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Cool Queer Fall Trends for a Cool Fashion Fall

Cool Queer Fall Trends for a Cool Fashion Fall

by Anastacia Kellogg

Happy autumn! ‘Tis the season for cozying up in soft sweaters, wearing three pairs of socks so your boots fit properly, and mummifying yourself in flannel as you prepare for the long cold embrace of winter. But if you are one of the True Gays™ who has been doing that all summer anyway, then autumn is the perfect time to switch up your look a little bit! Get ahead on these exciting new trends, just as the straight girls start co-opting your signature look.

Plaid sandals

Flannel is everywhere in the fall, and it’s also everywhere in your closet. We see it every year on skirts, pants, scarves, and of course, on flannels. Get ahead on the trend this year by opting for stylish open toed flats that keep your toes sunburnt up to summer standard in this LA weather while also announcing “happy fall” and “hey I’m gay.”


Hey, you know what’s really a Straight Person™ thing? Having cold ears. You know what’s really Gay? Warm, toasty, comfortable ears. Self-care is being gay and wearing warm hats. It is a verified fact that no straight person has ever worn a beanie, but just to be safe, you ought to wear three.

Slightly grayish hoodie

This one’s exciting because it can be DIYed! Start with a basic hoodie. It can be any color or any size or dug out of any family member’s pile of forgotten clothes. Put it in the back of your wardrobe for approximately seven months. Be sure to let it fall on the ground occasionally. At some point mid-all-nighter, get cold, remember it, dig it out, and shake off the worst of the dust. Congratulations! You now have a perfectly chic, ambiguously colored, probably oversized hoodie to study for midterms and cry and be extremely gay in.

The LITTLE black dress

... okay, a thong.

A single Ugg soaked in pumpkin spice