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No matter what stage your relationship is in, you can always build romance into it and keep things interesting. While romance is important in the early stages, it is as much, if not more important as the months and years pass in your relationship. While men don't typically express their appreciation for the romantic things their wife or girlfriend does, they do appreciate and notice them. Women, on the other hand, will tend to acknowledge romance more to their partner and will also talk about it to their friends. Even if your sweetheart doesn't do the talking, listening to the romance or lack of it in their friend's relationships will get them thinking about her own relationship with you. This could be good or bad depending on the level of romance between the two of you. If your Romantic meter is on the high end, she will be happier and feel extra special when her friends are talking. This could be one of the reasons she comes home excited to see you ready to give you a big hug and kiss, telling you how much she loves you. Now, if the love meter is on the low end, then not only will she be feeling a little down, but you will be subconsciously compared to the men in their friend's lives. So guys, here's one hint, If you have not been romantic for a while, and she comes home one day not wanting to be close or talkative, yet says "nothing is wrong" you just might need to think about your romantic efforts or lack thereof as a potential culprit. She might or might not know why she is feeling this way, but the fact is the more her friends talk about how the romance is flowing in their lives, the more neglected she probably feels. On the other hand if you are building romance in your relationship, she will smile more knowing her relationship is as romantic as or even more romantic than her friends. Since it is typically the men who need the help in the romance department, we will focus on what the men can do to build romance. Now before we go forward with this, I would like to tell the women something. If you are reading these romantic tips articles or relationship tips articles, and your man starts doing things I am discussing, don't think that he isn't creative to do this on his own. Instead I want you to smile and be happy your baby is reading and trying things to keep the relationship growing stronger, healthier, and happier. If he is trying things he reads about, and he sees you smiling and happy, we will keep reading and will begin to come up with his own ideas. So make sure you encourage him by responding with at least a smile. A happy smile will melt the heart of the man who loves you. I am not the best dancer, in fact, I'm not all that comfortable dancing, but I know my honey smiles when she dances with me even if it's just for a few minutes. When music is playing, I find myself moving a little bit and grooving to the tunes. Let me tell a brief story about dancing. It was Christmas day; we had been cooking all day getting ready for everyone to come over for dinner. After the dinner everyone was in the family room talking, both families and some friends we here. Christmas music was playing and my sweetheart and I were cleaning up in the kitchen as fast as we could as a team. We were already working around each other moving here and there, when I just grabbed her and started dancing with her. I know everyone could see us, and we only danced

for maybe a minute before we went back to cleaning. But to see her laugh and smile made me feel so good. I'm sure it made our family feel good to see us like that too. Now maybe that wasn't romantic, but if I remember that moment and the smiling, chances are she does too. The point is, I wasn't worried about being judged about how I danced, I just wanted to do a few steps and twirl her around for just a brief moment while we were working together. Now men, let's take a look at that story, and maybe even look at it from a woman's perspective. In that short story, how much romance did you hear? Now, how many romantic things do you think the women heard? Lets list them out so it's easy to see it all. 1. We cooked Christmas dinner together. Yes, cooking dinner together can be a romantic experience. And there are many opportunities to sneak a kiss in or just wrap arms around each other for a minute here and there. And besides, who really wants to slave over a stove for so long while their romantic partner sits on the couch watching TV. So guys get up and help out. If you don't know how to cook, then you will learn, but you can still be helpful, and she will appreciate the fact you want to help out. 2. We were cleaning up after everyone together. OK, so maybe doing the dishes doesn't sound romantic, but there is no way I am going to sit down and relax when she is doing dishes from so many people and all the cookware to feed them. If I did that, she would plop down exhausted when done, and I would have missed an opportunity to wrap my arms around her and dance with her and make her smile. We all hate dishes, but it's something that has to be done, and you might as well be together instead of apart. 3. We danced for a brief moment to the music like no one else was around. For a brief moment, there were no dishes, no pots and pans, no one else around in our minds. It was just her and me in our own romantic world enjoying a little laugh and smile as I dipped her after a few semi dance steps. So, did you see all three items in that short story? While the entire day was a lot of work before, during and after, it was a fun and enjoyable experience for both of us. We were both very happy the entire day, and instead of thinking of how much work it was, we were focused on the two of us being able to host a beautiful dinner for everyone to enjoy. Instead of being too busy with different things to not be able to enjoy each other's company the whole day, we did it all together so we got to be side by side the entire day.

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==== ==== For Great Romance Relationship Guide Please Check This Out: ==== ====

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For Great Romance Relationship Guide Please Check This Out:...