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feedback Congrats on another dope issue. I especially appreciate the Little Brother article, those are my dudes. Wally Sparks and David Banner nailed the reviews, and the Killer Mike review of Cube’s first joint was thorough as well. Chick Flix was definitely eye candy too. Holla back. – DJ Jaycee (Atlanta, GA) Solid magazine, very informative! Your magazine is elusive, but I gotta have it. Can a brother get an order form? – Clarence Glaze, Why do you call your magazine “The Southern Voice of Hip-Hop”? In every issue you interview someone from New York. I picture you selling out by the end of next year. – Luis Reyes (Miami, FL) Not to kiss your ass, but I really do like your magazine. I find it refreshing from a different point of view (generally not biased) that gets to the real, real of the issue at hand. But the reason I am writing to you is because I believe (I could be wrong) that you are drifting away from your original intent, which was to rep the breakout acts in the Orlando area. But I sense that you are heading towards the more financially supportive articles which tend to be the same ol’ shit that you find in Source, XXL, and need we say tired-ass Vibe (which is really a sellout). I subscribe to several of the indie magazines in your clique and I must say you are leaving your constituents faster than the peers. When I see your cousins like Tha Hole, New Power, or even Hood keeping it real, I wonder where has your insight gone. Do us a favor and get back to the basics in your own hood. If you need more local flavor and they can’t afford you break them off something, but don’t forget about the trap boys and hood hoes trying to get noticed. Because if you don’t notice them, who will? Represent. I need your publication to give industry executives like me a set of eyes and ears into the Orlando rap scene. – Ken Underwood, Editor responds: We rep Orlando, but it’s bigger than that. We rep the whole South, and occasionally people from other regions as well. If our recent covers (Mike Jones, Pitbull, Pimp C, Trillville, P$C, Webbie, Paul Wall, David Banner, Field Mob, and Bun B) weren’t Southern enough for you, I give up. This is our 40th issue, we’re going on four years now! It’s always about growth. Clearly it takes “financial support” to be on the level of Source, XXL, and Vibe. If we’re not trying to get to the next level, what’s the point? I’m responding to the article you had called “Flipside,” about the beef between Lil Flip and Slim Thug. Slim Thug brought up my name in your article, and yeah, I did see him at Johnny the Jeweler’s, at King’s Market. But he told the story ass-backwards. I walked up to him and told him, “Let’s walk outside so we could fight.” He said, “What for?” I told him, “Cause on your CD, you said everybody with a clover on their neck was a punk.” I’m not no punk, I’m the Black Al Capone. I walked outside and he came outside with ten niggas. I said, “What are y’all tryin’ to do, jump me?” When he came outside I popped my trunk. He was talkin’ about, “I know how you are, I ain’t tryin’ to get shot by you.” There was a cop comin’ down on the scene. He let the cop come up on the scene and then he wanted to have a conversation. I told him we should just fight and get it over with, or it’s gonna escalate into some other shit. He told me the problem was that me and Sqad Up were running our mouths about him. Sqad Up dropped a song about him, but he ain’t never heard me on a mixtape or album saying nothing about him. Slim Thug is trying to run his mouth about Flip because he needs album sales. He’s trying to put some free hype behind his album by 12


creating imaginary beef. Flip wasn’t talking about Slim on the Z-Ro song, you know? If you understand the game, Flip put him on his first album. Slim knew his album was garbage and wasn’t gonna be able to sell; that’s why he hasn’t sold no units. Mike Jones and Paul Wall have sold more units than Slim has, and he’s supposed to be The Boss? He’s tryin’ to get in magazines and disrespect our crew because we’re the hottest crew in Texas, and Lil Flip is the hottest individual rapper in Texas. He figures if he attacks the real boss, which is Lil Flip, he might sell some albums because people across America would find out who he is. He’s only a local rapper. That ain’t just me talking. The Soundscan speaks for itself. He dissed us first. We didn’t diss him. Everybody knows that Lil Flip is The Boss and I’m the underboss. So if he attacks Flip, he attacks me. And he didn’t approach me, I walked up to him. He never even moved his feet, and I’m not a track star so I don’t do no running. I got almost nine bullet wounds in my body, and none of them came from running. I just did seven years for shooting the police, so I don’t gotta run from him. My record speaks for itself. They mad because my new album is called Black Al Capone: The Notorious Underboss. So he figured he’d get in OZONE and try to diss me. The only place he can diss me is among the 100,000 fans he got in Texas. Nobody knows who Slim Thug is. He don’t got no stage performance. Nobody cares if he got a whole bunch of money. He’s just mad at Flip because Flip goes from California to Amsterdam to London to Switzerland to Paris to California to Vegas to New York to Tennessee to California to Jersey to Baltimore. The only one I respect out of Slim Thug’s camp is Killa Kyleon, who writes his rhymes. He’s the one who deserves the rapping deals and the publishing deals. How could you say something about us having flowers on our neck? You’re dissing the whole Irish community. Clover leaves always stood for good luck and the G stands for God, so you diss God when you diss our logo. You dissing our whole neighborhood. On top of that, Slim Thug’s logo is a cop badge, and he’s supposed to be a drug dealer/street rapper. The Boys in Blue is the police! Slim Thug named his company after the police. But I don’t got no beef with Slim Thug, cause he don’t sell no units. I’m a problem solver. I’m a vegetarian, I don’t eat beef. I don’t go around saying his name in magazines and on the radio, I’m just responding to what he said in the magazine. I want people to respect me for what I say out of my mouth lyrically, not cause of some beef. Thank him for the free press. Thank him for letting everybody know who I am. Thanks to OZONE for showing both sides of the story. - Black Al Capone (Houston, TX) OZONE keeps stepping it up, and I’m impressed. I like the more indepth interviews and stories. The comic book section by David Banner was a revolutionary move. I had been interested in cartooning pictures for a while and you guys did it first in your mag. Your magazine seems to be reaching out to all in the South and other regions. And for those of you that weren’t happy with the Patiently Waiting NYC section, don’t hate. Even though this is a South magazine, don’t forget that this hip-hop culture originated in New York. Sure, we complain about them not showing us love, but OZONE is a good example of the Golden Rule: Do unto them what you would want them to do for us. I like that. – Dame Dozha, (Jacksonville, FL) Hate it? Love it? Send comments to: OZONE reserves the right to edit comments for clarity or length.


10 Things I’m Hatin’ On By Roland “Lil Duval” Powell


Disclaimer: This is really what everybody else is sayin’. I know I’m dead wrong, but I’m hating anyway.

h, yes. Three months in a row I attempt to write my editorial as a hurricane looms over the South. Wilma is coming tomorrow. The world is about to end. Seriously. If you aren’t on good terms with God, now might be a good time for a little heart-to-heart conversation.

1. Football Players and Athletes I’m hating on the football players and athletes out here cause they make it too hard for a regular nigga tryin’ to get a girl. TV got these women fucked up in the head. These girls that ain’t shit are out there chasing these dudes that don’t want them. Don’t nobody want y’all but me. Why would a person with millions of dollars want somebody with a regular job? Bitch, bring something to the table! 2. Nigga That Stole Juvenile’s Chain I’m hating on the nigga that stole this man’s chain, and then he’s stupid enough to put it in this magazine. How dumb can you be to put it in there? Now you just gave away all the evidence, so when you go to jail you’re pretty much guilty. And why are you acting like you stole it when you actually had a bitch steal it? You acting like you straight snatched it from him! 3. BET’s New Faces Search I’m hating on BET for having people think they looking for a VJ when all they’re really trying to do is make another show. They should be thinking about me. 4. Bitches Who Ain’t Shit I’m hatin’ on every bitch out here because I’ve been hurt by a bitch this month. I’m hatin’ on all y’all because you’re all out here fuckin’ with a nigga’s mind. I know that all women ain’t bad, but right now, I think all y’all women ain’t shit. 5. Gas Prices I’m hatin’ on gas prices! It’s almost $4 a gallon now! Anytime gas costs more than a bill, something’s wrong. 6. Atlanta I’m hating on Atlanta right now, because they’ve got the music industry on lock. I’m ready for Florida to blow up. If you ask me, the sound of Atlanta sounds a little bit like the Florida sound. It’s just that they took it and ran with it. 7. Anybody Still Riding on Spinners I’m hating on anybody that’s still riding on spinners. What the fuck are you still doing that shit for? 8. BET Comedy Awards I’m hating on the BET Comedy Awards because I wasn’t on there. I’m hating because I wasn’t asked to be there and I wasn’t nominated for nothing. 9. Fantasia I’m hating on Fantasia for telling everybody she can’t read - before she learned how to read! 10. Trina I’m hating on Trina for putting out that bubble-gum sample-enhanced CD she just put out. Next time, you should get your samples from Kanye West.

It’s time for me to come clean, dear readers. I’ve been hiding something from you these past two months. I didn’t wanna give the competition too much advance notice. OZONE is the shit in the streets, but copies can be a bit “elusive,” as one reader wrote. That’s about to change. I didn’t know (still don’t know) much about magazine distribution, and I wanted to keep it free and keep it street. But, just like artists who claim they’ll always remain independent and then sign a deal, it’s pure economics. There comes a time when your supply can’t keep up with the demand without the help of a major.

Me and Killer Mike in Orlando

Me and Slim Thug in Houston

Most of the people who control which magazines you see on newsstands are like radio consultants: middle-aged 9-5ers in cubicles in a land far, far away, without a clue (maybe I shouldn’t be saying this in print? I’m just checking to see who reads my editorials). When I first tried to get distribution, I got a bunch of rejection letters, including two from the largest magazine distributor in the country. I promptly wrote a nasty editorial about them (then deleted it) and pinned the rejection letter on the wall in my office as inspiration. Now, next to the rejection letter is the Fedex slip from the contract they finally sent me. We’re already in 7-11, Books-A-Million, FYE, and Spec’s in most of the South, but this means that beginning in 2006, if all goes as planned, OZONE will be available at major chain stores all over the country. It’s perfect timing, too. The Source fell off a long time ago, so tell that guy over at XXL we got next. Our “distribution consultant” keeps asking me to “tone it down,” but I say fuck that. As long as we keep writing real shit (yes, I just said FUCK and SHIT!) you guys will keep reading and supporting the mag, right? That’s all that matters.

Since it’s the “sex issue,” I asked a bunch of rappers who they’d like to hook up with. Now, I’m gonna add on to my “Who could get it?” list from last year. First, the mayor of New Orleans. There was just something sexy about the way he handled that whole KaMe and Shawn Prez on trina mess, plus, you gotta love an older gentleman with a N’awlins South Beach accent. Lil Scrappy isn’t looking so “lil” anymore. Webbie’s sexy in a ghetto sort of way. New York accents are corny to me, but Maino could get it (if only for that scar). If Lyfe gave me a private concert, he could get it. Mario too. I’m still feeling Slim Thug’s 6’6”ness, but he doesn’t seem to be into white girls. Speaking of that, was I the only one offended by Kanye’s “Golddigger” line about white girls? That’s a sensitive topic for me lately. Let’s say a black man loves me, a white woman, and I love him back. We’re just two individuals - so why should people automatically consider him a sell-out and a traitor? I suppose it is “bigger than us,” as he says constantly, so fuck it, but still, fuck him for caring so much about what other people think. I’ve been white ever since you met me, how long did it take you to notice? Most black women won’t feel me on that one, but I’m sorry. It’s been making me bitter for toooooooo long and I just had to let it out. Like Keyshia Cole I just wanted it to be over, and now it really is. :( I heard everybody who went to that bullshit in the Bahamas was eagerly anticipating my rant against RPM. Sorry to disappoint, but I promised Jay Ones I wouldn’t write anything negative. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all, right? I’m done wasting time on people who don’t respect me, because there’s plenty more who do. - Julia Beverly,

Bun B f/ Mannie Fresh “I’m Fresh” Kanye West f/ The Game “Crack Music” Juelz Santana “There It Go (The Whistle Song)” Bun B f/ Pimp C, Young Jeezy, Jay-Z, & Z-Ro “Get Throwed” Big Boi & Killer Mike “Kryptonite” D. Cooley f/ Maceo “Trap Clothes” T-Pain “In Love With A Stripper” 904 Click “Chickens in the Coop”

jb’splaylist Bohagon “Fuck You” T.O.K. “Footprints” Juvenile “Rodeo” Stat Quo “Like Dat” OZONE


groupieconfessions Disclaimer: These “groupie confessions” are anonymous, so we cannot verify if they are true or not. All details (cities, club names, hotel names) have been removed. These stories do not necessarily represent the opinions of OZONE Magazine. These stories did not necessarily occur recently, so if you are currently seeing one of these fine gentlemen, no need to curse him out. If you have a celebrity confession, send an email to or call 407-447-6063 to tell your story.

Havoc of Mobb Deep What’s your story with Havoc? It was a G-Unit afterparty for the Anger Management tour. He likes to suck toes, eat ass. He has a small/medium size penis. 50 Cent, we was on his tour bus. His punk ass got a poker. It’s not that big. I was with Havoc that night and the next morning when we were leaving, 50 was on the tour bus. He’s just really small. It’s a whole bunch of stuff that popped off. Slow down. Did you approach Havoc or did he approach you? He approached me. I ain’t no damn groupie. We were at the party, whatever, chillin’. All of G-Unit was there except 50 Cent. Tony Yayo was sweatin’ me but he’s real obnoxious so it wasn’t really poppin’ off like that. Lloyd Banks and Young Buck were rude. Well, Banks is nicer than Buck. I got in an argument with Buck’s dumb ass cause he grabbed my arm and I snatched my shit away. Banks wasn’t as obnoxious as Young Buck. My homegirl was talkin’ to Prodigy, and Havoc grabbed me. After the club we went back to the [hotel]. Havoc wanted to suck on a bitch’s toes and lick my asshole for like forty five minutes. He’s a toe-licker and an ass-eater. We took a shower together and then he comes over and puts my right foot in his damn mouth. I’m like, “Boy, you crazy.” It was just a cover up for his medium-sized dick. Did you sleep with him? Yeah, we did. It was alright. It wasn’t mindblowing or anything. It was like, Alright, see you later, where’s 50?

50 Cent

Did he say anything? He just dropped his pants? Hell naw. He was laughing the whole time and he’s just like, “What’s up?” and his pants came down. It was kinda funny; we was just laughing. My eyes got real big cause I couldn’t believe his shit was so small. It’s not even all that. Do you think it just looked small because of his boxers? Nooooo, girl. It was out the front of his boxers, all hard and shit. Poking out like, Boing!

Trick Daddy How did you meet Trick Daddy? I was a Trick Daddy stalker, okay? I had to work my way to Trick Daddy. OZONE

How did you end up hooking up? Verbally, we don’t get along. I used to hang out with this girl and he told her to tell me to meet him somewhere on a certain day. I always had his number but I was scared to call cause he’s so rude. Anyways, we ended up going over there. It was me and her, chillin’, and shit just popped off. Where did you have sex? At [a hotel]. Why did you want Trick Daddy so bad that you were willing to chase him down? Aw, God, I’m a big fan. I love him. Oh my God. He’s very sexy. Ooh, that chocolate. He has pretty-ass eyes and his voice is like, oh, God. What was the first thing that happened? Oral sex? No, I don’t go down on nobody like that, I’m sorry. They fuck a lot of girls. Everything was safe, nothing like that. He didn’t go down on me, I didn’t go down on him.

“I told my homegirl [50 Cent’s] dick was gonna be small, cause he got all those damn muscles, but she ain’t believe me. She was more devastated than I was after we saw it.”

You slept with Havoc to get to 50 Cent? Right, that was the main goal from jump. Duh! When we walked [Havoc] back to his tour bus, there was a crowd outside the hotel. I guess they saw me with Mobb Deep. They was like, “Call 50 to come out.” Our eyes got big cause we hadn’t seen 50 the whole time. We went to the bus and asked him for a phone charger. 50’s security guard came out and was like, “Hold on.” 50 was like, “Yeah, let them in.” He let us in the bus. His son was there, he’s so cute. 50 brought us in and he was doing all the talking. He was laughing the whole time. Then he just dropped his pants. He had boxers on, and he was all hard. His penis was just poking out, like ewwww. It was small, like, What the fuck? I told my homegirl it was gonna be small, cause he got all those damn muscles, but she ain’t believe me. She was more devastated than I was after we saw it. The security guard called 50 out of the room while we was tryin’ to get in the mix. Then the bus started moving, so the security guard was like, “Y’all gotta go.” Shit ain’t pop off so we just left.


He’s not that nice, his mouthpiece is horrible, but I can be very persistent. I wasn’t giving up on Trick Daddy. It took me a few months of stalking him and I guess he got tired of seeing my face everywhere, so finally he’s like, Okay, fine.

So how was the sex with Trick Daddy? Oh my God, that’s the king ding-a-ling for real! We were there for hours. I got there at like 4 and didn’t leave until 10 that night. You don’t understand, his shit is like, king ding-a-ling for real. I don’t know how long, cause I didn’t have a measuring tape. I’d give him like 8½”. He’s very, very good. Wow. He was on point. You were pursuing him, so once you got him, were you satisfied? No, still, to this day, if I see Trick Daddy, I’m like, “What’s up?”

Was it a one-time thing, or more than once? It was a one-time thing. I’m so mad. But one thing about Trick Daddy is that his mouth is so for real. Whatever he tells you is straightforward. No tricks, no turns, no sideways shit. Have you slept with any other rappers? My friend fucks with Benzino. She says he’s an ass-eater, licker and everything. We were having this conversation the other day, oh my God. Most of these celebrities preach about safe sex and all that, but I swear to God, the majority of them will try to fuck you without a condom and see what you say. They wanna have sex without a condom and you’re like, “Are you fucking serious, bitch?” That’s just crazy. You always insist that they use protection? Oh, of course, but it’s not like I have to persuade them. All you’ve gotta say is “No,” and they’ll be like, “Whatever.” They’re not gonna risk rape charges or whatever. Do these rappers tell you why they’re interested in you? Is it something about the way you look? Me, I’m real low-key about my shit. I’m just chillin’. I don’t like to be in the limelight. Majority of the time, these guys approach me. They come up to me, like, “What’s up?” At the G-Unit party, I never seen so many girls act like they was in the strip club. I don’t do stuff like that. Besides Trick Daddy, the other ones just happened. I wasn’t tryin’ to holler, they were. It just popped off. Do you fuck with regular guys too or just celebrities? If I’m in a club, trust me, I’m gonna leave with my money’s worth, you know what I’m sayin’?


by Wendy Day

All Record Labels Are Not Created Equal It’s not enough to just get signed to a record label. In fact, if you are happy solely to get a deal with a label, any label, you are doing yourself a huge disservice – you are setting yourself up to fail, unless you are just a lucky muthafucker (in which case, you should play the lottery and stay out of the music business). Some labels are great at radio, some are great at working the streets, and some excel at making connections into film and TV or have great relationships with BET and MTV. Some have great connections with top producers and mixtape DJs. If you make outstanding radio songs and sign a deal with a label that has a weak radio department and no budget to pursue radio play, you are screwed and your career will falter. Each label is different, and it’s important to know those differences as you are building a career in the music business. Getting a deal itself doesn’t guarantee success (not that anything in this fickle business can be guaranteed, but you want as much of a fighting chance as possible). And the labels change, as the people who work for them come and go. I have played a role in building MANY millionaires in this business (Cash Money, David Banner, Twista, Trick-Trick, etc). I feel my key to success has been in studying the labels, knowing the abilities of their employees and various departments, and really seeing who is able to do what, well. Then, when I am shopping a deal, I link up the artists with the labels that make a good fit. I make sure that the artist is covered by outside consultants in the areas where the label is weak. For example, if a major label is strong at radio but weaker on the streets, I make certain it is in the artist’s contract to hire their own street promotions team along with the budget to do so. With some labels, it is impossible to do this, so I make certain that I never do deals with those labels – they are not the successful labels anyway, so nothing is lost. Some labels are in business to make a certain percentage back above the investment they outlay to keep their investors or stockholders happy, so they are not interested in driving their artists platinum. Perhaps their business model is to spend no more than $500,000 on the creation, marketing, and promotion of any rap record, and then their goal may be to make back $750,000.

They could have done a deal bigger and better than Cash Money, instead of a small deal that barely advanced them what they owed their artists in royalties from the independent releases. Just having a deal is not enough to make anyone successful. There are hundreds of examples of this for those smart enough to do the research and smart enough to make decisions that are not based solely on greed. Even though radio is key these days, it is not enough, by itself, to secure a deal with a major. I watch artists all around the country spending tens of thousands of dollars to secure radio play in their region depending on it to get them a deal, any deal. It attracts the labels, but it does NOT secure a deal, especially not one worth having. All it does is get you some radio play and show the labels that you have no clue about how the business works. I am thankful to have just negotiated a joint venture for a friend of Eminem’s called Trick Trick (another one of those bangin’ deals I seem to be famous for). He has a hot radio song, but was savvy enough to know that just a hot radio song alone was not enough to secure a great deal. He gave me the ammunition I needed to bring Universal into his franchise. In the first week after he signed a multi-million dollar deal, his BDS hit 1,000 spins at radio. Here are some of the things I look at when analyzing a label: • Who is running the label? Have they had success before? With what kind of artists? With what kind of music? When was their last hit? • Do they appear to know what they’re doing? Have artists left that label to blow up elsewhere? • Who runs the radio department? What records do they currently have at radio? Who are the priorities at radio? Which stations do they have great relationships with? Which indie promoters do they hire?

So, they would never spend more than half a million dollars, and as soon as they achieve their sales goal, they would stop working the project and move on to another project. This is great for artists who don’t have a chance of selling a lot of CDs, but frustrates most artists who feel they can sell more than 100,000 CDs (for a label to make $750,000 all they have to sell is 100,000 CDs). Might this explain why B.G. was double platinum at Cash Money through Universal, but never sold more than 250,000 CDs on a Koch release?

• What other artists are signed to the label? What is their release schedule? Who are the priorities and will my artist be a main priority?

Some labels spend millions of dollars to promote their artists without knowing what is effective, so their motto is spend, spend, spend. For an artist who desires fame and doesn’t care about making money, this would not necessarily be problematic. I imagine this is why we see so many broke artists on VH1 “Behind The Scenes” specials, because they weren’t aware of ways to turn that fame into income for themselves. I also imagine that this is the reason groups like The LOX claim they didn’t make any money at Bad Boy in their early days.

• Is the bulk of the label’s staff an A-List staff or is it comprised of folks who are new to the business or the folks who could not get jobs anyplace else (a sign that the label is overly cheap and has no clue how to succeed)?

Then there are labels that change their staffing or ownership, which is what originally made the label successful in the past. That is why labels such as No Limit, Ruthless, and Loud can be on top one day and struggling to compete the next day. One thing is for certain in this business: success is created by hit records and hard work. There is no other route to take. It is impossible to have one without the other to succeed. The industry is driven by radio right now. This means the days of Master P selling millions of CDs without any radio play are over. Today, a 16

run-away radio hit is almost a necessity to succeed. But in addition to a hot single, it is important to have a realistic budget and a connected team to follow up with strong radio promotion. When I first started working with the label behind Lil Boosie and Webbie last fall, I was excited by the fact that they had sold 30,000 CDs on each of three releases with no radio play. Those two artists, especially Boosie, had a huge buzz on the streets in the South. I knew that with some radio play added to their equation, they’d be the hottest artists in the South. What I didn’t take into consideration was that the owners of the label would not be savvy businessmen and would make terrible decisions, so I left after a quick four months of banging my head against the wall.


• Is the label good at the type of music my artist makes? Do they offer good artist development? Do they get a lot of press for their artists? • Is the marketing staff strong? Does the staff have a good reputation? Does the staff turn over quickly or is it a good working environment?

• Do they sign the majority of hot acts around the country or do all of their acts seem to come out of nowhere? • Are their deals fair? Are disgruntled artists slamming them publicly? I am not any smarter than you. My connections are not great. I just study this industry under a microscope. If I can do it, you can do it. So before you take a deal, just any deal, make sure you understand exactly what you are getting into. Do the research and make certain the company to which you are giving the next five to ten years of your life is worthy. Most are not. The real work begins once you get a deal, so make sure you have as much stacked in your favor as you can! - Wendy Day of Rap Coalition (

01: Jadakiss and JackiO @ State (Miami, FL) 02: Kid Money KG and Acafool @ Club 112 (Tampa, FL) 03: Tango Redd @ Teen Jamz (Ladson, SC) 04: Brooke Valentine and Deja @ BET’s New Faces search (Houston, TX) 05: Dru, Matt Sonzala, and Devin the Dude @ Aarhus Tookit Festival (Aarhus, Denmark) 06: Peezo Coconuts and Angus Black @ Hot 102 (Virginia Beach, VA) 07: Strizzo and DJ Shotgun @ Club 112 (Tampa, FL) 08: If Juvenile’s chain did get stolen, he’s got plenty to spare - Club Coco’s (Miami, FL) 09: Kiotti reppin’ OZONE @ Studio 7303 for Bun B’s Trill listening session (Houston, TX) 10: T-City Promotions @ Studio 7303 for Bun B’s Trill listening session (Houston, TX) 11: Smitty and J Lash (Miami, FL) 12: DJ Storm reppin’ OZONE @ WPEG (Charlotte, NC) 13: Killer Mike and Mercedes @ JJ Whisper’s (Orlando, FL) 14: Katie Ann and Alexandra reppin’ OZONE @ Amiko (Miami, FL) 15: The YoungBloodz @ Texas Southern University’s homecoming concert (Houston, TX) 16: Camron, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, and The Diplomats crew @ Bayfront park (Miami, FL) 17: Three 6 Mafia’s Crunchy Black, Juicy J, and DJ Paul @ Firestone (Orlando, FL) 18: Int’l Red and DJ Chill @ Studio 7303 for Bun B’s Trill listening session (Houston, TX) 19: DJ Velore, Greg G, and Jesse Jazz @ Icon (Orlando, FL) 20: Big Foxx and Uncle Luke @ the Rollexx’s Monday nights (Miami, FL) 21: Young Majick and Fats @ Club 112 (Tampa, FL) Photos: Boston Naud (19); J Lash (01,08,11,14,16,20); Jason Cordes (03); Julia Beverly (09,10,13,17); Keadron Smith (04,15,18); Kenneth Clark (06); Matt Sonzala (05); Young Majick (02,07,12,21)




Young Jeezy responds to Jody Breeze < Young Jeezy apparently wasn’t feeling some of Jody Breeze’s comments about him in the last issue. Jeezy called in to tell his side of the story:

On some real shit, I read how that little nigga was talkin’ about me in the magazine. But I had a buzz before I was even attached to that shit. Basically, I was paid to be a part of the group because of my street cred, cause I’m real with this shit. I ain’t no fuckin’ rapper, so the rappers need to shut the fuck up. After all that shit I did for a nigga, ain’t no nigga finna get in no magazine and try to slick talk me. It was a business venture, one album only. Niggas know what my money was like before Boyz N Da Hood. I’m a businessman. I got my own label and a label situation at Def Jam, so my shit was successful before and after that group shit, feel me? I mean, it’s not a problem with the rest of the niggas in the group. It was just business. I’m just saying, watch your mouth when you talk about me. I been a star. Nobody knows these rap niggas. These niggas are rappers, real talk. I ain’t sayin’ that cause I got beef with them, I’m just saying that I’m a grown ass man. If a nigga gonna be up under me and I’m doing shit, don’t be talking slick about me in a magazine. When’s the last time that nigga did a show? Who books this nigga? Man, I been on the road every day for damn near two years. So it ain’t no problem, but tell niggas to watch their mouth. Do you feel like you participated equally in Boyz N Da Hood as the rest of the group members? I had a situation first. Everybody knew that. I don’t have to answer to no artist. Me and Puff are bosses, understand what I’m saying? I’m a boss, I’m not no artist. I got a group, I got a movement, I got a following. I don’t have to explain nothing to no artist. The bosses, me and Puff, agreed. I ain’t have to push my album back for this shit, but I did that to be a part of the group. If I go out on promo tour for two months with Boyz N Da Hood, you think I’m not gonna go on promo tour for my album too? I don’t know. It ain’t no beef or nothing like that, but if you wanna see me, see me in the streets. If anybody wants to talk to me, you ain’t gotta run to no magazine and make me look no certain way. This is what I do. My project went platinum because I put in work. I can’t tell niggas what to do with their shit, but look at the numbers. The proof is in the numbers, feel me? Did they tell you when they decided to replace you with Lil Wayne? Niggas ain’t tell me, but I don’t care, cause I’m good. They probably couldn’t reach me. I was probably on the road, doing too many shows. I don’t give a fuck about that. It was a one album deal. What, I’m supposed to be mad? I’m good. I wish niggas the best of luck, especially Duke and Gee cause those are my niggas. I fucks with them. But, at the time, you gotta understand that niggas are gonna feel the way they wanna feel. Niggas talking that shit about “Jeezy wanna be a star,” and “Jeezy wanna be in the limelight and be seen,” but it is what it is. From the outside looking in, it seemed like you and Jody came up together. You both hooked up with Jazze around the same time. I feel like dude is a little brother to me. He still cool, cause he don’t want this. This ain’t me getting mad or nothing, I’m just speaking my piece. Life is too good for me right now. I ain’t mad about nothing. I’m good on that, I just wanted everybody know that it wasn’t me leaving the group mad, like, fuck niggas or whatever. It was a business deal, one album. We understood. Everybody knew, and everybody was cool with that. As long as the two bosses understand, I don’t need to talk to no artist. The Boyz N Da Hood situation wasn’t beneficial enough for you financially to do a second album? I got my group USDA. I always had USDA. I been doing my own shows before Boyz N Da Hood jumped off. It was a business venture. They’re talking about, I wasn’t with them on the road. But I knew what it was. Nigga, you supposed to be with me. Like I said, it is what it is. Fuck it. I 18


ain’t mad, just keep my name out your mouth. I’m a grown ass man. I ain’t finna do no rappin’ or none of that beef shit. I don’t do all that shit. If you gonna envy a nigga, envy from across the street. What if you and Jody just have a conversation and work it out? Conversation? The nigga is in a magazine talkin’ about me. What am I supposed to do? I’m good. He said what he said, I said what I said. On another note, I heard your baby’s mother is taking you to court, saying that you’re only paying $178/month in child support. I really don’t wanna talk about that. All I’m gonna say is that I love my son very much, and my son is very well taken care of. I’m a hood nigga, so I got hood issues. My baby mama wants more money, so I’m gonna give it to her. But I want my visitation rights. That’s it, in a nutshell. The press takes it and makes it into a big thing, but it’s nothing. We doing what normal people do. She wants more money and I want visitation rights, so that’s why we’re going to court, like normal people. That’s what you have to do. You’ve been to court, haven’t you? I’m making more money than I used to make when I got assigned that $178/month, because back then I didn’t have a job. But I don’t want no muthafucker to misunderstand: my son is extra spoiled. So muthafuckers shouldn’t be talking about what I ain’t doing. My child is straight. His mother is straight, and she’s gonna be straighter. I can’t knock her for that. That’s what women do. I love my son very much, so he gets whatever he needs. All I want is my visitation rights and we’re straight. I’m in a bigger tax bracket now, so I gotta make sure the number is right. But if she throws out some astronomical number, that’s something you gotta go to court about. You can’t just tell me to give you such-and-such amount and I’m cool with it. I gotta make sure he’s got some of it going to a college fund, taking care of his schooling, and find out where the rest of the money is going. More money, more problems? Ain’t no problem to take care of my child. But it’s different now because I’m somebody, so the things I do are made public. I really don’t like my business being in the street like that. That’s my child, I love my son. So whatever he needs, he’s gonna get it, trust me. We’re everyday people, so we go through everyday shit. I don’t give a fuck what nobody else thinks. My folks know what’s going on. Everybody around me knows that my son is straight. It’s just court. Everybody’s been to court before. But going back to that other shit, there ain’t no beef. I wish Boyz N Da Hood the best of luck. I read the [Jody Breeze] interview and I just didn’t appreciate what he said about me. After all I did for a nigga, he makin’ it sound like I’m a fucked-up individual. Take it like a man. Get your numbers up. Let’s get it. USDA coming soon, Slick Pulla, BloodRaw coming soon. - Julia Beverly (Photo: Eric Johnson)

01: What the fuck? (Tampa, FL) 02: DJ the Mummy, Prince Markie Dee, and Papa Keith @ Oxygen (Miami, FL) 03: Jay Love and friends @ Club Sky (Tampa, FL) 04: Colin Farrell chillin’ with the homies on South Beach (Miami, FL) 05: Kevin Liles’ book tour (Houston, TX) 06: Clubgoers reppin’ OZONE @ Club Manilla (Tampa, FL) 07: Pooh Baby and friends reppin’ OZONE @ Club 112 (Tampa, FL) 08: Lil Wayne and Trina performing together @ Coliseum (Miami, FL) 09: Lil Scrappy gives a shout out to the Orlando police department (Tampa, FL) 10: The Ying Yang Twins get CRUNK!!! @ Oakley Thump 2 release party (Los Angeles, CA) 11: DJ Greg G and DJ Coz @ Club Sky (Tampa, FL) 12: DJ Demp reppin’ OZONE @ Club 112 (Tampa, FL) 13: Kevin Liles’ book tour (Houston, TX) 14: Rasheeda gets down @ Teen Jamz (Ladson, SC) 15: Devin the Dude showing off his new t-shirt @ Main Hall for Pop Montreal (Montreal, Canada) 16: George Daniels and R Kelly @ Club State (Miami, FL) 17: 5th Ward Weebie reppin’ OZONE @ Havana Bar & Grill for DJ Chill’s TV show filming (Houston, TX) 18: XO Entertainment and G’s Up: Pooh Baby, Bert, Lil Scrappy, and Lil Chris @ Club 112 (Tampa, FL) 19: Big D and crew @ Anda Lounge for his birthday party (Miami, FL) 20: G, Tom G, and DJ HVidal @ Club 112 (Tampa, FL) 21: Eddie DeVille, Bernard, and Charlie Braxton @ Chingo Bling’s studio (Houston, TX) Photos: Bogan (04); Boston Naud (03,11); J Lash (02,08,16,19); Jason Cordes (14); Julia Beverly (10,17); Keadron Smith (05,13); Luis Santana (01,06,07,09,18); Matt Sonzala (15,21); Young Majick (12,20)



djprofile Rapid Ric (Austin, TX) You’re a new cat in the game. Let everybody know who you are and where you’re from. I’m Rapid Ric. I just turned 24. I’m originally from Del Rio, Texas, a little border town right next to Mexico. I’ve been living here in Austin for six years, but I represent Texas as a whole. The mixtape game is extremely saturated. We might need to call it the promo CD game. You’re one of the few DJs I’ve heard who still mixes on your mix CDs. I feel that we are carrying the torch from what DJ Screw created. Many people think he just put music out and made money on it, and that’s not it at all. He created a sound that’s very street, very Texas, and very Southern. What he tried to do was help out people from the community that he thought was good. He put them on the tapes and put songs that had meaning. He pretty much created a tape that you could put in your car – your Cadillac, your Lincoln, your Buick, whatever – and you can just listen and bang your head, entice that Southern culture. That’s really what I’m trying to do. I’m not saying that I’m the next Texas DJ or whatever, I’m just saying that there’s a void for that street music and I’m trying to satisfy people. How do you feel about DJs that put out mixtapes but don’t mix records? There’s a lot of cats that do that. I think it’s cool that there’s a lot of Texas artists on there. For me, it kinda separates the promo DJs from the actual mixtape DJs. I was talking to Green Lantern the other day, and he was like, “Yeah, we putting the ‘mix’ back in the mixtape game.” I think that’s important. With those cats putting that stuff out, honestly, it makes me look better. It’s gonna get old after a while. The important thing is the music getting out. As far as the mixtape game it allows the DJs to improve on their skills. What was the inspiration behind your Whut It Dew? mixtape series? When I do a mixtape, it’s a Southern thing. Knowing that I’m from Texas, it has to have a Southern influence. A friend of mine named Carlos was making some t-shirts and I saw the phrase “Whut It Dew” and I told him, “Hold on, don’t press any more. I think that’s the gimmick I’ve been looking for to encompass what we’re doing.” That was right after I dropped A Fistful of Dollars and Chamillionaire was close to getting a deal. I knew Cham wanted to do as many mixtapes as possible, so I pitched the Whut It Dew idea and it was like a holy trinity. People from New York think we’re all just a bunch of repeating fool idiots. The Whut It Dew mixtape series is to show people around the world that we’ve got lyricists, DJs, and production, above everything else. Has anyone from Mountain Dew contacted you? No, I wish they would. We couldn’t patent the Dew but we did patent the Whut It. You just finished a mixtape called King of Trill: Bun B’s Greatest Verses, but I heard you had some issues with Rap-A-Lot as far as putting it out. What was that about? Rap-A-Lot are actually some cool dudes. They didn’t know what was going on with my Z-Ro mixtape, but mixtapes are on the back burner of their way to market. Unfortunately, in Texas there’s a lot of bootlegging. They’re looking out for that, so when my Z-Ro mixtape came out, I called and went up to Houston to the compound and straightened it out and it was cool. A lot of DJs were coming up to me telling me not to fuck with Rap-A-Lot, but I’m like, Bun B is the ultimate lyricist. He’s got to have a mixtape of his greatest verses. I decided to figure out a way to do it. I haven’t heard back from them. I think they’re too focused on promoting his album and getting Jay-Z on his album. But I know they’re a company that stays busy. It’s dope, so I don’t know. I think it would be a good idea and a good look for him. Tell me about the hip-hop scene in Austin. It’s changing. When I came here it was a small city, but it’s growing into a big city. There’s like five or six of the biggest universities in Texas right here. It allows for a lot of young people, 18-25. Hip-hop is definitely in. When I first came there was only two or three clubs that played hip-hop, and now it’s every club. The Real World showed exactly how 20


Austin is. They appreciate live music, like bass players and keyboard players. The DJ never got too much shine, but now with Texas hip-hop becoming more prevalent there’s a lot more appreciation. There’s a lot of variety here in Austin. What’s the next move for Rapid Ric? I’m trying to do a Whut It Dew? album, since the name has gotten so big. Hopefully I can have a bunch of the artists that I’ve worked with on mixtapes on there. A big mixtape album out of here would be ideal, especially now, because it’s a way for all of us to work together even though we don’t get to see each other much. Just like Screw did. It’s a neutral meeting place; like, you’d never hear a diss record on the mixtape. That’s really what the album is leaning towards; it’ll just be one big Texas sound. Of course, OG Ron C will chop and screw it. And every two months, drop a tape. If anyone wants to reach out, how can they contact you? Log on to or rapidric. You can also check out my boy Matt Sonzala’s blog at www. I’m riding shotgun with him. His blog is really big, and he puts out a lot of intelligent information to make sure that people from New York and other places see that we’ve got some soulful music down here in Texas. He’s gotten me shows in Russia and London. It’s an honor, man. - Wally Sparks (Photo: Julia Beverly)

01: D-Roc of the Ying Yang Twins shares a laugh with J-Bo of the YoungBloodz backstage @ the TSU homecoming concert (Houston, TX) 02: JuJu, Da Sick One, DJ Shocayse, and Big Earl @ Tabu for Tony Touch’s album release party (Orlando, FL) 03: Damian, DJ Greg G, and Gordy @ Club Sky (Tampa, FL) 04: Mike and Chris Robinson on the set of Noreaga’s video (NYC) 05: Lil Wayne and Bobby Valentino (Miami, FL) 06: Tom G and Wilbert @ Manilla (Tampa, FL) 07: DJ 151, Derek Washington, Young Cash, Bigga Rankin, J-Baby, Kaspa, and T-Roy @ Kartouche (Jacksonville, FL) 08: Tom G reppin’ OZONE @ Club 112 (Tampa, FL) 09: Slim Thug @ the Rollexx (Miami, FL) 10: Marsha and Tosha @ State (Miami, FL) 11: Lil Fame reppin’ OZONE @ Hot 102 (Virginia Beach, VA) 12: Strizzo and DJ Royce @ Club 112 (Tampa, FL) 13: Int’l Red and Cory Mo @ Studio 7303 for Bun B’s Trill listening session (Houston, TX) 14: DJ Hurricane reppin’ OZONE @ Club 112 (Tampa, FL) 15: DJ Chill, Choppa, Hot Boy Ronald, and 5th Ward Weebie @ Sahara Bar & Grill (Houston, TX) 16: Brandi Garcia and Slim Thug @ Studio 7303 for Bun B’s Trill listening session (Houston, TX) 17: DJ Hukher and DJ Walgee @ JJ Whisper’s (Orlando, FL) 18: Lil Jon and D-Roc of the Ying Yang Twins @ Oakley/CRUNK!!! party (Los Angeles, CA) 19: Pat Nix and Big Boi @ JJ Whisper’s (Orlando, FL) 20: Leann, Webbie, and Platinum (Miami, FL) 21: Goodfellaz getting CRUNK!!! @ Oakley party (Los Angeles, CA) Photos: Big Earl (02); Bogan (20); Boston Naud (03); Spiff (04); J Lash (05,09,10); Julia Beverly (15,16,17,18,19,21); Kaspa (07); Keadron Smith (01,13); Kenneth Clark (11); Luis Santana (05); Young Majick (08,12,14)



grownfolks Paul Wall Makes It Official Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s right, folks. Not only does Paul Wall have the internet going nuts and the #1 album on the Billboard charts, heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s now officially a family man. Congratulations to Paul and Crystal! (Photos: Matt Sonzala)



01: DJ Greg G and Juvenile @ Icon (Orlando, FL) 02: Pooh Baby and Lil Scrappy @ Club 112 (Tampa, FL) 03: Jae Millz and fans @ Funkmaster Flex’s car show (Miami, FL) 04: 112 takes a bow @ TSU’s homecoming concert (Houston, TX) 05: Gracious and Suthernfolk @ Club 112 (Tampa, FL) 06: Tom G @ Club Manilla (Tampa, FL) 07: Bionic DJs Dread, Hollywood, Lil B, and Kid Nice (Miami, FL) 08: Ted Lucas and Plies on the set of Trina and Lil Wayne’s “Don’t Trip” (Miami, FL) 09: Derek Marbles and models reppin’ OZONE @ Ultra Lounge (Miami, FL) 10: Joron Bolden and DJ Shotgun reppin’ OZONE @ Club 112 (Tampa, FL) 11: Matt Sonzala and Cory Mo @ Studio 7303 for Bun B’s Trill listening session (Houston, TX) 12: The Ying Yang Twins @ The Underground (Tampa, FL) 13: DJ Boz and Ryan reppin’ OZONE @ Hot 102 (Virginia Beach, VA) 14: Jonathan Santana reppin’ OZONE @ Club 112 (Tampa, FL) 15: Rob-Lo and Killer Mike reppin’ OZONE @ Uptown Sounds (Columbia, SC) 16: Juvenile @ the Rollexx (Miami, FL) 17: Choppa and Hot Boy Ronald @ Havana Bar & Grill (Houston, TX) 18: Dem Franchize Boyz @ Cleo’s (Orlando, FL) 19: Killer Mike, Big Boi, Sleepy Brown, and CBone of Konkrete @ JJ Whisper’s (Orlando, FL) 20: Warren G and Tye Dash @ Oakley/CRUNK!!! party (Los Angeles, CA) 21: Lil O, Lump, and Mad Hatter @ Studio 7303 for Bun B’s Trill listening session (Houston, TX) Photos: Bogan (03,09); Boston Naud (01); J Lash (08,16); Johnny Louis (07); Julia Beverly (11,17,18,19,20,21); Keadron Smith (04,12); Kenneth Clark (13); Luis Santana (02,06,14); Rob-Lo (15); Young Majick (05,10)



patientlywaiting SkyyHigh Orlando, FL

STATUS Independent (R&R Records) PRODUCTION Clark J Productions ALBUM Skyy’s Tha Limit SINGLE “Gangsta Life” CONTACT REPRESENTING “Tangelo Park; all the women in the struggle.” HERITAGE “My father is black and my mother is white. Growing up, I wasn’t really accepted from either side, white or black. I was basically by myself for most of my life. Kids can be mean sometimes.” INFLUENCES “I looked up to Lauryn Hill, MC Lyte, Tupac, and Biggie. I was a big Da Brat fan, too. There’s so many people I’d like to work with: Scarface, 8Ball & MJG, Kanye West, Chyna White, and Dr. Dre.” THE PEN IS MIGHTIER “I wrote everything on my album.” GIRL POWER “I’m the only female rapper right now that’s not coming from behind a male figure, and what I plan on doing is bringing a little light to the things that women go through. I wouldn’t even put myself in the same bracket as female rappers [like Trina and Jacki-O]. I love their music, but as far as topics, they’re on another level. Not to say that I’m higher or lower than them, it’s just different. It’s not about stacking up, it’s about sticking together.” DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE “I don’t wanna knock anybody else, but I don’t rap about what most female rappers rap about. I rap about situations that I’ve seen and been through. It’s from the heart. Everything on my album is real. There are young girls who need something else to listen to from a woman’s standpoint other than just sex. Sex isn’t everything a woman is about. Artists are led to write, you know? You don’t just sit down and write anything. Anybody that’s a real artist is there to write. I let them do them and I try to do me.” HEAVEN FOR A THUG “Behind every sinner, there’s a soul and a spirit. There’s people that grasp that and just live life to the best of their ability. We all mess up, but God wants us all. He doesn’t come after the right, he comes after the wrong to steer them in the right direction. God looks for people that are thugged out, gangstas doing what they gotta do to survive. Behind every man or woman, there’s someone on their knees praying for them at the same time.” - Malik Abdul 24


01: Slim Thug, E-Rock, and Killa Kyleon @ Studio 7303 for Bun B’s Trill listening session (Houston, TX) 02: Da Skinniez @ Club 112 (Tampa, FL) 03: Jody Breeze and friends @ the Rollexx (Miami, FL) 04: Kevin Liles’ book tour (Houston, TX) 05: DJ Chill and JC reppin’ OZONE @ Havana bar & grill (Houston, TX) 06: Chromeo’s Dave 1 and Devin the Dude @ Main Hall for Pop Montreal (Montreal, Canada) 07: Models @ Funkmaster Flex’s car show (Miami, FL) 08: D-Roc of the Ying Yang Twins reppin’ OZONE @ The Underground (Tampa, FL) 09: BME’s Rob Mac and Eric Johnston with Playboy models @ Oakley/CRUNK!!! party (Los Angeles, CA) 10: Malik Abdul and Pat Nix @ JJ Whisper’s (Orlando, FL) 11: Caps and Jones @ Blizzard’s for Pop Montreal (Montreal, Canada) 12: Big Moe and Sir Knight Train @ Icon (Orlando, FL) 13: Bohagon reading OZONE @ Club 112 (Tampa, FL) 14: Malik Abdul and Daniella @ Antigua (Orlando, FL) 15: Kaine of the Ying Yang Twins with Lil Jon @ Oakley/CRUNK!!! party (Los Angeles, CA) 16: Tom G and friends @ Club Manilla (Tampa, FL) 17: Lil Scrappy and Da Band’s Freddy P @ Club 112 (Tampa, FL) 18: Lil O and Omar @ Studio 7303 for Bun B’s Trill listening session (Houston, TX) 19: Matt Sonzala and Charlie Braxton @ Chingo Bling’s studio (Houston, TX) 20: Cedric Hollywood and DJ Tom LaRock (Miami, FL) 21: Kieran and Teddy T @ Club Deep (MIami, FL) Photos: Bogan (03,07); Boston Naud (12); J Lash (20,21); Julia Beverly (05,09,10,15); Keadron Smith (04,18); Luis Santana (08,13,16,17); Malik Abdul (14); Matt Sonzala (01,06,11,19); Young Majick (02)



patientlywaiting Bobby Creek Atlanta, GA

STATUS Signed to Shady/Aftermath/Interscope WHAT’S IN A NAME “Bobby is my grandfather’s name. Creekwater is something that I got at a younger age in the streets.” INFLUENCES “I started rapping at the age of 15, motivated by acts like Run-DMC, Big Daddy Kane, and Jay-Z. The acts that gave me an identity and showed me where I wanted to go was Outkast and Goodie Mob. I can’t think of anyone in Atlanta that wasn’t influenced by Outkast. When they blew up, that’s when I started taking it seriously. It inspired me in a couple of ways, because it showed me that someone from my backyard could do it. That gave me a boost, a little motivation.” G-UNIT/SHADY AFFILIATION “I’m in the presence of greats, so it would be my pleasure to work with Em, 50, Dre, and a lot of other people in the camp. But my situation is separate, we’re trying to bring our story and our sound to the table. We’re gonna give them some Southern hospitality.” THIRD TIME’S THE CHARM “I was in a group called Jaded with my partner Charlie Hustle. We formed a group in high school and did local talent shows. We met up with a producer named Soul Messiah who helped us find our sound. We started shopping around and got a deal with Loud Records through a guy named Shawn Kane. When Loud disbanded, we still had a good relationship with Steve Rifkind and he gave us the option to wait on his distribution situation or go somewhere else. We made the decision to go to Columbia, but we got released from Columbia a couple years back. At that point, I wanted to produce more and rap over my own beats. I found a sound and stuck with it and kept going. Once again, Shawn Kane’s name popped up. He has an artist on Bad Boy named Aasim, and we recorded a song together. Rick Morales from Shady Records heard the song we did together and reached out to me to make the deal happen. I signed with Shady two months ago.” STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD “I believe I’m gonna make it for the same reason the other 45 million rappers do. It’s all a belief. You have to believe in yourself, otherwise, why do it? I just have a firm belief in my music, and I hope the people accept it. My mother told me, ‘Ain’t nobody gonna believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself.’ I’m believing in myself so y’all can believe in me too.” - Julia Beverly (Photo: Sean Cokes) 26


01: DJ Khaled and Big Will reppin’ OZONE @ Funkmaster Flex’s car show (Miami, FL) 02: E-One, Wild Wayne, and Cat Daddy (Dallas, TX) 03: Lil Chris reppin’ OZONE @ Club 112 (Tampa, FL) 04: Young Jeezy and Trick Daddy @ Mansion (Miami, FL) 05: Ted Lucas and Nick Quested on the set of Trina’s “Here We Go” video shoot (Miami, FL) 06: Luc-Duc and DJ Suicide @ Coliseum (Miami, FL) 07: Bishop Magic Don Juan getting CRUNK!!! @ Oakley Thump 2 release party (Los Angeles, CA) 08: J-Lo’s ex Cris Judd getting CRUNK!!! @ Oakley Thump 2 release party (Los Angeles, CA) 09: Funkmaster Flex reppin’ OZONE @ his car show (Miami, FL) 10: Cat Daddy, Kevin Liles, and Ro Parish (Dallas, TX) 11: Big Smooth reppin’ OZONE @ Hot 102 (Virginia Beach, VA) 12: DJ Siza and KC reppin’ OZONE @ 20 Grand East for Griff comedy show (Atlanta, GA) 13: Keyshia Cole performing (Miami, FL) 14: Magno in the lab (Houston, TX) 15: Still a freak: Adina Howard (Tampa, FL) 16: Lil Jon with Korn drummer David Silveria @ Oakley/CRUNK!!! party (Los Angeles, CA) 17: Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh performing @ Mansion (Miami, FL) 18: Big Will and Young Jeezy @ Funkmaster Flex car show (Miami, FL) 19: JC CRUNK!!!, Jeremy McCassy, and CRUNK!!! spokesmodel @ Oakley Thump 2 release party Los Angeles, CA) 20: DJ Magic Mike and Slim Goodye @ Antigua (Orlando, FL) 21: Young Jeezy and Meech @ the Rollexx (Miami, FL) Photos: Bogan (01,05,09,18); J Lash (04,06,13,17,21); Julia Beverly (07,08,16,19); KC (12); Kenneth Clark (11); King Yella (02,10); Luis Santana (03,15); Malik Abdul (20); Matt Sonzala (14)



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Houston, TX STATUS Independent INFLUENCES Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, 5th Ward Boyz, Trina PRODUCTION Young Sam, Jokaman SINGLES “Drag A Bitch Out The Club,” “Bad Nigga” BATTLE OF THE SEXES “I started rapping in the ninth grade. I’d be sitting at the table watching boys rap and didn’t see any females flowing, so I just wanted to show them.” STYLE “My sound is only aggressive if it has to be, like my song, ‘Drag A Bitch Out The Club.’ You would only drag a bitch out the club if you had to, but not in every day life. You don’t just go around dragging bitches out the club.” REMIX “My first single was called ‘Bad Nigga,’ which was a remix of Webbie’s ‘Bad Bitch.’ I took it to a club and gave it to [the promoter] Big Steve, and DJ Chill started spinning it. I met up with Chill and ever since then it’s been uphill for me. I’ve done ten shows through Big Steve, Cap’n Jack, and Chill off that one song.” HOME TEAM “I listen to people like Trae and Z-Ro a lot, so I definitely support other Houston artists. If you listen to my sound, you’ll be able to tell that I’m from right here in Houston.” CONTENT “I think my music can relate to just about anybody because I talk about things in the streets from a female perspective. I mostly rhyme about my life and I try to say what a lot of women my age want to say. It might be talking about they baby daddys, or just talking about what’s going on in Houston from a female’s standpoint. DJ Chill calls me that street dime piece.” THE PLAN “Right now I’ve been doing shows, and dropping mixtapes, of course. I got one mixtape in the streets and a lot more in the works right now. I’m working with Young Sam, a singer named Sydney, and JC, just doing shows and promotions and selling these CDs whatever way I can.” UNIVERSAL APPEAL “My sound is not for a particular person, because I think anybody can relate to it. Even if they can’t relate to it, they’ll like it because it’s a good sound and people like to hear a female speak the truth and switch it up.” - Words and photo by Matt Sonzala



01: Brooke Valentine and Mike Jones @ BET’s New Faces search (Houston, TX) 02: Kevin Black with Interscope semi (Miami, FL) 03: WPEG’s No Limit, Butta Fingaz, and Church Boy (Charlotte, NC) 04: DJ Q45, Slim Goodye, and Greg G @ Icon (Orlando, FL) 05: Brandi Garcia and Lump reppin’ OZONE @ Studio 7303 for Bun B’s Trill listening party (Houston, TX) 06: Big Cee Jay, DJ HVidal, and DJ Knuckles @ Club 112 (Tampa, FL) 07: Kamm McKeller and Kristie @ Studio 7303 for Bun B’s Trill listening session (Houston, TX) 08: Tony Yayo performing @ Icon (Orlando, FL) 09: Slim Thug and Matt Sonzala @ Studio 7303 for Bun B’s Trill listening party (Houston, TX) 10: Killer Mike and the owners of Worldwide Hustler clothing @ JJ Whisper’s (Orlando, FL) 11: Bun B’s Trill listening party (Houston, TX) 12: Derrick Crooms and Big Keith @ Oakley/CRUNK!!! party (Los Angeles, CA) 13: Omar and Big Boi @ JJ Whisper’s (Orlando, FL) 14: Lil Wyte reppin’ OZONE (Virginia Beach, VA) 15: Hector, Pharrell, and Noreaga in the studio (Miami, FL) 16: Chingo Bling, Charlie Braxton, and Magno (Houston, TX) 17: Pinky and a friend (Miami, FL) 18: Wild Wayne, Kevin Liles, and Skip Cheatham (Dallas, TX) 19: Patrick Sabatini, Tom Whaley, Vince Phillips, and Ava Greenwall @ Oakley/CRUNK!!! party (Los Angeles, CA) 20: Trina and a dancer on the set of Lil Wayne’s video shoot (Miami, FL) 21: J Lash and Regina King (Miami, FL) Photos: Boston Naud (04); Don Harrington (07,11); J Lash (02,17,20,21); Julia Beverly (09,10,12,13,19); Kaspa (03); Keadron Smith (01,05); Kenneth Clark (14); King Yella (18) Malik Abdul (08); Matt Sonzala (16); Spiff (15); Young Majick (05)




* Some names, locations, and references to dollar amounts have been changed or omitted.


randon is either God, David Koresh, or the most successful pimp in the country, depending on who you ask. But the first time you see him, “pimp” is not the word that comes to mind. He’s black, overweight, with light skin, short curly hair, and an unkempt beard. His only standout feature is a tattoo across his right forearm that reads “Pimp or die.” Considering that pimpin’ is usually associated with flashy suits, gator shoes, and shiny cups, Brandon certainly doesn’t look the part. You won’t find him dancing alongside 50 Cent in a “P.I.M.P.” video or escorting ladies down a red carpet with dog collars ala Snoop Dogg. Although he does associate with some of the pimps you’ve seen in videos and considers most of them legitimate, he despises their image, calling them “celebrity pimps.” This is serious business to Brandon, and he is particularly disgusted by people who buy gimmicky pimp cups and therefore consider themselves to be pimpin’. He is also disgusted by the overuse of the word “pimp” in rap music and pop culture. Brandon prefers to stay low-key. Quoting the great Rakim, he says, “One thing I don’t like is the spotlight, because I already got light.” Of the dozens of girls currently in his stable, many of them have been with him for years. He was honored as Pimp of the Year at a recent Pimps & Hoes ball, but hasn’t attended any award shows since, preferring not to draw too much attention. Just as it would in any legitimate form of business, his reputation precedes him. His name carries heavy weight in the streets, but not many people know what he looks like. When it comes to Brandon’s income, he prefers not to reveal specific amounts, but suffice it to say that he makes a lot of money. When you hear the word “prostitute,” you might picture a transvestite crack addict with missing teeth, turning $20 tricks to support their habit. But Brandon’s whores do not fit this stereotype. They’re young and fairly attractive, although their dress code makes it clear that they’re not just your average club-hopping girls gone wild. Hard drugs and alcohol are forbidden within Brandon’s stable. “Real hoes that fuck with real pimps don’t use drugs,” he says. “If they do, the drug is pimpin’ both of them.” Brandon also doesn’t smoke, drink, or use drugs. He’s amused when I ask if free sex is one of his job perks. “That’s absurd,” he says. “Hoes have to pay pimps to fuck with them. It’s a perk for them, not me. I might be a big dude, but it’s a privilege for a bitch to do anything [sexual] with me. I’m one of the most disciplined pimps that’s ever done it. I’ve had women for years that I’ve never touched.” He’s more turned on by the money they bring him than by the sex. Brandon loves money, perhaps the most addictive drug of all, more than anything. FIRST IMPRESSIONS The first time I met Brandon, he was engaged in a heated debate with a famous rapper’s attorney over prostitution. He talked matter-of-factly about owning real estate, luxury cars, and taking ridiculously extravagant vacations with dozens of girls. At the time, it was easy to dismiss his claims as complete bullshit. Still, he made a convincing argument, and the fact that we were indeed riding in a stretch Expedition on his dime made his stories a bit more believable. One crisp Friday afternoon, Brandon picks me up from LAX driving a white Range Rover with California plates. He’s wearing a white tee under a large lime green polo shirt, blue jeans, and black boots, looking like an average dude. The drive to Vegas leaves plenty of time for an informal interview. Brandon says he is 28 years old (later in the night he says he’s 29, so who knows) and has been pimping women for almost 15 years. “Pimps are born, hoes are made,” he says, one of an endless string of one-liners he uses throughout the night to describe his profession. Although the word “pimp” often carries negative connotations, Brandon believes that if the system is operated correctly, it can be beneficial to both parties. The biggest asset that a woman can have, says Brandon, is not being afraid to ask for her money. The most attractive women don’t necessarily make the most money; it’s all about attitude. “A real hoe really respects herself, and she’s proud of her job,” he asserts. He credits his success to his “pimptuition” and money-management skills.

LAS VEGAS Finally arriving in Vegas, we stop at a small nondescript hotel just off the freeway. Brandon heads straight for a room on the second floor and raps on the door. It opens briefly, then slams shut. “Manny’s hoe just made a big mistake,” says Brandon. “That’s how pimps get robbed. She’s not supposed to open the door for anyone but Manny.” Less than a minute later, a bright red Lexus with rims pulls into the hotel parking lot. Two men get out and walk up the stairs, approaching Brandon and shooting a wary look in my direction. “She with you?” one of them asks. Brandon clearly doesn’t like to be questioned. “Well, she ain’t with you, right?” he retorts. After some awkward laughter, Brandon introduces us and explains the reason for my visit as we enter the hotel room. Presumably naked, the girl inside dives for the bed on the far side of the room, pulling the sheet up so that only the top of her head is showing, revealing reddish-brown curls. Manny sits down on the bed next to her, explaining that he usually has between one and three whores. Right now, she’s the only one. Manny pats her ass through the sheets. Aside from that, he ignores her. She is either asleep or doesn’t want to join in the conversation. Various snack items and clothes strewn about the room suggest that they’ve been staying here for several days. Brandon sits down on the other bed, and Ricardo takes the chair beside me, next to the window. Ricardo says he’s from Memphis, but his family originates in the Honduras. Short and a little chubby with dark skin and short hair, he has animated eyes and mannerisms. As he talks, he has a strange habit of flickering his tongue, and you can see it twitching through a small gap in his teeth. “I’m a Hondurian pimp,” he laughs, popping the “collar” of his gray and blue Akademiks t-shirt. In the pimping industry, Ricardo and Manny are the small mom-andpop retailers. They’re not exactly partners – “pimpin’ is a solo sport,” says Brandon – but they work closely together. They look up to Brandon, a mentor of sorts, as the CEO of a full-scale corporation. It isn’t hard to see why Brandon is successful. He’s developed a formula that works: a “controlled environment.” The first thing you notice about Manny is his eyes, which follow you intensely. It’s easy to see how he can control women. He’s a good-looking Puerto Rican who vaguely resembles a heavyset Tony Sunshine. Brandon refers to Manny as “the pretty pimp,” acknowledging that a whore once left him to “choose” Manny. But Manny’s looks are also his downfall. He tends to become involved with his whores both sexually and emotionally, and for a pimp, emotions are bad for business. Brandon never has those problems. “Hoes coming and going, that’s the story of my life,” he says. “If you’re really pimpin’, hoes choose. You accept that, unless there’s foul play involved. It’s part of the game.” Typically, he says, women leave because there’s too many other women. They feel neglected and need more one-on-one attention. Even in a short amount of time, it’s easy to see that Manny has a wicked temper. Say or do the wrong thing and he’ll snap. Brandon later confirms this, remembering several incidents: Manny threatening to kill a waitress for her perceived disrespect; Manny screaming on a flight attendant for opening his window shade. Manny beating one of his whores and slamming a plate of food into her face because she refused to eat it. Throughout the conversation, Ricardo does most of the talking. He has a way of cutting through the bullshit to make things sound cut and dry, black and white. He’s outgoing and inquisitive, asking a string of questions to find out why anyone would be interested in his lifestyle. Still, he’s aware that pimpin’ isn’t for everyone. At one point, Ricardo mentions that prostitutes rarely break away from the lifestyle successfully. All three of the men are instantly offended by my suggestion that perhaps these women have been institutionalized, much like slaves or incarcerated felons who cannot function once they are freed. Ricardo emphatically explains that the women are free to come and go as they please. Brandon calls it an “open-door policy.” Almost all of Brandon’s whores are white. This might appear to be a strange statement of black power or reverse slavery, but for Brandon it’s not that serious. He prefers white whores for strictly financial reasons. “It’s a fact that white women make more money,” he says. “Because the average dude that buys pussy is white, and they prefer their OZONE


own kind.” Plus, Brandon says that white women are attracted to him more often than black women, so they tend to choose him. He does have a few black girls in his stable, though, and some who are Hispanic or mixed. In some cities, his whores are discouraged from dealing with black clients at all (professional athletes are an exception). Brandon and several of his whores hail from Compton. He first started pimpin’ on the infamous Sunset Blvd. track, then moved his operations primarily to the casinos. Business is better now. The going rate for an hour with one of Brandon’s prostitutes is $500. The rates for a full night are negotiable. In Brandon’s opinion, what they’re really selling is game. “I have no moral hang-ups at all about prostitution,” Brandon says. “You don’t give away anything for free if you can sell it; it’s just good business sense.” The only boundary he refuses to cross is the age of consent. Manny and Ricardo agree. Brandon believes that anyone who pimps a woman under 18 deserves to go to jail. In a profession where legitimate identification is sometimes hard to come by, they often have to rely on their instincts and unique methods to find out a whore’s real age. Once they’re over 18, though, they’re fair game. Ricardo also states that he’s firmly against violence between pimps, unless it’s “justified.” As the discussion draws to a close, I am reminded that this is not a friendly conversation. Manny stands up and walks closer to my chair with the ever-present gleam in his eye. “How do we know you’re not a cop?” he demands. “I guess you don’t,” I answer. What else can I say? Brandon reminds me that in exchange for all the information I’ve been given, he expects me to present a fair depiction of the lifestyle. Manny and Ricardo follow us to one of Brandon’s homes, just a short distance away from the hotel. This large two-story brick building looks like it belongs to a typical all-American family. A yellow Hummer and blue Benz are parked in the driveway outside the garage. Inside is wood paneling and clean carpet. The most bizarre thing about the home is how normal it is. A large poster in the kitchen lists household tasks and assignments, just like mom used to do when you were a kid. The downstairs bathroom smells flowery and appears sparkling clean; very feminine. As Brandon enters the foyer, a chorus of “Hi Daddy”s floats down from the second floor. There’s six girls currently living in the house. Brandon heads straight through the kitchen and relaxes on a green leather couch in the back room. Manny and Ricardo sit on the other couch across from him. The room also contains a widescreen TV and a small folding table. Betty is the first to greet Brandon. She enters the room with her head down, avoiding making eye contact with Manny and Ricardo. “If you got eyes, you got action,” Brandon says, explaining that his girls do not make eye contact with other pimps. BETTY Betty is light-skinned, but doesn’t look Caucasian. She’s actually mixed, half Puerto Rican and half white. Originally from Compton, she met Brandon on Sunset Blvd. and has been with him for three years. She’s thick, with a large tattoo on her left thigh spilling out from beneath a short miniskirt. Brandon’s name is tattooed in black across her right arm, while another oversized tattoo adorns her back shoulder beneath a skimpy red top. She has her eyebrow pierced, which looks strange considering that her eyebrows have been shaved off. Brandon has no explanation for this, except that she’s a “weird bitch” (later, on

the track, eyebrows have been penciled in). Her hair is a long, lightbrown braided weave, pulled back into a ponytail. There’s probably an interesting story behind the small scar on her upper lip. The most appealing things about Betty are her row of perfect white teeth and her eyes, which glow warmly from time to time. She doesn’t look up until Manny and Ricardo are long gone. Even after they’ve left, she still holds her body protectively, sitting on the couch in almost a fetal position. Betty credits Brandon with the stability and organization in her life. If she didn’t have a pimp, she says, the quick money would be too much for her to handle. To her, prostitution is safer than her previous life as a “square.” Anyone who is not a part of the pimps & hoes game is referred to as such. “Squares do the same things we do – sleeping around, going from one guy to another,” she reasons. “But they do it unprotected. We’re more safe; more organized.” Betty grew up around hustlers and started selling drugs at an early age (she hesitates to say exactly how young). In retrospect, it was a way to rebel against her mother. After a few years of hustling drugs, she turned to prostitution because there were lighter consequences. Compared to drug trafficking, the penalties for prostitution are a slap on the wrist. “You’re just selling your own property,” she reasons. Regardless, her career of choice does have its drawbacks – Betty estimates that she’s been arrested over 70 times, mostly during her days on Sunset Blvd. Even after multiple charges, none of these offenses carried serious time. She was usually sentenced to a few days in prison or community service. The longest she’s ever been locked up was 45 days, and that was before she met Brandon. Recently, she says, a dramatic situation landed both her and one of her “wife-in-laws” (another of Brandon’s whores) in jail in San Francisco. They had no way to contact Brandon, but he was already aware of the situation. Their bond was posted within minutes and his attorneys handled the case quietly – one of the benefits of having a pimp. Prostitutes who choose not to have a pimp are referred to as “renegades.” “Renegades run into certain situations,” Brandon explains. “They can’t get bonded out, and they don’t have anyone to protect them.” Betty hasn’t run into too many dangerous or life-threatening situations, but she does recall one she narrowly missed. She was sitting in the passenger side of a trick’s car and they’d agreed on a price. Payment is always handled up front, but the trick spent too long reaching for his wallet, fumbling around in the pocket on the side of the door. Her intuition told her to get out and run. A few days later, the same trick picked up another of Brandon’s whores and raped her with a screwdriver he pulled out of the door’s side pocket. Most of Betty’s clients are not necessarily old or unattractive. She assumes that they choose to pay a prostitute to avoid emotional hassles. Even if they men are attractive, the sex itself often leaves her feeling “kinda disgusted,” but she says it’s worth it for the stability she’s gained compared to her previous life of rebellion. “When [girls] come in, they’re looking for a way out of their problems. Before, I was never sleeping, running around crazy. I looked to the game for stability,” Betty recalls. She currently has no aspirations to leave or future plans. “I’ll be doing this for however long he wants me to,” she says, glancing at Brandon. HEAVEN Heaven is 23 years old, tan, with long brown hair. She’s tall, thin, talkative, and confident, sporting a pink miniskirt. She seems like someone you’d find working the counter of a health club, or perhaps the secretary of a large corporation. But Heaven went down a different road. Born in northern California, she caught a drug charge that cost her several years in prison. After she was released, she started working as a secretary, where she averaged only $200 a week. She soon discovered a more profitable career – stripping – which earned her approximately $300 a week. Not satisfied with her income as a stripper, she started turning tricks on Sunset. She met Brandon and was attracted to his humble demeanor. “Rich people don’t put on all their jewelry,” she reasons. “He’s not flashy. I thought he was a drug dealer.”

Above: Angel greets a potential client on the Las Vegas strip



Heaven is truly a professional prostitute. The entire sex act is a job to her; she says she hasn’t kissed a man in eight years. “I look at things differently now,” she says. “It’s methodical. The more money, the more patience I have. You put up a wall. I’m not emotionally involved

with these men, I just provide a service. Some guys get it confused so I have to set them straight.” In the casinos, finding clients is never a problem. She typically sits at a bar and waits for someone to approach her. Within the first two minutes of the conversation, she tells them her price. They’re rarely surprised to find out that she’s not a “free” girl. “My stage name and stilettos give it away,” she laughs. Careful and methodical, she requests to see identification before agreeing to service the men. When it comes to sex, there’s no games. “Safe sex rules,” she says. “I change condoms after the blow job and before the sex, so there’s no exchange of fluid at all. We take a lot of risks, but we make a lot of money. It’s a rush to get paid. There’s no baloney, no emotional drama. My mind is programmed to get money. If a guy starts talking about anything else, I get turned off.” The only “date” that bothered her was a pedophile who requested that she act like a little girl. Still, she reasons that it’s better for him to pay a prostitute to act like a little girl than to actually molest a little girl. During her free time, Heaven visits her son. He was just a year old when she began her prison term, so he’s been raised by his grandmother. Although she wouldn’t want her son to become a pimp, she says she’ll support him in whatever career he chooses. “We go through this so [our kids] can have a different life,” she says. “We’re dealing them good cards. I worked with my hand, so I’m trying to deal him all Kings.” “My mother didn’t understand [my lifestyle] at first,” Heaven acknowledges. “She wanted to know if I was being forced [to prostitute myself].” Now, her mother has met Brandon, and approves. “She tells me, ‘This is the most stable you’ve ever been.’” Brandon serves as a friend, confidant, accountant, and business advisor. “Whatever money I make goes to him, and he makes smart decisions. If I wasn’t with Brandon, I’d be drinking, laid up with somebody doing drugs, spending money on stupid shit. I wouldn’t be able to live in this half-a-milliondollar house,” Heaven concludes. CANDI 28-year-old Candi is rather tight-lipped, answering questions sharply and abruptly, perhaps because she’s the newcomer in the household and isn’t quite comfortable with her surroundings yet. She began stripping at the age of 23, then started turning tricks on Sunset Blvd. She ended up in Miami with an unorganized pimp who did nothing but take her shopping for frivolous items. “With all the money we were making, I felt like shopping was a waste of time,” says Candi. She eventually met Brandon through another whore and joined his stable less than a month ago. She views sex with johns as “entertaining, but not pleasurable.” The job entails much more than just sex. “A hoe is a therapist, a masseuse, everything,” she explains. She’s in it for the money, but doesn’t plan to be a prostitute for the rest of her life. She’s a businesswoman; she’s thinking longterm. She wants to use her prostitution profits to open legitimate businesses. Candi tends to attract the weirdos. Although she’s dated football players and models, she says most of her clients are “odd.” For example, a young good-looking guy paid her $800 to walk on him. Another guy requested a spanking, and asked her to talk about his wife sucking a big dick. “They call ‘em tricks for more than one reason,” Candi says wryly. BRITTANY Brittany has been with Brandon for over three years, and has earned her reputation as one of his most reliable and profitable whores. She seems more reserved than the others, a fair-skinned white girl with dyed blonde hair and blue eyes. She frequently looks to Brandon throughout the conversation with an expression that says, Are you sure you want me to be talking about this? He repeatedly encourages her to be open and honest. Wearing jean capris and a pink shirt, she’s barefoot with red toenail polish. Her story began back in Atlanta, where she was a self-described “normal” college student studying psychology and working part-time at a local fitness center. Although her life appeared to be in order from the outside looking in, she was in a bad relationship with a deadbeat and felt “lost” and “unfulfilled.” She was ambitious, but bored with no direction or purpose. Her sister, who has been one of Brandon’s prostitutes

for over nine years now, invited her to Vegas during summer vacation. She met Brandon some time later in Louisiana as her sister’s “friend.” Encouraged by the positive changes she’d seen in her sister’s life after hooking up with Brandon, she eventually abandoned her studies to follow in her sister’s footsteps. Brittany speaks of Brandon as her savior. “This is my new life, my way out. I feel fulfilled now. This was supposed to happen. Everything feels like it fit into place. I couldn’t see myself doing anything different. College wasn’t for me,” she says. Brittany once made $56,000 in one night – without even having sex. She accompanied a wealthy client to a large hotel casino, where he won a large sum of money. He promptly blew $15,000, handed her $1,200 in chips, and paid her $1,000 in cash for two hours. They went up to his room, where she took off her clothes. He told her to put them back on. For hours, they talked and drank. “He was drunk by this point,” she recalls. “He showed me a key to a jet plane he owned. He asked me, ‘What would it take to get you out of this business?’” She named an astronomical figure. He promised he’d go back downstairs and win enough money to give her a new life. An hour later, he came back upstairs with his winnings. He’d kept his promise. She agreed to leave the lifestyle and stay with him for $56,000. By the time he passed out cold, she was gone - with the money. If you were holding $56,000 cash, why not take the money and run? Why not start a new life on your own? What binds Brittany to Brandon? “I never even considered not bringing it back to him. That’s his. It’s for the cause,” she says, comparing her position to top-ranking executives at major corporations who handle the companies’ finances. Skimming off the top or deserting the company would be embezzlement, or at the very least, unethical. “All my money goes to him, but in turn, I have everything I need,” she reasons. Although $56,000 nights are rare, Brittany always gets money. “Brandon is a master in the field of negotiating,” she says. “I learned from the best.” Perhaps because of her All-American good girl appearance, Brittany hasn’t had many bad dates. She only recalls two disturbing instances: an uncomfortable double date with her sister, and a wellknown trick named Joey, who likes to be suffocated to the point of near-death. Brittany’s mother doesn’t know the specifics of her chosen career, but she’s happy because her daughters are happy. “Before, I was lost,” says Brittany. “Now I feel very, very grounded. I like the structure in my life.” In one of the more poignant moments of the night, Brittany flips the script on me. “Now that you’ve heard our stories, what do you think of us?” she asks. I don’t know what to say. Throughout all the conversations, it’s become clear that all the girls in the house have at least one thing in common: In their past life, they all felt lost, with no direction. Brandon has given them a firm direction. Regardless of how constructive or destructive it might be, the only thing that matters is that they have a direction. THE TRACK We leave the house at precisely 11:59 PM, still in the Range. The six girls follow in the Hummer. We cruise up and down the Vegas strip endlessly, and Brandon points out the working girls as they walk by. He can tell who’s “working” by their shoes and their demeanor. Most of the prostitutes turn their heads away immediately out of respect. Brandon wraps up the evening by summarizing his business philosophy (“Sex isn’t the focal point, money is”) and listing his worldly possessions. A wannabe pimp with a long slicked-back ponytail jumps into the backseat of Brandon’s Range and talks a mile-a-minute, obviously in awe of his superior. Brandon murmurs in response a few times and concludes, “Everybody’s got a job to do: pimpin’, prostitution, and the police.” In a world where the concept of pimps and hoes exists on so many levels, who are we to condemn those who choose to call it what it is? As 5 AM rolls around, Brandon takes a call from a business affiliate, Tommy, who publishes a hooker magazine. “Watch out for Brandon,” he advises me over the speaker phone. “He’s [cult leader] David Koresh. He’ll have you saying ‘Yes, daddy. No, daddy.’ His girls never leave.” OZONE





People might be surprised when they meet you, because you’re kinda quiet and laid-back compared the persona we hear on the record. With some of the things you rap about, is that really you or are you just saying what men want to hear? It’s different meanings. I think music is just what I’m feeling at the time; the whole vibe of the recording studio, what I feel like talking about, things I’ve indulged in from the past to the present. A lot of stuff is exaggerated. It’s more interesting. You have to add depth to it in order to make the song come out to be what you want it to be. Myself, I’m the same person, but a lot different in a sense because I’m more laid-back than people probably think. Is there one particular producer that really brings out the best of you in the studio? I work pretty good with everybody. Lots of producers – Swizz Beatz, Cool & Dre, Just Blaze, Kanye West, Jazze Pha, Mannie Fresh, Needles, Signature, a whole gang of good producers. I think it’s just about the mood I’m feeling and what type of track it is. It’s whatever I feel like talking about; whatever’s been happening over the past few weeks or months. It’s just about me and what I feel like bringing out of myself, what type of direction I want to go. People might get the impression that you have a diva attitude. Do you feel like you can’t go out in public unless you’re dressed up, with makeup tight, and a whole entourage? No, I don’t, actually I’m real humble and cool. When people meet me they think I’m a whole different person. As far as an entourage, I do have a lot of friends. I’m a people person and I’m very entertaining. I like to have fun, I like to sit back and talk about life and a lot of different things. So I always have people around me, but not because I’m keeping away from the public. I love the fans and everybody, so it has nothing to do with having a diva attitude. It’s just a lot of people around me. Being a celebrity female, do you think your personal life is judged unfairly? If you’re seen in public with someone – Da Brat or Ludacris, for example – people automatically assume you’re sleeping with that person. Yeah, I think so. I think people like to get excited off the hype. Whenever you’re out with somebody, people automatically assume you’re sleeping with that person or dating them or whatever. Nobody would make the judgement that maybe you’re just friends. That’s not enough, they love to dig deeper. And you know what they say, when you assume, you make an ass of yourself. Sometimes, it may be true. It just depends on the situation. I have good friends in the industry that are just my friends, and that’s it. We go out and party and have a good time. Either way, it doesn’t bother me. I don’t mind who I’m being seen with. If I’m being seen with somebody, that’s because we’ve got something in common. I’m not just seen with them for no reason. So it doesn’t bother me. Publicity, it is what it is. If somebody’s talking about you, it’s better than somebody not paying any attention at all. With the striptease routine that you do in your live shows, does it sometimes get too explicit? I heard you had a lewd conduct charge after a show in Louisiana. I heard something like that. But as far as my show being really graphic or whatever, I seriously doubt that. I have a sexy part in my show were we bring a guy on stage and do this Janet Jackson serenade, but it’s just entertaining. It’s not lewd. Nobody’s naked. It’s just a whole lot of dancing and grinding on a guy. It’s very sexy, but that’s as far as it gets. It’s not sexual, there’s no crazy surprises or nothing like that. It’s actually just indulging, it’s very sexy. We find a guy and bring him on the stage, somebody that’s sexy and fly. There’s a song that I love by Janet Jackson that starts off really slow, and then we go into “Cater To You.” It’s all about entertaining. So, yeah, I heard something like that, but I don’t really follow up on everything I hear. It wasn’t important enough for me to make a comment about it to the press. I don’t think it was that big of a deal. I heard that you used to be a stripper. Do you think there are any similarities between strippers and rappers? I think it’s almost like the same thing, because it’s just entertainment. You’re both out hustling, trying to get money. Whether you’re an artist, a hairdresser, a stripper, or whatever you wanna be, you’re still trying to get money at the end of the day. Some people take it professionally and do what they do, and some people get a little out of control and get wild. It all depends on you and the type of environment, the way you see yourself. When it comes down to money, it’s all about the same thing: professionalism. It’s your life, so it just depends on

Trina and Lil Wayne: “We’re whatever you want us to be. We’re happy.”

what you wanna do personally. Myself, I feel like [stripping] should be something you do when you’re trying to get your feet off the ground. It’s a stepping stone, so just keep it moving. I don’t think you should be doing it for ten or fifteen years. You’ve gotta find something else. But there’s nothing wrong with [stripping]. If you don’t like it, just don’t go to the strip club. It’s a fantasy for men, so since men enjoy it so much a lot of women have something to say about it. Strip clubs are not made for women, so if you don’t like it, don’t go there. There’s other things you can do to entertain yourself, so don’t say nothing. Just do you. Do whatever you need to do to get paper, as long as you’re not molesting or raping or killing nobody. It’s the United States, we have freedom to get money by all means necessary. Do you think men are intimidated by you? I think so. Even before I was [famous], guys have always been intimidated by me because I’m a strong, outspoken, outgoing girl. I don’t like to take second place or feel that I’m not treated with the utmost respect, whether it’s somebody I’m dating or just men in general. I’m a strong woman, I know how to make my own money and make my own rules. I don’t wanna take shit from no guy. I grew up that way, getting my own money. I’m not gonna sit back and wait on nobody, so of course guys are intimidated by that. They’re intimidated by any successful woman. But at the same time they don’t want a chick that just sits around being a flunky. You need to be your own boss. There was paperwork circulating earlier this year that showed your house in Miami had been foreclosed on. I heard that someone you were dating actually purchased the house for the two of you to live in, and when the relationship didn’t work out, he stopped making payments on the house. There’s a thousand different versions of that story, and that’s not actually what happened. I had that house for about five and a half years. OZONE


And yes, I was in a relationship at the time, and me and that person lived together. We stayed there and when we decided to go our separate ways, I kept the house for about two and a half years after. I was in and out; I wasn’t there a lot. But the house didn’t get foreclosed on, and all those other stories that I heard about the situation aren’t true. We’re still friends, and he’s a part of my business team. So we didn’t fall out, it was just time for us to go our separate ways. And of course I wanted a bigger house. It was just me, it wasn’t me and him anymore, so I decided to sell it. It was no need to keep it anymore because nobody was staying there. I had tons of stuff that was still there, but once I found a buyer, it was time to let it go. I purchased a new home. So that was the situation. Things happen. Sometimes you’re with somebody in a relationship and you break up and go separate ways, so there are decisions that have to be made. So it didn’t get taken from me or foreclosed on. It’s not owned by the bank. I sold it, and I made a lot of money. Now I have a brand new house and a brand new life. I don’t like to fall out with people, I like to end situations on good terms because you never know if you’ll need somebody. He’s a real great guy.

because I don’t know, and as far as the other artists, I really don’t know their business either. All I know about is Trina’s business, and Trina’s business is taken care of. Everybody gotta handle their own business.

Are there problems between you and Trick Daddy? Nah, we never fell out. Me and Trick are cool. I see him every now and then, and it’s always the same. I just think it’s a growth period in music when you’re trying to do your own thing. You always want to evolve and try different things. When I first came out, I learned so much from working with Trick. We went in one direction. With the second album, I was doing different things while he was on tour. Then I was on tour. The second album had a different direction to it. I got involved with the music and the production and the whole creative side. I just flipped it, I wanted to do things my way and lead my own destiny and be my own artist and be in charge of what I’m doing. You’ve gotta have your own direction. You’ve gotta know what path you’re trying Above: Trina with Kelly Rowland at the video shoot for her new single “Here We Go”; below: Trina’s mother helps her look the part on the to take. We work separately now, you know, I’m always working. I’m always set of Webbie’s “Bad Bitch” video shoot (Photos: Bogan) on the road and he’s always doing something different. Sometimes you need time apart. We have a lot of plans. I’m sure Are you and Lil Wayne an item? me and Trick will work together in the future, (giggles) We’re whatever you want us to be. whether it’s a Trick and Trina album or a feature We’re happy, that’s what we are. Wayne is a on my album or a feature on his album. I know great guy. He’s the sweetest guy in the world, we’ll work together again, we’ve just been so and he’s an extremely talented artist. I’ve been a busy doing our own thing. It’s not a big deal. fan of his ever since I could remember, so I was more than privileged and honored and excited Whenever a rapper like Jacki-O comes out, or to have him on the first single. I called him up Khia does a record with Trick Daddy, people like, “Yo, I need a record from you,” and he did it seem to place them in a category with you right away. I heard it and I was excited, because and create beef. Do you look at it as competiI always wanted to work with him. I actually got tion? to see him work in the studio, and he’s amazing. That’s just the way people are. If there was no I have nothing but love for Lil Wayne, and a lot hype or rumors or beef or competition, there of great things to say about him. It’s an honor wouldn’t be no gossip. There wouldn’t be nothand a pleasure to work with him and be in his ing for you to write about, nothing to rhyme company. about. It all goes with the territory. Anytime somebody new comes out, people wanna comTell me about your new album. pare you or whatever. So it’s constantly a comIt’s called The Glamorest Life. I had a lot of crepetition. Everything you do in life is competitive ative control on the album. I got the chance to because everybody’s in thr same game trying to work with Swizz Beatz, Jazze Pha, Needles, win. You’ve gotta just work and focus on putting KLC, Kanye West, Just Blaze, and a lot of differyour album together and being a great artist and ent producers. I was very excited to work with a entertainer. Just do you, do your thing. It’s only a lot of those producers. This is my best album, handful of females that are artists. I like every feand I’m happy with the features and the artists male artist for their individuality. I like everybody I got to work with. I have the first single with Lil for their own reasons. I don’t have beef with noWayne, “Don’t Trip,” and “Here We Go Again” body, it’s not something that I’d even indulge with Mannie Fresh and Lil Scrappy. I did a record in. It’s not fly. Beef is whack. I could think of a with Young Buck, and Trey Songz is on the album too. I put a lot of thousand things I’d rather do with my time than beef with somebody. hard work into the album so I’m very happy and excited about it. It’s I think all the females should do a “We Are The World” record about in stores now. unity, and maybe the females could be as strong as the males are in this game. Who knows? I think it’s all positive energy. As females, we There’s been some criticism directed at Ted Lucas and Slipneed to hold each other down. I don’t have a problem with doing a N-Slide by other artists who were signed to the label, as far as record with nobody as long as the music’s good. money not being distributed properly and things like that. Trick Daddy doesn’t seem to be reppin’ Slip-N-Slide like he used to. I heard you and Jacki-O were talking about doing a collaboration. Since you’re also signed to the label, what’s your opinion? We haven’t worked together in the studio, but I think she’s talented. I really don’t know what Trick’s situation is at the label. I mean, I’ve heard stuff. You hear stuff all the time from artists, and it’s not just SlipDuring the Foxy Brown vs. Jacki-O situation, Foxy brought your N-Slide. It could be any artist at any label. There’s always gonna be name up on the radio. Were you taking sides? talks about money, business not being handled right, business deciI don’t know. I heard a little about that. With that whole situation, sions. That’s how you teach an artist. That’s part of artist development; they’ve both probably put it behind them by now. They’re focused on knowing what you want to do and how to deal with your situation as their projects, and so am I. That’s my only comment. It is what it is. It’s far as business is concerned. I can’t really speak on Trick’s business in the past, so let’s keep it moving. 36






side from you and a handful of other people, there’s not many artists that have come out of the Carolinas. Why do you think that is? Because a lot of artists ain’t really applied themselves to be great. A lot of people get in the game but they don’t push themselves as hard as they should. Anybody could come out sounding like everybody else, but that ain’t what they’re looking for. That ain’t what the world needs. The world already got a Petey Pablo, a Jay-Z, a 50 Cent. You’ve got to come out and create your own sound. A lot of people don’t do that. A lot of people just follow the format instead of going against the grain. Do you think the Carolinas have the potential to break through and create their own regional sound, in the same way that Florida is known for bass music, Memphis and Atlanta are known for crunk music, and Houston is known for screwed and chopped? Exactly. I mean, you could look at all the artists that did come out of the Carolinas. Nobody sounds like Petey Pablo. Okay, you might got some people that try to sound like Petey Pablo, but when Petey Pablo came out he sounded like Petey Pablo. There was some comparisons with Mystikal, but they always do that. Once you got a feel to me, nobody sounds like Petey Pablo. Nobody sounds like Jodeci. Dru Hill tried, but still, nobody sounds like Jodeci. People may try to sound like Fantasia, but nobody sounds like Fantasia. Nobody sounds like Anthony Hamilton. Yeah, we’ve got our own sound. The Carolinas, we have our own style. It seems like you usually take a couple years to drop an album. Is that because of the record label, or do you just need time creatively? Of course that’s a label situation, sweetheart. I got over 300 fuckin’ songs, hot as a muthafucker, but for some strange reason muthafuckers just want to not open the lane for me. Just to give you a reference – with Jive, it’s like, I know there’s another way to go but they’ll insist on putting me in the car with a driver. They never just let me drive. Let me drive, and I’ll get to wherever the fuck I’m tryin’ to get to. I’m telling the driver the right way to go, and he’s going another direction even though I know it’s gonna be traffic. Why y’all keep bullshitting and fuckin’ me over and holding me back? I don’t know what the hell it is. So are you still signed to Jive or are you signed to Death Row? I’m still Jive affiliated. Do you think Jive just didn’t know how to promote you as a Southern rap artist? You cant really say Jive don’t know how to handle an artist, cause it isn’t Jive handling it. It’s the people that Jive had working for them. As far as the people that work for that label, there’s good people there and bad people there. I’m not gonna call it a fault, I guess it’s just a misfortune that for the most part, the music just did what it did. There was nothing extra that they put behind the music. If you look at the roster they had over there, I mean, shit, Britney [Spears] was the biggest artist. Where’s Britney now? N’Sync was their biggest group. Where the fuck is N’Sync now? Fuckin’ Blackstreet, where they fuck are they? You’ve got all these big people that was affiliated with this label, but where the fuck did they end up? There’s no music coming out from Jive right now besides R Kelly, and that’s cause he got his own shit. How did you and Suge Knight originally meet? God put us together.

Considering the impact that Tupac had on the world, not only in music, how can you fill those shoes? How do you intend to have the same impact? Because I was born a leader. I was born to be in this position. Everything that happens, happens because it was God’s will and God has a reason for everything. I have often sat around, just questioning what really brought me here. Then I had to realize that I can’t hold onto that thought. I can’t dwell on that thought. I have to let go and let God. Whatever is God’s will, I want his will to be done. Many people would be surprised to hear you say that, because they only know of you from “Raise Up” and “Freek-A-Leek.” How does your belief in God fit into your music? The songs that most people have heard from me, those weren’t really the songs that I would’ve went with. My talent is my talent, you know what I mean? We all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. So I’m not gonna say that I’m not a hypocrite, but no means, shape, form, or fashion. At the same time, although my music may seem crazy or graphic at times, I’m not worshipping the devil or saying anything derogatory to Christianity. With “Freek-A-Leek,” let the truth be told, there’s plenty of Christians that go home from church with their people and freek-a-leek or do whatever they do. So I’m not saying that I live my life completely right, but I’m striving every day to become the man that God wants me to be. I’m a prophet. I couldn’t have a voice if it wasn’t for God. I couldn’t have a talent unless it was God’s will for me to have this talent. Whatever I have to do, I thank God for it, even if it’s putting out a song like “Freek-A-Leek.” Suge seems to have a lot of enemies. By you being so closely affiliated with Suge now, do you inherit his beef? A man can’t inherit somebody else’s beef unless that individual accepts that man’s beef. That man don’t really have no beef with nobody. I mean, everybody thinks he does, but that man don’t have no beef. Some people might dislike him or be intimidated by him or afraid of him, but don’t nobody got no beef with Suge. Suge don’t have beef with nobody, so there’s no beef to be inherited. But I am with Death Row. As far as all the rumors, if we cool, we cool. If we ain’t, we ain’t. If there’s a problem, it will be handled. Be cool, it’s too much effort to resist. The world is big enough for all of us. Everybody has their time. Move out of the way cause it’s my time. Was the song “Suge Got Shot” directed at anyone in particular? The name of that song is “Forensics.” I think that song spoke for itself. That song says, everybody there was a suspect. I hate to say it, but it is what it is. What do you think of the police theory that Suge shot himself? How dumb is that? How dumb would it be for Suge to have a gun on him? Were you with him that night at the club when he got shot? Yup. Right with him. So what exactly happened? What did you see? Shit, we was having fun. Drinking and shit. Pow! Somebody shot him. How did you react? I ain’t no bitch. Real niggas just handle the situation. We was just waiting for the ambulance to get there.

Okay. Why do you think you clicked together so well? Suge is my big brother. With all the criticism that’s been leveled at Death Row, since they really haven’t released any music in years besides Tupac’s postmortem stuff, were you worried about your project being delayed and shelved like Crooked I’s? Are you crazy? As hot as this shit is, are you crazy? Can you really be serious? As hard as this shit is… I’m sorry to say that I really don’t know the research or the story behind Crooked I. But if you listen to Suge, Suge will tell you himself that since Tupac Shakur there hasn’t been an individual that has struck an interest in him or put the feeling into him the way I have. I felt that was an honor for him to even say that. I mean, shit. It is what it is. Ain’t no way in hell my album ain’t coming out. The only way my album won’t come out is if God sends a 9/11 Katrina tsunami to the whole world. Suge comparing you to Tupac gives you pretty big shoes to fill. Big shoes for a dude with a little foot, yes ma’am. OZONE


Is he fully recovered? Yeah, he ain’t get shot in the spine or anything to the point where he was paralyzed. He just got a lil’ tattoo. That’s all he got, a tattoo. Put some cocoa butter on it and you’re good. After he got shot, were you worried about someone coming after you? Did you start wearing a vest or make any changes to protect yourself more? Am I wearing a vest? What does that sound like? All these muthafuckers out here, what you gonna do? Nah, that shit is too hot. I done been shot before. Shit happens. People get shot every day. When people turn on the news and see that somebody got shot, are their lives supposed to change too? No, you keep living your life. That wasn’t an attempt on Suge’s life. That wasn’t muthafuckers gunning at us, it was just some shit that happened. I’d call it a freak accident. Is your next album going to be part 3 in your “Diary” sequence? No ma’am. I mean, it’s always a part of my diary, but the name is different this time cause I’m in a different element now. With my first two albums, they were really, really from my soul. This album is coming from my heart and from my attitude and mind. Musically, does this album have more of a West coast feel to it, now that you’re living in Los Angeles? Did you work with a lot of West coast producers? Well, you know, me and [Lil] Jon did our thing. I produce, too, and I ain’t a West coast producer. My flavor doesn’t allow this album to feel like a West coast album. My album feels like me. This album feels like a hard-ass album, I mean, it’s the best album I’ve ever done. Who’s featured on the album? I’m featured on it. Put it just like that. Me. That’s how I killed it on the first album. You might hear a couple people in the background, but for the most part, it’s me. If every song on a person’s album has features, he ain’t gonna get the props that he really deserves. This album right here, every single song will be felt. Every single song will be heard and accepted by the world in its entirety. I’m on this muthafucker. That’s a strong statement. What’s the content you’re discussing 40



“I’m not saying that I live my life completely right, but I’m striving every day to become the man that God wants me to be. I’m a prophet.” on this album? Do you go into spirituality, politics? I didn’t really go in that direction this time. I just had a lot of shit on my mind, and I understand now the shoes that I have to fill. The name of the new album is Same Eyez on Me. Like Tupac’s greatest album, All Eyez on Me. Don’t you think there’s enough rappers already that have tried to emulate Pac? I’m not trying to emulate Pac. That’s the difference between me and them. I’m not trying to be him. Me and Tupac are two different individuals. There’s no comparison between me and Tupac. He was short, I’m tall. He was slim, I’m thick. He was the greatest, and I’m not trying ot be the greatest. So I’m not trying to be Pac; I don’t want nobody to misunderstand. I would never try to be what that man was, or who that man was. I am my own man. I’m Petey Pablo. I’ll never be Tupac. I don’t wanna be Tupac. Is there a radio-friendly single on the album that’ll be as big as “Raise Up” or “Freek-A-Leek”? Every song on the album is gonna be as big as “Raise Up” or “FreekA-Leek.” The radio can just close their eyes and pick any song. Black Rob kinda helped put you on, right? Are you still in contact with him? Every chance I get, me and Rob kick it just like back in the day. We can go months at a time without speaking and then the day we see each other, it’s just like it was yesterday. Aside from music, do you have any other projects you’re working on? Since you’re staying out there in Los Angeles, are you planning on venturing into acting? Yeah, I got a recurring role on The Sheld. I’m in the process of writing some movies right now myself. I’m gonna bring out my group Strike Team too. Okay, since this is the sex issue, I’ve gotta ask you some sex questions. Are there any celebrity women that you’d like to sleep with? Halle Berry. I wanna marry her. As soon as I see her, all I need to do is

just make eye contact with her, and it’s on and poppin’. And Angelina Jolie, that’s my boo. I’m going list some celebrity women, and you can tell me if they’re your type, and how you think they’d act in bed with you. I can answer that question in one statement and you can apply it to every one of them and it would be the truth: They’d lose they muthafuckin’ mind if they was in bed with me. Foxy Brown. She’s not my type. She may be old enough, but she still has that little girl look about her. I’d feel like she’s my sister or cousin or something. Melyssa Ford. She’s not my type either. She’s got too many things going on. She’s trying to do a lot of things in the industry, and when a person got too many things on their mind, they can’t really concentrate on doing the do with everything they got in them. Once she get herself settled and get where she tryin’ to get in the industry, she might be able to get it. Beyonce. Beyonce ain’t my type either. I mean, I know her, and she’s an interesting individual. She’s like a cousin. I look at her like family. Trina. I would do so many different things to that girl, she wouldn’t even be able to function after a couple days. She would have to just sit down and reevaluate what just happened to her, cause that’s how intense I would be with her. I would leave no stones unturned, no cover folded. I would leave no notebook paper from being ripped out of the notebook with her. Anything she’s ever done or even thought about doing, I would do it to her. I’d probably take Viagra for her. Paris Hilton. Oh God. Paris is cool, but I think the hype with her is a tad bit overrated. Paris is just a regular girl. Her family’s got a lot of money, but Paris really ain’t done anything to have a Paris Hilton status besides being one of the Hilton daughters. I could be with her, though. Oprah. Oprah Winfrey? (laughs) You crazy. Oprah is like somebody’s momma. I can’t think about nobody’s momma like that. A lot of people would sleep with her just because of money, but it has to be something sexy about her. Oprah doesn’t give off a sexual vibe to me. She’s somebody you can confide in and talk to. Britney Spears. Lil Brit Brit! Man, she cool as hell too. On stage she has that sexual shit, but if you’ve ever been around her, she’s like a little girl too. She might do her thing with her lil husband – I know her husband, too, matter of fact, I just did some work with him – but Britney gives off a lil’ girl vibe. I call her Lil Brit Brit. She ain’t too flirtatious and sexy on the streets. She just like a little girl to me. Christina Milian. To tell you the honest to God truth, this might sound crazy, but I know Christina Milian too and she’s fine and the whole nine, but I would really, really, really love to be with her mother. Mama is sexy as hell. Her mom is like an older version of her. She’s off the chain. So what’s your type of woman? What are you attracted to? I don’t have a particular type. I mean, God made all women, and I love all women. But it just has to be something about them. There’s a whole bunch of tennis shoes in Foot Locker, but I’m not gonna wear every shoe in Foot Locker. There’s gotta be something about the shoe or how the shoe makes you feel. It has to be something about that person. Just like shoes. I don’t have a particular style; I’ll wear a K-Swiss or a Reebok. I’ll go to Wal-Mart to get shoes, but it gotta be something special about the shoes. I’ll be with any type of woman but it’s gotta be something special about her. After “Freek-A-Leek,” I’m sure you had a lot of women chasing you. Were there any particular interesting groupie moments that you can think of? I’ve had groupies since before “Freek-A-Leek.” I been like that ever since I was a kid. You know, groupies are groupies. Have you had stalkers or anything like that?

Oh, yeah, of course you have stalkers. I got one out here in L.A. that’s ridiculous, and one back in North Carolina that’s even more ridiculous. The one in North Carolina calls the radio stations trying to find out where my sister works. She’s been to where my sister works, and she calls the radio station every day talkin’ about me. The one out here in L.A. got my phone number. She calls my phone every single day, no matter how fuckin’ rude I am or how many times I ignore her. I usually don’t answer the phone. She’ll call my phone every single day. If I happen to be bored or something and I answer, she says the same shit every time: “What’s up, can I come see you?” I say, “No, you can not come see me.” Then she’ll get an attitude. Like, she really acts like we are in love or something. And I’m so mean to her. She’s crazy as hell. But I’m really not as mean as I could be to her, cause that could make this girl do some crazy shit. I heard there was a girl in New York giving out your phone number at clubs cause she was pissed off at you. What was that about? Man, I don’t know. I change my number like every muthafuckin’ week, so it’s all good. I don’t know why a lot of people be mad at me, but at the end of the day, you gotta respect me. A lot of people get mad cause I tell ‘em the truth. A lot of people really don’t want the truth. That’s crazy, cause that’s all I give them. Either you can accept me or deny me. Most people don’t wanna deny me, but they just feel like they can change me. I tell everybody the truth, and some people don’t like me, but everybody respects me. I’m not a trouble starter, I’m not a gossiper, I’m not a punk. I’m very careful when it comes to people’s feelings, but at the same time, I’ll tell you in the very beginning that I’m not gonna lie to you. Did you just wake up one day feeling horny and decide to write “Freek-A-Leek”? No, not at all. I didn’t like that song at all. I was asked to do an explicit song, a very nasty song, for a Violator compilation album. When I heard the track, I was like, “Man, I don’t wanna sit here and talk nasty. People don’t wanna hear that from me, that’s not my thing.” That’s not the image I wanted to portray. People knew me from “Raise Up” and songs like that. The reason I did it was because of my homeboy Black Rob. I said I didn’t wanna do the record. Black Rob came in the studio and was like, “You know, Biggie didn’t wanna do ‘Juicy.’ Just go ahead and do the record.” So I did the record off the strength of Black Rob saying that, so he helped me again on the second album like he did on the first. But people don’t realize that what they heard on the radio was only a reference. I only laid down reference vocals. I didn’t go in and do the vocals like I wanted to do them. A song is usually three verses; I only did two. It was just supposed to be reference vocals, a format for them to follow. My label took the damn song and put it out there. That wasn’t even really Lil Jon on the record. Do you think the fact that the beat was so similar to Usher’s “Yeah!” helped or hurt the record? I ain’t gonna say either one, cause it’s like I said – whatever happens is God’s will. That was a crazy song. Is the hook to “Freek-A-Leek” a real list of girls’ names? Yeah, that’s a real list. One of the girls tried to sue me cause her name was in the record. She’s crazy as fuck. It ain’t like I put her full name and her address and shit out there. This muthafucker really tried to get a lawyer and sue me. That shit was so funny. And she was from my hometown, too, a girl that comes from where I come from. I got muthafuckers down there that’ll go to jail for me. You can’t do no shit like that. Her ass is like a witch now; she’s blackballed. Do you think there is such a thing as too much sex? Yes. I don’t have sex like that. My orgasm shit comes from my studio work. That’s where I’m sitting at right now, in the studio. Every house I have, I have a studio in it. If I don’t have an engineer there, it don’t make no difference. I’ll record it myself. That’s all I do, all night. I’m getting ready to drop a mixtape called You Never Know before I drop my album. What’s the difference between different races of women in bed? I think it’s all a state of mind. When it comes to the physical act itself, there is no difference. You take a penis and put it in the vagina. If muthafuckers was walking around blind like Stevie Wonder, you’d probably understand. The only difference is a mental thing. If you’re usually with black girls and then you’re with a white girl, or the other way around, that’s the only time you’ll really notice a difference. It’s all mental, it ain’t nothing physical. A titty is a titty. An ass is an ass. A poontang is a poontang. Ya feel me? OZONE




very rapper brags about his massive dick and sexual prowess, but some lyrics are more believable than others. We sat down with some of the Murda Mamis for a foul-mouthed discussion panel to analyze who’s telling the truth - and who’s lying.

“I could take on all ten with my one pipe” - Chingy 1st Lady El: I love Chingy, but c’mon, dude. Ten? Montana: He’s young, right? I don’t know about those young boys. They’re not as experienced. I give him two, three maybe. TT Torrez: He could probably only handle one and a half. “I am the champion, king ding-a-ling” - Trick Daddy TT Torrez: I don’t think so. Hell no, not at all. 1st Lady El: But you know what? Trick is one of them real ghetto-ass niggas. Trick probably got some good pipe. Montana: Real ghetto style. TT Torrez: He seems like one of those niggas that gets so fucked up that as soon as he’s done hittin’ it he’ll pass out. Karlie Hustle: It’s like how DMX did what’s-her-face in Belly. 1st Lady El: I’ll be in Miami soon, Trick. “I’m XXL, so I call ‘em my eye candy” - Ludacris DJ Chela: Yep. Luda looks nasty. Brandi Garcia: He’s short, but the short ones will surprise you. TT Torrez: He’ll probably eat your ass, suck your toes, and all that. He seems like the type that would do just about anything. “My ding-dong is the size of a blimp” – Mike Jones 1st Lady El: I believe that. Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones! What’s his number again? Lady Tribe: With that kind of confidence, he better have a big dick. 1st Lady El: Mike Jones is a big boy, and big boys got big dicks. Brandi Garcia: No they don’t. Not always. 1st Lady El: But it’s those muscle-bound niggas that got tiny dicks. TT Torrez: Fat niggas don’t have big dicks either. Don’t get it twisted. I dated a fat guy before, and his dick was very little. I was annoyed. Lady Tribe: Mike Jones isn’t fat though, he’s big. 1st Lady El: Little dicks are the worst. All y’all little dick niggas need to be put on an island and blown the fuck up. You know how they show rapists and stuff on TV? Like, “Warning: Rapist.” They need to put them on TV like, “Notice: Little Dick, Stay Away.” Montana: Word! We should be able to look them up on the internet. 1st Lady El: We gotta start putting niggas on blast! All y’all ladies that know a nigga with a little dick, you need to log on to and tell us about him. Montana:! Karlie Hustle: Honestly, though, I don’t think you have to have a massive dick to please a woman. You have to give points for style, etiquette, and execution. If you can spell your name inside, that’s also extra points. TT Torrez: Yeah, all that counts. I’m not saying it has to be massive, but it has to fit. Medium is cool, but I can’t deal with a skinny dick. Montana: Medium is perfect. I don’t want a massive dick either. 1st Lady El: But if my six-year old nephew got a bigger dick than you, then we’ve got issues.

Karlie Hustle: If it’s too big, then you end up with a bladder infection. Brandi Garcia: If you’ve got a nice medium/large dick, than you can do some freaky nice shit with it. Wyclef says he’s got a big dick. I asked him, “Boxers or briefs?” He said, “Boxers, baby, I got that anaconda.” Montana: He’s Haitian, right? 1st Lady El: I heard those island boys are packin’. Karlie Hustle: If they’ve had all their vaccinations, I don’t give a fuck.

“Cars real big, dick real big, everything real big” – Mannie Fresh TT Torrez: He looks like he might have a big dick. 1st Lady El: He’s quiet. You gotta look out for the quiet ones, cause those be the ones with the best dick. Karlie Hustle: But he’s short. Lady Tribe: He’s confident though. He’s got that confidence. 1st Lady El: I think Mannie Fresh is probably a sensual lover. He doesn’t look like he’s real hardcore. Karlie Hustle: Champaigne and candles. Brandi Garcia: I’ll bet he eats good pussy. The quiet type always gotta make up it, rather than being all outspoken. I bet he’ll do some stuff for you that some guys won’t. TT Torrez: But hard niggas like to eat coochie too, don’t get it twisted. Brandi Garcia: The ones that say they don’t do it are the ones that do it the most and do it the nastiest! The ones that deny it strongly do it. DJ Chela: So you’re saying Fat Joe eats pussy? I think he’s one of the first dudes that said he doesn’t, or maybe Prodigy from Mobb Deep. If you’re trying to get some pussy, why say that? That’s a turn-off. Brandi Garcia: With all the groupies they get, they don’t have to. 1st Lady El: Well, of course you don’t suck anybody’s pussy. You might fuck around and get herpes on your tongue. But with your main bitch, you tryin’ to tell me you don’t eat pussy? C’mon now. You play with her ass, you do all of that! If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, you gotta try different shit. You gotta role-play and all that. TT Torrez: But a lot of rappers be doing that shit for groupies too, don’t front. Get a little ecstasy in ‘em. 1st Lady El: Some of these rappers be hittin’ everybody raw. Y’all know who the fuck y’all are. That’s nasty. Montana: Ewww!!!! Wrap it up! TT Torrez: I used to get so many groupies from Jersey, Connecticut, and New York emailing the station or calling the station to tell us what rapper gave them gonorrhea, crabs, whatever, because they doing it without condoms. I used to get plenty of emails on Lil Cease. “Get ready for a nine-inch dick to be in you” - Snoop Dogg Brandi Garcia: I think he got a long skinny one. 1st Lady El: Skinny, though. I like fat dicks. Snoop looks like he’d get so high he’d fall asleep inside. Karlie Hustle: Like a pencil, possibly. But sometimes those are good, depending on the woman. TT Torrez: I think he’s got a skinny, long penis, and I don’t want that. DJ Chela: What’s better: Long and skinny, or short and fat? Montana: Long and skinny is gross. Brandi Garcia: But short and fat keeps poppin’ out.

“It’s that 6’6” long dick Slim nigga hittin’ your chick” - Slim Thug Montana: Yes. I bet he’s got a long dick. He’s tall. 1st Lady El: Slim Thug is a big boy. He looks like he’s got good pipe. Brandi Garcia: If you can get a former Destiny’s Child member, you gotta be working with something. TT Torrez: He looks like he sweats too much during sex though. Karlie Hustle: It’s so gross when you have to wash your hair afterwards. Our panelists include: 1 - Mami Montana (; 2 - Brandi Garcia ( and DJ Lady Tribe (; 3 - Mami Montana, DJ Storm, Murda Mami’s CEO 1st Lady El (www.murdamamis. Montana: If I don’t have to wash my hair after sex, then it wasn’t good. com), Karlie Hustle (, Brandi Garcia, DJ Chela (, and Nina Chantele



When I can’t get my fingers through my hair afterwards, it was good. Karlie Hustle: It better be real good for me to flat-iron my shit again. “I need a girl who…ain’t scared of a big dick” – Petey Pablo TT Torrez: I think he’s all talk. Karlie Hustle: How tall is he? He looks tall. Lady Tribe: He’s a big guy. He did the whole “Freek-A-Leek” song. “Do you want it over here, do you want it over there?” Brandi Garcia: He probably talks good during sex. TT Torrez: Oh, no. I hate when guys talk a lot. What’s with those niggas that want you to speak Spanish to them and don’t even understand it? I’m not tryin’ to be romantic like that with a nigga I’m just fuckin’. Montana: They love that shit. 1st Lady El: How ‘bout the niggas that want you to call them “Daddy”? I don’t know about Petey Pablo. I haven’t heard too much about him in the streets, but he says he doesn’t eat pussy, so he’s off my list. Montana: That’s good though, he’s keeping his shit on the low. “She heard I got a big dick” – Young Jeezy TT Torrez: I believe it. 1st Lady El: As cocky as Young Jeezy is, he better have a big dick. Lady Tribe: I heard from somebody that he did. “Big gun, big dick, half a mil on my wrist” – Shyne Montana: I believe it! 1st Lady El: Tell Shyne he got a lot of Murda Mamis waiting for him to come home. TT Torrez: I don’t know about Shyne. I’d stay far away from him after being in jail. I don’t want Shyne, not at all. Don’t touch me, stay away. Lady Tribe: Nah, real men don’t get fucked in jail. “We fuck til her ass fractured up” – Lil Wayne 1st Lady El: Lil Wayne got a lot of groupies, so he probably fucks a lot. That nigga wakes up in some pussy. He looks like he got some good pipe, though. He’s a short little dude, and them dudes got big ol’ dicks. Montana: He probably fucks like a rabbit. Karlie Hustle: And they’re limber too. They can move around. Brandi Garcia: He’s from the South, so he knows how to put it down. Those guys up North are lazy and shit. 1st Lady El: What???? Montana: That’s not true. Brandi Garcia: The guys I’ve messed with, there’s a distinct difference. The guys from the South put it down, I’m telling you. TT Torrez: You haven’t messed with the right New York cats. I’ll take a New York dude over a down South dude any day. 1st Lady El: The guys from the South eat ass, though. Brandi Garcia: What about Paul Wall? Lady Tribe: I’ll take Paul Wall! 1st Lady El: Tell Paul Wall to holla at Lady Tribe, DJ Chela: White boys got small dicks though. 1st Lady El: Eminem looks like he’s got a little dick, but he’ll probably play with toys and eat the shit out of your pussy. TT Torrez: What do y’all think about men who like toys? I’m not even gonna front, I got a lot of toys at my crib. 1st Lady El: That’s some long-term relationship shit. “Big dick, big chain” - Lil Scrappy Brandi Garcia: Yo, Lil Scrappy is off the chain. 1st Lady El: I heard got a big, ol’ dick and will bust your fuckin’ guts open. Lil Scrappy is sexy as hell. I froze up when I saw him, I couldn’t even speak to him cause all I could think about was his dick. TT Torrez: He looks like he could do his thing. Lady Tribe: I agree. Lil Scrappy is sexy. “I could lay the pipe” – Juelz Santana Lady Tribe: Yeah, I agree with that. 1st Lady El: He’s the type of dude where you never know his intentions. He’s sneaky like a muthafucker. He looks like he’ll just rip the pussy apart. TT Torrez: Let’s talk about Jim Jones! He looks like that nigga that will take you in the room, rip your clothes off, throw you against the wall, and just fuck the shit out of you. But then he can make love to you. He is just that nigga. Jimmy and Juelz, they both could get it. 1st Lady El: We got Murda Mamis all over the country, and everybody I speak to is like, “What’s up with Jim Jones?” He probably got that pipe. He’s a bad boy, but he’s a businessman. 1st Lady El: I heard Freekey Zeekey is good. Come home soon! Brandi Garcia: I don’t know about Camron though. If a guy’s got big-

ger earrings than me, that’s a problem. 1st Lady El: Am I the only one that thinks Sheek Louch from The LOX is ultimately sexy? To me, he’s gorgeous. Karlie Hustle: He’s kinda cute. I like Pharrell from the Neptunes, too. 1st Lady El: I like big boys, but I end up with the little dudes like Spliff Starr. Speaking of Spliff, I heard Busta Rhymes is the king ding-aling and he loves to have sex all night. Busta got a couple bitches sprung. “Nobody can lay the pipe like Cass” - Cassidy TT Torrez: He’s a young boy. No, you can’t lay the pipe. Shut up. Montana: But he’s a cutie. TT Torrez: He probably just humps you, and doesn’t know positions. DJ Chela: Like in that “Hotel” video with that grown ass woman on top of him. I’m like, he doesn’t know what to do with her. Karlie Hustle: I give him five minutes tops. He’s the little brother type. “They call me King Kong” – Noreaga 1st Lady El: When I was 15, I thought he was the type of dude I’d want to date. My girls used to laugh at me, cause his last name is Santiago so I’d call myself Mrs. Santiago when I was in high school. Now, Nore is like an uncle to us, so I can’t even think of him in bed like that. TT Torrez: He’s wild. Like, if you’ve ever been around him, he has so much energy. I bet he would get in some pussy and just act a fool. Montana: He’s half black and half Puerto Rican, so he’s probably big. “I get deep in her spleen” - Memphis Bleek Brandi Garcia: He’s too much of a pretty boy. 1st Lady El: Bleek looks like the type of nigga that would be looking at himself in the mirror all the time. Fixing his doo-rag and shit. TT Torrez: That’s my type of nigga though. I believe he’s got a nice size dick and could fuck the shit out of a girl. “Wait ‘til you see my dick, I’ma beat that pussy up” - Ying Yang Twins Lady Tribe: Ewwwww….no. Brandi Garcia: You know those noises that they make all the time? “Hannnnh!!”? That’s how I feel about them. Karlie Hustle: There’s a reason all their songs are about strip clubs. Brandi Garcia: They’ve got the most chickenhead groupies I’ve seen. Karlie Hustle: They look like they have fetal alcohol syndrome. They make great music, I love their records, I respect them as artists, but I really think they’re mentally retarded. They’re not all there. 1st Lady El: D-Roc fell asleep in my backseat once. He was in the middle of a sentence and just dozed off. It was scary, cause we were hitting him and he wouldn’t wake up. We had to go get his manager. “What’s a lil’ me on top gon’ hurt? Maybe a little” – Jay-Z 1st Lady El: Hov, if your shit is the size of a fuckin’ Sprite can like everybody’s sayin’, holla at me. I heard he got a pipe. Montana: It’s the cock! (throws up the Roc sign) TT Torrez: Hov looks like he could really have a bitch sprung. 1st Lady El: Just look at Beyonce! They said Marques Houston hit it or whatever, but Marques Houston ain’t do nothing to Beyonce. When she met Jay-Z, that was it. She’s talkin’ about tying his sneakers and all that shit, so he’s gotta have good dick. TT Torrez: He made her into a grown-ass woman. Now she wants to brush his hair and “cater to you.” Nobody in the hood was checkin’ for Beyonce until she got with Jay though. Jay-Z gave her that street cred, just like Diddy did for J-Lo. They helped each other. Brandi Garcia: And look at how big his fuckin’ lips are. Imagine what he could do with those lips. Karlie Hustle: Honestly, though, Beyonce helped out Jay-Z a lot too. He stepped his game up, he started dressing better too. He wipes the crust off the side of his lips now. He looks good! “I’ve got that champion dick, that heavyweight dick” – Joe Buddens Lady Tribe: He’s cute. 1st Lady El: Buddens had a couple of model bitches sprung. I don’t know personally, but I’ve seen what he does to the model bitches, so apparently he’s got some good dick. Check out that All Access DVD! Karlie Hustle: To put this all in perspective, you’ve gotta have good dick but you also have to have a good mouth. Not just for eating pussy, but you’ve gotta game a chick a little bit, have a couple of things to say. 1st Lady El: Sex is mental. You’ve gotta get in my head and stimulate my mind first. Brandi Garcia: You’ve gotta have that swagger. It’s the way they walk, talk, and carry themselves. - Julia Beverly OZONE


thesexissue Jody Breeze If you could hook up with any celebrity female, who would it be? Man, I’d give Beyonce that wood. I’d have her sayin, “Jigga what? Jigga who?” (laughing) Hell naw. What about that other Jay-Z girl, the one from the islands, the one that be doing all that lil sexy shit? Rihanna? Yeah. I’d be her boyfriend. Tell her to call me. What’s the craziest thing a groupie has said or done to get at you? Man, they be doing that shit all the time, especially when we out of town on the road and they aren’t used to seeing us. Ol’ girl came in the store the other day and said loud as fuck, “I’ll fuck the shit outta you! I’ve been dreaming about you!” When she came out and said it, everybody in the store got quiet. She said, “I’ll fuck the shit outta you!” Loud as hell, man. She was talkin’ about sucking my dick and everything. Ain’t nobody ever did it like that before. They usually keep they cool and whisper it to me or something. But this muthafucker was yelling, in the middle of the mall. Kids around and everything, people were with they mommas, like, what the hell is wrong with you? I was embarrassed for her. So I guess you didn’t accept her offer. Hell naw. You gotta approach me like you’ve got some sense. Don’t approach me like, “I wanna fuck you,” unless I’m in the club. I like the aggressive ones, though, cause I ain’t finna say shit to you. What’s your type of female? I like all kinds of women. I really like a hoe that thinks she’s the shit, and pretends that can’t nobody have her but her man. But she really just fuckin’ everybody anyway. Those are the types I like. What’s the sexiest voicemail or text message you’ve received? Man, my voicemail is full. You wanna hear ‘em right now? I’ll let you be the judge. (pulls out his cell phone and plays several breathy “Hey, Jody, I’ve been thinking about you” messages) I swear I don’t be knowing who the fuck these people are. (phone rings) Man, this hoe calling me right now, I could tell her to do anything and she’d do it. What’s the difference between groupie sex, and sex with your girl? I don’t have a girl. I’m not sayin’ that they’re all groupies, but I don’t have a girl. I don’t consider girls to be groupies, or whores, or bitches. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a girl who wants to fuck, and ain’t nothing wrong with a girl who doesn’t want to fuck. What’s the difference between different races of girls in bed? There’s big differences. If you get a good white girl, y’all just got the greatest head in the world. They know how to do the goddamn thing. I’m tellin’ you, they’ll suck the skin off your dick. But as far as sex, they ain’t talkin’ about shit. White girls and foreign girls, they all suck real nice. Real, real nice. If you get a real project bitch, she’ll do it all. The whole nine. She’ll fuck the shit out you, suck the shit out you, lick the shit out you, all that. Spanish girls are wet, real wet. I ain’t bullshittin’. But it don’t even make no sense that I’ve had all these different types of hoes. These hoes gonna be mad. You gonna fuck up my whole rap game. I’m telling you too much. This ain’t Jody Breeze speaking right now. Can you ever have too much sex? You can. If the doctor tells you, you got an STD. You better strap up. I’m telling you, people scared to do stuff around here. Niggas be talkin’ about all the hoes they fuckin’, but they lying. You ain’t fuckin’ all these hoes. Y’all niggas are stupid, so go get your shit checked. What’s the most interesting place you’ve had sex? Everywhere. I’ve made it my business to do it everywhere. See, I could tell you a whole lot of shit, but you gonna get me in trouble. She gonna know. They wanna do it everywhere, they want to show me shit. They wanna do new stuff that another bitch ain’t did to me already. I’m talking about 30, 40 year old women, man. How old are you? I’m 21. I fuck with older women cause that’s all I know. I been around 44


older people my whole life. Those young girls get too close and don’t know how to act. When was the first time you had sex? I used to hunch so much, I thought I was fuckin’ for years. But I’d say the first time was in the closet at her house, in the fifth grade. And ever since then, I went through a phase of running trains. I had sex with everybody. We’d be in that muthafucker eight deep, with three hoes, actin’ a fool with those little country hoes. Big dicks, and big booty hoes. Cornbread, macaroni and cheese, that’s all we eat in the country. Good food that’s gonna have you thick, booty bouncin’. Are you into any food or toys in the bedroom? Hell no. I ain’t into no toys, no pills to make you do nothin’. I don’t need no help right now. I’ll think about all that when I get old. What about lingerie? I don’t want you with nothin’ on. I don’t give a damn what that shit is that you got on just take it off. That’s where the money comes in. Show me how much you’re worth. Have you paid for sex? Yep, and I’ll do it again. But don’t get it twisted though. It’s not like I’m givin’ them $300 or 400 dollars just to fuck. Hell naw. That’s not how I’m givin’ it to them. I’m just gonna show ‘em a real good time, and if you won’t fuck, I won’t fuck with you. If you see I ain’t stuntin’ you, and I already showed you a good time, then c’mon, what’s the problem? You not my girl. You’re not gonna ever be my girl. So just get right. So what’s a typical night like in bed with Jody Breeze? ”Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.” (laughing) That’s a typical night, cause I be tired as a muthafucker. Every night. You gotta catch me on a good show night where we sold out everything and rocked that muthafucker, drunk, high, everything. When I’m ready, it’s on. They come by the pound. Them hoes come to your room with they homegirls and everything. The shit is crazy, man. It’s funny. It’s funny to see girls act like I used to act. I used to try to get bitches like that. But not to the extent of making yourself look stupid. Over a nigga? - Words and photo by Julia Beverly



thesexissue Ying Yang Twins You had a lot of success with the “wait til you see my dick” song. So, what exactly happens when we see your dick? Kaine: (laughing) Whenever somebody sees your dick – if they ain’t the doctor – then you in an intimate position. You about to do something sexual, you grown. Unless your dick sick and you’re at the doctor. Have you seen a significant groupie increase since “Wait”? Kaine: Our fans have always been growing since before then, but now it’s like we totally got to the masses. Have you had any wild groupies chasing you down or stalking you? Kaine: Nah, it’s been all good. That stuff happened to us once or twice, but because of the way we are, we’re cool. Sometimes we’d rather you check for us like your cousin or something so it’ll make the relationship good between the artists and the fans. So you respect your female fans. Kaine: Yeah, definitely. Like how we be rapping on records, that shit occurs, but in time. It ain’t just no everyday way of talking to people. That ain’t how you talk to folks. Name three celebrity women who could get it, and why. Kaine: Angela Bassett, Alicia Keys, and Will Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett. You think you could compete with Will Smith? Kaine: Shit no. That man probably bought her flowers for a period of a year. Ain’t no way in hell. Will Smith said “parents just don’t understand” and he been getting checks ever since. Which celebrity female do you think is the freakiest? Kaine: Hands down, Adina Howard. Not taking anything away from people like Trina and Lil Kim, but she came out like (singing) “freak until the day, until the dawn!” And her dress code was selling what she was saying. People use women to sell songs anyway, but she had the whole look about her. She was the whole shebang. Her demeanor made it work. How do you think Trina would act in bed? Kaine: She come on with it. She drop it like it’s hot. She gonna have to, cause she always talking about how she’s the “baddest bitch.” The baddest bitch has to be bad in every aspect of the word. Foxy Brown. Kaine: I wouldn’t know. People that live up top, they talk a lot, so I don’t know how to judge her. They get respected for being lyricists, whether it’s a female or a dude, so I don’t know. Britney Spears. Kaine: (laughing) Wide open! Everybody that get married once or twice and have a baby boy, come on. We already know. Keyshia Cole. Kaine: I wouldn’t know. Certain women just don’t click with me. Oprah. Kaine: If you play it right. I don’t want her to beat me up. Free. Kaine: How would Free do it? Didn’t you hear the whisper song remix? (laughs hysterically for an extended period of time) Paris Hilton. Kaine: It costs too much money for me to think about her in bed. D-Roc: She might make a porno. Have you made any homemade porn? Kaine: Do I have tapes of myself having intercourse? That’s incriminating evidence! I don’t play them type of games. Since my life ain’t no TV show, I don’t think I’ll be doing no camera shit when we get down. What’s the sexiest voicemail or text message you’ve receive? Kaine: I ain’t never received no sexy voicemails cause I ain’t got no 46


phone. When you see me, that’s when you talk to me. What’s the difference between groupie sex and wifey sex? Kaine: With a groupie fuck, there ain’t nothing to it. That’s just what it is. That’s it. They’re totally opposite. When you with your girl, that means something cause y’all have a bond. There’s feelings involved, emotions, ties, things y’all have experienced. Smiles and frowns, peace and war. You can’t say that about a groupie fuck. With a groupie they’re like, (screaming) “Ahhh!!! I like you! C’mon, let’s fuck!” and you’re like, “Okay.” That’s simple. With a relationship between you and a partner, that’s not simple. Is there a difference between different races of women in bed? Black white Spanish Asian etc? Kaine: Yeah. The only thing different between all of them is what you just said. Don’t none of them look the same or talk the same, and their breath don’t smell the same. Have you had any group sex experiences? Threesomes or anything? Kaine: Naw, man, that’s kinda nasty to me. Certain stuff makes my stomach hurt. Not to say that it won’t ever happen, but nah. Sounds like you’re more conservative than your music. Kaine: It’s a difference between a person that’s a stripper for her job and a lady when she’s not stripping. What I say to a stripper, I wouldn’t say to a lady who works at State Farm. So I surely hope nobody thinks my brain would be that one-dimensional to think of all women in that manner. That’s crazy. That’s the part of our situation that I want people to know about the Ying Yang Twins so they can stop asking us stuff that pertains to sex and start asking us stuff that pertains to seeing if we’ve got a brain or not. It’s all coming around, though. That’s my whole argument, to a lady that even says something to us [criticizing our lyrics]. I’ve had women say, “Why would you want a woman to do this and do that with her in that manner, like your song?” and I just tell them bluntly, “If you worked in Magic City, then you could ask me that, but you don’t.” The women in the club love us because we get them money. People are gonna dance if the music is good. We help pay their bills and to them, we keep it real. The same shit we say on the record, they say to each other in the dressing room. They get naked and change clothes and spray perfume together. They like, “Help me tie my top up,” and “How my thong look?” You gotta know that they’re asking each other that shit in the locker room. They ain’t at work talking about, “Girl, when my shift is over, I’m gonna go to Starbucks and get an espresso.” Them bitches be like, “I hate that I gotta be up here on this lazy night. I gotta get me two shots of Patron before I do anything.” So we talk about all that shit on our records, but not only that. People already have a perception, so they don’t want to listen. So you speak to women according to how they carry themselves. Kaine: That’s right. It’s just a respect thing. In the South we were groomed with respect growing up, period. There’s probably some people that have come out before in the South and blown up and they get all arrogant and start talking to folk any kinda way, and they end up back where they was when they started. Then they wonder where the problem is. You can’t get like that. This game is for you to stack your chips and get what you want out of life. It’s not for you to come in and meet women and try to fuck everybody and go to every party. That ain’t what it’s about. Those are the many fruits that come out of it, but the only thing “super” about the “superstar” is the fans. - Julia Beverly (photo: Michael Blackwell)

thesexissue Trillville

Warren G

Name three celebrity women who could get it, and why. L.A.: I’d have to say Mya would be the first one. The second would be Meagan Good. Let me think, the third one’s gotta be good. Maybe I’ll have to say Meagan Good twice.

Who are some celebrity women you’d like to sleep with? I think Trina’s a freak. I would love to fuck her. She’s the baddest bitch. I wouldn’t mind getting at Alicia Keys, either. She ain’t gonna be no tomboy in the bed, once I get ahold of her, we gonna turn her into Josie and the Pussycats.

Which celebrity female do you think is the freakiest on the low? L.A.: I’d have to say Jacki-O. I don’t know why, it’s just the way she acts, her whole swagger. How do you think these celebrity women would act in bed with you? Let’s start with Free. L.A.: If she’d give me three minutes, maybe four, she’d be wanting to marry a nigga, for real. Keyshia Cole. L.A.: That song she got about cheating, that would be the last thing coming across her mind if she hollered at a real nigga from the A. Ashanti. L.A.: She could get it too. I don’t wanna leave nobody out. I don’t know, I’d just have her sing to me all night. She could be singing, and at the same time, we’d be making our own kind of music. Trina. L.A.: Man, that’s a good one. I’d love to have her. She’s definitely the baddest bitch. She could get the baddest dick too. Paris Hilton. L.A.: Man, Paris Hilton? She could be one of the point guards on me team cause she is the Hilton hotel. I’d love to sleep in all those hotels. What’s the sexiest voicemail or text message you’ve received? L.A.: Somebody texted me saying I was the best they’ve ever had. What’s the craziest thing a groupie has said or done to get at you? L.A.: “Could you drop your pants for me right now?” She told me I could get in her guts, and wanted to know if she could get a sneak preview before the show. What did you tell her? L.A.: I said, “What it is, hoe? Whassup?” What’s the difference between groupie sex and wifey sex? L.A.: Well, groupie sex, you know you’ve got to share that with the home team. That’s for the boys. With wifey, that’s the one and only. Y’all got that understanding. Is there a difference between different races of women? Do you have a preference? L.A.: I’m into Puerto Ricans mixed with black. Anybody that’s got some black in them is cool with me. You gotta have some black. White and black, whatever. Anything with some black in ‘em, I’ll take it. It’s a go. What’s the most exciting place you’ve had sex? L.A.: In the studio. Definitely in the studio. Is there anything you’d like to do sexually that you haven’t done yet? L.A.: Nah, everything is pretty much good in that department, ya dig? I read an article that said you have a travel kit that you bring on the road for the groupies. What’s that all about? L.A.: Aw, hell no. That article must have been wrong. On the road I just bring my necessary shit. I bring my laptop to watch porn, that’s about it. Sharing with the hometeam, huh? So does Trillville have any interesting group sex experiences to share? L.A.: Well, everybody does what they do on the road. If we feel like having a party, we’ll have an after party. If we wanna get it on some solo dolo shit, then we’ll be on some solo dolo shit. It all depends on the female situation, feel me? - Julia Beverly 48


How do you think Paris Hilton would act in bed? She cool, but I need ass and titties. Oprah. I think Oprah is beautiful. I wouldn’t mind hanging out with Oprah. Keyshia Cole. She ain’t really my type. Britney Spears. Britney’s proper. She got ass and titties, she got body. How did your sex life change when you became a star? It didn’t change that much, cause I was already getting a lot of sex before I was Warren G. Everybody says that. I was! You know, I look good, and my mack game is good. I got game. Do you have any particular pick-up lines, or is it just a vibe? Me, myself, I don’t have to spit no lines or nothing like that. Women just can already feel it so they know what’s going down. See that girl right there? She’ll be back over here in a minute. Watch. Any particular crazy groupies or stalker moments? When I first started, hell yeah, it was a lot of women chasing me and all kinds of shit. It was crazy. I wasn’t really trippin’ though. You’re married, right? What made you decide to settle down? I met a good woman, you know, she’s got a good head on her shoulders, and she’s good to me. She gave me three beautiful kids that I love to death, and I got a baby girl on the way too. How does married sex compare to groupie sex? Shit, ain’t nothing like married sex. It’s off the chain. You can get it any time you want. I wake up in the middle of the night and go at it. How do you keep it exciting? Shit, I mean, we’re friends. We argue every now and then, we rag on each other, so we’re like friends. As long as we stay friends, I think that’s what keeps us going at it like we do. We go at it like rabbits. Is it difficult to be in relationship when you’re on the road? I’ve been in a relationship for a long time. I mean, it’s my business. It’s what I do. She understands that, so I do my thing and come home. Are there more temptations at your job than at a typical 9-5? It’s a few temptations, but I’m used to it. I’ve been through it all already so it don’t really excite me like it did when I first started out. I see a lot of beautiful women. I see ass and titties, and I be like, “Wow, man, that’s tight.” But, you know, I don’t touch ‘em. Look but don’t touch. What would be your advice to young rappers as far as women? Strap up! It’s gonna be a lot of coochie thrown at you, so just be selective about it. If you find a woman – not a groupie – a nice female, and y’all happen to hit it off, maybe it’ll turn into something else. How can you tell the difference between a groupie and a girl that’s into you? How did you know your wife wasn’t after your money? Because she from Long Beach. We grew up together. I don’t really trip off that groupie thing. I don’t really look at women as groupies. - Julia Beverly

thesexissue Trick Daddy Name three celebrity women you’d like to have sex with, and why? Kelly Rowland from Destiny’s Child, she’d be one. Fantasia, cause she has some big juicy lips. The third one would be Stacey Dash. Which celebrity female do you think is a freak on the low? That’s a good question, I ain’t never thought about that. Probably Lisa Raye. I had a dream about her and she was freaky in my dream. How do you think Keyshia Cole would act in bed? She’d probably be feisty. She’ll try to fight a nigga or some shit. She’ll be on some violent shit, she’ll want a nigga to punch her in the back of her head. Ashanti. She’d probably have to be taught. She don’t look like she know much.

One girl got my whole body tattooed on her back, but nothing real sexual.

Free. She’s probably the real deal.

I hear you’re a permanent fixture in Miami’s strip clubs. Every man likes strip clubs. If they don’t, they should.

Remy Ma. That’s a good one, cause I don’t know. I ain’t never heard her talk about handling nothing, so I don’t know.

What does a stripper have to do to get a good tip from you? She definitely has to look half-presentable. Her hair should be done, and her body gotta be up to par. A lot of these strippers shouldn’t be strippers, they should get a job where they keep their clothes on. She definitely gotta pick the right song for her. That’s the main important thing. A lot of girls dance to these dumbass songs and then they’re not into it, so the people they’re supposed to be entertaining aren’t into it so she’s not gonna get a dime.

Olivia. She seems like the type that just wants a nigga to lie to her. Just tell her anything, as long as it’s what she wants to hear. Lil Kim. She probably wants a nigga to call all his friends, and she’ll call a couple of hers. Back in the day there were rumors that you actually had a sexual relationship with Trina. Was there any truth to that? Nah, ain’t no truth to that. Trina busy doing what she do. She used to fuck with my brother. What made you decide it was the right time to settle down and get married? The right time is just the right time. Sometimes enough is enough. How does married sex compare to single sex? Sex is sex. The question is, is it enjoyable? You gotta like it. Why do you call yourself the king ding-a-ling? I mean, it’s obvious (laughing). It’s like, “And the winner is…..”! It’s everything you could imagine and more. You know we have a section called “groupie confessions” in the magazine, right? If a girl called in about you, what do you think she’d say? Nothing. She’d be lying. I don’t like groupies. Why don’t you like groupies? Groupies just ain’t interesting to me. They’re dirty. They’re trampy. I like sluts, not tramps. Tramps are spur of the moment type hoes. They’re dirty. Tramps are like doorknobs; everybody gets a turn. A slut is a little better than a tramp. A woman is gonna fuck whoever they please anyway, but a slut chooses more. A slut is gonna fuck you for a reason. What type of woman are you attracted to? Dark-skinned women are so beautiful to me. What’s the difference in bed between different races of women? I ain’t never been in bed with no white woman, so I don’t know. Spanish women, I don’t know about them either. I stay in my league. I heard an interesting story about a pussy-eating contest you won back in the day. Nah. They’re lying. What’s the craziest thing a groupie said or did to get at you? 50


I read an interview a while back where you said that dykes were fuckin’ up the strip club game. Do you have a problem with lesbians? I don’t have no problem with them, but I don’t think no woman should want to be a bull dagger. Women are here for a reason. There’s a reason men and women are separated like we are. It’s because a woman can’t get another woman pregnant. If all the women stopped fucking men right now, the world would end in a couple years once we all die cause there ain’t gonna be no children. You could do all the stuff you want, but it just don’t seem right for a woman to not want dick. That don’t make sense. How do you plan to approach the father-son sex talk with your kids when they get older? I don’t know. That’s for TV, man. You can give them one or two pointers, but that’s it. There’s all this fuckin’ on the TV. Sex, sex, sex. Sex is the number one thing that sells right now. The video girls are sexy and the commercial girls are sexy. Clothes are sexy, cologne is sexy, lip gloss is sexy. Everything is about sex. As a young man, just wanting a girl to look nice is sexy in itself. Just let them grow up. Keep the kids into the church and the books and respect. What’s the most exciting place to have sex? At home, shit. You’ve got some pretty explicit lyrics. When you rap about sex, is that really how you are in bed, or is it just to sell records? If I said it, I muthafuckin’ meant it. It seems like Florida boys are a lot more open when it comes to eating pussy, whereas guys from other regions swear they don’t do it. I think the men are a little embarrassed about it. Either they pretend they don’t eat pussy, or they don’t know how to eat pussy. I think the other reason for that is that all the women want to eat pussy now. Is there anything you want to do sexually before you die? Nah, I done did everything I wanted to do. Anything else you want to say? Women, take care of yourselves. Tell all these hoes to start taking care of themselves. If not, they’re killing us, cause we are what we eat. - Julia Beverly

thesexissue Slim Thug Name a few celebrity women that could get it. Beyonce and Alicia Keys. Your girlfriend used to be in Destiny’s Child, right? Is it hard to be faithful in a relationship when you’re a famous rapper and you’ve got females coming at you all the time? It ain’t really hard for me because I’ve been there, done that. I been doing this for a minute and that groupie shit is played out. I’ve seen the good part of grabbin’ groupies and I’ve seen the bad part of grabbin’ groupies. You might end up having to pay child support and all that type of shit, so I’m past that. I’m chillin’. What’s the craziest thing a groupie girl has said or done to approach you? Groupies will say anything. “Let me go back to the room with you,” “Let me and my friend come back with you,” “We’ll do a threesome, foursome,” all that. Anything goes with a groupie, a true groupie. I don’t entertain groupies because most groupies ain’t the ones you’d like anyway. It ain’t really the dimepieces, it’s the other chicks, the 5’s and under. Most of the groupies be 5’s and under so I don’t really fuck around. When you’re famous, how can you tell the difference between a groupie and a girl who actually likes you? You can’t. That’s why I locked it down right now. You can’t tell. Once a muthafucker has seen you on TV and knows you got something, you never know. The only way you can tell that they ain’t out to get you for what you got is if they got something themselves. Houston’s got its own culture and style when it comes to the cars and music. What about sexually, do y’all fuck a certain way in Houston? Man, I have no idea. I just keep it regular, I don’t do all that extra shit. I don’t know if we’ve got some special position in Houston or nothin’ like that. What’s “regular”? Do you have a favorite position? If I’m on top, I’m gonna bust fast, I ain’t gonna lie. If you wanna get yours first, you gotta get on top. If I get on top and I’m feelin’ you and you feelin’ good, I’m gonna bust fast. I ain’t no good on top. You gotta ride first to get yours. You’re a pretty big dude. You might hurt somebody that way. (laughing) I am a big dude. I know how to guide it though. I ain’t gonna put too much weight on you. So, being that you are a big dude, have you ever measured your dick? (laughing) Nah, I ain’t never measured it, but you could ask around. I’m sure you could get a few girls to testify on my behalf. I ain’t never had no complaints. Now that we’ve seen R Kelly make a comeback, do you think there’s anything that a celebrity could do sexually that would make their fans stop supporting them? I don’t know, man, it depends on who the celebrity is. If you some fat nasty muthafucker or if people think you fly and you get on that videotape and you not fly, that probably would fuck up your career. That R Kelly shit is crazy, though. You can’t just pee on muthafuckers and expect your fans to still like you. 52


What’s the most exciting place you’ve ever had sex? I’ve done it at the movies. I did it on the freeway on my way out of town while I was driving. It’s all good cause I keep the 5% tint. How does that work? When you driving? Aight, I did it in my Impala. The girl climbed on top of me and I leaned my seat all the way back and I guided the wheel with my left palm, like from the bottom. She gotta lean over into the middle and ride it. That’s how it works. You can get it poppin’ on the freeway. It is a little dangerous, but when you’re tall, 6’6” like me, you’ve got a long reach so it’ll work. Is there such a thing as “too much” sex? Naw. I’m a freak, man. I love sex, and that’s why I’m in a relationship, cause I know I can’t live without it. So there’s no such thing as too much sex. I’m outta the game, man, I’m hanging up my coat. I done been there and done that and it’s a wrap for me. I might be getting married or something. Nah, I’m just playin’. (laughing) What made you decide to settle down? I’ve got two kids, and I wanna be a good parent. With me having different baby mamas and they not living with me, I go through a lot of stress and I don’t like that shit. I want a family. I always said that when I have kids, I’d have a lot of kids. I wanna have a family and I want them all to live with me. But, you know, when you fuck around and play in these streets, that’s the least thing that could happen to you – having a kid. There’s no telling what else you could get. I had my fun. I’m 25 years old now and it’s a wrap. I’m done with that shit, it don’t excite me no more. - Julia Beverly (photo: Anthony Mandler)

thesexissue Bobby Valentino Name three celebrity women who could get it, and why. Halle Berry, cause she’s an older woman but she’s still sexy and looks young. Amerie, cause she’s got the sexiest thighs. I don’t wanna say Beyonce, cause everybody says Beyonce. My third one would be Christina Aguilera, cause she sings like a black chick. Which celebrity female do you think is the freakiest? I think it used to be Lil Kim, but now, I dunno. Before Lil Kim it was Adina Howard. If you had to marry either a virgin or a hoe, which would you pick? The virgin, cause I know I can go raw. What’s the craziest thing a groupie has ever done or said to get at you? Let’s just say the [hotel] housekeeper lady was in my room when I got back from soundcheck, acting like she was putting some pillows in my room, but she was trying to get down. So do you have a girl? Nope, I’m single. Well, I’m sure you had a girl in the past… I can’t remember the last time I had a girl. Really? Well, I was gonna ask you, what’s the difference between getting down with wifey and a groupie, but if you can’t remember the last time you had a wifey then I guess it doesn’t matter. Well, nah, I could tell you that. Cause the thing is, with a groupie, she wants you to have sex with you more so she’s willing to do everything. A girl is gonna have a little more respect for herself and take it slow. Like, each time y’all have sex, she’s gonna do something a little different. Like, she ain’t gonna do it all in one shebang. But the goupie gonna do it all to the end so she can get pregnant. Is it possible to have too much sex? It is possible. At the point when you’re just numb from doing it, that’s when it’s too much. When it just don’t feel good no more. Have you ever been to that point? Yeahhhh…. Is there a difference in bed between different races of women? Yeah. I think mixed women don’t ask no questions. They ready. Black chicks be like, “Oh, I have a lot of respect for myself, hold on. We have to wait five days,” or something. They’re like, “It’s the first day, I just met you.” Yeah, but you ain’t gonna see me again. You act like there’s something wrong with that. Yeah, it is! When’s the next time I’m gonna see you? I mean, you’ll never fully know somebody. You’ll only know what that person lets you know about them, no matter how long you know them. Aww, shit, look at the “G.” I’ma change your name to Bobby “G.” That’s some good game. Nah. There’s people that get married because they thought they knew somebody, but they really didn’t.


Yes it is. If he fucks you and he’s feeling you, he’s gonna fuck with you regardless. If you wait, then he gonna wait. You gonna get your feelings and all that involved and then he gonna peace out on ya. That may be true for some niggas, but a lot of niggas look at women differently if they say “yes” too soon. Well, I ain’t that type of fella. A hoe is gonna be a hoe regardless. If she gonna wait, she might not have waited with the last man. She might just be waiting on you cause you’re the buster that’s gonna let her wait. She wanna let somebody else chop on the first date, but she wanna be boyfriend and girlfriend with me. Get outta here, I’m cool. So moving on, what’s the most exciting place that you’ve done the do? I wanna say in the studio – nah, nah – I wanna say in the movie theater. When I was in high school we took a little field trip and me and this girl got down, but we almost got caught. That was the funniest place cause it was like, “Oh, we gonna get caught!” Know what I’m sayin’? Describe your first time. My first time was in the bathroom on the floor at somebody’s mother’s house. What’s the best sex you’ve ever had? I dunno, there’s been a few different instances. I can’t really pick one.

But that’s not a reason to just fuck somebody off top! Why not? A nigga is gonna like you regardless of if you fuck him on the first day or the tenth.

How do you define “good pussy”? Something that’s just extra wet. Extra wet wet. You’re in that thing and it’s just wet alllll night.

That’s not true at all.

- Amanda Diva (Photo: Christian Lantry)


thesexissue Remy Ma You claim to be brutally honest, so I’m going to read off some lyrics of male rappers, and you tell me if you believe them or not. Let’s start with Chingy: “I can take on all ten with my one pipe.” I don’t think that’s true, unless he’s a freak on the low. He was sitting right next to me at the ASCAP Lady of Soul awards, so I was kinda pressing him a little, just talking to him and giving him the extra eye, just to see, you know? He was acting mad shy, so I don’t think he could handle ten girls. There was just one of me. “Cars real big, dick real big, everything real big” - Mannie Fresh I don’t know. Usually when guys say their dicks are real big, their dicks are not real big. Not saying that Mannie doesn’t have a big dick, cause I don’t know. Mannie, don’t be offended, but usually when guys say they have a big dick it’s false advertisement. “My ding-dong is the size of a blimp” - Mike Jones See, I don’t know why he would even say that, cause when I think of a blimp I think “short” and “fat.” I don’t think he should’ve used that analogy, cause it’s making me think something else. Maybe he meant “my ding-dong is as big as a blimp,” but when you think of the way a blimp is shaped, it’s like, short and stubby. “Get ready for a nine-inch dick to be in you” – Snoop Dogg Now that I might believe, because Snoop is tall and skinny. It’s always the tall skinny guys, so I could believe that. (laughing) Why did you just make me picture Snoop Dogg naked? “Plus, she heard I got a big dick, yeah, that’s it” – Young Jeezy She “heard” I got a big dick. He’s not actually saying he’s got a big dick, so, I don’t know. I’ve gotta find out. “I need a girl who…ain’t scared of a big dick” – Petey Pablo, “FreekA-Leek” I actually heard that he does have a big dick. (laughing) What’s up, Petey, you freek-a-leek? Petey Pablo, I heard about you. “I am the champion, king ding-a-ling.” – Trick Daddy He be in Miami with all them big-body girls, so I don’t know. He always has girls with him, so it might be true. He usually has like five girls with him at one time, so I’m pretty sure all five girls aren’t on one little dick. That would be kinda whack. Are there any other rappers you’d like to find out about? See, a lot of them I’ve heard about already. I haven’t heard about 50 Cent yet. I wanna find out about 50. So tell us about the ones you’ve heard. I heard Jay-Z got a big dick, I heard Method Man got a big dick. I don’t even wanna tell you about the ones I heard have little dicks. It’s just sad. You’ll always hear about the little ones quicker than the big ones. The girls who get the big ones try to keep it low, cause they don’t want other girls to come find out for themselves. What’s the difference between female groupies and male groupies? Male groupies are more uncontrollable. If a guy has a female groupie and she gets too crazy, a guy is stronger than a girl so he could just overpower her and take control of the situation. But if a male groupie gets out of control, it can be a dangerous situation. He can turn into a groupie a.k.a. stalker.

So you didn’t accept his offer? Actually I dated him for like three, four years. Are you joking? No, I’m not (laughing hysterically). He wasn’t lying. He was really cute, actually. That’s probably why he figured he could just come up and say some crazy shit like that. So his line worked? Yeah, it worked. I was shocked. I heard you had a little altercation with Gloria Velez. Who? Gloria Velez. What does she do? Hmm. That’s a good question. If you can tell me what she does for a living, I’ll tell you what happened. The same thing as Superhead, I guess. Speaking of Superhead, have you read her book? I haven’t read the book yet. My friend just finished reading hers. I wanna read it but I refuse to actually support the habit, so I’m not gonna buy it. I think someone needs to slap her. Somebody’s gonna smack her eventually, somebody’s wife. At the end of the day these chicks are just fucking slutbag whores and they’re fucking glorified for sucking cock! If you’re gonna be a porn star, fine. Be a porn star, but don’t try to mingle with us regular chicks and act like everything’s okay.

What kind of guy is Remy into? I like a guy that’ll get it poppin’ if he has to, but at the same time, I don’t like loud guys. I’m loud and outspoken, so I need somebody that’s a little more quiet and laid-back. I’m chillin’ right now, but you could ask around about me.

What would be some better career paths for a female? These women come out with these stories and try to blame it on their parents. They say, “It’s because of the way I was raised.” I would think if you were raped when you were younger that you wouldn’t wanna fuck, right? Instead, they wanna fuck more than anybody? I don’t understand. It’s an oxymoron, some catch-22 shit. I feel like there’s so many things you could to do get money and succeed, it just makes it even harder for a woman like me. I mean, I don’t think I’m ugly or whatever, but I would never stoop to certain levels for fame. Cause I’ve seen these women, and they don’t have any money. They’re just known. I’d rather be an unknown than for everyone to know me for sucking dick until my nose bleeds. That’s crazy.

Have you had any male groupies run up to you and just say something

- Words and photo by Julia Beverly

Do you have guys following you around? That’s the most annoying part. Like, oh my gosh, stop fucking following me! I mean, you don’t wanna be too mean. It’s like, aight, cool, but just get away from me, please. You’re starting to freak me out.


crazy? Yeah, of course. There was one guy that just ran up on me like, “I will eat the shit out of your pussy.” I was like, “What? No you won’t, get outta here.” Like, who says that? How many people have you said that to? Why would you just come up to me and say that? He didn’t even say “hi” or nothing. Just out of nowhere, he just broke through the crowd and said that shit. Wow.


thesexissue Chamillionaire Name three celebrity females that could get it. I’d have to say Beyonce, because anybody that pulls that off gets the ghetto pass and the industry pass. That’s a challenge. They say she’s a virgin, but I don’t believe that. I like Melyssa Ford, too, and Amerie. How do you think Olivia would act in bed? She’s probably be gangsta and keep it street. She’d do a couple things that other girls probably wouldn’t do. She hang around a lot of rough niggas, so she wouldn’t be timid and shy. Ashanti. You’d probably have to light some candles for her. Even though she hang around street niggas, she might be a little high maintenance in bed. You gotta spend some money, get some candles or roses, all the little extra stuff. I don’t do all that. I’d have to break her down. Keyshia Cole. She’s that hood chick from around the way. She’d be one of those after-the-club type sex, but that would be about it. She’d probably be stalking me after that. Lil Kim. I don’t know about Lil Kim. I like ladies that keep it all the way real. Kim keeps it real, but everything is so artificial about her. Britney Spears. Next! Jacki-O. She seem like she got a little nastiness in her. Nah, a lot of nastiness in her. She might be the best out of all of them in bed. Trina. She says she’s the baddest, so she got a name to live up to. I hope Trina ain’t overrated. I heard a lot of crazy stuff about her. But that’s all he-said, she-said. I’d have to test her out for myself to see if it’s true. What about some Texas females, like Brooke Valentine? I don’t know, I’d have to step to Beyonce to really feel right. You think you could take Beyonce from Jay? I wouldn’t even try to do that. I’d just try to get one night. I don’t know if I could compete with Jay to hold her down. But I’m a youngster. I’m around her age, so I know I could keep up with her in bed. Paris Hilton. Normally I would say “Next!” but she got so much money that I’d have to give it a shot. She’s been so many places and seen so many people that you never know. She might be able to teach me something. What’s the sexiest text message or voicemail you’ve received? Text messaging? First of all, I don’t get down like that, cause that’s evidence. You can’t do that, you gotta keep it street. But voicemail, yeah, I get some crazy voicemail. A lot of people get my number from other people. A lot of girls try to get at me and leave some crazy messages. But the craziest messages are the ones from their man. A lot of women are real sneaky. When their nigga starts calling, that’s when it gets interesting. Even though you and Mike Jones aren’t cool, are you going through a “back then they didn’t want me / now I’m hot, they all on me” situation? Yeah, definitely. I went to this club in Chicago last night and it was about 80% females, no lie. I think a lot of them didn’t know anything about my underground stuff, but they saw my video [“Turn It Up” with Lil Flip] and it was all eyes on me when I was in there. It’s crazy, cause once your video starts playing on BET, you’ll notice a change. Once it gets on MTV, it’s a wrap. Everywhere you go, people notice you. And yeah, you see the ladies change. I see how people can associate with that song, because it’s true. Back then, they didn’t want you. Now you’re on TV and everybody wants to be your friend. Man, it’s crazy. I really don’t have to try now. I really just step in the club. I don’t even have to make eye contact now, I just turn around and some female is 58


tapping my shoulder. It’s a lot easier. How can you tell the difference between females who are interested in you personally and females who are groupies? You don’t. You just assume that all of them are after money, so you keep your guard up. You don’t wanna get caught slipping. But I guess it depends on what you’re after. If you’re just after the quick hit, then I guess you’re gonna be messing with a lot of them. Me personally, I’m more of a businessman. I care about my money more than these ladies, first off, so that always come first. I always assume the ladies are after money, especially if they’ve never met you before, they know nothing about you, and they’re trying to start a conversation. What the question “What are y’all doing after the club?” comes up, you already know what that means. How do you answer that question? Usually I don’t tell ‘em. There’s a lot of ulterior motives. You don’t know what people are thinking. I’m naturally paranoid. I’ve got jewelry, money in my pocket. I can’t get caught slipping. Girls come up to me in the club and give me drinks, and I never drink them cause I don’t know what’s going on or what’s in the. We always try to stay on our toes. We’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff happen just rolling with other artists. I’ve seen them get got, so the threat is out there. You can’t trust every pretty smile and tight ass. Do you have a racial preference when it comes to females? All I really know is black girls. I know there’s more out there in the world, but I can’t really call it. I ain’t never been with a white girl. That’s just the way I came up. The only white person I ever hung around was Paul Wall, and he liked black girls too. Have you had any interesting group sex experiences? I don’t get down like that. That’s too crazy. I remember when I used to be in Swishahouse, it’d be crazy. Like, ten niggas in the room with one girl. I don’t know, man, I just feel more playa by myself. If you’re a star and you can’t get one girl by yourself, something’s wrong with you. They all sharing one girl and shit. I don’t get down like that. I ain’t that experimental. I’m more conservative. All that little fly stuff, they get worked up too much. Some people go get all the toys and crazy stuff. You never know, somebody might some me some crazy stuff one day and I might like it, but I don’t like all that experimental shit. If a female is too nasty it’s a complete turnoff, cause there ain’t no telling who else you did that to. I don’t want a prostitute. I don’t wanna get burned with wax or get hit with nothing. I don’t want no scars when I leave the bedroom. And definitely no handcuffs or whips. If I won’t the police handcuff me, I damn sure won’t let no girl do it. What’s the most exciting place you’ve had sex? On a rooftop at a hotel in L.A.. The roof has a view of the whole city. Is there anything you want to do sexually that you haven’t done yet? Some people want to have sex with three or four girls at once, but to me, it’s like, what could the other two girls be doing? Maybe that’ll be something to experiment with. But if it’s four of them, they might be able to overpower me. Yeah, I’m just naturally paranoid. - Julia Beverly (photo: Anthony Mandler)

thesexissue Killer Mike Who’s the top three celebrity females that could get it? I don’t really sweat the Hollywood types. I just see girls in the hood and I’m like, damn, she could get it! I really be up on the girls in the hood, on the block. But Oprah got that guacamole. She could get it on some goddamn Stella-got-her-groove-back type shit. I like the girl who played D.L. Hughley’s wife, she got that hood in her. I’d fuck with her definitely. Lisa Raye about to get married, but I’d fuck with her. She’s plenty hood. And bring me that girl from Nelly’s video, #48. I heard you’re worried about ending up in OZONE’s groupie confessions. Oh, yeah. I stay real paranoid about that. (laughing) I guess you’ve calmed down a little? Yeah, I done calmed down, but down the road you might fuck up. You don’t wanna wake up with a knife to your throat. But really, man, you read that shit and be mad because any day it could be you. Y’all hoes need to stop telling too, man. Superhead, that shit was fucked up. Were you worried about ending up in Superhead’s book? Nah, I wasn’t. But hat shit would’ve been a privilege to be mentioned among such player greats as…well, I’ll let y’all go buy the book. If a groupie did call in about you, what would she say? That big nigga be rockin’! It ain’t what you think, baby. He’s the truth. We’ve seen the R Kelly tapes, the celebrity sex tapes, the Michael Jackson trial. Do you think there’s anything a celebrity could do sexually that would make the public stop supporting them? I think a dude R&B singer better not get caught with no rappers! (laughing) That gay shit might fuck up somebody’s career. But if it’s girl-on-girl, though, I could see that. I think about who I’d like to see together, like Meagan Good and Christina Milian. Wow! I’d like to see them together. You know, rolling around a little bit. Holla at your boy Mr. A.D.I.D.A.S. I’m gonna name some celebrity females and you tell me how you think they’d act in bed. How ‘bout Free? I bet she’s a freak. She soft, too. Jiggly. I hugged her before. Keyshia Cole. She got that hood in her. She probably a real passionate hood girl. She might scratch a nigga’s back and shit. She’ll be into anything just to keep other hoes away from her man. She seem like a down-ass chick. I’d fuck with her. Olivia. She might bring out the whips and chains, like, “Yeah, nigga, let’s get to it.” You don’t think she’s a man, like Game says? I don’t know (laughing). I’m gonna stay away from that one! Ashanti. I don’t know what Ashanti would be like. One day she looks like a grown woman, goddamn sleazy and sexy, and then the next day she looks like she could be on the Muppets. You can’t do the girl from the Muppets, but that girl from the Hype Williams video could get it. Trina. Girl, stop. It ain’t even about all the rapper shit. You already know, if a nigga from the hood, that’s his Marilyn Monroe. Straight up, Trina, I’m fuckin’ with you, girl. Melyssa Ford. Yeah, I like Melyssa Ford. She got it. She got the top and the bottom, I like that.

Oprah. Man, Oprah is that bitch. All y’all hoes are playin’ catch up. That includes my momma and grandmomma. Oprah’s the king of all women. Get your muthafuckin’ paper correct, man. If your ass ain’t aspiring to be Oprah, you ain’t shit. But momma, grandmomma, I was just playin’. I don’t love Oprah more than y’all. Paris Hilton. She skinny as hell. What the fuck I’m gonna do with that? She ain’t got no meat on her. Do you have a racial preference? Besides black women, the only other race I could say is crazy is East Indian women. When they walk by, I’m like, goddamn. They’re crazy. What about white or Spanish women? I did all that already, you know what I mean? It was fun, and I’m sure they had fun with the big black man and all that shit. But the East Indians are the next big thing, trust me. They’re gonna be in all the videos. Are you into anal sex? I don’t fuck around like that. That shit is gay, I don’t do that gay shit. What about toys or props in the bedroom? Yeah, get wild! Be a dog, but only for your gal. Don’t be doing that for the freaks. There’s certain shit you reserve for your bitch. Let her bring whatever she wants into the bedroom, anything that gets her off. Have you ever had a stalker? Yeah, this one girl showed up at my grandmother’s house. She had looked up my address from an old yearbook and just popped up. My grandmother told me she’d come by and I was like, “I don’t know who the fuck that is.” One day I was there and I caught the chick. I don’t like nobody knowing where my grandmomma lives. Nobody, man. I cussed that bitch the fuck out. I’m like, “I will fucking kill you.” I really spazzed out. That spooked me. That let me know shit was real. What’s the difference between fucking a girl that’s a groupie and fucking your wifey? It ain’t even about wifey. It’s like, with some women y’all have some kinda connection. It might not be your girl or your wife. You might be a nigga who has three wives or three girls. But with a groupie, it ain’t about you. It’s about her. She’s just fulfilling her moment. You’re just a character in the story. Tomorrow it’s gonna be Nelly and then it’ll be Young Buck. (singing) “I know you don’t love me / You don’t act the same when Jay-Z’s around.” (laughing) That’s my shit. Does it matter to you if a girl fucks with other rappers? Yeah, it matters now. But when you first get in the game you don’t give a shit. It’s a new feeling. Once you sit down and analyze the shit, you realize that this shit is really about that paper. That shit cost me paper. At least, that’s how I think about it. Some niggas, I don’t know. They’ll fuck with hoodrats their whole life. If that’s their dream, hey, why not?

different horses – some are lil’ ponies, some are fillies. They do their thing, but then you’ve got them stallions and them Clydesdales. A Clydesdale is a stallion on steroids. The girl in your hood with the biggest butt, she’s a stallion. Now Ki-Toy, she’s a goddamn Clydesdale. Isn’t she Big Boi’s wife’s sister or something? Are you allowed to look at her that way, since she’s part of the family? Man, I don’t know nothing. I just think about her and go blank. I don’t know who she is, you gotta ask Big. I just know she’s fine. Is she your favorite video model? My favorite video model would probably be Ester, the girl in the “FreekA-Leek” joint. Nah, fuck all them hoes. I fuck with Buffie the Body. I heard she had an ad on the internet that you could spend an hour touching her for like $1,000. I spent an hour with her in the club for like $35. She used to dance, so I already had Buffie on the dance tip. That was a great dance. How do you feel about going down on a woman? Shit, it’s cool. Guys should do it. I do it.

What’s the most exciting place you’ve ever had sex? I like balconies. I think the most exciting place is outside. I done fucked in a lot of people’s offices, though (laughing). Yeah, I done wilded out in a few offices. And I ain’t talkin’ about small offices, I’m talking about major New York offices. Some crazy shit went down.

If you had to marry either a virgin or a whore, which would you pick? If I had to pick one, you’ve gotta go with the virgin. But if you were just lookin’ to get your dick sucked and not get married, definitely go for the whore. The woman I marry better be whorish enough to please me and smart enough to act like a fuckin’ virgin.

So everybody at Sony needs to be cleaning their desk right now? Hey, man, it ain’t just Sony. I’m having fun everywhere. Clubs, too. Clubs is a great place to do it. If you got a gal and y’all go out and get real, real drunk, you can get dirty and fuck in the club bathroom. Then go wash up and get a tetanus shot (laughing). Trust me, club sex is the best shit. Oh, once me and this girl fucked in front of this old white lady in a Jacuzzi. She didn’t really react, but she had to have known something was goin’ down. I think she might have got a little excited.

What’s your soundtrack in the bedroom? Yeah, that’s when it’s real nigga time. Miss me with that rap shit. That’s when it’s the [Gerald] Levert and Marvin [Gaye] time. Me personally, I’m a Bobby Brown nigga. But really, my shit is Sade. If I’m in my zone tryin’ to get some pussy, you’re gonna hear a lot of Luther [Vandross], Freddy Jackson, Guy, and 112. Oh, I fucks you up with 112, and Jagged [Edge], my favorite R&B group of all time. But if it’s about me, it’s straight Sade. That’s who I fucks with. She’s the sexiest one alive, that’s why I couldn’t put her in no category. I’m so crazy about her it’s ridiculous. Real sex appeal ain’t about what they look like, it just falls off a woman for different reasons. Like Serena, I think that sex appeal just jump off her, like Beyonce and certain girls in the videos.

Are you into aggressive women or laid-back women? I like aggressive women. I like athletically built girls. I fuck with them all. I like different ladies for different reasons. I like the Serenas, though. How come everybody likes Serena more than Venus? I like Venus too. I like Venus’ legs and shit. Venus is actually the one I liked first, but Serena’s just got that power. I’m a big dude, a lot of people don’t know that. I’m 6’3”, I’m a man. Beyonce, she built like a stallion. That’s what we call ‘em down South, stallions. You’ve got

Anything else you want to say? All the girls throughout the hoods in America that got that ass, I’m comin’ through to see you. And once I get ahold of you, I’ll never let go. - Photo and words by Julia Beverly OZONE


thesexissue Bohagon Which celebrity female do you think is a freak on the low? I think Halle Berry is freaky cause she like them younger guys. I think she real freaky, I think she got a high sex drive. I’m going to name some celebrity females, and you tell me how you think they would act in bed. Let’s start with Keyshia Cole. I don’t know too much about Keyshia Cole, but I heard she used to hang with ‘Pac or some shit, so she might like it rough. Free. Oh, Free told you how she like it. Free is a freak. I think she’s real freaky, and I would love to partake in her freakiness. Gabrielle Union. She’s that real classy chick that can still hang in the hood, so I think behind closed doors, she like it rough too. Lil Kim. I bet Lil Kim likes it when you pull her hair from the back and beat it up. I think Lil Kim just pretty much lays it out a lot, she always raps about what she likes so you don’t have to have a big imagination. Lil Kim would probably be the freakiest one on the list. Britney Spears. I think Britney probably swallows. She seems like that type of woman. With Britney you just pull your dick out her mouth and it’s dry. Paris Hilton. I think with Paris Hilton you’d probably have to be too gentle. I don’t think she could take that rough sex. She’d probably break in half. Oprah. With Oprah I would take a different approach. I would aim everything towards pleasing her. I wouldn’t give anyone else on this list head, but I probably would give Oprah some head. I’d be trying to position myself to help my long-standing income. So I probably would break Oprah off, but she’s the only one on that list that would get that. You know, Oprah’s the queen. I probably would just cuddle up with Oprah. Ciara. I don’t know, Ciara does that dancing thing. She definitely looks sexy up there on the stage, so she probably would be pretty good in bed. What’s the sexiest voicemail or text message you’ve received? I’ve got a couple of those “I’m waiting at home with nothing on” messages on my phone. That’s always a great thing. What’s your wildest groupie experience? I’ve kinda outgrown that groupie thing now, but I got some old-school groupie memories that I reminisce on every now and then. I used to get head when I’d be out there giving out t-shirts and little sampler CDs. You know, groupies, man, they do they thing. What’s the difference between having sex with a groupie and having sex with wifey? The difference is the rubber. With wifey you don’t need a rubber, but with a groupie, I have like two, three rubbers on at one time. That’s the scariest thing in the world, to be fuckin’ a bitch you don’t even know and the rubber burst. So the difference is definitely the condom. I stay full of those Magnum XLs. Can you ever have too much sex? Yeah, yeah. When you first begin your career, that’s one of the things you really want to do – fuck everything, fuck every fine bitch you come across. But as you get more into your career, you don’t really concern yourself too much with fuckin’ all the bitches. You just kinda level out. You start thinking about your money. At the same time, everybody’s human, so there’s gonna come along a bitch that I really feel like I’ve got to fuck. But I don’t be trippin’ off that. Is there a difference between different races of women in bed? Yeah, there is. But that’s the beautiful thing about them. That’s why 62


we fuck with all the different races. First off, I think black women got some of the best pussy in the world. White women love to suck your dick, so that’s always a great thing. Latino women got some great hot pussy. It’s a lot more differences, but at the same time, they all got some things in common also. Variety is the spice of life, so that’s why we fuck ‘em all. Have you had any group sex experiences? Yeah, that’s that old school shit. I used to be into that, it was me and my pa’tnas and our egos. We had women to partake in those types of activities as a youngster comin’ up, but now I’m pretty much past all that shit. What’s the most exciting place you’ve had sex? I fucked on the beach, at night time. If I had got caught, that would’ve been some embarrassing shit, but it’s just the thrill of maybe getting caught that’s part of the fun. Name one thing you’d like to do that you haven’t done already. I’ve done a lot of the things that I wanted to do. I never been in a situation where it was me and ten women, but maybe that’ll come. Do you like anal sex? Nah, I don’t fuck around with no shit like that. Are you into any toys or props in the bedroom? Yeah, my partna Cutty from Jim Crow put me on to some shit a couple years ago. It’s not a dildo, it’s some little small shit. You put it on the woman’s clit and it drives them crazy. I don’t know the technical name for it, but we call it the ball. I had to use it about five or six times before I became a professional, and the young ladies been loving it ever since. Anything else you want to say? Yeah, to all the women whose names you called, we just playin’ around, so no need for you or your man to get mad at my feelings. - Julia Beverly (Photo: Dave Ellis)

thesexissue Webbie This interview is for the sex issue. Okay. I know all about that shit! Good. Your label rep did suggest that this is your area of expertise. Who are some celebrity women you’d like to have sex with? Beyonce, because she fine. Every hoe I fuck is fine. I don’t give a fuck about no reputation. I’ll fuck a broke-ass muthafucker, if she fine. I like how Beyonce look. And Halle Berry, she could get it for real. But what I really want is a sneaky muthafucker. I want one of those muthafuckers with a husband or an old man at home. I want your husband to think that you’re being so faithful that you would never do this shit. That’s what I want. That just turns me on, it makes me feel freaky. How do you think Oprah would be in bed? Hell no! I don’t wanna know what she do in bed. She too fuckin’ old. But look, I’d get some of that bread out of Oprah. I probably would hit Oprah. Oprah, I need a million. Ciara. Man, Ciara’s with that little boy shit. I’d fuck the shit outta Ciara and have her ass goin’ crazy. She with that lil’ boy shit right now, though. Ciara still a little girl right now. She just tryin’ to see what’s going on. In my honest opinion, I don’t think Ciara’s ready for a nigga like me cause I’m wild. Ashanti. 50 Cent called her the cookie monster and all that shit, but I don’t give a fuck. I’d fuck the shit outta Ashanti from the back, and I think Ashanti can ride that dick. Britney Spears. I’d freak her ass out. I’d take Britney to the whole clique. I’d get in her world and make her feel comfortable first. Then I’d make her wanna do whatever I say, and then we’d all fuck that bitch. Keyshia Cole. I don’t know who the fuck that is, but my brother does. He says he’ll put that dick on Keyshia Cole. So when you see Webbie just ask for my brother. Keyshia Cole, my brother got some dick for you, and I done seen this nigga fuck. I done heard this nigga fuck. That nigga fuck so hard he be having hoes screaming and shit. I’m like, damn, what the fuck wrong with you? I have to ask him to calm down. Fantasia. That’s my girl. I ain’t gonna speak out on Fantasia. Fantasia, you know what’s happenin’ with me and you. Erykah Badu. She African or Muslim or something, right? Yeah, Erykah Badu ain’t thick enough for me, but she a cool woman. That’d just be my homegirl. I’d smoke big blunts with her. Jacki-O. Hell yeah, I’d fuck all in her ass if she let me. I ain’t gonna take no pussy, but Jacki-O could get it, fuckin’ right. Just cause of how she shaped. Which celebrity women do you think are the freakiest? Trina. She’s a bad bitch. One thing I respect about Trina is that she do her thing like a nigga do their thing, and she gonna make her money. And Remy, yeah. I just seen Remy. She’s gotta be on some freaky shit cause of how me and her was lookin’ at each other. Remy just made me feel like I could go to her room right now and get somethin’ crackin’. But I ain’t gonna fuck with her cause she ain’t my style. I’m gonna let my brother hit Remy. Remy, my brother wants you! C’mon, what’s the next question? How do you like to fuck? Okay, this is how I do it. It’s the head first, I ain’t gonna lie. When I fuck a girl, most of the time I start off on top. I beat that ass up on

top. While I’m on top, I’m thinkin’ about it. I’m fuckin’ this fine muthafucker, so I don’t wanna just do that one position. Let me stop before I nut. Then I tell her to get on top of me and ride that dick. She get on top of me, work that ass, ride that dick for a minute. Then I think about it again - no, I don’t wanna nut right now. I wanna see her in all positions. So I tell her to get up. Then I turn her over and beat that ass up from the back, and that’s where I take it home at. While I’m beatin’ it up from the back I ask her, “You gonna let me nut all over your face?” She tell me, “Yeah.” So I tell her to be ready when I’m about to cum. When I’m finna nut, you should be ready, cause you gonna have to turn around quick. When I’m bout to cum, I be like, “C’mon!” Then I rip that rubber off – that means I had a rubber on, for all y’all nasty ass niggas – I rip that rubber off and nut all over they face. What’s the fascination with cum on a girl’s face? Let me tell you why I like that – cause I been watching flicks since I was in kindergarten. When the teachers used to tell me it’s naptime, I used to be getting booty. Not fuckin’ though. Fuckin’ and getting booty is two different things. Getting booty is when you got all your clothes on and you just on top of a girl humpin’, your dick hard as a muthafucker. That was me, man. I used to get booty when I was a little kid cause I was watchin’ them flicks. And in every flick, I’d see somebody nut on a girl’s face. I like seein’ a muthafucker talk with nut all over they face. That’s just me, man.

chicks, but they attitude made me wanna rip ‘em. Do you have any interesting backstage stories? We get our dicks sucked backstage all the time, if that’s interesting to you. It ain’t really interesting to me because I’m so used to it. I could walk by one of my niggas getting they dick sucked and just keep walking. But I’m pretty sure if somebody was standing here in this corner with us getting their dick sucked you’d be like, “What the fuck?” But shit, not me. I’d just keep walking. That’s life. If it’s a bad bitch, I might say, “Man, after you done, let me get that hoe, she looked like she handled business on your dick.” But shit, ain’t no interesting backstage stories except one time. A nigga came back there disrespecting cause we fucked his bitch. I beat him up, straight up. Not my security guard, I beat that bitch up myself. Y’all shoulda had the cameras for that. I whupped that nigga like I was still in school. Do you eat pussy? I don’t eat no pussy. My mama died when I was nine years old, and I swear to God on my mama’s grave, I ain’t never ate no pussy. Never. That ain’t me. I don’t know what it tastes like. Everybody I grew up around would be pointing at a dude like, “He eat pussy!” and we’d laugh at that nigga who eat pussy. So fuck that. I ain’t gonna never be with that shit. I’ll probably never get married for that reason, cause if you got a wife you supposed to eat that pussy.

Do you prefer a certain race of women? If a muthafucker fine, shit, it doesn’t matter. There’s no difference to me, it’s all pink inside. When she walk, I like that ass to jiggle. I like to be able to grab something and squeeze that ass. I like jiggly, squishy, big titty muthafuckers. The titties don’t really matter that much, though. If you got some small titties, fuck it. As long as that ass and them thighs jiggle when you walk, and you fine, you might get that dick from Webbie.

What about anal sex? Hell yeah. I’m with that shit to the fullest. I’ll fuck you in your ass hard as a muthafucker. I just like that shit cause of the flicks.

Some people felt like your song “Gimme That Pussy” was too aggressive. What if a girl says no? Shit, it’s on to the next muthafucker. Somebody’s gonna say yeah.

How big? Well, I ain’t never got no ruler, but I know my shit is big! When I fuck these hoes they be like, “Boy, you got a big dick!” Ask my brother – what did that hoe say when she came out the room the other night? “Webbie got a big dick!” Every time, man, them hoes be sayin’ I got a big dick.

So it’s not a rapist’s anthem. Fuck no. I ain’t finna take no pussy. There’s too much pussy out there. Has your sex life changed since your record deal? It ain’t really changed, but I been getting more pussy though, I ain’t gonna lie. See, that’s the difference between me and a lot of these rap cats. These niggas wasn’t getting no pussy or making no money before this rap shit. I been getting pussy and making money, that’s why I’m so used to this shit. That’s why I can walk up to one of these celebrity bitches and just do me. So did you kick it to Trina when you did “Bad Bitch” together? Nope. I ain’t even try. I know when’s the time to try, and when it’s not time to try. Trina’s doing her thing right now, so I just let Trina do her thing. But I bet if you ask Trina if I’m a real nigga, she’ll tell you yeah. What about the other girls in the “Bad Bitch” video? I fucked two of ‘em, but I ain’t gonna tell you which ones. I shouldn’t be sayin’ this, cause my baby mama might read this shit. If she reads this shit, I’m fucked up. I ain’t gonna lie, I got love for her cause she been with me before the fame and the real money came. She was with me when we had to watch out for them pussy ass niggas. What’s the difference between your baby mama and a groupie? I keep it real with her. Everybody else, I’m gonna fuck you and I ain’t callin’ you no more. Never again. Well, if the pussy was good, I’m gonna call you again when it’s time to fuck again. My baby mama knows where the stash is at. I could call her right now and tell her to go get $70 G’s cause it’s goin’ down. I can’t tell every muthafucker that shit. What’s the craziest thing a groupie has ever said or done to you? Ain’t nothing crazy to me because I’m crazy my muthafuckin’ self. All that shit is normal to me, when a bitch comes up and says, “Let me suck your dick until you nut.” I’ll either tell her, “Aight, I’m gonna holla at you later on,” or, “Nah, not you.” Ain’t nothing crazy to me. A muthafucker who ain’t in the streets would probably be like, “Oh, she crazy,” but nah, that’s how girls are. What makes you decide whether you’ll accept a groupie’s offer or not? Appearance. Nah, it’s appearance and attitude. I done met some ugly

Do you have a favorite porn star? Hell no. I don’t know their names and shit, I just see their fine ass on TV fuckin’ a nigga. I like the ones who could take a big dick. I got a big dick, you know what I’m sayin’?

What’s the most creative place you’ve had sex? In the car, in the back seat. I do that to this day, I’ll fuck in the back seat whenever I need to. Is there anything you want to do sexually that you haven’t done yet? I wanna do two of them celebrity bitches. Oh, wait. They say I call girls “bitches” too much. Let me clear that up right now. I don’t call women “bitches.” I don’t treat women like bitches. Like you, I could tell that you’re a woman who’s about your business, so I’d never come up to you like, “What’s happenin’, bitch? Gimme that pussy,” because you’re a woman. I’d treat you with respect. But if you’re a bitch, I’ll treat you like a bitch. I hate when people say, “He calls women ‘bitches’ all the time.” No, I don’t call women “bitches.” I call bitches “bitches.” It’s a difference. A woman handles her business. If a bitch walks by me and lets me know she’s a bitch and all she’s good for is a big dick in her mouth and her ass, I’m gonna treat her like that. What about group sex activities? I like one-on-one. But me and my niggas flipped some hoes, though. We had like four to one. But I ain’t got with more than one girl in the same bed at the same time. That’s some shit I wanna do, but I be tryin’ to concentrate and do me. When them hoes lick your fuckin’ nuts, man, that shit feels tickly as a muthafucker. That hoe was suckin’ my dick the other night, man, and she kept going to my nuts. That shit was tickin’ too muthafuckin’ much. I was on my tiptoes. Don’t lick my nuts. Stay on that dick and try to get some nut to come out that bitch. So on a serious note, do you get tested? For AIDS? Fuckin’ right, man. Shout out to everybody, go get tested. If you got that shit, you need to know. That’s very important. I know a couple people with that shit and it’s a sad thing. Let that disease be contained. For real, man, I don’t know what’s going on. Did God send that? Who sent that? That’s what I be wondering, like, who made that shit? But yeah, everybody needs to go get tested. And when you fuckin’ somethin’, strap up and you ain’t got nothing to worry about. If the rubber bust you better pull out quick as a muthafucker and re-up! - Julia Beverly (Photo: King Yella) OZONE


thesexissue Heather Hunter In the late 80s and early 90s, before the words Extreme and Gonzo became the de rigeur, Heather Hunter was one of adult film’s most adventurous and sexy vixens. Her name rings bells with any 30-something who used to raid dad’s porn stash, and with younger folks who learned about her from rap videos like 2Pac’s “How Do You Want It?” Today, she’s stepped away from porn and into the rap game. You first had a deal with Tommy Boy, didn’t you? Yeah, first in 1993, I had a deal with Island Records, and then I signed over at Tommy Boy. Tommy Boy didn’t really know what direction to take me in musically. They were going through a transition with Warner Bros. and a lot of artists got shelved. I got shelved, so I got a release. I started a show on BET’s Pay Per View called The Peep Show, and I met Akinyele on my show. He asked if I could rhyme, and we ended up going in the studio together. That’s when the magic happened. That was about seven years ago. This most recent project is called HH The Unexpected, and it features production from Scott Storch, DJ Premier, Phantom of the Beats, and my boy Freedom. Who released the album? I did. I produced it myself and put it out through my label, Blow Records. It’s distributed by Select-O-Hits. They gave me an incredible deal. I’ve been hustling, building this empire with my manager Dave Copeland. We started this thing from scratch, this flip from porn over to hip-hop. Has porn been a hindrance or a help to you? It’s a double-edged sword, because sometimes it’s a hindrance and sometimes it’s a blessing. Things that I expect to be easy are hard, and things that are supposed to be hard are easy. As soon as I got into this rap game, I realized it was a totally different hustle. I’ve been down with hip-hop since day one. Hip-hop is my culture, and I truly believe that I’m the queen of this hip-hop sex thing. When I got into the rap game I didn’t realize how hard it is for female emcees. You got to give much respect to the ones that’s out there like Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Trina, and Missy, because it’s a struggle for women in hip-hop. Even if you’re talented, who’s to say you’re going to be heard?

Are you from the Bronx? I’m from the Bronx. I was born in the Bronx and raised in Brooklyn and Harlem. I worked alongside Afrika Bambaataa and DJ Red Alert. Back then my first big influence was Public Enemy and then Big Daddy Kane. In the new generation, I love what Missy is doing. Jay-Z is inspirational. To me, the king of it all is Russell Simmons. I love the entrepreneurial spirit that him and Puffy have. My ultimate idol is Prince. What were you doing at Latin Quarter? Mike Goldberg owned the club years ago and I started off working the front door. I was the hostess. Then I worked the cashier’s desk and then in the office answering phones. I basically lived at Latin Quarters. I worked during the week and partied on the weekends. You probably saw everybody from the heyday. Oh yeah, from the birth of LL Cool J, I’ve seen everything. I’m part of history. Within hip-hop culture, I’ve been around since day one, but I think people don’t realize that. People tend to typecast me from the porn industry, but there’s so much that I’ve done in my life. I’m trying to make people understand.

What makes it so difficult for women in hip-hop? It’s a man’s world. That’s the whole key to it. If the women in hip-hop would all come together and become as unified as the men are, I think we’d have a little more power. I’m first in line to make that change.

Weren’t you doing porn around the golden years of hip-hop? Yeah, while the crew was over there going down the hip-hop path, at the time I was a dancer. My life got a little dark and I went down the erotic path. But the hip-hop streets have always been my home.

You think the men are unified? They all seem to be battling too. Yeah they battle themselves but within these battles you have your cliques. It’s a male dominated game. So mostly within the cliques only one girl gets in so you gotta really prove your point while you’re there. The next girl that’s trying to be the next star, she’s got to wait in line. And it’s unfortunate. There needs to be female cliques. Just like G-Unit there should be a Girl Unit.

What made you go down that path? I’ve been on my own since I was 16, so, being on the streets you’ve only got like three hustles: it’s either gonna be crime, violence, or erotica. I happened to go down that path at the age of 18. I never knew I was gonna become the number 1 adult black star. I never thought that would happen. My whole life is all about pioneering, so everything I touch I try to make sure I’m the first.

What are you doing to change that? I did this album really as a tribute to hip-hop. I love rap music. It’s a part of me. I sleep, live, and breathe it. So I came in as a project to do what I’m doing. I plan to put out another album and put a lot of girls together. My door is open to any female emcee that wants to embrace me.

How many years did you do porn? I did movies from age 18-21. I’ve been out of the business for like ten years now. I only did like 55 films. I’m one of the least out of the adult industry, but I was able to market an empire.

Have you worked with any of them yet? No, I actually haven’t worked with anybody. I know everyone, but we need more unity. We need to come together as one so we can be more powerful and balance off with the men. I have so much respect for the girls out there doing their thing. It’s a hard struggle. I think the entertainment business in general right now is hard. Your hustle has to be great. But at the same time your hustle has to be sincere. Is your album mostly sex rhymes? I called it HH The Unexpected because people are shocked by the production and how I’m flowing lyrically. I’m holding it down like the best of them. I’m very proud. Of course I’m talking about sex, but it’s a diverse sample of different styles, from East coast to West coast to South side type of music. But it’s really a tribute to hip-hop. 66

Who were some of your influences? Who did you listen to coming up? Coming up? Wow. I come from the Latin Quarter days. I used to work at Latin Quarters. I’m really from the beginning, the birth of hip-hop. I worked there for years.


How did that empire come together in such a short time? You’re definitely one of the most recognizable people ever in the business. I think there’s three dimensions. I have a great family which is a great support team. I have great management. And me, guiding my career the way I wanted to go. I never settled for anything that’s desperate. I always wanted to go to the top. Just all the hard work, I been working my butt off all these years just to keep this going. Right now I have a book coming out next year, it’s called Insatiable Desires. I have an art gallery that I’m opening up in Brooklyn called Artcore NYC. I have a collection of paintings. I’m a former graffiti artist. Oh really? What was your tag? My tag was Miss 45 and Candy back in the day. Or Ms. 45. You know, I’m just growing into a woman at this point right now. - Matt Sonzala

thesexissue Pretty Ricky What’s the craziest thing that’s happened with the ladies in the house? [Our father] don’t play that bringing the girls to the house. Basically we on our grind, we ain’t worried about the females. We tryin’ to just stay focused on our music. That’s a damn lie! So y’all telling me you ain’t fuckin’? You fuckin’? We’re not interviewing me. (laughing) Aight, aight. But nah, to tell you the truth, we don’t really got time to be fuckin’ like that. There ain’t no such thing as groupies. I think groupies was made up by a bunch of haters. Cause everywhere you go, that’s human nature. If a girl sees a fine nigga that she wanna do, she gonna have sex with him regard- (l to r): Pleasure, Slick ‘Em, Baby Blue, and Spectacular less. So there ain’t no such thing the limelight. as groupies. And basically everybody says “groupies” but the girls Well, we ain’t met none of them yet. These chicks be talking about just wanna see if it’s true; what we say we do in the bed, what we talk getting married and shit! about in our songs. So is it true? Hell yeah it’s true! Is there a difference between women of different ethnicities in bed? Nah, from a man’s point of view, all women are the same – lovely. It’s like your food, you wanna switch it up. Some nights you want pizza, another night you want spaghetti, another night you want lasagna. You gotta mix it up. We don’t discriminate! Which city has the best ladies? All of them are the same. You’re lying. You just came off tour, that can’t be possible. All the girls in all the cities were so beautiful we couldn’t believe it. We thought they couldn’t be the same, but they are. Man, we’d leave from one city and go to the next and be like, “Man, this was the best city we’ve ever been in!” Then we’d get to the next city and be like, “Awwww, shit! THIS is the best city we’ve ever been in!” We swear. What’s the craziest thing one of these chicks ever said to ya’ll? They be talking about they wanna marry us, but you know, they be joking. We ain’t really trying to get married now. Is there a difference between groupies and wifey? We just have a lot of dedicated groupies who wanna take it to the next level cause that’s basically all we rap and sing about. So what’s the difference between getting down with them and getting down with wifey? It ain’t no such thing as a groupie. What’s a groupie? What’s your definition of a groupie? You just said it. A broad whose main focus is to bone niggas because of their status. All girls’ main focus is to fuck niggas because of their status. And we hope so, because if you don’t fuck me because of my status, that means anybody can hit it. We don’t want nothing that everybody can hit. Nah, the point is, if you weren’t on TV she wouldn’t be interested in you. And it doesn’t matter if you ever talk to her again and give a damn about her. A groupie just wants to sleep with you because you’re in 68


They wanna marry a nigga? You gotta introduce me to the game, girl. Cause I haven’t met them groupie kind yet that you’re talking about. I always meet them nice decent girls. Shit, you must be on the wrong tour, cause y’all are the first artists I’ve heard say that. (laughing) Well, we was on a young tour. It was mostly young girls, so we really stayed focused. Out of the four of you, who gets the most ladies? I ain’t even gonna lie. Spectacular is the one who be gettin’ all the goddamn girls! Who said that? Spectacular? (laughing) Nah, nah. But you know, some groups only got that main focus in the group and the rest of them they’re like, “Oh, that’s blazay blah. I don’t know what they do but they aight.” But everybody in our group is equal. If you want the redboned one with the six-pack bulgin’, you get Spectac’. You want someone who’s gonna rough you up and give you that rough sex, you got Slick ‘Em. And if you want that freakyfreaky-freaky, you got ya boy Baby Blue, whoooooaaaaa. And if you like slow walks on the beach and strawberries and peaches, you’ve got the calm, cool, and collected lover boy Pleasure. He’s here for all the sexy ladies in need of pleasure. That was a good breakdown. So, last but not least – how would you describe good pussy? Oooooohhhh, it’s gotta be tiiiight! You know, some girls know how to control their muscles, the ones that can lock their muscle on yo’ ass. Make you wanna scream, “Mama come get me, this girl gonna make me marry her!” Some say it gotta taste good, but nah, it ain’t all about the pussy. That comes later on in the relationship, cause sex is more mental than physical. If you’ve got that mental thing on lock then it doesn’t matter. You can make love and it’s gonna satisfy, no matter what. She gonna satisfy you. See, it’s a beautiful thing! The best answer I’ve heard is, “Good pussy feels like home.” Oooooohweeeee, shit. I don’t want no pussy that feels like home. Then I’ll never leave! - Amanda Diva (Photos: Anthony Cutujar)

thesexissue Sheek Louch

Styles P

Tell me how you think each of these celebrity women would act in bed. We’ll start with Mariah Carey. Oh, she wild. I think she a freak on the low. She seems real innocent but she gonna shock you in the bed.

Name three celebrity women who could get it, and why. Oprah, Oprah, and Oprah. She’s the ultimate woman. She looks better at an older age than she did at a younger age, and she’s a billionaire.

Trina. Oh, we know she’s the baddest bitch. Come on now, she told you already! She said it in her lyrics. I know some chicks be frontin’ when they tell you what they gonna do and all that in their lyrics, then they’re all shy. But I think Trina gonna throw that on you.

You were recently locked up. How much time did it take after you were released before you had sex? Not long at all. Probably about half an hour. Was it as good as you remembered? It was better.

J-Lo. Oh, God. J-Lo’s ass is crazy. She lost it a little bit though. I guess that’s the new look in Hollywood. But that ain’t got nothin’ to do with head, straight up.

When you’re locked up, how do you, uh, release tension? Porn magazines? I ain’t really into that kinda thing. Maybe every now and then you fall back into it, but mostly, I had pictures of my wife.

Eve. I’m still lookin’ for that sex tape they said she’s got out. Yeah, I wanna see it my damn self. I think Eve is crazy in the bed, man. I think she’s a wild woman. They say she used to strip.

Oh, I didn’t know you were married. So I guess you’re past the groupie stage now. Yeah, I’m a little older now.

Name three celebrity females you’d like to hook up with. I’d say Roselyn Sanchez, Salma Hayek, and Sanaa Lathan. Do you have any good groupie stories? I don’t really got no stories. I mean, we do what we do. My boys, we run our gangsta, we get it poppin’ on the road. I’m not selfish at all. I get somethin’, my boys get somethin’. What’s the best sex you ever had? Man, when you puttin’ up Wilt Chamberlain numbers it’s different. I don’t even know. My mind don’t go back that far, baby. What are some interesting places to have sex? Outside, in the movie theater, watchin’ a concert, always in the hood, you know? When you take it to the hoodrats, they like that. Anywhere and everywhere in the hood. What’s the difference between black girls and white girls in bed? White girls give better head, but black girls got that ass. White girls are getting thicker and thicker these days, though. Black girls are extra thick and they come with a little more attitude. I guess it’s healthy attitude. Do you go down on a woman? Me goin’ down? Eatin’ it? Naw, I ain’t eatin’ no pussy. I get head all day, word up. That’s it, no toys. I watch girls use toys on each other. I’ll watch that all day. I’m with two girls, as long as one ain’t the man. If they both lesbians and one ain’t actin’ like the dude, I’m good with it. - Rohit Loomba & Cedric Collier

When you first got into the game, did you have any crazy stalkers? Yeah, there’s always gonna be groupies and stalkers that pop up at every show, front row. They say all kinds of disgusting things. I can’t think of one in particular. Is it difficult to be married and be a rapper on the road? It takes work, it takes a lot of work. You have to watch what you’re doing from the whole way around. Because you’re travelling a lot, or because of the temptations you’re around, or for other reasons? Well, just from the whole way around. There’s a lot of reasons. Plus, from the point of view that a lot of people get cases for a lot of things. There’s rape cases, minors, a lot of lawsuits, so all the way around you gotta watch what you do. What’s the most interesting place you’ve had sex? Depends on what you call “interesting.” Outside, in cars, movie theaters? That’s all regular, that’s all natural. Movie theaters, all that kinda stuff, I consider that all to be regular. I guess the most interesting place I had sex was in a pool in the Cayman Islands. Because of where the pool was, it was kinda strange. What made you decide it was time to settle down and get married? That’s my lady. We have children. I’m older now, I’m a businessman, a family man. I’ve had my fun. - Julia Beverly

(l to r): D-Block’s J-Hood, Styles P, Sheek Louch, and Jadakiss (Photo: Raandu Avion R.I.P.)



thesexissue Tony Yayo Which celebrity female do you think is a freak? That’s a good question. You know who I think is a freak on the low? Kelly from Destiny’s Child. She just got that look on her face. You just got off tour. How was the sex on the Anger Management tour? Oh, man, I’ma let you answer that. Every night something new. Ménage a trios, backstage is crazy. Then I had girls in bathrooms, hotel hallways, buses, staircases. You name it and it’s been done on tour. Hallway? Yeah. You go surfing and you may catch a staircase or a soda machine, you get to that soda machine late at night and if no one’s creeping through, then boom boom boom. What about the bathroom? The bathroom is definitely a favorite spot for a lot of guys, cause we might be backstage and there’ll be like 100 guys back there. The girl might be comfortable enough or freaky enough to do it in the bathroom. You ever do it in the sink? Naw, never done it in or on the sink. The girls usually spit the nut up in the sink after, though. What’s the craziest story you’ve got on tour? Well, yesterday, I had sex with a girl in the G-Unit closet. It was kinda crazy. There were mad boxes and shit. I took her to the back room and everyone was there, so I had to sneak her off and talk her into it, like, “No one is going to be back here.” Then there was a generator going off or something. It was some real crazy shit. Then, there was this ménage a trios. I had sex with this girl, and her girl was in the room with one of my peoples but they was playing games. So we went to check on her friend after we had sex and then they both came back and I closed the door and had sex with both of them while my friend was sitting on the couch. He got some after the fact. What’s the best place to have sex? The bed. In the bed you can do more. You can do sex in the staircase, but you’ve gotta make sacrifices. You’ve gotta make sure no one is coming, keep looking, and some girls be nervous and stuff like that. In the bed a girl can really let her freakiness come out. Do you have to get to know a girl to have sex with her? Naw. Come on, man. I could get to know her after I fuck her. Are you in a relationship? Naw. I’m a bachelor. Maybe in the future, but right now there are a lot of women in the world. The ratio is like 5 to 1. I like a woman who’s goodlooking, intelligent, good conversation, nice body, and good sex. What city has the best women? The cities that had the best woman was in Texas. Houston and Dallas. They look good but they mad down to earth, and they got nice bodies and everything. Which G-Unit member has the most sex on tour? I would have to say me. I can’t even say, though, cause everybody’s getting off. But in my eyes, it’d be me. What’s the craziest thing a groupie did? We had this girl who actually walked on stage during the performance and worked it on stage like she was a part of the show. The girl said to 50 [Cent], “I wanna hear ‘Just a Lil’ Bit.’” We had done that song like twenty minutes ago so we were like, “We already did that song. What the fuck are you talking about?” How many girls have you had backstage at any given time? 20 to 25. All nationalities, I don’t discriminate. I love all women. What are the differences sexually between different races of women? I think white women are more Girls Gone Wild. They more open with 72


it. I remember having girls who were sucking each other’s titties and dancing and stuff. A black girl isn’t as open as a white girl is with it, but they still want to have sex. They don’t want to have sex with everybody, though. I had an Asian woman before but I can’t really talk on them much. Once you get a little liquor in a white woman, they’re very straightforward. Do you prefer a drunk or sober woman? A mixture of both. In the middle. I don’t like it where you’re too drunk, where you’re going to throw up on me like in 40 Year Old Virgin. I don’t want them too drunk where they don’t know what they’re doing. I want them in the middle. What was your first sexual experience? I was 15, and there was this girl I met shopping on Jamaica Avenue in a certain part of Queens known as Rosedale. She was more experienced than me. I went to her house, went to her room. I was kinda nervous. Put the condom on, got that together, and I lost my virginity. I turned into a man. I wish I could find her. I gotta find her. What’s been your favorite sexual experience since you got signed? I would have to say when I first came home [from prison] and [Lloyd] Banks had two women set up for me. Not one woman but two. What was that like, being incarcerated? I had a lot of porno magazines. I could name all the porno stars, there’s a whole bunch. Did you get a lot of groupie fan mail while incarcerated? Yeah, I got a lot from all over. I actually lost all the letters. I had a lot, though. That’s how I came up with the idea for “Dear Suzie.” Did you have any conjugal visits? Naw, those are only for people doing like over five years. But I had girls come and play under the table. They’ll play with it, rub it, stuff like that. Who’s the biggest flirt in G-Unit? I would say Banks. He’s definitely a ladies man. Banks got a lot of game. I really don’t got a game. I’m just down to earth with the ladies. What is 50 like with the women? Women just love 50, man. He got a lot of game. When you been around so many women you learn to analyze them and learn to say the right thing to them and be yourself. I think they like it when you be yourself. Sometimes you just gotta give a woman her space. You ever done it on the tour bus? Of course. They got these back rooms with beds back there. You ever walked in on anybody? I walked in on DJ Whoo Kid. He had a girl in the bathroom and he was like, “Hey, whoa.” - Rohit Loomba (Photo: Julia Beverly)

thesexissue Jim Jones Name some celebrity women who could get it. Angelina Jolie. I just like her style. She’s sexy and all that, but I heard her talk one day on an interview and she talk hard, like a thug. That totally turned me on. Hmm, if I wasn’t in a relationship, who else could get it? Halle Berry still could get it. That’s just on some old high school I’ve-got-a-crush-on-you type shit. She still looking good. Who else could get it? Alicia Keys. She just hard. She’s a Harlem chick, she’s sexy with it. She’s got a little bit of tomboy flavor but still be throwing on that fly shit. I’m going to name some celebrity women. Tell me how you think they would act in bed. Mariah Carey? She might throw you off. She looks like a conventional girl but she might got a lil’ freak in her. Lil Kim. She might pull out a whip and chain for real. I ain’t with that shit. We ain’t with the handcuffs and all that. We scared of handcuffs cause of the police. Nia Long. She looks like she might got a little romantic vibe. Jennifer Lopez. She reminds me of one of them Spanish girls that just gotta get it. She hot all the time, soaking wet. She wanna get it wherever y’all at. Paris Hilton. She look like she just like to do it in cars and limos and shit like that. Halle Berry. You’ve gotta take a grown woman approach with Halle. Ciara. She look like you gonna have to teach her how to give some good head, cause she still young. Trina. I’d throw a thousand singles in the air and tell her to get naked. I hear you’re well known in the strip clubs. Really? What have you heard? Do they tell you how I be making it rain in the strip club? Thunderstorms!

What was the first time you had sex? Oh, the first official time? I been acting like I been having sex since I was about nine, but the first official sex I had, I was probably about 13. I did it at my man’s house with this homegirl from Wilson Projects. I was a little beast. It was aight. Once I did that one time, I figured it was all out. No holding back.

What’s the sexiest voicemail or text message you’ve received? One of my phones had wild pranks on it. Somebody must have gave my number out.

Are you into any toys/food/lingerie in the bedroom? Nah, we ain’t into toys or none of that crazy shit. We don’t do that. I been in situations with girls wearing lingerie, but that’s about as far as it goes.

What’s the craziest thing a groupie has done to approach you? There’s always a girl in the club going crazy, trying to violate you and touch you. That’s the worst part, walking through the club and girls are trying to violate you. It’s terrible, man. They need to stop that shit.

You mentioned that you’re in a relationship now. Has that put a stop to any groupie activities? I never was in no groupie activity like that. You don’t hear shit about Jim Jones out there, ya dig?

Are you being serious? (laughing) I don’t know. What do you think?

Why’s that? You always worried about those ‘Pac and Tyson situations. They always on your brain. But for me, I just like bad bitches. I don’t like no groupie slut. I like the bitches that turn you on, the get money bitches and shit like that. I’m with all that. I don’t discriminate, as long as you’re independent and you’re a woman who knows how to get it. I like that type of shit. That groupie shit is like a fucked-up high.

What’s the differences between different races of girls in bed? The accent. Besides that, it’s all coochie. Can you ever have too much sex? Nah, I don’t think you can never have too much. Not if it’s good. If it’s good, it’s a good thing. What’s the most exciting place you’ve had sex? I had a layover once and I called one of the girls from that town that I knew to meet me at the airport. I got head in a fast food restaurant bathroom there at the airport. So, that layover was nice. The rest of the 74

flight was about two hours, so the head was nice cause it put me to sleep. That’s disposable head right there. Drive-thru head. Or, fly-thru head (laughing).


Anything else you’d like to say? The album is in stores, go cop that Harlem: Diary of a Summer. Ladies, don’t let any of these things I said offend you. We just talking shit. Just dreams, ya dig? - Julia Beverly (Photo: Ray Tamarra)

thesexissue Shawn Jay of Field Mob, Young Cash, & T-Pain Name three celebrity women who could get it, and why. Shawn Jay: Melyssa Ford. Look at her! Check her out. She got a little waist and a big ass, and nice palm-sized tits. She built like a figure eight. Who else? Oh, Free, just because she Free and she got a nice everything. Third, you, JB. You got your hair up, lookin’ nice, and I’m not biased against white girls. You go to the gym, you got a nice little waist, a job, white teeth, and a nice booty. I’m telling you the straight truth. I’m in the same category as Melyssa Ford? Wow. Shawn Jay: I had to give you a practical one. I gave you three women, a variety of women. Young Cash: Number one, Buffie the muthafuckin’ Bod. All that drop, I just wanna get behind it. I’m the drop man. Second, Rihanna, that pretty girl from the islands. They say Jay-Z cheated on Beyonce with her. That bitch is fine. And I’d give it to Beyonce, too. Let’s talk about some other celebrity women. How do you think Keyshia Cole would act in bed? Shawn Jay: She ghetto. She look like one of those black women that really, really enjoys the dick. They tryin’ to get as much of it as they can, even if it hurts. And I get that a lot. They say it hurts or whatever. She the type that likes a little pain. Yeah, I’d let her back up on it. Young Cash: Shit, if I can’t pull her hair – she look like she be in that weave game – then I really don’t get too excited. She looks like she’d be boring to me. She ain’t really got no ass. Foxy Brown. Shawn Jay: Oooh, little Hershey kiss girl. You know what I think about Foxy? She ghetto too. She’ll be talking that goddamn bumbaclatt, that reggae talk. Yeah, Fox look like she gonna be yelling that island talk when you hit the right spots. I’d dig her ass out too, she’d get it. Young Cash: She seems like she’d probably be boring too, only cause she so ghetto. If you give it to her good she gonna keep calling you a hundred thousand times. And you know she like to fight. You might hit it too right. Paris Hilton. Shawn Jay: Oh, she’d have to pay me to fuck her. A gigolo get the dough, you know how it go. I mean, she don’t attract me. She’s slutty though. Some people are hoes, some are bitches, but she’s slutty. That’s just my opinion. Shout out to Paris Hilton, though, let me get a free room, ya beeeeootch! Can I say that in the magazine? I know she a freak, too, cause she was fuckin’ in that movie with that green light. She’d turn around and try to look at the camera. I’m like, look at this bitch! She’s a mutt. She’d have to pay me. Tell her to holla at me though. Young Cash: Man, I’d break her in two. She’s so skinny. But you know what they say about them skinny girls. Them skinny girls be real super deep. I’m feelin’ all that. Ciara. Young Cash: I’d just let her get on top of me and do her thing; all them dance moves and leaning and all that shit. I’d let her do The Matrix shit on me, straight up. Shawn Jay: I look at her like family. That’s [Field Mob partner] Smoke’s cousin, so I’m gonna have to pass. She adorable, but I’m grown and she look like Mickey Mouse club to me. But her dance moves are another story. Da Brat. Shawn Jay: I’d have her run a train on another bitch. Da Brat don’t want no dick, do she? I’d like to see her with a video girl. I like video girls more than rappers. Man, go to Magic City if you wanna do a sex issue. They got some bad beasts up in there, but these hoes in Atlanta be acting stupid sometimes. What’s the craziest thing a groupie has said or done to you? Shawn Jay: The craziest thing a groupie ever said to me was “no.” 76


That was just one time. She was like, “Nah, I wanna wait,” and I was like, where the fuck did you get that from? Where are they doing that at? But other than that, I’ve had girls walk up and grab my dick and say, “I believe I could put all that in my mouth.” But see, I’m grown. I don’t like that grab-my-dick shit. I’m a million dollar nigga, how the fuck you gonna just grab my dick like that, you broke ass bitch? They be wanting you to respect them, but I’m not Webbie. I’m not telling you to “Gimme That” pussy. I want you to offer. I don’t wanna take it. Bitches come up to me grabbing my dick and telling me that stupid shit, fuck that. That groupie shit is played out. But you gotta ask Cash that question, cause every time I’m in Jacksonville, he got a group of ‘em. Every time I go there and meet a bitch, he either fucked her dissed her or something. Young Cash: This hoe came up to me once and said she wanted to fuck with no rubber. I told her I’d put two rubbers on. Shawn Jay: I’d have told her, (Scarface accent) “Tony Montana hit it raw, and look what happened to him, main. He dead, main. I don’t need that shit in my life.” Young Cash: Would you get offended if a nigga put on two rubbers? Do women get offended by that? Yeah, I would. Shawn Jay: I ain’t tryin’ to put on two rubbers. But it’s certain girls – let’s just be real. Trailer park hoes are trailer park hoes, and hoodrat hoes are hoodrat hoes. I ain’t even with that. I ain’t tryin’ to have no more kids. I keep my dick wrapped up. Young Cash: Me too. I keep those rubbers on me. Except in Atlanta, when you came to my room at 3 AM to borrow condoms. Young Cash: (laughing) Yeah, nigga, I was slippin’. I’m the type of nigga that’s wrapping up with two. You know how I do it, and it ain’t got nothing to do with you, baby. It’s about my life. I love life. I gotta put on two for y’all in 2005 straight up. So on a serious note, how do you feel about getting tested? Shawn Jay: You better get tested if you know you been fuckin’ somebody! It’s a lot of gay niggas out there. That shit is nasty. Niggas is doubling back, fuckin’ each other and then going to fuck they girl raw. See, I can’t fuck the girl raw, cause he might have fucked her raw and he dippin’ the stick. That’s disgusting. I hope they die. That shit is gay. Young Cash: You need to put this in the magazine. Tell these niggas to get ten of your homeboys and all y’all go get tested. See how many niggas show up. Can you get ten of your homeboys? Shawn Jay: I gotta cosign on that one. The question of the month is: Nigga, can you get ten of your homeboys together to go get tested for HIV? Them niggas gonna be busier than a muthafucker. “I’m in the studio, dawg!” But the next question is for you, because even though you’re the editor, they be wanting to hear you answer questions. They know you’re of the Caucasian persuasion, but maybe they don’t know that you are fine. Let’s put “fine” in there. Let them know you have a nice shape. The question is, does the size matter? Hell yeah. Shawn Jay: Elaborate. Young Cash: So all that “motion in the ocean” shit goes right out the door! Yes, it matters a whole lot. But some guys don’t know how to use it and they just end up doing the jackhammer thing, you know? Shawn Jay: Oooh!!! Put in parenthesis that you did the gyrations for the jackhammer. But I don’t believe in too big. You just gotta slow down and get it on in there. Young Cash: You know you got a big dick when a hoe asks to see it and you gotta lift up the bottom of your shorts. Shawn Jay: Yeah, that means you’re well hung. Is there a difference between different races of females in bed? Young Cash: Hell yeah. Shawn Jay: I never actually had a relationship with a white girl, but I’ve had sex with a white girl. Sexually, white girls ain’t shy at all. They look at it as sex, which is mature to people like me. I ain’t never been with a white girl that wasn’t cool about it. They just like, “What’s up?” For real, they used to it. It’s just sex. Black girls be trying to be all cute. Well, it depends. There’s different kinds of black girls. The hoodrat chick is used to the dick. She wanna do the freaky shit and she cool, but you can’t go nowhere with her. If you get a good girl, she’s a great girl and all that but shit she ain’t on that freak-nasty type shit, when you wanna

slap her on the ass and be on that Patron. So you gotta find a mix, a balance. Did I mention that my baby mama is a mix of white and Haitian? I had to get a mix. And Spanish girls, they can’t take dick, man. I be getting the runners. We call ‘em “scooters,” cause they scoot away. Every time you get in there, they scoot away from the dick. They be running from the dick. That’s the new slang. If you got a “scooter,” you got someone that can’t take the dick and gotta scoot away. Young Cash: Well, just speaking from my experience, white girls ain’t really got no rhythm. They get on top and just look like they dancing in the club, all off-beat. But I done had some black girls that were offrhythm too so I don’t know. Black girls, you know, it’s just like at the club. They ride the dick right on time, like there’s a beat playing in the background. Puerto Rican girls are just wild and freaky. You can pull their hair, throw them up against the wall, head-butt ‘em, whatever, they with it. I choked a bitch out one time, a Puerto Rican bitch. I gave her CPR, brought her back to life, and went back to fucking. If a girl called in to our “groupie confessions” hotline about you, what do you think she would say? Young Cash: “Girl, he had a big ol’ dick, but he sho’ came fast!” I’m gonna tell you some real shit, dawg. I got a problem. I don’t know what it is. Sometimes I swear to God I stroke like four or five times and skeet. You know this is gonna be in the magazine, right? Young Cash: I don’t give a fuck. So one time, I was like, let me just see what’s going on with me. I put my dick in and just stood there. I ain’t move or nothing and I skeeted. It must be a mind thing. I just set it in there and I skeeted. Let me tell you how I played this dumb ass bitch. She had told me about her ex-boyfriend, right? So I done put my dick in and skeeted and I said, “You just called me your ex-boyfriend’s name?!?” She said, “What?!?” I said, “Man, I can’t even do this no more.” I played it off. Have you had any group sex experiences? Shawn Jay: My first threesome was two people I had already been cool with. I was already drillin’ the one homegirl but we were cool. I don’t play no games. When the Classic came around, I guess shawty done told her homegirls about me. This was one of the last times I was really out looking for pussy, dawg, this was years ago. So I’m at the Classic and this muthafucker is like, “Hey, we going to the room with you. We got something for you.” I get in there and, you know, my dick get hard! I’m in there like, Bam! What’s up! It was funny, though. TV makes it into a different thing. It’s just fuckin’. Two pussies and a dick. Now, if we talkin’ about running trains, we done ran trains before. If you go to Georgia, you know, me and Smoke started the Marta station. Is running trains a male bonding experience? Shawn Jay: Well, I don’t run trains now. I’m too grown. But the science to a train is this: I wanna fuck, he wanna fuck, she wanna fuck, they wanna fuck, we wanna fuck, so let’s fuck this bitch. I used to always want to go first, but it’s happened different ways. We had a girl one

time with a dick in everything: she had a dick in her hand, mouth, pussy, all that. We’ve done that, but that just ain’t me. I ain’t with that now. I’m grown, I’m a changed man. I’d rather not slut out a bitch with four or five niggas, I’d rather get my own time in. Young Cash: Me and Midget Mac been running trains on bitches since the seventh grade. I’m usually the one who gets the bitch cause he scared to approach the hoes. They approach him. They aren’t freaked out by a midget? Young Cash: They love Midget Mac! He scared to act on it. He could probably fuck every night. Bitches always come up to him, “Oh, he so cute!” He got them hoes coming at him left and right, especially since they seen him in the T-Pain video. His stock went way up. He could hold his own, though, I ain’t gonna lie. Me and my dawg done ran through some hoes. How does a midget fuck? Young Cash: Everybody always says that. I don’t know. I guess he fuck just like everyone else does. Them hoes get on top of him, he get on top of them, whatever. It doesn’t bother you to see another man’s dick? Young Cash: It’s just like being in the locker room playing basketball. Shawn Jay: I ain’t lookin’ at no nigga’s dick, first of all. The only one I look at is my own. I thought I was the only man on the planet with a dick. While we’re on this topic, I gotta shout out Smoke, Chevy P. He gonna trip out when he read this. Remember when we turned out that bitch in New York? He’s the train man, that nigga right there. Do you respect a girl after you’ve run a train on her? Shawn Jay: I could respect any girl that fucks if she’s doing her thing and keeping it G. Don’t act like you don’t know what you did. We ain’t gonna have nothing special every time I see you. She ain’t gotta be blowing up my phone tryin’ to kick it or whatever. If she could keep it moving, we straight. I got so much respect, I’m happy with her. Young Cash: I don’t respect ‘em. That’s what they’re there for. They wanted to get slutted out, so that’s what we do. You know what happens a lot of times? You got one nigga out of your clique that really don’t get pussy that much. You run a train on the bitch, and he turns around and wifes the bitch and blocks everybody else from getting the pussy. Nigga, we just ran a train on her! Now you gonna make the bitch your old lady? Hey, T-Pain! T-Pain has seen me in action. Tell ‘em, T-Pain. We talking about running trains on broads, like we did in the studio that one time. Let’s hear that story. Young Cash: You know me, I was first, as usual. It was about 17 other niggas waiting in line, like the lunch line (laughing). Nah, I’m just playing, T-Pain wasn’t involved. Shawn Jay: Every rapper, we all fuckin’ the same hoes. I’m sorry. It’s just a handful of bad bitches and we fuckin’ them all, let’s just be real. Okay, T-Pain, who’s your top three celebrity women that could get it? T-Pain: Macy Gray could definitely get it, cause ain’t nobody fuckin’ her. So I know she the cleanest out of everybody. Young Cash: But I’m gonna tell you something about the good girls! They go find a nigga and fuck him raw! These niggas out there fuckin’ everything, they always gonna use a rubber. It’s the good girls that got that thang, I’m telling you! T-Pain: Who gonna fuck Macy Gray? C’mon now. But I’d like to smack Eva on the ass, the top model bitch. I just wanna smack her booty, that’s it. And Gabrielle Union. That’s about it. What does a woman have to do in bed to make you sprung? T-Pain: Make OZONE Magazine (laughing). Nah, anyway, what does she have to do to make me sprung? She gotta lick my doodie hole. Twice. You don’t think that’s gay? T-Pain: Not at all, not at all. It ain’t gay at all. But if you go right after that and fuck a dude, that’s

(l to r): Shawn Jay of Field Mob and Young Cash



gay. But other than that, no. If you’ve got this $30,000 chain and you’re T-Pain and you’re getting your ass licked, it’s okay. Young Cash: Let the record show that I do not condone ass-licking. Try it and I will punch you over the head as hard as I can. Shawn Jay: I tell a bitch like this: Look, I got a long dick. It’s gonna take you a long time to do that, so you ain’t gotta be worried about my booty. It’s exit only, no entrance. What if she sticks her finger in? Is that gay? T-Pain: That’s not happening. Shawn Jay: I’d beat the shit out of that bitch. You better not touch my ass. There’s two things you better not do: try to finger me in a lineup, or finger my ass. I don’t like no ass affection. Besides Macy Gray, which celebrity women need some dick? T-Pain: All the mean bitches that know they bad. They’ve done been in like eight movies, but don’t nobody want to fuck ‘em cause they know they ain’t able to fuck ‘em. What’s the most creative place you’ve had sex? Young Cash: In my momma’s bed. Shawn Jay: Damn, you gotta have balls to do that. I’m a Virgo, so I’m on some everywhere, anytime, anyplace type shit. I’ll hit you up in the dressing room, I’d love to hit you up at work, or real quick in the kitchen. I’ll do some daring shit. I did it in front of people before, in the parking lot at the mall during daytime. I’m a freak, man, I get it in. I ain’t even got my GED, but I Get ‘Er Done! (laughing) T-Pain: In a baseball dugout. We were riding around and the girl said, “I’m not fucking in the car.” So I was like, “Let’s fuck outside.” I parked in a park and we went to the dugout, and you know, dug it out. What’s one place you want to have sex? Shawn Jay: I’m not a swimmer, but I wanna fuck on a boat. That’s some ol’ G shit. Young Cash: I want an audience. Imagine you’re on a big stage, like at one of them white shows, like AC/DC. A whole stadium crowd and you’re on stage doing her with the whole crowd cheering you on. What’s one thing you’d like to do sexually in your lifetime?

Young Cash: I’ve done it all. Shawn Jay: I want to be able to fuck a young lady and be like, this is my bitch. I’ve done everything else, but that’s a biggie right there. I feel like ain’t no pussy yours. None. That’s the only thing I ain’t did is had “my” pussy. Other than that, what else can you do? Get your dick sucked? I don’t play booty games. None. That’s a quarterback. Quarterbacks line up behind you. “Hut-hut”! I ain’t playin’ no booty games. T-Pain: I’ve done everything. There’s nothing else I could do, that’s why I got married. Might as well just have sex with one person. How does married sex compare to single sex? T-Pain: The single sex is like: I don’t know you and this ain’t really gonna go nowhere, so I’m really not gonna show you everything I can do cause I’m not really that tight with you. But that married sex is like: Boy, listen, we ‘bout to be together for a long time, so let’s go ahead and get this out of the way! Shawn Jay: That’s why he talkin’ about licking ass! How many times have you had sex in the past year? Shawn Jay: I’m gonna let Cash hang himself on that question. Young Cash: Me and my chick done it like six, seven times in one day before. There’s like 28 days in a month, one week you can’t do shit. At least once a day, I gotta have it. What’s the math on that, JB? Well, there’s 365 days in the year. But hold on – one week a month you can’t do shit? So you won’t fuck a girl on her period? Young Cash: Hell fuck no. Don’t even talk to me. I don’t even like it when a girl leaves the door open while she pees. I don’t wanna hear it. Shawn Jay: If you was my bitch, I’d beat that pussy up on your period. There’s more times than a few I been hittin’ a pussy and a period came on. I mean, if that was my bitch, my girl, if I was married to her, I’m a freak so I’m going for it. I’m not with all that blood and shit, but I’d be like, “Baby, is it a light day? Or is it a Kotex heavy day?” I could do like Tampax and pull some strings for you. What about eating pussy? How do you feel about that? Shawn Jay: I eat pussy, but not all pussy. Young Cash: On her period?!? That’s nasty! Shawn Jay: Naw, c’mon, dawg. Hell naw. I wouldn’t even fuck on a period. I just said I wouldn’t rule it out with my bitch, cause I’m gonna give my bitch everything. If I get a bitch. I ain’t sayin’ I’m tryin’ to hit her with her period on, but if I love her to death and she my bitch, hell yeah. But you never know if a nigga will change his opinion, so don’t hold me to it. But if you shave it, keep it clean, and keep it pink, I’ll eat the pussy. Not every pussy, but the clean pussy. (A couple walks by and the girl gives Young Cash a significant glance) Young Cash: You see that girl right there? That’s what I was talking about, niggas wifin’ hoes. I met her in Miami at the MTV Awards. Talked to her for about fifteen minutes, and next thing you know, I’m turning her out. Now I see her in the Bahamas walkin’ with a nigga, holding his hand, giving me the eye. That lets me know I got some good dick. Shawn Jay: This nigga is wild. I seen the hoes choosing. Anything else you’d like to say for the sex issue? Shawn Jay: I just got custody of my daughter two days ago. Shout out to my daughter Kamaya, I love you. That’s what it is. Fuck the sex issue. Can I say that? Everybody fuckin’ is gonna die. That’s gay. You are all gay muthafuckers. Everybody having too much sex needs to wrap that dick up. You’re gonna die, you’re gonna kill yourselves. If you gonna fuck, at least put a raincoat on. And I’m tired of all these hoes getting mad at me cause I don’t wanna fuck. They think I’m siditty now cause I got a lil’ change, but boy, I have been splurging lately. But fuck sex, man, get money. Put it to the back. Take the bread and the hoes come with it. Niggas out here chasing pussy too much, that’s why they getting killed. Niggas are dying over pussy and dope. Fuck that. Shawn Jay and Young Cash in OZONE Magazine’s sex issue: we are officially telling you to go get some muthafuckin’ money. If you ain’t getting money and you chasing pussy, you got it fucked up. Strap up, young’n, cause if you sprayin’ ‘em you will be payin’ ‘em for 18 years, 18 years! That’s as real as it gets. And every time I get the chance to be in your magazine I feel like I am the shit, so I’m feelin’ myself right now. This girl that makes this magazine is so fuckin’ fine. If I don’t see this quote in there I’m gonna be mean, I’m gonna get in The Source magazine and slander her. Naw, I’m lyin’. I can’t hate like that in The Source cause they so lame. Young Cash: Ladies, if you do wanna have sex with Young Cash, call 904-622-6229.

(above): T-Pain



- Words & photos by Julia Beverly

realtalk More Personal Experiences with Herpes

“I have genital herpes.”


ow here’s a little story I gots to tell / About a cool young brotha you might know well. It all goes back to 2003, when Wally Sparks found out he had an STD.

That’s right. Me, Wally Sparks, music editor at OZONE, and the coolest DJ you’ve ever met – I have an STD. I have genital herpes. Every time I say that, I feel like I’m in one of those commercials where people are camping out in the mountains or riding horseback on the beach hand-inhand saying that same shit. But I digress. Now that I’ve shared that bit of personal information with you, I’m sure many of you have some questions. I’m going to address some of the common questions that I’ve been asked. When did I first notice I had it? How do I think I got it? What is it like living daily with it? And so on, and so forth. This piece is designed to be more of an informational tool than a pity party for me. I swear to you, I’m alright. With that said, let’s get to it. The most shocking thing about herpes is how many people in this country have it. Clinical research estimates that over 45 million Americans over the age of 14 have it. Another shocker is that there is no cure for herpes. Once you have it, it’s with you for the rest of your natural life. Lastly, when I mention to people that a cold sore is a form of herpes, they wig out in fear. As referenced in my introductory Beastie Boys impression, I first realized that I may have been infected in late 2002, early 2003. At that time, I was only seeing, and sleeping with one woman. The few times that we did have sex, it was ALWAYS protected sex. That’s one of the wild facts about genital herpes: you can contract it even when you are having protected sex. It’s a bitch for sure. The only way I can imagine having contracted was through sex, because I had my first outbreak the very next morning. Even before dating her, I wasn’t sleeping around at all. Contrary to popular belief, all DJs are not promiscuous. And she didn’t have herpes. She was just a carrier. Some people can harbor the disease and never be affected by it. Even when they are tested, it may not be detected. However, if they come in contact with a person who may be receptive to it, they can pass the virus along. That’s apparently what happened in my case. Initially, I kinda freaked out. I went to a walk-in clinic and got culturetested, which was no fun. I was confused, because I’ve always protected myself. But after I sought out information about herpes, it calmed me down a great deal. There’s a lot of misconceptions about herpes because people are afraid to admit their indiscretions. The general public has no clue. They think it’s as serious as AIDS – it’s not. But the public is brutal. Since it is transmitted sexually, anytime a celeb is outed – like Michael Vick, who was recently sued by a woman who accused him of infecting her – it’s gonna be big news. No one takes the time to read up on the actual facts. Still, herpes is basically a virus that is an open wound, and it’s contagious. It could make you more susceptible to other diseases like AIDS if you are irresponsibly having sex during the time of an outbreak. Although condoms are effective and should always be used, the best advice I can give to anyone who doesn’t want to contract an STD is: don’t have sex. I take medication for it – Valtrex – when necessary. But herpes doesn’t affect my day-to-day life. If I’m dating someone and planning on becoming intimate with them, I just tell them straight up, “I have herpes.” Fortunately I’m in a serious relationship now, so that isn’t any issue any more. In my past experience, most people are so shocked that I speak freely about it that they’re more appreciative than anything else. Well, I’m here to tell you: if you have it, don’t be ashamed of it. Get all the information you can get about the disease. The internet is a good resource (, for example, is a great site). Read about it, learn about it, and you will be able to live a drama-free life. Be responsible, people! If you have any questions you can email me at 80



“I found out I had genital herpes when I was 18 years old. I thought I had a urinary tract infection. I didn’t even know what it was at the time. My first question to the doctor was, ‘How do I get rid of it?’ When she told me there was no cure, I was devastated. I thought my life was over. I’m not even sure who gave it to me. At that time in my life I was partying quite a lot and hardly used protection. I didn’t think anyone would want me ever again. I even tried to commit suicide. I didn’t have the support that I should have had. No one seemed to understand. Now, I am with a guy who loves me very much and wants to stay with me. He cares that I have genital herpes, but it doesn’t affect our relationship. My message is, I think you should not have to suffer in silence. There are people out there who do care.” - 23 year old female (Ohio) “I just met a girl that I’ve known for a while as friends, and she told me she has herpes. I was completely floored when she told me, because I really like her and I wasn’t sure what to think about it, but I did appreciate her honesty. I couldn’t imagine having to tell someone that. I really admire her for being open about it. We obviously started to like each other a lot, but this issue has kinda put the brakes on things for me, mainly because I am sort of scared to put myself at risk. But I do care about her and respect her no matter what. Maybe even moreso, now that I know she did a difficult thing in telling me the truth. It kinda makes the herpes thing less important, even though it still scares me to death. I have been reading websites on it trying to make sense of it, and it makes me realize that it’s really not the end of the world. It’s very common. Most people are in denial. I have a new respect for people who live with this sort of thing and can be honest about it. I want to tell her it doesn’t matter, but I’m still kinda freaked out about it. Maybe in time things will work themselves out.” - 29 year old male “I was just diagnosed with the herpes virus. I’ve had one outbreak so far (which was my first). I figure, hey, it’s not AIDS or something totally life-threatening. The first weight on my shoulders was being afraid of my test results. Then the second weight was telling my boyfriend. Well, it’s still not the end of the world. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It could have been from anyone. I would think it was from one of the guys I hadn’t worn a condom with. But, oh well, that’s the past. I’m not just going to wake up one morning and be free from herpes. It’s just one more reason to live life to the fullest.” - 19 year old female “No one who engages in sexual activity is safe from this disease. I consider myself a clean freak, and I have never had sex with anyone that appeared the least bit dirty. But even though I thought I was being cautious, I contracted herpes and did not have my first (noticeable) outbreak for four years.” - 23 year old female (Kentucky) “When I first realized what I had, I was devastated. I thought no one would ever want to date me. The social stigma attached to herpes can be daunting at first. I read all these [website] posts and it was always a pity party for everyone complaining about it. But this is a very common disease that many people have. Valtex helps tremendously. When first diagnosed, I went on suppressive therapy for my own peace of mind. Don’t pay attention to the negativity. Once you realize what you have and how to deal with it, it gets better. Just remember, there is no greater guilt than infecting someone else without informing them of the risks involved. Be honest with yourself and your partners and they will respect you even more than if you didn’t have it. You’re not alone out there. One of my ex’s had it (not the one that passed it to me). I caught one of my friends popping a Valtrex and we had a laugh. Life goes on. It’s up to us to get the social stigma dropped. Things could be much, much worse.” - 29 year old male “I’ve had herpes for 10 years. I’ve never felt ashamed, mostly because more Americans have it then don’t. I was in a long-term monogamous relationship when I first showed symptoms and I’m still married to the creep who infected me :). The best you can do is educate yourself, be open and honest, and live as healthy a life as possible. If you’re uncomfortable discussing herpes with your potential partner, maybe you shouldn’t be comfortable getting naked and touching their privates either. Good luck!” - 34 year old female (New Jersey)

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realtalk More Personal Experiences with HIV/AIDS

“I have HIV/AIDS.” Hydeia Broadbent was born in 1984 in Las Vegas, NV. The child of a drug-addicted mother, she was adopted by Pat and Loren Broadbent. After three years of constant sickness, doctors finally tested her for HIV. The results were positive. Although doctors predicted she wouldn’t live past her fifth birthday, Hydeia is now 21 years old and one of the leading HIV/AIDS activists in the country. How did you find out you were HIV positive? I was adopted, and my parents found out when I was three years old that I had been born with HIV. It was never really a secret. There wasn’t a certain point that I found out I had AIDS, I just always knew that I had it. What do you think is the biggest misconception about HIV/AIDS? People think it won’t happen to them. You can’t tell by looking at someone if they have it, so you just need to be safer. Before engaging in sexual activity, ask the person to get tested. Why did you decide to speak out on your situation? When I was younger I started speaking because I wanted my peers to have the same opportunities. A lot of my friends were being discriminated against. As I got older and saw that people my age were still becoming infected, I felt it was important for me to speak out because people still weren’t getting the message. What’s the typical reaction when you tell someone that you have HIV/AIDS? Are they shocked? A lot of people that I meet already know that I’m affected, but people that don’t know, they’re not really shocked. It doesn’t really matter, for the most part. I think to some people it might matter, but I’ve always had positive experiences. Medically speaking, how do you deal with the disease? Right now I have a lot of doctors appointments I have to go through, and a lot of tests that I’m doing. I’m on three different HIV medications and I take two different antibiotics. Are the medications expensive? Oh, yeah. My HIV medications are about $900 each, every month. I have insurance through the state right now so that helps a little. Are there side effects? At times I felt better when I wasn’t taking medication. Sometimes you have constant stomachaches all through the day. You get nauseated, you have diarrhea sometimes. Sometimes your hair comes out. The side effects are all different for each person. When the general public hears that someone like Magic Johnson, for example, has AIDS, but still appears to be living normally even after many years, do you think they don’t take it as seriously? People really don’t take it seriously. They act like it’s no big deal in the media. In the late 80’s when you first heard about HIV and AIDS, it was always on TV and you’d see it on the news, especially when it was having a big impact on the white community. It’s still the number one killer among African-American women, and African-American women are more likely to become affected than any other minority. It just seems like there’s no attention given to it. People aren’t waking up. They’re not getting the message, and I don’t understand why. That needs to change. I think we need more people in the community making wise choices and making it a point to get tested. Especially in your situation, since you were born with HIV/AIDS, how are you able to keep a positive attitude instead of being angry at God or at the world? I don’t know. I’ve just never been a person who’s like, “Why me?” But, at the same time, it is stressful, and you get tired. But I feel like my life could be a lot worse than what it is. The hardest part of my life is not being affected with AIDS, at least I don’t think so. I just try to stay positive, and my little sister is a big inspiration for me. But it’s hard, I’m not gonna lie. Do you belong to any support groups for people with HIV/AIDS? Do you have friends who are infected also? There are support groups for people with HIV; they have online support 82



“About two years ago I met my soulmate. Within a month, we were totally in love. In July 2002, we got married. Life was better than I could have imagined, until my husband started getting sick about three months into the marriage. The doctor dismissed it as anemia and a sinus infection. In December he spent two weeks in Intensive Care. His body was fading before my eyes but the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong and sent him home with an appointment to see a cancer doctor. The test came back negative, but by then, he couldn’t walk. His heart was severely enlarged. They finally sent him to a larger hospital, where he was diagnosed with full-blown AIDS. He had the virus about ten years. Only weeks after being diagnosed, I lost him. I am now living my life as a 24-year old HIV positive widow, only because a simple blood test was not done. My 4-year old son tested positive, and I pray I live to see him grow old. HIV is very treatable when it is diagnosed. Please remind everyone the importance of getting tested!” - 24 year old female (West Virginia) “I was diagnosed with HIV in 1989, after giving birth to my son. Mikey had always seemed to be sick, but it wasn’t until he was about four months old that we found out why. He was admitted to Akron Children’s Hospital for a hernia, and the doctor asked if he could do an AIDS test. I was 17 at the time and never thought it would actually come back positive. Two weeks later, I was told that my son had full-blown AIDS - meaning that I was positive also. My mother tried to strangle me that day and kept asking how could I do this to her? I did not deal with the diagnosis very well and went into complete denial. Mikey passed away in August of 1990, but I was convinced that the doctor was wrong and he didn’t die of AIDS. My denial went on for the next two years, resulting in giving birth to another AIDSinfected child, who was born three months early. Kayla became a lot sicker a lot quicker than Mikey, but it wasn’t until she was close to death that I began realizing that this disease was for real. Now I had to deal with giving my two precious children AIDS. At one point, the city and county health departments were going to have me committed because I was not dealing with the disease and was a risk to myself and others. Now I have finally began speaking publicly about my story and this disease. I still find it very hard to understand how or why so many people still put themselves at risk. For what? A half hour of fun or pleasure? So many still believe that it will not happen to them.” - 33 year old female (Ohio) “I’m a heterosexual mother of three boys, who are all HIV negative by the grace of God. Back in 1993 I decided to go have some fun to escape a bad relationship. That was my way of dealing with the breakup. I met a guy and slept with him a month later, and two weeks after that my body shut down. I began to have nightmares of a nurse coming to my bedroom door, telling me that I was HIV positive. I was also experiencing night sweats, chills, and headaches. My temperature was 102 degrees and I was so weak I couldn’t get out of bed. My mother called the paramedics and I was rushed to the hospital (in July of 1993). The doctors said I must have come in contact with someone who has AIDS. I began to cry. My world was shattered from that point on. Nothing seemed real anymore. I was hospitalized for a week, and the doctor explained to me that it would take anywhere from 6 months to 10 years before any symptoms would develop. Exactly seven months later, while getting prenatal care for my youngest son, I was advised to take an AIDS test. My test came back positive. I confronted the guy who infected me and he denied it, of course. He died the same year I found out. At first I was mad because he didn’t give me a choice, but I now realize that I was responsible for my own actions. I hold no grudges today, because being HIV+ has put my life into perspective. I now have a purpose, and I believe it is to educate and inform. After five years of denial and isolation I began to seek knowledge of the disease to find out how I and my children can live a long life. I am on the Dade County School Board and certified to go into the schools to educate our youth. I love doing what I do, and I couldn’t ask for a better life. I know that some of you may not understand my logic, but I believe everything happens for a reason. I have been blessed with beautiful friends and fortunate to have lived a healthy life without any medications so far. I live my life to the fullest and have eliminated a lot of stress and drama from my life. To those who may feel their life is over, I’m here to let you know that there is life after HIV/AIDS.” - Female, age not disclosed (Florida)

realtalk groups and support groups at the hospital. I’ve never been in a support group myself, I just talk with my friends and that helps me out. With all the misconceptions people have about AIDS, have you ever run into a situation where someone was scared to be around you or touch you, thinking that they could become infected also? I’ve never had that happen to me point blank to my face. I’ve never really heard about anything like that. Do you think people still look at HIV/AIDS as being a gay disease? I think some people do. Most people just look at it as not happening to them. Kids think it only happens to somebody who’s very promiscuous, or someone who’s gay or a prostitute. They don’t realize that the first time you have sex, it could happen to you. They don’t think about an athlete having it. They don’t think about it, but it’s a people’s disease. That’s what people need to realize. How does it affect your personal life? Do you date? I’ve been blessed in that aspect of my life. I’ve had boyfriends. I never really had a guy that was afraid to date me because I had AIDS. I’ve had guys that were apprehensive about it, they weren’t sure they could handle the whole AIDS thing. But I’ve been very lucky and I’ve always received positive attention from guys. I’m very blessed about that. I think a lot of people don’t disclose the fact that they’re infected because they’re afraid a person won’t date them, or they’re afraid they’ll never find a husband or a wife. That’s not the case. You could get married and have children, and your children don’t have to become infected with AIDS. It’s something like a 97% chance that if you take the HIV medications during your pregnancy, it’ll kill the virus so the baby is not born infected. There’s a lot of women out there who are infected that have kids that aren’t infected.

Do those medications also help prevent passing along the disease to your partner? In other words, if someone has sex with you, what are their chances of becoming infected? If you’re sexually active, of course you have to use protection. When I have a boyfriend, I take that person with me to the doctor’s office and let the doctor explain it to them. You can never make the choice for that person. I believe it’s harder for a male to get it from a female, but that’s kinda technical so I don’t wanna speak in detail about it. If somebody has questions about it, it’s always better to speak with a doctor. Why do you think some people avoid getting tested? A lot of people associate AIDS with death. A lot of kids don’t wanna know if they’re gonna die. I think kids have a lot of questions that they can’t ask their parents, and they don’t really talk about HIV/AIDS in the schools any more. A lot of kids don’t have anywhere to go or anyone to turn to, so their questions never get answered. What are your career plans at this point? Right now I’m continuing my HIV/AIDS outreach and working with different community groups. I still travel. I kinda put my college career on hold to pursue my dream. I’ve given myself a year’s deadline. If I can’t achieve what I want to achieve in a year, then I’ll start college. I’d like to work more in the entertainment field, getting more rappers and people who have an impact on the community to be more involved. They can help tell the truth and let people know they should make wise choices. Are you available to speak at schools or community events? How could someone contact you? Yes, emailing me at is the best way to contact me. - Julia Beverly



Even though you’re now signed to J Records, you got your start writing rhymes for artists like Dr. Dre and Diddy. How did you go from being an aspiring rapper to Dr. Dre’s ghostwriter? Well, I was trying to get into sound engineering at [Florida A&M University] in Tallahassee. TJ’s DJ’s had a showcase on campus, and they’d brought down dead prez and a few other artists of that magnitude to judge it. I was in a group at the time. Everybody in my group figured we would win the show, but for whatever reason, we didn’t. It rubbed me the wrong way. I felt like I was ready to go out and make it happen, and I didn’t see it happening in Tallahassee. Me and one of my boys, we took the lil’ money we had from hustling up there and put it together and just drove out to California. From that point, everything started happening very quick. The first day I was out there, I ran into LL Cool J walking on Melrose Ave. I spit for him, and he was like, “You tight,” but nothing ever materialized. I ran into a guy named Calvin Valery, who became my manager. He was from L.A. and he had a lot of connects. The first place he took me to was Interscope, and I spit for Kevin Black, the head of promotions. Kevin was loving it but we didn’t have any music. He was like, “Y’all need some songs. Come back and we could make it happen.” So you headed straight for the studio? Yeah. Other artists spend thousands of dollars trying to get a demo together, but that put me in a position to get free studio time. My manager at that time knew MC Lyte. He hadn’t talked to her in a while cause of a certain situation that had fallen through, so he was like, “Just call her answering machine and spit for her.” She called back twenty minutes later like, “Who is this kid?” We went to her house that evening. It was exciting for me, meeting MC Lyte, a legendary emcee in the game. She was loving me off the rip, and I wrote a couple joints for her. She brought over a dude named Omar, who was her A&R at the time. He was working for Will Smith’s label. So word got back to Will Smith that there was a guy from Miami writing for Lyte, and he’s hot. That was the last time I was an actual ghostwriter; they would cut me a personal check and I wouldn’t get credit for it. But it was cool because it kept money in my pocket and extended my stay in L.A. Will Smith wanted me to come write for him. It was me and another dude, Knowledge, from Virginia. We were writing everything for MC Lyte and Will Smith. They had a label deal through Interscope, but they ended up losing the deal. I learned a lot from the situation, though. MC Lyte and Omar tried to shop me a deal, but for whatever reason, I wasn’t ready. She took me to New York and introduced me to a lot of people who were interested in the situation, like Sylvia Rhone. But a deal didn’t materialize at that point? What happened next? Instead of me sitting around waiting for MC Lyte and Will Smith to shop me a deal – they had that validity in the game to walk an artist into a meeting and say, “This is the next dude” – I decided to get some more experience. I flew back to Tallahassee for a little while and then got a call from my manager. He knew a dude named Cee Love who was doing the movie The Wash. He knew my whole resume, and he was like, “We should bring him to the set and have him spit for Dr. Dre.” He kept saying that I reminded him of Dre, that I was like his little brother. So I flew out to L.A. and was waiting around to meet Dre. We got on the set of The Wash and Ludacris, Eminem, everybody was just walking around. When I met Dre for the first time, he had a lot going on. He was like, “We gonna chill and get it done.” I’m thinking it would be an hour, maybe two. So I’m sitting out there waiting and – I didn’t complain about it, but honestly – I waited at least 16 hours. I’d keep seeing him ride by with a little scooter, doing a scene. He’d come to the trailer and peek at me out of the corner of his eye. After we got together, he said he did that to see what type of individual I was. He wanted to see if I was really ready to sit and wait for him. So time went by, 15, 16 hours. I’m chillin’, content. Xzibit was in the room freestyling. I’m sitting, watching, absorbing the whole scenery. Around 4, 5 that morning, Dre was ready. Out of all the people I’ve met, this was the first time I had butterflies. It’s not that I don’t admire Puff and Clive [Davis] and Scarface, but Dre was the first person that really seemed untouchable to me because his music was so influential. I was a nervous young dude. Dr. Dre has probably heard a lot of people spit for him. What do you think impressed him about you? I spit 100 bars and I tailor-made the verse for him. I was rapping about what was going on with him at the time. He has just signed Eminem and he was selling millions of records. He had just signed Rakim. This was the new Aftermath, he had a new situation with Jimmy Iovine. My idea was to spit a verse that really highlighted all those different things that were going on with him at the time. I remember the first couple

bars, I stumbled out the gate. After that, I took it home. I think everybody around was like, “Wow,” just because at that time there weren’t too many dudes out in L.A. that had 100-150 bars ready to go. That was an East coast thing, and L.A. is more slow motion. There was another dude from Compton on the set trying to spit for Dre, but I don’t even know what happened to him. I guess he didn’t have the balls to wait around all that time; he thought his talent superseded having to wait for Dr. Dre for 16 hours. To this day, I thank that guy for leaving, cause he kinda highlighted how hungry I was. After I spit, Dre was like, “I heard you stumble, but you picked it back up. And that’s what I was looking for.” He told me, “Here’s what I’m gonna do. Fly home, because I’m doing this movie right now. In about two or three weeks, I’m gonna call you and set it up for you to fly back out to L.A. and get an apartment. Then we can start working.” Did you believe him? It was a compliment for him to even say that, but honestly, I didn’t think he was serious. I was hoping he would take me under his wing right there, like every artist hopes for. I was excited. I went back to Tallahassee, still writing and hoping he’d pick me up. It was just a blessing. Two weeks later, right on time, he called me. I didn’t believe it. He flew me out. He didn’t sign me to Aftermath, but he had me writing for his Detox album and The Wash soundtrack. Do you think Miami doesn’t embrace you as much because you spent most of your time coming up in Los Angeles? I think they don’t embrace me as much as other artists, but it’s not because I haven’t been home for a long time. That’s just how Miami is, honestly. I ran into Pretty Ricky the other day shopping for shoes, and we were talking about it. In New York, people are more excited with what you have to offer musically than in Miami. It’s just a Miami thing. They’re growing, but people like Trick go through the same thing. When you go to Atlanta, you hear T.I. and Jeezy and Outkast, even when they don’t have a hit song out. They’re consistently loved in their hometown. When you go to L.A., it’s still Dre’s town, and he hasn’t had an album out in years. Miami is the only town that loves artists only for their single. Honestly, it’s up to us as artists – me, Pitbull, Trick Daddy, Piccolo, everybody else – to make quality, long-lasting music. Honestly, the fact that I haven’t been home in a while might have helped, because they look at me like I might be a star rather than just a local act. Miami respects the local acts, but there’s always been some discrepancies when it comes to Miami radio showing hometown love. They don’t show love to their artists unless they’ve got a hit single on 106th & Park. But that’ll change in due time. I understand. You’re from Little Haiti, right? It has been a lot of people in our past that have put Little Haiti on the map, from a street standpoint, like Zopound and Red Eyes back in the day. They made some noise locally, but honestly, I’m the first individual to take Little Haiti and brand it in L.A. and Texas and Chicago and throughout the country. In every magazine I’ve done – OZONE already knows, cause y’all in the streets – but these Hollywood magazines are trying to find out what’s up with Little Haiti. I don’t mind other rappers reppin’ and shooting they videos here, but give credit where credit is due. I’m not the only voice of the ghetto, but I definitely am one of them. Everybody’s coming to film their video in Little Haiti, and we just don’t want it to be exploited. I know Little Haiti is thugged out; I grew up there. We been doing this before y’all knew what Little Haiti was. But let’s not exploit it. Let’s show the other side. Let’s show the elderly ladies washing their laundry and the young entrepreneurs trying to set up restaurants or put up churches. My video shows a lot more than thugged out niggas on the corner. It’s entrepreneurs, cooks, the little Haitian shops like Chef Creole. I ain’t the first voice to come out of Little Haiti, but I am the loudest. Little Haiti is a beautiful community, my nigga. I’m the heart of the South. I take pride in that, so I’m gonna rep to the fullest. In our previous interview, you mentioned that there are differences between street music and gangsta rap. What’s the differences? With street music, I can relate it to my life. I came up in a broken home. I had a lot of love, don’t get me wrong, but I came up facing poverty and a broken home. I was hungry; I had nights where there wasn’t anything to eat. I had a strong black single mother dealing with a father who has drug addiction. There’s healthcare issues, where your grandmother isn’t getting supported by Medicaid or doesn’t make enough money so she has to spend money on her medicine. There’s so many other aspects to the streets. There’s young girls being molested, young girls stripping, young boys gangbanging. There’s a lot of different aspects besides cocaine and guns. True indeed, those are the most visible OZONE


record that’s commercially successful, everybody wants to hear your mixtapes. All of a sudden, you’re not looked at as a new artist. Before we did the record, me and Swizz [Beatz] sat down in New York, and I told him – no disrespect – this isn’t a Cash Money-type record where I’m the #1 stunna. I just wanna embrace the fact that I was a broke nigga who never had diamonds, and now I have the ability to get diamonds. If you don’t know by now, the industry is 30% talent and 70% business. It was the perfect business move for me. Some people that knew my resume didn’t like the song because it’s the least of what I can do. But people haven’t heard “Ghetto” or my Gangsta Grillz. I have to be a businessman. When I first came in, it was all about my music. I had to learn, and that’s why people haven’t heard from me in a minute. There was a lot of kinks to be worked out with me coming through a squeaky-clean top 40 label like J Records. I had to dirty them up. I had to do a crossover track with a Biggie hook. My fans out there understand that this is a small part of what I have to offer the game, but in order to make a star, you’ve gotta do it. Trust me, you’re gonna get the pure Smitty, pure pain, pure passion, pure music, but “Diamonds On My Neck” is for the people who don’t care who Smitty is. Most people have already picked their favorite rappers. They like 50 Cent and JayZ, and they don’t even want to hear another rapper. You’ve gotta put out an undeniable record like “Diamonds On My Neck.” When does your album Life Of A Trouble Child come out? December, but we really wanna push it to the top of 2006. Everything is picking up. I appreciate all the love OZONE has been showing me, and all those other magazines you don’t have to mention. I’ve been getting so much love and appreciation in New York. New York is really standing up for me, honestly. I love down South; nothing is bigger to me than Florida. If you listen to my music you’ll understand that Little Haiti is where it’s at for me. But you also have to understand that as an artist, once New York has embraced you, that’s huge. That’s where hip-hop started, so you can’t really get over that hump until New York likes you. Ask Jeezy and T.I.. It definitely makes sense to spread that out across the country to get that exact same love. So January would be the ideal time for me to drop the video for “Ghetto” and really make an impact for the world to see a young dude coming out of Little Haiti. You only get one chance. Some artists spend their whole career trying to erase that first mistake. I’ve been in the game for a long time. I have a lot of mentors, like Clark Kent, Jimmy “Henchman,” and Scarface. They’ve told me, “This is what you should do.” And when we sat down with the big dawg, Puff, he’s never cleared any Biggie samples. He didn’t clear the sample for the record with 50 [Cent] and Biggie, so that’s why it wasn’t on 50’s album. I was one of the first artists that he cleared Biggie’s voice for.

aspects of the hood, but it’s a lot of other things. There’s gun shops and pawn shops on every corner. There’s alcoholism. There’s so many other things that I’ve personally witnessed besides guns and coke, things it’s still hard for me to talk about. I gave my life story. I’m working on a documentary called Definition of a N.I.G.G.A. You’d be surprised how much other stuff goes on in the hood that nobody talks about. People like Killer Mike and Outkast sprinkle it in their raps every so often, but they don’t really highlight them completely. Even myself, I feel like I should be doing more songs like “Politics” and “Keep Your Head Up.” My CD is called Life of A Trouble Child. If that’s the case, why put out a song like “Diamonds on My Neck” as the first single? So many young artists get put in a position in this industry where you have to decide: you either become the artist you’re destined to be, or you sell records. Understand? So a lot of times we’re stuck. At the end of the day, I’m on a major label that’s spent over $2 million dollars trying to break a new artist. I wanted to come with the single “Ghetto,” featuring Scarface, Kanye West, and John Legend. It’s a pure personification of who Smitty is. “Life is more than money and gold / But being on a paper chase is all that I know.” It’s who I am. But I still have to deal with the business aspect. “Ghetto” wouldn’t get many spins from a new artist. Maybe now that I’m known it will get more spins, but with your first single, you’ve got to hit the clubs and the streets first. “Ghetto” is an emotional and passionate record, but it won’t get the response I need to get as a new artist. I wanna be the artist I’m destined to become, but I also want to be successful. So with this record, I’m not bragging about “Diamonds On My Neck.” Truth be told, I didn’t even buy diamonds until I did this record. Once you have one 86


Since this is the sex issue, I’m gonna ask you some questions about celebrity females. How do you think Foxy Brown would act in bed? Very demanding, very controlling. “Left,” “Right,” “Do it like this,” or she doesn’t like it. If you don’t do it how she wants you to do it, she’s not turned on. Eve. She seems more open-minded. I heard about the little internet thing she had goin’ on. I caught a glimpse of the tape of her and Stevie J. She seems like she knows how to please her man. She’s a woman that adapts to her man in bed. If he likes it rough, she like sit rough. If he likes it conventional, she’ll do it conventional. She’ll do it however. She seems like she’d be compatible for a lot of men. Ashanti. She’s nice and sweet. She’s conventional. She probably likes to kiss a lot. She seems like the type that likes to be emotional with her man. She only reaches her height of gratification if she’s in love and all that. She’s not the type that’s turned on by random sexual activity. She likes to be emotionally involved. Paris Hilton. She seems like she’d be a typical white girl in bed. Not that all white girls are the same, but what I mean by that is, they like to have fun. It is what it is. As long as she’s having fun, it’s good. Oprah. That’s a hard one. I think she’s always gonna have a good time, because whoever she’s with is gonna do it exactly how she wants it done. Beyonce.

Beyonce seems like a very loving individual. She seems like she’ll take care of her man in bed. Definitely cater to his needs. Beyonce’s more of that down South love. It ain’t even about the sex. It’s like, after y’all are intimate, she’ll go cook breakfast. And that’ll make you enjoy her more in bed, cause you know she gonna get up afterwards and make you a sandwich or something (laughing). Melyssa Ford. In my experience, usually the most gorgeous women are horrible in bed. Of course, this is just my opinion. She’s got a great body, so she probably feels like she doesn’t have to do much. I think she might be boring in bed just because she’s so beautiful. She’s never had to do much in bed. I don’t think she’d be very good. Keyshia Cole. She’s too ghetto. She’d be talking too much and talking when she ain’t supposed to talk. Who’s a celebrity female that you’d like to have sex with? Sanaa Lathan. She’s the perfect woman, from what I’ve seen. I’ve never actually met her in person, but as far as her acting, she personifies what you need. She’s a businesswoman, very dainty, and carries herself well, but you can tell she’d be a freak in the bedroom. And she knows what she likes. That’s a problem with a lot of women; they don’t know what they want. Which celebrity female do you think is a freak on the low? (laughing) I don’t wanna put my business out in the street, so I’m gonna keep it political. I can only assume Eve, because of the internet clip with Stevie J. What’s the most exciting place you’ve had sex? Probably a movie theater. I don’t even remember what movie it was. This was back in like 95, 96. I think it was Ace Ventura, Pet Detective: When Nature Calls (laughing). What’s the sexiest voicemail you’ve received? I got a voicemail of a young lady pleasing herself over the telephone. That was pretty erotic. I appreciated it. I’d like to thank that young lady. Have you had groupies chasing you now that you’re on the road? Any interesting groupie experiences? Yeah, I actually have. But I don’t really do all the things that most artists do on the road. I don’t really partake in the groupie activity, usually because I’m tired or I’m really not interested. There was one time this group of white girls kept calling my room, so we blocked the calls to the room. Everybody in my crew was mad at me. I was like, “I ain’t tryin’ to mess with them, I don’t know who they could be.” I’m not really impressed by all that. So I put a block on the phone. One of the girls must have worked at the hotel, because as soon as we moved rooms, they called the new room. One of my dudes answered, and I had just left. By the time I got back, they were all in the room having the time of their lives. I guess they had a good time. It just surprised me that people would go that far to get in touch with so-called almost celebrities. I don’t think I’m a celebrity yet. Why aren’t you interested in groupies? First of all, I’m in a relationship that I’m trying to hold down. So even within my own relationship, I’ve been in situations where you think things aren’t gonna get back to that person, and it does. The world is much smaller than you think, and I’ve been all over the country. You’d be surprised how information gets twisted, so I’m real wary of that. Besides that, I’ve seen how these women have changed. I was on the road with Puff and Dre, so I’ve seen it all. Those same women who used to not pay any attention to me, now I see them again and it’s a whole different story. I do take the time to listen to their excuses, because it’s funny to me. “Oh, I was going through so much at that time,” yada, yada, yada. It’s crazy how it changes. In this industry, women are definitely very devious. They go out of their way to become the individual that they think you want them to be. They could be doctors, lawyers, whatever. That doesn’t keep them from being placed in the groupie category, cause I’ve seen them manipulate the Pacs and the Biggies. “Back then they didn’t want me / Now I’m hot, they all on me”? Oh, yeah. That’s one reason I really admire Mike Jones, cause that’s the truest statement I’ve heard in a long time. It’s hard to say that around women, because they get offended. They’re like, “I ain’t like

that.” I know a couple females that I used to be cool with back then, nothing too serious. Now, all of a sudden, it’s, “How come you never come through?” “How come you never tried to holla?” And they get mad at me when I laugh it off, but it’s the truth. They get offended and twist the whole conversation. There’s a lot of women that are like that, and it’s cool. Keep doing what you do, because it’s a lot of guys that need that love. Some people need that gratification from women. I just don’t. Do the Kobe/Pac/Tyson type situations scare you? We all know somebody who’s been in a situation where a woman claimed something happened. We all roll with our homeboys, and they wanna have a good time too. You can’t blame them if there’s a woman that’s willing and ready. It’s my responsibility to make sure I screen those individuals. I tell my homeboys, “I dont think these are the type you wanna mess with.” I usually just go to another room and chill. If something goes awry, [the media] is gonna yell my name, not my homeboy’s name. If something gets out of hand, I can’t vouch for my homeboys, especially if alcohol and all that is involved. Something may happen that I dont approve of, so what is she gonna say? “Yeah, we was in the room with Smitty.” I just try to be wary. I learned from the people ahead of me. A lot of people think I’m new to the game, but once they see my resume, they realize that all this is old-school to me. G4s, hotels, poppin’ bottles, that shit is old. I’ve been with the best of the best. It’s grinding time for me. Do you think there’s a difference between different races of women in bed? Oh, it’s a big difference. But you can’t just group all black women in one category. Haitian women, Bahamian women, Jamaican women, American black women, they’re all different. Haitian women are very conservative. Haitian-American women, who were born in America, are real conservative but they’re really trying to get out and be that freak, but they won’t allow themselves to. Bahamian women are overly sexual. They really enjoy the notion of being intimate. Jamaican women want to control the situation and tell their man what to do and how to do it. Then you have black American women, who are just scared of the word “whore.” They don’t like that word. When you’re intimate with a black woman, they’re very conservative. They’re so afraid of a black man saying they’re a whore. That’s why they don’t like to give oral, and they’re real timid in bed. White women are generally more promiscuous than black women, because they’re more confident in who they are. A white woman doesn’t have a problem letting the man she’s involved with know what she likes and wants. She’s more likely to give oral because she isn’t worried about what people are saying. The Latin community is overly sexual, but not necessarily promiscuous. They like to deal with one person, and go at it all the time. Brazilian women are like overly overly promiscuous. They’re like porno stars. You could meet them and five minutes later be fuckin’ in the car. Japanese women are harder to figure out. They’re all about pleasing their man. The bad part is that they’re so worried about pleasing their man that they’re not getting their own gratification. That’s a problem, because with men, 50% of the pleasure comes from the woman’s gratification. If the woman isn’t responding, we’re not gonna have a good time. On a serious note, what do you think about STD testing? It’s something that’s rarely talked about, especially in the hip-hop community. It’s funny, because I was just discussing this the other day. In my opinion, a lot of the carelessness and ignorance is because of men. A lot of us transmit diseases – whether it’s HIV or something less serious like crabs or Chlamydia – because we’re ignorant. We don’t wanna get tested. We act like little kids and hope it just goes away instead of dealing with it. That’s really what the problem is; there’s too many men out there that are not being responsible for their health and the health of their sexual partners. Of course, we should all protect ourselves. I’ve been blessed enough to never contract an STD. We’ve all had our scares, though. But women tend to be more mature about it than men. Women go get treated immediately and let their sexual partners know. That’s just the way women are, period. They tend to be more mature than men, and a lot of women have had yeast infections or whatever so they’re more inclined to know what’s going on with their body. Men, we don’t care. I’ve got homeboys that are like, “Man, fuck that shit,” and that’s an ignorant state of mind. I hate to bash men, but that’s the biggest problem. There’s too many men out here contracting STDs and not protecting themselves and not letting their partners know. If men thought like women did for 30% of the day, I guarantee the STD rate would go down in the black community and in general. OZONE


thesexissue Dem Franchize Boyz If you could get with three celebrity women, who would you choose? Buddie: Lil Kim, Eve, and then give me Gabrielle Union. Pimpin’: Ashanti could get it. Shit, I ain’t even gonna hate. Oprah Winfrey could get it too, and Teairra Mari. Jizzal Man: Missy Elliott could get it. Eve could get it. And my new girl in the industry Fantasia could get it. You know why? Cause all of them thick with it, and that’s just how I like ‘em. Who do you think is the freakiest celebrity female on the low? Pimpin’: I don’t know, cause it’s a lot of them out there. Jizzal Man: Free! Haven’t you heard the “Wait (The Whisper Song)” remix? Did you hear what she said? She’s a freak on the low, cause by the way she carries herself, you wouldn’t know. She’s not wide open with it.

(l to r): Jizzal Man, Pimpin’, and Buddie

How do you think Free would act in bed? Jizzal Man: I think Free would go crazy. I think she’ll do what I like. I think she’ll put it on a nigga. Pimpin’: I’d give her some of those backshots. Keyshia Cole. Buddie: She freaky! She wild, boy. Her personality, you can tell she’s wild. She G too so you know she freaky. Trina. Buddie: She from the South, so you know what’s happ’nin! Slip and slide! Jizzal Man: You know what it is. She’d probably be with whatever. She won’t trip. Beyonce. Jizzal Man: Oh, Lord. She’ll be a lady in the light and real freaky in the dark. Pimpin’: Her dad be walkin’ around the house with a shotgun, but he don’t know what’s goin’ on in her room. Jay-Z be on that business shit now, that’s how he tricked her dad. Foxy Brown. Pimpin’: Aw, man, the party don’t stop. You know what she’ll do. Jacki-O. Pimpin’: She might rob a nigga. Jizzal Man: Hell yeah. Pimpin’: “Pull your pants up. I want your cash, not your ass, nigga.” Olivia. Buddie: Oh, she the freaky type, but she quiet with hers. Jizzal Man: “G-g-g-unit!” Oprah. Buddie: Oprah got that cake! She can pay for all her fantasies. Everything she’s ever thought about, she’s done it.

Any interesting backstage experiences? Jizzal Man: Some drawers got thrown back there. I just watched when they came in the door, and their drawers hit the floor. How has your sex life changed since you became celebrities? Pimpin’: We get more pussy than a toilet seat. Jizzal Man: Everybody. That’s what it is. Pimpin’: We get more pussy than a pair of drawers. What’s the most creative place you’ve had sex? Buddie: On the kitchen floor. Jizzal Man: Dallas, Texas! On the bus, in Dallas. That was a first-time experience. I ain’t never had it did to me like that before. Pimpin’: In the car. In the junkyard, through the fence. What’s the sexiest voicemail or text message you’ve received? Pimpin’: I don’t get too many text messages. Buddie: “Come to the house, I’m in my birthday suit.” Jizzal Man: The sexiest voicemail I got had to be when the video first hit. “Oooh, y’all look so good in the video. How y’all do it like that? I like to dance, I want y’all to show me how to do the dance naked. Where are y’all at? Can you come to my house? The video was hot!” That got to be the craziest, sexiest voicemail I ever heard, just cause of her voice. Her voice is what killed me. Sounded like she was Latino.

What’s the craziest thing a groupie said to you? Buddie: “Can I run a dick suckin’ marathon on the crew?”

On that note, are there differences in bed between different races of women? Buddie: Naw, we don’t discriminate! Anybody can get it! White, Hispanic, black, Asian, whatever. Pimpin’: Blind, deaf, crippled, or crazy! If she can’t walk, I’ll drag her! I like those white women though. Jizzal Man: The only difference is their accent, and the way they take it. Those Latin women, I love their accents, and their reaction. The way they moan. Hey, man, I don’t wanna get too explicit or too graphic or whatever. Aw, man, and those girls from the islands. “Ooh, papi, do it like that,” “Ooh, papi,” yeah! Them island girls, I gotta definitely put it down for them.

What was your answer? Buddie: Oh, yeah! You can’t do me unless you do the committee, know what I’m sayin’? We share around here!

How does groupie sex compare to sex with your girl? Buddie: A groupie you just slut her out and straight give her the business, but you know, your girl, you gonna caress it a little bit. Just a

Britney Spears. Jizzal Man: Did you see her video with her and the new guy? They in the shower, talkin’ about, they do it three four times a day! She could get it. Paris Hilton. Jizzal Man: She could get it! She freaky. Buddie: Paris Hilton got that cake, man. Cash rules everything around me, baby, come find me!


Jizzal Man: The wildest thing a groupie has done was let us sign her body butt-naked and ran through everybody. I’m talkin’ about buttnaked, just signing her whole body with markers. And if that young lady is listening, you know what it is. And I remember one thing that happened to Pimpin’ and he probably don’t even remember. This boy here so crazy. I think we was in Arkansas and she chose up or whatever, so Pimp did what he did. After we left the hotel to go handle some business, she got a key made to his room and was there when he got back! Pimpin’: Hell yeah! I forgot all about that shit. Jizzal Man: And she refused to leave!


little bit. Pimpin’: Shit. There’s no difference. Jizzal Man: It is a difference for me. A big difference. With a groupie, you gonna diss her, not kiss her. But your girl, you know, you gonna show her some love and caress and cherish her. And then we gonna do it again. Pimpin’: Yeah, no kissing. We don’t kiss the groupies.


What’s your favorite position? Buddie: From the back! I like pullin’ hair! Pull over, baby, let me hit it from the back! Jizzal Man: We like any situation as long as there’s penetration. That’s what it is. Pimpin’: My favorite position is when they on their knees. How do you feel about returning the favor? Will you go down on a girl? Pimpin’: Oh, no. Pimpin’ don’t eat no pussy, I’m sorry. Buddie: Naw, I ain’t married yet. Jizzal Man: What kind of a question is that? Naw, naw. That’s not even in my character. My dentist said that ain’t even good for my teeth. Your dentist said that, huh? So, what about group sex activities? Jizzal Man: Hi-fives! It’s three-way, three-play, all day! Buddie: I’ma keep it real. I like a bitch that’s willing to do another bitch. It makes the sex fun. I’ll watch, I swear I’ll watch. You ain’t street til you’ve seen that pussy getting ate, I’m telling you! You’ve got to see it in person. Which would you prefer: watching porn, or going to a strip club? Buddie: Going to the strip club. I’d make my own porn before I’d watch one. Jizzal Man: I’d rather make a porn than to do either one. I’m starring in one! And hosting! What do you think people’s reactions would be if the porn was released? Jizzal Man: “That man is gettin’ money, and he gettin’ pussy!” Pimpin’: They gonna wanna be in the sequel. Buddie: “That nigga, Buddie, his wood look good! Mandingo! Dick long like elephant trunk!” Mandingo, huh? Have you ever measured your dick? Buddie: My girl measured it for me. I don’t remember the inches but it’s BIG! Jizzal Man: Dick hang low like elephant trunk! Pimpin’: My dick is wider than 285. My dick long like Bankhead Highway. What’s one thing you would like to do sexually that you haven’t done yet? Jizzal Man: Tag team with Jermaine Dupri. Pimpin’: Me and Bow Wow could get a lil’ action together. I ain’t did that yet. Buddie: I want a girl to suck my dick backwards. Are you into any toys or food in the bedroom? Buddie: Just Playstation. I’ll be playing Madden while I’m getting my brains blowed out. Jizzal Man: I don’t play with toys, but you can put the nuts on ice, baby. Pimpin’: I don’t play with toys.

DJ Quote (Denver, CO) 1. David Banner “Play” The ladies love it, and the dudes can’t front on the beat. I like the way David Banner a.k.a. The DJ’s Best Friend flips it. 2. Young Jeezy “Air Force Ones” When I play this in the club, no matter where I’m at, people go crazy! Jeezy is making his mark fast. 3. Damian Marley “Welcome to Jamrock” Need I say more? 4. Paul Wall f/ Big Pokey “Sittin’ Sideways” The beat had to grow on me, but the people love it! Maybe that’s why he’s the people’s champ? 5. Mariah Carey f/ Jay-Z & Young Jeezy “Shake It Off (remix)” The boy is back (I hope)! This joint was already crazy, but when you flip it, the beat is even better. Jeezy and the Snowman?!? It’s a wrap! 6. Three 6 Mafia f/ Project Pat, Slim Thug, & Trick Daddy “Stay Fly (remix)” The hook is off the chain! The beat is cool, but with the line-up on the remix this is a 1 AM jump-off in the club. I play this joint back-toback. This is a must-have record. 7. Mr. Midas “Common Cents” This track has a West coast feel to it - not the old West coast, but the new West coast. It’s a club banger! The West coast always had heat, but this here is the new sound. 8. Juelz Santana “There It Go (Whistle Song)” This is a hot mixtape joint, and the dance floor goes crazy when the shit drops. I’ve even heard cats singing along. 9. Epidemic “Like the Way You Move” This beat is crazy and Epidemic flips it hard. He rides the track like it’s nothin’. This is a record that’s going to go a long way. 10. Potzee “Core Niggas” Core DJs! This joint is hot! I’m not just saying that because it has Core in it. This here is some STL fire! Something to ride to.






BUN B TRILL Rap-A-Lot/Asylum

Here is the surprise album of 2005, so far. At least it is for me. Trina seems to be finally becoming a complete artist. She’s always been bankable. Let’s face it, her ass is like a full marketing and promotions department by itself. All she has to do is turn around and take a pic of that junk in her trunk and two things happen: skinny broads start hating and square-ass wannabe rappers start lusting after some rap snatch.

Twista is the kind of artist that always seems to be the underdog. Even though his last album was certified platinum, he’s still overlooked. He has the respect from his peers, and his fans ride for him at all times. His hometown loves him, but he still can’t seem to break through that wall to superstardom.

While his partner Pimp C still awaits a chance at parole, Bun B has been doing everything in his power to keep the UGK buzz steadily building. Screaming “Free Pimp C!” every chance he gets, Bun compensates for the absence of his more musical partner by assembling an impressive team of producers and features for his solo album Trill.

But with this album, the focus seems to be way off Trina the sex symbol and on Trina the artist. Trina herself even makes the claim, “I done stepped my game up, and sexed my frame up.” I heard that! The one thing that jumps out about this album is the increased production quality. Industry heavyweights Mannie Fresh, Jazze Pha, Cool & Dre, and the Unusual Suspects Jim Jonsin and Big D drop some hot beats. Trina’s album is full of club bangers and female anthems, the greatest of which is “Here We Go,” featuring Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child. That record is a sleeping giant, and when it wakes up, it’s going to mash all over the charts straight to number one. Another notable song is “So Fresh,” featuring the newest SlipN-Slide representative Plies (pronounced like “pliers”). I’m so used to hearing Trina talk about how she can break baller’s bank accounts with her pussy power that it was kinda refreshing to hear her talk about gripping woodgrain. It was definitely a different look for Trina. Who says change isn’t good? - Wally Sparks 90


Twista’s resume of guest appearances reads like the 2010 version of a VH1 Hip-Hop Honors show. Sometimes I think he’s so much better at what he does than everyone else that the public might not be able to digest it. Twista may be too dope for the average consumer to understand. That’s a travesty. With his new release The Day After, his superior wordplay is on full display once again. Just like his previous two releases, he starts off showing his vocal dexterity on “Check That Hoe.” That is emceeing at its very best. With that said, that may be part of the reason why Twista is not the superstar he should be. In today’s “Laffy Taffy” society, an artist like Twista is too advanced for the average consumer. Even though it seems Twista may have dumbed down his style to give the fans some sing-along with lyrics, it still doesn’t seem to equal a thoroughly cohesive album. It ends up just sounding like a bunch of tracks thrown together to appease the label’s powersthat-be.

Since Bun has dropped a verse for virtually ever other Southern rapper’s solo album, it’s only appropriate that they come through to drop features for him. First of all, you can’t go wrong with an introduction by J Prince, naming Bun the President of the South. KLC of Beats by the Pound drops the track for “Bun.” Next up is the much-hyped street anthem “Get Throwed.” The sonic landscape, provided by Mr. Lee, is the perfect backdrop for the all-star lineup of Pimp C, Z-Ro, Young Jeezy, and Jay-Z. By now, you’ve probably heard the infectious lead single “Draped Up” and the Houston All-Starz remix. Only Bun and J Prince could pull this one off: rivals Mike Jones and Chamillionaire, and Lil Flip and Slim Thug, on the same track? But you probably haven’t heard the other guaranteed radio hits: “I’m Fresh,” featuring and produced by Mannie Fresh, and “Hold U Down,” featuring Trey Songz, Mike Jones, and Baby. Still, amidst the radio-friendliness, Bun manages to keep it gangsta on “Pushin’,” with Scarface and Young Jeezy, and “I’m a ‘G’,” with T.I. Ludacris drops a verse on the Lil Jon-produced “Trill Recognize Trill,” and Jazze Pha drops a beat and vocals on “I’m Ballin’.” The Ying Yang Twins, Too Short, Juvenile, and the Mddl Fngz also drop by to make appearances.

Aside from Twista’s outstanding lyricism and decent production, this album was a real letdown.

Finally, Bun’s collabo with rockers Skinhead Rob and Travis Barker on the bonus track “Late Night Creepin’” is an odd change of pace. There’s just one thing that seems to be missing: where is our Southern President’s political joint? All things considered, though, this is damn near a classic album.

- Wally Sparks

- Mayson Drake




by Killer Mike

10 Greatest Fuck Songs of All Time: R&B Edition

10 Greatest Fuck Songs of All Time: Rap Edition

1. T-Pain “I’m Sprung” The power of the pussy. This is for those times when a nigga gotta pack up his shit and sneak out cause the pussy’s so good.

1. Scarface f/ Too Short, Devin the Dude, and Tela “Fuck Faces” That just lets them know what it is. That’s the kinda shit you wanna put on when you’re just smoking a blunt with a girl who got about three gold teeth. Y’all smoke a blunt and then y’all fuck on her old man’s couch.

2. Jodeci “Fiendin’” That truly expresses what it’s like when a nigga done got some good pussy. Niggas be fiending for that shit and don’t give a fuck about nothing else. Good work. 3. The Art of Noise That shit sounds like one big computer fuck session. Even if you a lady fuckin’ a whack nigga, that song would make the dick better. 4. Keith Sweat “In The Rain” (singing) “I wanna go outside in the rain…” 5. Isley Brothers “Between the Sheets” That’s when you got some over 35 year old woman, a grown woman. One of those if-you-wasn’t-here-I’d-use-my-vibrator-so-you-better-doa-good-job type women. That’s some between the sheets shit. 6. R Kelly “Bump & Grind” or “12 Play” R Kelly is the king of fuck music. You can pick any R Kelly song, but my personal favorite is that muthafuckin’ “Bump & Grind.” I was in college nailin’ hoes to the wall off that shit, and that “12 Play,” yeah. It’s a tie between “Bump & Grind” & “12 Play.” 7. Ready For The World “Tonight” Twista and Trey Songz just redid this song. This shit was from four or five ghetto-ass jheri curl niggas. They just took it back to the hood. This is some tear-that-pussy-up music. 8. Janet Jackson “Anytime Anyplace” Yeah, this is for the freaky girls. That’s what you play when you don’t have money for the hotel cause you spent everything you had on dinner, and you’re tryin’ to fuck her in the car or the backyard. 9. Prince “Adore” Yeah, that’s for your old lady. That’s that “I adore you” shit. “Until the end of time.” That’s an eating pussy song. (laughing) That goddamn Prince makes eating pussy music. 10. Jagged Edge “Walked Out of Heaven” That’s that make-up song. That’s when you going back to get some of that retro puss, that boomerang. That’s for fuckin’ around with another girl on your old lady. (bonus track) H-Town “Knockin’ The Boots” That H-Town shit is just some good ol’ dirty ghetto music. It’s great fuck music.



2. Geto Boys “Gangster of Love” You gotta give ‘em that Willie D. Yeah, “Call me the gangsta lover,” yeah. I just like that shit cause it was some G shit. Call me the gangsta lover, that’s the way you keep your pimpin’ strong. 3. A Tribe Called Quest “Electric Relaxation” That’s for your headwrap, incense-burning, natural hair, just-foundRastafarianism ghetto girl. 4. Goodie Mob “Beautiful Skin” The dark-skinned girls, they love that. 5. Too Short “Freaky Tales” This is only if you definitely got a freaky girl. She gotta be comfortable with her womanness, she’s gotta be in touch with the freak that’s in her. I damn sure would play “Freaky Tales” for a girl like that. (rapping) “These are the tales, the freaky tales / These are the tales that I tell so well.” Gotta do that. 6. 8Ball & MJG “Space Age Pimpin’” Every girl in the South respects this group. Even though this song ain’t necessarily about fuckin’, it just feels so playa. 7. Tony Yayo “I Know You Don’t Love Me” This is for the groupies. “I know you don’t love me, cause you don’t act the same when Jay-Z’s around.” Definitely gotta play that one for the groupies. Please tell the groupies, don’t write to this magazine about me. I don’t wanna be in the groupie confessions. 8. Wu-Tang Clan “Ice Cream” That’s for your ménage a trios. That’s when you got something chocolate and Spanish in the bed. That’s for the Boriquas and the Morenos. 9. Killer Mike f/ Big Boi “A.D.I.D.A.S.” “All day I dream about sex.” That’s what you play first, just to let them know it ain’t about dinner and a movie. This is gonna finish with some fuckin’. You gotta play this when they first get in the car so she know where your mind’s at. 10. 2 Live Crew If you’ve got a room full of strippers and you’re tryin’ to get wild, play anything from 2 Live Crew’s first three albums. In fact, put them bitches in your ipod, the whole album. Let them hoes ride out to it. Thanks, Uncle Luke! Those hood ghetto hoes love the old 2 Live Crew.


by Malik Abdul

DJ DRAMA RESPECT THE GAME How can anyone not benefit from advice from the likes of Pharrell, Swizz Beatz, David Banner, Jazze Pha, T.I., Lil Jon, Ludacris, DJ Jelly, Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, Chaka Zulu, Nelly, Pitbull, Mannie Fresh, Lil Wayne, and Jae Millz? This is it! This is the DVD that will set you up for a long, successful career in the entertainment business. There’s other DVDs that deal with the do’s and don’ts of the music industry, but none have been on this level. Even if you’re a veteran in this business, you can learn from this DVD. DJ Drama has assembled a cast of major recording producers, DJs, and rappers to put together an informative self-help DVD. Throughout the DVD one thing is clear: everybody has their time. For instance, T.I. explains that getting signed wasn’t his biggest obstacle, it was internal problems at Arista. The people at the label working his project didn’t know how to market a hardcore Southern rapper and didn’t see his vision. When it comes to lyricism, most Southern rappers feel that they don’t get credit for being given lyricists. Lil Wayne says that if Southern rappers were given credit for their lyrics, he’d be considered the best rapper in the whole industry. This DVD deals with many different aspects of the music game. Mannie Fresh compares the rap game to the drug game, and the always outspoken Killer Mike accurately describes crunk music as “a feeling.” Houston rapper Chamillionaire breaks down the differences between signing with a major label, which doesn’t respect the game, and staying indie, where you can control your own product. One of the most interesting chapters deals with the importance of the mixtape game, whether you’re putting out your own mixtapes with original beats or spitting your own lyrics over established beats. DJ Drama explains how a good mixtape can help you get in the game by making people more aware of you. Chamillionaire says that one of the reasons a mixtape is so essential is because labels are only gonna fuck with you if you’re hot. The streets can make you hot off the buzz from a good mixtape. Next, Lil Jon tells how to test out your record at the strip clubs. Strippers can make or break your record. All throughout the DVD, there’s tidbits of good advice from artists like Paul Wall (“Make your music real”) and Pitbull (“Publishing is everything! Don’t ever give away your publishing!”) Super producer Jazze Pha explains the science behind points and royalties. Another good chapter focuses on the difference between beatmakers and producers. A beatmaker is a person who makes beats, but a producer arranges and supervises a session. A producer writes the hook and works with the artist. Overall, this DVD is very clear and concise, with a lot of useful information. 94


RAP KILLAZ: THE DOCUMENTARY Before you pick up a microphone to start rapping, get behind the mixing board to start producing, or embark on any other career in the music industry, this is the DVD you should watch. Before you pay for studio time or your artist chains, and before you tell people you have a record label, take the time to listen to these industry people who understand the inner workings of the music business. This DVD won’t help you get a record deal or teach you how to mix a song, but it will help push you in the right direction. DJs, promoters, producers, and emcees talk about how to get in the industry. This DVD also explores the four main problems that underground artists face (hate, lack of unity, lack of knowledge, lack of a real business plan). This is a very informative and entertaining DVD, which includes footage from TJ’s DJ’s Record Pool meeting, the largest industry gathering in the South.

DJ VLAD HOT IN HERE 2 DJ Vlad has done it again! Once again, The Butcher has chopped up an exclusive feature DVD. DJ Vlad raises the bar to another level with part two of the Hot In Here collection. If you haven’t seen the first one, I urge you to start a collection of these innovative DVDs. In the second part of this series, Vlad offeres a lot of exclusives - Cassidy’s last interview before he gets locked up, backstage at Uncle Luke’s ultimate bachelor party - and the extra-exclusive, never-seen-before live footage of the Notorious B.I.G. performing his hit “Party and Bullshit.” This DVD is loaded with your favorite artists, like Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Boyz N Da Hood, and Noreaga. You can take a ride down South with new rapping sensation Young Jeezy, as he plunks down $375,000 on a Lamborghini. Jeezy will have to watch out for the cops, especially when he gets on 285. Yeaaaaaah! But he might want to watch out for his baby mama in addition to the police: this segment of the DVD reportedly came back to haunt Jeezy, since he claimed in a recent court deposition for child support that he owns no cars, houses, or jewelry. Another reason this is a must-have DVD is video vixen Vida, in a pair of white pants! Her T-mobile sidekick was recently hacked into, and all her personal nude pictures are all over the ‘net, so go look that up. The Butcher has her on this DVD with some great footage. Find out what type of guys she dates, and what type of guys turn her off. Next, Jacki-O, Miami’s rapping diva, divulges that she likes them “big”! You’ll have to purchase the DVD to find out what she’s talking about. But, after looking at Jacki-O’s ass, all you can say is, “Jacki, Jacki, Jacki!” Oh, and she can rap, also. Next, we check in with the master of them all, Master P. P is so focused right now. He’s got two new companies; his jewelry company, Icelink, and his new rims, Dubs. He calls himself the Michael Jordan of the rim game, and brags about his toys that Baby and Funk Flex have never seen, like the $250,000 rims on the Phantom! Finally, “Whatcha know ‘bout them Texas Boys?” Mike Jones, Paul Wall, and Michael Watts, reppin that SwishaHouse, explains how Texas has become a force to be reckoned with in the game. DJ Vlad has done it again.

01: Lt. Dan (hosted by Paul Wall) “It’s Goin’ Down”

206-20-CHOPS Houston, TX 02: DJ Suggablack “King of the South Vol. 8” Quincy, FL 03: DJ Whiz-T “Worth The Wait” Ft. Worth, TX

04: DJ Ideal (hosted by Lil Flip) “Da Bottom Pt. 6” Miami, FL 05: DJ Stylz (hosted by Logik) “Welcome 2 Da South Vol. 7: SC to FL” www.OnDaG 06: DJ Sir Swift (hosted by Maceo) “Supply & Demand” Nashville, TN 07: DJ Quote the Beatmaker (hosted by Chamillionaire) “Stop Hatin’” Denver, CO 08: DJ Teknikz “If You Buyin’ We Sellin’ Vol. 3” or 678-895-4193 Atlanta, GA 09: DJ Miami (hosted by Rick Ross) “Street Pharmacy Chapter 4” Miami, FL 10: C. Wakely “Grinders: The Mixtape” or 352-246-4495 Gainesville, FL 11: DJ Frogie “Mixology 4” 404-339-0146 or or Atlanta, GA 12: DJ CeaseFire “Fire Street 3” or 704-649-3895 or Charlotte, NC 13: DJ Fur.E (hosted by SunN.Y.) “Da Fire Starter Vol. 3” www.DJF NYC 14: DJ Balo “R&B Mix 3” 317-506-6410 or Indianapolis, IN 15: Hurricane Foss “No Stopping What Can’t Be Stopped (OZONE edition)” Kissimmee, FL 16: DJ Don Juan (hosted by All Star) “Summer Time Vol. 2” 615-977-4103 or Nashville, TN 17: DJ Aspekt & DJ S1 (hosted by Stack$) “Heavyweights” DJAspekt or Miami, FL 18: DJ Rondevu “Napalm” NYC 19: DJ Kaye Dunaway & DJ H Vidal “Da Dirty South Bonnie & Clyde” or 20: WizKidd “Ballin’ On A Budget Vol. 2” or 718-787-8187

DJ Rapid Ric “King of the Trill: Bun B’s Greatest Verses” Hot tracks: #15 - “Bezzel” (w/ T.I.) #19 - “Gimme That” (w/ Webbie) #25 - “In My Cadillac” (w/ ESG) #28 - “Rep Yo City” (w/ Lil Jon, E-40, & Petey Pablo) #34- Freestyle (Live on Damage Control) #45 - “Snitch Nigga” (w/ Scarface & Z-Ro)

DJs, send mixtapes for consideration to: 1516 E Colonial Dr. Suite 205 Orlando, FL 32803 Or contact Mercedes:

industry101 Rahman ali Bugg (VH1’s Hip-Hop Honors) What’s your position with Hip-Hop Honors? I produced the show last year, and co-produced the show this year. We split the duties because it was such a large task. A lot of times, my role falls into more of a supervisor/managerial position, because it’s managing budgets, people, and even ideas to make them more TV-friendly. A lot of hip-hop doesn’t translate to a mass audience, so in this production game we have to make things palatable for all kinds of people. We have to make it easy to digest, even for those who don’t love and appreciate the culture as much as others. I’ve worked on different projects that aren’t so hip-hop intensive, but that’s my forte. How did your career begin? I came up under the MTV system. I was an intern in 1993, and throughout the years I’ve worked with MTV, MTV2, and VH1. I’ve also done stuff for Nickelodeon, BET, and ESPN2. MTV and BET might appear to be competitors, but aren’t many of their shows produced by independent contractors like yourself who work with both networks? I wouldn’t say that all the shows are produced by the same people, but there is a community of folks that these networks reach out to. MTV and BET were formerly major competitors, but now they’re actually sister/brother networks. There is a level of competition that exists, but in the freelance world, we don’t really see it as competition. We just see it as a job; gigs, projects. You get into the project more than the actual network. I don’t love everything that VH1 does and I don’t champion the network, but I do champion VH1’s Hip-Hop Honors because that’s my project. Since I’m a part of it, I want it to be the best. Where are you from? Did you go to college? I’m from Patterson, New Jersey, and I’ve been in New York for five years. I went to Syracuse University. When I was filling out my college application, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. Film/TV Production just seemed like it would be the most fun. I chose arbitrarily because I didn’t wanna major in English or Science. I lucked out and got an internship at MTV in 1993, when it was still relatively young, preTRL. I interned for Yo! MTV Raps and ended up being the production assistant for the next two or three summers. That was my introduction to the world of television. The guy I interned for, Jack Benson, has become one of my best friends, and he’s also the executive producer of Hip-Hop Honors. We’ve been working together for 12, 13 years. That time period was pre-Biggie, so to be involved in hip-hop at that time and promote it, I think that was crucial. That was the right time to be involved; it was something that was still in its adolescence or pre-teen years. What are important qualities for a television producer to have? You have to be resourceful and driven. You don’t necessarily have to be the most creative person, but you have to be able to find creative people. You’ve gotta have a strong personality. You can’t be wishywashy. Sometimes you have to fight for what you want. You might have to stand up to Jay-Z and be like, “Yo, I need you to do this. It might not seem fly to you, but it’s gonna work.” I think people’s personalities put them in the places they should be. I’m not always the most vocal person, but when I have to be, I am. Sometimes you have to be one of those eccentrics to get yourself in that zone. I feel like I have to do that when I’m on a certain show; I have to immerse myself in it, whether it’s hip-hop or rock or sports. You have to be that person who wakes up early and makes their dream a reality. You have to be that driven and that motivated to get other people to jump on your bandwagon. Who comes up with the ideas for the shows you’ve produced? In my career it’s usually been people approaching me with an idea, like Hip-Hop Honors, or the Wake Up Show, which I produced and directed for MTV with Sway and King Tech. I directed a pilot for Run’s House, Reverend Run’s reality show on MTV. We didn’t know what it was gonna be like, so we just spent some time with the Reverend and Russell [Simmons] and figured it out. Those are my favorite, where 96


you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. You just have a basic concept and someone else is paying for it. Those are the most challenging, cause you just don’t know how it’s gonna turn out. Once you see it on tape, you know what feels right. It bugs me out that I get the chance to do stuff with my idols. Working with The Roots was a dream for me. They’re creative geniuses. Even working with Puff on Making the Band, it’s amazing to have the opportunity to work with people who are so driven and focused and creative and doing what they love to do. It’s a major inspiration to me. One of my goals is to pitch and develop the concepts I have in my head, but still, I’ve have a lot of fun making other people’s ideas work. How do you select the artists to be honored on Hip-Hop Honors? There’s an executive committee. Two of the consultants we brought in were Nelson George and Fab 5 Freddy. We toss around ideas and have these crazy debates for months before the decision is made. We’ve only done two years, so we have a lot more people and entities to pay tribute to. It’s definitely not a simple decision. Even in the midst of it, we’re second-guessing and thinking and planning ahead. How do you deal with criticism of your choices? I hear criticism every day when I’m working on the show, because everyone has their own perspective. I respect everyone’s opinion, but a lot of people don’t consider what will work on television. It’s still a business. We’re all striving to put out the best show. You could be the best lyricist in the world and still not sell records. It’s entertainment for the masses. VH1 took a chance on the show, and everybody involved took a major leap of faith thinking this thing would be successful. It’s the second year and we’ve already got a buzz going. People are starting to care about what we do, so we’ve gotta appreciate it and take all that positive or negative energy and just use it. Is that the reason you have some of today’s popular rappers perform covers of old-school songs? To make it more TV-friendly? Yeah, that’s part of the idea. We’ve gotta appeal to different audiences. More people today know Kanye West than the Furious Five, just because there’s a marketing machine behind hip-hop now that people like the Furious Five didn’t get to take advantage of. Biggie’s old-school to kids now. To make it interesting to as many people as possible, we mix the old with the new. I think that’s just a basic sense of humanity, knowing that a generation has passed and you’ve got to form some sort of bridge between the two, whether it’s hip-hop or technology or whatever. I think we should all try to understand each other. Hip-Hop Honors is a good place for us to do that. We merge the old and and the new to make it TV-friendly, but I don’t think it’s totally money-driven or corporate. How do you choose the new artists to honor old-school artists? It’s debatable, just like anything else. The best example is Nelly and LL Cool J. We tried to figure out who’s following LL Cool J’s tradition of being that young, sexy rapper who doesn’t mind doing an R&B song. The artist that’s being honored has a lot of say-so. Salt-N-Pepa was pretty picky about who they wanted to honor them. Queen Latifah fell into that tradition. We had Missy on the show, but she actually hurt herself during rehearsal and couldn’t perform. But they love what she does and really wanted her to be a part of their tribute. When we honored Big Daddy Kane, we picked some great emcees - Black Thought, Common, and T.I. - to represent him and his many different styles. We didn’t see any Southern artists honored yet on Hip-Hop Honors. Do you consider Southern music hip-hop, or its own genre? That’s an interesting question. It’s a raw energy, it’s an emotion. It’s a beat that moves people. It’s a means of expression. The beat and the rhythm come from the same place. Whether it’s Luke or Dr. Dre or Kool G Rap, it’s still hip-hop. Lauryn Hill, no matter how much she sings, whatever comes out of her mouth is from that hip-hop spirit. I think what people like Outkast and Trick Daddy have been doing in the South comes from the hip-hop spirit, so I don’t think anybody can deny it. It’s just a matter of figuring out who we honor first and how we honor them. It’s hip-hop no matter how we look at it, and it should be respected the same way. It’s that same aggression, a way of trying to be different. We have to figure out how to place it, when to honor it, and how to do it so the mass audience can understand. - Julia Beverly

liveshow Event: Oakley Thump 2 release party sponsored by CRUNK!!! Energy Drink, hosted by Lil Jon with a live performance by the Ying Yang Twins Date: October 12th, 2005 Venue: Club Montmontre Location: Los Angeles, CA Photos: Julia Beverly








Ozone Mag #40 - Dec 2005