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Photography and Art Direction Alkan Emin 

Dress: Zoran Dobric | Earrings: ALBANO | Necklaces: Robert Lee Morris | Soho Sandals: Geox
Dress: Vintage Costarellos @ VSP Consignment | Beads: Ashera Armour | Earrings: Etéra
Dress and coat: Thien Le | Gold pearl choker: Albano | Large crystal and mineral necklaces: Ashera Armour uff Dandi Maestre | Shoes: Paris Texas @ The September
Coat: Thien Le | Rings and cuff: Dandi Maestre
Dress: Zoran Dobric | Beads and Earring: Dandi Maestre | Shoes: Aquazzura @ The September
Robe dress: Albano | Belt: Zara | Chokers and Earrings: Dandi Maestre | 1/2 moon necklace @ Blossom and Tempest | Shoes: Aquazzura @ The September
Dress: Andrew Majtenyi | Hoop fringe neckpiece: Zoran Dobric | Hoop Earrings: Jenny Bird | Large bracelets: Dandi Maestre
Dress: Vintage Moschino @ VSP Consignment | Neck rings, earrings, ring and arm cuff: Dandi Maestre | Beaded bracelets @ Blossom and Tempest | Shoes Paris Texas @ The September
Photography and Art Direction Alkan Emin | Model Alakiir Next model management | Styling Michelle Paiano | Makeup Leandro Avanco