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On the Cover: Find The C.A.R.E. You Need with Lamar Law Office, LLC

Find The C.A.R.E. You Need with Lamar Law Office, LLC

By Kristen Eleveld

When you need an attorney, you need someone you can trust, someone who knows the job well, and, above all, someone who cares about you. This is why so many people in Gwinnett and beyond are turning to Lamar Law Office, LLC to find the legal expertise that not only meets their needs, but shows how valued they are.

Founded in 2018 by Anita Lamar, this firm has gone above and beyond to ensure that caring for clients is their highest priority. In fact, they have literally centered their core values around showing the highest level of care possible.

“The core tenets of our firm are C.A.R.E. – Culture, Assertiveness, Resilience, and Enthusiasm,” said Anita. “These tenets extend to our relationship with our clients, employees, and our greater Atlanta community.”

Clients of Lamar Law Office, LLC are more than familiar with these tenets, as Anita and her team strive to make their clients’ wellbeing the center of every action they take. In fact, the team receives weekly training and information on the best ways to establish the “We Care” philosophy that has become synonymous with this firm. Anita intentionally seeks out potential employees who demonstrate the ability to show a high level of attention to detail to the company’s culture and client needs. In turn, Anita works to reward her employees with regular celebrations and outings, which all point back to the culture of caring for people before anything else.

“Our culture is deeply rooted in a culture of family and equality,” said Anita. “Before we can build trust with our clients, our employees must believe and embrace the culture of Lamar Office. We accomplish this by listening to and understanding the needs of our employees.”

In addition to building high levels of trust, many of the firm’s employees are given the opportunity to further their pursuit of their

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