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Panamá, August 28th,2009

Issue N°3



dreadful with such style or simply dismiss it out from their own daily diet basis of metal stuff... any thoughts?

Hey, the other day I was surfing the net to find some cool unsigned bands all around the globe, so that was my first experience with Unsigned. com site. Sanctus Infernum caught up my attention immediately at first sight. Accidentally, I was looking for a canadian band but luckly I didn’t found it..

Ricky: Very excited about that. A line up of death and black metal. Should be a good night. Mark was corresponding with Typhon and they asked us to play on the bill. They said their was a band from Taiwan on the bill. Come to find out it’s Chthonic. Hell yeah !!!!

Hateweaver : Can tell us a brief history of the band, when you did come around into the underground music and how is the scene in Wichita, KS nowadays?

Hateweaver : I have seen Kelly Abbas sporting a Sanctus Infernum t-shirt, she´s a very luscious model and have good spot to advertise with her your band, how becomes this idea for promote your band with this hot canadian chick?

Ricky: I’m glad you found us as well. We formed in 2006 by Mark and I. He showed up at my door and so it began. As for the underground

Ricky : For sure it’s acquired taste. Growling vocals are usually the deal breaker with most listeners. We definately have no plans on pleasing them all. Hateweaver :The indie Russian label Bad Mood Man, will be in charge of the new production... or there is the slight possibility sign for a major record label ? Ricky: Actually still weighing options at this

Ricky: That was Mark’s idea and a good one. She’s HOT !!! Hateweaver : On my in-deep research online, I’ve found that Mark and Scott both are formerly members of the metal legends from Kansas, Manilla Road on the re-formative years. Is that correct ? Ricky: Yeah, Mark and Scott played on ‘Atlantis Rising’ (2001) and ‘Spiral Castle’ (2002). Funny thing is Scott played drums, now on bass and Mark played bass, now on guitar. Hateweaver : The word « Shemhamforash » it’s mentioned on the lyrics of the song :God Into Myself, that word implies radically the most unsolved mystery contemporary of all religious creedence about the real name of God, what really inspired you for write that song ?

KELLY ABBAS music scene I still miss the tape trading through the mail days. The scene here is descent. It has it’a moments. A work in progress. Hateweaver :I already listened some tracks featured on, those tracks were recorded during the session of your first fulllenght album ? Ricky: Yeah, at Anybody Listening ? studio Hateweaver : I checked also your Myspace/ sanctusinfernum band profile it appears a bill to support the taiwanese act «Chthonic » live on October 18th, can tell us more about it ?

time. Bad Mood Man have been great thus far. Very professional. We’ll see where the path leads us. Hateweaver : Thanks Ricky !... I will be taking a look when the new album it’s done, I hope everything goes fine with that. Any last words for our online readers and to our small, but proud loyal metalheads in Panama ? Ricky: Thanks so much for your interest and support. It is greatly appreciated. Cheers !!!!

Ricky: Lavey inspired. Self empowerment. Hateweaver : Your songs timing varies randomly ... ranging from the 10 minutes epicness of « The Journey Back » to the 3 minutes blitzkrieg tread of « Suffer » Do you feel more comfy writing short or large material? Ricky: For me it’s about the feel of it. If it feels to long or short it probably is. Hateweaver : Do you think that there is small the audience of listeners on the Doom circuit, In my own opinion I think some people feel pretty

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Interview Sanctus infernum  

Interview with Sanctus infernum band from USA by Headbangers Panama.

Interview Sanctus infernum  

Interview with Sanctus infernum band from USA by Headbangers Panama.