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Michael Prior Photographer Fetish Diva Midori Performance at L’Erotica





n e t t i K h t i w e g a c e h t in So much to say so little space! Finally no 7 is here! Here we go:

In the wake of Fetish Diva Midori’s Australian tour there has been much discussion and evaluation through out the scene. One of the many important effects the tour has had is to regenerate interest and enthusiasm with those running events and those attending. Taking the positives from the tour, Midori’s professional demeanour and presentation techniques where well worth the wait! Although Australia has an experienced contingent of educators and players the manner in which Midori conducted her workshops was invaluable as far as communicating and presenting goes. For the inexperienced it was a wealth of knowledge, with a twist of humour. For the experienced it was a reuniting with the knowledge and experiences already gained. The verbal presentation was so basically expressed it made you think and associate with yourself and what you do. The scene is vibrant and looking to progress on various aspects including workshops as an after effect of the tour. Thankyou to those involved in every state and to DV8House for the opportunity and of course thankyou to Midori and Kelly. Happy 12th Birthday to Hellfire Sydney ! Congratulations to Master Tom and Ultra for getting the formula right and evolving with the scene and its demands. The new venue, Rogues, is the icing on the cake. We also celebrate the first year of Abode in Melbourne which has been a work in progress for Miss Taelen, The Colonel and staff. A huge personal effort goes in to the Aesthetic presentation and the variety of events offered. (Happy Birthday Miss T!) Skin Two Rubberball what can we say, thankyou the gods are smiling on us, high fetish pervy and world class helping to put Australia on the world scene calendar. A huge effort by the organiser and associates, and I hear their doing it all again soon ????? L’Erotica was the fetish performance spectacular one could only dream of. Kink-E magazine would like to thank the following people who were invaluable in supporting Kink-E’s involvement in the presentation. Your Sutor (Deep pockets) Mistress Laura (never ending stress) jade, Leonie, Vanessa, Michael Prior, Mz Jewel, Sir Markus, Kira, Hellfire Sydney, Sprinkle Magic, Yumi, Azaria, Mary and the Marquise DeSade performers, Sveta, Mandi Rollins, Eugene and without question the triple suspension and hoisting into the depths of Club QBH by Midori. I mustn’t forget my Boi Reddx for putting up with me for the three months of work and obsession I had with the stage show presentation and organising of L’Erotica.. Kink-E Magazine will be presenting an art exhibit and a mini movie festival for the Melbourne Leather Festival in September so please send me an email if your interested. I cant fit anymore in! Until next time Kitten NSW: VIC: QLD: SA:


BDSM BURNOUT! Most of us acknowledge that we live a wonderful lifestyle, that “this which we do” brings a lot of joy, a lot of satisfaction and often a lot of sexual satisfaction (chastity slaves excluded of course!) Why then do we see people drop out of the scene or indeed, why do we ourselves feel like forgetting we’ve ever heard of the scene and retreating under the Doona in the manner of a hibernating Hedgehog?* One of the answers- drop, burnout, fetish fatigue; different names for the same thing. An insidious little side effect of our lifestyle which can hit without warning and which so few of our peers or mentors ever tell us about. So, what is burnout? According to the Oxford Dictionary its the state of being “physically or emotionally exhausted”. Sounds far more like the kind of effect caused by a busy and stressful executive lifestyle. Why would we experience this in a scene geared towards fun, satisfaction and open communication........? Burnout can take different forms or be caused by different factors. Whilst the following isn’t an exhaustive list it does cover the types of burnout I’ve seen or, in some cases, experienced myself. So, what are its many forms? Firstly- the newbie burnout. Person fantasise’s about BDSM for years, plays in relationships maybe, finds public scene, plucks up courage to go out, has a ball, meets new people, goes to everything, is amazed at how open everyone is, wonders why they didn’t do this years ago, decides BDSM scene is so much better than vanilla life and then..... reality sets in.


The discovery that there are people you don’t resonate with, people who are downright dishonorable, people who’s ego needs a serious deflation, people who play the nasty and non consensual types of power games- not too different from real life but in some ways amplified. Isn’t this scene all about consent, about trust, about being a grown up? Aren’t we supposed to be better than “them”, the “vanillas”? Often not!

kink-E I’d guess most of us have been through this one. Our rose tinted specs fall off, we get over the honeymoon phase with BDSM and then start the real work of figuring “how do I work this in with my life.” When it happened to me I took a step back and cut down the kink socialising for a couple of months and made an effort to get out to the ballet, the movies, dinner with non kink friends just to readjust the balance. I have seen some completely cut themselves off and come back months or years later or even not come back at all. Secondly- the variation on newbie burnout, in that you’re no longer a newbie but something happens in your local scene to put you off being involved. You may not stop playing but you decide to explore privately or give up altogether, to not have to deal with the issues or hassles being played out around you. For some this is triggered by a battle of egos amongst “scene identities”, for some its about competition between clubs or social events, for others about a visiting kink “celebrity” and disagreements about how that should work. Though I’m Melbourne based I’d like to stress that these comments are not about Melbourne per se, they’re an amalgam of stories I’ve heard from all over the world. The end result is the same though. Folk committed to the local scene, to the local community end up resentful and burnt out. Easy to walk away and just indulge yourself as opposed to continuing to care about the bigger picture. Thirdly- trying to be super Dom/me. *Grins* been there, done that. The Virgo control freak perfectionist came out when I first met my boy and embarked on my first explicitly stated D/s relationship. I read “everything”, thought about “everything”, prided myself on setting up fantastic scenes and greeting him fetished up when he came to visit (he loved it and why wouldn’t he? Like getting a pro Domme session you haven’t had to pay for!), wanted to do it all the right way. And a year later I was exhausted. Resentful but self aware enough to know that I’d done it to myself. It was the start of negotiations which took the next 18 months to really fine tune the balance between our vanilla and D/s relationships. For a while I didn’t want to play and then when I did he got me in a pink fluffy bathrobe :-) The look on his face was priceless but he’s a bright boy and soon got the message.


E-knik I’ve seen others with the perfectionist streak go through the same thing and vow they’re not going to play again. Most seem ok after a break and some re-evaluation. Or a few bottles of decent vodka.......! Its hard to find information on “Dom/me drop”. For that is what his type of burnout is. When it first happened to me I thought I was odd for surely only submissives drop? There is a wealth of information on sub drop. Lots of theories on whether its physical (eg endorphins) or psychological (eg guilt, or old issues) but very little on when it happens to a Dominant. (Sub drop is not something I’m going to cover here. I know it exists, I know it can cause submissives to feel burnt out and leave the lifestyle. Since I’m not a submissive I don’t feel qualified to talk about it but would welcome responses to Kink-E from submissives who’ve been there, done that.) When Dominant friends have dropped I’ve told them that it does happen and it doesn’t make them a bad Dominant, merely a human one. I do question our community’s reaction to Dom/me drop though, its very rarely talked about. Because Dominants don’t want to lose face or to be judged as weak perhaps? Fourthly- when a relationship breaks up and its unpleasant. Not just unpleasant in the “oh this hurts on both sides but we’re being grown ups” kind of way but the kind of dysfunctional unpleasant. For example someone may have become involved in a D/s relationship with a partner who manipulated them through lies, lies which become more and more outlandish and finally they put aside their blinkers and see that they’ve been played. Aside from the grief, that person may also feel stupid; that everyone would know and be laughing at their stupidity. Reality is that most (if not all people) would feel compassion and sympathy. However in that scenario the “burnt” person often leaves the scene.


Or a relationship breaks up and the person breaking it off is hit with a barrage of phone calls and nasty emails designed to tap into all their soft spots. Given the deep way we give of ourselves in a scene its not too difficult for a relationship or play partner to know just where those “soft spots” are. Such a break up can be intensely hurtful. Short term someone may choose to leave the scene for a little (or a long) while.

kink-E Longer term it can make them wary of becoming involved again or change their behaviour to casual play only. If the relationship breakup has involved a polyamorous partnership then very often the significant others of the pair breaking up become involved and may also long for an out, a breaktheir own burnout caused by the drama bought into their lives. Of course these, and similar, scenarios are not just found in BDSM breakups- they happen out in vanilla life too. My anecdotal research (eg personal history!) suggests the vanilla breakup is a poor relationship to the BDSM one gone bad though. Finally- the burnout when life gets in the way. Work pressures, family issues, illness, study. All the stresses of modern life. As a Dominant I’ve been there. BDSM at times has seemed like another responsibility for me, too hard to construct and play a scene, not enough energy to give out. When that happens we can drop out or we may choose to push through it. I’ve had the experience of going through a really stressful period and as I came out of it I wanted to play again. It was a huge stress release for me and the break actually gave me some time to think about what I wanted to get out of my BDSM life, about the different directions I might want to explore as both a Dominant and a switch. In these types of situations I think burnout and re-entry into BDSM can be cathartic if you can push yourself back into it and learn/grow from the experience. So what to do once burnout hits? Look after yourself first. Do what feels right for you, not what you think others might expect of you. How to re-enter BDSM life? Take your time, do it at your pace and not the pace of anyone else trying to push you. Understand why you felt burnt out in the first place. If you feel guilty for taking time out or that you have been/are being selfish you may well feel resentful getting back into BDSM. As well as being incredibly fulfilling and amazing we have to remember that BDSM can be intense, taps into emotions that are not always near to the surface, that it can be emotional and psychological edge play. Be kind to yourself and be true to yourself always. Ariel 9

E-knik Are you a Bitch Goddess or a Mummy figure? Mistress J ( and Mistress Margaret ( discuss the prototypes. Mistress Margaret: As a Dominatrix, I particularly enjoy sessions with adult babies, cross-dressers, boys needing discipline. Occasionally I even offer sex- education to an ever-grateful nephew. These types of sessions have an element of feminine motherliness and I’m proud to be a Mummy figure. Mistress J: I don’t know what to do with babies, adult or otherwise and I’ve never learned to change a nappy. Give me the leather and the darling men who want to worship at my Bitch Goddess feet. Mistress Margaret: Just as I couldn’t be bitch goddess, Mistress J couldn’t be me, which is a relief for the adult babies of the world. However I have a large clientele and a penchant for using my skill, on the many men of all ages who worship older women. As long as they tremble on the phone at the realisation that I understand their very specific needs, it’s immaterial whether they are 20 or 60 years old. The genuine devotion of this type of man seems so much more sincere than the dutiful adoration of slaves.


Mistress J: Devotion sounds too close to hymn singing for me. I much prefer an adoring slave at my feet or the lingering gazes of a submissive who wants me to control his every thought. As a Bitch Goddess I am aloof, the perfect unattainable women that mere men can only lust after. If they are fortunate I may glace at them without too much of a sneer in my gaze . Mistress Margaret: One of the underestimated skills of the Mummy figure is understanding changing colloquialisms. I have an interest in evolution of language and can recall and use the appropriate language of the era. Many of these sessions are replaying actual events or compensating for what didn’t happen. I had a client yesterday who said he was severely punished by men at his boarding school and longed for feminine love to assuage the pain. So this session was of regression with symbolic activities of love . Mistress J: While I do quite a few over-the-knee spankings and ‘tie and tease’ sessions, the bitch Goddess is both physically close to, but psychologically distant from, her submissives. The only appropriate adjective to use with a Bitch Goddess is ‘perfect’, whether it be describing her feet or her outfit.

kink-E Mistress Margaret: Some critics will argue that being a Mummy Figure is not classic domination. My response is that a male client approached me, exposed his deep hurt and longing, and asked me to take over, use my creativity and make this work. I am in control! While there are many men who seek to cleanse and excite themselves with a Bitch, I suspect there are even more who want to make the world go away in the alluring motherly presence of the quintessential understanding Mummy Figure . Mistress J: Perhaps the major consideration for prototypes is body shape and size. The Mummy Figure tends to be a rounder, maternal looking woman whereas the Bitch Goddess is more likely to be tall, thin and dismissive. I often say that I can’t afford to gain weight simply because I have to stay in my size 10 leather outfits. Mistress Margaret: One of my standard ensembles as a Mummy Figure is flowered print dresses. I had to drag Mistress J into Dolina’s when we went shopping together in Sydney. She was frightened by the ‘aunty’, frocks hanging in the window. Another client favourite is full length, silky gowns, worn with black stilettos Mistress J: Mistress Margaret doesn’t have to worry about me copying her style as the mere thought of a frilly dress is enough to make this Bitch Goddess break out into a red rash. No, my standard attire is a Little Black Dress that I could just as easily wear in the Boardroom. In fact, I often wear my work dresses out for dinner. Mistress Margaret: Attitude is the most important attribute of being a Mummy Figure. You have to be able to radiate empathy and instil confidence in your adult babies and cross-dressers. Mistress J: Empathy is sweet, but fear is far more powerful. A Bitch Goddess had to ensure that her slaves and submissives are always somewhat apprehensive of what she may do next. Not knowing if they are going to get ‘six of the best’ or a soft stroke of the hand is wonderful motivation to keep them on their best behaviour. In their next column, Mistress J and Mistress Margaret will discuss how to pick your style and develop the persona that goes with the Bitch Goddess or the Mummy Figure.

So You Want to be a Mistress?


Journey Bound By David Lawrence

As a self-taught rigger, my journey began watching a rope bondage demonstration at a local fetish event in Philadelphia. I was captivated by the beauty and the intensity of the ties hence, my interest was immediately peaked. Having a love for art and a strong creative side, I knew instantly that this art form was one that I would explore.

After doing research on the Internet, I was further inspired by other riggers, such as Master K, Osada Steve, Lew Rubens, Lochai, and Midori whose book “The Art of Japanese rope Bondage” I purchased. I briefly studied the information but realized that hands-on experience would be far more effective. I purchased some rope and with a great deal of tying practice on pillows and of course my slave judy my enthusiasm for rope bondage emerged. It became an integral part of my personal play.

With photography being both my profession and passion, it didn’t take long for me to realize that capturing the aesthetics of rope bondage on film would be spectacular. It was then that I combined my two passions. I first photographed slave judy and the outcome was quite successful. I then began photographing other models and continued to achieve phenomenal results. The images were stunning. The recognition and compliments of my work followed which further fueled my artistic energy.

In only 18 months my accomplishments in this realm far surpassed my expectations. My photographs have been featured in Skin 2 Magazine, I had a photograph chosen for the cover of Secret Magazine Issue 25 along with a 6 page spread, my work has been exhibited in several galleries, and will be featured at other shows and events, I have done rope bondage demos and will be teaching workshops, and my most exciting project to date is the upcoming release of my first book “Bound”. “BOUND Shibari Style Impressions” is being published by Secret Magazine and can be ordered from their web site (www.

My work has been acknowledged around the world and my love for this wonderful and artistic medium will continue to grow and expand indefinitely. I am currently working on my next big project which is rope on location…the theme of my second book. Thank you, my audience for your appreciation of my work. If you want to correspond with me directly you can reach me via my web site at



The reality and responsibility of kink?

So you finally met someone online amidst the sea of penis pictures and endless wanker emails, the demands of calling all and sundry Sir or Master and the tireless virtual spankings (personally the virtual nipple clamps are a favourite) and the relationship is going perfectly. Now you decide to take it away from the computer and into reality? Relationships that seemed to work beautifully when limited to chat rooms, email, and the telephone suddenly become confused when two kinky people start to live together in a more intense and demanding partnership. Cyber land teaches us that dominating and submitting are easy and are almost always fun. All one needs to do to be an admired dominant is to know what phrases to say at what times. Even I, a female without any dominant desires, could, by assuming a false on-line persona, easily have a huge stable of submissives kneeling before me and vying for my attention, simply because I know the right words to say. Submissives who have only recently discovered or decided to pursue their sexuality are, as a rule, so sexually and emotionally needy for control, any kind of control, that they fall right over if you assume a stern, forceful demeanor in their presence and issue the sorts of orders that you read about on some internet site. Then, in public, they repeat all the standard doctrines accepted by the BDSM community as the highest wisdom. These are easy to learn and in no time they are rattling off terms such as, “safe, sane, and consensual” and “the best Doms started out as subs” they will soon get a rep as a wise, respected and loving dominant.


It’s incredibly easy to dominate or submit to someone from a distance. It’s so easy, in fact, that many dominants have discovered that if they put on this act, they can have as many no-strings-attached slaves as they like. Likewise, submissives find that their act has them chased by Dominants who would lavish them in the affection and demands they desire. The problem comes when these people begin, as they often do, to believe their own propaganda and start to consider themselves to be


kink-E knowledgeable super doms or subs, even though they’ve never had any experience in controlling anyone, or being controlled, in real life. They begin to believe that domination and submissiveness in real life is identical to the virtually effortless fantasy play that they conduct on line or over the phone. They consider themselves to be qualified. Actually to dominate someone who lives with you requires much, much more from you than the ability to create a sexy fantasy on a computer screen or to assume a stern tone or to issue commands over the phone or in email to an always compliant and willing part-time submissive who spends the majority of her largely independent life without you. To dominate someone full-time and in person requires a lot of very hard work on the dominant’s part; a successful dominant does this hard work because the rewards, for him, are worth it. It also requires information, even wisdom, about what both dominant and submissive must do to make this sort of relationship work.


To dominate a submissive successfully, even an obedient one, requires an ability to cope with numerous emotional issues, resistances, and confusions in one’s submissive partner. Even the deepest submissive can have tremendous difficulties. A failure to recognise this, or to deal with these things when they pop up from time to time is a failure as a dominant. No matter how submissive a person is, being a submissive within a relationship takes training and experience. The most willing and compliant submissive isn’t born knowing instinctively how to serve or how to put her Master’s needs first. In fact, she’s taught from childhood to be independent and wilful. Overcoming a lifetime of conditioning takes lots of time; and nothing in the easy fantasy play that people do on line or over the telephone prepares them for the difficulties of actual, real-life daily obedience. The only way a submissive learns to be a good submissive is through practice, through making mistakes and learning from them, through talking over what goes wrong with a knowledgeable and patient dominant, and through informed assistance from her dominant partner. When that dominant partner disappears at times of crisis the submissive is left to struggle and pick up the pieces. A dominant therefore needs to have a level of emotional and psychological maturity in order to truly be capable of taking responsibility for someone else’s life.

Getting back at a resistant or upset submissive by withdrawing from her physically or emotionally or through angry punishment or emotional rages of your own simply ensures that your relationship quickly becomes conventional in terms of power. There are some minimum attributes which any dominant needs in order to make a real power-exchange relationship work. These are qualities which every submissive person must look for in the dominant when they meet. The dominant must be able to demonstrate, to show you, that he actually has these attributes. Learning whether your dominant meets these basic requirements takes time and submissives who rush into


E-knik relationships without taking the time to determine the quality of the person they are agreeing to submit to often pay dearly for it later. The qualities of a good dominant are self-control, emotional maturity and responsibility. Self control means not being self indulgent. Understanding that a submissives bursts of anger and down right tantrums are in fact a reflection of her own problems in dealing with her submission. Learning not to act with anger, personal affront, hurt, or defensiveness--when she behaves in a resisting or manipulative way, is part of selfcontrol. Instead of overreacting, a self-controlled dominant will rationally and over time devise workable strategies based on his intimate knowledge of his submissive that discourage the behaviour and attitudes he dislikes. People who only imagine that they are dominants and who are suddenly thrust into the position of having to control a real human being face-to-face, often need to deal with a very real and imposing question. That is; what it is that the dominant gets out of the relationship besides hard work and grief? An actual dominant never wonders this in any serious sense. He knows what he wants to get out of a power-exchange relationship, and he makes sure, despite the difficulties, that he gets it. A dominant must actually be dominant, must actually have a strong enough will to get his needs met, to insist that he gets what he wants out of the relationship. He must ensure that he is not manipulated by clever tricks of an insecure submissive, no matter how desperate her attempts. In addition, to someone who is genuinely dominant, overcoming the submissive’s resistance in a way that enhances the relationship for both of them is something that, despite his dislike of the actual resistance, he relishes, as in the long run it enhances his control. Someone who is dependent upon another person and who exists only to please that person has to know that her dominant is reliable and consistent. A dominant isn’t trustworthy just because he says he is. He’s trustworthy when he proves to you, with consistent actions over a long period of time, that he does what he says he is going to do and when he says he will do it, that he tells you the truth and doesn’t deceive you, that you can come to him with your problems, whatever those problems may be, and rely on him to lend a sympathetic ear and not to reject you just because those problems make him feel insecure, confused, or upset. Owning someone for life is a very serious venture. When you control another person and can do anything to her that you want to, you have a great responsibility toward her. You control this person absolutely, and, assuming that you love your slave/submissive, you must make sure that the things that you do, or don’t do, are not harmful or damaging to her/him. You have to think first, and carefully, before you speak out in anger. You have to consider how each action you take or decision you make affects your submissive as well as yourself. You have to anticipate how your sub will react to certain things before you commit to them. You are the one in the driver’s seat, you are the one navigating the way and it is you that controls the brake and accelerator pedals.



kink-E BIMBO RAMA! Bimbo Rama! These amazing cupie dolls were made by Tanya from L&D’s and donated for auction by L&D’s to raise money for Parkinson’s Disease. The bidding was ferocious and they sold separately for the highest price raising nearly $2000 ! Congratulations Wayne and Tanya.

BODYLINE Complete Body Care Centre Unit 10, 13-21 Thomas Street Yarraville * Discreet on site parking * Private ensuites * Six minutes from CBD PHONE: 03 9314 6551 PCA 4141BE, PCA 4142BE



The “acceptable� Kink What is about feet and shoes that make them the acceptable kink? You can walk them naked along a beach or scantily clad in high heel sandals in the street and no one will raise an eyebrow or realize just how kinky you are! The devoted foot fetishist will voyeur feet. Foot lovers are stimulated visually and will gaze at feet. Many get quite depressed as summer ends and those delicacies are covered. Most foot fethisists find both aesthetic and sexual pleasure from feet. Points of attraction include the size of the foot, curve of the arch and instep, the length and straightness of the toes, the texture and complexion of the skin, contours of the heel and ankle, the softness of the sole, and if possible, even the foot odour. Feet have sweat glands that release pheromones designed to be sexually attractive. Each segment of the foot (or perhaps shoe) is an exquisite part to kiss, caress, lick and fondle. Foot lovers enjoy relatively gentle, pleasing scenes that concentrate on soft caresses and worship. They revel in the sensuality of the object of their desires. We all rub our feet when there are sore. My first real experience with a foot lover started as a foot rub after walking in boots all day. I groaned as I fell back on the couch. He asked if I was having trouble breaking in my new boots and offered to rub them for me. I gladly agreed, my feet were aching. The first thing I noticed was the reverent way he knelt down and the caring way he held my foot. He drew the zipper down, below my ankle and tugged the boot off my foot ever so slowly. My feet were a bit stinky and I


kink-E apologised. But he insisted that it was not a problem and that I had really nice feet. I had never really thought much about feet. To think that they could be attractive to someone and as it transpired, a real turn on was new to me. As he massaged his head was drawn closer and closer to my toes. By this stage my feet felt so good I was just putty in his hands. So when he finally put his mouth around my toes, licking and sucking. I didn’t think it odd at all. It all just seemed a natural extension. I had not noticed that my other foot was now resting on his thigh and with one hand cradling my left foot and ankle, his other hand gently slid my right foot up to his, by now quite hard crotch…. Well by the end I had given my first foot job. So now I do admire a committed foot fetishist and love my feet to be massaged and pampered. I hate being tickled! There are thousands of nerve endings located at the bottom of the feet. These nerve endings lead to various parts of the body and a good foot massage by a skilled fetishist can release *endorphins. The foot is a very tactile organ which gives sensual pleasure to both partners. (*Endorphins are the brain’s chemical messengers. Similar to the drug morphine, endorphins block the transmission of pain impulses from one neuron to another and have a calming or euphoric effect upon the body.) Aesthetically and physiologically I can see how feet are eloquently designed. It still intrigues me why they are objects of sexual desire. There are many different reasons for their addiction but the following comment from a foot lover is typical: “l have had this fetish for as long as l can remember, to me the sensual curve of the upper foot that leads down to well manicured toes with a high arch and well rounded heel encased in a strappy sandal that shows the foot in all it glory with a shiny metal stiletto heel is the ultimate for me. .. I don’t know why, that’s just how it gets.”


E-knik I was already interested in shoes and boots from a fashion and artistic sense, but prefer comfort in my everyday shoes. After all feet are precious! So my fetish for shoes and boots are for more elaborate “Fetish” shoes. I am quite short and love to be taller with platforms and high stiletto heels. Shoes and boots can empower you or make you more submissive. As a Mistress, I adore the sound of rhythmic taps and clicks when walking in heels. Oh and sexy stockings with seams, and stomping boots menacingly close to a bowed slaves heal and fingers. I am excited by slaves in bondage heels that restrict movement, a wonderful way of enslaving a submissive. Shoes can be so artistic. There are just too many colours and styles for one person, unless you’re Imelda Marcos. I have decided to be more altruistic and share my joy of shoes with others. It is no good if such shoes are too expensive to enjoy and in the past the cost of fetish shoes has been outrageous. On line shopping and ebay has helped. Several Melbourne businesses are importing fetish shoes. I am importing “Pleaser” shoes which can be seen (At first it was so that crossdressers could enjoy gorgeous shoes in large sizes. However all of the range is available. Now I have the joy of trailing my fingers over racks of shoes and boots waiting for the right person to enjoy. So although I love to wiggle my toes in the fresh air and spot the kink-e foot lovers, as they scan the footpath. I say, “see you next summer” toes and hello shoes with stockings and boots, yummy! Every season is a win, win situation as far as I am concerned.


20 BDSMGetting2KnowU cherryCherry 0418863311




S S A L G F O T R A E H Glass dildos have possibly been around since glass was first blown, and are now going through a renaissance. Play it cool or warm, fast or gentle, a glass dildo can be highly sensational. Glass has some fantastic properties and apart from being inflexible they have similar properties to high quality silicone toys in terms of sexual safety. Like silicone, glass is non porous and therefore does not absorb body fluids. Glass dildos are shatterproof and will not break whilst being used internally. If you drop it on concrete however, it probably will. The glass can be cooled on ice or heated in hot water, easily cleaned, and yes, for you CSI fans, they are dishwasher safe, as are good quality silicone toys. This makes them suitable for vaginal and anal play. The glass is rigid, which means that as the vaginal and/or sphincter muscles move over the glass surface, you can feel a lot. We recommend using a good water based lubricant, like Probe, with your glass toy, and you can also use oil based lubes such as the certified organic Nude, as the glass will not absorb the lubricant.


Glass toys have become increasingly popular for anal play and can be combined with vaginal penetration for women and clitoral stimulation. For male anal play, some of the toys have curves and knobs for delicious prostate stimulation. Innuendo, an effective natural muscle relaxant designed specifically for anal sex, complements these glass dildos along with lube.


kink-E You will have to be more careful when using glass toys as the lack of flexibility means that vigorous play could cause some bruising. If you want some more vigorous action have a D.VICE silicone dildo or butt plug on hand as these are flexible and safe to use. In short, for those of you who wish to get to know your lover from the inside out, with a fairly straight glass dildo you can insert, shine a torch at the base of the dildo and look down through the length of the dildo. The glass dildos come in G-Spot and fairly straight shapes and were only in the $250-$700 range. D.VICE has three styles on offer priced between $90 and $110. You can check them out online at D.VICE is a women owned sex toy company specialising in Quality Sex Gear For Adventurous Everyday People. You can purchase online, from the Melbourne store 2-4 Bridge Rd Richmond, or for a free catalogue call 03 9427 0889. Host a D.VICE Party, a great way to check out and purchase the latest in sex toys in your own home! (Available in greater Melbourne and outer suburbs)


Peter Felix Kurtz has photographed some of the most dynamic personalities in the European fetish and BDSM scene and now Australia’s own Mistress Electra A’more and Mistress Ursula. Kurtz has traditionally focused on professionals from the BDSM scene, who he considers to be fellow image-makers themselves, although in recent years he has increasingly worked with commercial organisations (designers, manufacturers, video and pay-web producers) both within and without the scene. “Many of my close friends are professional dominatrices, or BDSM players, who have fantastic three-dimensional personalities,” explains Kurtz. This was incredibly helpful in his early career. “I started out with a supply of willing, energetic, intelligent models. We were able to bounce ideas off each other. It provided an intense creative and intellectual dynamic.” This factor is self-evident in the photographs and gives an obvious and genuine authenticity to the images, which all but the most naïve viewer can appreciate. Influenced greatly by painting rather than photography (particularly the German Expressionist movement), Kurtz has developed an intense exploration of a genre of alternative sensuality which was not-too-long-ago an underground sub-culture, but has now virtually become highstreet mainstream. “I still think of myself as a fine artist who works with a camera, although I am aware that this can sound pompous and conceited, which I am certainly not,” expounds Kurtz. “I shoot in so many different conditions. Sure, I like the studio. It’s easy. You can control everything. But I also love to work on location: outdoors, in SM studios, in domestic settings. The location can imbue an image with fantastic ambience and an almost tangible atmosphere.” Always intrigued by the interplay between people and architecture, Kurtz also likes to work outdoors. Sometimes an alienating stark contrast, sometimes an embracing coupling, the relationship between model and their surroundings is an important element in Kurtz work. “Shooting outdoors in Europe, especially in London, is problematic. The weather is the greatest factor, which can be constantly changeable by the minute. People (bystanders) are always great fun and good-natured, though. I did a shoot with Electra A’more at the Bank of England. The driver of a double-decker stopped his bus (with passengers onboard) and watched the shoot for about fifteen minutes. A similar shoot at Tower Bridge with Nina Birch (in impossible weather and light conditions!) drew a crowd of hundreds, all taking their own photographs.” Kurtz also attracts our attention to, and elevates, the almost taken-for-granted, elements of fetish: rope, buckles, gasmasks. His homage to ‘American Beauty’ (a naked, lifeless model on a bed of gasmasks, the yellow rose of Texas decorating her crotch) is a reminder that outside the cosseted fetish scene we live in a world that is not-so-perfect. “People keep asking me if it was a political, or anti-war statement. I created an enigmatic image, which I am happy for people to interpret. If it provokes a reaction, and creates a dialogue about art, society, and politics, then that’s great. But on one level, it can just be viewed as a beautiful image.” There is indeed a beauty in Kurtz’ photographs that combines fine art with technical ability. “It’s all about vision and versatility. Your instinct and creative flair have to drive your artistic and technical skills. You need to be au fait with all sides of the dice.” Kink-E Magazine is proud to offer a limited edition of prints for sale. Please email for further information. Peter Felix Kurtz

peter felix kurtz

Fetish Diva Midori’s Amazing Performance


Sprinkle Magic

Azaria Universe

Your Sutor DV8House

Yumi Umiumare

Mistress of the microphoneJewel

Marquise DeSade






400 Brunswick St Fitzroy VIC 3065 Phone 03 9417 5399 Purveyers to the discerning of Gothic, Fetish, Cyber and Alternative clothing and accessories.

Business Hours: Wed 11am - 5:30pm Thu: 11am - 5:30pm Fri: 11am - 8pm Sat: 11am - 7pm Sun: 12noon - 5pm Closed Monday and Tuesday


E-knik Discipline in D/s Dynamics Discipline and control are two words that have a huge bearing on a D/s dynamic - the two are the basic elements for the success of the relationship between a Dom and a sub. If we think about a horse and rider in the dressage arena, executing the beautiful, fluid movements that make up the test, we can see a perfect example of what discipline and control can produce between two living beings. There has to be complete communication between the horse and rider, which can only be achieved by total discipline and control. The horse must submit to the rider - it must accept the discipline needed to learn the test, and it must be controlled in order to complete the test. When a dressage test is executed correctly, there should be no obvious movements from the rider - only smooth and co-ordinated changes in gait, as horse and rider move through the test together. Therefore, when discipline and control are used correctly in the dynamics between the horse and rider, they become one entity, one being, and not two separate bodies. We can see that discipline is very strongly connected to control. Is it possible to have one without the other? Not really, because the control is needed to enforce the discipline. In a D/s relationship, discipline and control are essential elements, the control is the basis for the relationship, and the discipline is needed in order for the sub to learn the correct behaviour. What does “discipline” really mean? The dictionary defines discipline in several different ways: * To train by instruction and practice, * Controlled behaviour resulting from disciplinary training. * Control obtained by enforcing a compliance or order. * To teach to obey rules or accept authority * To produce a specific character or pattern of behaviour, especially training that produces moral or mental improvement. * A state of order based on submission to rules and authority - for example - a teacher who demands discipline in the classroom. *A punishment intended to correct or train - to enforce obedience. The word, in simple terms, means to teach or train another being to follow a particular way, and to enforce that training, to ensure obedience. We know that control means to exert an influence over something or someone, so how do discipline and control fit into a D/s relationship? The sub needs the discipline and control in her life in order to obey - she needs to know the rules, learn the behaviour and accept that there will be consequences if she is disobedient. How does a sub learn what is expected? Through discipline and control, and, just like the horse and rider competing in the dressage arena, when the discipline and control given by the Master is accepted by the sub, the relationship between the two runs smoothly. Eventually, the sub knows what is expected of her in any given situation and she will behave accordingly. She has learned her lessons through discipline, and because of the control her Master has, to enforce those lessons.


What does discipline mean to me and how does it affect my relationship with my Master? To me, discipline can mean punishment, but mostly it is about learning correct behaviour.


Written by kim Property of Master Joe


When I was a child, discipline always meant punishment. I was a very naughty, rebellious little girl, and spent a lot of time “waiting till my dad came home from work”! He was the disciplinarian in our household – I was always sent to “the naughty room” (which my eldest sister renamed, “kim’s other room”) – it was a small space, like a walk in pantry, and I would sit on the pile of ironing, just waiting for the sound of his car in the driveway, and the back door as my mother went out to tell him of my latest misdemeanor. I was also a rebellious teenager, and was always in trouble at school, and at home.

In my last D/s relationship, discipline was always about punishment, never about learning things - apart from the lesson that if I misbehaved I would be whipped or spanked. It was a strict relationship in many ways, there were rules that I broke so many times, and I wonder if I did that for the reward of being physically punished – at times I am certain I did. Things like not sending a text message unless I received one first, would earn me 5 lashes with a whip. Poking out my tongue, or pulling a face, answering back, those things earned me spankings, or the belt – and also gave me a reputation of being a bratty sub. I realise now that I was craving his attention, and I learned that I got it, by misbehaving. I like being spanked, the more I misbehaved, the more I got spanked. My Master does not use that sort of discipline as punishment, He is more likely to set a task such as an essay, or lines, or stand me in a corner for an hour (or more). Even worse, if I was really disobedient, I am aware that punishment could mean not seeing Him for a certain amount of days, or weeks. So, in this relationship, discipline is definitely more about learning - for example - I have learned that misbehaving will not get me what I want. I have learned that when I get a drink for Master, I often serve it Gorean style, but if not then I must serve it from His right, and try to place it so that He can pick it up without having to twist the handle around. I have learned that when I sit at His feet, I must not sit “indian style”(unless I ask permission first) I have learned to “languish” that is, to sit with my feet to one side, and knees together. I have learned other things too, like when we are out, where I must walk, and stand, in relation to Master, and that can change depending on who is with us at the time. This then, is discipline, learning the correct behaviour, to please Him and behave in the manner expected. My relationship with Master is, without question, a dictatorship. He makes the rules, and I obey them without hesitation. He teaches through discipline, the way He wishes me to behave, and reinforces that teaching through the control He has over me. I want to be disciplined, I want to be controlled, I need those elements in my life. This is without doubt, the most fulfilling and complete relationship I have ever had. The feeling of being owned, being Master’s property to discipline how and when He wishes, is indescribable. I am totally secure and trust Him to always know what is best for me. My Master allows me to be myself and have my own personality within the bounds of my submission to Him. He does that through discipline and control.




An occasional column on Leather, Rubber/Latex and BDSM


I’ll be away when you read this, so I’ve decided to offer a series of small bits and pieces of advice, written by Peter Masters. These are called ‘Niblets’, which are small bites of information designed to educate, stimulate and challenge your ideas and practices in erotic sex. Peter produces the website: from which the content of this column has been taken and slightly edited. To subscribe (and also un-subscribe), send an e-mail to: “master@master.webcentral.” with a subject line of “subscribe niblet”. He also moderates the Australian BDSM Information Site , which provides details of a range of organisations and activities as a resource list for those into BDSM. He is the Australian author of the excellent, internationally-acclaimed workbook: Look into My Eyes. It’s all about helping you to enhance Sex and BDSM through the use of Trance. I strongly recommend this book to you if you have a play partner whom you trust implicitly, and with whom you want to share in a journey which will extend your boundaries and limits in your play. You can purchase it through the OUT! Bookshops, or Eagle Leather in Australia. Now, here is a selection of recent Niblets to give you some idea of what comes out on the list. I find them often thought-provoking and rarely irrelevant. I hope you will, too. RESPECT Along with the BDSM motto “Safe, Responsible and Consensual”, I like to also consider as key words: Trust, Caring and Respect. In regard to these latter three words, it isn’t enough to simply not do the wrong thing, people need to see you doing the *right* thing. FLOGGING If you are into flogging or caning there are parts of the body that you *don’t* want to hit. Don’t aim for any of the soft flesh around the waist - front or back. Underneath this soft flesh are many relatively unprotected organs like the kidney, and it’s bad news to break them. Don’t aim for any joints - like knees, ankles, elbows and wrists. Don’t aim for the head or neck. The, er, “best” places to aim are buttocks, calves, thighs, upper back and shoulders, forearms and upper arms. VERBALIZATION AND DISTRACTION When talking to someone who is highly focussed on the activities at hand - like your submissive - getting him to answer complex questions can distract him and bring him out of whatever happy little space he’s in. Complex questions can even be such simple sounding ones as: “How are you feeling?” These require a high level of brain activity to both work out an answer and to form the sentences to answer. When you really need to know something without spoiling what’s going on for your submissive, use simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ type questions. Even better, avoid verbalization - which is a fairly high-level function of the brain - and use easy movements, maybe hand or arm gestures, with simple pre-agreed meanings (like “yes”, “no”, “go faster”, “go slower”, etc.) BONDAGE SAFETY In case your submissive gets a cramp, starts to feel faint (if tied in a vertical position) or begins to have blood circulation problems (eg. her extremities - hands, feet, etc. - become tingly, numb, cold, or start turning blue), you need to be able to get her out of bondage as quickly as possible. Here are some tips:


1) If you’re using ropes it’s a good idea to one of those wonderful Rope Cutters that Eagle Leather sells, or a pair of bandage scissors handy. The former is designed to slip easily across the skin surface, the latter have rounded tips so you can slip them between the skin and the rope easily. Both are very sharp. Don’t worry about damaging your precious rope in case of an emergency. You can always buy a new one. Good bondage bottoms, though, are harder to replace.




By Michael Masterson


2) Try and use quick-release knots. 3) If you’re using chains and padlocks, keep *multiple* keys handy. Having just one key is asking for trouble. Finally, 4) Never leave someone in bondage alone – not even for just a few seconds. She is depending on you to be there if something goes wrong. WHAT’S THE POINT OF RITUAL? Let’s assume that there’s a submissive who likes to please. What use is it for the dominant to give him rituals? • Does it provide a range of actions and behaviour in which the submissive feels secure? • Does it provide the dominant with a framework for knowing when to apply discipline? • Does it give the submissive an outlet for his desire to serve? • Does it serve as a reinforcement of the submissive’s “place” (in the order of things)? HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHAT MAKES A GOOD MASTER OR MISTRESS? Is it because he knows how to take control? Is it because she knows how to use control? Is it because he has a certificate? Is it because she can guide her slave “forward”? And, if so, where exactly is “forward”? Is it his level of understanding of himself? Is it her level of understanding of her slave? Is it his level of commitment? Is it because she hungers for control? Is it because he is aware of the consequences of his actions and can manipulate outcomes safely? NEGOTIATION Usually, before any sort of BDSM activities begin, there is a phase of negotiation and agreement on what is, and is *not* to happen. One item that often is the source of confusion is “no sex”. What is “no sex”? Is it: 1) No anal penetration? 2) No penetration with the fingers? 3) No masturbation or touching/caressing of the genitals? 4) No touching of the nipples? 5) No removing of clothes? 6) No sexual comments or suggestions?7) Other? When negotiating about “no sex” make sure you make *your* definition absolutely clear to your partner. NEW BONDAGE GROUP FORMED IN MELBOURNE M.O.R.E. is Melbourne’s Own Restraint Enthusiasts. Bondage often requires more extensive skills development and intricate play than some other areas of BDSM, and M.O.R.E. was formed for those who already know they are hooked on bondage to develop their play in the company of like-minded adults. It provides opportunities for Play, Adventure (including outdoors bondage and weekends away), and Education. Where possible, separate activity spaces are provided for men only, women only, and men and women together, plus a common chill pout area. As a private group it avoids the legalistics, but has devised an application process to ensure only those who are really into bondage make it into the group. It’s not a group for the curious or uncommitted to try their luck. If you are in or able to visit Melbourne regularly and want to be considered for membership, e-mail au; or send a letter to M.O.R.E., c/- PO Box 202, Abbotsford Vic 3067; or phone (03) 9419 4509 and leave your details at Eagle Leather for a M.O.R.E. person to contact you (temporary phone arrangement). COMING UP – PARTIES, SEMINARS AND EVENTS WHICH MIGHT INTEREST YOU: • Thursday 19 May – Handball Loving, an Introduction to Fisting (seminar), Eagle Leather, Melbourne. • Saturday, 21 May – Inquisition Leather Dance Party, Sydney. • Thursday 2 June – Tops & Bottoms - an Introduction to BDSM (seminar), Eagle Leather, Melbourne. • Sunday, 12 June Queen’s Birthday eve) – Redemption Leather Dance Party, Melbourne. • Saturday, 25 June – i.D. Dance Party for men, Melbourne (i.D. stands for intimate & Dirty!). • Melbourne Leather Festival, 26 August-19 September. • If you are interested in having any seminars or workshops run in your city/town/group, contact Brian @ Eagle Leather to discuss your needs. Phone (03) 9419 4509 or e-mail Discussions are in train regarding some possible seminars in Adelaide during the Feast festival in November – watch this space for details. ASK THE MASTER You can have questions answered, topics addressed, and both new and existing groups supported through this column. Write to me, Michael Masterson, c/- Kink-E. Or e-mail me at I’ll see what I can do to help you.



Written by Whim with editing assistance from Ben, photos by Leah, David and Fabian.


On Friday 25th of February, the Mega Bar was host to a new and exciting club experience, whit3nois3. As the name would imply this was primarily a noise club, with musical programming by our hosts, Rei-in and Silt. Previous to whit3nois3 they had overseen a private party called Black Fantasia, which had been raved about by those lucky enough to be in attendance. There was much speculation as to whether or not whit3nois3 could live up to, let alone surpass, Black Fantasia’s fun filled night of grinding beats and frantic dancing. Fortunately, we were not to be disappointed. Even at the early hour venue was already late night socialites dancing, drinking merriment, and all found in abundance. music was too good to minutes of entering, abandoned the idea of corners to leap onto and strut their stuff. labeled a “noise night”, greatly impressed by accessibility of the from the deranged Knifehandchop, Venetian Snare, PIG) more mainstream Kompressor, KMFDM, Panzer AG), there was for everybody, with the styles executed in a This was not to be a brain melting from

of midnight, the jumping. These had come for and general three were to be For many, the resist, and within many had already loitering in the the dance floor Although it is this reviewer was the variety and selection. Varying ( C o nve r t e r, Nasenbluten, to the somewhat (Rammstein, VelvetAcid Christ, something here segueing between superior manner. night of negative noise overload.

For those who prefer socialising and observing the fashions on show, there was also plenty to enjoy. There was a strong party vibe in the atmosphere, with many fascinating conversations over drinks, in stairwells and even in the restrooms. And while one danced or conversed, one could happily observe the eye candy that was on offer, with miles of tight PVC, fishnet, corsetry, lace, satin and finely worked cosmetics on display. Most had chosen to go with flexibility, in order to best dance the night away, loose fitting pants covered in buckles and zips and tops consisting of very little, and even one fine example of a skin tight cat suit. Midway through the night, Velvet Acid Christ’s Fun With Drugs was played, causing many to remember the passing of the legendary Hunter S Thompson, and to comment that it was indeed a fitting wake for such a figure, a mad and wild ride of a night.


The next whit3nois3 will be held at the Mega Bar on Friday the 20th of May and promises to be a larger and more exciting event than the first. Tickets will be $6 at the door. The organisers currently working on the concept of an amalgamation of preprogrammed set lists and live DJ sets. Also, plans are in the works to make use of the screens at the mega bar, with a selection of visuals to suit the atmosphere.


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PURGATORY theDungeon introduces Sunday afternoon play sessions in our new, fully equipped Dungeon. DAYTIME PLAYTIME NIGHTIME SESSIONS 2pm til 8pm 7pm til Midnight * Sunday 8th May * Sunday 24th April * Sunday 19th June * Sunday 22nd May * Sunday 5th June PURGATORY theDungeon offers some BDSM fun for everyone, with what we think, is Melbourne’s best Dungeon. We welcome the curious, offer unrivalled facilities to the experienced and our Dungeons are available for private hire. We only ask that you have a genuine interest in BDSM. Visit our website to keep up to date with our Guest Masters and Mistresses who attend and demonstrate their specialties to ensure you have a wonderful time. Also, we are having a Buy, Swap & Sell on Sunday 12th June. Sellers arrive at 12pm, Buyers 1pm til 4pm. Please call 0425

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E-knik How to use a checklist. Checklists are not only for submissives, they can be just as applicable to Dominants. Instead of the particular column referring to what you would like or dislike being done to you, you can fill it out from the perspective of what you would like or dislike to do to someone. Switches may need to fill out two separate lists if some subjects overlap. There any number of examples of checklists available and they all have their own good points. They can be either printed and filled out by hand, or kept in electronic format. Some checklists are extremely lengthy and detailed and others can be short, lacking in specifics. Although the longer ones are time consuming, they do cover almost all the bases. It would be a shame to miss something special through lack of foresight. When do I fill one out? The eternal question… to do or not to do… Filling out a checklist does not mean that you have to show it to anyone else, often it can be a self-realising experience to fill it out, then look back over the whole thing and see where you are. It can be enlightening to look back on a number of years later and see what has changed during your journey. When you are ready to negotiate a relationship with that potential Dominant or submissive, and you feel that you won’t be putting yourself at risk by exposing too much to that person, take the time to sit down and discuss the details contained in your checklist.


The following is a list of links to various checklists in no particular order;


How do we communicate that need to participate in something that is a little different? I suppose we could just use the old-fashioned method and talk, but that often leads to misunderstandings and unless you rehearse a soliloquy soliloquy,, you are sure to forget something. Nothing can surpass open and honest exchange of ideas, wants and needs, but a checklist can be a useful tool. It can be great resource for self-evaluation and very beneficial when it comes to negotiating with a prospective Dominant or submissive.

What is a checklist? A checklist is just that… a list of various kinks, BDSM activities, and interests. It has corresponding columns for you to check your level of experience and/or interest. Usually there is an area to mark whether you have any experience in that specific kink and a zero to five scale to establish your level of interest in each activity. Zero is either a hard limit or absolutely no interest, one indicates that it doesn’t do anything for you, three indicates a moderate level of interest/curiosity, and five means that this is high on your ‘to do’ [or to be done to me] list. Other details you could add to your checklist are such things as possible health concerns, your personal safeword, your bdsm and sexual orientation, any hard limits [things you won’t even consider], and any other limiting factors. 39

E-knik Mistress Cleo

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Contact Mistress J about the Domina Reform School (for good girls who’d rather be bad) on (02) 8300-0631 or 0425-716-744


HUSH NOW Functions by Mistress Tan 103 Smith St, Collingwood every friday fortnight 0415 487 655

E-knik abode – ‘happenings’ for may/june 2005 FRI 13 MAY – N-TICE (A NIGHT OF SEXUAL EXPRESSION) SAT 14 MAY – SINTHETIC (FETISH, PLAY & DANCE) SUN 15 MAY – FEMME FATALE (STRICTLY GIRLS ONLY) FRI 20 MAY – ABODE LOUNGE (MEMBERS & GUESTS) SAT 21 MAY – ABODE LOUNGE (MEMBERS & GUESTS) FRI 27 MAY – ABODE LOUNGE (MEMBERS & GUESTS) SAT 28 MAY – CONFESSIONAL: 8PM – 12MIDNIGHT (FULL BDSM) / SINFUL: 12MIDNIGHT – LATE (BDSM & DANCE) FRI 3 JUNE – TONGUE ‘N’ GROOVE (MAINLY GIRLS & THEIR FRIENDS) SAT 4 JUNE – ABODE LOUNGE (MEMBERS & GUESTS) FRI 10 JUNE – N-TICE (A NIGHT OF SEXUAL EXPRESSION) SAT 11 JUNE – SINTHETIC (FETISH, PLAY & DANCE) FRI 17 JUNE – ABODE LOUNGE (MEMBERS & GUESTS) SAT 18 JUNE – ABODE LOUNGE (MEMBERS & GUESTS) SUN 19 JUNE – FEMME FATALE (STRICTLY GIRLS ONLY) FRI 24 JUNE – ABODE LOUNGE (MEMBERS & GUESTS) SAT 25 JUNE – CONFESSIONAL: 8PM – 12MIDNIGHT (FULL BDSM) / SINFUL: 12MIDNIGHT – LATE (BDSM & DANCE) CONFESSIONAL & SINFUL presents a new experience to the BDSM community of Melbourne CONFESSIONAL: is an all-level BDsM experience hosted by Mistress Electra Amore, Miss Taelan & The Colonel with special guest Master Perry CONFESSIONAL at ABODE the last Saturday of every month starting Saturday 28th May from 8pm – 12midnight with a strict dress code Leather – Fetish – Uniform – PVC – Rubber etc minimum smart black. Entry is strictly between 8pm – 9:30pm with background music for your playing pleasure SINFUL: from 12midnight - late is the time Melbourne begins to Flirt - Play - Dance & Party. With Deep - Dark & Dirty sounds from DJ’s: Jamie G - Jon-E - Lee Harvey - Syme Tollens & Special guests on rotation


For more information on ABODE or HAPPENINGS visit www. e-mail or call 0412 510 424 for full details ABODE – 374 St KILD Rd (cnr Martin St) St KILDA



Cherry’s Wrap

Getting 2 Know U Uniform party 4th Saturday of the Month

Our March party was attended by 80 kinksters one of our biggest for the Easter weekend. With such a assortment of uniforms we had to have a special judging. The “OOO” section was won by “delish” who wore a fire fighting girls uniform with a slogan that read “Hose Pressure tester”, runner upwent to littlepet for a great military uniform with numerous buckles. Schoolgirl & Maid category went to Desiree who wore a wonderful maids outfit with graceful white stockings & matching frilly panties and runner up went to grace for wearing regulation panties with her school uniform, nortie Brooky the schoolgirl who had to be chastised for smoking while the judging was on. She was all in for a canning for being so naughty. The night was taken over with a EXTREME show from Ed who had Windwalker and other volunteers nailing his sac to a wooden board, Lex later brought out the Violet Wand and made Ed’s toes curl, though this show was extreme there was a lot of jeering of funny comments to take Ed down to Bunnings to get the nails removed. The show was great with it being more on the funny side though all care and hygiene was taken. Mistress Sheridan and Miss jade put on a great caning show in the back open room. Ari did some nice rope work on carina.All night long the dungeons were being utilised with a great amount of play going on. Cherry CherryCherry 0418863311

Mat’s Foot party Sunday was Mat’s Foot Party. It was also Mat’s Birthday and so he was running late for his own function. A few of us got the party up and running till he turned up, George put on the BBQ and after dinner the stripper Suzie (Miss petite) turned up for a extraordinary performance of nakedness, walking on the guys and swinging from the chains that were hanging from the roof she kept everyone engrossed, Apart from the kinksters enjoying their feet being rubbed, kissed and pampered there was a lot of play happening in the dungeons.

Gina’s Play Party 1st weekend of the month @ Salon Kitty’s Last night saw the last of Gina’s party’s at the Newtown address. Gina put on a great food spread with plenty to eat and drink.The upstairs dungeons were in full swing with the sound of spankings echoing through the halls. Some great rope bondage was displays and the downstairs A Frames were getting a work out with many canings and floggings happening. I am sure we will all be moving on to Gina’s parties at Salon Kitty’s. Sydney Harbour National Park


Many kinksters went on the Quarantine Station Tour at night where strange things happed. Exploring the many buildings that scatter the station, such as the hospital, cemeteries, isolation wards and mortuary. We heard tales of bizarre happenings and of the fascinating history whilst walking around this unique area by eerie lantern light. Nerves were calmed by a light supper. A different kinky night with about 30 perverts.

kink-E The Buy Swap and Sell Another great fundraising day that went great, there were plenty to buy including a wheelchair, bed pans and nurses uniforms and some very interesting pieces of furniture. Bits & pieces were sold all afternoon and the BBQ kicked off later with many staying to enjoy the evening - hey guys I forgot to put out the dessert it is still in the fridge. I will have to be punished. The men at the party helped to dismantle the Hydrolic hospital bed and manoeuvre it into the front dungeon. This dungeon is now full of kinky gear to play with. I also acquired a waxing bed last week. Birthday’s & WHipp Whipp is the 3rs Saturday night of the month. A surprise birthday party for the lovely midnightsun was organised with many kinksters attending. We all brought a vegetarian food plate for the table as our lovely midnightsun only eats vegetarian food and caters so well for everyone at her own Whipp Parties we thought it would be nice to just cater for her. Midnightsun was presented with a lovely birthday card packed with lots and lots of money (you lucky girl) We want to know what kinky gift you bought!! The night ended up with most laying on the grass “star watching” and talking about filth !! ( what’s new) Thank you to MP and jewels for opening their home to us all. Whipp party’s are on the 3rd Saturday of the month. Cherry Master Peter’s 50th Wednesday night saw a group of us kinksters surprise Master Peter for his 50th Birthday. Leo had spent the week sending out emails to Pete’s closest friend and we were sworn to secrecy, We all were to assemble in the poker playing area of The Trinity Bar in Surry Hills where we were to surprise MP, we were looking at one door for their entry and they came through a another door behind us, though there was still that element of surprise with us all being there, MP was presented with a certificate of “Code Of Silence to be a member of the Subbies Union”…….. he was going to kill us all for having the plaque made up for him but it was all in good fun. The meals were great and we got to use the private room upstairs where a norti subbie had to present her bottom for spanking lessons. A great night and thanks to Leo for all the hard work of arranging it.

The Mardi Gras Fair Day Mardi Gras Fair, arriving at the fair early afternoon we strolled around the stalls picking up brochures, condoms and free lube not to forget the Tshirt I bought that had “Breakfast Included” printed on the front. The day progressed into a social afternoon with me banging into so many friends at the Fair. I had a photographer take a few pics of me, my Tshirt read “Fuck Me I’m Famous” the funny thing I didn’t know her but she called out “cherry, can I get a pic”. Why not I thought everyone knows me. I spent the afternoon at the Fair listening to The Frocks Band and the frockettes, cruising the stalls and trying out the different food from all the different nationalities. Another great day in paradise. HellFire 3rd Friday Night of the Month Hellfire on Friday night was another great night with Ultra breaking in a new member of her All-Grrl Spankettes, later on we were entertained by Elizabeth Burton and guest DJ Sveta. One of the first shows was a fantastic fan dance which the crowd loved. She tantalised everyone with some raunchy sexy movements and her fans covering those intimate parts of her body. A great erotic how which the crowd truly loved. The crowd at HF was once again all dressed up the `eye candy’ was unbelievable. The dance floor rocked all night.



Cherry’s Wrap

Lex’s Play Party 3rd Saturday of the Month Phone Lex for info 0431 185 760 It was a great social party with a bit of play,I had taken along my DVD from the USA called “Slaves” which a few sat and watched. Lex demonstrated his double headed , tripled loaded violet wand with attachments from hell on some of the kinksters. Mistress Ispoeda and I decided to change outfits , so now I was wearing a low cut nurse’s uniform and she was in my little white outfit with the tutu skirt ( we have the pics) Lex retired early ( only coz he couldn’t stand ) but us girls did some serious belly dancing with those shaker things around our bottoms ( I have no idea what they are called ) we banged and bumped our hips till the weeeeeeeeeeee hours of the morning. One norti subbie was seen in the cage during the night, she is a bad bad girl!

Hard Cor Haven HCHparty was well attended and the entertainment was great. The performance in the dungeon was riveting by the host and hostess, Johnny the singer had us all dancing and a trio of singers also hogged the mic. The All Girls jelly wrestling was the highlight of the evening with both girls including the female ref ending up naked A norti subbie girl was seen with one sore red bottom from all the spankings and a wonderful flogging was administered to her by many. Enjoy *wink *

Shave for a Cure Dinner Last night I held a dinner party for 20 kinksters. The party kicked off with a buffet dinner and progressed to the hostess being dared to strip off for charity ( never dare me! )I have no idea why I had to strip off as I was not doing the fundraising for “shave your head for a cure” that was “delish” but for a dare of $100 from xandra I could not resist, so off came all the clothes. This little antic really kicked off the party as well and before you knew it you could hear the sound of bums being spanked and other dares were now being announced, 9 kinksters made a naked slither into the Jacuzzi and the night continued on with more play. These parties at my home are always great, they are relaxed and lots of fun. There is always a great deal of play and I believe there was one norti subbie girl dancing on the snooker table with “The Mat” snapping up some revealing pictures. Delish raised $1,000 for The “shave for a cure” foundation congratulations.

Visiting Dom Thursday night saw a group of us kinksters attend a munch for Texas Dom who had just flown in a few days earlier from Dallas, this fascinating big man kept us all enthralled with his Texas accent and a chat on the kink scene in Dallas. He also agrees OUR kink scene is much more involved and we have many more functions to choose from. Also a welcome to the munch is Nat who had travelled from Wagga agga to join us on this night. A fantastic array of food was served and other kinksters joined us latter on in the night. Thanks to Master Peter and Jewels for organising this night.

If you’re not in this “wrap” it is because you don’t want to be .send all party info to me




Well we survived Midori’s workshop & Sydney show, and we even managed to get the whole crew & our DJs back to Sydney in one piece after our L’Erotica performance the very next night! Our official photographer Emmy was looking a bit worse for wear after having her head shaved with a cut-throat razor by the Fetish Diva herself during her Hellfire performance, but she managed to be clippered into a respectable state to have her booty whipped into a frenzy at Melbourne’s uber-sexy QBH. We enjoyed the hospitality of Kink-E’s own Kitten & the lovely Mistress Laura who wandered behind us mopping up our faux pas with gay abandon. We’re so naughty on tour... we have to have a rule: What happens on Hellfire Tour, stays on Hellfire Tour! Needless to say, we may need a different hotel if we get booked in Melbourne any time soon! The big news is, we’ve outgrown our current venue, so from April 2005 onwards, we’re moving up the road to Rogues! Think sandstone dungeon (the club space is underground) with many options for bondage on poles which surround the sunken dance floor... the possibilities are endless, and what’s more, we move just in time for our 12th Birthday! That’s right, 12 long years of being the purveyors of perverted pleasures to the Sydney scene... it’s a record up here, and not just for fetish clubs!

The Hellfire Club meets every THIRD Friday of the month at:

Member’s Area This month in the Member’s Area you get the bloody castigation of a naughty nun (starring sexy Mistesses Gala & Mina from Sydney bondage parlour - THE KASTLE. Swords go deep into the supple form of THE SPACE COWBOY & bums are sliced open for your pleasure in a sexy cutting show.


16-18 Oxford Square, Darlingithurts.

Leather to unleash your dark side

Sydney • 110a Oxford Street Darlinghurst • Ph 02 9331 6105 Melbourne • 441 Brunswick St Fitzroy • Ph 03 9416 3826

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