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“That was AWESOME! That was AWESOME!! That was AWESOME!!!” The roar of the crowds had never been this loud during a match between Fantastica and La Llorna before. As professional wrestlers they loved to feed off the energy of the fans and put on the best show they could create using only body language and the upper echelons of their own pain thresholds. A show of epic proportions! Violence! Sex! Gore...and there was lots of that on tap for this weekends event. Fantastica was just getting started as the grapllers worked towards the ending of the first match on the evenings card. The opening of the IXW Nights of Tropical Terror shows brought in a hot crowd of people willing to really travel for some entertainment. 3 nights of mayhem under the stars... She felt lucky that she was going forward from this match and was going to win the womens Death Match tournament-but her and La Llorna were being counted on to start things on a high note. She also looked forward to sitting on top of the championship and the money it would bring if she worked hard. What she wasn't looking forward to was the upcoming finish. While it was accepted that the ladies did not have to push the physicality envelope as far as the other wrestlers would, both Fantastica and La Llorna took pride in being the top of the pile of broken bodies every time. They sold tickets and both enjoyed the fans marking out for ever move they made. Thing was... they were friends. Best friends. More than best friends. But if you are going to work stiff and take risks in the business of simulated carnage, who better to be there with you and keep you safe than the person who you'll be going home with later? Fantastica whispered to her opponent, “lets take this home now.” She tried to keep her tone light, because both she and La Llorna, who she knew much better as Rosa Almirall, wanted to make this finish perfect. And perfection in the squared circle could hurt and hurt really badly. “Give me the cutter first and then we'll finish!” La Llorna sounded sure of herself, enthusiastic even. This surprised Fantastica more than a little, but she knew better than to argue the point. The crowd and the promoters would love it. The next whisper in her ear pushed aside any doubts and she knew that while this was probably going to hurt her girlfriend and frequent opponent a lot, they would both deliver something special along the way. “Just remember-you are going over right now, but you are going down later...big time.” Fantastica could hear the crowd going wild for what they thought was coming next, and they would love an unexpected bonus bit of smash and slam for their dollars. Knowing that she was going forward to win, the crowd going berserk and the assured knowledge that she would be getting some crazy sex after all was said and done she hurled a sharp elbow directly at the head of La Llorna, who dropped to the mat as if she had been hit by a truck driven by 20 foot high twin statues of Bruce Lee's fists. Strutting around the ring like the sexiest woman that nobody could ever touch, Fantastica made a methodical and slow circuit from turnbuckle to turnbuckle as the audience called for her to end the match with her finishing move, the Fantastic Fantasm. While it was just a simple Death Valley Driver move, easy to accomplish, her opponents that could sell it well made it look like they may never get up. It wasn't this move that she felt a little nervous about, it was using the signature La Llorna Death Wail Curse Cutter on her opponent. Usually one wrestler would never steal anothers finisher-at least not in the same ring. However, the two had worked it out in advance and the crowds screams swelling up at this very second told her to turn around and just do it and do it hard. With a quick spin around, Fantastica caught her nemesis running full tilt like a maniacal gorilla with arms raised ready to land a huge blow from behind. Fantastica put a quick bear hug on her

approaching foe, stopping her dead and lifting her up off her feet. Both struggled, but it became obvious to the crowd that La Llorna had put herself somewhere she could not escape from... trapped. La Llorna began to wail out her popular death cry yet she was still squirming under the power of Fantastica. The wail changed to a ghoulish and horrible sound of her life being crushed out of her lungs! Both women worked together to nail a sit down power bomb that spiked the evil La Llorna, headfirst in to the mat. She had been struck down with her own move, a fate worse than death. The crowd went berserk! The pair sold this move to the hilt and Fantastica had to raise her voice to make sure that the call to go home was heard. A syrupy voiced La Llorna replied to the woman she cared about more than any other person, the same woman that had spiked her on the back of her shoulders and neck a second ago with just what she knew Fantastica, who she called Tina at home, needed to hear. “Awesome... you are definitely doing all the work later smash me through the damn mat.” Despite the incredibly loud sound of La Llorna getting squashed the mat held up under the massive slam the Fantastica Fantasm was, and working together the pair delivered the hardest version possible for the fans and promoters that would be paying them. The match ended to thunderous approval and a chanted three count that led to chants ringing for several minutes of frenzied Fantastica chants. La Llorna laid on the mat for the entire celebration, occasionally twitching her legs like a bug that had just met the business end of a can of insecticide. Finally, she was carried out by several of the other heel wrestlers and enjoyed hearing the crowd replicate her death wail as a show of respect. For the fans in attendance at the IXW Nights of Tropical Terror, the show was just getting started, but as Fantastica and La Llorna stripped off their ring gear and climbed into the shower, Rosa and Tina put aside that they were both sore from the nights exertions and thought about other ways to relax sore muscles. Better ways... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The walk across the island took almost an hour, though neither Rosa nor Tina were worried about the time or anything that may be going on around anymore. The IXW promoter, Umberto Gastaldi, had gone as far over the top with the location of this years big weekend long event slash pay per view as anyone ever had. Setting a wrestling death match show on a deserted island in the Caribbean was either a stroke of genius or the work of a complete asshole. The wrestlers in his employee all thought that Gastaldi was a mix of both, with a whole lot of snake oil salesman on top. But, he paid well and the fans were crazed for the promotion. Both La Llorna and Fantastica were huge merchandise movers, so it was the ideal job. Money, travel and getting to work at what they did best. Two years ago they would have killed for the shot they had this weekend. And besides that, being alone for the next 3 hours while the show rolled on across the island gave the women a perfect chance to relax...and if any of the paying fans happened to catch them getting some post match fucking in, well it was probably not going to be an issue for them in any negative way. Tina was thrilled by the chance to really tour around the island on their own and see everything that was laid out for the show. Three full ring set ups with movable grandstands for the crowds to fill as the matches progressed, the bodies got laid out and a lot of footage for multiple DVD releases was filmed. None of the rings were anything spectacular to look at, but she did feel some dread while looking at the 18 foot high steel cage surrounding the stage for the big finale show. The same place that she was supposed to go over as the winner of the womens tournament against Lorelei. It had possibilities, but the risks seemed greater than the rewards in this business sometimes. “Don't sweat it babe,” Rosa said with a chuckle-as reassuring out of the ring as she was inside. “You always come out on top when things get risky, just be sure to work it out with Beth really well.

Seriously, she gets more than a little caught up out there in case you haven't noticed. I worked her a lot before coming to IXW and she isn't all there sometimes. Besides, how good is the Fantasm going to look coming down from that height. Just keep your pretty ass off the mat! You'll end up with a flat back, and I won't like that.” “You know it, though I'm happy to hear you are worried about my ass-even though you spent a lot of time working Beth in the past. Lorelei and La Llorna...I bet there was a lot of wailing and shouting going on.” Tina's words may have sounded jealous, but she said them in a flat monotone, the banter was purely formal, a cover up fro what she was thinking. Seasoned grappler or not, that was a long way up. And a longer way down. “Long way down or not, you still get to come out on top, but for now...howzabout the bottom?” Tina was a little surprised to feel Rosa tugging her shorts down and pushing her to a sitting position at the edge of the huge structure. With a quick gasp and a giggle she belted out one of her favorite Fantastica bits... “This is gonna be Fantastica!” As Tina laid back, sighed happily she felt Rosa's tongue push inside of her with a force that curled her toes. Her lover licked upwards to capture her already swollen sex fully within her warm and wet mouth and she could only hold on to the steel cage tightly and feel like she had already won the best prize ever. Hell, Tina thought she was going to have to all the work, but Rosa wasn't going to stop after just a one count for her orgasm. She noted to herself that she should drop this babe square on her head more often. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Tina was exhausted, every muscle in her body had been worked harder in the last hour than she had in the nights match! The breeze coming off the water, which was less than a few hundred feet away, a fact she just now noticed, was almost as silky smooth as Rosa's tongue had been. But Rosa seemed like spending an hour making Tina moan and writhe had perked her up and gave her a ton of new energy, so with a quick kiss she turned around and headed to the waves. Tina loved watching her strip down along the way... damn! She hadn't even bothered taking off her clothes during all that? Well, at least the front of her shorts were pulled wide open for easy access to herself, and that turned Tina on all over again. Not that there was much room for improvement in the night, but she had promised... “Come on sexy...don't you want to swim?” Rosa was standing at the edge of the water, her long dark hair catching the moonlight perfectly-sexy and perfect. But even that sight was not going to move her girlfriend from her prone position. Rosa took a little pride in knowing that Tina wasn't even able to stand up right now. She wasn't going to push it, and the water felt amazing before it had even licked up past her calves. “Alright then, you just lay back and enjoy... I'll give you a show you won't forget.” That was for sure. Rosa glided through the waves, only occasionally looking back at the shore now, because it looked like Tina had dozed off. If any of the marks happened to parade by and find Fantastica buck naked and sound asleep it would be fun to see what Gastaldi would have to say. Well screw it, this was all vacation time for her more wrestling and a nice paycheck worked for her. She would be happy to play physical therapist to Tina from now on, just so long as she stayed away from the crowds. But right now, it was time to relax. The night was hot, the water cold and she was far from the sound of the screaming and crashing an IXW show always made. And then something caught her leg. Caught would not be the word Rosa would use,, before she could react her hands were reaching into a crimson cloud that replaced the clear water she was just enjoying.

Her right leg was gone. Pain overtook panic and she let out her first scream. It wouldn't last long however, because just as she began to wail something clamped down around her waist and yanked her down into the gore murked depths. Eyes bulging from the crushing force of whatever was gripping her, Rosa Almirall saw something that she could not believe. Eyes. There was no face that she could make out...which struck her as funny for some reason. These eyes just appeared, all full of menace and glee-the satisfied stare she would use when she was about to use the La Llorna death wail! They told her as plainly as she had communicated to her fans that the end was near. But the ordeal wasn't over. Those vile eyes went blurry in Rosa's vision and her entire body felt like it was being shredded as she was hurled upwards, past the surface of the water. Instead of flying away like a rag doll hurled by an angry child she vomited up a dark mass of blood and other tissue all over her torn body. And she also heard something familiar in the distance. Shaking her head, trying to get herself balanced she looked first at the ribboned flesh that was her leg and then tried to see what exactly was tormenting her. It looked like a huge armored insect...or maybe just a giant claw? Finally she looked towards the beach and saw Tina. Beautiful, naked, smart, sexy Tina was screaming something she couldn't make out. Rosa tried to make eye contact as if to say everything that she had not got around too, about how La Llorna was always going to be alright no matter what the good guys did to her. A flash of moonlight caught her eye and she tried to turn her head as fast as her fading consciousness would allow. A second claw tore her head off with a butcher's precision. Now it was Tina's turn to scream. One minute she is lying in post orgasmic bliss, the next she is looking out on her friends body being shredded by a thrashing ocean that seemed to have grown claws. CLAWS! Watching the carnage in the water only because her mind demanded she make sense of what was happening, Tina watched as Rosa's head fell to the water and her body went limp. That was when things got worse. The water appeared black in the moonlight and all around Rosa things the water seemed to be boiling. Giant claws that looked like steel construction machines gone to the depths of hell pulled, shoved and mangled the lifeless husky, pulling bits beneath the surface in small chunks. The claws were clicking and with an awful steady rhythm now. Rosa was in a dozen parts before Tina could turn away. As for the claws? It really didn't matter what they were, but what they had done. She had seen a lot of strange things, you don't work as a wrestler and get away from the weird underbelly of humanity. But giant sea beasts?? She knew she would have to grieve later and live now... and get everyone around her to believe what happened. Because it did!! Tina turned away and hoped that whatever was in that water didn't decide to come ashore. Running full tilt boogie past the steel caged ring she began to wish that they hadn't gone as far from everyone as they made a point to. There was nothing at all around her, but something was certainly behind her! And then she crashed straight into a brick wall. Dazed, Tina looked up and saw that the “wall” was actually a man. A huge man. At first she thought, hoped even, that they had been followed by one of the IXW crew. For the show the two lovers had put on earlier she expected some help now. What she got however was a tremendous blow to the face that felt that had come from a hand larger than her skull. Crashing to the ground, she caught a fleeting glimpse of a man leaning over her. While he smiled at her, his face was literally the least human visage she had ever seen. A mass of jagged scars seemed to be holding in two mismatched eyes and the open mouth didn't appear to have any lips. Whoever made that mask must have been damn good. But masks don't sweat... With that final image in her mind she heard a voice nearby. “Let us go Basilio, we have so many new toys to play with.”


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The opening sequence to The Claws Of Frankenstein Island

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