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Wow January really came and went didn’t it. First off i really want to thank everyone that helped and came to OTB’s One Year Thank You and Anniversary Pary. It was a success and greatly appreciate everything everyone has done for us over the last year. Special Thanks go out to Bernadette Atencio, my business partner, Dalen Savage, for putting up with all my crap that i had to do for the party, Devin Stevens, for staying up for eighteen hours and slaved

away with me on the Beautiful cake we had, even though it fell apart, Jon Brink, for being a supportive friend through all the bs we had with the party, and to all over fans and readers, for being there for all of us. Like i have said before we have and are still in the process of making some major changes, and can’t wait to announce them to you all. One change we made is with one of our writers, Anita C. She will be doing a monthly go back in time article with us to bring back some of the old actors and actresses as well as artists and such. Thank Anita C. for coming up with a great Idea. Also check out Joy’s Corner for a special Valentines dinner. Mitchell Gronenthal CEO/ Owner Outside The Box Magazine Happy February, everyone! We hope you guys are all having a great year so far. We have some awesome articles in store for you, including two new regular articles. One is a fitness guide by Michael Rimorin, who is an upand-coming personal trainer. He will share one fitness tip, or exercise each month to help jump start your healthy lifestyles, and to make sure you keep all those New Year’s resolutions. Our next newest article comes from the, one and only, Anita Coqtail.  Anita will be sharing her knowledge on 1 historical figure in history each month and a few tid-bits that you may not have known about

that person. It should be very educational. We’re also checking up on an old friend, Tyler Alpern.  You remember him, right?  He was non other than our very first feature story for OTB. Tyler shares with us what he’s been up to more than one year later. We’ve also got a special interview with Ms. Gay Pride of All Colorado 2011, Kristina “Kris” Blaufuss.  We were very interested to find out what Kris does for fun, besides just performing drag.  Check it out and let us know what you think. Lastly, just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’ve got a special dinner for two by Joy, in Joy’s corner.  Try it out for that someone special this year. Maybe that’s just the thing you need to unlock his/her heart. Make sure you check out all of the other wonderful articles in this February issue.  Let us know what you think by sending us an e-mail: or Enjoy! Bernadette Atencio CEO/Co-Founder Outside The Box

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Outside The Box Thank You and Anniversary Party

January 22nd was the celebration of Outside The Box Magazine’s 1 year anniversary, and also a way to say “Thank You” to all those who have helped us within that first year of business. The party was held at Oasis Mediterranean Grill and Bar, located at 1523 Market Street, in Denver. The restaurant was gracious enough to provide its upper room and VIP area for the event and was lavishly decorated and equipped with a full bar for all to enjoy. The event was sponsored by Oasis Mediterranean Grill and Bar and Alessandra Salon, Street Design and Tim’s Airbrush, while the party music was supplied by Alessandra’s husband, DJ Al. OTB provided refreshments, including a giant rice crispy cake, with huge, edible letters that spelled out OTB. In addition to the snacks, Oasis was also gracious enough to keep their restaurant open for the big event, in case anyone would like some great food to go with their awesome drinks. The staff was friendly and very courteous to all guests, whether they were there for the party, or just curiously wandering through. Guests of OTB’s party were invited upstairs to the VIP lounge for picture taking, which will be available online for order and to view at Collages. net. Details of how to order will be up on our website, as well as Facebook, soon. While, everyone we pretty much knew was invited to attend the event, sadly, only a handful of the expected 100+ guests expected had shown up. Despite the small turn out, it’s safe to say that everyone there had a great time talking, drinking, eating and dancing. Halfway through the night, OTB

started to hand out awards to those they wanted to recognize for being a big help to the business in the last year, or for their support. Those that were awarded, but who did not attend will receive their award soon. It was a great night, overall, and we would like to thank all of those who had attended for being there. It meant a lot to us to see that you support us. To all those, who could not attend, thank you as well for supporting us throughout the year. We look forward to a great, New Year and hopefully many more to come.


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Bijou Bar and Grill 2510 E. Bijou St. 719-473-5718

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Pirates Cove 105 Central Plaza


Joy’s Corner


February: The month of hearts! Last time, I discussed the origin of the celebration of Valentine’s Day. I also made projects to show one’s love for another with a card, a pillow and some paper flowers. This year, I will share with you an idea for a romantic Valentine dinner.

A dash of pepper A pinch of sea salt or regular salt

Whisk the lemon juice, honey, olive oil, salt and pepper together. Peel, pit and cut avocado into wedges (6 pieces), then wash and cut the strawberries into halves. Arrange the fruits on 2 salad plates and drizzle the vinaigrette over the fruit salad. Serve immediately. The second course is pineapple and soy-glazed salmon. The ingredients are: 2 6-ounce, skinless salmon fillets 1 cup pineapple juice 1 tablespoon low-sodium soy sauce 1/8 cup dry sherry or white

Many couples go out to restaurants to celebrate this special occasion, while others opt for something a bit more personal. What better wine way to say “I love you” to your honey by making him/her a 1/2 teaspoon light brown sugar delicious, homemade dinner? 2 dashes ground black pepper 2 slices of pineapple The recipes for the following dinner are all from www.delish. com/recipes but I made adjustments to the ingredients to fix In a small saucepan, cook the pineapple, juice, soy sauce, a dinner for two. brown sugar, sherry or wine for 15 minutes over high heat, then remove from heat and let mixture cool. Season salmon The first course is avocado & strawberries with honey vinai- fillets with pepper and place them in a shallow baking dish. grette. Pour pineapple glaze over the fillets, turning to coat all sides and chill for 30 minutes. Here are the ingredients: 1 ripe avocado Preheat oven to 425 degrees F and place the salmon on the top 1 tablespoon lemon juice shelf and cook until the flesh turns opaque—about 7 minutes. 1 tablespoon honey Change the oven setting to broil and cook until the glaze be 1 tablespoon olive oil gins to brown—about 2 to 3 minutes. Serve with any cooked 2 ounces strawberries rice and a side dish of glazed carrots.


To make the glazed carrots, I used these ingredients: 1/3 pound baby carrots, 1/2 tablespoon butter, 1/2 tablespoon soy sauce, 1/2 honey. Cook carrots in salted water until tender for about 5-8 minutes. In a saucepan, melt butter. Stir in carrots and soy sauce 2 slices white bread and cook over high heat until parts of the carrots are browned for about 2 minutes. Stir in honey and cook Heat oven to 325 degrees F. Butter 2 single-serve custard until glazed. Serve with the salmon. dishes and 2 4-inch aluminum foils. Set aside. For dessert, I chose banana bread pudding. Ingredients are: 1 large ripe banana 1/4 stick butter 1 1/2 tablespoons light brown sugar

Slice banana into 1/2 inch thick pieces and cook with half the butter until medium brown. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon brown sugar and cook until sugar melts and coats the bananas. Set aside. Beat the milk, egg, 2 tablespoons granulated sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon and the remaining brown sugar. Brush bread with the remaining butter, cut the slices in halves and layer each dish. Tuck banana slices between the bread. Pour in the milk mixture, then cover with foil & bake for 30 minutes. Remove foil and sprinkle the rest of the granulated sugar and bake uncovered until golden brown. Serve warm or at room temperature. I started making the dessert first. While it was cooking, I cooked the carrots and then the salmon. Finally, make the first course last of all, so that it can be served fresh. Serve the dinner on a table covered with red or gold tablecloth. Light candles in candlesticks and turn down the lights for a romantic ambiance. Serve wine or champagne in some elegant glasses. For more romantic atmosphere, have some red or pink roses in a vase. I hope you enjoy this dinner idea. Have a happy and romantic Valentine’s Day!

1/3 cup milk 1 whole egg 3 tablespoons granulated sugar A pinch of salt 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

8 I’m immune to the Beiber Fever by: Anita C. I don’t get the nation’s fascination with the Beiber Brat. He’s a child with no knowledge whatsoever of the world in which we live & he’s written a BOOK! About WHAT? His philosophy? His “world experience”? His vast knowledge of…of…WHAT? Hair? Pimple treatments? Puberty? How to get a Lamborghini as your “first car”? There seems to be an ongoing battle among many media babes as to just WHO is gonna “deflower” Justin. Why? Let’s face it, deflowering a virgin is no damned fun. Lotsa drama and lotsa tears. Then you’ll have the Momma Beiber to contend with. Sidebar here: Will SOMEONE puh-LEASE explain to me the Islamic thing about 70 virgins? The original “Amateur Hour” x 70?!?!? Oh HELL no! There was a movie with Peter Sellers & Shirley Maclaine called Being There done in around 1968. I strongly recommend it to all with “Beiber Fever”. It makes a strong statement about people we elevate to positions of influence in our society. Beiber fits the mold here. That’s my opinion, I could be wrong.

Credit: Google Images

Fitness Tips from the PITBULL Hi, my name is Mike Rimorin, personal trainer intraining, studying at Heritage College. I’m here to promote healthy living and fitness awareness. Here’s a little about me: I started doing Taekwondo when I was 10 years old, but stopped when I was about 15. As time progressed and I grew up, I landed myself a desk job and started packing on the pounds until I was up to 180 lbs at only 5’5”. That’s when I made the decision to change the way I lived and to lose weight. I started exercising regularly, eating healthier and enrolled in a couple of fitness classes. With a lot of effort, blood, sweat and tears, I lost 40 lbs in total and am now a 2nd and 3rd place Jiu-Jitsu competitor and kick boxing fighter. If you feel like you want to finally make the change and loose those pounds, I’m here to tell you where to start and give you the tips to help you succeed in your health and fitness goals. For your health, put down the soda and drink something with a lot less sugar, to start with. On that note, stop eating that candy bar and pick up something better, like a nice, organic apple. If you can’t make small changes like these, then you’re not ready to make the change. Lastly, for this first article, here’s a simple stretch that will help get you started for a work out and increase your flexibility. For this stretch, you’re going to need something to put in between your legs and something to raise just your toes or heels on. A half foam roller and a quarter foam roll would be ideal for this stretch, but if you don’t have access to those, a rolled up towel and a small ledge or step would suffice. In the following pictures, I used a step and a small balance ball


for my legs. First, reach down and see if you can touch your toes without bending your knees. After determining how low you can reach, put the quarter foam roll, towel, or balance ball between your legs, above your knees and step up on the top of the half foam roll, ledge or step with the

balls of your feet. Squeeze your legs together and place your feet together as much as you can. Take a deep breath and raise your hands up over your head and reach down toward your toes as you exhale. After repeating that move 10 times, do the same but with your heels up on the half foam roll, instead of your toes. Repeat the move like before 10 more

10 times. This move will help stretch out your sides and your back, so you will eventually be able to touch your toes, or even the floor, without help of the rollers or objeccts. I hope you benefit from this simple stretch, and look forward to teaching you more health and fitness tips in my next article.

Step One

Step Two

11 Step Three

Step Four


Kristina Blauf

There’s much more to Ms. Gay Pride of all Colorado then the eye meets


by: Dalen Savage

13 We here at OTB Magazine like to cover as many different kinds of art as we possibly can. I met Kristina not too long ago when she won the title of Ms. Gay Pride of All Colorado. As I got to know Kristina, I had come to find that she was an artist in several different ways. For one, she is a fabulous male impersonator, also known as a Drag King, and she loves working on cars. Ok, I know what you might be thinking: how is working on cars an art? Well when you think about all the things you have to learn to work on an engine, the body of a car, how the engine even works, and have a passion for it, then it can definitely be classified as an art form. As far as her being a Drag King, that is for sure an art form just like it is being a Drag Queen. Kristina is great at turning herself into “Kris.” Kris is very handsome and even has facial hair, and some very cool guy outfits. You can tell that when Kristina is performing as Kris that she is having so much fun and just loves what she is doing. Once again, she has a passion for the craft.


Kristina lives with her wife, Lisa, and Lisa’s daughter, DaniKristina is 28 yrs old, and elle. Of course, I had to ask her few questions about her margrew up in Boston. She ried life. They have not had a ceremony, at least not yet, and says, “and no… I don’t when I asked her if they have children or plan to have chilpahk my caa or get qwa- dren, she replied, “Well her ‘kids’ are all grown, with lives of their own. Her one son has come to a few of my shows and really enjoys the people and the environment of the places that I’ve performed.” Kristina has just one of the best personalities I have ever met. When asked how long her and

tas; I never really had the Boston accent, so it’s hard for people to tell”. She moved to Colorado her freshman year of high school to the city of Parker, and said it had been a culture shock, “Anyway that was quite a hard time in my life”, says Kris, “trying to fit in—which I was never successful with. There were some really rough times in high school where I thought things wouldn’t get better, that I would never meet people who actually liked me for me. I have now realized that I have a wonderful community of people to surround myself with. Of course, with age comes confidence in who I am and the understanding that there are others out in this world just like me, and also that it’s ok if people don’t like me. I don’t have to fit in, I just am me”. Kristina lives in Highlands Ranch in what she says is, “not quite my dream neighborhood, and I think my neighbors are quite confused. I come out as me, and then at night I put my beard on and my outfits and walk outside as a boy. I have also come outside as a very girly girl for turnabout. Unfortunately, I have some kids around my neighborhood that call me a man-woman, which is sad because instead of their parents getting to know me, and understand that I live the same way they live (well besides the performing side of me) they would rather fill their children up with these stereotypes than get them to understand that everyone is different and that certain things do not matter”.

her wife had been together, she said, “I’m really bad with dates, I’m lucky to even remember my b-day. It’s been a while, about 6 years, but I’m not counting. I enjoy my time with [Lisa], and getting to know more and more about her as the days go by. She’s such a wonderful person, full of intelligence, love and, well, she just completes me.” I am so glad to see that Kristina and Lisa are happy. Of course, also being a married entertainer and holding a title, I had to ask how her wife feels about her being Ms. Gay Pride, and Kristina happily stated, “She enjoys going to the shows and supporting me and the community. She is always at awe with the outfits and the pure talent of everyone that performs. She is the one that helps me with my music, outfits etc. I’m always asking her ‘what about this song’ and of course she is always honest. She knows my style, and how much I love

crowd interaction, so I think she knows what songs will be best, since she is, therefore, always sitting in the audience”. I think that is awesome. My husband is the same way and I am very thankful for his support. I met Lisa and she is very much a very wonderful lady and loves watching the show, is always supportive of everyone, and it is obvious that she loves Kristina very much. Kristina ran for the title of Ms. Gay Pride because she wanted to be able to perform while raising money, being a part of the community that she has been supporting, get to know people, make friends, and have a great time doing all of this. And Kristina is definitely doing ALL of this. She is out in the community a lot; doing everything she said she wanted to. I also had to ask her, since she won and is Ms. Gay Pride, what she

that I’m raising money for, and to make people aware of the community at large”. As Ms. Gay Pride, Kristina performs to raise money for many organizations in the whole Colorado community, and not just the GLBT commu-


nity. As a drag queen, with my many secrets for my craft, I had to ask Kristina, as a drag king, what is the hardest thing for her when impersonating a male. She replied, “I don’t feel super girly from day to day life, but I did spend some time trying to watch men and how they walk, their mannerisms, to learn not to let my sometimes feminine side out. I think a lot has to do with the dancing and how women really dance

plans on doing for the GLBT community, and she told me, with their hips men kind of just move around”. Being in the “I plan on trying to raise as much money as possible for the same craft and community as Kristina, knowing that we are community. I plan to make people aware of all of the causes all different and that some of us just impersonate the other


sex while others truly feel the are trapped in the wrong body of the opposite sex, and live as the opposite sex, or completely transform into the opposite sex, I asked Kristina if she lives as a

I’ve worked at hospitals and for adults with mental disabilities. Working with them was something that always put a smile on my face, too see these people that had no qualms with who I was, who just liked to joke around or dance, play basketball or go swimming. They never judged me; their pure innocence has always amazed me and is something that I think a lot of people could learn from. For instance, I had this one boy at a dance that I was chaperoning that was dancing with me. His mom took him to the side and asked why he was dancing with a boy. He giggled said, ‘mom that’s a girl’ and came back and danced some more. Well that’s after he told me what she said and started just laughing. It’s innocence like that [which is what I’m talking about]. Knowing that you are having a good time with someone no matter who they are, it didn’t matter to him that I’m ‘butchy’ or that I wear the same kind of clothes that he does. He liked me for me, again something that a lot of people could learn from.” As I’ve told you, Kris-

male or if she only impersonates males. She said, “I only dress as a male when performing and going out to support my title. I’m by far not the most girly girl you will come across from day to day, but I still embrace who I am and never forget that I was once a little girl who at the age of 5 got up and lip synced to Whitney Houston [laughs]”. Kristina is very accepting of everyone in the community; she likes people for who they are, the way they are. When asked how long she had been performing and impersonating males, Kristina said to me, “I started with a group…maybe 4 years ago, (again bad with dates) I had been asked by a friend if I wanted to try out, so I did. The try outs were at BJ’s Carousel and I made it through, we performed for maybe 6 months together, had good times bad times, but in the end, things happened and the group broke up. But in life I never regret anything and I learned so much, from how to get a good beard on, to just little performing tips. So, all in all, it was well worth it!” I then asked her what she enjoys most about performing and she said, “I enjoy the satisfaction of making people smile, the knowledge that for some it’s their first time out seeing a drag king, or that maybe they have always wondered about this. What also keeps me going is the fact that I raise money for causes… good causes. For me, volunteer work has always been a big part of my life, not so much on the performing side, but I’ve always volunteered throughout the community.

tina had a great personality. She has definitely done a lot for the community and she continues to do so. She very much deserves her title as Ms. Gay Pride of All Colorado. Again, congratulation Kristina, it’s an honor to have you representing and helping our community. On a final note, of this topic I asked her if she planned on running for any titles after she steps down as Ms. Gay Pride and she smiled and said to me, “You will have to see!” So besides all her work for our community and performing, what are Kristina’s other hobbies? “Well let’s see”, says Kristina, “I love working on cars and drawing,” Wow, drawing too? Kristina is very talented, definitely a true artist. So, now


I wanted to hear about her passion for cars and working on them and asked her, what is it about cars and working on them that she likes and she said, “ I love cars, trucks, motorcycles, anything with a motor. I picked up a 1976 Wagoneer about two years ago. It wasn’t running and I decided that was going to be my new hobby while my wife was on

Kristina says that, as a lesbian, she feels that the biggest issue facing the GLBT community is equality. Says Kristina, “I feel that equality is very important, and ac-

travel every week. I fixed her up really nice, got her running, took her on camping trips, etc. It’s a beast now with 33” tires and a 6” lift, not too easy to get into but it’s fun! I’ve always really enjoyed cars. My mom, when I was little, was always taking her Dodge Dart apart in the driveway with her friends and putting it back together. I guess, maybe, the car thing is just in my genes. I also have been working on a 1988 Jeep Cherokee that’s going to be our beater car. I’m hoping to get it going and go 4 wheeling and camping with that too this next summer. I’ve done pretty much all the work myself on the two vehicles listed above. I just finished installing a switch to a set of off-road lights that are mounted on the roof. I’m trying to learn everything I can and my dream job would definitely be working and restoring old cars. Maybe when I win the lottery! [Laughs]”. Wow! Kristina, you go girl! I am very impressed and I say go for it. You have the passion for it, so hopefully some day you will get to restore a car, and make sure you let us know, because we want to see it.

cepting others for who they are. I feel that a lot of issues I’ve faced in life have been because someone doesn’t want to ask a question so they assume that, being a lesbian, you swing from the curtains in your spare time. [Laughs]”. On a final note, I asked Kristina what her plans are for the future including family, performing, career, and work in the GLBT community. Kristina said, “Well, can I include my cars in this too? Just kidding. I just want to be true to who I am, be able to raise awareness at work, and to make people aware that there are other types of individuals out here in the world. Embracing that difference is something not to be scared of. Most importantly [I want to] make a difference in this world, even if I only make a difference to a single person.” Kristina, it has been a pleasure speaking with you and getting to know you. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for you. We wish you and Lisa, the best of luck in whatever you do.

18 Tyler Alpern 1 Year Later

In the summer of 2009 OTB had the great pleasure of meeting a very talented artist by the name of Tyler Alpern. Alpern, who has been painting since 1986, gave us the very great privilege of being the subject of the very first feature story in our first issue of Outside The Box Magazine. He was kind enough to invite us into his beautiful cabin in Boulder, Colorado and share his story, artwork and time with two kids, fresh out of college, who had dreams of starting a magazine.

Alpern’s beautiful work is described as “tech-

nically accomplished narrative painting with a contemporary slant and painterly style”, according to his 3rd person biography on his website, In more common terms, each of Alpern’s inspiring oil paintings tell a complex and intriguing story in just one succinct illustration. It was his ability and talent to do so that first attracted OTB to interview Alpern. In our first article about Tyler Alpern, we had talked about his already extensive and very successful career in art. Alpern had grown up in Aspen, Colorado and studied at Occidental College in LA, at two different schools in Rome, Italy, and earned his MFA from the University of Colorado, where he sometimes teaches. Alpern has sold work to collectors all over the US and also in Au s t r a l i a and currently has a collection of his art displayed at the Cliffside on Nantucket. Alpern has also shown work many times in Boulder Public Library, as well as the CU Library and has exhibited work at Boulder’s Dairy Center for the Arts. A teacher for nearly 20 years, Alpern says that the students he teaches are “a constant source of inspiration and learning”. He also describes himself an “amateur historian” that “researches and reveals fascinating stories that sometimes are documented and retold in his paintings”.

OTB had another great opportunity to contact Tyler Alpern again just this past year to see how he was doing and to catch up on any new news that the artist may have to share. It seems that Alpern has had a very busy year, indeed! Within the past year of our first meeting, Alpern has co-produced a CD, as well as released two new books. One book is Tyler Alpern, 30 Years in Art 1979 – 2009; an autobiography that takes the reader through Tyler’s years in the art world by each of his past works. The second book is entitled Bruz Fletcher, Camped, Tramped and a Riotous Vamp, which is the biography of “Multitalented writer, photographer, composer, performer Bruz Fletcher, born to one of the wealthiest and most dysfunctional families in Indiana…[and] killed himself at age 34 in 1941”. Both books may be purchased at Within his busy year, Alpern has also been mentioned in the New York Times July 12, 2010 article, entitled Famous Dead People, Frances Faye, by Christopher Petkanas. The article features several photographs of Frances Faye, provided by Alpern. And Alpern has also been recently featured in a December 2010 article on, entitled Louise Brooks & Bruz Fletcher: Camped, Tramped, Riotous Vamps, by Thomas Gladysz, which discusses Alpern’s book on Bruz Fletcher, as well as the CD he had compiled of Fletcher’s rare recordings of the 1930s.

Tyler Alpern on the release of his new projects, as well as his recent recognition. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors and hope to keep in contact with him.


If you would like to purchase Alpern’s books or read the articles he has been featured in, they may be found at the following websites: Juried Shows: Juried Show at the famed Kinsey Institute in Indiana: jeas/2010/artworks.php Books: Tyler Alpern, 30 Years in Art: Bruz Fletcher, Camped, Tramped and a Riotous Vamp: Articles: Fabulous Dead People, Frances Faye: fabulous-dead-people-frances-faye/

Louise Brooks & Bruz Fletcher: Camped, Tramped, Riotous Vamps: It seems that Alpern has had a wonderful and al/louise-brooks-bruz-fletcher-camped-trampedproductive past year, moving up further in the art riotous-vamps and history world. In addition to his further success, Alpern also reports the following: “I have had a great year. I was in a few shows this last year in the Denver area. In the spring I was the featured guest artist at Dsquared Gallery on Santa Fe. I also had a painting included in the Juried Show at the famed Kinsey Institute in Indiana.” Alpern also mentions that he still continues to paint and teach, in addition to his new projects.

Outside The Box would like to congratulate


A Journey Back in Time with Zarah Leander The DIVA of the Third Reich by: Anita C. Nils & Zarah divorced the same year that her son was born. Afterwards, she was married to the journalist Vidar Forsell between the years 1932-1943. He became her manager shortly after their marriage. Finally, she wed Arne Hülphers, the pianist, whom she had worked with for 25 years in 1949; their marriage lasted until his death in 1978. Germans loved her despite the fact that German was not her native language. She appeared on the covers of numerous magazines in the late 1930s, even before the war began. She became famous, however, as being backed by the Nazis throughout WWII - she was their star and thus her continuous roles in films reflected that strong support.

She was born Zarah Stina Hedberg in KarlsDer Fuhrers’ Drag Queens! tad, Sweden on March 15th, 1907. She got her start in Swedish theaters singing operettas and concertos. One such film, Die Grosse Liebe or The Great Love (1942), has Although her first movies were also made in Sweden historically it was only after the German production “Premiere” caused quite (1937) that she managed her breakthrough. She bea stir. Starcame one of the greatest stars of German cinema ring Zarah arousing enthusiasm with her cool acting, especially L e an d e r, with her fascinating, sensually deep voice singing the film insongs that were specifically composed just for her. cluded large Odd that Nazi Germany’s biggest film star during song-andWorld War II would have been a Swedish born girl dance routines with Jewish grandparents. Then fate intervened. Zarah showcasing Leander, soon worked her way up to starring roles in Zarah’s talents Stockholm and Vienna before making her debut in to the extreme. German cinema and solidifying her name in history. However, the problem was Zarah’s personal and professional life were into find women terconnected. Her first husband was actor Nils Lewho were just ander, with whom she had two children: a daughter, as pretty, just Boel, born in 1926 and a son, Göran born in 1929.

as tall and, if possible, just as statuesque as Zarah Leander, who stood an imposing 5’10” barefooted. Searching all over the country, the filmmakers could find no women to fill the unique needs required necessary to stand beside Zarah in one of the scenes. Not to be thwarted, they called upon the people who had all the answers - the Nazis. Surprisingly, the SS Waffen guards were ordered in to take the place of the unfound beauties! They donned wigs, dresses, and makeup and Voila! Nazi Showgirls! Therefore,

actress in Germany during WWII, but not without a struggle. Many, like Goebbels and Goering thought that a German born talent should have filled this role.


Hitler didn’t. He thought that Zarah was wonderful, but Goebbels had issues: Her independent attitude, her love of aquavit—very strong, 45% alcohol— Scandinavian liquor, her insistence on being paid in Swedish Kroner and her reluctance to join the Nazi Party. She did, however, fill the role nicely that was previously occupied by Marlene Dietrich who, after her rejection of the Nazi power, relocated to America. Therefore Zarah was a star and Der Fuhrer loved her. She had more power than most any other women in the world of her time. She built a career and a home in a war torn country that would have otherwise turned her out if her luck hadn’t been what it was. She returned to her native Sweden in 1943, before all hell broke loose. She had amassed a substantial amount of Kroners…all in Swedish banks much to Der Fuhrer’s chagrin. Nothin’ he could do about it. The Allies were kicking Nazi ass on the East and West fronts. Hitler had other things on his plate. Zarah proved herself worthy of the title “The Diva of the Third Reich.” This was what would ultimately become a dubious title. What’s of note here is that even though her work for the Reich was “Only Work” to her, the implied association, true or false, to the Nazi’s was obvious. You cannot sleep with dogs only to be amazed when you get fleas.

the film featured SS guards in “High Whore” drag! This during WWII no less! If you look closely at the Was her life-long association with the Nazis faces you can see that some have two days growth on and Hitler fair? Was she, as she said repeatedly, that their chins. Not quite the image that history presents of an entertainer with no political agenda? We’ll nevof the scary, hard-ass SS Waffen! er know. After the war ended she refused to discuss the topic, walking out of interviews when the topic Noted for her deep, sensual voice and her excame up. She also had great difficulty getting work aggeratedly rolled Rs, Zarah was the epitome of an until the late ‘50s/early ‘60s. eroticized woman. Her repertoire featured songs that continued to enforce the image. Go to YouTube She died June 23rd, 1981 in her native Sweden and look her up. She rose to become the highest-paid and was buried in Ostergotlands Lan, Sweden.



Ok…here’s the scenario: It’s 2:00 & the bar is closed. You leave the bar having a bad-ass case of “Idon’t-know-how-much-I’ve-had-to-drink-itis”, but disregarding this & driving anyway because, heyyou’ve driven in this condition before & nothing bad happened, right? Right? You get about 3 blocks then-Uh-Oh…it happens. The red & blue lights show in the rearview. “Please pull the vehicle over.” You Are VERY Busted. The officer comes up to your window and asks for your License, Proof of Insurance & Registration. When you hand it to the officer, he notices that your breath could knock a buzzard off a dung wagon. (Hmmmmmm… methinks that SOMETHING is amiss!) “Please get out of the car…” “Now walk heel-toe.” “Please count backwards from 99 (99, 98, 90 uh uhm er ahhh…)” The Officer walks you back to the trunk of the Police Car. “Please blow into this…” Now the good news. You just blew a 0.24! Congratulations! We have a winner, Vanna! TripleDrunk! So what do we have for the winner? A trip to jail, an impounded vehicle, triple insurance ratesthat is if your insurance company doesn’t cancel you,

court, fines, restitution/victims assistance, court ordered public service AND Mega points against your license! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! So what’s the cost of a DUI? Bail from your friendly bail bondsman $500.00 Impounded Vehicle $250.00 Insurance (Based on $125/mo.) This goes on for up to five years ($375.00 x 60 mos. = $22,500.00 vs. $7,500.00 =$15k difference.) $15,000.00 Court costs $3,500.00 Attourneys Fees $3,000.00 Missed work $3,000.00+ It adds up fast. As you can see, getting a DUI is not for the “Financially Challenged”. And I am sure that some pudknocker out there is holding court saying he got out of a DUI. Sure he did. That’s why he’s RTDing it home to the double wide. Of course the best advice here is DON’T DRIVE IF YOU’VE BEEN DRINKING! That notwithstanding, if you HAVE been drinking and are STUPID enough to drive, here’s the best advice you’re gonna get: 1)Stay in the car until you are told to do otherwise. 2)Keep your hands in plain site.

Call 3)Do EXACTLY what the Officer tells you to do. 4)Anything you say can & will be used against you in a court of law. Remember, this BEFORE you decide to unleash a verbal barrage 5)If you blow, you go. If your BAC is 0.08+, you are going to detox to stay with some new friends until you sober up which usually means sumtime the next day. Now if you are in an accident that is a whole other Oprah! GOD forbid anyone actually dies. Then we’re talkin’ Vehicular Manslaughter OR Murder. With the current public attitude, you are going away. I saw a guy who had 3 previous DUIs go away for 24 years. He was 35 at the time and would be 50 before he was eligible for parole. After 2 previous DUIs you become a Habitual Offender aka “The Big Bitch”. This changes everything. Remember, driving is a Privilege NOT a RIGHT! The State can take it away for cause. Driving drunk is a cause. In summary, a $30.00 cab fare can save you $30K+. That’s how I roll…& I don’t even drink!

23 by: Anita C.


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February issue  

Get an inside scoop on Kristina and her car building

February issue  

Get an inside scoop on Kristina and her car building