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The Blessed Macedon1

Sixteen-rayed sun-symbol of the ancient Macedonians, Ohrid Samuel’s Fortress, Citadel (a ceramic vessel 3rd century BC)

Letters Dear children of Macedon, There are times when we need to stop and remember all that has passed in our lives and then just let go... Let all the shadows that have burdened our subconscious minds fade in the distant dimming of the fears that have kept us in bondage from the Truth of who we really are... We are those that survived to tell the story onto those who will come after, so that we do not forget where we came from and cherish those who brought us here... And we have a story to tell... It is a story of the glorious House of Macedon, the breeding ground of the holy lineage of the Keepers of the Holy Grail. What we celebrate with Easter is the resurrection of the Son (Sun) God, represented by the image of Jesus Christ in our faith. It is the time of conquering death and becoming light again after three days of darkness. This transition is as ancient as the Sun. And it has a meaning! It was much before Egypt - some would say in Atlantis - that this practice of resurrection was followed by a great many people, who even managed to transcend themselves into a higher form 1

An extract from THE HOUSE OF MACEDON – a Living Bible of the Light by Petro Invictus

of existence. After the great Fall we seem to have lost it all. The Flood! Pay attention to the symbols that surround you! The Sun on Cross is just another name for Jesus Christ, just like the Sun with 8(16) rays that seems to be on a cross. The House of Macedon was assigned with the sacred purpose and destiny in the human evolution. It was designed to spread a genetic lineage that would sustain the blueprint of the Ma’at or the Sun Kingdom on Earth. In other words, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth! In order to have a Kingdom, one must first have healthy families, and tribes that would choose a Heroic lineage to lead them to a higher level of organization which would become a monarchy ruled by a God chosen ruler. The Macedonian Kingdom has its roots in the earliest stages of the European Kingdoms, such as the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations and even before. The Sun was established as a symbol, and the ritual of resurrection remained in the tradition of the common people. With the image of Jesus Christ the Sun Kingdom reaffirmed its continuation and with Byzantium, where the Macedonian Kings played a major role, the Sun Kingdom reached its peak, just before it was shadowed by the age of slavery, and the five long centuries of darkness. Yet the Sun on the Cross remained to light the way... We were Byzantium's treasure, our genetic ancestors were the builders of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and they were doing it with such an enthusiasm. Just look at those Byzantine churches all over Macedonia... We sustained the foreign yoke, and we managed to revive our national identity, from a Byzantine cosmopolitan into another form of modern cosmopolitan. This cosmopolitanism has always been the Macedonian identity. Alexander was the first to show the way (with the marriage of the Macedonian soldiers with Persian girls), and then St.Paul was the first to walk the way (when he spread the new teaching to the Macedonians as instructed in his dream), Ss.Cyril and Methodius, along with Ss. Clement and Naum were the first to record its existence in the modern era as Sloveni (the carriers of the Word), uniting many cultures, again cosmopolitan. And now it is us the modern day Macedonians who need to spread the word and tell the story of our home, the glorious House of Macedon. Resurrection of the true identity happens only if we let go of all the shadows that have burdened us through time. We have suffered enough, and we have caused each other the most harm. It is time to forgive each other and love each other and thank each other for having each other as such - Macedonian – a child of the Great Mother Earth. Let us resurrect with Christ each year. Let us resurrect in Love and Wisdom and let us see the

truth of who we truly are, and then spread the light and tell the world that the Kingdom of Heaven is, behold, suddenly upon us... Blessed be the House of Macedon... *** Dear Children of the Great Mother Earth, I will expose the following in a way that would allow all readers to feel the sacredness of being Macedonian, to feel as a true child of the Great Mother Goddess. I never hated the sinner - I hate the sin, and I love and forgive the sinner. As instructed in the mysteries. And that is what makes me see things the way I see them. Let me tell you one thing: Macedonia is as sacred as Life to me and my kin, and that is what puzzles those who rely their identity on denying ours. This is a story as ancient as time and it has to do with all the children of the Great Mother Earth. We do not just preach, we ascend in awe our love we have for Macedonia, our Motherland, the Land of the Great Goddess, the Earth itself. It was love that inspired Alexander to do what Dionysus had done before him, which was to bring the Sun back to the people of the East, before the West took over. And when that happened, we rose again with the Sun, and allowed the ancient Mysteries to reveal the ray that was to bring the Light back on Earth. We gave away that light and brought forth God's Kingdom on Earth, with the Justice that derived from our own traditions and customs, following the heroic lineage that had driven our subconscious minds ever since times immemorial. Once ago, the Packs were released and they started taking over all the Sun Kingdoms, Egypt went down, and then Troy, but when they tried with the House of Macedon, it took Rome to shake that house. But they did shake it to the foundations. It collapsed in four parts, but again it was love that brought forth the Emperors of the Eastern Rome, our Tsars, from Tsarigrad, those of which people sang songs, and told tales to their children, never to be forgotten... The Packs were now raiding from everywhere, but the Children of the Great Mother took another heroic ordeal and revealed the spiritual wisdom of the Mystery teaching now incorporated in the mystery of the Orthodox Christianity as it flourished in Slavic Byzantium. The Packs eventually conceived a Megali Idea to completely eliminate the seed of the Children of the Great Mother Goddess, and make them forget who they were and had been. They separated, divided, crushed the spirit of the children of Macedon, century after another, and with the rise of the nations, the design was such that the Packs reinvented history on behalf of the "cradle of all modern values" of contemporary western civilization. They invented a “pure� origin of their Packs, and in it the children of the Great Mother did not fit at all. They sabotaged the uprisings of the children of the Great Mother against the foreign rule, and

then forced them to fight in fratricidal war. Then they split it up and started convincing the children that they were something else; any of the Packs’ identity would do better than the children of Macedon... They manipulated and sabotaged the Macedonian independence ever since its beginnings, they bribed corrupted politicians to impose an artificial name to our land, and they distributed their propaganda across international organizations, abused diplomatic measures to a grotesque level... However, all of this does not enrage me, it saddens me... Knowing what the next cycle brings, it is again Love my brothers and sisters that will shine the way through for all, even for our neighbors... They seem to be catalysts in a process that not even those who call themselves by the name of the Great Mother can fully comprehend, less those who mutely observe what always seems to them, a barbaric yawp. Forgiveness is the thin line that enables salvation, to those who understand and have ears to hear... We are the justice, and the fire, and this is what Macedonia has made of us. All we have to do is direct both, not against the enemy, but for the House of Macedon built on solid ground. Reason and Love united can produce a miracle. I know that we can show them the true light again, this time it will be before God's very own eyes. Let them behold and do as they will... We will do as the Great Mother wills... since we are the children of the Mother of Love... It may sound too hippie for you, however, it is a reality beyond comprehension. All those who identify themselves as the children of the Great Mother Goddess, the Earth, should understand that their sole purpose of being here is to find a way to do what they have to do and dip it in the Cosmic River of Love a bit. Therefore, do what you have to do, but dip it in love for your kin, your land, you people, humanity... All of you... *** Dear Children of Macedon, You would understand the Mysteries, only if you believed in and loved the Truth. There is a lot to it that the subconscious mind can carry. And when it is woven in the collective subconscious mind of the whole culture then it shines beyond measure... That is not a national thing; it is planetary, galactic or even cosmic... Therefore being a Macedonian, or child of the Great Mother Goddess, is not only a national, but a planetary identity too... This has been the case with the Macedonians ever since the beginning

of this tale we call history today. The earliest who called themselves children of the Great Mother were those who lived in the Neolithic period. According to archeology they were on a high spiritual level, knew meditation and spherical breathing, knew the Mysteries, and were stargazers, and cosmologists. They lived peacefully, when all of a sudden the migrations came. At first the children of the Great Mother believed they should share the land with the newcomers, since they were too children of the Great Goddess. However, the newcomers were so violent and aggressive, they took over the land which belonged to all, and brought chaos in the land... The people learned suffering... The Goddess of all had to assign a hero, or a deity to lead the men in defense of the Land... That was the time of the God of Thunder. The tribes that developed on that heroic lineage became the carriers of the Royal Blood, the Holy Grail of the Great Mother Goddess... What happened later can be seen not only from the written sources of the invading newcomers, but also from the customs and traditions that have been preserved in modern times among the natives... Macedonians were the collection of those tribes who identified with the idea that they were the children of the Great Mother Goddess, a message hidden even in the name as it reached modern times, Makedonija or Make-Dea-Ona-E, meaning Mother-Goddess-She-Is. The concept is what mattered. Pela for example was known as the Chair Town of the Earth (A-Po-Tol, which is the title of the Capital of Macedonia according to the Demotic text on the Rosetta stone, A(r)-meaning Earth, Po-town, (S)Tol-chair). If we take into consideration of the profoundness of the mysteries under which supervision even Empires were created, then we can assume what it meant to the people of the antiquity to hear the title: Capital of the Earth. Its popular name was Bela, thus Belomorska Makedonija (White Sea Macedonia, Aegean’s other name). Bela turned into Pela, as Khufu turned into Cheops. (Bela is a traditional name for major centers across the Slavic world like Belgrade, or Belgorod...) Now, if the children of the Great Mother became known as Macedonians to the others, it is not the nation, but the concept that they represented, which created that identity, since it was represented in all segments of the society that gave birth to it... Macedonian songs, customs, festivals, traditions, all reflected the mystery that was unspoken, carried along the ages in secrecy until the time came when it had to be spoken... The beginnings of Christianity rely on this concept of the Mystery that derived from the peaceful mythical time of the Great Mother's reign. The concept that shaped the Essene community, out of which Jesus Christ derived his teaching, was very similar to the concept that shaped the Orphic mysteries that derived from the Great Mother Goddess wisdom... The fading shade of this immense wisdom can still be detected interwoven in the tapestry of the Macedonian folklore... The Macedonian identity during the Christian era was not a national one but a spiritual one. And

when all became Romei, the love for the Great Mother gave birth to the Orthodox Christianity in Macedonia, which produced the greatest of all Empires in the history of mankind - that of Byzantium. After the migrations of the middle ages the old population received the newcomers again and assimilated them into the collective wisdom of the Great Mother Goddess, so even when knew names were applied, the love for the Great Mother of God remained. It remained in symbols, in dances, in songs, in everything the simple and poor in spirit remembered and cherished across the ages. Oh, blessed are poor in spirit for they shall see God. (Pardon my prophetic pathos...) If we say that we are recreating this nation’s identity on the leftovers of the Byzantine society, after centuries of vague foreign rule, than this new born ethnically mixed nation such as Macedonia offers a new story to the world, NOT based on lies, manipulations, artificial language solutions, invented models to suit the vanity of the awakening masses, persecution, sabotages, and disgraceful manipulations, BUT on heartbeat, a love song, a rhythm that shakes the Earth beneath, in the whispering of the wind, the echo of the forest‌ This new story of Macedonia is based on the alternative viewpoint, which has previously been distorted by those who intended to manipulate the awakening masses, this alternative not necessarily being true, however offering another perspective for observing reality. And that perspective again postulates the concept of the Great Mother Goddess, the Earth - its message echoing louder each time another child identifies with her Love... The modern day Macedonians, if you ask me, are not just those who have preserved in their culture the memory of the ancient wisdom, who have woven it in their songs, dances, colors, not just those who cry when they hear the name of Macedonia, but all those who have set their hearts on a quest to find their connection to the Earth as it should be in its most pristine form. I am not saying that being Macedonian, or a child of the Great Mother Earth is a national identity, it is more than that for sure. However, if all nations have a story to tell which is to a great extent their version of the Truth, then the story of the House of Macedon should be as follows: Children of the Great Mother Goddess, where ever you are - unite in Love and Forgiveness, unite in Spirit and expand your vision to show all nations where they derive from. It is the Earth we represent in this cosmic play over the ages... All of us! Therefore, the modern day Macedonians are here only to remind the world of what it means to love the land that gave you birth, with all your heart and all your soul... Just as she loves the Heavenly Father... So pagan, so Christian, so beautiful...

*** Dear children of the Great Mother Earth, (and all those who have lost their way) What are we gaining from defending that which divides us? What can we gain from that which unites us? There are perspectives that can reveal cosmic truths to us if only we could look at the same direction together... It seems that in search of our own identities over the ages we have come to that point when being someone is more important than just being... If the identity of some depends on denying others identity than it is a matter of ethics - should we exist as such or should we change? Can we do it all together or should we insist on others changing themselves to suit our vain perception of who we are...when in fact we are still searching for the one we can truly be? Since if we know who we are there would be no need to defend it in front of anyone... If once we were one with everything and then we split up in many to have this unique chance of observing reality from so many different perspectives, than this must have been the gift of Life, something we must accept as a treasure, and bridge this gap that divides us by trying to gain something from the perspective of the others... Someone somewhere at some point of time had realized how lost humanity is and had decided to start building that bridge... We are children of those who started it... and our role is to give even more effort in that direction so that those who will follow might come to that point to look at the same direction and recognize the Truth the way it is... One for all! If God came to all of us and said: I order you to be Happy and to Love each other, what are we going to say to him? "I can't be happy so long as he/she exists as such...First take him away because he/she has a fake identity because what he/she IS - goes against my perception of things, and denies my identity then I will be happy and I will love him/her" Then if God said to all of us: "But your identities are all in me, and I am part of all of your identities. Go and search for yourself in the other Selves!" Will you be able to find your Self in me? Because I have found my Self in all of you who are denying my own identity which is one of the many God has bestowed unto us! My story is that of Macedonia. The past belongs after all to those who lived in it and called it their present. It was their reality, their own identity. What we have inherited from them as

culture, language, bloodline, is what makes us who we are, which is yet another identity in which God resides. Are we able to see beyond the limitations imposed upon us by the systems that we have created to approach that unity of identity only to be able to see reality from a single perspective, called Truth? I do apologize to all of you for insulting you in any way, I feel as if I have done it to myself since I see my Self in you? Can you do the same with me? Can you go beyond the darkness in your perception and see that we are all stars on the same sky? If your happiness and existence depends on denying mine, which part of your Selves are you denying? I do love you as people and I do believe that we can reconcile in our perception of who we truly are... However I do accept your identity, even though it sometimes denies mine. And I will continue to build this bridge of unity by further learning from those that have left their legacy onto me with everything that has shaped their identities. My Macedonian identity teaches me that this Motherland of ours, the Earth is the home to all of us and that we should cherish her most of all, along with the Sun, which is the Life giver for all... My Macedonian identity teaches me to respect and love all children of this planet, since we are all beautiful in a way and have something to give to this world... My Macedonian identity is the one that teaches me to love even those that hate me... to love my neighbors as my own kin... And that is what I speak of here... My own identity as a child of the Earth... *** Dear children of Macedon... light-workers of our Motherland... Blessings to You‌ Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Your spirits are rich in faith and poor in complicity, and because you believe and have not seen, and you kept the faith all through the ages, you will inherit the kingdom of Heaven. Blessed are the meek: for they shall posses the land. Who if not the children of the Great Mother have been meek on this world? We have not winced nor cried aloud under the bludgeoning of wicked time and the blade of the twisted minds.

Blessed are they who mourn: for they shall be comforted. Macedonia has mourned and cried for many lost children, we have mourned in our songs and in those lines we have woven the vision of the freedom and comfort one day the Kingdom of Heaven might bring. Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice: for they shall have their fill. Who if not the children of Macedon have hungered for justice, after the many divisions, killings, persecutions, exoduses, rapes, tortures, blood taxes, slaughters, sabotages and territorial thefts... Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy. And even tough humiliated, we are still willing to forgive, and offer our loving hospitality to anyone who loves to listen to the Macedonian song and try the Macedonian food. We forgive our trespassers, and we hope one day we would be forgiven too... Blessed are the clean of heart: for they shall see God. The cleanliness of heart comes from the faith. And we believe that we are all God-chosen people, and that has made all the difference. The clean hearts of Macedonia have a voice to show us the way a Macedonian heart can love in its purest form... Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. Who if not Mother Teresa's motherland, and the peaceful Macedonians who managed to get away from conflict, and avoid a destruction as much as possible in a violent world such as the 21st century’s. Isn't that the image of a peacemaker? Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. I think this is a message our neighbors should take very seriously. Blessed are you dear children of light, for your belief has made the Kingdom of Heaven be suddenly upon us...

The Blessed Macedon  
The Blessed Macedon  

An extract from THE HOUSE OF MACEDON - a Living Bible of the Light