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Entrepreneur Turns Love of Lake into a Business

Story by Steve Nussbaum

Photo contributed by Dylan Bussey

“Findsomethingyoulovetodoandyou’llneverhavetowork adayinyourlife”isafamousquotebyseven-timeNewYork Timesbest-sellingauthorHarveyMacKay.ForDylanBusseyof Wichita Falls, that saying closely resembles what he’s done at Possum Kingdom Lake in the past year to turn his passion intoabusiness.

There are plenty of great places to rent boats and other watercraft on the lake, but Bussey is one of the few who charters his own watercraft and offers several types of excursions

Bussey, who grew up coming to PK, said his business, Buoy Boyz, offers a safe, worry-free day at the lake Boating can be fun, he said, but it’s a lot of work, and those who aren’t familiar with boats and watercraft safety can end up with a badexperience

Bussey's company offers several different types of boating experiences, all chartered by a trained captain Buoy Boyz has a pontoon boat thatisgreatforlargegroups,cruising the lake and going to Hell’s Gate For those wanting a little more speed, though, Buoy Boyz offers a ski/wake boat for customerstoenjoy

Bussey said his favorite thing is teaching young children different watersports He said he loves the smiles on their faces when they start to get the hang of things The lessons usually take place by The Cliffs and the dam, because that end of the lake has a wide-open space that is a good spot to learn, he said, adding that the excitement in their faces when they learn how to ride a water tube, ski or wake surf thefirsttimeispriceless.

This year Bussey also is offering yacht cruises on a 43-foot Regal yacht He said it’s the perfect boat for a full day on thelakeorasunsetcruise.

Bussey also recently bought a 53-foot double-decker houseboatthathehopestohaveonthelakethissummer

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Entrepreneur turns love of lake into a business

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Buoy Boyz can accommodate many different groups, and last year the company catered to several bachelor/bachelorette parties, college sports teams and families

Bussey said he can be as involved in a tour as much as the customers want him to be, adding that safety is always his No 1 priority His main goal, he said, is for everyone to have fun.

One of the company’s more popular tours last year was a “lake restaurant crawl” The excursion usually would start at one side of the lake and hit up several lakeside restaurants, then end up at Hell’s Gate Bussey said it’s a great way to experiencePK.

Bussey,aserialentrepreneurwhoalsoownshisownroofing and welding business in Wichita Falls, said he decided to turn his favorite pastime into a business. All his tours have a two-hourminimumandabeginningpriceof$300

Lastsummer,hesaid,BuoyBoyzwasjustgettingstartedand didaboutthreetoursaweek.ThisyearBusseysaidhehopes togrowthebusinessandaddmoreexperiencesandoptions Having a chartered boat takes the worry and stress out of everyone, he said, and that’s what a day at the lake should be

Formoreinformation,call(940)7330-7433,visitthewebsite: wwwbuoyboyzcom or find the company's Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/BuoyBoyz.

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