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At Last, Bill Wren’s Ship Has Come In After a long One Day in a Life, he’s building Ships of Wood. VALLEY MILLS, TEXAS (04/02/11) – The likelihood of launching a successful debut album for any independent artist is low. It’s as uncommon as spotting a Spanish galleon floating in the warm Gulf waters in 2011. However, Neoclassical/New Age composer Bill Wren has defied the odds that usually anchor or sink any musician’s initial voyage. He set out to accomplish this in 2009, when he hoisted the sails - and sales - of his initial album, One Day in a Life. At last, Wren’s ship has come in. After a “long” One Day in a Life, he’s now building his new release, Ships of Wood. For over two years, Bill Wren’s debut album has continued to glean awards, gleam with excellent reviews, and gather airplay from all over the world. For Bill, the success of One Day in a Life has lasted over two years. However, now he’s placing his awards, positive reviews, and nominations from his debut album below deck of a new vessel of work. They will be stowed away in Ships of Wood, his upcoming release! Now, Wren stands at the helm - navigating with the wind at his back - as Ships of Wood embarks. Wren plans to use the same “crew” on Ships of Wood that he had on his debut album. Some of these ship mates are producer/arranger Frank Ralls, Terry Winch and Ike Sturm. Ships of Wood will ride the sea of radio waves powered by the wind of Bill’s prior success. The popularity of One Day in a Life started long before it was even released. However, by early 2011, Bill had his songs on hundreds of FM radio stations, and had them placed at number one or in the Top Ten on and Additionally, Wren’s compositions have already won awards such as: The Great American Song Contest, The Indie International Songwriting Contest, The UK International Songwriting Contest – and that’s just to name a few. One Day in a Life reached number one out of all new age albums in February, 2010 on In 2011, Bill was nominated for Best New Artist of 2010 by Zone Music Reporter. More than two years after it was released, One Day in a Life has proven it is filled with musical gems. And there’s no better place to stow away treasure this rare, than in Wren’s next musical vessel Ships of Wood. Ships of Wood will set sail in the summer of 2011. It will be a new journey for Bill and talented producer/composer Frank Ralls. This voyage is sure to be filled with a treasure trove of tracks for his fans! CONTACT: Bill Wren Management (406) 530.WREN (9736)

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At Last, Bill Wren’s Ship Has Come In After a long One Day in a Life, he’s building Ships of Wood. VALLEY MILLS, TEXAS (04/02/11) – The like...

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