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Warung: anything but stilted

p r a i a B r ava , b r a z i l

Warung’s 10th Anniversary

A new decade dawns for one of the greatest clubs on earth Where Warung Beach Club, Praia Brava, Brazil When One-off parties all summer Music Strictly deep underground house and techno Nothing quite prepares you for your first glimpse of Warung: from the line of cars snaking through the dark jungle and onto the beach road of Praia Brava, one of southern Brazil’s most exciting holiday resorts, to the towering timber club, raised on stilts facing the sea. In the club’s garden, model elephants graze between the green-lit bamboo around a huge shack-roofed dancefloor swarming with Brazilian girls like exotic butterflies in the first throes of summer. Inside, two dragon-shaped lights hang above the decks where Renato Ratier, Warung’s co-owner, founder and [[1L]] february 2013

resident DJ psyches the crowd into a frenzy, dropping tracks that twist and turn like the bodies in front of him. “Underground music is really growing in Brazil,” he tells us. He’s not wrong. Raised above a series of bars, dark nooks and chillout areas, Art Department are tearing Warung’s main area to pieces. The long, triangular roof channels the crystal-clear sound from the booth to the ocean-facing balcony as the crowd groove and chant to Jonny and Kenny’s techno and deep house trip, while Seth Troxler stands behind them, grinning like a Cheshire cat. Stickers saying ‘together’ and ‘temple’ are slapped across cleavages and plaster the booth, capturing the sentiment. “The sound’s right, the people behind it are right, and the fans are fucking mental,” confirms Jonny post-set. But tonight is a

celebration of ten years of Warung, and the party’s just begun. Back in the booth, Jamie Jones unleashes drum-rolls and rollercoaster grooves as lights swirl, painting the music with colour. Warm raindrops fall in the garden, and Seth, now two hours into his own special journey, announces the dawn with a drop that lifts the terrace into the clouds, before Dubfire takes the crowd in an edgier direction.

Then everything turns gold as the sun spills into the open-ended main room, releasing new energy. The bouncing figure of Solomun melds ‘Man With A Red Face’ into the warmth that makes this 10-year-old club one of the greatest places on the planet, closing a night that, for Renato, proves “it’s possible to make our dream a reality.” Phil Dudman

coming up 2/2 Leozinho Teco Teco, Leo Janeiro, Daniel Kuhnen 9/3 Neon Nights, Solomun, David August

Solomun opts for a full Brazilian

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02:31 presents

A jacked-up afterparty with a turbulent twist of house and bass Justin Martin brings the thunder

Where The Rainbow Cellar Door, Garden & Warehouse, Digbeth When Weekly Saturdays Music House, techno and bass something has taken hold of Birmingham’s clubbing scene. A bizarre yet intriguing phenomenon has brought about a shift in prime-time partying. And the instigator of this movement is 02:31. It’s just gone 1am, and at the top end of the quirky quarter of Digbeth, as the dreary night sky delivers sheet after sheet of drizzle, a different kind of storm brews in the bowels of The Rainbow Complex. As DJ/promoter Tom Shorterz fires out an earth-shattering display of buoyant, bass-ridden house, the packed, low ceilinged cellar venue feels like it’s about to burst. You’d be forgiven for thinking this was the headline set, but remarkably this is just the warm-up for the afterparty – where Justin Martin has been drafted in to deliver a 4am set, and when things really let fly! Just one year ago 02:31 found its legs as an underground event looking to shape a fresh and innovative attack on the tired and played-out afterparty ethos. “We felt the need for a new afterparty which embraced rave and party culture rather than a glam, show-


boat affair,” explains Shorterz. “Something raw and underground, where people come for music, vibe and atmosphere.” At 2:30am (or 02:31 to be precise) the party hikes it over to The Rainbow Warehouse’s cavernous industrial space. Midlands duo Smak Pony pump the warehouse to the rafters with funkedup house and garage vibes. Welcomed by the masses with whoops and shrieks, Justin Martin unleashes VonStroke and Kry Wolf’s ‘Turbosteppa’, then builds the atmosphere by throwing down the trademark thunderbolts that encapsulate his high-octane sound. When red-hot new tune ‘The Gettup’

02.31: vibes

hits, the crowd takes to the floor as the epic drop ricochets around the club. “One of the highlights of my career – I had goosebumps!” says Justin after. “A great night and amazing crowd.” How’s that for a stamp of approval? Mike Roberts

coming up 26/1 Rinse meets 02.31 with Jackmaster, EZ, Brackles and Tom Shorterz

Cocoon: techno trip

lo n d o n

Cocoon Heroes London… Into the Magic

Signing off London’s techno calendar with Sven and friends

tom horton

Where Worldwide When Throughout 2012 and into 2013 Music Techno with a little house It’s the day after the iconic Frankfurt club filed for administration and closed its doors. But if Sven Väth has taught us anything it’s that the party never stops. Tonight is the final leg of the ‘Cocoon Heroes Worldwide’ for 2012. At Great Suffolk Street Warehouse, Room 2 fills up fast as Carl Craig lays the foundations for a six-hour B2B marathon with Cassy. We head to the main room, where Sven is at the controls, bouncing around as the crowd cheers and punches the air

at every drop. Back in Room 2 the Carl and Cassy show ramps up a notch. As the music journeys through the many shades of house and techno the crowd cling on and enjoy the ride. One heavy-set guy in a cardigan, standing propped up against a wall like a discarded doll, is suddenly reinvigorated by the crisp beats and charged atmosphere and jerks into life. As the night draws to a close, Craig grabs the mic: “Thanks to Cassy for keeping it real. And thanks to you. It’s all about passion for the music” – something that, after more than 30 years, Cocoon boss Väth has got in spades. G Stribling

Sven Väth: Cocoon hero

coming up 16/2 Escambron Beach Club, Puerto Rico with Carl Craig and DJ W!ld 2/3 Great Suffolk Street Warehouse, London (lineup TBC)

february 2013 [[2R]]

Big3 Warung Beach Club 10th Anniversary  

Club review of the incredible Warung Beach Club in Brazil as it celebrated 10 years with Jamie Jones, Art Department, Seth Troxler, Dubfire...

Big3 Warung Beach Club 10th Anniversary  

Club review of the incredible Warung Beach Club in Brazil as it celebrated 10 years with Jamie Jones, Art Department, Seth Troxler, Dubfire...