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N CHI issue three - may 13th, 2011 (may 13th-26th)

LetitOUT advice

A Gay Dream

The Life on Call music&beauty

may 13th, 2011 (may 13th - may 26th)

3 ariqroth, chief publisher mattburgett, art director kyrondeluca, writer ryanmassey, writer anthonyvenanzio,writer toddpaulson, writer brentperrotti, writer amandahunt, photographer molloybasham, cover model ameliavancouver, model OUTinCHI Inc. 3 Grant Square #154, Hinsdale, Il 60521

this issue. Dancer Diaries - Ryan Massey On The Cover - Molloy Basham & Amelia Vancouver Photographed by Matt Burgett Music- Todd Paulson Staff Portrait- Matt Burgett Photographed by Amanda Hunt The Life on Call Let it Out- Brent Perrotti Beauty- Anthony Venanzio Once Upon a Time - Kyron Deluca

thedancer diaries ryanmassey

Prepping for my first performance has been nerve wracking to say the least. I’ve been on stage before and I couldn’t understand why I was nervous; most likely because this was something that was “bad” and it was excitement that I was actually feeling. I needed an outfit; something that was going to be unique to me. Welcome to Lovers Lane… I’d been here before. I never felt uncomfortable at sex shops; used to go to one regularly for supplies, vibrating dildos, condoms, gun oil…good stuff. The men’s underwear section was rather small. I would have searched for underwear online but I didn’t have much money and I waited too long. My first performance was tonight and I needed something right now. Anything I can help you find?

I was just looking, didn’t need any help. Jock straps, leather gear, square cuts, the selection was alright but still small. Finally settled on a blue jock and made my way to the counter. Did you know you get 20% if you’re an adult entertainer? Neither did I. Walked out of there with a smile on my face. There was a German song that I really liked a lot, doktorspiele. In the music video there are a couple male dancers. I thought their outfits really exemplified what I thought about when it came to go go dancing. Combining what they both were wearing, I created my first outfit. There were three sets and I needed to make sure I had three costumes, go go get up, business man, and farm hand. Now to make sure I got to the bar in time. Hey kid you realize what kind of bar this is? I nodded at an old man as I made my way into the bar. Temptations, the bright neon pink sign said on the outside of the building. The inside was spacious. I was directed to a back room and told to keep the door closed, that if it were even open just slightly people would walk in. First set was in forty minutes, and I was nervous as hell. A couple straight PATRON shots fixed that. Don’t buy your own drinks when you’re dancing Note to self, paying for drinks at a bar while you’re under a false alias, with your actual credit card kind of defeats the purpose and allows for people to find the real you. That probably wouldn’t be a good thing. Show starts in ten minutes, time to change. Hey man when you hear the music pause in about ten, you’ll know that’s your cue. Shiny blue jock strap, check. Blue short-shorts, check.

5 minutes. Blue and white sweat bands, check. Blue handkerchief tied around my neck, check. Slightly buzzed and heart racing, check. Music pause. It’s go time. . .



= who needs stars anyways?

The Airborn Toxic Event All at Once


During my weekly routine of searching through the iTunes “free download” section I came across not only the first single of this Californian indie rock band, “numb”, but also the video! With its lyrics mainly dealing with a girl that lead singer, Mikel Jollett, misses, and simply can’t take the feeling anymore. So that drives him to want to be, well, numb. The video isn’t much to write home about by the way, except to get a good look at the cuteness of this band. The entire album on the other hand, the group’s sophomore attempt, is a mixture of Killers-type melodies (“Half of Something Else”) to frat-house anthems (“It Doesn’t Mean a Thing”). Fans of Pete Yorn and Kings of Leon should give this group a listen, if not for its outof-the-norm rock stylings, then at least for some eye candy.

Beastie Boys Hot Sauce Committee Part Two

Being a child of the 90’s I have found my style of alt-rock ranges from the hard (NIN), the soft (Tori Amos), and somewhere in-between (Bjork)…but then there is the hidden hiphop side no one really sees in me. The Beastie Boys eighth studio album brings back the days of a true party album. It’s been a long time since I’ve popped in an album, CD form or an i-pod, and let it play from track to track. Whether it is to get you moving on the tread mill, or move from point A to point B, or just to wake your ass up, Hot Sauce… has a flow that just gets you going. Right from the start, “Make Some Noise” just does as the title states. It already has made some noise with its music video. A retake on their classic “Sabotage”, the Beasties take a step back to direct a bunch of current heavy hit actors to re-invent their former rebellious rolls. Rashida Jones, Jason Schwartzman, Rainn Wilson, Steve Buscemi, Ted Danson, Chloe Sevigny, Kirsten Dunst, Maya Rudolph, Orlando Bloom, David Cross, Jack Black, John C. Reilly, Will Arnett , and finally Will Ferrell all make cameos in the 5-minute, destine to be a classic, video. From there the rest of the album carries itself, some with the help of Nas (“Too Many Rappers”), and one of my favorite tracks, featuring Santigold (“Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win”). This album doesn’t only win my vote for tops of the year, but it’ll be on a lot of summer-jam “Must-Lists”.

toddpaulson Oh Land Self-titled

Oh Land, or as her Danish homelanders know her as Nanna Øland Fabricius, comes out of the Fiest, Imogen Heap, and Florence and the Machine school of amazing female vocalists who mix rhythmic beats that take you somewhere else, somewhere where they want you to be. I was introduced to Oh Land while eating at Halsted’s Bar & Grill. The video for “Son of Gun” came on and I had to stop all conversations at the table to find out who was this something-out-of-the 60’s singer. The feel of the single reminded me of my first introduction with La Roux, where I HAD to find out more about the artist, and soon became an instant fan. It is rare that I 4-star every song on an album (11-tracks), but it could have been the beer talking. Therefore, I’ll talk more about the tracks that have already had more than a couple plays. “Lean” is song that belongs in a romantic-comedy, where rain is falling, where there are two characters, possibly long-time friends, who should be more than just that, and as the chorus kicks in, we see the two-leaning on one another, possibly a peck on the lips, and suddenly the rain stops. “Voodoo” is for the lover of 80’s pop, “Helicopter” is for the ear-candy lovers, and “We Turn it Up” is for the let’s take a drive through the burbs, soccer mom, type…it can also be the track the kids will enjoy as well. I’m hoping Oh Land doesn’t have the same fate that a lot of singer-song writer females, especially overseas, seem to get here in America: one amazing start, that later labels them a one-hit-wonder. Let this album take you somewhere else, and hopefully the only thing you’ll wonder is its beauty.

The Wombats This Modern Glitch

Sophomore albums are always a hit or miss, especially when artists have a strong single from their debut albums, and nothing more. Liverpool, England’s, The Wombats, may have to hope for their homeland help them stay afloat. We haven’t heard much from this trio’s since their hit “Let’s Dance to Joy Division” back in 2007, but it takes a few years to make a hit-making album. This Modern Glitch holds some of the most unusual lyrics (“we’ll kick back and let the pills do the talking”), beautiful arrangements since Vampire Weekend hit the scene (“Anti D”), and some classic nostalgic tunes (“1996”) that make you go out and say, “You gotta hear this.” However, the album needs to be found. Thankfully there are mediums out there now, besides radio, which play music from bands such as these. And the thing is there is nothing wrong with this band at all. However, there are too many that all sounding the same. I luckily heard this group on Alt Nation via XM and felt compelled to seek them out, and I’m glad I did, because now I get to write about it in hopes that you too get to check them out. This Modern Glitch is a feel-good album that isn’t too repetitive to allow yourself to get bored midway. In these modern times, it’s either a hit or a miss. The Wombats may not have the catchiest name, nor lack lyrically to end up on any Top 40 station, so, perhaps, that’s the glitch in Glitch, they got a hit but it may go on to be a miss.

staffportrait mattburgett

art director photographed by amandahunt

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LetitOUT advice. brentperrotti ask brent:

I’ve always thought of myself as the notebook of my group of friends. I always seem to be the one that people turn to when anything comes up in their life and they need some new perspective. So they come to me with secret and concerns much like some would a diary so they can work out what’s going on. I’ve always enjoyed this position as group notebook, I love being able to help people whenever I can. I also tell it like it is. I had one of my best friends came to me with a problem she was having with her boyfriend. I listened to her and tried to understand both sides of the situation. When her boyfriend asked me about the same situation I told him how I really felt about it. It wasn’t really the answer he was look for but by that evening my words had sunk in and allowed them to talk and for them both to see the issue in a way that hadn’t before. She called me later that night saying I had saved their relationship, but really they did the work I just helped put things in perspective. Being able to see both sides of a situation has always been easy for me. I can remove myself from it and see how a misunderstanding can occur. I also think that because I’m a very open person I’ve been able to help. I believe all people and events can teach us things if we let them. Everything happens for a reason and I want to be enriched by it all. I’ve always felt that there is a lot of crappy thing that happen but even if someone is having a bad day I want to be the one thing that makes them smile. I want to be the kind of person who helps make the world a better place by being in it. So when I can help I will. Feel free to send me your questions and I will give the best advice I can. I can’t wait to hear from you.



If your skin is oily/combination: People with an oily skin type all seem to have the same issue; they feel that they need to dry it out. This is the opposite of what you should be doing. Here’s a lesson on oily skin. The main reason that people have an oily skin type is because they are not receiving moisture physically, so their skin is producing an abundance of moisture internally. Your skin is just trying to balance itself out on its own. If you moisturize your skin one or two times a day your skin will become more balanced and in turn produce less oil. An oil-free moisturizer is ideal for an oily/combination skin type. Make sure that you are getting a moisturizer with an SPF in it if possible for daily use, and one without an SPF for nighttime. Also, make sure that you are cleansing with either a gel cleanser that foams up, or a straight foaming cleanser. Do not get discouraged if your skin doesn’t change right away. You need to allow about 4 weeks to see a real difference in your skin. These things take time, so be patient and remember that consistency is the key. Make sure that you are doing this daily, and try not to fluctuate your skincare routine.

In addition to providing your skin with the moisture that it needs, ;0&")&"534*02-0&#4*&0(4)$&<"0(&.*1&)S"-&04&$?#4!"20$&20&!$2)0& @%7-%C%702$/%'%*$$64%%D&0/%*033%;5-2-7$%'%)'/7$5%8$33%7951> you will want to mattify oil production throughout the day. If you are 4+$*&2-.&"0&<"!!&02S$&4##&+")"6!$=&.*1&4*&W2S1&)S"-%&&J$<& noticing throughout the day that you are “shiny”, you may want to invest in some new makeup as well. After your new moisturizer, you will need a 8$33/%3--6%298&%.$77$5%7&'1%-3($5%8$33/=%'1(%7&$%)'/7$5%+-9% primer that mattifys oil. There are a few brands that make great primers for <$7%7&$%1$*%8$33/%7-%7&$%/95)'8$=%7&$%.$77$5%'1(%2-5$%5'(0> this. Sephora Anti-Shine Primer is excellent, as is Make Up For Ever All Mat '17%+-95%/601%*033%3--64%%E-9%8'1%'3/-%9/$%'%:3'50/-108%7-% ($$;%83$'1%*07&%('03+4%%!)%+-9%9/$%7&'7%&-*$#$5=%(-%1-7% Primer, and Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer Matte Finish. For your 52-/2!!1&$?#4!"20$%&&'44&5/,(&$?#4!"20"4-&<"!!&0("-&0($& foundation you will want something that is oil-free. If you want something /601%7--%298&%*&08&%8'1%05507'7$%07%'1(%;-//0.3+%2'6$% that is completely Matte finish then the Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet is "0&54*$&W2S1%&&M2!2-,$&")&0($&S$1&($*$%&&K*1&)S"-&013$)& perfect for you. If you are seeking a more natural finish then give the )(4/!.&,!$2-)$&<"0(&2&54")0/*"B"-7&,!$2-)$*=&)45$0("-7& Make Up For Ever High Definition foundation, or the Laura Mercier Oil-Free -)%'%<$3%-5%2036+%8-1/0/7$18+4 foundation a shot. All of these are medium to full coverage. If you want % !)%+-9%&'#$%1-52'3M-;702'3%/601O%%D&-/$%-)%+-9% something with less coverage, then try YSL Teint Resist, which is Sheer to *07&%7&0/%/601%'5$%#$5+%3986+%'1(%'33%+-9%5$'33+%&'#$%7-% Medium, or Laura Mercier’s Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer. Finish things off (-%0/%;5$/$5#$%7&'7%.'3'18$4%%P1/95$%7&'7%+-9%'5$%/7033% with a translucent setting powder. Make Up For Ever Microfinish Powder is ,!$2-)"-7=&2-.&54")0/*"B"-7&.2"!1=&2-.&2!)4&/)"-7&2&0*$20> 100% Silica and is oil absorbing and gives the appearance of an airbrushed 2$17%Q0)%+-9%9/$%-1$R%$#$5+%('+4%D&$5$%0/%1-%1$$(%)-5%'1+% finish. Laura Mercier and Smashbox also make great finishing powders. /;$80'3%75$'72$17%.$8'9/$%+-95%/601%0/%'35$'(+%.'3'18$(4%% Make sure that you are taking all of these steps in building up walls against S9/7%2'6$%/95$%7&'7%+-9%'5$%8-1/0/7$173+%9/01<%/91/85$$1% unwanted shine. I myself am incredibly oily, and since I take all these '1(%+-9%(-1"7%&'#$%'1+7&01<%7-%*-55+%'.-97%91703%+-95% /601%8&'1<$/4 proper steps in preventing shine, I can go a good 8 to 10 hours without & LS"-&013$)&7$-$*2!!1&,(2-7$&$+$*1&X&04&YZ&1$2*)%&& having to blot or retouch my makeup. LS"-&013$)&2!)4&,(2-7$&<"0(&0($&)$2)4-)%&&I2S$&)/*$&0(20& If you’re dry: There are just as many steps in balancing dry skin as there are in balancing oily skin. People are typically dry for two reasons. Ei- +-9%'5$%1-7%9/01<%7&$%/'2$%;5-(987/%'33%+$'5%3-1<%'/%+-95% ther their skin is just not producing the necessary oils needed or their skin /601%*033%5$H905$%(0))$5$17%7&01</%'7%(0))$5$17%702$/%-)%7&$% +$'54%%E-9%*033%7+;08'33+%*'17%+-95%/922$5%;5-(987/%'1(% is more mature and their skin cells take much longer to reach the surface and they are dried and possibly a little bit dull and flaky. There are different 14/*&<"-0$*&3*4./,0)%&&K/*"-7&0($&"-&6$0<$$-&)$2)4-)& /98&%'/%/;501<%'1(%'97921%+-9%/&-93(%.$<01%7-%'37$51'7$% ways to fix these skincare concerns. For someone who is just dry naturally, you will need to moisturize 14/*&)/55$*&2-.&<"-0$*&)S"-,2*$&2,,4*."-7!1%&&9-2!1B$& +-95%/601%-1%'%('03+%.'/0/%'/%+-95%/601%2'+%1$$(%'%30773$% as much as needed. Typically you will need to do so 2 to 3 times daily. Get .07%-)%'77$170-1%01%8$57'01%'5$'/%)5-2%('+%7-%('+%'1(%2'+% yourself a moisturizer with oil in it. Don’t be afraid of oils, they are not bad W/,0/20$&)!"7(0!1&2,,4*."-7&04&<$20($*&,(2-7$=&)0*$))=& for your skin. They are going to work with your skin to nourish it and make )--(%017'6$=%$784% it more supple. As far as your makeup, you may want to choose a primer that is hydrating. Laura Mercier Moisturizing Primer, Make Up For Ever HD Primers, and Korres Primers are all excellent choices. For your foundation you will want to wear something that has oil in it. You should be fine choosing any brands foundation, whatever looks good on, and feels good. You will still want to set your foundation with a powder. My recommendation would be a mineral powder, and many brands have them (Smashbox Halo is a personal favorite, and it will also give you a bit more coverage and is hydrating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The third issue of OUTinCHI with our LetitOUT advice