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Fuelling growth at the forecourts

Gulf Retail makes the most of technology to help its dealers be competitive and profitable

GULF Retail is the fuel supplier of choice for more than 450 independent forecourts and it’s easy to see why as the company continues to introduce new initiatives designed to boost revenues and drive up profits.


Alongside Gulf’s awardwinning Oomph loyalty portal is PricePro, a complementary fuel price tool for Gulf dealers.

PricePro provides tools that are normally only associated with large organisations.

It couldn’t be more vital with fuel prices in the headlines, costs fluctuating dramatically and customers caring more than ever.

Gulf Retail teamed up with forecourt analyst experts Experian and the digital team at My Automate to provide the service.

Each morning, Gulf dealers receive high-quality pricing information, including the local and national picture, to enable them to take a broader view and react within minutes to market changes.

The information is presented in a clean and simple format, accessed by phone or PC, and covers longer term positions, as well as that day’s.

Improving pricing by just 1p per litre, over a year and with volume stability, a store selling two million litres annually could achieve additional margins of £16,500 per annum.

Jenny Lockwood, head of retail dealer at Certas Energy, the company behind Gulf, said: “Fuel pricing is fundamental for dealers of all sizes and the current situation was not acceptable.

“We’re committed to making our dealers’ lives easier and their forecourts more profitable.

“We undertake pricing for 82 Certas sites and have a huge respect for our independent operators.

“The stakes are higher and they’re doing it with less time, resources and information.

PricePro is our way of helping level the playing field.

“It gives Gulf dealers access to the same type of information we receive and can make a real difference to the money a forecourt can make, while also making pricing decisions quicker and easier.”

Lockwood continued: “From partnering our dealers through the energy transition to developing cost-saving initiatives and new revenue opportunities, we strive to be smarter and more innovative, pooling our unique set of resources, knowledge and experiences for the benefit of every Gulf Dealer.

“Our latest initiative, Foresite, is another industry first and, again complementary. It’s a purpose-built telemetry system that enables forecourt operators to understand and optimise fuel, shop and car wash sales.

“It’s very easy to use and highly graphic. From full basket analysis, embedded loyalty, to minute-by-minute sales of each product, it provides full visibility of the things that make a difference to a forecourt’s business and customers.”

The Oomph loyalty portal is another key part of Gulf Retail’s offering for independent forecourt operators.

This sophisticated, highly flexible tool analyses consumers’ shopping baskets to create bespoke offers and promotions and increase instore profits.

Importantly, it also strengthens community ties by supporting local worthwhile charities, projects and good causes with funding.

Gulf also assists retailers with advice on the most appropriate symbol brands for the locality and the likes of the latest shelving, flooring and lighting, as well as self-service checkouts and electronic shelf labels.