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Leaving PC greater, better and more beautiful than they discovered it

Pickering College is developing the next generation of global leaders. In the Senior School, there are countless examples of students who are taking the initiative to lead both inside and outside the classroom. Here, a few of the Grade 12 students to watch for as they get set to make their mark on the world.

Michael Wang

Michael Wang, a boarding student from China, is on a mission to help reduce Pickering College’s carbon footprint and eliminate excess food waste. During his tenure as Chair of the Senior Green Team, Michael has facilitated and encouraged proper recycling practices in our boarding community. He also has continued his hands-on efforts to reduce our food waste production and proposed a number of ideas aimed to combat our challenges with food waste. Michael has been a transformational leader of the Senior Green Team; always looking for ways to give his peers leadership opportunities within the club. His efforts have recently been recognized by the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority, who awarded Michael with the 2018 Ernie Crossland Young Conservationist Award.

Adam Murphy & Samuel Correa

Pickering College continues to create an environment that motivates students to make a difference. Samuel Correa and Adam Murphy are taking action against a disease that will affect one in seven Canadian men: prostate cancer. The Grade 12 students attended the Wake-Up Call Breakfast in Toronto, an event that brings together business leaders to raise awareness and funds for the most common cancer affecting Canadian men. Adam and Samuel are actively working to engage the Pickering College community, recruiting four teams of their peers to participate in the Step-Up Challenge, where they will be climbing stairs in buildings located in Toronto. All of the proceeds raised in the Step-Up Challenge will be invested in research focused on early detection, treatment and survivorship of prostate cancer.

Emily Golding

Emily Golding, is leaving her mark on this world by focusing her efforts of her Capstone Project on raising awareness about the decreasing number of organ donors in Canada. Emily is taking action by launching a social media campaign and providing information on how one can sign-up to become a donor. Her efforts have already resulted in an increase in the number of people who are signing up to become an organ donor, which can potentially translate to lives being saved. She will conclude her Capstone Project with a presentation to a panel of teachers, experts and leaders in hopes of moving on to the finals and securing a donation for a not-for-profit organization aligned with her solution.