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VintageInspired BEACH FASHIONS


reinventing the high-rise:

a modern condo with a unique twist



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26.36 carats

Fancy her this summer.

w w w. P r o v i d e n t J e w e l r y. c o m

For all occasions... Custom Designs • Estate Jewelry and Fine Timepieces • Authorized Dealer of Luxury Brands • Appraisals and Repairs WEST PALM BEACH 561.833.7755

PJ-27 PALM BEACH Illustrated-APR1 1

NAPLES I 239.649.7737

JUPITER 561.747.4449

FORT MYERS 239.274.7777

NAPLES II 239.649.7200

BOCA RATON 561.488.7737

2/28/13 11:46:28 AM

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CMYK BLAZE® Cut Diamonds In a wide band from the Windwos Collection


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05 25

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10 50 75 90 95

766 5th Avenue South, Naples, FL 34102 239.649.7200

98 100 BLAZE® is a registered trademark and patented cut by Bez Ambar Inc. ©2013

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Bollicine Collection











766 5th Avenue South, Naples, FL 34102 239.649.7200

Don Winkler


Number One Single Agent at John R. Wood in 2012


Navigating Your Real Estate Transaction With Ease If you are searching for your dream home or thinking of selling your current residence, I can assist you in making your real estate goals a reality. Contact me today to schedule your complimentary consultation.


ROYAL HARBOR: 1888 Kingfish Road Royal Harbor: 2120 Snook Drive Moorings: 2220 Gulf Shore BlVD Q-1 ROYAL HARBOR: 2505 Tarpon Road ROYAL HARBOR: 1580 BLUEFIN COURT

Under contract: Royal Harbor: 1880 Kingfish Road

Aqualane Shores: 590 16th Avenue S ROYAL HARBOR: 2051 SNOOK DRIVE Aqualane Shores: 355 15th Avenue S Royal Harbor: 1303 Cobia Court

Royal Harbor: 2520 Tarpon Road Aqualane Shores: 672 16th Avenue S ROYAL HARBOR: 2071 SNOOK DRIVE windstar: 1600 Star Point Lane






1888 Kingfish Road $5,150,000

1880 Kingfish Road $2,999,999

672 16th Avenue South $2,995,000





2310 Tarpon Road $2,995,000

2071 Snook Drive $2,895,000

1860 Kingfish Road $2,695,000




Royal Harbor

2520 Tarpon Road $1,995,000

2620 Tarpon Road $1,995,000

2515 Tarpon Road $1,995,000

Old Naples



460 13th Avenue South $1,795,000

758 9th Street South $1,295,000

2145 Snook Drive $1,195,000

Don Winkler



features 48 Cottage in the Sky A local designer places the best features of a traditional second home in a positively modern setting.

62 Waves of History Surf through images of times gone by in our photographic journey to the past of Naples via sand and sea.

By Elizabeth Kellar

54 A Shore Thing Embrace a vintage resort-wear look for the beach with pieces from the pre-fall collections. Photography by Robert Adamo

68 Summer’s Finest The many cool area camps give kids the chance to explore a world of opportunity while keeping them entertained. By Lauren Daniels

48 Coastal prints and accents enliven a colorful condo.


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34 34 Vanity Bright faces 35 Treasure A sea of turquoise


TASTE 37 Dish Patriotic picks at Chops City Grill 38 Local Flavor Dining notes 40 Spirits A New York State of wine

PURSUITS 43 First Class Bermuda 46 High Road The four-door Aston Martin Rapide

16 From the Publisher

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18 Editor’s Letter 20 Social Observer

NAPLES NOW 25 Q&A Local American Idol finalist Lazaro Arbos



On the Cover: Turquoise dress with black suede belt, Gucci, Naples; marbled resin stone and gold Swarovski crystal black brass chain necklace, Marilyn’s Distinctive European Fashion, Naples; Oscar de la Renta ring, Marissa Collections, Naples.

26 Insider What’s here and happening: United Arts Council’s Arts-Mart; shopping for bling; Cirque du Soleil returns; NIFF’s Summer Film Series 28 Cameos Bruce Lansky, Jack Mulvena, Ruth Trettis

STYLE 31 Trends Fierce beach accessories

BALANCE 87 Biking With a Side of Bruschetta Ride and dine with Naples Pathways Coalition and Barbatella; plus the latest on living well

AGENDA 105 Culture “Dogs I’ve Nosed” photography exhibit 106 Calendar KC and the Sunshine Band and the SummerJazz shows lead this month’s highlights 114 Social Observer

GIVING BACK 120 Family Values Ed, Linda and Sean Morton


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Let us spoil you with poolside pampering. Let us offer the peace that comes with a massage in a private cabana. Let us guide you on a kayak through Shingle Creek. Let us show you another world you don’t have to go far to discover.

Treat yourself to The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes where a picturesque setting and unparalleled service come together to create exceptional memories. Rates starting at $269 per night. Enjoy up to $150 resort credit when you stay five nights or more. For reservations, contact your travel professional, call The Ritz-Carlton at 800-576-5760 or visit

Offer valid through December 31, 2013. Rates vary depending on dates and are subject to availability. Advance reservations are required; rates do not apply to groups. Rates listed are per room, per night, single or double occupancy, and exclusive of taxes, gratuities and other charges unless otherwise noted. Receive $100 resort credit for a five-night stay or $150 resort credit for a seven-night stay. Hotel and resort credits cannot be used toward room rate, tax, resort fee or gratuities. Credit cannot be reimbursed or exchanged if not used. Credit must be used during stay. ©2013 The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C.

Elizabeth Fox, M.D.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon On-site AAAA Surgical Facility • Overnight Facility Available Visit our website for more before & after photos. before




Both patients had facial procedures performed by Dr. Elizabeth Fox.

SEMINAR Published Author in Breast Surgery Textbook

Wednesday, July 10 • 2pm Tuesday, August 6th • 2pm th

RSVP: (239) 262-8585 Call our office about complimentary consultations.

Female/Male Facelifts • Necklifts • Endoscopic Browlifts Eyelid Surgery • Rhinoplasty • Female/Male Jaw Implants RADIESSE® for Lip Augmentation/Lines around Mouth Fat Implantation (Liquid Facelift) Juvederm™ • BOTOX® • Restylane® Breast Augmentation (Cleavage Enhancement) Minimal Scar Breast Lift • Breast Reduction Minimal Scar Arm Lift • Thigh Lift • Body Liposuction “Brazilian” Abdominoplasty (Reduces Waist Size) Hair Transplants (Single Hair Graft) Sciton Laser Resurfacing Treatments Micro Laser Peel • Vein & Hair Removal Laser Latisse™ (Eyelash Lengthener) • Acne Care 827 Myrtle Terrace, Naples (west of US 41, south of Waterside Shops)

(239) 262-8585

Skin Health with

Board Certified Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery Can Change Your Life Dr. Elizabeth Fox answers frequently asked questions. Plastic surgery is cutting-edge, exciting and life-altering. People are taking better care of their health and therefore living more productive, fulfilling and longer lives. This is why it is important that your outward appearance projects the vitality and youth that you feel on the inside. Join us on this rewarding journey and discover the difference plastic surgery will make in your life.

Q: A:

Dear Dr. Fox: My friend had a tummy tuck in upstate

is that the wrinkles around the upper lips are significantly improved,

New York and said that she feels more wide waisted now

allowing a better application of lipstick.

afterwards. Why is that? If a surgeon only tightens the abdomen in the midline during a tummy tuck, it then can compress the abdomen and make


Dear Dr. Fox: I went to the dermatologist and they suggested that I do some sort of skin tightening laser which I did. I was

very disappointed in the both the cost and the results. Do you have a

the waist wider. Think about what happens if you press a balloon that is

better skin tightening procedure that actually works?

sitting on a table. The balloon will spread out to the sides. If your friend’s


surgeon only tightened in the midline, the remaining tissue will get pushed out to the sides and give you that wide waisted appearance. In order to avoid a wider waist after tummy tuck, it is essential to tighten

There are lots of machines out there that claim no down time with great outcomes. I believe in consistent results

which is why we try all the new equipment in the marketplace. Often

not only the midline muscles, but also the side muscles. This reduction

new machines promise a great deal, but don’t deliver. If the machine

in total volume of the abdomen also assists with weight loss after tummy

does not perform as touted, we will not carry it. We prefer to use the

tuck. By doing it this way my patients typically have anywhere between a

sciton laser, which has consistent results. In addition, unlike some

1-4” reduction in their waistlines, and sometimes for women who have

of the older CO2 lasers, the sciton laser has minimal effect on skin

never had a waistline before we can create one.



Dear Dr. Fox: I have been watching the real housewives of Beverly Hills and one of the women on the show had her lips

done. I think she looks like a duck. I would like fuller lips, but certainly would not want to quack. Is there a way to do this safely?


You can make lips larger as long as you stay within the boundaries of the lip. Often surgeons will add too much

Q: A:

Dear Dr. Fox: Summer is coming and I can’t stand my arms. I am tired of wearing a ¾ sleeve. My personal training hasn’t

helped a bit. Help Sleeves in Seattle. Arm lifts are a very rewarding procedure with very little down time. There are two types of arm improvements that

can be accomplished. The first is an incision in your axillary area

volume outside of the boundaries of the upper lip which results in

(under your arm pit), which improves how your arm appears from the

fullness in the incorrect areas giving the appearance you are referring

front. The long arm incision improves the excess skin and looseness

to. Lip augmentation can also help a downturned mouth by elevating

of the arm and tightens the entire upper arm. Patients often come

the corners of the mouth which allows your expression to stop having a

into the office for their post op visits wearing a sleeveless shirt, so you

sad appearance. Another benefit of doing appropriate lip augmentation

could be Sleeveless in Naples!

827 Myrtle Terrace, Naples, FL 34103 | | 239-262-8585 (West of US 41, One Block South of Waterside Shops)

Plastic Surgery - Ask Dr.Fox

Elizabeth Fox, M.D.

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My hospital is a Mayo Clinic Care Network member.

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The doctors and specialists at NCH & Mayo Clinic are sharing everything from first-hand experience to a wealth of knowledge; allowing you access to Mayo Clinicâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s expertise for solving the hard-to-solve medical problems. For you that means peace of mind and the finest healthcare available. Right here at home. NCH and Mayo Clinic...working together to make your hospital even better.

This is my hospital even better!

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From left: Ron enjoying an early snow in Montana, signaling time to head home; on his birthday, he threw parties for kids, not himself; the two of us at Palm Beach Illustrated’s 60th anniversary party.

If this was any other summer, Ron Woods would be calling from Siesta Ranch in Montana most mornings about 9 a.m. our time, 7 a.m. Mountain Time, explain what a crisp, beautiful morning it was, and ask, “Anything going on?” If there was another incredible cover, a terrific magazine story or a big advertising contract, he was excited and wanted to convey his congratulations to the individual or the team responsible. If there was an opportunity or a challenge to run past him, he would respond with: “Put it on fast forward.” He wanted to get to town for breakfast. I’d make my point as quickly as possible, tell him what I was going to do, and—almost always—he would respond, “You’re the boss. Talk to you later.” He was, well, pithy that way. And empowering. It was consistent with his words to me a decade ago: “Here are the keys. Don’t screw it up.” He recruited good people and let them do their jobs. He never forgot a number (although sometimes he pretended it was higher than you promised if it was revenue or profit). He could fly through a 70-page financial statement and see exactly what was going on, but he preferred a few key numbers on the back of an envelope over lunch so there was plenty of time to discuss his tennis game, the office football pool, his determination to learn Spanish, a new lady friend, an upcoming trip or a charity he planned to support. We always left a big tip because discussion over coffee lasted twice as long as lunch. I learned to answer his frequent late-night phone calls, “Hello, this is the help desk.” He usually wanted instructions on how to attach a picture to an email or solve some other electronic question. It drove him crazy that Microsoft gives users multiple ways to do something rather than one. He was a chemical engineer and liked the fact that when you add numbers, the answer always is the same. Not so with computers. We had our own running joke, “This will only take five minutes.” Of course, it never did, often because he would move on to an unrelated topic or ask what my wife, Eleanor, and I, were up to or he wanted the latest news on our children and their families. He built two great companies. Thermofil Inc. was a plastics company in Detroit he sold to a Japanese conglomerate in 1988, allowing him to put the entrepreneurial grind behind him and enjoy the considerable fruit of that venture. He moved to Palm Beach and got more involved in philanthropy. But like most entrepreneurs, he found it difficult to sit on the sidelines, so he bought Palm Beach Illustrated and founded Palm Beach Media Group in 1991. Now, we publish 11

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A Remembrance


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Clockwise from top: The barns and corrals at Bootstrap Ranch, the modern high school Ron built with a Western motif for disadvantaged urban students; Ron and his pal Cooper; the back side of the sign at Bootstrap Ranch; Ron put horse-shy guests on a horse named Killer and just smiled.

magazines. After a number of years, he said, “There; this is a success” and stepped back, but wouldn’t sell the company, even during the media acquisition frenzy of 2004-2007. “Let’s just keep building,” he said. He didn’t just build businesses. Out of his own pocket, he built a high school in Montana, complete with classrooms, a cafeteria, a gymnasium and bunk-house dormitories. He hired administrators and teachers, and paid for disadvantaged young people from cities around the country to get an education and a rural experience. He bounced theological questions off me and his priest, then compared the answers. He complained about politicians who wanted him to pay lower taxes instead of using money wisely and for the right things. He rooted for Michigan and Michigan State even though he graduated from Notre Dame. He was a confirmed bachelor for decades but loved family, and considered the team at PBMG and the large family of his longtime, trusted business manager and confidant, Karen Powell, his family. He went so far as taking control of the TV remote at Karen’s mother’s house in Michigan during holiday game days. If there was a “family” squabble, Corrine Powell would appear, shake her head and say, “Oh, Ron” as if he was her tenth child and return to the kitchen. Back in Florida, he’d leave the Christmas tree up for months. If someone asked why, he’d say, “I like it. Why not?” Sadly, this isn’t any other summer. Ron passed away May 25. The tree was still up, travel to Montana was postponed, there was no rush to town for breakfast. But some of us—including his German Shepherd pal, Cooper—are going to take his ashes there in the fall, spread them one crisp morning and then have a barbecue in his honor. He would have liked that. There will be stories, and we won’t put them on fast forward. There are too many, they are too good and we’ll savor them.


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epending on whom you ask, these scorching days can be a cause for complaint. They give people plenty of reason to leave our heavy, moisture-soaked clime in favor of windswept Cape Cod or the crisp mountain air of Idaho. Those of us who live here year-round, though, come to see summer in a different light. Restaurants are busy, but not so packed. And there are more glass-half-full pluses. Our lakes are swollen and no longer look as though they’re dying for a tall drink of water, the grass is a verdant green, and the rain responsible for it all cools us down every afternoon and produces the most beautiful skies and epic clouds. That is something I particularly love: There are days when you can see seven different colors in one vista, and swirling cotton balls paint a stranger-than-fiction picture only Mother Nature could conjure. If anyone wants to fully experience the sunsets of Southwest Florida, July and August are the months.  The most important shift, however, is that we’ve got more time to ourselves. The social season has come to a halt, and we’re able to catch up on some housekeeping. Take, for example, the recent announcements from Artis—Naples. What was formerly known as the Philharmonic Center for the Arts not only chose to rebrand itself in anticipation of its upcoming twenty-fifth anniversary, it also hired a permanent orchestra conductor after a prolonged search.  But really, this extra time gives us the chance to rediscover and enjoy the area. We can try things we never would in the winter when we’re buzzing around like bees. In tune with that, I’m especially excited and proud to present “Summer’s Finest” (page 68). The idea for that feature sprang from my astonishment in hearing about the variety and quality of camps in Naples. Gone are the days of kickball and friendship bracelets. In are fashion design, BMX biking and educational romps through mangrove swamps. For a nanosecond I wished I were back in middle school, until we uncovered the best part—almost every program has an afterschool component and adult enrichment classes as well. I’m seriously considering trying my luck with scuba diving or oil painting just because I can. It is such a gift having these resources at our fingertips.  Another inspiring story is “Cottage in the Sky” (page 48). Through the genius of interior designer Joie Wilson, a family bought a vacation home in a modern full-service high-rise and transformed the condo into what looks like a quaint beach cottage (such as the ones you’d find peppered throughout Old Naples). And speaking of seaside charm, check out “Waves of History” (page 62). It’s a nostalgic look at what the languid days of summer looked like in decades gone by. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between then and now. What I realized is that it boils down to the fact that this is a perennial time for all of us—regardless of whether we live or vacation here—to loosen up, relax and delight in the joys of what Southwest Florida has to offer.



n Said it above, but I have to say it again: the coolest summer camps, period (page 68).

Dorothea Hunter Sönne

HERE’S WHAT I’M EXCITED ABOUT THIS SUMMER n Sunset margaritas at Gumbo Limbo (page 38).

n Hot-weather workouts from local fitness trainers (page 87).


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5/31/13 10:32 AM

The palette is subtle; The statement is anything but. D I S C O V E R W H AT Y O U R H O M E H A S B E E N M I S S I N G . At Interiors by Design West, we have a passion for creating distinct spaces that combine beauty and style with every carefully planned detail. We transform your vision into design solutions that expertly showcase your home’s potential and make a statement. Visit our design center located at Mercato in Naples for a complimentary design profile and discover how your ideal home environment can be a reality.

• Interior Design Services • Custom Renovations

• Model Merchandising • Custom Cabinetry

HOURS: MON – THUR: 10 A.M. – 7 P.M. • FRI – SAT: 10 A.M. – 9 P.M. 9118 Strada Place, Mercato 8130 • Naples, FL 34108 • • 239.249.6800

Social Observer 2



David Lawrence Center What: For the annual Third on Canvas event, 30 artists painted the picturesque surroundings of the Third Street South area as onlookers watched the works in progress. The creations were then sold at a festive auction with proceeds benefiting the David Lawrence Center and Foundation. Venue: A private club in Port Royal, Naples A Naples Illustrated-sponsored event.

4 3

1. Gina Russen, David Schimmel, Frank Russen, Jane Chapin 2. Gudrun and Bernd Wunderer, Vickie Nolen 3. Bruno Simi and Bobbi Mitchell-Simi 4. Monica Biondo, David Schimmel, Ingrid Aielli 5. David Contreras, Lili Montes 6. Stephen and Amanda Jaron, Kathleen and John Karpovich, Kay and Terry Bork

6 5




4 3

Garden of Hope and Courage What: Elegant ladies gathered at the third biennial Little Black Dress Garden Party to support the sanctuary on the downtown grounds of NCH Healthcare System. The evening, presented by PNC Wealth Management, got under way with cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and fashion-forward fun. Next was a chauffeured “dinner in motion” with stops at 15 of Naples’ finest eateries. Venue: Garden of Hope and Courage and local restaurants A Naples Illustrated-sponsored event.

Wilkinson Photography

1. Heather Tacy, Vicki Pitbladdo, Bev Cherry 2. JoAnne Halstead, Kathleen Flynn Fox, Dottie Gerrity, Michelle Anderson 3. Theresa Finn, Laurie Emfield 4. Cheryl Greenwood Biebel, Mary Jo Sulzmann, Marilyn Doerr 5. Carroll Knott, Pam Weston 6. Janet Belle, Patti Krupp, Dianne McCarthy

5 6


CMYK Social Observer


2 THE Shelter for Abused Women & Children What: More than 700 guests attended the nonprofit’s thirteenth annual awareness-raising Mending Broken Hearts with Hope Luncheon, which featured keynote speaker Dr. Susan Weitzman, as well as a general reception, designer boutique, silent auction and prize drawing. Venue: The Ritz-Carlton, Naples 1. Ginny Fleming, Joanne Fowler, Jeanne McCarthy 2. Heather Roberts, Carol Sinclair, Berry Heatwole, Nancy Hussey 3. Robin Hamilton, Bev Cherry, Cindy Stegeman 4. Hilda Dunekacke, Linda Sims, Ellie O’Brien, Betty Udelsman, Jeanne Jones, Elaine Griver 5. Charlotte Tarr, Marla Ottenstein 6. Cindy Obrecht, Shannon Bumpous, Michelle Owen




Melanie Hembree

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a very special thank you to those who made our 5th annual savor the flavor a success. Gold sponsor s The Ferrante Family John & Becky Allen

M usical EntE rtainMEnt undErwritEr Robin & Stephen Schiller, City Mattress ValEt undErwritEr DLD Builders, LLC inVitation undE rwritEr Leslie Lewis Sword & Gavin Sword

E VEnt sponsors Mercedes-Benz of Naples Moe Kent wE G ratEfully ac knowlEdGE Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee “RUSH”

rEstaur ant partic ipant s Alexander’s Restaurant • Big Al’s Sports Bar • Bokamper’s Sports Bar & Grill • The Capital Grille The Dock at Crayton Cove • Grace & Shelly’s Cupcakes • Gordon’s on the River • The Wine Merchant The Greek Gourmet • Jane’s Café on Third • Rita’s Italian Ice • L’Orient • Seasons 52 • Service by Jordan Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine • M Waterfront Grille S u p p o r t i n g t h e F i n e & p e r F o r m i n g A r t S At C o m m u n i t y S C h o o l o F n A p l e S


05 10 50

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BEVEraGE sponsor s Bokamper’s Sports Bar & Grill Coastal Beverage

MarkE tinG s ponsor Presstige Printing


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spEcial undErwritEr Friends & Family of Joe Spezio

silVEr spo n so r s Jeanine & David Eklund First American Education Finance, Cyndee & Bill Verhelle The Moran Family

MEdia sponsor Naples Illustrated

75 90 95 98 100









naples now q&a


Naples native Lazaro Arbos, 22, wowed the nation on American Idol from the first few words he stuttered (he has lived with the communication disorder his entire life) to the bring-down-the-house performances he delivered all season. Arbos sang his way to be the top male finisher before a graceful exit, thereby securing a spot on the American Idol LIVE! Tour. Before hitting the road, he stopped by City Council on April 17, 2013, which was proclaimed Lazaro Arbos Day, and he was awarded the Key to the City—a hefty gold statuette honoring and reminding him he’s always welcome here. Pre-fame, he spent many an hour scooping custard at Rita’s on U.S. 41, and he hopes to return post-tour to help the store with fundraisers. Can’t wait till then? Catch his soulful harmonizing at the concerts in Orlando on August 1 and Miami on August 2. —Dorothea Hunter Sönne n  What was your favorite moment on the show? Performance-wise, “We are the Champions” by Queen. It was a rough week, and I was really scared because rock is not me. I was having such a hard time choosing a song. So, I heard “We are the Champions,” and it was during a time when there were a lot of negative comments about me. I wanted to show the world—especially people who are down or going through a tough time—that we are the champions!

Matthieu Young / ©FOX

n  What can we expect from you for the future? The tour is a really big thing. After that I have a lot going on. I can’t say what show, but I am in talks to be on one of FOX’s top shows. I also want to get involved with the It Gets Better project. [Ed note: This is an antibullying initiative; see for details.] n  How has your music evolved this year? Well, I know more songs now! I think the show has definitely changed my mind-set. When I came onto American Idol, I was such a shy guy. I think this show really makes you a performer.


See for photos from Lazaro Arbos Day.


naples now

insider Cirque Appeal

Artistic Intelligence Season may be gone, but here to keep people busy is the newly christened Arts-Mart from the United Arts Council. Visit weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to net tickets to performances, art shows and community events. Original works from artisans across town are also on display and can be purchased. And all summer long, the group is collecting food for the St. Matthew’s House pantry. (1495 Pine Ridge Road; 239-254-8242)

The acrobatic act that has swept the globe touches down again in Estero at the Germain Arena from August 7 to 11 with its traveling show, Quidam. (germain

WELL FROSTED: The new Wm. Phelps (left) and Coeur De Lion stunners (below).

Northern Exposure See What’s Brewing at Mercato …


Ice, Ice, Baby Sultry afternoons provide the perfect excuse for getting out of the sun and doing some serious shopping in a cool environment—one that’s both climate-controlled and blinged out. n We’ve discovered Gallery One ( on Fifth Avenue South has added vibrant Coeur De Lion jewelry via Stuttgart, Germany. The baubles’ cubic shapes blend materials like Polaris, glass and Swarovski crystals into wearable art. n While on Fifth, be sure to check out the beautifully transformed showroom at Port Royal Jewelers (, where third-generation jewelry designer William Boyajian just unveiled scores of new handcrafted sparklers and gilt-y pleasures. n Farther uptown, along with its twenty-fifth anniversary, family-owned Wm. Phelps Custom Jewelers ( celebrated a move to a more prominent, roomier new home in The Village on Venetian Bay. It boasts a spacious workshop, expanded display area and an enviable expanse of tall windows to show off its goods twinkling in the sunlight. —Kat Smith


Watch for the grand openings this summer on Fifth Avenue South of the popular Soma Intimates and formerly mail/Internet-only chic boutique Boston Proper. 26  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

We’re heading north—no, not to Chicago or New York—to Silverspot Cinema for the Naples International Film Festival Film Society Summer Series. It runs through September and features provocative movies, snacks, drinks and lively chats. (Check for details, including a schedule.) Also, we know where we’ll be after the credits roll. The third location of Florida-centric TAPS Restaurant Bar & Lounge ( opened a few doors down, and with 350 types of bottled beers, 25 drafts, 60 wines by the glass, fancy martinis and a menu of American-inspired, from-scratch dishes, we predict this will be a big star. —K.S.


mirOmar OuTleTs


voted the Best shopping center in southwest florida

Up TO 70% Off ReTAil pRiCeS

Come see our family of Pekin Ducks at the Nike Fountain • (239) 948-3766 • Gift Cards Available* Open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. I-75, Exit 123, Corkscrew Rd./Miromar Outlets Blvd. In Estero, between Naples & Fort Myers *Subject to monthly maintenance fee. Terms and Conditions of the Card Agreement are set forth at Copyright © 2013, Miromar Development Corporation. Miromar Outlets is a registered service mark of Miromar Development Corporation.


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Over 140 Top Designer and Brand Name Outlets including saks fifTh aveNue Off 5Th, NeimaN marcus lasT call, BlOOmiNgDale’s The OuTleT sTOre


naples now

Words Up In 1975, Bruce Lansky, a part-time Naples resident, launched Meadowbrook Press with stunning success, selling three million copies of the first book printed. While his initial focus was parenting topics, Lansky later turned poet with

Dream-Home Maker Lansky says, “I enjoy coming up with new ideas for books that might entertain, delight or inform readers.”

Things have really changed since Premier Sotheby’s realtor Ruth Trettis moved to Naples in 1967 with her husband, Tom, and their five children. “It was a small fishing village with two banks and two restaurants,” Trettis recalls.

hopes of enticing his son and daughter to read.

“Tamiami Trail had two lanes and your tele-

The resulting tomes of funny rhymes topped the

phone number had only four digits.” The luxury

three million mark. He also penned the best-

property specialist and multimillion-dollar sales

selling 100,000+ Baby Names and 5-Star Baby

achiever is happy to be celebrating 35 years in

Name Advisor, as well as a young adult mystery

real estate in 2013. “It’s been interesting to

series being rereleased this year. Of his work, he

note the changes in architecture—from ranch

says: “I can’t wait to find out if what I’ve spent

to Tuscan and now coastal,” she says. Trettis

nine months writing, editing, designing and pub-

also witnessed the evolution of the town itself.

licizing is going to click.” —Christina Wells

“Naples has grown beautifully,” she says. —C.W.

CALL TO THE WILD With a lion’s share of experience, Jack Mulvena is bringing his expertise to the role of president and CEO of Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens. During his 20 years as executive director of the Rhode Island Zoological Society and Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, the facility received national and international conservation Mulvena says, “The Naples Zoo has a rich history, reputation for conservation and education, and is loved by its community.” 28  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

and education awards and was the most visited zoo in New England. Mulvena was key in a campaign that raised $30 million for new exhibits and capital improvements, such as a veterinary hospital and children’s zoo. “I want stakeholders and visitors to feel this is a great zoo that works hard to be even greater,” he says. —C.W.

Trettis says, “The city was planned so well in the early days and it has retained its charm.”

STYLE IN THE DICTIONARY n. a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed.

IN NAPLES n. 1300 Third Street South, Suite 103A Naples, Fl 34102

Oscar de la Renta | Christofle | Frederic Malle | Cole & Son

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More is more



More Impact

To display your message

More space

September 2013


style “

Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing.

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—Alexander Wang

Trends SUN GODDESS Fierce accessories reign the sand this season. By Katherine Lande

Toss the typical tropical prints. Rock out on weekends in gladiator accents and statement pieces with sleek gold details, like House of Lavande’s Warrior glass cabochon necklace ($4,250, special order, Marissa Collections, Naples), featuring Swarovski crystals. Turn the page for more hot looks that rule.

031-STYLE-0713.indd 31 | JULY/AUGUST 2013 31

6/6/13 4:33 PM

CMYK style


At the beach, go for the gold—and black. Retro shades Johnny Prepp vintage sunglasses ($195), Island Company, Naples

tied together Aurélie Bidermann braided cotton and 18-karat gold-plated chain necklace ($750), special order, Marissa Collections, Naples


fine line Honokalani striped bandeau bikini ($196), Letarte, letarte

rub it in St. Cut it out Ivey swimsuit ($890), Herve Leger,

Full Page Name: rampage_share:Rsi Jobs:Naples:Rsi Data:NPI_0713__032.pdf Separations: Cyan Magenta Yellow Black Job Name: Naples Customer Name: Comment:

User Name: reynaldo

Tropez Gradual Tan PLUS Firming 4-in-1 body lotion ($40), Sephora, Estero

body armor Lanvin Oracle waist belt with snaps ($1,565), Marissa Collections, Naples

high KICK Diane von Furstenberg gladiator heel in Platino Metallic ($298),

Hang 10 Surfboard (price upon request), Chanel, Spiked appeal Valentino Garavani Rockstud noir black PVC tote ($3,295), Marissa Collections, Naples 32  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

031-STYLE-0713.indd 32

6/3/13 11:04 AM

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Sun-kissed skin begs for a dose of vibrant color. Embrace your inner Mondrian with these bold shades: Chanel’s Inimitable Waterproof mascara in Zest and Lime Light ($30 each) and nail color in Azuré ($27, Nordstrom, Naples); Nars eyeshadow duo in Fashion Rebel ($34) and opaque nail polish in Madness ($19, Sephora, Estero); Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer face illuminator in No. 9 ($59) and Lip Maestro matte lacquer in No. 300 ($32, Saks Fifth Avenue, Naples); and Christian Dior Nude Tan Paradise bronzer with blush in Coral Glow ($56, Saks Fifth Avenue, Naples).



the bright stuff

CMYK style


Blue Crush 1

Plunge into summer with a new wave of turquoise Jewels. BY MARY GIBBLE


Slip on baubles channeling the cerulean hues of Greece’s Blue Caves.

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1. Amazing Grace: We’re singing praises of diamond and turquoise pendants ($52,000 and $115,000) from the 2013 Blue Book Collection. Tiffany & Co., Naples (239-592-6188, 2. Being Koi: These earrings ($9,960) by Seaman Schepps have red coral fish surrounded by turquoise, pearls and diamonds. Yamron Jewelers, Naples (239-592-7707, 3. Mosaic Marvel: A turquoise bangle ($10,700) from Gurhan’s Bella collection is accented by 24-karat gold. Bigham Jewelers, Naples (239-434-2800, 4. Tear of Joy: Add a clean note to your look with Ippolita’s 18-karat gold and turquoise ring ($2,995). Saks Fifth Avenue, Naples (239-592-5900, 5. SWirled to Please: One-of-a-kind 18-karat gold earrings ($16,080) from Irene Neuwirth are set with ceremonial turquoise, rose-cut diamonds and diamond pavé. Marissa Collections, Naples (239-263-4333, 6. Color Wheel: A full spectrum of teal radiates in a blinged-out Bochic turquoise and diamond cuff ($34,000). Marissa Collections, Naples (239-263-4333, 7. Fractured fun: The large Kara Ross maze-influenced Byzantine ring ($1,550) meshes turquoise with white sapphire pavé in sterling silver. Marissa Collections, Naples (239-263-4333,


5 6


035-TREASURES-0713-2.indd 35

6/3/13 11:05 AM

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CMYK 2013-2014


For advertising information:

239.434.6966 |

From the publisher of naples Illustrated




Red, White and Blue Bonanza

Come Independence Day, we know where we’ll be. The annual fireworks display lights up the Naples sky at 9 p.m., but before that we plan to enjoy fireworks of a different sort at Chops City Grill (239-262-4677) on Fifth Avenue South. A leisurely walk from the action on the beach, the restaurant is a perfect spot to toast the Fourth, starting with the BlueWater Tini, a combination of citrus vodka, Hypnotiq liqueur and tropical fruit juices—and a “drink on a mission” (sales benefit the Safe & Healthy Children’s Coalition of Collier County). Next elect The Stacked Tomato salad, often a special or available by request. The gold and orange beefsteak slices are offset by chunks of Roquefort, spring onions and greens, held together by crisp breadsticks. Light yet hearty, it’s practically a salute to America on a plate. NAPLESILLUSTRATED.COM | JULY/AUGUST 2013  37

CMYK taste

local flavor


Quick Bite

Angelina's sommelier, Angela Morales, is keeping glasses full.

Trend Alert:

The elegant Angelina’s Ristorante ( is back to enticing oenophiles with its summer wine spectacular. until September 28 all bottles up to $175 at dinner are half off, and from July to October, the third Wednesday of each month will feature a themed wine-pairing menu for $95 per person to transport you from Naples to Napoli, sip by sip, bite by bite.

Really Putting on the Ritz Shutting its doors for two months, The Ritz-Carlton, Naples, is getting its largest renovation yet—netting three sleek eateries in the process. NI checks in for a sneak peek.

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Our collective love affair with frozen treats started early, with poolside pops and dripping ice cream cones, and when we became of age, we picked up a penchant for icy margaritas and piña coladas. Now, rather than choose between one indulgence or the other, we cool down, savor and feel blissfully abuzz with the new SnöBars. Spreading across the country, these refreshing 100-calorie treats are grown-up pops with the exact alcoholic equivalent of their corresponding cocktails (flavors include cosmopolitan and grasshopper). The first place to get them locally was the Waldorf Astoria Naples with others planning to follow suit. May we recommend a staycation or at least an excursion to Clam Pass Park? It’s the official beach for the hotel, with a snack bar on the sand, and it is a find for residents too because it is open to the public—and half the fun is the county-run tram that takes sunbathers from the parking lot through a twisted tangle of beautiful mangrove trees.

SnöBar’s Cosmopolitan, an alcohol-infused pop.

Osetra (on Fifth) + Sushi = Beyond Delicious Just when we thought it was impossible for latenight dazzler Osetra ( to get any better—because it’s pretty tough to top 25 types of Champagne and a hefty selection of the finest caviars known to man—we were floored to spy grade-A sashimi on its new menu and a fully functioning sushi bar to go with it. This spring, owners Anthony Chinaglia and Milos Simovic added a refrigerated zone atop the bar of their Fifth Avenue South hot spot and hired Japanese chef Kaoru Sunagawa to man it nightly. He’s created two full pages of prime raw items for the menu, making it irresistible. His wizardry is working; we can’t resist stopping by before the 2 a.m. close.

Known locally as a class act from start to finish (and home to some of the best restaurants in town!), the ever-popular Ritz-Carlton resort on Vanderbilt Beach is also regarded by its parent company as the crown jewel of the entire brand. To keep that 27-yearold beauty polished for its high-style clientele, the hotel group announced that to add luster to the 450-room building, it will completely close down from July 24 to October 1. We’re understandably most excited for the dining changes. The Grill, a Naples stalwart, is keeping its steakhouse menu, and the decor will stay clubby but with a twenty-first-century take. The Terrace (near the pool) is becoming Terrazza. Besides Italianifying the food while retaining a daily breakfast buffet, the look will be totally different—more Milan than Tuscany, plus a wall of windows and indooroutdoor seating. Lastly, The Sushi Bar will now be simply The Bar (pictured) with a spruced-up interior and varied menu. The real reason to cheer, though, is its new spacious balcony with Gulf views. So if you want sunset drinks but don’t want to wait at Gumbo Limbo (the Ritz’s excellent beachfront tiki, which is the only part staying open and untouched) or crave a lounge feel to match your lounging, this one’s for you.


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CMYK We Propose


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239.434.6966 |

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Paumanok Vineyards in Aquebogue, New York.

Summer is the best time to Relish the Empire State’s fabulous and diverse wine regions. By Mark Spivak

Despite its cold climate, New York is the second-largest wine producer in America. The state yields varietals from vineyards such as Dr. Konstantin Frank, Paumanok and Brotherhood. 40  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

California immediately comes to mind when the conversation turns to American wines. Quick: Which state ranks No. 2 in winemaking? If you answered Oregon or Washington, think again. New York is the second-largest wine producer in the nation. With nearly 325 wineries and four major American Viticultural Areas beckoning, New York’s popularity as a destination for oenophiles is growing. One reason the state’s reputation has lagged behind others is that vintners don’t always grow the grapes familiar to many wine lovers. Thanks to the cold climate in much of the state, the majority of the vines yield native varieties, such as Concord, and many others are hybrids, including Seyval Blanc or Vignoles. Another result of the climate is the lack of full-bodied red wines that many Americans gravitate toward. Still, with so many delicious options, it’s nice to break from routine for some lesser-known varietals. Try them—you’ll like them. The modern era of New York wine production began with Konstantin Frank, a Ukrainian viticulturist who immigrated

to the United States in 1951. Frank believed varieties such as Riesling, Gewürztraminer and Chardonnay would thrive in the upstate area, and he gradually convinced his colleagues of this vision—first at Cornell’s Geneva Experiment Station and later at the winery that bears his name. Today, Frank’s home base of the Finger Lakes region has 109 bonded wineries and four wine trails: Canandaigua, Keuka Lake, Cayuga and Seneca Lake. Before setting off to explore the area, tourists can stop at the New York Wine and Culinary Center in Canandaigua, which has a bistro and tasting room and hosts wine classes. The Hudson River Valley and Catskills is a well-known region just north of New York City with more than 40 properties, including Brotherhood, America’s oldest winery. Founded in 1839 in Washingtonville, Brotherhood contains the largest underground cellars in the country. It produces a range of sparklers and dessert bottlings along with still wines made from Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. The area is also home to Tuthilltown Spirits in Gardiner, one of the finest craft distillers in America.


America’s oldest winery, Brotherhood, is located in Washingtonville, New York, and is home to the largest hand-excavated cellars in the country.

along with concentrated and age-worthy versions of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. There are now also wineries in three of the five New York City boroughs. The Queens County Farm Museum covers a 47-acre tract that includes a vineyard. Manhattan’s City Winery offers customers the opportunity to make their own wine, although the grapes used aren’t native to the state. At nearby Atsby Vermouth, exotic botanicals are used to make some distinctive blends. Not surprisingly, the new “It” borough, Brooklyn, is the center of the action. The Red Hook Winery works with

15 New York vineyards to produce dozens of different bottlings. At the Brooklyn Winery, emphasis is placed on growers within the state, as it is at the Brooklyn Oenology Winery (BOE). The latter sometimes uses California grapes, although it strives to feature all things local. Labels flaunt work by New York City artists, and the BOE tasting room serves New York State whiskeys, ciders and culinary goods along with the wines it produces. Unlike trees, grapevines may not grow in Brooklyn, but these urban facilities are working hard to shine the spotlight on New York’s wine stars. u

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Paradoxically, the North Fork of Long Island is both New York’s best-known and most obscure region. Of the 60-plus wineries located there, many are justly famous, but few are available in national distribution; these smaller properties prefer to sell their wines to visitors or local restaurants. With a climate similar to Bordeaux, Long Island’s eastern tip provides a good growing environment for Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc. Palmer Vineyards and Pindar Vineyards are the labels most likely to be found in wine shops around the country, although Bedell Cellars, Duck Walk Vineyards and Channing Daughters Winery (which is on the South Fork in Bridgehampton) are also in limited distribution. A personal favorite is Paumanok Vineyards, founded by corporate dropout Charles Massoud. The winery makes a crisp, delicious Chenin Blanc


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current PROMOTIO N AND EVENTS • july/August 2013

Interiors by Design West Creating sophisticated, stunning interiors, this full-service firm specializes in design services for private residences, clubhouses, architectural detailing, model home merchandising and comprehensive custom home renovations. The design center features luxury furniture lines, representing outstanding quality and cuttingedge design. 9118 Strada Place, Mercato 8130, Naples 239-249-6800 |

Unique Boutique

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A gallery setting specializing in spectacular handcrafted, one-of-a-kind wearable art, Unique Boutique offers something for everyone. Rare stones and pearls adorn rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants set in all metals. Unique Boutique’s goal is to provide customers with beautiful treasures for years of pleasure. Additional locations are in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and Delray Beach, Florida. 1185 Third Street S., Naples 239-643-8900 |

Marilyn’s Marilyn’s is full of European flavor, focusing on fresh, new designers from Italy, France and Spain. The shop specializes in white blouses, hats, jewelry, handbags and accessories and offers expert advice on selecting the right item and accessorizing an outfit for any occasion. Marilyn’s also offers educational videos on fashion and an email newsletter. 331 Fifth Ave. S., Naples 239-206-4460 |


First Class Crown Jewel of the Atlantic The unique British gem that is Bermuda sparkles with natural beauty, history and lavish delights fit for royalty. By Paul Rubio

Long before minimalism and modernism defined tropical luxury across the Caribbean, Bermuda was making major waves across the Atlantic. By the late nineteenth century, the aquamarine shorelines of this petite British colony had been deemed fit for a queen—well, a princess at least—as Queen Victoria’s daughter Louise spread global word of Bermuda’s astounding natural beauty. The Princess Hotel (now the Fairmont Hamilton Princess) opened in 1885, and tourism was thriving by the early twentieth century with the global elite arriving from the United States, Canada and Britain, first by boat and later by plane, to see

Bermuda’s crystalline waters have been attracting visitors for centuries.



first class

In addition to the beaches, Bermuda’s attractions include historical sites such as Gibbs Hill Lighthouse (below).

Sight Search Island first-timers—and return visitors— are enthralled by the many must-see places spread throughout Bermuda’s diverse 20.6 square miles. Be sure to: u

Amble through the colorful streets

surrounding The Royal Naval Dockyard (, which has been reinvented as a series of shopping arcades and public spaces, including the Bermuda Maritime Museum (, a nineteenthcentury fortress that houses artifacts and chronicles the island’s naval history. u

Experience the past in the UNESCO World

Heritage Site of St. George, the earliest English settlement in the New World. The circa 1612 town encompasses landmarks frozen in time, such as St. Peter’s Church and Fort St. Catherine. u

Strike a pose in front of the Gibbs Hill

Lighthouse, built in 1846, the world’s oldest cast-iron lighthouse. Climb its nearly 200 stairs for sweeping views of the coastline. u

Venture underground at Crystal and

Fantasy Caves ( into a grand world of stalagmites and stalactites. u

Discover the growing local art movement

at the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art (, housed in a former arrowroot-processing plant. u

Soak in the natural beauty of the lush,

35-acre Bermuda Botanical Gardens.


what the fuss was all about. Flash forward to present-day Bermuda— pristine, manicured and fabled—that showcases disparate manifestations of luxury through the ages. Lofty Bermudian design spans centuries, from the iconic salmon-tinted Fairmont Hamilton Princess and pastel stacked homes dotting the hillsides to the sophisticated lounges within the capital of Hamilton and the infinity pool and interiors of the Newstead Belmont Hills Resort. While British influence abounds (high tea, posh accents and traffic on the left), the archipelago also has an American swagger, thanks to its proximity to the States (a short flight from most major East Coast cities, including Miami). As a cultural melting pot, it has also developed a singular style through the years, boldly evidenced by on-island business attire—yes, the famous Bermuda shorts hoisted high with knee-length socks and a dress shirt, plus possibly a tie and/or blazer.

The wealth of photo-worthy and historic attractions notwithstanding, the pinkhued sands, crystalline waters, world-class golf courses and signature Dark and Stormy cocktails (ginger beer and rum) remain the principal draws for repeat visitors. In fact, by day most find it hard to break away from the pampering resorts sprinkled along Elbow Beach, Hamilton Harbor and the southern shores of Southampton, all specializing in this type of Bermudian bliss. Those longing for a taste of classic Bermuda gravitate to the upgraded Fairmont Gold Floor at the Fairmont Southampton (,agrand stalwart cast over 100 acres rich with the 31,000-square-foot Willow Stream Spa; an 18-hole, par-three championship golf course; multiple swimming pools; a splendid beach club; and eight eclectic restaurants. Book early for dinner at Waterlot Inn, the resort’s 350-year-old steak house on the dock serving up huge portions of old-school glamour with dishes like Caesar salad and bananas Foster made tableside. On Fridays, take the resort ferry from the Fairmont Southampton to its sister hotel, the grand dame Fairmont Hamilton Princess(,host of the island’s largest weekly social gathering. Embark on a tropical-kissed weekend on the Princess’ sprawling lawns joined by hundreds of Bermudians for this apex of the summer social calendar. The party soon spills into myriad stylish resto-lounges in

adjacent downtown Hamilton, such as the rooftop sky bar at Muse (, which also offers excellent French bistro cuisine. Brand lovers hunker down at the picture-perfect cottages of the Mandarin Oriental’s Elbow Beach, Bermuda (mandarin While the majority of the property’s common spaces reside within its century-old hotel tower, accommodations are tiered along adjacent beach dunes as a vibrantly colored cottage colony. The resort boasts the island’s sole restaurant right on the sand, the seafood-centric Mickey’s Beach Bistro & Bar, and houses the exclusive Spa at Elbow Beach, which consists of six private ocean-view megasuites, each with its own daybed, balcony, relaxation area, colossal rain shower and freestanding granite bathtub. As much as Bermuda pays homage to the past, newer developments are starting to look to the future. In recent years, the boutique hotel movement arrived with the opening of the mod Newstead Belmont Hills Golf Resort & Spa (newstead The intimate hotel carries a lengthy moniker as guests are privy to the amenities of residential Belmont Hills, including the Algie M. Pulley Jr.designed 18-hole championship golf course and award-winning Blu at Belmont Hills, the superlative spot for any type of sushi or brick-oven pizza fix. Nestled alongside Hamilton Harbor, all rooms and suites overlook Bermuda’s placid blues, although the panorama is most striking from the cir-

cular infinity pools suspended over a rocky promontory. Newstead’s residential-like suites include sprawling living rooms, fully appointed kitchens and bedrooms adorned with espresso-tinted furnishings enveloped by walls of sky blue and snow white, and dark hardwood floors. Don’t expect in-your-face South Beach glamour or St. Barths elegant living. Like any newcomer to Bermuda, Newstead brings a modern take on Old World style and charm—the most logical “in” for planting roots on this history-steeped island. u

Old meets new: Mandarin Oriental’s Elbow Beach, Bermuda (top) offers travelers modern amenities like spa suites, tennis courts and resort pools, while the historic St. Peter’s Church (above) is an island must-see.


CMYK pursuits

high road

having it all Aston Martin delivers a more potent four-door Rapide that will leave you shaken and stirred.

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There’ll come a time when James Bond will need to hand back the Walther PPK, the MI6-issued Omega Seamaster and his License to Kill and get hitched, have a couple of rugrats and settle down. The current 007, Daniel Craig, is 45, for goodness’ sake. Arthritis and AARP are surely just around the corner. Of course, with matrimonial bliss come spatial needs. It’s no good thundering around in a classic ’60s two-seater—even one with machine guns and ejector seats—when babies are in the picture. Assuming Bond will always drive an Aston Martin, his new vehicle of choice can only be one model: the four-door Rapide. Lucky for him, there’s a refreshed version—the 2014 Rapide S— that could be dropped off at Q Division right away. Naturally, it would be painted Skyfall Silver, like the car we’re driving. The only criticism of the original Rapide, which debuted in 2010, was its shortage of muscle. While 470 horsepower may seem plenty potent to mere mortals, in the rarefied world of supercars, only 500-plus ponies will make the cut. For 2014, the Rapide gets the latest version of Aston’s fabled 5.9-liter V-12—first seen on the new Vanquish—with a robust

550 horsepower. Now, when you squeeze the throttle, zero-to-60 acceleration is dispensed in 4.7 seconds, a full half-second faster than before. That’s more like it. But this new $199,950 Rapide S is leaps and bounds beyond a V-12 engine on steroids. This car is even more deliciously gorgeous than the original. The front has been resculpted and rehoned with a bigger, more dramatic version of that iconic grille, while the rear has a larger “ducktail” spoiler to improve aerodynamics. Is it the most beautiful four-door in the world? We’d say so. We’ve come to the Empordà region of Spain, birthplace of artist Salvador Dalí and an easy 90-minute amble east of Barcelona, to put this newest Aston through its paces. The roads are fast and empty and have more twists than a bowl of fusilli pasta. To awaken the Aston, like the last model, insert the chunk of crystal that doubles as an ignition key into its slot on the dashboard. Press once, and prepare for the aural thrill as the big V-12 erupts into life. This must be one of the great pleasures of Rapide S ownership: to know each time you caress the crystal, your pulse will quicken and every hair on the back of your neck will stand to attention.


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for four while still looking like a slim, sexy, gorgeous sports car. You can’t say that about a Porsche Panamera. James Bond will ease quite nicely into eventual fatherhood with a Rapide S. Perhaps “Q” can design him a couple of kiddie seats. u

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The Jekyll-and-Hyde character of the Aston is that in Drive mode, it will cruise as serenely and sedately as your neighbor’s Lexus. The six-speed automatic shifts gears with lazy fluidity. The ride is magic-carpet smooth; noise levels are hushed. Now punch the Sport button. Valves in the exhaust system open wide to let the full force of those 12 cylinders exhale uninterrupted. Response from the transmission becomes light-switch immediate, and the whole car comes alive. Around those Catalan curves, the Rapide corners as if running on invisible tracks. This S model features Aston’s new three-mode Adaptive Damping System, which offers the choice of Normal, Sport and Track modes. Sport provides the perfect blend of no-roll cornering with a ride that’s supercar-firm, yet won’t loosen your dental work. From behind the wheel, it’s like driving inside a Prada bag. The hand-stitched leather is bespoke craftsmanship at its best; the metal finishes are exquisite; and the standard Bang & Olufsen sound system is worthy of a rock star’s penthouse. And ignore the complaints about the Rapide’s lack of rear-seat space. Yes, it’s tight back there for the long of limb, but it’s far from uncomfortable. And the main point here is the Rapide offers seats


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Cottage in the Sky A local designer puts elements of a cozy seaside second home in a positively modern context. By Elizabeth Kellar | photography by JERRY RABINOWITZ 48â&#x20AC;&#x192; NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

By mixing new and old styles and accents, the condo on high exudes a coastal cottage atmosphere. Opposite page: This coral-hued sitting area, the homeownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s favorite spot, welcomes guests for relaxed entertainment.

Casual is the name of the game in this upscale high-rise. Turquoise, pink and yellow give this room a lively vibe, and a mix of furnishings supports the cottage look. Opposite, clockwise from top left: A denim wraparound couch entices people to sit, while French lithographs and seaside accents continue the theme. Melding a vivid paisley fabric with geometric floral fretwork on the chairs gives the breakfast nook visual interest. The custom tile kitchen island reflects the home’s coastal roots. Nearby, seagrass bar stools are also in tune. 50  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED


lthough typically small in size, a cottage seldom scrimps on style. Steps from the shore and with layers of visual intrigue, its rustic charm is irresistible. And when the cottage is transplanted from its expected environs and set on high, it becomes downright dazzling. Such is the case at the soaring Sancerre, where one of the tower’s recently remodeled condominiums combines the best of classic seaside character with a modern approach to living and entertaining. After purchasing the Gulf Shore Boulevard North residence in February 2012, homeowner Mary Jo Skayham spent eight months working with Joie Wilson, A.S.I.D., of Joie Wilson Interior Design, to create a high-rise haven of coastal chic, complete with spirited colors, interesting accents and an inviting atmosphere. Start to finish, the intention was to design a relaxing retreat that suited the on-the-go lifestyle of Skayham’s family, which includes her husband and three grown children. Knowing that Hilary, 27, Peter, 25, and Sydney, 21, would be visiting often from up north, Skayham sought to provide them and their friends with a cozy, carefree vacation spot. “I wanted something beachy, where the

kids could be comfortable,” she says. “Not formal.” The laid-back attitude greets guests from the moment they enter, via the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel Martinique Banana Leaf wallpaper, a frequent favorite of Palm Beach interior designers. A resin sea turtle shell adds a funky, retro feeling to the small space. “It really sets the mood that you’re here to have a great time,” Wilson says. Moreover, at Sancerre and other full-service buildings like it, good times are especially assured thanks to concierge services that rival those of a luxury hotel. An on-site staff delivers an array of amenities for residents ranging from the simple, like running everyday errands, to securing international flight reservations and tickets to the Olympics. Even dog-walking assistance is covered. This condo perched in the clouds is Skayham’s first abode in Florida, and she is delighted with her choice. For Skayham, it’s as low-fuss as it comes. “It’s great to come down here,” she says. “It’s so peaceful and calming.” Just inside the entry is a casual sitting area overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. The space includes a Lillian August secretary that Wilson personalized using several

vintage seashell prints. The result is an antique cottage air, and the secretary serves as an informal office and library. Decorated in brilliant coral hues and accented with natural elements, such as an unfinished wood cocktail table, this area has quickly become a favorite of Skayham’s family. She calls it the “hangout hot spot,” a place to play board games, do jigsaw puzzles and indulge in afternoon naps. The space flows graciously into another area decorated in tropical tones of turquoise, coral and yellow. A custom hand-woven rug adorns the floor while vibrantly hued pieces, such as a wooden spool frame chair upholstered in lively pink paisley, give the room just the right level of drama. A natural wood table ties everything together, while seashells and driftwood serve as accessories. A seascape by acclaimed local artist Paul Arsenault graces one wall. NAPLESILLUSTRATED.COM | JULY/AUGUST 2013  51

Island indulgence awaits in the master suite in the form of a sleek claw-foot soaker.

The remodel combines the best of classic cottage character with a modern approach to living and entertaining.

The combined sitting areas exude an aura of barefoot elegance found in such stylish retreats. They also provide an ideal location to entertain out-of-town visitors. The coup de grâce—what you can only get with serious altitude—is the spectacular views, which overwhelm guests, Skayham says. “They love it,” she says. “They think it’s so beautiful.” Bold shades carry over to the bedrooms, with daughters Hilary and Sydney weighing in on their personal wishes. Hilary wanted her room to evoke a happy feeling, like wearing Lilly Pulitzer and sipping margaritas. Hers is a frisky fusion of canary and lemon yellow, chrysanthemum-colored accents and even a hot pink Chippendale 52  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

chair. Sydney’s idea was serenity with pops of color, so in her space mandarin orange and aqua blue meet for a gentle tropical embrace. Elsewhere, Wilson and Skayham added other unique finishes. “It’s a happy mix,” Wilson says. Several jewelry-inspired chandeliers catch the eye. In the kitchen, a center island is topped by blue tiles inlaid with a custom design of beach balls, palms and umbrellas. In the master bath, a soaker tub sits on sleek, updated claw-and-ball feet. The eclectic blend of hues, styles, eras and accessories gives the space cottage credentials. Wilson explains that a typical cottage’s look develops over time as the owners take items no longer wanted in a

primary residence to redistribute in their second home. In this particular dwelling, Wilson aimed to create an authentic c​ ottage feel while allowing for the family to naturally add personal touches over time. The book she co-authored, Dream Houses: Historic Beach Homes and Cottages of Naples, with local photographer Penny Taylor, helped inform her work. “A cottage would have pieces acquired over decades, maybe by three generations,” Wilson says. “It’s an acquired look.” And it’s clear that the soaring Sancerre cottage’s first—and best— acquisition was a spot high in the sky. u

Inspired by suggestions from Skayham’s daughter Hilary, this bedroom’s canary and lemon yellows (top) create a vibrant tropical feel. The master suite (above) is an oasis of custom finishes, including embroidered pillows and a reproduction of a traditional sailor’s valentine over the bed. Mandarin orange and aqua blue imbue serenity in this bedroom (left), while fresh, cheery accents provide additional appeal. NAPLESILLUSTRATED.COM | JULY/AUGUST 2013  53


A Shore Thing Land a vintage resort-wear look with pieces from the pre-fall collections.

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Photography by Robert Adamo Shot by Naples Illustrated on location at Casa Ybel Resort, Sanibel Island.

Michael Kors peony chine wideneck tunic and bustle skirt, Marissa Collections, Naples; Nero Ayers leather bracelet, Bottega Veneta,; Oscar de la Renta earrings, Marissa Collections, Naples.



054_FASHION_0713.indd 54

6/3/13 1:15 PM

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054_FASHION_0713.indd 55 | JULY/AUGUST 2013 55

6/3/13 1:16 PM

CMYK Dress from the ParisScotland collection, Chanel,; France-designed handmade brass, red and milk baked enamel earrings, Marilynâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Distinctive European Fashion, Naples; gray and black Glam Rock pump, Louis Vuitton, Naples.

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User Name: reynaldo

Opposite page: White mini shorts, white sleeveless plastron blouse, white ladylike jacket and bow twist earrings, Louis Vuitton, Naples; wood and velvet wedge and wood handbag, Dolce & Gabbana,; vintagestyle sunglasses, Friedrichâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Optik,; geometric cuff, Roger Vivier,



054_FASHION_0713.indd 56

5/30/13 3:49 PM

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054_FASHION_0713.indd 57

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Valentino red long-sleeve jumpsuit and macramĂŠ cape, Marissa Collections, Naples; Ziggy plastron necklace, Louis Vuitton, Naples.

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Opposite page: Oscar de la Renta silk hand-crocheted jacket with bead trim, check print silk twill piped blouse, floral silk twill high-waist trouser and large floral bib necklace, Marissa Collections, Naples; vintagestyle sunglasses, Friedrichâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Optik,; Valentino Rockstud collection box clutch, Marissa Collections, Naples; black suede belt, Gucci, Naples.

054_FASHION_0713.indd 58

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054_FASHION_0713.indd 59 | JULY/AUGUST 2013 59

5/30/13 3:49 PM

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Pearl Nero silk mini Falling Leaves print dress, Bottega Veneta,; France-designed handmade brass, milk Swarovski crystals with baked enamel necklace, Marilynâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Distinctive European Fashion, Naples; white and black Glam Rock pump, Louis Vuitton, Naples. Opposite page: Floral print silk dress, Dolce & Gabbana, dolcegabbana. com; Oscar de la Renta black rope chain necklace, Marissa Collections, Naples. 60


054_FASHION_0713.indd 60

5/30/13 3:49 PM

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Fashion Editor: Katherine Lande Model: Amy Cook, Next Models, New York Hair and Makeup: Gina Simone using Armani Beauty ( Photography Assistant: Robert Kildoo Fashion Assistant: Alicia Hauser NI would like to extend special thanks to the staff at Casa Ybel Resort for their generous hospitality (

054_FASHION_0713.indd 61

5/30/13 3:50 PM


Waves of History Fish Tales Then as now, capturing the big catch for posterity was a time-honored coastal tradition, as this photographer was similarly immortalized in the moment by another camera.

iety rical Soc of Napl es Histo Courtesy PHOTOS

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Below and opposite: Scenes circa 1912 and 1920 prove that the local shoreline has always been a hotbed of action.


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Once settlers Roger Gordon and Joe Wiggins set foot on our beaches in the 1860s, stories of sugar sand, aqua water and plentiful sporting opportunities have since lured a stream of revelers. Join us as we revisit Naples in its early gloryâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;and discover the more things change, the more they stay the same.


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Courtesy of Naples Historical Society

You could say the area's waters have supported a cast of thousands, as fishermen (and women and children) have tossed lines and nets from ship and shoreâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;from the Seminoles (left) to commercial fishers and vacationers. Another favorite place for dropping a line, as well as for sunning and dancing, as the photos show (opposite), was and remains the Naples Pier. The iconic landmark served for years as the point of entry for goods and travelers, and it has been rebuilt several times during the last century after being razed by fire and three hurricanes.

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of Naples


l Society

Courtesy of Naples Historical Society

Pier Review


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State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory

Courtesy of Naples Historical Society

Courtesy of Naples Historical Society

Visitors and locals found their perfect spots for snagging copious tarpon, grouper, snapper, redfish, snook and mullet, or simply basking in the sun.


Fun in the Sun In 1953, a pair of bathing beauties played a lively game of leapfrog on the beach, while another sport-loving lass struck a pose on a boat. Opposite: The climate and lush environment of Naples have made it a habitual setting for picnics, romantic walks and leisure pursuits.


If your appetite is whet for a bigger slice of local history, look to these resources for more information ... n  Naples

Historical Society (

n  Naples

Backyard History (

n  Collier

County Museum (

n  Heritage

Trail Museum (

PHOTOS: State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory

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n  Marco

Island Historical Society (


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Shady palms, soft sand and balmy air—the elements permeating this patch of paradise that make for a life well enjoyed—are eternal. NAPLESILLUSTRATED.COM | JULY/AUGUST 2013  67



Budding thespians take cues from theater professionals on the Gulfshore Playhouse set of Alice in Wonderland.


Children c’mon, play and learn at the Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples.

Young naturalists answer the call of the wild at Naples Botanical Garden.

We knew Southwest Florida was a cultural hub, but from seeing just what cool camps are out there has given us a major case of cabin fever. Help your kids explore a unique world of opportunity (and keep them entertained!) with the most exciting programs in Naples and beyond, from pottery and foreign languages to scuba and everything in between. Plus Nearly all of these groups have after-school and adult classes to spread and maintain the fun year-round. By Lauren Daniels NAPLESILLUSTRATED.COM | JULY/AUGUST 2013  69


Visual Arts Naples Art Association at The von Liebig Art Center In its fifteenth year, ARTScool is all about options. Morning and afternoon sessions—with new topics each week— allow kids to mix and match more than 30 classes to fit their interests. Youngsters can be “creative little monsters” with plaster, pottery and paint, while older ones can master the art of the portrait. Ages: 5-14 Cost: $125 per five-day class (including supplies) Contact: 239-262-6517,

House of Gaia It’s no secret a nurturing and caring (and a little new age-y) environment does wonders for creativity, and the organizers here theme each week to a particular country’s culture that’s elected by the students. The afternoon fine art camp, from 2-5 p.m., focuses squarely on painting, sculpture and mixed media for serious artistes. Parents will love the pick-and-choose option of adding morning sessions to build an entire day of educational endeavors: Spanish lessons in the early morning and early afternoon as well as a blend of world-culture-inspired

song, folk dancing and cooking classes woven throughout. Ages: 4-8, 8-14 Cost: $175 per week, plus extra for morning sessions Contact: 239-272-6152,

Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs Multiple weekly morning and afternoon camps go beyond mere paintbrush thrills. New classes this year alone include “steam punk,” where future jewelry designers craft unique pieces using vintage gears, keys and clocks, and “steamroller print-making,” an intro to making masterpieces of this type using—you guessed it—a massive steamroller normally found on construction sites. Ages: 4-18 Cost: $109-$136 per weekly half-day class (plus extra for early morning, lunch and after-camp sessions) Contact: 239-495-8989, artcenterbo​

Understand Photography This three-day boot camp led by local pro Peggy Farren (who runs workshops and seminars during the year, too) shows teens the world beyond Instagram. Campers receive 21 hours of small-group instruction on the building blocks of digital photography, including composition, lighting and exposure. The class is designed for DSLR camera owners with a beginner to intermediate skill set. Ages: 13-18 Cost: Early registration (before July 6) $295, full-price $325 Contact: 239-263-7001, understandpho​

“Learning photography is such a great way to stretch the creative mind. It helps you see the same thing in many different ways.” —Peggy Farren of Understand Photography

Bonus! The downtown Naples Art Association and The Naples Players unite to give kids a morning of theater and an afternoon of art. For just $10 extra per week, children have a chaperoned lunch and are walked from one campus to the other. NAPLESILLUSTRATED.COM | JULY/AUGUST 2013  71

Performing Arts

Did You Know? …

Backstage Dance Academy Summerdance welcomes children of all ages and experience levels to themed five-day camps. Little ones can join the “Princess Party” or older girls can channel their inner pop princess through a combo of jazz and hip-hop—or travel around the world through flamenco, ballet, salsa and more. Advanced performers turn to a roster of classes that include pointe, tap and lyrical, among others. Ages: 3-18 Cost: Camps $111-$225, depending on age and number of sessions; classes $62-$250 Contact: 239-566-3535, naplessummer​ Acting out—in a good way—is at the heart of the Gulfshore Playhouse camp experience.

artist Selma Spies leads kids ages 7-12 through lessons in acting and the technical sides of performance, culminating in a production of The Emperor’s New Clothes. Teens dig deeper into monologues, improvisation, lighting design and more, and they work with professionals to stage a public showcase. Lastly, kiddos get introduced to theater through storytelling, fairy tales and props-making. Ages: 5-8 (camp), 7-12 (STAR), 13-18 (acting intensive) Cost: $90-$350 Contact: 239-913-3049,

Artis—Naples Designed for the smallest music lovers, Kindermusik takes parent and baby on a musical odyssey with themes such as Zoo Time. Children mix music, movement and foreign language to entertain and engage their young minds. Each class includes at-home materials to keep rocking once class ends, which is only appropriate for a program held at the home of the Naples Philharmonic Orchestra. Ages: Newborn to 7 years Cost: $65-$110 Contact: 239-269-2570,

Opera Naples

Gulfshore Playhouse This Paradise Coast professional regional troupe held two camps for theater hopefuls in June and will host two more in July. For the summer installment of STAR (Student Theatre Artists in Residence), a popular year-round program, teaching 72  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

Naples’ resident opera company offers a summer youth program the last week of June, giving tenors and sopranos the opportunity to learn music and bring to life a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta. If you miss it, look into the group’s O.N.E. Community programs held throughout the year. Ages: 12-22 Cost: $200 Contact: 239-963-9050,

Anyone in town can support and take in the talents of KidzAct campers. The three plays staged for the intensive summer production classes culminate with public showings at Sugden Community Theatre, one of the nicest professional-grade facilities in Naples. For tickets to Rock Around the Block, Disney’s The Little Mermaid Jr. and Les Misérables, call 239-263-7990.

KidzAct by The Naples Players One of the nation’s preeminent community theaters wants young thespians to take the stage. Morning “showcase camps” are designed to instruct, inform and inspire. After a summer or two of these, advanced performers ages 8 and older can audition in the spring (this year the tryouts were held in May) to land a role in one of several summer production classes where kids work together for a month to put on shows for live audiences at the group’s state-of-the-art hall on Fifth Avenue South. Ages: 4-10 (showcase camps), 8-18 (production classes) Cost: $125-$400 Contact: 239-434-7340, ext. 10,

If You Have multiple kids with numerous interests, These camps have something for everyone—and a sole pick-up and drop-off for Mom and Dad. SOUTH BREEZE DAY CAMP Held at Seacrest Country Day School, which looks more like a college campus with state-of-the-art resources and manicured grounds, this traditionally structured camp is the best bet for families who would prefer glamping (that is, glamorous camping) to tents in the woods. The daily schedule mixes education, leisure and “electives,” where kids get to pick special extendedrun sessions that include traditional and nontraditional options like improv, journalism, fashion design and rocketry. Diversity carries over into every facet of camp: The day’s docket of sports could have archery, ga-ga (Israeli dodgeball), tennis, yoga or flag football. Camps are also run during Thanksgiving and winter holidays, giving parents a break and kids the activity they crave. (239-530-2999,

SPORTS C.L.U.B. NAPLES Sports may be in the title, but there are way more options for fun. This nonprofit takes its mission to provide safe and stimulating after-school programs to another level each summer by hosting camps covering a wide range activities—and all include options to extend hours to help busy working parents. Sports C.L.U.B. runs age-specific camps at locations across the county, so no time is wasted commuting. But if a few extra minutes in the car is a not an issue, we recommend the camp at Bonita Springs Recreation Center because it has a skate park, tennis courts and a pool. Primary schoolers are put in charge, as they choose a new activity every 45 minutes, and middle schoolers take over 20,000 square feet of air-conditioned play space. (239-566-2582,

CANTERBURY SCHOOL Spending summer at school is probably not a kid’s first choice, but again this Fort Myers-based private school offers so many cool programs we promise they won’t mind. Fencing, photography, lacrosse, chess, robotics, foreign languages and cheerleading are a sampling of what’s available. Multiple sessions and schedules make it possible to create a custom calendar blending academics and recreation for 100 percent fun. (239-481-4323, ext. 124, CAMP COLLIER Technically this is a nine-week day camp rooted in weekly themes such as “Space, The Final Frontier” (before- and after-care is available). But the county also has a plethora of targeted programs scattered throughout the area to suit every child’s interests, from golf to waterskiing to pottery. (239-252-4000, NAPLESILLUSTRATED.COM | JULY/AUGUST 2013  73

FRIENDSHIP RIDE: A Unique Proposition Playing nicely with others is a fundamental lesson learned in kindergarten. But giving your child the opportunity to mix with kids from all walks of life drills that value to the core. Local nonprofit Naples Equestrian Challenge runs a summer camp for its year-round therapeutic riding students—who are blind, autistic or have other special needs—where typically developing kids are invited to also partake in the fun. The student-to-instructor ratio is kept low, and in addition to the varied barn activities, campers enjoy daily games and arts and crafts. Now that’s a horse of a different color, one we find really beautiful. (239-596-2988, 74  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

Sports and Fitness Oggi Oggi Oggi Soccer Camps The Florida Fire Juniors, one of the official affiliate youth clubs of Major League Soccer’s Chicago Fire, holds summer soccer camps locally that help thousands of players up their games. All levels are welcome to Champions Camp, now in its twenty-second year, where kids spend a week developing and practicing general skills. Targeted camps are available for competitive prodigies focusing on specialties like goalkeeping and shooting. Ages: 8-18 Cost: Full-day $220, half-day $140 Contact: 888-278-3707,

Camp Bobbin Hollow Saddle up for English riding at Bobbin Hollow’s world-class facility off Vanderbilt Beach Road, where learning hunt seat, dressage and saddle seat are just the beginning. Equestrians of all backgrounds are also taught barn management, riding etiquette and proper horse care. Ages: 6-17 Cost: $500 per week, $125 per day Contact: 239-592-1033,

BMX Extreme Camp Want to practice sweet BMX moves and play basketball, ping-pong and video games? Yes, please, says every boy we know. Ages: 7-15 Cost: $150 Contact: 239-252-4000,

“Many players have graduated from our camps and played college soccer, professional soccer or national team soccer, but most important, all players thrive in the positive environment we work to create.” —Gavin Spooner, Director of Coaching, Florida Fire Juniors

Academia Sánchez-Casal While we can’t promise your child will be a superstar like Spanish hotshot Rafael Nadal, this new tennis training facility is the best place to foster a path to greatness. World-famous former pros Emilio Sánchez Vicario and Sergio Casal opened in Naples last year the only United States branch of their Barcelonabased academy, which has trained elite players such as Ana Ivanovic. Each week throughout the summer, the program includes 18 hours of tennis, 10 hours of physical training and activities outside of the sprawling Airport Road campus. Ages: 12-17 Cost: $1,400 per week (nonboarding) Contact: 239-263-1818,

Scuba Outfitters of Naples It’s hard to believe, but it only takes kids a week to discover the wonders under the sea and become card-carrying divers with PADI Junior Open Water Certification. For four days, they practice the principles of scuba in the center’s heated pool and then trek to Key Largo for a weekend of ocean dives. Younger swimmers can also get in on the action with the half-day Seal Team program. It’s “scuba lite” in the pool and ends with a simulated

wreck dive. Everyone will want to know what your kids did for summer vacation. Ages: 8-10 (Seal Team), 10-17 (PADI Jr. Certification) Cost: $275, $499 (excluding Keys trip) Contact: 239-280-5500,

Naples Community Sailing Center Sail away for the day, with Mom and Dad’s approval, of course. Weeklong sessions are designed to provide kids with fundamentals, like knot-tying and rigging. Then watch them progress to race-ready tactics to take on the high seas. Ages: Sessions organized by skill level Cost: $300 per week Contact: 239-403-7193,

Germain Arena Hockey and Figure Skating Camp Naples may never freeze, but that doesn’t mean we can’t cool down yearround at this local rink. Don’t forget a jacket for the five-day ice fest that introduces children to either the basics of hockey or graceful leaps and spins. Ages: 5-18 Cost: $250 Contact: 239-948-7825, ext. 1302, NAPLESILLUSTRATED.COM | JULY/AUGUST 2013  75

Nature, Science & Technology Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples (C’MON) There is no way for youngsters to be bored with enthusiastic instructors, dedicated activities and 30,000 square feet of interactive exhibits to roam. Each week brings a new topic of discovery: chemistry, television production and more. Days are filled with activities based on the theme as well as outside play and playtime in the museum’s exhibits. Don’t worry … we won’t tell the kids they’re learning, too. Ages: 5-13 Cost: Full-day $300 per week, half-day $150 per week (members get a 10 percent discount) Contact: 239-260-1600,

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida Three new programs (AquaCamp, Land Lubbers and Wild Discoveries) are bound to bring out the naturalists hiding inside children by encouraging them to get out and explore the variety of environments

in the Paradise Coast. They can get up close with aquatic animals, unearth the area’s unique flora and fauna, encounter native widlife or mix and match all three programs during the six available weeklong sessions held at the Conservancy’s recently renovated Nature Center. Ages: 6-13 Cost: Members $255-$285 per week, nonmembers $305-$335 per week Contact: 239-262-0304, ext. 266,

Video Game Design Camp and Web Design Camp Watch your child grow into a tech star. The pair of four-day programs run backto-back and teach teens the basics of how to produce a video game and how to build a website from scratch. Inspiring future careers is a big plus, but the real benefit? Kids are having a blast problem-solving and challenging themselves at every turn. Ages: 10-17 Cost: Video game $170, website $160 Contact: 239-252-4000,

Naples Botanical Garden

Pint-sized botanists get full-size eco adventures at Naples Botanical Garden. 76  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

Drawing on the bounty of the sanctuary’s 2.5 miles of plant species, campers will develop a green thumb. From harvesting plants (and then transforming them into tasty snacks) to examining the variety of wildlife Southwest Florida offers, children will connect with the world around them through investigation, art and play. Ages: 5-12 Cost: Members $250 per week, nonmembers $300 per week (includes meals) Contact: 239-643-7275,

Nature’s Wonders Summer Camp Imagine days filled with hands-on activities in a museum-like lab led by certified Florida master naturalists. This does exist, but the facility is the best-kept secret behind the beachside doors of The Ritz-Carlton, Naples. Luckily, the two week-long programs in July are everything a budding marine biologist could dream of, and the camp is open to local families (no need to be hotel members or guests). Kids explore the living eco-sanctuary featuring 11 aquariums and catch sight of sea creatures like sharks, crabs, turtles, alligators and eels. Ages: 5-12 Cost: $500 per week (including lunch) Contact: 239-598-3300, u

Extra, Extra: Cooking Up a Storm Mad scientist or mad-delicious? Both! Sur La Table’s gorgeous new classroom could have the honors of being the birthplace of the next Mario Batali. Kids ages 8-12 and teens 13-17 spend five days learning the science behind favorites like pizza, gelato and sushi—and how to prepare them. Knife skills and kitchen safety blend with solving the mysteries behind why bread rises or how oil emulsifies. Each chef-in-training will leave with a packet of recipes and an apron included in the $250 cost. (239598-1463,


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Original photo


by Vanessa Ro


Who’s your hero?

Super Men

Naples’ most fascinating, charismatic and dynamic men.

September 2013

To reserve your copy of Naples Illustrated’s September issue,


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Picture of Health

Naples Illustrated presents its annual health care and wellness resource.


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Dr. Kevin Lam,

Dr. Brian Timm,

FACFAS, DABLES, DABPS Family Foot and Leg Center Reconstructive foot and ankle surgery.

AACFAS, DABLES Family Foot and Leg Center

EDUCATION & CERTIFICATION: Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine (honors); American Board of Podiatric Surgery certified; American Board of Lower Extremity Surgeons certified. Less than 700 podiatrists in the US with Double Board Certification. INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUES: Nail laser for fungus treatment; nonsurgical neuroma extraction/excision. SPECIAL INTERESTS: Reconstructive adult and child flat-foot deformities; integrated health/nutritional counseling; peak performance for runners, Olympic and other competitive athletes.

EDUCATION & CERTIFICATION: Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science; American Board of Lower Extremity Surgeons certified. INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUES: In-office operative suite; on-site ultrasound guided injections for neuroma cure; high-energy shockwave center for heel pain. SPECIAL INTERESTS: Post-traumatic osteoarthritis/joint salvage; limb salvage; revision surgery.

661 Goodlette Road N., Suite 103, Naples, FL 34102 239-430-3668 •

Reconstructive foot and ankle surgery; wound care.

12250 Tamiami Trail E., Suite 101, Naples, FL 34113 239-417-2256 •


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Elizabeth Fox, M.D. Fox Plastic Surgery Center

Plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

EDUCATION & CERTIFICATION: Notre Dame University and University of South Florida (bachelor’s); University of Miami (medical and general surgery); University of Alabama (plastic surgery); additional studies in plastic and endoscopic surgery. PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS: American Society of Plastic

Surgeons; American Board of Plastic Surgery. Innovative techniques: Natural youthful facelifts; Brazilian waistreduction tummy tucks; breast augmentation; cleavage enhancement; filler facelifts. special interests: Empowering patients to be the best they can be and live the fullest life possible.

827 Myrtle Terrace, Naples, FL 34103 • 239-262-8585 • SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL FEATURE


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Heidi Falanga

Executive Health Management

Manuel M. Peña, MD Board-certified plastic surgeon.

EDUCATION & CERTIFICATION: University of Georgia (bachelor’s, magna cum laude); Medical College of Georgia (medical and plastic surgery); Charity Hospital, New Orleans (internship); Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami (surgical residency); University of Miami (fellowship); Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat (fellowship); New York University (fellowship); American Board of Plastic Surgery certified. professional memberships: American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery; American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery; Florida Medical Association; Collier County Medical Association; Florida Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUES: Full facial rejuvenation using volume restoration such as fat grafts; “Silk Purse” necklift using a dermal collagen suspension strip. SPECIAL INTERESTS: Facial rejuvenation surgery; body sculpting; breast augmentation/reduction; surgical missions for cleft lip/palate to Central and South America, Africa (Uganda in July 2009, accompanied by daughter Monica, a firstyear resident in pediatrics).

At Physicians Regional Healthcare System, we understand the importance of receiving truly personalized care in an organized and timely fashion. With a variety of specialists under one roof, our Executive Health Management Program is designed to address all your health care needs in one day with extended physician visits and immediate results. INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUES: Heidi takes a conciergestyle approach to preventive care, offering unparalleled service by consulting with clients to develop a customized schedule based on each person’s specific medical needs. Each client is escorted to the appointments to ensure little to no wait, facilitating any additional appointments that may be necessary. SPECIAL INTERESTS: The Executive Health Management Program caters to each person’s schedule, screens for risk factors and helps patients maximize their abilities to feel their best. She also suggests how to avoid future health problems—all in our beautfiul facility located in the heart of Southwest Florida.

6370 Pine Ridge Road, Suite 101, Naples, FL 34119 239-348-7362 • SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL FEATURE

6101 Pine Ridge Road, Naples, FL 34119 239-304-4713 •

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Niki Varveris, DPT Physiofit

Physical therapy. EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATION: University of California, Davis (undergraduate); University of Miami (masters of physical therapy); University of St. Augustine (doctor of physical therapy); Florida Gulf Coast Univeristy (executive MBA). PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS: American Physical Therapy Association; Florida Physical Therapy Association. INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUES: Combining advanced therapeutic technology such as radial pulse

therapy, cold light laser and the AlterG anti-gravity treadmill with the art of manual therapy to facilitate recovery of musculoskeletal disorders and promote a healthier lifestyle. SPECIAL INTERESTS: Treatment of neuromusculoskeletal disorders of the neck and spine, pre- and post-operative rehabilitation of joint replacements, management of chronic and acute soft tissue injuries and postural wellness training for optimal quality of life.

1575 Pine Ridge Road, No. 15, Naples, FL 34109 • 239-593-4348 • SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL FEATURE


Teresa Sievers, MD,

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Barbra J. Reed, DMD, MS, PA

Reed Orthodontics

Orthodontist (braces for children, teens and adults)

MSMS, FAARM, ABAARM Restorative Health and Healing Center

Internal medicine, anti-aging and functional medicine.

EDUCATION & CERTIFICATION: Doctor of dental medicine from the University of Florida; master of science in oral biology and certificate in orthodontics from the University of Louisville. professional memberships: American Association of Orthodontists; Southern Association of Orthodontists; Florida Association of Orthodontists; American Dental Association; Florida Dental Association; West Coast Dental Association; Collier County Dental Association. INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUES: Using the most current technology and techniques, including 3-D digital imaging, to provide the highest level of patient care; making treatment more comfortable and efficient, and creating beautiful smiles and healthy, functional bites; customizing treatment for every unique facial and occlusal concern. SPECIAL INTERESTS: Treating cleft palate and craniofacial abnormalities; improving aesthetics and efficiency of orthodontic treatment; producing the positive psychological benefits of having a beautiful, healthy smile for people of all ages.

EDUCATION & CERTIFICATION: Fairfield University (bachelor’s in biology); Ross University School of Medicine; University of Florida Internal Medicine; board certified in internal medicine; fellowship trained in anti-aging and functional medicine; University of South Florida (medical master’s degree metabolic and nutritional medicine). professional memberships: American College of Physicians; American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine; Collier County Medical Society. INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUES: Dr. Sievers, with Karen Callan, CHHC, created Best Body Now: Doctor Designed Health & Fitness Solutions™. These programs offer an integrative approach to weight loss, nutritional health and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. In addition, she offers FDA-approved Scenar biofeedback therapy for pain. SPECIAL INTERESTS: The master’s degree from USF, the only program of its kind offered through a medical school, sets her apart in her field. Because eight of the top 10 causes of death are directly related to nutrition, patients who do not improve with conventional medicine seek her expertise.

2550 Northbrooke Plaza Drive, #100, Naples, FL 34119 239-596-2255 •

10201 Arcos Ave., Suite 201, Estero, FL 33928 239-948-7291 •


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Alan N. Rembos, DDS Cosmetic, general and implant dentistry.

EDUCATION & CERTIFICATION: Northwestern University Dental School, advanced training in cosmetics, implants, veneers, oral sedation and facial cosmetics. PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS: American Dental Association; American Academy of Implant Dentistry; American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry; Academy of Facial Cosmetics; American Academy Of Laser Dentistry. Innovative techniques: Minimally invasive computerized anesthetic delivery for all treatment, providing the most comfortable injections for patients; same-day oral/

implant surgery with immediate placement of dental implants; smile makeovers in weeks; the most advanced in-office whitening techniques; oral sedation available to have the most relaxing treatment possible. special interests: Dual certification training in facial cosmetics for Botox and dermal fillers; featured on FOX TV, showing the newest advances in dentistry; awards from Sanibel and Naples for best DDS; quality and comfortable care are a hallmark of the practice; three convenient locations in Fort Myers, Sanibel and Naples.

4001 Tamiami Trail N., Suite 280, Naples, FL 34103 â&#x20AC;˘ 239-434-0400 â&#x20AC;˘ SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL FEATURE


current PROMOTIO N AND EVENTS • july/August 2013

Stock development Stock is one of the most dynamic and innovative development and construction companies in Southwest Florida. With more than seven decades of building experience, the Stock family name has long been synonymous with quality real estate. The company is currently building in eight luxurious Southwest Florida communities. 2647 Professional Circle, Suite 1201, Naples 239-592-7344 |

Source Clothing Company

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A unique, locally owned and operated clothing shop, Source Clothing Company offers high-end men’s and women’s apparel, jewelry and accessories, like this bag from the Ella Vickers Recycled Sailcloth Collection. These eco-friendly bags are handcrafted in the United States using yacht sails from around the world and feature water-resistant lining. 2700 Immokalee Rd. #6, Naples 239-260-1855 |

Fox Plastic Surgery Center With today’s use of fillers, patients are looking for something that lasts longer than Juvederm or Radiesse. The Fountain of Youth might exist within the body’s fat cells. When a fat cell is injected into a wrinkle, the stem cells augment the collagen, blood supply and dermis of the skin. The fat cells also restore the much-needed volume around the mouth, naso-labial folds and cheeks. Complimentary consultations are available. 827 Myrtle Terrace, Naples 239-262-8585 | Dr. Elizabeth Fox



Erik Kellar

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User Name: DianaR

Biking and a Side of Bruschetta The longer sunlight hours of summer evenings create great pedaling opportunities, and the pretty backdrop of Old Naples is perfect for a leisurely bike ride. On July 28, Naples Pathways Coalition (NPC) wheels out the next installment of its summer series, Ride & Dine. It’s a nice, slow cruise around town followed by dinner and drinks. The point is relaxed fun, good for all ages and skill levels. Cyclists meet at Barbatella at 5:30 p.m., coast the neighborhood for about an hour and pedal back to the start for some delicious Italian eats. NPC is dedicated to cycling and pedestrian safety in Naples and has helped pave the way to make the city a safer place to walk and ride. There’s no cost to join the outing, and Barbatella is donating 10 percent of each biker’s check to NPC. Looking for more of a challenge? Check out NPC’s Fourth of July Patriotic Pedal Fun Ride. It’s a 60-mile stretch to Marco Island and back, beginning at The Bike Route on U.S. 41 in Naples at 7 a.m. and ending with a good ol’ American cookout in The Bike Route’s garden. For more information on both rides, visit —Tyler Shore


087-Balance-0713.indd 87

6/5/13 9:45 AM


Heart Times

In pursuit of repairing unhealthy hearts, scientists at the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute in Los Angeles are searching for a biological fix for irregular heartbeats. Their research, published earlier this year in Nature Biotechnology, shows when the Tbx18 gene is inserted into ordinary heart cells, it transforms them into pacemaker cells, which creates the electrical activity needed to make the heart pump blood. Currently, doctors prescribe medications or insert electronic pacemakers when things go awry. But this research suggests a biological remedy may not be too far away. Researchers hope to conduct clinical trials on humans within the next two to three years, an inspiring development that makes our hearts skip a beat. ( —Mary Gibble

Heat Sense

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User Name: reynaldo

Yes, the weather is sultry, but that doesn’t sideline Neapolitans who love to exercise outdoors. We polled some local fitness trainers for sensible safety advice. In addition to their unanimous number-one rule—drinking copious amounts of H2O—here are their other top tips and suggested activities. B ­ y Alicia Hauser

Memmy Staber, private trainer

Jon Bates, Addicted to Fitness

n “Go to the beach to exercise and  use the water to cool down. I like walking in the surf. It is good resistance on your leg muscles, and the water keeps you cool.” n “Take advantage of the local  kayak and paddleboard rental places in the area. You can exercise while enjoying Mother Nature.” n “Take a TRX band to the park or  beach and latch it to a tree for builtin shade while you work out.”

 SEAN WELLS, NAPLES PERSONAL TRAINING n “Weigh yourself before and after working out. For every pound lost, drink 20 ounces of water.” n “Wear clothing that is light in weight and light in color. It will help reduce the amount of trapped and absorbed heat.” n “In addition to water, hydrate with coconut water—it's a great, natural, low-calorie beverage that is packed with electrolytes.”

n “Pick the time of the day wisely— early in the morning or later in the day when the temperature is not as hot.” n “Working out in the heat is not for  beginners. Start indoors and consult with your doctor if you’re new at it; prepare your body to work outside.”

Sarge Brown, Naples Fitness Boot Camp n “It’s good to have a banana. The  potassium will help your body maintain energy throughout the heat.” n “I recommend early morning boot  camp—the fresh air at that time of day will help increase oxygen uptake, which helps your body adjust to the humidity and heat. Exercising outside increases serotonin in the brain, and that is what makes you happy. So if you are working out outside, you’ll be a lot happier throughout the day.” n “Believe you can achieve anything  and just by believing it, you have already reached part of your goal.”

App for That Of course, your heart rate is a key indicator of your overall health. With the Heart Fitness app from SensCare, you can keep abreast of your heart rate without having to meet up with your doc. After relaxing in a sitting position for around five minutes, simply cover your smart phone camera with your fingertip and wait for the finger detection gauge to turn green. Your heart rate in beats per minute will then be displayed, allowing you to evaluate and track your heart health. (Apple iTunes Store) —M.G.


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5/30/13 4:08 PM

CMYK Good Natured

Fresh-air family fun is on tap this entire month. Head to Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve ( for a guided kayak tour Tuesdays from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. of Rookery Bay, Henderson Creek and a maze of lush mangrove tunnels. Open to ages 12 and older, the tour has a $45 fee that covers equipment, instruction and admission to the Environmental Learning Center as well. Meanwhile, the under-12 set can experience Rookery Bay gratis through July 26 on Kids Free Fridays with stories, crafts, a touch tank, films, presentations and walking trails. July is also the National Recreation & Park Association’s “Park and Recreation Month.” Celebrate by visiting one of Collier County’s myriad play places (collier​ But nothing could be cooler this time of year than splashing in the water works of Sun-N-Fun Lagoon at North Collier Regional Park, featuring thrill slides, pools and a 1,200-foot river for tubing. —Kat Smith

Paddle with a Rookery Bay guide on a two-hour tour through labyrinthine mangroves while learning fascinating facts about the natural treasures surrounding the reserve.

Holding Court

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User Name: DianaR

After being sidelined by surgery, favorite local pro Chris Eddy is back in action at the Mary C. Watkins Tennis Center, and it’s game on for her popular summer-season weekday doubles clinics and Friday night mixed doubles round robins. Both are open to the public, and all skill levels are welcome; however, most players fall between USTA 3.0 and 4.0 ratings. Call in advance to reserve a spot. (239-435-4351)

Photo Finish

A new wave of velvety, colorless multitasking creams loaded with silicone can be used over makeup to create a flawless look by softening the appearance of creases, lines and large pores. Some products to try: Repêchage Vita Cura Opti Lift Serum gives a wrinklebusting six-hour lift and Repêchage Hydra Dew Illuminating Cream Mask casts a glowing sheen (Philip Douglas Salon, Naples); suki Targeted Bio-Brightening Face Serum minimizes hyper-pigmentation (; and Merle Norman Expert Touch Finishing Spray locks makeup firmly in place (Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio, Naples). —K.S.

Pick one of these new skin care products to add a final perfecting touch to your face.


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6/5/13 9:45 AM


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The Buying Specialist Has Money For You


New and Vintage Jewelry & Watches Rolex • Patek Philippe • Breitling Any Size Diamonds from .50ct - 20cts and up Gold • Silver • Platinum • Burma Rubies • Kashmir Sapphires Colombian Emeralds • Fancy Yellow Diamonds Crystal • Lalique • Paintings • Designer Hand Bags • Coins • Antiques All Designer & Estate Jewelery and Much More! PROVIDENT NAPLES I 541 5th Avenue South Naples, Florida 239.649.7737

PROVIDENT NAPLES II 766 5th Avenue South Naples, Florida 239.649.7200

(Not an Authorized Dealer of Rolex)





The Trade-In Specialist Has Jewelry For You

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User Name: jrey


PROVIDENT NAPLES I 541 5th Avenue South Naples, Florida 239.649.7737

PROVIDENT NAPLES II 766 5th Avenue South Naples, Florida 239.649.7200




Jarred Kaplan Managing Partner



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Naples Illustrated showcases the areaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s luxurious residences on the market


090-lux prev opener-0713.indd 90

6/6/13 1:51 PM


Welcome To Our World Of Ultra-Luxury Welcome To Our World Of Ultra-Luxury We Specialize in Naples’ Properties Exclusively Over One million dollars We Specialize in Naples’ Properties Exclusively Over One million dollars

Il Corsini at Mediterra

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

Bonita Beach

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

Le Ciel Venetian Tower

$4.450 Million F.

Web Ref. #N212031069

$2.125 Million

Web Ref. #N213011442

$5.999 Million

Aqualane Shores

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

Web Ref. #N212035441

$3.999 Million

Estates at Grey Oaks

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

Web Ref. #N211508627

$1.790 Million

Estuary at Grey Oaks

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

Estuary at Grey Oaks

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

$4.595 Million

Web Ref. #N213007370

$2.495 Million

Quail West

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

VillaLago at Mediterra

Web Ref. #N212034054

$1.375 Million

Web Ref. #N211520256

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

Web Ref. #N213005976

$1.190 Million

Westgate at Moorings Beach

$1.040 Million

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

Web Ref. #N212028363

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User Name: jrey

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

$6.100 Million

Web Ref. #N213007468

Capistrano at Grey Oaks

Trey Wilson 866.884.6597

$1.300 Million

Web Ref. #N211514264

Olde Naples Seaport

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639



Web Ref. #N213002423

G E R a R d P. L i G u O R i , C a R m E N N . d ’ a N G E L O , J R . , J O S E P h G . L i G u O R i G E R a R d P. L i G u O R i , C a R m E N N . d ’ a N G E L O , J R . , J O S E P h G . L i G u O R i

EmiLY K. Bua EmiLY K. Bua ESTaTE aGENT


866.884.3639 866.884.3639 TadE Bua-BELL TadE Bua-BELL BROKER aSSOCiaTE

866.884.6597 866.884.6597 miChaEL dahOOd miChaEL ESTaTE aGENTdahOOd



Global Network Global Network



Luxury Portfolio International Luxury International MayfairPortfolio International Realty Realty Who’sMayfair Who In International Luxury Real Estate Who’s WhoReal In Luxury Estate FIABCI International EstateReal Federation FIABCIReal International Real Estate Leading Estate Companies Of Federation The World Leading Real Estate Companies Of The World 866.884.3491 866.884.8196 866.884.3491 866.884.8196 296 14th avenue South | historic Third Street district | Naples, Florida

296 14th avenue South | historic Third Street district | Naples, Florida

nn aa pp ll ee ss ee ss tt aa tt ee pp rr o o pp ee rr tt ii ee ss .. cc o om m

©2012 Naples Estate Properties A Premier Estate Properties Company. All Rights Reserved. Duplication in part or in whole is strictly prohibited by copyright law. Information herein is believed to be accurate but not warranted and is subject to errors, omissions, or changes without notice. SomeEstate affiliations may not be applicable to certain geographic areas. ©2012 Naples Estate Properties A Premier Properties Company. All Rights Reserved. Duplication in part or in whole is strictly prohibited by copyright law. Information herein is believed to be accurate but not warranted and is subject to errors, omissions, or changes without notice. Some affiliations may not be applicable to certain geographic areas.















ap t.


errat ierre

oronado ugano illa

#904 gulf Views, At grey oAks. gorgeous #606 gulf Views, corner #1603 rAre! oVer 2300 sq.ft. 5901 VIA LUGANO CHARmING, #1604 CELESTIAL GULF VIEWS #606 GULF VIEWS, CORNER #1703 RARE CENTERfloors 3/2. sunsets, 4/4 den ensuite. pool home. oVer 5000 sq ft end unit, mArble of luxury! 3/3 through RARE, TOTALLY UNIQUE. FROm THIS ExTRAORdINARY ENd UNIT, mARBLE FLOORS HUGE GULF & SUNSET VIEWS. upgrAdes gAlore! stone of pure luxuryl, upgrAdes 3/3 designer finished Views from gulf to golf! TROPICAL GARdENS SURROUNd CLOUd ESTATE! 3,650-SF A/C, 3/3 dESIGNER FINISHEd & OVER 2000 SQ.FT. SPACIOUS. floors! fAbulous ceiling gAlore! 4+den/4.5. custom And furnished. fiVe stAr super floorplAn lArge GORGEOUS PRIVATE& POOL/ SPA 4,500-SF TOTAL. FOUR BR SUITES, FURNISHEd. GUEST SUITES, PRISTINE. WONdERFUL detAi. grAcious rooms finishes. wine cellAr. luxury high rise. guest picture windows. bright AREA. KITCHEN ANd BATHS PRIVATE ELEVATOR, TENNIS && TENNIS & FITNESS CENTER ON FLOORPLAN. THROUGH VIEWS sensAtionAl flow! oVer three cAr gArAge. suites, tennis & fitness And light eAst And west REmOdELEd. $899,000 FITNESS ON SITE! $3,295,000 SITE! $1,975,000 EAST ANd WEST. $995,000 4000 sq t. $2,645,0000 $2,295,000 center on site! $1,975,000 terrAces. $1,399,000


ainecrest cala

At the colony. #903 834 BENTWOOd dR.&BRIGHT SE VAst gulf, bAy sunset LAKE VIEWS OVER POOL. Views! oVer 3600 sq 3/2 ft. WITH COZY FIREPLACE. REAL superior upgrAdes! VALUE! BEST PRICEd POOL 3/3.5+den+fAmily room. HOmE IN COmmUNITY! $1,295,000 $859,000


icole aurent

aurent ierre

#1905 sweeping gulf, #1703 rAre center 3/2. #505 WIdE GULF, BAY & #1103 GORGEOUS GULF ANd sunset & golf course huge gulf & sunset Views. SUNSETAll VIEWS! UPGRAdES! SUNSET VIEWS! ImmACULATE Views in one! oVer oVer 2000 sq.ft. spAcious. ENd NEW KITCHEN/ CONdITION. WOOd FLOORS. 2000 sqUNIT! ft 3/2. much loVed pristine. wonderful BATHS!tower. mARBLErArely FLOORS!on 2 TERRACES. luxury floorplAn. through Views $799,000 5 STAR LUxURY TOWER. mArket! $1,170,000 eAst And west. $925,000 $799,000


ierre aurent

#2002 mAgicAl cloud #1802 AmAZING GULF ANd home AmAZing SUNSET with VIEW! RENOVATEd! gulf & sunset Views! PRISTINE CONdITION. deliciously designer 2/2. LUxURY BLdG. remodeled! 2/2/den $729,000 $899,000

pending sale pending sale

SP. M t


B G SS .P .N t








#1505 rAre! pAnorAmic 630 BRIdGEWAY LANE. gulf & sunset Views from GORGEOUS PRIVATE VILLA! 2600 + sq ft. 3/3/den. eAt in 3/2 SUNNY KITCHEN WITH kitchen. corner end unit. GRANITE. SOARING CEILINGS! Views 3 directions. LUSHin GARdENS & CLOSEbig TO sunny terrAce! SHOPS. THE PHIL & WATERSIdE $1,395,000 $899,000


t. ayfront aurent

#2102 gulf &AT sunset Views BAYPOINT VANdERBILT thAt will BEACH #604.tAke GULFyour & BAY breAth AwAy! celestiAl! VIEWS. dOCK INCLUdEd. 3/2 2/2/den, wood floors & RENOVATEd GREAT RENTAL through Views! rAre! INVESTmENT! WALK TO BEACH! $899,000 $699,000






GS . L t


inecrest t icole t#904 GULF VIEWS, itts SUNSETS, #1905 SWEEPING rosvenor rosvenor GULF, SUNSET & #305 PEEK AT GULF VIEWS #204 LARGE WESTERN #102 BRIGHT WATER ANd F-301. HUGE VALUE IN COURSE VIEWS ALL IN ONE! OVER THE ESTUARY, TERRACE OVER FOUNTAIN VIEWS. PELICAN BAY. GREAT 4/4 dEN ENSUITE. UPGRAdES 834 bentwood dr brightFACING#505 #302NEW sw gulf & sunset wide gulf, bAy & #504 GOLF gulf Views. oVer 2000 #602 totAlly remodeled OVER 2000 SQ FT 3/2. mUCH LOVEd LIGHT & BRIGHT ENd UNIT, THE ESTUARY. WAY KITCHEN, GRANITE, CONdITION. 3 BR, GALORE! se lAke Views oVer pool Views. huge 3/3 oVer 2500 TRUE sunsetGREAT Views! upgrAdes! sq.ft. 2/2/powder room. & exquisite. gulfSTONE ViewsFLOORS! & LUxURY TOWER. 2BR+dEN TO ENjOY ALL THE 5-STAR CARPET & PAINT. CLOSE TO TENNISsunsets. & BEACH 2/2/den FABULOUS CEILING dETAI.spAcious. 3/2 with coZy fireplAce. sq.ft!BIG recent upgrAdes! end unit! new kitchen/ eAsy RARELY beAchON & glAssed mARKET! $1,099,000 $499,000best pricedAmENITIES OF PELICAN 2-CAR GARAGE EAT-IN KITCHEN GRACIOUS ROOmS &Access. reAl reAl VAlue! spAcious roomsACCESS. All with bAths! mArble floors! VAlue! reAdy lAnAi. tiie throughout! VALUE $499,000 WITH RENOVATIONS. SENSATIONAL FLOW! OVER to go! $529,000 pool home in community!BAY AT A REAL$799,000 greAt Views. $675,000 immAculAte! $595,000 PRICE! $479,000 $399,000 4000 SQ FT. $2,450,0000 $839,000


SS PM t.








S KV G t.



& #504 GULF VIEWS. OVER #1505 t RARE! PANORAmIC #1602 RARE! SEE THE SANd #602 TOTALLY REmOdELEdalencia arissa orchester GORGEOUS. & SUNSET GULF & SUNSET VIEWS & WAVES ON THE BEACH! 2000 SQ.FT. 2/2/POWdER #802 light And bright #1104 big gulf And sunset GULF h-102 greAt locAtion! mARBLE, TILE,reAl FROm 2600& + SQ FT. 3/3/dEN. 2600from SQ FT.huge ALL VIEWS. GRANITE, ROOm. SPACIOUS. EASY gulf sunset View.3/3 OVER Views terrAce! greAt price! VAlue! & WOOd FLOORS! LOVELY! EATperfect IN KITCHEN. CORNER TILE & RENOVATEd! ACCESS. REAL condition! All rooms see the gulf! big neAr beAch BEACH trAm & $575,000 ENd UNIT.VIEWS IN 3 $995,000 VALUE! REAdY TO GO! upgrAdes! VAlue! furniture & condo tennis! spAcious 2/2. dIRECTIONS. BIG SUNNY $529,000 reAdy to moVe in! cAr AVAil. bring All offers! seller sAys “sell now!” TERRACE! $1,299,000   $510,000 $499,000 $319,000


Attention Buyers




You have the best opportunity in the past 10 years to secure your dream home at VALUE prices. DON’T WAIT too late! alencia t. arissa #802 LIGHT ANd BRIGHT GULF & SUNSET VIEW. PERFECT CONdITION! UPGRAdES! REAdY TO mOVE IN! $499,000



CMYK Bill Earls  •  239.777.6622  •

Naples luxury real estate Port royAl

Port royAl

On a grand scale along the Gulf of Mexico, this iconic Gordon Drive beachfront estate property affords aonce-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build your own “magnum opus” of world-class estates. No other beachfront estate available offers as great a prospect as this private domain on 3.14 acres/136,756 square feet bounded by Gordon Drive and the Gulf of Mexico. $32,000,000

Villa Vista, offering perhaps one of the most breathtaking views and location to be found on the beach in Naples. Overlooking Gordon Pass, this idyllic seaside location presents an elegant and contemporary home sprawling over 7,709 S/F of living area that has been thoughtfully renovated to provide the ultimate luxury beach experience! Available as a luxury rental on an annual basis or seasonally. Call for availability and for seasonally adjusted rates.

Port royAl

Signature Port Royal estate epitomizes Naples beachfront living with a site that comprises 150 ft of beachfront & features stunning Gulf of Mexico vistas. This is the magnum opus of Naples beachfront rentals! Custom pool/ spa, separate guest house & almost 7,700 SF 7/5.1BA . Call for availability and for seasonally adjusted rates.

eStAteS At BAy colony

old nAPleS

Idyllic seaside residence built in 2007. Panoramic beach vistas. Tropical solitude and refined casual elegance. Large great room with fireplace. 3-bay garage. 5,573 SF 4+den/3.1 $9,950,000

Port royAl

Situated on prestigious Gordon Drive with approximately 23,325 SF with an approximate building area of 9,145 SF. Existing house is a tear-down and is being sold as a building site. $8,995,000


User Name: jrey

Magnificent home secluded on double lakefront estate site, 15,247 SF of living area. 8 bedroom suites, study, conference room, billiards room, gourmet kitchen home theater. 8+den/10.4 $9,900,000

AquAlAne ShoreS

“04 Build your ultimate home w/stunning bay views! Boat dock with lift. Short walk to beach & minutes to 3rd St & 5th Ave shopping & dining. $3,400,000

PelicAn BAy

“04” end unit in highly sought after Biltmore. Over 3,325 sq. ft. of living space with large wrap-around balcony +2nd balcony w/Gulf/Bay views. 3+den/3.1 $3,250,000


Grey oAkS

Gorgeous estate home w/almost 7,700 SF of top quality finishes & golf/lake views. Enjoy Championship golf. 5+den/5.2 $4,400,000


Full Page Name: rampage_share:Rsi Jobs:Naples:Rsi Data:JRWBENI0713.pdf Separations: Cyan Magenta Yellow Black Job Name: Naples Customer Name: Comment:

10 50

Pine ridGe

Hemingway-style estate home boasts 4,649 sq. ft. w/custom millwork & stonework. Large lush outdoor areas for entertaining. 3+den/3.1 $2,495,000

lAurentiAnS 1-A

Unique, direct beachfront condo with private walk-out to beach. 2,760 SF LA Complete renovation. 3+den/3.1 $2,395,000


AquAlAne ShoreS

Placid long water views unfold within this spacious home offering 100’ of frontage on deep-water yacht basin. 3+den/3.1 $2,950,000

90 95 98










3+den/4 Excellent value. Florida style home built in 2005. $1,750,000

old nAPleS

Charming condo features vaulted ceilings & light cheerful décor. Only 2 blks to Gulf & 1 blk to 5th Ave Dining/Shopping. 3/3 $995,000


Grey oAkS

3+den/3.1 Elegant & spacious home w/over 4700 SF LA. 3 car gar. Fantastic lake & golf view. $1,900,000

Full Page Name: rampage_share:Rsi Jobs:Naples:Rsi Data:WEBNI0713.pdf Separations: Cyan Magenta Yellow Black Job Name: Naples Customer Name: Comment:

User Name: jrey


Infinite Luxury Lifestyle. naplesillustrated .com featuring

Party photos. The hottest parties and coolest people. Style. Fashion, jewelry, accessories, beauty and shopping. event calendar. Society, charity, community, the arts, nightlife and NI exclusives. videos. Even more glimpses

of the good life. blogs. The Wheel World by Howard Walker â&#x20AC;˘ Worldview by Daphne Nikolopoulos â&#x20AC;˘ Global Gourmet by Mark Spivak. Contests. Register on Recipes. Delicious dishes from top chefs, restaurants and entertaining experts. Listings. Searchable categories from A-Z for the finer things in life.


Full Page Name: rampage_share:Rsi Jobs:Naples:Rsi Data:3STCVNI0713.pdf Separations: Cyan Magenta Yellow Black Job Name: Naples Customer Name: Comment:

User Name: jrey

Glamour Since Glamour Glamour Since Since

Third Street South Concierge 239 434-6533 Third Street South Concierge 239 434-6533 Third Street South Concierge 239 434-6533

& Good Times 1930’s &theGood Times &theGood Times 1930’s the 1930’s


a unique

gift shop

a unique unique a

gift shop shop gift a unique

gift shop

The Birthplace of Old Naples


239-261-9806 239-261-9806

239.434.1885 naples florida 34102 294 fourteenth avenue south



For an Exceptional Shopping Experience Third Street South Concierge 239 434-6533

Full Page Name: rampage_share:Rsi Jobs:Naples:Rsi Data:3RDSTNI0713_1.pdf Separations: Cyan Magenta Yellow Black Job Name: Naples Customer Name: Comment:

User Name: jrey

Karine Sultan Paris. Exclusive at BR uno.

1193 Third Third Street Street South South 1193 1193 Third Street South Naples, Florida 34102 Naples, Florida Florida 34102 34102 Naples, 239-261-9806

1185 Third Street South • Naples, Florida 239.643.8900 •

Extensive selection of over 700 fine imported fragrances including Acqua di Parma, Creed and Annick Goutal. Skin Care by: Clarins • La Prairie • Guerlain • De Markoff • the BALM Ahava • Zoya • OPI Nail • ERA Spray on Foundation • Cellex-C Lip Fusion • Blinc • Mason Pearson • J.F. Lazartigue Paris Manicure • Pedicure Hair Design • Colorist Acrylic • Gel • Shellac Brazilian • Keratin • Extensions Bosley Hair Loss Treatment Massage Therapy

European Facials Make-Up Application Waxing

Monday-Saturday 10am - 9pm Sunday 11am - 6pm

La Femme Perfumery

Delray Beach, FL • 561.272.6654 Cape Cod, MA • 508.477.3900

351 12th Ave. South • Naples 239-434-7444 • 800-749-5233 •

1193 Na


CMYK Enhancing Your Home For Over 100 Years


COLLECTION 294 fourteenth avenue south naples florida 34102 239.434.1885


Yves Delorme 2013 Collection

Full Page Name: rampage_share:Rsi Jobs:Naples:Rsi Data:3RDSTNI0713_2.pdf Separations: Cyan Magenta Yellow Black Job Name: Naples Customer Name: Comment:

User Name: jrey

Le CherChe Midi FragranCe John derian deCoupage

The most exquisite collection of linens and accessories for your bed, bath and table... and of course elegant lingerie. 320 13th avenue South | oLde napLeS (239) 263-8881 | CarlsonsFineJewelry.Com

1250 3 rd S treet S outh W o lde N apleS 239-262-4791 or 800-344-4552


SINCE 1966

Rare Paraiba

Home of the

“Naples Medallion” From the Beach to the Philharmonic…

Beth Moné Children’s Shoppe

The Birthplace of Old Naples

1197 Third Street South, Olde Naples 239.261.7952 |


Third Street South Concierge 239 434-6533

Full Page Name: rampage_share:Rsi Jobs:Naples:Rsi Data:3RDSTNI0713_3.pdf Separations: Cyan Magenta Yellow Black Job Name: Naples Customer Name: Comment:

User Name: jrey

1301 3rd Street South H Olde Naples 239~261~3447 H 800~747~BETH

GIA Certified Appraiser • Custom Design Redesigning • Fine Jewelry Repairs We Buy and Trade Gold, Platinum and Jewelry

Third STreeT SouTh


agenda CULTURE


jACK kenner ©2013

Full Page Name: rampage_share:Rsi Jobs:Naples:Rsi Data:NPI_0713__105.pdf Separations: Cyan Magenta Yellow Black Job Name: Naples Customer Name: Comment:

User Name: reynaldo

Sniff out the Naples Art Association exhibition “Dogs I’ve Nosed,” while it’s still on view through July 22 at Physicians Regional Healthcare System. Honoring furry friends with a series of up-close pooch portraiture by photographer Jack Kenner, the exhibit has 30 black-andwhite and color images. The gallery space at Physicians Regional Healthcare System features artwork on temporary display to support a healing environment. “People have really been connecting with this exhibition,” says Kathleen Taylor of the association. “They will walk right up to the photos and talk to the dogs, saying things like, ‘Oh, aren’t you a cutie!’ and ‘Look at you— good boy!’” (

Split, Jack Kenner, black and white photograph, 18 by 12 inches.


105-agenda-0713.indd 105

6/5/13 9:43 AM

CMYK agenda


JULY/AUGUST 2013 ART & MUSEUMS The Baker Museum, Naples—Revelation: Major Paintings by Jules Olitski; Multiplicity; Florida Contemporary 2013; Fifth Annual Student Exhibition; Inner Worlds of Domestic Violence Survivors III exhibit presented in conjunction with The Shelter for Abused Women & Children’s Healing Arts Program, all through July 7 (the museum will be closed July 8-Sept. 24); 239-597-1900. Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs—Sand, Surf, Summer exhibition opening reception and open house, July 5, exhibit through July 25; Alla Prima Alla Fun, July 11, Aug. 1; Bling it On, July 17, Aug. 21; Art Walk, July 25, Aug. 29; The Message is Abstract, opening reception, Aug. 2, exhibition through Aug. 29; Raku & You, Aug. 13; Promenade at Bonita Bay;

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Harry Wayne Casey, a.k.a. KC

Boogie Night Shake your booty at the Seminole Casino Immokalee on July 20 with KC and the Sunshine Band, who will be playing old favorites, plus a few new tunes. Wear your dancing shoes to the concert because the three-time Grammy Award-winning band is sure to keep you on your feet. We caught up with Miami native Harry Wayne Casey—KC, that is—as he was prepping for the show. (See for tickets.) NI: Did you ever expect that your music would have so much staying power? KC: No, but you never think of those kind of things. You’re just thinking for the moment and making the music for the moment. It’s just amazing that it has done what it’s done. I am very grateful for it. Everybody has always tried to tear us down and say our music was senseless and all that sort of thing. And evidently it’s not—

because it is still played in TV commercials, at sporting events and on the radio. So I guess its not so senseless after all. Why do you think people still love your tracks at parties? I created the sound and the music to energize and bring excitement to people because music was really dead and dark at the time I started writing these songs. So it’s just natural for it to still be popular at parties. When you hear it, you really want to get up and dance, and the lyrics are easy to sing along with and stuff like that. So I think all of the ingredients make it the perfect party record. What do you love the most about living in Florida? What is not to love about Florida? The people are great; we’ve got a lot of culture here. I think it’s just a great place. —Melanie Hembree

Write Time for Theater

The dog days of August practically sit up and beg for compelling entertainment. To the rescue is Gulfshore Playhouse (GP), which will present its First Annual New Works Festival from August 12-17. Three playwrights and a team of actors and directors will collaborate on writing, production and rehearsals and then present works to an audience. Kristen Coury, GP founder and producing artistic director, and Cody Nickell, artistic associate, collaborated on choosing the three writers, who were then invited to come to Naples and participate. The resulting three plays will be presented in staged readings August 16 and 17 at the Norris Center in Naples. For tickets, visit


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6/5/13 9:46 AM

CMYK Funky Town Get your groove on with a water view and soft breezes at the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club’s SummerJazz on the Gulf. The Next two shows in the annual free series feature Late Night Brass, bringing back its high-energy horn section July 20, and on August 24, Vodkanauts, a five-man band covering eclectic classics from the Rat Pack to surf sounds to rock ‘n’ roll. Bring a chair or a blanket (but leave the cooler at home). The Hotel’s bars and restaurants will be open and supplemented by concession stands where music fans can hydrate and power up. For more information, visit


Boardwalk at Rookery Bay, visit website for dates;

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Journeyman Photography Gallery, Naples—First Friday Open House, July 5, Aug. 2; Captivated Image Films: Our Wild Gulf Coast, Aug. 1, Cuba, Street Level, July 11, Aug. 8, Under An African Sky, July 18, Aug. 15, Alaska: Kodiak, Aleutians, Denali, July 25, Aug. 22, Costa Rica, Aug. 29; 239260-5771. Marco Island Historical Museum— Shorebirds of South Florida, photography exhibit, through Aug. 31; Center for the arts of Bonita Springs’ Alla Prima Alla Fun theme for july 11 is Koi Fish. (

Marco Island Historical Society— Monthly meeting/program, July 2; films: Square Grouper: Drug Smuggling in Southwest Florida, July 9; Marco in the Making, Aug. 6, Rose History Auditorium;

CommUNITY Gallery at the Collier County Sheriff’s Office—Art exhibit featuring works by the children of Redlands Christian Migrant Association, July 1-12; 239-252-0810.

Mercato, Naples—Saturday Nights Alive and Pop-up Gallery, artists and street performers, July 13, Aug. 10; 239254-1080.

Conservancy of Southwest Florida— Nature walks at Tigertail Beach, Marco Island, Clam Pass, Naples, and Briggs

Naples Art Association at The von Liebig Art Center—Dogs I’ve Nosed, photographs of dogs by Jack Kenner,

Physicians Regional Healthcare System, Naples, through July 22; Naples Daily News Photographers, through Aug. 3; Camera USA: National Photography Award 2013, through Aug. 16; ARTScool Open House, Aug. 11, Student Exhibition, Aug. 12-24; preview reception for The Sixth Annual Non-Juried All Artists Members Show of Shows and Selected Works from the Naples Art Association’s Collection, Aug. 30; Naples Historical Society at Historic Palm Cottage—Tours of Historic Palm Cottage, Tuesdays through Saturdays; guided tours of the Norris Gardens, first and third Thursdays; walking tours of the Historic District, Wednesdays; 239261-8164. Rosen Gallery & Studios, Naples— Box, Canvas and Clay, exhibit of recent works in assemblage, clay, collage, mixed media, oil, pastel, sculpture and watercolor, through Oct. 31; Clay: Hand Building & Raku Techniques, five-week class, Monday evenings or Thursday afternoons; Art Studio Tours, daily, featuring assemblage/collage, ceramics, mixed media, oils, pastels, sculpture and watercolors, reservations required; 239-821-1061. NAPLESILLUSTRATED.COM | JULY/AUGUST 2013  107

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6/5/13 9:46 AM

CMYK agenda


FILM Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs—Films for Film Lovers, The Station Agent, July 8, Water, July 22, Promenade at Bonita Bay; Collier County Library Film Series— Company, July 10, 11, 16; for times and locations, call 239-252-7542. Mercato, Naples—Movies on the Lawn, July 16, Aug. 20; Naples International Film Festival— NIFF Film Society Summer Series, movie plus refreshments and film discussion, July 9, Aug. 13, Silverspot Cinema at Mercato;

FOOD, WINE & FASHION Angelina’s Ristorante, Bonita Springs—Half-Price Wines Special, receive half off all bottles up to $175 with purchase of an entrée, through Sept. 28; Summer Wine Series, menus paired with featured wines, July 17, Aug. 21;

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Fifth Avenue South, Naples—Evening on Fifth, shopping, dining and live music, July 11, Aug. 8; 239-692-8436.

Modern Mexican Masters will be on view through July 7 at The BAker Museum of ARTIS—NAPLES. (239-597-1900)

Nordstrom, Naples—The Anniversary Party and Sale, kickoff event July 20 and shop the latest trends and merchandise at reduced prices in store or online for two weeks, July 19-Aug. 5;


Gulfshore Playhouse, Naples— Unmask the Power of the Theatre, one-week program exploring fairy tales, storytelling, props and more, ages 5-8, July 8-12 or July 22-26, Norris Center, Naples; 239-213-3058.

Sea Salt, Naples—Summer Cooking School, includes two glasses of wine, lunch and chef demo: How to Shop and Create a Menu, July 13, and How to Make a Delicious Meal With What’s in Your Refrigerator, July 27; 239-434-7258.

Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples—Science Saturday, July 27; Sand Castles for Kids, Aug. 7; Celebrate Lebanon, Aug. 7; Mini Wonders of Celebration, Aug. 27-30;

Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve—Kids Free Fridays, summer educational programs, through July 26;

Third Street South, Naples—Thursday on Third, shopping, dining, live entertainment, July 18, Aug. 15; Farmers Market, Saturday mornings, behind Tommy Bahama; 239-434-6533.

Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve—Living Waters: Black & White Photography by Clyde Butcher, through Nov. 14;


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6/5/13 9:46 AM

CMYK Village on Venetian Bay, Naples— Dancing by the Fountain, July 25, Aug. 29;

4—Fourth of July Fireworks, City of Naples’ annual show at the Naples Pier; 239-213-7100.


4—Marco Island Fourth of July Celebration, entertainment and fireworks display, Residents Beach;

Mercato, Naples—Mercato Nights Music Series, July 4, Aug. 1;

SPEAKERS & SEMINARS Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, Naples— After Hours, the boardwalk and nature center open until 9 p.m. for themed educational and cultural presentations and tours, theme: Moths, Fireflies & Ghost Orchid, July 12;

SPECIAL EVENTS, JULY 4—Fourth of July Parade, starts on Third Street South turning on Fifth Avenue South and ending on Eighth Street South; 239-213-7100.

SPORTS, JULY 4—Moe’s Firecracker 5K, run sponsored by Gulf Coast Runners, Fleischmann Park, Naples; 28—Family Summer Series Ride & Dine, presented by Naples Pathways Coalition, a bike tour through Old Naples suitable for riders of all ages followed by dinner at Barbatella, Naples, with portion of dining checks benefiting NPC;

THEATER/DANCE Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs—Locals LIVE!, July 25, Aug. 29; Youth Theatre: My Son Pinocchio Jr., Aug. 2-3; Improv Showcase, Aug. 6; Reader’s Theater, Aug. 7; Promenade at Bonita Bay; Germain Arena, Estero—Quidam by Cirque du Soleil, Aug. 7-11; Naples Players—Les Misérables, through July 28, KidzAct teen version, Aug. 2-4; other KidzAct shows: Rock Around the Block, July 5-7, Little Mermaid Jr., Aug. 6-10; Sugden Community Theatre; 239-263-7990.


For updates and additional listings, visit

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we reach you.

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Daniel Lubner, President of Naples’ best address for style, Clive Daniel Home

Tell Associate Publisher Kaleigh Grover about your business and get her ideas about how Naples Illustrated can bring you just the right audience.

239-434-6966 |


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5/31/13 1:14 PM



Naples Weight Loss & Wellbeing



Lose up to 30 Lb’s in 30 days! • Weight Loss

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• nutrition Care • Healthy Living

{ Diet Programs starting at $399

(239) 596-1896

2590 Northbrooke Plaza Dr., #103 Naples, FL 34119

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Celebrating The Grand Opening and Featuring Some of the Areas Most Talented Salon & Spa Professionals.

Suite 103

Suite 107

Suite 109

Tina Head (239) 571-0102

Virginia Hair Studio Hair by Jackie Virginia DAmore Jackie Jackson (239) 200-2050 (239) 825-1653

Suite 115

Suite 123

Suite 126

Suite 127

Earth Salon of Naples Jessica Corr (239) 601-4256

Hair Designs by Shannon Shannon Flint (239) 250-1808

Samantha Sees (239) 249-2476 Heidy Famiano (239) 777-7262

Deborah Kree Elias (239) 595-7104

HAIR(cont.) HAIR & MAKEUP Suite 110


Suite 128

Suite 106

Suite 125

Rebecana Hair Designs Rebecca Concilla (239) 273-8134

Hairology of Naples Texture Dee Va Beauty Bar Odie Torres Gabriella Verderamo Danielle Kocses Eden Cantrell (239) 595-5599 (239) 595-7310 Hillary Bowers (239) 404-3815

Suite 102

Reina Nails Reina Hinojosa (239) 821-4326

Stop by and visit your favorite salon professional today. Located at Mission West, 1485 Pine Ridge Rd., Naples |

Life is Suite

Phenix Salon Suites is the first of its’ kind in Naples and proud to introduce our salon professionals. Each independent salon owner is very committed to serving the clients’ needs in their new, upscale private salon suite.


Pantone 322 C Pantone 179 C


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*Laundered shirts washed with Tide and Downy vs. the leading value detergent alone Proudly using

239-330-3758 • 7-7 Mon-Fri, 8-5 Sat, 10-3 Sun

NaplesIllustrated Introducing_v6.indd 1

3/28/13 11:39 AM

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Creating the highest quality the highest quality Creating Creating the highest quality custom woodworking, furniture, customwoodworking, woodworking,furniture, furniture, custom andmillwork millwork in South Florida and millwork South Florida and inin South Florida

Kitchens &&Baths Baths Kitchens Kitchens& Baths Studies& Libraries Studies &&Libraries Libraries Studies

(239)594-WOOD 594-WOOD (239) (239) 594-WOOD

Entertainment Centers Architectural Millwork Architectural Millwork Entertainment EntertainmentCenters Centers Architectural Millwork Built-Ins Closets Fine Furniture Built-Ins Closets Fine Furniture Built-Ins Closets Fine Furniture

TradeCenter CenterWay, Way,Naples, Naples,FLFL34109 34109 2385 2385Trade 2385 Trade Center Way, Naples, FL 34109

Kitche Studie

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Let us pamper you and

your home





Luxury H


C l e a n i n g S e rv i C e S (239) 848-5099 |

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Epiphany Salon & Spa offErS many SErvicES: Wigs, ExtEnsions, toppErs & toupEE’s privatE room With LargE sELEction! By Paula Johnson naples Finest hairstylist.

• color specialists • Low maintance custom hair cuts • Keratin smoothing & straightening treatments

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ePiPHanY salon & sPa

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laser hair removal Buy one area get the second of equal or lesser value FREE


summer special Vampire Facelift

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Vi Peel – $100 off LED teeth $99 whitening –

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Skin Deep. Naples’ premier medical aesthetics and laser center features the most advanced, non-invasive procedures and laser equipment available with a friendly, professional staff and on-site Medical Director.




5490 Bryson Drive, Ste. 202 | Naples, FL 34109

SkinDeep_NISummerhalfvert.indd 1


make your

5/28/13 10:49 AM

Social Observer 2




The Holocaust Museum & Education Center of Southwest Florida What: Triumph 2013–Lives of Valor, the annual fundraising event and patron party, honored Major General Sidney Shachnow (retired), Ann R. Jacobson and Lorie Mayer for their contributions to the world and our local community. These individuals personify the museum’s mission to promote respect and understanding by teaching the history and lessons of the Holocaust. Venues: Naples Luxury Imports (main event), Collier’s Reserve Country Club (patron party) A Naples Illustrated-sponsored event.


1. Carole Schecter, Steven Mayer, Lorie Mayer 2. Peter Reisner, Ann R. Jacobson, Susie Reisner 3. Mailea and Paul Hobaica 4. Major General Sidney Shachnow, members of the Palmetto Ridge High School JROTC, Mike Coyne 5. Elinor and Robert Hayum 6. Bill and Chris Barnett

Ron Dunnington






NORRIS HOME FURNISHINGS What: The Writer’s Domain, a private preview party and book-signing event with local authors, including Karna Small Bodman and Robin Cook among others, was presented by Norris Home Furnishings in partnership with Barnes & Noble. The event benefited First Book-Collier County. Venue: Norris Home Furnishings’ Naples showroom 1. Lee Ann Massa, Karna Small Bodman 2. Robin Cook, Susan Salimbene, Dirk Anderson 3. Barbara King, Tom King 4. Myra Janco Daniels, James Lilliefors 5. Larry and Renee Norris, Gary Klann, Mitzi Metcalf, Doug Ulrich 6. Mary Beth Binkley-Gill, Michael Conners






Social Observer



4 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation


What: The theme of the JDRF Hope Gala Illumination Ball was Bringing the Cure to Light. The gala honored David Collar, CEO of Black Cat Fireworks and a type 1 diabetic for 50 years. The night also featured silent and live auctions, dinner, dancing and live entertainment. Venue: The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, Naples 1. Ursula and Brad Bryant 2. David Collar 3.â&#x20AC;ŻAnna Reddish, Meghan Danner 4. Dorothy Santhin 5. Mark and Nicole Stevens 6. The setting 7. Cami Lang, Alyssa Danner 8. Lizzy Ralton, Hannah Carroll

7 6



116â&#x20AC;&#x192; NAPLES ILLUSTRATED


Armid Metohu Video & Photography


4 3 Foundation for the Developmentally Disabled What: The foundation held “A Very Special Evening for Very Special People,” its eighth annual gala, raising $110,000, the highest amount in the event’s history. Venue: St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, Naples 1. Norma Macchia. Marianne Frey, David Glenn, Nick Ciletti 2. Joshua and Loren Rudnick 3. Russell Rochow, Patricia Kimidy 4. Maggie and Roger McMorrow 5. Joseph and Karen Benaroya 6. Len Zaiser, Rebeca Zaiser, Brittany Williams, Nick Williams

6 5


CMYK Social Observer


Alicia hauser


CURE CANCER What: “Let’s Cure Cancer” was the theme of the second annual dinner to benefit the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Research Center; organizer Rose Murphy, an 11-year pancreatic cancer survivor and Naples resident, received her life-saving treatments from the renowned facility. Venue: The Country Club of Naples 1. Dick and Clair Mohn, Judy and Wayne Davidson 2. Karna Small Bodman, Charlie and Rose Murphy 3. Marie Dray, Linda Wizeman, Carol Henry 4. Joanne and Jim Hobin 5. Sandy and Debbie Katz, Sandy Dubberely, Kathy and John Taylor, Cathy Thompson 6. Chuck and Jan Feeny

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5/30/13 4:11 PM

CMYK 1 2

OUR MOTHER’S HOME What: The Hearts of Love Gala featured guest speaker Tom Monaghan, founder of Domino’s Pizza and Ave Maria University. The evening raised funds for the nonprofit, which provides a safe, loving environment for teens and human trafficking victims in the foster care system and their babies. Venue: Spring Run Golf Club at The Brooks, Bonita Springs 1. Susan Souza, Lindsay Logue, Jim York, Teresa Sievers, Pat Kreutzer, Wanda Hurt, Bob Forget Jr., Karen Watson 2. Jaree Rook, Darlene Henry 3. Tom Monaghan, Jim York 4. John and Karen Callan 5. Caroline and Ed Cederquist 6. Michael and Sharon DeLaura



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Astrid and Rene Photography

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5/30/13 4:11 PM

FAMILY Values By Christina Wells

On Friday evenings, Ed and Linda Morton and their son Sean dine at a local restaurant to stay connected and catch up—and to go over their latest philanthropic pursuits. “My parents and I share a common goal of building a better community,” Sean says. Sean, partner at Morton & Wasmer Builders LLC, volunteers for the American Cancer Society and the Optimist Club of Naples’ soccer program for kids. He also just finished three terms as chairman of the Gene Doyle


My parents never said it was important to give back. They led by example, not by words.

—Sean Morton

Backcountry Release Fishing Tournament, a popular annual event held in May. Proceeds fund the Gene Doyle Adventure Scholarship, which gives three Collier County high school students a chance to take the adventure of a lifetime, self-designed or through programs such as Outward Bound. So far, more than 43 Collier County students have gone to destinations each summer ranging from the Appalachian Trail to the whitewaters of Alaska. “I have been a volunteer since the event began 16 years ago,” Sean says. “What started out as a way to remember a lost friend has grown into something much more meaningful.” Linda, a former educator, is a program director for Take Stock in Children, a nonprofit administered by Champions For Learning (formerly The Education Foundation) that provides opportunities for youths to escape the cycle of poverty through learning. Ed, managing director at Wasmer, Schroeder & Co., is the former CEO of NCH Healthcare System. He was the force behind implementing a school nurse and athletic trainer program in the Collier County schools, and Ed and Linda both served as volunteer track coaches and are credited with bringing women’s track to Naples. “The healthier the community, the better we all are. You get back more than you give,” Ed says. At the heart of it, compassion and action make up the Morton charitable formula. “My back,” Sean says. “They led by example, not by words.” u



parents never said it was important to give

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Floridaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Premier Resource for Interior Design, Fine Furniture, Art and Accessories. Come visit our showrooms to see why we are recognized as one of the most beautiful furniture stores on Floridaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Gulf Coast.

326 13th Avenue South


(239) 649-0906 IB26000776


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When you’re built to be the world’s best, you tend to build quite a following. described the all-new ATS as “...the car we’re most excited about.” And perhaps most impressive of all, it was the only car in the world to be named the 2013 North American Car of the Year. Introducing the all-new Cadillac ATS.



INTRODUCING THE ALL- NEW CADILL AC X TS Its revolutionary CUE 1 driver interface brings the simplicity of a tablet to your car. Pacesetting Magnetic Ride Control reads the road up to 1 ,0 0 0 times per second. The Safety Alert Seat reimagines the way drivers are warned. Progress — in all its forms — slows for no one. See how the all-new X TS is bringing the future forward at

4100 Tamiami Trail N. Naples, FL 34103

239-261-1234 1. Full functionality requires compatible Bluetooth ® and smartphone. Some devices require USB connectivity. Illustrations maybe pre-production images

Naples Illustrated July/August 2013