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O r c a B oo k P u b l i s h e r s 2009-2010 School Catalogue • Grades K–6 Outstanding Canadian Books

Picturebooks Toopy and Binoo Orca Echoes • Easy-to-read Chapter Books Orca Young Readers • Chapter Books for Discerning Readers Orca Currents • Middle-School Fiction for Reluctant Readers Middle-School Fiction & Nonfiction

OLIP Approved

Orca Paperback Picturebook Collection Fully illustrated, award-winning favourite stories Excellent curriculum connections To avoid back orders, you will be sent 12 of the 14 titles listed

12 Paperbacks

Retail: $118.40 YOU PAY: $82.94 Order # 1299

To order individual titles, call 1-800-210-5277

Alphabetter Dan Bar-el Illustrations by Graham Ross A mixed-up alphabet creates merry mayhem. 978-1-55143-861-0 • $9.95 Buttercup’s Lovely Day Carolyn Beck Illustrations by Andrea Beck Wend your way through Buttercup’s lovely day. 978-1-55469-122-7 • $9.95 The Final Game William Roy Brownridge Danny and his friends live for hockey, and they do their best for the town team. 978-1-55143-102-4 • $9.95

No Two Snowflakes Sheree Fitch Illustrations by Janet Wilson How do you describe snow to a child who has never felt it squeak beneath her feet or melt on her tongue? 978-1-55143-227-4 • $9.95 Perfect Man Troy Wilson Illustrations by Dean Griffiths Micheal learns to find his own super powers. 978-1-55143-435-3 • $9.95 Queen Nadine Maryann Kovalski Nadine the cow naively cares for the egg she finds. 978-1-55143-095-9 • $8.95

Jeffrey and Sloth Kari-Lynn Winters Illustrations by Ben Hodson Discover the awesome powers of the written word. 978-1-55143-974-7 • $9.95

Secret of the Dance Andrea Spalding & Alfred Scow Illustrations by Darlene Gait In 1935, a boy witnesses a forbidden potlatch. 978-1-55469-129-6 • $9.95

Me and Mr. Mah Andrea Spalding Illustrations by Janet Wilson Ian finds more than just a new friend—he finally discovers in himself the courage to accept change. 978-1-55143-177-2 • $9.95

Solomon’s Tree Andrea Spalding Illustrations by Janet Wilson Solomon’s love for an old maple tree teaches him about a tree’s cycle of life. 978-1-55143-380-6 • $9.95

The Moccasin Goalie William Roy Brownridge Danny and his friends are typical prairie youngsters—hockey mad! 978-1-55143-054-6 • $9.95

That’s Hockey David Bouchard Illustrations by Dean Griffiths Etienne introduces his city cousin to real hockey. Street hockey, that is. 978-1-55143-348-6 • $9.95

The Twelve Days of Summer Jan Andrews Illustrations by Susan Jolliffe Take a joyous counting journey through summer. 978-1-55143-735-4 • $9.95 Under a Prairie Sky Anne Laurel Carter Illustrations by Alan & Lea Daniel A storm looms in the prairie sky. 978-1-55143-282-3 • $8.95

Praise for Buttercup’s Lovely Day “Buttercup’s overflowing optimism is uplifting and lifeaffirming...This picturebook is perfect for a lovely day or a lousy one—reminding us, like Buttercup, to sing thankful praises for life’s simple pleasures.” —Canadian Children’s Book News

Orca Hardcover Picturebook Collection Art’s Supplies Chris Tougas Art’s supplies come to life in the studio. 978-1-55143-920-4 • $19.95

Jousting with Jesters Martin Springett A young dragon’s quest to find his flame. 978-1-55143-327-1 • $19.95

Buttercup’s Lovely Day Carolyn Beck Illustrations by Andrea Beck Wend your way through Buttercup’s lovely day. 978-1-55143-512-1 • $19.95

Lady Ginny’s Tea Parties Susan Rennick Jolliffe A poodle must have her parties! 978-1-55143-398-1 • $19.95

Carl the Christmas Carp Ian Krykorka Illustrations by Vladyana Krykorka A traditional Czech Christmas with a non-traditional boy. 978-1-55143-329-5 • $19.95 Dragon Tide Ingrid Lee Illustrations by Soizick Meister Two children protect a magic dragon they find buried in the sand. 978-1-55143-352-3 • $21.95 Grandpa’s Clock Rachna Gilmore Illustrations by Amy Meissner Patience and love can build a clock and heal a heart. 978-1-55143-333-2 • $21.95

The Littlest Sled Dog Michael Kusugak Illustrations by Vladyana Krykorka A little dog dreams big. 978-1-55143-752-1 • $19.95 Mechanimals Chris Tougas A farmer gets creative after a tornado wreaks havoc on his farm. 978-1-55143-628-9 • $19.95 Out of the Deeps Anne Laurel Carter Illustrations by Nicolas Debon A pony’s first taste of sunshine. 978-1-55143-559-6 $19.95 Puppies on Board Sarah N. Harvey Illustrations by Rose Cowles How many puppies does it take to capsize a boat? 978-1-55143-390-5 • $19.95

The Summer of the Marco Polo Lynn Manuel Illustrations by Kasia Charko The wreck of a great sailing ship inspires a budding author. 978-1-55143-330-1 • $19.95 The West Is Calling Imagining British Columbia Sarah N. Harvey & Leslie Buffam Illustrations by Dianna Bonder 150 glorious years in 32 gorgeous pages. 978-1-55143-936-5 • $19.95

Fully illustrated hardcover books Best-selling Canadian stories To avoid back orders, you will be sent 10 of the 13 titles listed

10 Hardcovers

Retail: $201.50 YOU PAY: $141.10 Order # 1300

Praise for The West Is Calling “The illustrations are teeming with historical detail: a pleasing and easy way to absorb information...Highly recommended for both school and public libraries. It is an enjoyable recreational read and a highly informative resource for young historians.” —Resource Links

To order individual titles, call 1-800-210-5277

Toopy and Binoo Board Book Collection

Padded Board Books

Board Books

$7.95 each

$7.95 each

Binoo in Colour 978-1-55389-033-1

Merry Christmas Toopy 978-1-55389-020-1

From the popular Treehouse TV series

Binoo Loves Sounds 978-1-55389-034-8

Toopy and the Shampoo 978-1-55389-022-5

Sweet stories for children ages 2 to 5

How Are You Binoo? 978-1-55389-038-6

Toopy Dresses Up 978-1-55389-029-4

Peek-a-boo Binoo! 978-1-55389-039-3

Toopy Takes a Nap 978-1-55389-026-3

10 Board Books

Retail $79.50 YOU PAY: $55.70

Toopy Tells a Story 978-1-55389-028-7 Toopy Wants to Play 978-1-55389-031-7

Order # 1301

Toopy and Binoo Funny Stories #1 978-1-55389-051-5

Toopy and Binoo Funny Stories #2 978-1-55389-069-0

$15.95 YOU PAY: $11.17 (The Big Race, Sneezing Toopy, Toopy Goes Bananas, Toopy’s Story)

$15.95 YOU PAY: $11.17 (Baby Toopy, Bubbles, Camp Out, Binoo Blows Raspberries)

Toopy and Binoo Paperback Collection

Little Hands Collection $9.95 each Abracadabra! 978-1-55389-043-0

Early reading stories based on the TV series

Funny Halloween 978-1-55389-013-3

14 Paperbacks

Little Red Toopy 978-1-55389-012-6

Retail $115.30 YOU PAY: $80.78 Order # 1302

To order individual titles, call 1-800-210-5277

The Lost Sleep 978-1-55389-0 Robinson Toopy 978-1-55389-0 Super Toopy 978-1-55389-011-9

Books Inspired by the Television Series $6.95 each Baby Toopy 978-1-55389-0 The Big Race 978-1-55389-018-8 Binoo Blows Raspberries 978-1-55389-047-8 Bubbles 978-1-55389-046-1 Camp Out 978-1-55389-044-7 Sneezing Toopy 978-1-55389-016-4 Toopy Goes Bananas 978-1-55389-017-1 Toopy’s Story 978-1-55389-015-7

A Bee in Your Ear Frieda Wishinsky 978-1-55143-324-0 The Big Tree Gang Jo Ellen Bogart 978-1-55143-345-5 The Birthday Girl Jean Little 978-1-55143-292-2 Bruno for Real Caroline Adderson 978-1-55469-023-7

Orca Echoes Collection


Captain Jake Shannon Stewart 978-1-55143-896-2

Kelly’s Cabin Linda Smith 978-1-55143-408-7

Cheetah Wendy A. Lewis 978-1-55143-465-0

Marsh Island Sonya Spreen Bates 978-1-55469-117-3

Dimples Delight Frieda Wishinsky 978-1-55143-362-2

Maybe Later Ingrid Lee 978-1-55143-764-4

Timberwolf Chase Sigmund Brouwer 978-1-55143-548-0

Down the Chimney with Googol and Googolplex Nelly Kazenbroot 978-1-55143-290-8

Monster Lunch Pat Skene 978-1-55143-941-9

Timberwolf Hunt Sigmund Brouwer 978-1-55143-726-2

A Noodle Up Your Nose Frieda Wishinsky 978-1-55143-294-6

Timberwolf Revenge Sigmund Brouwer 978-1-55143-544-2

Out and About with the Big Tree Gang Jo Ellen Bogart and Jill Bogart 978-1-55143-603-6

Timberwolf Tracks Sigmund Brouwer 978-1-55143-734-7

A Frog in My Throat Frieda Wishinsky 978-1-55143-632-6 George Most Wanted Ingrid Lee 978-1-55143-472-8 George, the Best of All! Ingrid Lee 978-1-55143-623-4 Ghost Wolf Karleen Bradford 978-1-55143-341-7 I, Bruno Caroline Adderson 978-1-55143-501-5 Jeremy and the Enchanted Theater Becky Citra 978-1-55143-322-6 Jeremy and the Fantastic Flying Machine Becky Citra 978-1-55143-950-1 Jeremy and the Golden Fleece Becky Citra 978-1-55143-657-9 Jeremy in the Underworld Becky Citra 978-1-55143-466-7

Theodora Bear Carolyn Jones 978-1-55143-496-4


Over the Rainbow with Googol and Googolplex Nelly Kazenbroot 978-1-55143-469-8 The Paper Wagon martha attema 978-1-55143-356-1 A Puppy is for Loving Mary Labatt 978-1-55143-477-3 The Raspberry Room Alison Lohans 978-1-55143-353-0 Rhyme Stones Pat Skene 978-1-55143-636-4 Sam and Nate PJ Sarah Collins 978-1-55143-334-9 Sea Dog Dayle Campbell Gaetz 978-1-55143-406-3 Sharing Snowy Marilyn Helmer 978-1-55469-021-3

Guided Reading Levels Available

Timberwolf Challenge Sigmund Brouwer 978-1-55143-730-9

At-level early chapter books for grades 2 to 3

41 Paperbacks ($6.95 each)

Retail: $284.95 YOU PAY: $199.67 Order # 1303


Timberwolf Trap Sigmund Brouwer 978-1-55143-722-4 The True Story of George Ingrid Lee 978-1-55143-293-9 Under the Sea with Googol and Googolplex Nelly Kazenbroot 978-1-55143-366-0 What a Hippopota-Mess! Pat Skene 978-1-55143-402-5

Orca Echoes Resource Guide Retail: $45.00 You Pay: $31.50 Professionally written guides for each book Info on using Orca Echoes in the classroom Generously illustrated stories perfect for character-building and social-responsibility programs

Praise for Captain Jake “This easy-to-read, beginning chapter book blends fictional character with real facts...Large print, short chapters and many full page illustrations make this a good chapter book for developing readers.” ­—Resource Links

To order individual titles, call 1-800-210-5277

Eric Walters Sports Collection To avoid back orders, you will receive 6 of the 8 titles listed below.

Orca Young Readers Historical Fiction Collection

6 paperbacks ($7.95 each)

Retail: $47.70 YOU PAY: $33.42 Order # 1305

Award-winning, bestselling chapter books For ages 8 to 11 or grades 3 to 5 Excellent curriculum connections Silver Birch, Red Cedar, Snow Willow, Hackmatack nominees To avoid back orders, you will receive 11 of the 14 titles listed.

11 Paperbacks

Retail: $86.45 YOU PAY: $60.57 Order # 1304

Ellie’s New Home Becky Citra A gripping story that explores the world of early settlers. 978-1-55143-164-2 • $7.95

Lucky’s Mountain Dianne Maycock What’s so lucky about a three-legged dog? 978-1-55143-682-1 • $7.95

Emily’s Dream Jacqueline Pearce Emily Carr is determined to become an artist in spite of her sister. 978-1-55143-368-4 • $7.95

Peggy’s Letters Jacqueline Halsey In the devastation of wartime London, Peggy makes an unexpected friend. 978-1-55143-363-9 • $7.95

Hero martha attema A Dutch boy’s experience during the Second World War. 978-1-55143-251-9 • $7.95 Jesse’s Star Ellen Schwartz What drove a boy and his family to emigrate to Canada? 978-1-55143-143-7 • $7.95 Jo’s Journey Nikki Tate Jo is determined to follow her dream of striking gold in the Cariboo. 978-1-55143-536-7 • $7.95 Jo’s Triumph Nikki Tate Disguised as a boy, Joselyn becomes Jo and joins the Pony Express. 978-1-55143-199-4 • $6.95

To order individual titles, call 1-800-210-5277

Just Call Me Joe Frieda Wishinsky Life in New York City among the working poor. 978-1-55143-249-6 • $7.95

The Reunion Jacqueline Pearce Will a handful of beads and the power of a story be enough to heal a friendship? 978-1-55143-230-4 • $6.95 Secret Signs Jacqueline Guest Will the secret signs lead Henry to his father? 978-1-55143-599-2 • $7.95 Strawberry Moon Becky Citra Will Ellie find a way to stay in Upper Canada? 978-1-55143-367-7 • $7.95 Under a Living Sky Joseph Simons A handsewn doll draws a family together. 978-1-55143-355-4 • $7.95 Yossi’s Goal Ellen Schwartz Yossi dreams of playing hockey, but he has no skates. 978-1-55143-492-6 • $7.95

Boot Camp Teamwork can be more important than talent. 978-1-55143-695-1 Full Court Press More basketball adventures with Nick and Kia. 978-1-55143-169-7 Hoop Crazy! A nerd joins Nick and Kia’s team. 978-1-55143-184-0 Long Shot The kids need to decide whether to play for a tyrant or take a stand. 978-1-55143-216-8 Off Season Nick and Kia get the hang of life in the wilderness. 978-1-55143-237-3 Three on Three Winning the tournament is going to be tough, but making a new friend is tougher. 978-1-55143-170-3 Triple Threat Three bullies learn a lesson. 978-1-55143-359-2 Underdog Nick and Kia learn some tough lessons. 978-1-55143-302-8

Addison Addley and the Things That Aren’t There Melody DeFields McMillan Addison’s public speaking goes from bad to worse. 978-1-55143-949-5 Any Pet Will Do Nancy Shouse What kind of pet should Jeremy get? 978-1-55143-354-7 The Big Snapper Katherine Holubitsky Eddie loves fishing with Granddad and listening to his tall tales. 978-1-55143-563-3 Birdie for Now Jean Little By helping a small, abused dog, Dickon transforms himself. 978-1-55143-203- 8 Casey Little—Yo-Yo Queen Nancy Belgue Casey needs a lot of money fast, but will she be able to overcome her fear to win it? 978-1-55143-357-8

Flight from Big Tangle Anita Daher Can Kaylee overcome her fear of flying? 978-155143-234-2

Ten Thumb Sam Rachel Dunstan Muller Not even Magic Max can turn Sam into a circus star. 978-1-55143-699-9

Forward, Shakespeare! Jean Little Shakespeare, a young guide dog, is about to change a blind boy’s life. 978-1-55143-339-7

Things Are Looking Grimm, Jill Dan Bar-el All is not right in the land of Grimm. 978-1-55143-400-1

Going Places Fran Hurcomb Jess pushes for a girl’s hockey team. 978-1-55469-019-0 Meeting Miss 405 Lois Peterson Tansey learns some life lessons from the most unexpected source. 978-1-55469-015-2 Murphy and Mousetrap Sylvia Olsen Murphy and his cat, Mousetrap, never expected to end up back on the reserve. 978-1-55143-344-8

TJ and the Cats Hazel Hutchins What is a cat-hater to do when four cats move in? 978-1-55143-205-2 TJ and the Haunted House Hazel Hutchins TJ worries that he has taken on more than he can handle. 978-1-55143-262-5 TJ and the Quiz Kids Hazel Hutchins You’re only as smart as your last correct answer. 978-1-55143-731-6

Dinosaurs on the Beach Marilyn Helmer Josie is sure that she has found tiny dinosaur footprints in stone. 978-1-55143-260-1

On the Trail of New! the Bushman Anita Daher The Canadian Junior Rangers are trying to solve another mystery. 978-1-55469-013-8

Dog Days Becky Citra Brady must overcome his fear of dogs. 978-1-55143-256-4

Poachers in the Pingos Anita Daher Is Colly really cursed or is he just superstitious? 978-1-55143-011-4

TJ and the Sports Fanatic Hazel Hutchins TJ learns that football is more than passes, punts and touchdowns. 978-1-55143-461-2

Feather Brain Maureen Bush Lucas has dinosaurs on the brain… and in his bedroom. 978-4-55143-877-1

Racing for Diamonds Anita Daher Jaz and Colly have the test of their lives. 978-1-55143-675-3

The Undergardeners Desmond Anthony Ellis A young boy discovers a place where being small is a distinct advantage. 978-1-55143-410-0

Five Stars for Emily Kathleen Cook Waldron Emily’s Aunt Hannah takes her to a rural cabin instead of to Disneyland. 978-1-55143-296-0

Rescue Pup Jean Little He may just be a puppy, but he wasn’t named Shakespeare for nothing. 978-1-55143-299-1

Whiteout New! Becky Citra Bad weather turns Robin’s world upside down. 978-1-55469-083-1

Guided Reading Levels Available

TJ and the Rockets Hazel Hutchins TJ builds rockets for a class project. 978-1-55143-300-4

Orca Young Readers Favourite Canadian Authors Collection To avoid back orders, you will receive 24 of the 27 titles listed

24 Paperbacks ($7.95 each)

Retail: $190.80 YOU PAY: $133.68 Order # 1307

Praise for Going Places “A terrific read…Not only is this a well-written book with a good plot, it is a lot of fun. Highly recommended.” —CM Magazine

To order individual titles, call 1-800-210-5277

121 Express Monique Polak 978-1-55143-976-1 • rl 3.9 Themes: school, bullying, racism, humor

Orca Currents Paperback Collection Middle-School Fiction for Reluctant Readers 112 pages each Interest level ages 10 to 14 Reading levels from grade 2.0 to grade 4.5 Short, exciting novels Contemporary stories

34 Paperbacks ($9.95 each)

Retail: $338.30 YOU PAY: $236.98 Order # 1308

Orca Currents Resource Guide CD Retail: $45.00 You Pay: $31.50 Professionally written guides for each book Info on using Orca Currents in the classroom Coil-bound Resource Guides also available

Bio-pirate Michele Martin Bossley 978-1-55143-893-1 • rl 4.0 Themes: bio-piracy, science, mystery Camp Wild Pam Withers 978-1-55143-361-5 • rl 3.8 Themes: adventure, responsibility Chat Room Kristin Butcher 978-1-55143-485-8 • rl 4.0 Themes: confidence, honesty Cracked Michele Martin Bossley 978-1-55143-700-2 • rl 3.4 Themes: winter sports, mystery Crossbow Dayle Campbell Gaetz 978-1-55143-841-2 • rl 3.6 Themes: wilderness survival, loneliness, environment Daredevil Club Pam Withers 978-1-55143-614-2 • rl 3.9 Themes: adventure, physical disabilities, friendship Dog Walker Karen Spafford-Fitz 978-1-55143-522-0 • rl 2.6 Themes: humor, entrepreneurship, dogs Explore Christy Goerzen New! 978-1-55469-119-7 • rl 3.5 Themes: outdoor activities, personal growth Finding Elmo Monique Polak 978-1-55143-686-9 • rl 3.9 Themes: family, pet care, responsibility Flower Power Ann Walsh 978-1-55143-386-8• rl 3.5 Themes: family, activism Horse Power Ann Walsh 978-1-55143-881-8 • rl 3.5 Themes: activism, community, humor

Hypnotized Don Trembath 978-1-55143-705-7 • rl 3.1 Themes: humor, hypnotism, siblings

See No Evil Diane Young 978-1-55143-619-7 • rl 2.2 Themes: gang violence, honesty

In a Flash Eric Walters 978-1-55469-034-3 • rl 3.1 Themes: flash mobs, political activism

Sewer Rats Sigmund Brouwer 978-1-55143-488-9 • rl 2.7 Themes: friendship, adventure, paintball

Laggan Lard Butts Eric Walters 978-1-55143-518-3 • rl 3.5 Themes: humor, basketball, democracy

The Shade K.L. Denman 978-1-55143-931-0 • rl 2.5 Themes: ghost stories, siblings, relationships

Manga Touch Jacqueline Pearce 978-1-55143-746-0 • rl 4.5 Themes: manga, Japanese culture, fitting in

Skate Freak Lesley Choyce 978-1-55469-042-8 • rl 2.9 Themes: skateboarding, selfconfidence

Marked Norah McClintock 978-1-55143-992-1 • rl 3.3 Themes: graffiti, employment, mystery

Special Edward New! Eric Walters 978-1-55469-092-3 • rl 3.2 Themes: learning disabilities, school, humor

Mirror Image K.L. Denman 978-1-55143-665-4 • rl 2.3 Themes: self-image, friendship, art

Spoiled Rotten Dayle Campbell Gaetz 978-1-55143-474-2 • rl 2.8 Themes: step-siblings, bravery

Nine Doors Vicki Grant New!• rl 3.2 978-1-55469-073-2 Themes: humor, pranks, consequences

Splat! Eric Walters 978-1-55143-986-0 • rl 4.4 Themes: community, responsibility, humor

Perfect Revenge K.L. Denman 978-1-55469-102-9 •New! rl 2.5 Themes: magic, fitting in, humor

Sudden Impact Lesley Choyce 978-1-55143-476-6 • rl 3.3 Themes: illness, loyalty, organ transplants

Pigboy Vicki Grant 978-1-55143-643-2 • rl 2.0 Themes: suspense, humor, farming Queen of the Toilet Bowl Frieda Wishinsky 978-1-55143-364-6 • rl 3.6 Themes: bullying, immigrants Rebel’s Tag K.L. Denman 978-1-55143-740-8 • rl 2.2 Themes: grieving , forgiveness, rebellion

Swiped Michele Martin Bossley 978-1-55143-646-3 • rl 3.0 Themes: mystery, literacy Watch Me Norah McClintock 978-1-55469-039-8 • rl 3.0 Themes: learning disabilities, ethics, friendship Wired Sigmund Brouwer 978-1-55143-478-0 • rl 2.5 Themes: danger, courage, adventure

Orca Currents Hardcover Collection

Orca Currents New Titles Pack

Most recently released Orca Currents 8 Paperbacks

Retail: $79.60 YOU PAY: $63.68 Order # 1295 The Big Dip Melanie Jackson 978-1-55469-178-4 Explore Christy Goerzen 978-1-55469-119-7 Fraud Squad Michele Martin Bossley 978-1-55469-114-2 Junkyard Dog Monique Polak 978-1-55469-155-5 Nine Doors Vicki Grant 978-1-55469-073-2 Perfect Revenge K.L. Denman 978-1-55469-1029 Special Edward Eric Walters 978-1-55469-092-3 Struck Deb Loughead 978-1-55469-211-8 121 Express Monique Polak 978-1-55143-978-5 Bio-pirate Michele Martin Bossley 978-1-55143-895-5 Camp Wild Pam Withers 978-1-55143-557-2

Cracked Michele Martin Bossley 978-1-55143-702-6

Nine Doors New! Vicki Grant 978-1-55469-074-9

Crossbow Dayle Campbell Gaetz 978-1-55143-843-6

Perfect Revenge K.L. Denman 978-1-55469-103-6

Daredevil Club Pam Withers 978-1-55143-618-0

Queen of the Toilet Bowl Frieda Wishinsky 978-1-55143-555-8

Explore Christy Goerzen New! 978-1-55469-120-3

Rebel’s Tag K.L. Denman 978-1-55143-742-2

Finding Elmo Monique Polak 978-1-55143-688-3

See No Evil Diane Young 978-1-55143-664-7

Horse Power Ann Walsh 978-1-55143-883-2

Sewer Rats Sigmund Brouwer 978-1-55143-527-5

Hypnotized Don Trembath 978-1-55143-707-1

The Shade K.L. Denman 978-1-55143-9334

In a Flash Eric Walters 978-1-55469-035-0

Skate Freak Lesley Choyce 978-1-55469-0435

Laggan Lard Butts Eric Walters 978-1-55143-531-2

Special Edward New! Eric Walters 978-1-55469-096-1

Manga Touch Jacqueline Pearce 978-1-55143-748-4

Splat! Eric Walters 978-1-55143-988-4

Marked Norah McClintock 978-1-55143-994-5

Swiped Michele Martin Bossley 978-1-55143-652-4

Mirror Image K.L. Denman 978-1-55143-667-8

Watch Me Norah McClintock 978-1-55469-040-4


Library-bound editions To avoid back orders, you will receive 22 of the 27 titles listed

22 Hardcovers ($16.95 each)

Retail: $372.90 YOU PAY: $261.14 Order # 1309

Praise for Nine Doors “Boasts a plot that’s simple yet gripping, pacing that’s tight and rapid-fire, and true-to-life characters that will resonate with readers both young and old...Truly a fantastic all-round read that is a sure bet for grabbing the interest of reluctant readers.” —CM Magazine

To order individual titles, call 1-800-210-5277

Middle-School Fiction Paperback Collection At-level novels for readers ages 9 to 12 Award-winning authors Appealing contemporary stories

8 Paperbacks ($9.95 each)

Retail: $79.60 YOU PAY: $55.76 Order # 1310

Kids in the World Nonfiction Collection Child advocates making a difference in the world At-level books for ages 8+

3 Titles

Retail: $52.85 YOU PAY: $37.01 Order # 1276

To order individual titles, call 1-800-210-5277

Bank Job James Heneghan & Norma Charles 978-1-55143-855-9 Themes: family, foster care, bank robbery

Soccer Sabotage Graphic Guide Adventure #3 Liam O’Donnell Illustrated by Mike Deas 978-1-55143-884-9 Themes: soccer, mystery, teamwork

The Mealworm Diaries Anna Kerz 978-1-55143-982-2 Themes: science projects, trauma, behavioral problems

Ramp Rats Graphic Guide Adventure #2 Liam O’Donnell Illustrated by Mike Deas 978-1-55143-880-1 Themes: skateboarding, bullying, friends

Queen of Disguises A Dinah Galloway Mystery Melanie Jackson 978-1-55469-037-4 Themes: competition, health, revenge The Solstice Cup Rachel Dunstan Muller 978-1-55469-017-6 Themes: twins, Celtic mythology, superstition

Wild Ride Graphic Guide Adventure #1 Liam O’Donnell Illustrated by Mike Deas 978-1-55143-756-9 Themes: wilderness, survival, teamwork

Making Change Tips from an Underage Overachiever Bilaal Rajan 978-1-55469-001-5 $12.95 pb Themes: fundraising, fulfilling your potential When Elephants Fight The Lives of Children in Conflict in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Uganda Eric Walters & Adrian Bradbury 978-1-55143-900-6 $19.95 hc Themes: effects of war on children

Tabloidology Chris McMahen 978-1-55469-009-1 Themes: school newspapers, cooperation, magic, media literacy

Praise for Bank Job “A satisfying moral tale... described in gripping detail. The effects of peer pressure and the desire to please those we love and admire are clearly illustrated.” —Booklist

One Peace True Stories of Young Activists Janet Wilson 978-1-55143-892-4 $19.95 hc Themes: peace, anti-war, the “power of one”

Praise for One Peace “Without being condescending, Wilson has managed to convey to her readers the importance of peace, compassion and determination... One Peace is an outstanding addition to any teacher’s or librarian’s bookshelf and will no doubt be popular for its beautiful design and inspirational message. Highly Recommended.” —CM Magazine

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Qty. Collection Order # # of books 1299 12 ____ Orca Paperback Picturebook Collection ____ Orca Hardcover Picturebook Collection 1300 10 ____ Toopy and Binoo Board Book Collection 1301 10 ____ Toopy and Binoo Paperback Collection 1302 14 ____ Toopy and Binoo Funny Stories #1 ____ Toopy and Binoo Funny Stories #2 ____ Orca Echoes Paperback Collection 1303 41 ____ Add Resource Guide (includes free carrying tote) 1 ____ Orca Historical Fiction Collection 1304 11 ____ Orca EricWalters Sports Collection 1305 6 ____ Orca Fav. Canadian Authors Collection 1307 24 ____ Orca Currents Paperback Collection 1308 34 ____ Add Resource Guide CD____ coil-bound ____ 1 ____ Orca Currents New Titles Pack 1295 8 ____ Orca Currents Hardcover Collection 1309 22 ____ Middle School Fiction Collection 1310 6 ____ Kids in the World Collection 1276 3

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____ Orca Complete Collection K-6 1337 148 $869.86 This includes the following: 12 Pb Picturebooks, 14 Pb Toopy and Binoo, 41 Orca Echoes, 41 Orca Young Readers, 34 Pb Orca Currents, 6 Pb Middle-School Fiction


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Gr K-6 School Catalogue  

Gr K-6 School Catalogue