Remarry; 19 Might; 21 Pages; 22 Palmist. Down: 1 Tread; 2 Tablet; 3 Shy; 4 Barbel; 5 Strokes; 8 Contact; 11 Writers; 13 Literal; 15 Leader; 16 Enigma; 17 Ghost; 20 Man.

Open from 10am-1am • Abierto 10.00h - 01.00h de la madrugada

Benidorm gay Guide April 2010