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all set to rise

Khazana Javaid’s 25th birthday bash!



we’re up all night for good fun! Hasnat Haider & Shazia Deen’s Party


s pr in g s u m m er 2014

boys are from mars girls are from venus Issue 25, Feb 23 March 01, 2014

Issue 25, Feb 23 March 01, 2014



contents 08 We’re Up All Night For Good Fun Hasnat & Shazia Deen’s party. 32 Romancing Festival The Sindh Festival Fashion segment. 36 All Set to Rise Khazana Javaid Butt’s birthday. 48 Crash Landings 7 By Isfandyar Zaman Khan. 49 What We Fancy Find out what tickles our fancy. 52 Life on Paperazzi Aliya Jaffer. 54 Get to the point The shoes of the moment.

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Shazia Deen & Hasnat Haider

we’re up all night f

Hasnat Ahmed Haider & Shazia Deen threw a fabulous party for friends and family at the Veranda Bistro in Lahore. Needless to say, everyone had a smashing time.

Shahzad Raza

Mehwish Khan, Shazia Deen, Amna Hasan, Sara Tanvir & Marium Saqib

Erum Alam



Sundus Manan 2014

Aly Khan

Faisal, Mona, Sara & Ghalib

for good fun!

Zainab Alam, Nadia Malik & Sehr Lone


Jania & Babar Bhatti

Maria Wasti, Feeha Jamshed & Amar Faiz

Hasan & Amna Tahir

Shahid Butt & Mehr Butt 2014



Sehr Lone, Hamilton, Zainab Alam, Mehr Butt & Imran Malik Jania Bhatti & Zara Shahjahan

Faraz Manan, Shazia Deen & Shoaib Shafi

Nadia Malik

Areeba Magsi & Juggan Kazim

Zeyn Ali & Saifi Khan Saif Magsi 10



Amna Khan

Tanya Hatib, Saniya Qureshi & Shamyl Alam Hassan Raazee

Sana Adil

Mariam Saqib

Hassan Ibrahim & Sara Tanvir

Mahreen & Fahad Butt

Mehvish Khan & Malik Shahid Butt 2013

Sonya Datti

Sonia Satti

Momina & Nael Ahmed 2014



Saima Raheem

Reema Faisal


Shadaab & Samina

Shadaab Wahaj hosted a lunch at Cafe Flo with all her friends as the year commences. Ladies were seen enjoying delicious entrées handpicked by the host and no body seemed to want the afternoon to end.

Samra, Asma, Shabana & Sadaf


Zarrin, Shahnaz, Naheed Lakhani & Ambreena 12




Fizza Bilal & Arooj Bilal Noreen Atiq

Sana, Noreen Baig, Ambreen, Azmat & Samina

Erum Khalid

Farhat Khalid Azeem Sani

Dr. Sameera

Sara Sohail 14


Samina Shahjani & Nadia Lakdawala

Afshan Javed 2014

Maryam Pagganwala

Aamir Mazhar

Ayesha & Saima 2014







Komal Dawani

Kanwal, Zara, Sana, Aqsa

Bonanza, English Boot House and LifeStyle Collection were recently launched at Central Avenue premium. Event managed by Verve Events, PR by Lotus hair and makeup was done by Splitends. The event was a big success!

Khawar Riaz & Asif Bilwani

Madiha, Alyzeh & Ahmer 20


Maheen Kardar

Faisal Farooqui 2014

Sarah Gandapur

Muhammad Ali & Babloo




Onaza & Ali Moin

Momin Malik & Madiha

Sophia Mirza

Selina Rashid Khan

Shoaeb, Anny & Anmber


Saeed & Salman Foha Raza 22



Anam & Hamza




ICI Dulux Team



The ICI dulux launched the color of the year 2014. They held a dinner at CafĂŠ Flo which was followed by a memorable performance by Zoe Viccajji. The event and PR was managed by Nirvana Events.


Mr & Mrs Ramiz Baig

Mr & Mrs Niazi

Madiha Ghani with a guest 24



Mr & Mrs Anwar Quettawala

Aqeel Bilgrami




Meherbano, Sohabano, Sameer, Amelia & Fahd Chinoy

Maira Pagganwala

fas h i o n for a caus e

Rema Qureshi & Shehrbano Taseer hosted a charity trunk sale, Fashion Supports Conservation, at the Mohatta Palace. The event was the first of the Sindh Fest’s Fashion segment. Photography by Sana Sultan.

Alyzeh Rahim Shirazi

Uzma, Frieha & Cyra

Mashall & Sehrish 34



Nubain & Maida

Shehryar Taseer & Tammy Haq

Sehr Piracha

Amy Haq & Sherry Rehman

Sabeen & Rema

Kasim Gillani

Aamna & Fareshteh

Shehrbano Taseer & Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari

Hena & Umair

Hafsa Alam

Asim & Sana

Salina & Sana 2014



Natasha Kamal & Purniya Awan

Fahad Butt & Omer Khalid

all s et to

Arifa Khawaja, Leena Ghani & Sami Sheikh

Khazana Javaid Butt recently celebrated his 25th birthday with friends a The party was a raving success. The event was managed by Verve.

Fizza Hameed Maira Chinoy Khurram Shafiq & Khazana Javaid Butt

Maha Qaisar 36


Huma Khan & Ali Shah 2014

Tania Khan

Mahra Bhatti, Cybil Chowdhry & Noor Bhatti

Fatin Gondal & Shahzad Malik

o ris e

Redah Misbah & Sana Bhatti

Momina Sibtain & Nadira Omer Khalid

ds and family at his farm.

Zoe Moin, Areeba Magsi & Mahreen Butt

Mariam Saqib, Mehvish Khan, Amna Hasan & Sara Tanveer

Noor Monnoo

Harib Javed

Imtisal Zafar

Hira Butt & Malaika Chaudhry

Mikail Khan & Izza Sami 2014



Aleena Naqvi & Saleha Shah

Zainab Qureshi

Ammar, a friend & Faisal Khalil

Haider & Saad

Daniyal Raheal

Amna Shah & Abbas Ali

Sara Raazee

Zainab Gardezi

Mariam Shah

Zeyn Ali


& Saifi Khan



Shahraiz Khan

Tanya Hatib, Mickey & Nida Rehman




Sanam Taseer & Kamiar Rokni These best friends are always a lot of fun. We love Sanam’s tied back hair & Kami’s pinstripe suit!

Areeba Asif

pairs an LBD & understated black pumps with a fun metallic bag.

h s ' o h w

e w s i h t

Shazay Salahuddin pulls off all red beautifully.

Bano Raazee

t o h

looks hot as ever in high-waisted black pants.

! k e e

Amna Hasan looks glam in black & white. We love her Charlotte Olympia story clutch.


s pr in g s u m m er 2014




Hina Mirza's Spring Summer 2014 collection comprises of ensembles that mix Asian tunics with western cuts and embellishments. Bold colours, pastels, prints, silks, embroideries and screen prints are used in this collection, making the clothes look effortlessly chic and beautiful.

Photography by Hina Mirza Hair & makeup Natasha Khalid Model Sana Ansari & Sania Khan Set Designer Kyran Tariq Mumtaz 2014
















supposedly having with the Taliban (didn’t we have them over Swat once and look how that ended). The talks are actually something they are having with themselves these days. Do I trust the future of 200 million Pakistani in the hand of just 10 homogenous fellows? Hell no. This is Pakistan, it’s my Pakistan and diverse. If we are to offer a hand of peace (again) to those that have killed more than 40,000 of my fellow Muslims (be it Sunni, Wahhabis, Shia, Hazara, Sufi etc), Hindus, Christians, school kids, police officers, singers, cinema goers, polio workers, mountain enthusiasts- then I need them to say that there is room for them all to operate and prosper and to follow the Quran themselves.

landings 7

ISFANDYAR ZAMAN At times, you just go round and round and end up right where you start, at times the journey makes you wiser and at times it just tires you. The last sojourn took me on Austrian Air OS684 seat 14C from Zagreb to Vienna. Zagreb itself is a quaint little stop on the once grand orient express train. The city has its first snowfall and it took an hour for the plane to be de-iced and another 45 min for the snow to be plowed up. All this made me precariously close to missing the connection to Salzburg in Vienna. Once in Vienna, l hopped off the passenger bus, ran across customs to make it to the nonSchengen area, cut the line in security, ran to gate F14 to be the last passenger to check in to Austrian Air OS 923. The bus then did a giant looping tour of the airport and deposited me to my plane. As I huddled up the rolled out stairs, I had a sneaking suspicion that I had just went round and round. I walked towards seat 14 C and glanced at the end of the gully to squint my eyes at the blond airhostess who also cocked her head a little, and we both had a knowing laugh. So here, I was back where I started, same plane, same seat, same airhostess, and yet did I end wiser or just exhausted? Speaking of going round and round in an endless circle takes one to the rather cozy talks we are 48



Verse 32 of surah Al-Maeda says “min ajli dhaalika katabnaa 'Alaa baniy israaiyla an-nahuu man qatala nafsam bi gayri nafsin aw fasaadin fiyl arDi fa ka'an-namaa qatalan naasa jamiy'….” - translated “whoever slays a soul, it is as though he slew all men; and whoever keeps it alive, it is as though he kept alive all men. So who is more Islamic here? The health workers that save lives or those that kill them? You just have to dig a bit further and you will see that in Al-Hajj Verse 40, the all mighty is “obligating Muslims to protect all cloisters and churches and synagogues and mosques in which God's name is remembered”. He goes on further to say that if He really didn’t like where His name is mentioned then He can destroy them Himself. This leads me to believe that He likes it when those rather opulent black gospel singers say “Hallelujah O Lord” or when some malang (dervish) swirls around to profess his love for God. So my two cents would be to listen to what all parties say but always good to arm yourself against an adversary and typically knowledge is the best way to do that. I think I may have digressed a bit, but then again what fun is life if it’s predictable. So ya, back to Salzburg. The city is nestled in the Austrian Alps is the home of Dietrich Mateschitz, the founder of Red Bull. When there be sure to check out Hanger 7 (thanks Claudio), which is essentially Dietrich’s private jet hanger. It houses his planes, formula 1 car and a Michelin starred restaurant Ikarus. In case you run into Dietrich maybe you can score an invite for us to his private Island of Laucala in Fiji, it will be even more delightful if he hosts the peace talks there. Maybe Bhoja air can sponsor it. Wishing you all a Sunday of peace, and may you never be made to stop posing for the camera, no matter how big a fashion crime you commit.

what we fancy! From the makers of Paperazzi! Find out what tickles our fancy!


super siblings!

Transport back into the Mughal period, and enjoy the delicious food which includes delicately spiced meals packed with flavour. Like the Nawabi culture from which it’s drawn, the food and style at this restaurant is subtle and refined. You must try their raan-e-dumpukt!

Caught by the Paperazzi cameras: Aatish & Sanam Taseer are seriously good looking siblings!

on the playlist Unconditionally by Katy Perry should be on everyone’s playlist!

quirky & fun Omar Shah, the twin brother of Ali Shah is equally quirky and equally fun! No party is complete without these two.

hot stuff fun stuff We love the new Chloé Susanna boots as seen on Miranda Kerr!

Leena Ghani is a stunning makeup artist, and always looks fab! She definitely makes it to our hot stuff list!

hollywood Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock & George Clooney, is the movie of the moment at this year’s British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards after winning 6 awards out of the 11 nominations!




boys are from mars girls are from venus Anaam Ayub Karachi

Tell us your all time favourite movie. It has to be Shawshank Redemption. What kind of music do you prefer? Don't have a favorite kind in particular I listen to anything that sounds good to me. Describe your ideal fun night out. Great food and interesting conversations with my friends and family. What do you like to splurge on? Make up How fashion conscious are you? Do you mind repeating outfits? I enjoy fashion and I love to look good but my life doesn't revolve around it and as long as I'm not meeting the same people I have no issues repeating my outfits!! What are your Pet peeves? Messy and unorganized rooms. What are usually the contents of your handbag? Wallet, sunglasses, cell-phone, Ti ouch, Mascara and hand sanitizer! 50



This week Paperazzi asked these ladies the inside scoop on what women really want. BY NATASIA KHALID

Bushra Parekh Karachi Tell us your all time favourite movie. Definitely Notting Hill! What kind of Music do you prefer? Chill house music but sometimes I need my pop dose! Describe your ideal Fun night out. Dinner with my close girl friends! What do you like to splurge on? Make up and chocolates! How fashion conscious are you? Do you mind repeating outfits? Don't mind repeating the clothing items but re-style to make a new look each time! What are your Pet peeves? Untrimmed nails, dirty feet & upside down shoes! What are usually the contents of your Handbag? My favorite bright colored lipstick, hand sanitizer & emergency snacks!

Gibran Ali Jamshed Karachi Tell us your all time favourite movie. Hmm.. Well it's hard to pick just one with movies like Lord of The Rings, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, etc. So, it's easier to just tell you a current favorite, which would have to be The Wolf of Wall St. What kind of music do you prefer? I know a lot of people in Pakistan don't listen to it, but I really like country music. Other than that I listen to pretty much everything. Describe your ideal fun night out. My fun night out would be games night at a friend’s house or out for a movie with my favorites. What do you like to splurge on? I definitely like to splurge on food. How fashion conscious are you? Do you mind repeating outfits? I am fashion conscious, but repeating outfits is not something that fazes me. What are your Pet peeves? I didn't think I had any till I just thought about it, but what really gets under my skin is bad service at restaurants. What are usually the contents of your pocket? Cigarettes, lighter, keys, cash (no wallet), and on some days, a pen. Pretty basic.

Mohammad Arshid Karachi Tell us your all time favourite movie. Top Gun without a doubt. It’s a movie for real men. What kind of music do you prefer? I like songs with depth not just noise. Describe your ideal fun night out. Anything as long as it’s spontaneous. A spontaneous plan is always the best plan! What do you like to splurge on? I’m always broke How fashion conscious are you? Do you mind repeating outfits? I wear a black t-shirt and jeans almost every alternate day! Decide for yourself What are your pet peeves? Questions as such. What are usually the contents of your pocket? I’d tell you but then I’d have to kill you! Just kidding, only my cell phone.




Summer holiday in Rome 2010 With friends in Thailand 2013


LIFE on paperazzi

Madonna’s concert

Business Director, Sheep

My teacher!

Summer in Central Park 2013

With my parents

Florence 2010




Post baby-With the girls in New York 2007

My biggest critic

Maghul Rashid Lela Rose Alizah Raza

Alexa Chung

Shazia Deen

get to the point!

Heel heights have been on the decline since last spring & now the spotlight is on sleek pointed flats as daytime staple as well as evening essential. Our feet can finally rejoice!

Anaam Ayub Susie Bubble wears Tabitha Simmons

Hasna Sami

Miranda Kerr wearing Miu Miu Marc Jacobs




Jessica Alba wears Jenni Kayne’s D’Orsay flats. They’re the most sought after flats. A must buy!

Sasha Barket

Tanya Taylor

Ammara Khan wears Valentino

Gulrukh Shafiq

Tanya Taylor

Maliha Aziz

When towering heel devotee Victoria Beckham is spotted wearing flats you know this trend is here to stay.

Jimmy Choo

Olivia Palermo Nicholas Kirkwood

Gianvito Rossi

Sublime by Sara shows us how to wear the velvet jacket

Tabitha Simmons 2014



what’s happening! Your weekly entertainment guide plus all the upcoming events and much much more! Paperazzi gives you the latest scoop!


Beaconhouse National University is having it’s multi-category annual event ‘Bestival 2014’. Over a span of four days, it aims to provide a platform for talented amateurs to showcase their latent skills along with promoting student culture, and encourage healthy competition in order to stir a spirit of camaraderie between people! When: Thursday 27th to Sunday 2nd March 2014. Where:13 KM on Raiwind Road, Lahore - BNU Tarogil Campus For more information, contact 0321-4510167

lahore literature festival

After its huge success last year, Lahore Literary Festival is back again this year. With over hundred foreign and national speakers, the three day event includes book reading sessions, panel discussions, book launches, exhibitions and performances. Be sure not to miss it! When: 21st to 23rd February. Where: Alhamra Arts Centre, Lahore


Become a guaranteed professional photographer in one month by joining this photography course held by Naeem Akram & Q.H.T! When: Saturday 1st March 2014, 4pm Where: 183/C,Model Town, Lahore - Naeem Akram Studios For more information, contact 0321-4434466

book fair


Robocop starring Joel Kinnaman is in theatres now!

Entrepreneurs and designers come together to showcase their work at the Fashion Street Exhibition! When: Sunday 23rd February 2014, 12pm to 9pm. Where: Sheraton Hotel, Karachi For more information, contact 0321-2030931 56



23rd February to 1st March


Our fab astrologer Zahid Haider, styles up your stars.Find out what’s in store for you this week!

For your in-depth weekly forecast call 0322-757-5219 E-mail:





Your early adoption of some gadget or catchphrase on Monday will have positive repercussions for you throughout the week and might set you on a new path. Your management skills will come into play midweek, and will definitely work to your advantage. The more people you’ve got on your side, the better. By Friday at the latest, your vision will be taking shape in reality and you’ll have all the assistance you can use. Watch out for little frustrations over the weekend — you might tend to blow them out of proportion.

Monday will feel a little bit unfair, like everyone has won a prize but you. The feeling won’t last long, because by early Tuesday morning you’ll be feeling grounded and able to reclaim any lost ground. In fact, midweek will be a good time for you to expand your ambitions and set new goals. People whom you don’t know well will rub you the wrong way on Thursday or Friday, but it’s just superficial personality conflict rather than a sign of deeper hostility. Get together with friends over the weekend, especially if you’re feeling down.

You’ll be thinking and operating on a deeper level on Monday. You’ll take your current interests somewhere you hadn’t expected to go. Family or business partners might start acting dictatorial on Tuesday, but it won’t last long and you’re probably better off just going along until they get bored. Late in the week you will be open to new ideas and might find someone who’s on your wavelength to expand your conceptual space. The weekend will inspire you to at least think about making a big change in your life. Try to articulate your desire as clearly as possible.

Do something nice for yourself on Monday, and don’t let yourself make a single sacrifice unless it’s vital to your sense of self. Your sensory and interpersonal awareness will be extremely sensitive through Thursday, so get ready for a barrage of data that might overwhelm from time to time. Your emotions will be out of sync with most people late in the week. Expect to feel a sense of alienation, but also a sense of pride in feeling honest emotions. Stick with big-picture or creative tasks over the weekend.





You’ll be on the cutting edge all day Monday, but not so far out that you make your friends nervous. Midweek brings a strong sense of needs — both your own and others’. Try to help out as much as you can, but don’t neglect yourself. You’ll have all the answers on Thursday and Friday, and your friends and family will be glad for all your help and advice. The weekend will bring an opportunity, but you should be profoundly skeptical. That’s not to say you shouldn’t take it — but examine it carefully first.

Though you’ll feel constrained by family or work obligations on Monday, try to just go with the flow and let freedom come naturally. Soon — as early as Tuesday morning — you’ll see a definite payoff, as well as an upwelling of powerful creative energy. Later in the week, you’ll need to be flexible as little diversions and interruptions get in the way of your daily routines. On Saturday and Sunday, you’ll have to be the driving force for the group, but don’t get too frustrated if others dawdle.

Very early in the week, you’ll feel like exploring some new territory. It might be actual turf, or it might be emotional — go wherever you feel is calling out for you. By Tuesday morning you’ll have reached your limit in at least one direction. It might be an authority figure in your way or a mental block. Later in the week you’ll feel in touch with those around you, and have a much sharper insight into their thinking than you had in the past. The weekend will be busy but slow, so don’t get frustrated if it turns out that no individual project advances very far.

Follow along with the flow around you on Monday — but keep a wary eye on the road ahead. The middle part of the week is great for career moves. You’ll be in the good graces of your supervisors and will have a firm understanding of your ambitions. An unexpected message or complaint comes late in the week from parents, elderly relatives or possibly an old friend. It won’t be pleasant at first, but you can turn it into a positive. Try to stick with creative pursuits over the weekend. Your juices will really be flowing.

sagittarius capricorn 23November/21December




Monday is great — you’ll be in the best mood you’ve seen all month or maybe all year. The good mood will last longer if you take time out for artistic culture midweek. Try to soak up something totally new to you. Your social skills will be sharp on Thursday and Friday, which is good timing as you’ll meet one or more new people that will grow into important roles in your life. Be very careful with valuables over the weekend: Your attachments to material things will be extremely tenuous.

Step into the week carefully and confidently. If you know where you’re going and have the trip planned, there won’t be any problems. Midweek you’ll be rewarded or otherwise recognized for your great performance. It’s a good time to finish up projects and start on new ones. New ideas will be a dime a dozen later on, so try to stall on taking any action that deviates too far from your pre-existing plans. Over the weekend, you’ll be able to get a lot done, even without much help. Music will be a great way to break up the work time.

Big changes are afoot on Monday, and they’ll be mostly for the good. You might find yourself thinking about new directions. Tuesday and Wednesday will be fairly mysterious — it might seem as if everything just happens on its own, without any discernible cause. Stay flexible and the feeling will pass. Your brilliance will be on display toward the end of the week, and you’ll scoop up some new believers as you rattle off your plans for change. Be careful with spending over the weekend — make sure that you balance your own needs with your generosity.

Keep your eyes and ears open on Monday — you’ll need to be fully attentive to catch the most important exchanges. The middle part of the week will be focused on group activities. You’ll be able to identify a change or addition that will help everyone tremendously. By Friday, your mind will be working overtime. Give it a rest by taking in a movie or vegging with a video game. Anything that can take your mind off the current situation will be perfect. The weekend will be wonderful for you, and those around you will take delight in your creative impulses.











Pakistan Today paperazzi issue 25, February 23rd  

Weekly magazine of Pakistan Today. Published every Sunday, Paperazzi performs a roundup of the weeks latest events & reviews in Arts, Entert...

Pakistan Today paperazzi issue 25, February 23rd  

Weekly magazine of Pakistan Today. Published every Sunday, Paperazzi performs a roundup of the weeks latest events & reviews in Arts, Entert...