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Building community while having FUN!

Students in our boarding program have the opportunity to experience Canadian culture, to develop new skills, and to gain a greater understanding of the international community in which they live. As a member of a “boarding family” that is headed by an Associate Faculty member, each family is comprised of students from all different grades, allowing for mentoring relationships to develop and flourish within a caring community.

Outside of school hours, boarding students participate in a broad range of evening activities, weekend excursions and fun oncampus events like theme dinners and birthday celebrations. Every Tuesday evening is family dinner night, where all of the students sit with their boarding families and after dinner, participate in collaborative activities in competition with other boarding families. One of the most popular events that takes place each year is the annual Multicultural Dinner. Students work together in teams in various kitchens on campus to prepare international dishes that showcase the cultural diversity within our boarding community.

“We endeavour to organize several mandatory activities, like Multicultural Dinner, YMCA Cedar Glen, weekly Family Dinner, the Holiday Variety Show and the Toronto Boat Cruise Dinner/Dance to allow students the opportunity to get to know one another and enhance the close-knit community for which Pickering College is known,” says Laura Mason, Director of Boarding and Health Services. “We believe that giving enough opportunities allows everyone to experience something in which they are interested.”

“If I could describe Pickering College in two words, I would use the words global community. I see PC as a world, and in the PC world, we have a lot of different people from many different countries, coming together, sharing cultures, respecting each other’s cultures and languages—I think it’s just a really good place.” –Kae Ishikawa, Grade 12