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Benidorm Fiestas 10 | 14 November See Pages 26-27

Benidorm 2012 Benidorm, Europes hottest gay resort. Loads of great venues all within a few minutes walk. Shops, Saunas, Restaurants and of course Bars. Very few resorts have all this within walking distance, and of course the great weather and beaches Benidorm is renowned for. Eating out Michaels Cafe Delicious homemade pies, pastries and Chip Shop favourites. Caspers Bar Open from 10.00am till 01.00am for breakfasts and light bites Queens Restaurant Sharon is back with a vengeance! Try out their great new menus and specials NEWS • NEWS • NEWS New Openings: Bulges (Formerly Pulze) opening in December OUT Bar under new management

A very Merry Xmas and a Happy new Year from all the businesses in Benidorm! Have a great time over the festive period

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Special 3 Nights HB 99â‚Ź

Special 3 Nights HB 99â‚Ź

H20 Sauna

Refuel Cafe Bar

Diva Divo

2 Palms Paneil’s


Eagle Bar


Intimate Bar

Bar Code Mercury Bulges R que R Bar Peppermint

7th Heaven Bar OUT Look Domino Bar Babylon Company Bar

Bears Bar Casa Don Juan


Café Michael


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Cine X Passion Sex Shop Hotel Mayna Ale Hop

Sex Shop

New Openings Chemists Restaurants Rooms

Kafee Klee Rich Bitch

Bar 66 Oliver’s Bar Lovers Bar RoyalQueens Peoples El Papagayo

Benidorm Gay Map proudly sponsored by Café Michael. Light meals, Homemade Pies and Pastries available to midnight. Eat in or Take Away. Opposite Don Juan in the centre of the Old Town

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For private sittings and appointments please contact Kenny on 96 587 8424 • 686 361 594 • Aries: You are on the threshold of getting your way so a little delay means nothing. Stay focused, and tune your highly sensitive energy into allowing you to be free to follow your instincts in planning a brighter future. The New Year brings you a mixed bag, but resolve and pride will see you safely through, as usual. Taurus: Venus, your tantalising Goddess of Love, and trusty planetary leader is embroiled in actions with Capricorn, conjuncting Pluto and squaring Saturn in the course of December. Eliminate fear from the agenda, and the approaching New Year brings you a chance to make a very big difference in every aspect. Gemini: Many things on hold, and now is the time to work with your strongest dreams and desires; whilst you to play the waiting game. You have nothing better to do but pause, but it will be for the very best in the end, and time will tell that you took the time to look around and see what’s missing now and what now has to be. Cancer: Cosmic actions all combine to show you what is possible, and what could be on the cards if you would let it happen. You have survived this year by hook or by crook, and now is not a time to rest on your laurels but to go on, assured and blissfully unafraid. You have such good times around the corner you won’t be looking back. Leo: Your achievements have meant a lot, and your wishes have been silently granted, though it was you who changed the goalposts on the way. Constantly striving for what you know very well is best, against all odds, you have been true to yourself, even though this has meant some heartbreak in the due process. Virgo: As celebrations take you away from considerable responsibilities, and help to eliminate pressures and problems, you approach the New Year with hope in your heart and love in your soul. All that you do is justified and appropriate, but you need to make a difference for your own sake, and this may mean some sacrifice.

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Kenny Corris brings you the Horoscope Libra: Venus, your loving planetary leader calls the shots, and connections with both Pluto and Saturn serve to illuminate the pathway you are set to travel on. Seeing clearly what has to be done, and that you alone must do it, really does put you back in control, and calling the shots once more. The way forward is easier and more certain. Scorpio: You have your work cut out, but it is sure that you are about to take on something worthy of your sheer energy, power and determination; and the advice from the Cosmos is to clear the decks and prepare yourself. The ball is well and truly in your court, as motivation spurs you on to get something done and dusted. Sagittarius: Mighty Jupiter is calling in a favour, and your lucky streak continues to bring sunshine on even a cloudy day. You have always deserved more than you have had, but the difference now is that you are about to take control and bury the hatchet. Intelligence tells you to make amends and to make this work all across the board. Capricorn: The aftermath of the Winter Solstice brings an action with Venus and Pluto, and sees love blossoming and growing in the tenth house. You have to get your priorities right, but with renewed confidence and a newly found freedom you are in the right place at the right time and should take the advantage of a situation. Aquarius: See your way through the busiest of weeks and your feet won’t even touch the ground. You like to be busy, but very often you keep up a pace because it forces you to forget the regrets you are feeling within your heart. Think of yourself for a change, and put your needs well and truly first for a change. Pisces: Uranus has been a loyal supportive influence bringing in Aquarian energy and into a situation which needs your tender love and care to see it through. Nothing changes from hereon unless that is what you want, but please do realise what strong inner powers you possess, and where they could really take you.

Turkey & Tinsel Special €14.95 Soup of the Day Prawn & Smoked Salmon Platter or Garlic Mushrooms or Paté, salad garnish & hot toast

Roast Turkey served with all the trimmings, accompanied by fresh seasonal vegetables & potatoes Desserts Festive Cheesecake or Chrstmas Pudding or Royal Queens Trifle

Special 3 Nights HB 99€


Soup of the Day Homemade Paté Thai Fish cakes Tomato and Feta Salad Seafood Platter Black Pudding Royal Queens Chicken Salad

12.95€ Evening menu 18.00-22.30

Main Courses

Chicken Stir Fry Chicken Roquefort Gammon Steak Roast of the Day Beef Curry Herby Crusted Cod Cod Dijon Meat Loaf All served with potatoes and vegetables or vegetables and chips

Desserts Changes daily, please ask your waiting staff

Try our new Tapas for Tw o Menu


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Gay Beaches...

MAL PAS BEACH This is a small cove often missed by many visitors and is found at the end of the harbour road on the Poniente side of the Old Town. You can also reach it by steps from the top of the Old Town square known as La SeĂąoria. This beach is popular with gay visitors especially in Winter when it is a sun trap. PONIENTE BEACH (Popular gay area by the park at night) Beyond the Old Town starting at park Elche by the harbour and running for over 3km is the more sedate Poniente beach which is a favourite with local residents and Spanish families. The facilities are as good as the Levante but offer a less crowded space. Popular Gay area is in front of the park where you will also find the new CafĂŠ Refuel the place to meet up after the Poniente beach for a beer and gossip. (Park Elx known as Dove Park also).

BENIDORM COVES - TI XIMO & ALMADRABA These are small sandy coves reached by road at the far end of the Levante beyond the cable ski.

If you prefer to be more secluded these are recommended for the adventurous as it is quite a steep walk. There are no facilities so take plenty to drink and food if you are to spend an entire day there. RACO CORNIL GAY PLAYA NUDISTA 4km FROM BENIDORM This beach is best reached by hire car. Take the old Villa Joyosa road toward the casino. Take an immediate left at the casino and follow the road down to the car park where you will find a small rocky cove. The area both by the beach and at the top of the hill where you see a derelict Finca is very popular for all over sunbathing until sun down. The cove itself is mixed and is popular with Spanish couples too. You can walk if you take the number 5 or 41 bus to La Cala (From Park Elx by harbour) and walk over the hill. To get there face the beach and look to the right up the hill you will see a derelict villa set high up - head for it to get to the gay area which has been popular for 100 years! Take plenty of water with you as there are no facilities there.

Open from 10am-1am • Abierto 10.00h - 01.00h de la madrugada

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