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vip Primal Scream @ Princes St Gardens, Edinburgh

Clubland’s fiercest live shows

The Scream: wha-hey

The Frenchman making stadiumsized electro-house

n “Happy New Year, you motherfuckers”, growls gangly, one-time chemical repository Bobby Gillespie, though no amount of attitude from the suave black-suited Glaswegian disguises the fact that Edinburgh’s Hogmanay party is probably the most commercial gig they’ve ever played. Still, the Scream’s final gig of 2011 and last ever with bass lynchpin Mani before he returns to the Stone Roses is roared through with such swagger you’d think the thousands of people lining the streets for the fireworks are all for him. The more somnambulant moments of ‘Screamadelica’ are dispensed with. Instead they wisely stick to hits like ‘Movin’ On Up’s soulful holler, the stoner funk of ‘Slip Inside This House’ and ‘Come Together’s still-glorious gospel and acid house crossroads, with ‘Loaded’ the obvious choice for first song of the New Year. The grim, speed-laced industrial techno crunch of ‘Swastika Eyes’ aside, this was a worthy soundtrack to earn the first hangover of 2012 to. David Pollock

Dan Snaith and friends bring the noise

Who Tristan Garner, 27, French electro-house producer on course for world domination Sounds Like Effervescent, anthemic electro-house


espite racking up gigs in Goa, Miami and Brazil, Tristan Garner wasn’t always very keen on DJing. “I started making music when I was twelve, but really I was just into the programming,” he says in a broad French accent. Starting off his musical journey as a preteen listening to what he describes as “shitty Euro disco” on French radio, a trip to the UK introduced him to everyone’s favourite Brighton-based big beat king. “My parents bought me a Fatboy Slim CD in London and it changed my life. I started listening to that, The Chemical Brothers and French house like Daft Punk and Alan Braxe,” he says. Moving to Paris from Nice at 20 to be near all the record labels, and picking a degree that gave him plenty of spare time to produce, Tristan split his time between playing student parties and hassling France’s dance music elite. “I used to go to clubs and hand my demo to people like David Guetta and Bob Sinclar,” he says, chuckling at the memory. Tristan’s efforts led to him getting signed and releasing ‘Give Love’ in 2006, a smash hit across France. Since then, he has gained a strong following worldwide, launched his own record label, Xtra Life and is currently working on his debut LP. Don’t expect it any time soon, though. With a Manga film planned to accompany it, the ambitious project may not see the light of day until 2013. sean griffiths

M83 Live @ Trinity Centre Bristol

Caribou Vibration Ensemble Live @ Scala, London

Team players

The Ensemble: muck and brass

Caribou’s electronic super-group delivers sun through the thunder

livebites Having been crowned Mixmag’s Greatest Dance Act of All Time, The Prodigy have announced their Warrior’s Dance Festival 2012 to take place at Kalemegdan

[[1L]] march 2012

Fortress, Belgrade, Serbia on 15/09 with support from Skrillex, whose own ‘Grey Daze’ tour hits Brixton 17 & 18 Feb,

plus Four Tet’s Kieran Hebden on synths and electronics, two drummers, a four-piece horn section and James Holden on a giant modular synth trigger is simply mouthwatering. With the drummers stage front, Snaith to the side, Hebden behind him and Holden stage right (back turned, plugging and re-plugging wires like a head-bopping switchboard operator), the restless excitement is further stoked by the off-tune melodics and thunderous bass of ‘Hannibal’. Bicycle-style lamps flash into the crowd as the railroad-crossing bells, steam chuffs and clickity-clack rhythms of ‘Bowls’ conjure up a journey along a dusty North American train line before

Manchester 21/02, Leeds 17/04, Edinburgh 18/04 and Glasgow 19/04 ... The Creamfields massive get ready to

smoke veils everything from view. From out of the mist rumbles a bouncing, acidic jam session, upping the tempo alongside Caribou’s mix of ‘It’s A Crime’ by Virgo Four before the synth chords and wistful vocals of ‘Leave House’ pound through a room drenched in orange. Then, out of a gasping silence, ‘Odessa’ drops, igniting a full-on rave, and flicker-book strobes capture the crowd’s euphoria at the rapturous cacophony of ‘Sun’. As we catch our breath, the Ensemble switch into an indie-jam finale of ‘Skunks’ that sees both drummers standing on their stools for a synchronised showdown and an epic cheer finishes the night. phil dudman

smash it again on August 24–26, tickets on sale now ... Lock ’n’ Load announce Chase & Status (live) as SW4 headliner on 25/08 ... This year’s Bloc Festival will be taking place at the London Pleasure

Gardens in Docklands on July 6–7, curated by the team behind Glasto’s Shangri-La ... The Whip’s UK tour kicks off at The Riverside, Newcastle on 24/02; their new single ‘Movement’ is out on March 12.

M83: Anthony Gonzales et al n Anthony Gonzales’ M83 project (named after spiral galaxy Messier 8) storms into tracks from latest creation ‘Hurry Up We’re Dreaming’. It translates live with a surprisingly stadium edge as they progress into increasingly dancefloor-orientated synth-pop. This fuels the audience’s groove-ridden swagger, coaxing the indie teens to bounce and thrash. The atmosphere mellows in the middle as older tracks from ‘Before The Dawn Heals Us’ harmonise with more contemporary beat-driven songs such as ‘Reunion’ and ‘Wait’. The whoops, cheers and compliments for vocalist/ keyboardist Morgan Kibbie are finally drowned out by the huge sonic landscape of ‘Midnight City’, where the final moments of angelic, saxophonereinforced electronica play in purposeful contrast to the chilled home listening of Gonzales’ back catalogue. Indeed, as the last cheers fade, the crowd clears to reveal scattered beer cans, hair ties and a hot, sweaty aftermath none would have predicted from the dreamy shoegaze of their studio works. Barney Khan

Photos ryan dinham, amanda j window words barney khan, matt wash, chris scott

n Whispers of white smoke curl through the air as the house lights fade and suspense grips the packed podiums, intimate dancefloor and overcrowded stairways of London’s Scala. A wash of light beckons the 11piece Caribou Vibration Ensemble to the stage, each dressed head to toe in white, to expectant hoots and cheers. For only the third time (and the first since two special gigs back in 2009), Dan Snaith’s Caribou project is set to go extra-specially live. For anyone who has ever felt their spine tingle to the rhythmic atmospherics, winding melodies and ghostly vocals that made the Canadian artist’s ‘Swim’ Mixmag’s Album Of The Year in 2010, the prospect of Snaith

Tristan Garner’s Top 3 beaches to party on GOA, INDIA I had the chance to play Krank Festival there two weeks ago, and I still get goosebumps thinking about it. NIKKI BEACH MIAMI Especially during the Winter Music Conference and Ultra Festival. It’s a magical combination of crazy party people and mojitos. CAFÉ MAMBO, IBIZA Such a shame I haven’t had the chance to perform there. The best spot to enjoy the sunset in Ibiza.

march 2012 [[2R]]

GIG3 Caribou Vibration Ensemble March 2012  

I commission and edit all the gig reviews on this page, this month writing up a wonderful show from Caribou with Fourtet and James Holden at...

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