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cassy What an inspired Ibiza mix we have for you this month! From Terry Francis and Daso to ‘The Bridge’, a classic from the recently revived Paper Recordings, Cassy’s summer-centric DC10 mix is warm, deep and very special indeed. “It’s a reflection of what I normally play and the vibe I love,” she nods. As one of the club’s new residents, Cassy knows she has a big summer ahead. “Every time I have to go on at DC10 I’m extremely nervous,” she laughs. “But it’s a place with an amazing party energy.” A bit like the mix you now own.

1 Second Hand Satellites Orbit 1.2 “A classic in a different version. DJ Three/Chris Milo has such an extensive knowledge of music” 2 Terry Francis feat Ricardo Rhythm Spirit “I love to dance to Terry Francis’ music!”   3 Paper Music Issue #1 The Bridge “Everyone should know Paper Music. I play this classic over and over”   4 Terry Francis feat ricardo Change “Great vibe, great music, great label”   5 Daso Why Try (Fred P reshape) “I love, love, love this remix of young German artist Daso by Fred P, who is a wonderful producer from the States”

6 Joint Movement Find A Love (Salute To Spencer [Gemini] Kincy mix) “Smooth house from Spencer Kincy, aka Gemini. One for house fans, Chicago house fans particularly” 7 Delano Smith Direct Drive “Delano Smith is an amazing producer from Detroit. He runs the label Mixmode. Love this”   8 Terry Francis Free Change leads to freedom – at least for me. Or that’s the way it should be’ 9 Geddes & Mic Newman Solaris (Anonym mix) “I’ve played this track at least a thousand times. It’s so house-sounding!”   10 Mathias Kaden Ikenga (DeWalta’s Distance remix) “Mathias Kaden and DeWalta are two very

talented young producers from Germany” 11 Christian Burkhardt & Federico Molinari Tamala “I met Federico and Christian a while ago and they’ve since become very successful, which is great”   12 Sean Q6 Out In The Shed “A classic for me, on Hallucination Ltd, Chris Milo’s label. Reminds me of the way Danny Howells can rock dancefloors for hours.”   13. DJ Sneak Delta Trippin’ “I love playing this track. DJ Sneak is obviously someone we’ve all admired for years and years” Thanks to all the artists and label owners, and Melon for his help – I wouldn’t be me without you!”

dancefloor dictionary Hey fever n. The incessant need to start each sentence with the word ‘hey’. “Hey, let’s go to the drum ’n’ bass tent!” “Hey, good idea!” “Hey, don’t take the piss out my hey fever!” “Hey, I’m not!” The Pillar n. A mate who stands on the dancefloor and doesn’t dance.

[[1L]] july 2011

“I’m just going for a piss. If I lose you I’ll meet you back by The Pillar” Balloon popper n. The kind of black-hearted fiend who, when an inflatable device is bouncing around a festival crowd, tries to pop it with a cigarette or sharp object. “Your sentence today reflects the severity

of your crimes. You are a murderer, a rapist and a balloon popper. May God have mercy on your soul” – Closing statement in the trial of Joseph Fritzl, March 2009 PPP n. A pre-party poo, lack of which may come back to haunt you when the bass-bin kicks you in the belly.

Child Of Eden This multi-sensory masterpiece was created by the man behind Rez, Tetsuya Mizuguchi. Utilising Xbox’s Kinect to its full potential, you must navigate a psychedelic matrix of all human memory called Eden, using gestures to target and vaporize virus-ridden enemies and save Lumi, Eden’s human personality. Stunning visualisations merge seamlessly with an immersive techno soundscape where rapidfire tracer guns trigger a musical layer of syncopated snares. You can even raise both hands to the sky and drop a ‘happy bomb’ in times of peril! p dudman


Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition The newest version of this iconic gaming franchise breathes fresh life into everything that made the old-skool 90s arcade and SNES games so classic. Introducing four new challengers to the ring – Yun, Yang, Oni and Evil Ryu – the 2D punch-up action and special moves. All the original environments (from Guile’s air force base to Chun-Li’s street market) have been updated with Ultra Combos, Focus Attacks and beefed up online modes. The hand-drawn animation looks pretty swish too. Round one. FIGHT! phil dudman


Red Faction: Armageddon Colonising Mars is starting to seem like a pretty bad idea for Darius Mason and Co. First up a separatist faction of maniacal marauders have just rendered the planet’s surface uninhabitable, while below ground a vicious alien race has been set free to cleanse the planet of life. Yep, shit’s really going down. Luckily for you and Mason, salvation lies in blasting and hammering your way through a destructible landscape where you can smash everything in sight before using a nifty Nano-Forge weapon to rebuild it all again. Boom. phil dudman


We Dance Here at Mixmag Towers we’ve spent decades encouraging silly dancing, but in We Dance we may have finally met our match. Using a dance mat and Wii controller and with three different styles of shape-making using hands, feet or both, here’s a perfect excuse to dance like the best of Bang Face in front of your TV. Featuring tracks and videos for over 40 pop and dance classics from Fatboy to Pendulum and Kid Kudi to Basement Jaxx, plus exclusive downloadable content from Ministry of Sound, it scores an extra headphone for the giggle-factor alone. phil dudman

The daft and the devastating in drugs this month COME DINE WITH ME The head of the Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs says a common misconception has grown that cocaine is safe. Professor Iverson of the ACMD hopes to convince the public that cocaine is very damaging to your health despite its use at ‘middle class dinner parties’. A year-long investigation into coke’s use has begun, though the ACMD has stressed there are no plans to change its classification. DRUG FINE GETS THE RED CARD A 20-year-old man has been let off a meph charge after donating money to a local football team. To show he learned from his mistake, Stewart Ramsay donated £150 to Murieston United Community Football Club. The £200 fine he faced for being caught with just under a gram of meph outside the T In The Park festival was dropped. IT’S BEEN WII-MOTIONAL Smugglers have been caught hiding drugs inside a Nintendo Wii. It joins a long and varied list of ways smugglers have tried to get contraband past customs. Other methods have included soaking clothes in drugs, stuffing them inside a Mr Potato Head and moulding them into trainers. THESE DRUGS ARE THE PITS A 13-year-old go-karter from Poland failed a drugs test after racing in a competition in Germany. The teen got a two-year ban for using nikethamide, a banned substance commonly used by cyclists and runners. “I WANT WORLD PEACE... AND DRUGS” A former Miss Russia has been accused of forged prescriptions to obtain Vicodin and Klonopin. Anna Malova is charged with 44 counts of larceny, forgery and possession.


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