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Br igh ton 2nd - 4th August 2013

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LipSinkers L


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C o -pr esen ted b y B r ig h t o n D o m e & P i n k F r i nge

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F r i day 2 n d A ug , 7.30 pm

B r igh t on D om e S t u dio Th e at r e The LipSinkers make a triumphantly shambolic return to Brighton Pride. New skits, classic hits and all the usual chutzpah! Special Guest host, Brighton’s queen of eccentric song, the incomparable Lorraine Bowen. “You’ll fall over laughing” Time Out “Bloody amazing” The Guardian

T i c k e t s : £11/10

conce s sions

book by ca l ling

0 8 0 0 411 8881 or by v isiting

w w w . b r o w n pa p e r t i c k e t s . c o . u k

Da vid Ho yl e

Pink Fringe returns to the Dome Studio Theatre to celebrate Pride 2013, for a dalliance with the darker sides of the icons we revere. From Monroe to Minaj, our culture is obsessed with peeling back the layers, looking under the covers and undressing our idols. Using a mash up of theatre, cabaret and music, a stellar line up of Queer artists interrogate celebrity; the altar at which we kneel, and the fairground mirror that reveals the beauties and beasts within us all. £1 from the cost of your ticket will be donated to the Rainbow Fund, supporting LGBT and HIV services in Brighton & Hove. This event will feature BSL interpretation. Supported using public funding by Arts Council England and Brighton & Hove City Council.

T i c k e t s : £12/10 book by ca l li ng


P rreesseenntteedd b y Thhee B aasseem me en nt t & P iinnkk F rriinge nge

S unday 4 th Aug, 1pm -6 pm Jubilee S quare

next to

Jubilee L ibr ary

Fill your picnic hamper with tasty treats and head down to Jubilee Square on Pride Sunday for a feast of deliciously different performance.

St a c y Ma kish i

S at u r day 3 r d A ug , 9 pm


P i n k F r i nge

Pink Fringe & The Basement welcome outlandish artists and three special micro-venues to a performance picnic as the Brighton Pride weekend drifts into the sunset. Featuring original entertainments and crafty activities suitable for young ‘uns and old‘uns alike, make sure you head down to the heart of North Laine on Pride Sunday to sample something special. The Dip Your Toe bathing machines were originally commissioned by The Nightingale. Supported using public funding by Arts Council England and Brighton & Hove City Council.

conce s sions

01273 70 970 9

o r b y v i s i t i n g w w w. b r i g h t o n d o m e . o r g


Pink Fringe is a Brighton-based arts producer that supports and promotes Queer and LGBT performance. We produce theatre, cabaret, comedy, dance, immersive art and entertainment, offer an exciting and ambitious programme of live performance throughout the year.

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Pink Fringe Does Pride 2013  
Pink Fringe Does Pride 2013  

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