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January | February 2010


15 MALE HUNKS Photographer Spotlight Skip Staheli

2010 Horoscopes Coming Home

T Town Introducing your Happiness Consultant

Ted Floresby


2| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


4| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


ON THE COVER: 12 Male Hunk Search Finalists | Our top 15 picks 44 Coming Home - T Town 66 Photographer Spotlight - Skip Staheli 78 Meet your resident Happiness Consultant 98 2010 Horoscopes

FEATURES: 52 Romantic Role Play in Ambria 58 Purple Rose Jewellry Feature 70 The Dance Scene & DJ Broseph Vaher 74 The Sharp Dressed Man 76 Yummy Valentines Recipe: Peanut Blossoms 78 Art Gallery Feature: Cienega Soon 84 Dating Off the Beaten Path 112 A Love Game 114 Poem: If You Will 116 Second Life Living - a decorating challenge 120 Eddi Haskell Photography: Blue Mars 130 Mens Fashion Styled by Merrick Genesis 136 Valentines Day Outfits Styled by Roxi Richez

6| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010

Editor In Chief Aliyeh Yifu

Copy Editor Kamalin Bailey

Creative Director/Publisher Jewell Munro

Staff Writers/Photographers COVER ARTIST : Jewell Munro Opulent Logo by Mcooter Graves January/February 2010 Issue Cover Title: Earth | Wind | Fire

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8| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


Hello dear Readers, As Ben Stein once said, “The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want”. As simplistic as that quote sounds, it holds a strong meaning. As we venture into the New Year, people tend to synthesize numerous ideas of things they are going to do, things they will never do again and the list continues until it eventually evolves into a twenty page list. We all desire things in life yet, have we ever stopped to reflect what it was we actually wanted? I mean truly contemplating in great depth your desires, your goals, and everything you ever said you wanted to get out of life yet have failed to meet that goal. With the futuristic look and ideology coming into effect, now is the time to take control of what it is you want. I personally knew I wanted to develop ideas and produce these ideas into a magazine that would surpass my wildest dreams and offer my readers a chance to not only have the opportunity to read fascinating articles but have alluring graphics to reel you into these articles. I wanted my staff to feel they were empowered to bring ideas to the table. I sought to have something that would be beyond classy, I wanted ‘Opulent’. I have been on a wonderful journey in my Second Life and have learned a vast amount of lessons and techniques from people who have crossed my path. With the creative minds I have on my staff I am confident that Opulent Magazine will sizzle off the grid and offer a twist off the norm. I have enjoyed my time being an editor and now my plan for the year is to decide what is it I want, and that is to offer my readers a slammed packed creative magazine that offers something to suit everyone’s taste in Second Life. I would like to personally thank all my staff, for without them Opulent would not exist. I would like to send a special note of gratitude to Jewell Munro and Kamalin Bailey, whom have secured a special place in my heart and are not only my business partners but have evolved into my Second Life family. The triad we have become is a unique balance in which we compliment each other and now this flows onto our pages of Opulent. Without further ado, Ladies and Gentleman I would like to present to you our premiere issue of Opulent Magazine. Please take pleasure as you read through each page.

Aliyeh Yifu




Opulent Magazi ‘hunkiest’ men, the

In overwhelming num hard call - so many gr meet all the gorgeous on various qualities a looking to see if these feel for their personal builders to designers t say after the interview

It was extremely hard fit our view of a ‘hunk await you in the next

We would personally also like to congratul piece of their Second contestant was asked

We hope you all enjo ing….

10| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


ine sent out a call in search of some of Second Life’s most ey answered our call...

mbers, we received applications left right and centre. Boy this was going to be a reat men out there! We examined numerous entries and arranged interviews to s hunks (that was a very tough job indeed - NOT!). We selected our top picks based as we where looking for hunks who had more than gorgeous pixels; we where e men had some great inner qualities that jumped out at us. We wanted to get a lities and really find out what made them tick. We met a diverse range of talents, then on to photographers to humble men, who appeared to be a bit shy...let’s just w and the photo shoot they are now extroverts!

d for us all to select our top favorites as there were numerous people who would k’ but in the end we managed to narrow it down to 15! Yes, 15 drool worthy men pages!

like to thank everyone who submitted an application for this contest. We would late our selected winners and extend our thanks to each of them for sharing a d lives with us. Included with their photos are bits of personal information each d.

oy learning about these handsome men and please, try to contain all the drool-

Photography by Jewell Munro |11

What is your most memorable moment in SL? For me, its the discovery of new creations. I’m not so much of an explorer as I am a creator. And when I see fantastic builds like Greenies for example, sigh, I could sit in that build forever. So as stupid as this sounds...when i first leaned how to make a simple green screen background all by was a cool moment and sparked more of the creativity out of me although I’m not opened up my eyes as to the possibilities SL has to offer. What one item in your inventory could you not live without? My ZHAO HUD! Without my AO...I feel all naky! =P What would you like to do in SL that you haven’t accomplished yet? Honestly, I’d love to start up a magazine. I know, I know there are a million and one SL magazines out there, but I want to start up one specific to the wonderful art, designs, photography in SL. When I was first starting out learning how to take pictures, I remember searching everywhere for stuff I could get my hands on. I was like a sponge, still am at some level. I enjoy talking to other photographers, sharing tips and ideas. I think it would be exciting to do that. It’s on my long list of “things to-do”

12| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


How many people are on your friends’ list? 69 friends, I speak to them all, less is more. Plus I’m normally at times engrossed with a small number of friends, so having list upon list of friends wouldn’t work for me as I’m lazy enough as it is :D Who is your favorite SL live performer? Best SL performer has to be BubbaC John, SL’s most amazing Elvis impersonator. To be honest I’m not really an Elvis fan, but this guy rocks it in SL. If the guy doesn’t make you laugh, you must be clinically dead! What skill or ability from SL do you wish you could export to your first life? TELEPORTATION- doesn’t really need an explanation. Any RL time stuck on the tube (London underground) there’s not a moment where I wouldn’t love to be able to magically disappear and reappear at home.

14| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


How many people are on your friends’ list? 4096…. Oh wait 4097…4099… I have a lot of friends on my list BUT you know who your real friends are when they IM you as soon as you log in to say “HI” or give you crap for not saying hello to them. Which sim do you recommend more than any other to your friends? As a Happiness Consultant I can refer you to a lot of sims, BUT my favorite sim is Swoon. It is owned by Lillith Canning and she has an amazing club there. There are always events going on and the schedule varies every day. They offer just about every form of music. What one item in your inventory could you not live without? I could not live with my hugs HUD! I love to give and receive hugs. There is nothing better than a great hug!!! What skill or ability from SL do you wish you could export to your first life? To be the sexiest hunk in RL!

16| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


How many people are on your friends’ list? Out of all my hundreds of contacts in Second Life, I probably would consider around ten my true friends. Which sim do you recommend more than any other to your friends? Well, I certainly recommend the Costa Rica Sims more frequently than any other sim. I have lived and worked within these sims for almost two years and I am constantly blown away by the amazing community that continues to grow each day. What would you like to do in SL that you haven’t accomplished yet? Believe it or not, I have never done a magazine cover, so that is one thing I would certainly like to accomplish at some point within my Second Life.

18| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


Who is your favorite content creator? My friend Arabella Robonaught who owns BellaAra creations would be my favorite, not only because she’s a great friend, but for her hard work as well. She made an incredible custom house for me. She does a little bit of everything and always of the highest quality. What one item in your inventory could you not live without? I am known for my love of wearing sunglasses, so I’d be lost without my collection of sunglasses. What would you like to do in SL that you haven’t accomplished yet? I’ve always wanted to learn how to DJ. I love music and have DJ’ed in RL, I’d like to do that in SL at some point as well.

20| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


Who is your favorite content creator?: Jesseaitui Petion, who creates marvelous bits of everything from sculpted ears to tattoo’s for the store, Aitui. What one item in your inventory could you not live without?: My elven ears. What skill or ability from SL do you wish you could export to your first life?: To be able to dance with respectable grace and agility.

22| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


What is your most memorable moment in SL? When I discovered the Greenie SIM and dressed up as a little punk rock greenie. It was an awesome time and I keep going back every now and then. Who is your favorite content creator? Oh my so many but truly I think one of the most amazing content creators is Julia Hathor of Creative Fantasy SIMS. However, I have a huge collection of things from fantastic content creators. I seek to find the best of the best when I buy a product, regardless of how many prims it may be. Clothing content creators are the same way: Kailanis, Redgrave, WMD, Sartoria, Styles of Edo, La Pointe, :sey, and the list goes on. Who is your favorite SL live performer? This is a tough one for me and I just don’t have one major favorite - TJ Oanomochi, ZDiva Sorbet, Jazzman Corriera, and JustinElias Anatra.

24| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


How many people are on your friends’ list? Over 100 for sure and I can honestly say that I am blessed with so many wonderful people in my SL life who make my experiences here memorable and for that, I am thankful. What is your most memorable moment in SL? There have been so many memorable moments that I will always treasure and being named one of Opulent Magazine’s Hottest Hunks makes the list. Also being named as SLGlam 2009, Champagne! Sparkling Face of the Month November, One of Maniera Magazine’s Men of Style winners and being a Semi-Finalist for the Face of Moolto 2010. Being with my SL F.A.C.T. family and friends also means a lot to me and our time together no matter what we are doing is always memorable. What is your favorite activity in SL? I love everything about modeling. It is awesome to be a part of bringing a designer’s work of art into life by infusing my own style and personality into their creations. I also love meeting new people and exploring the world of SL.

26| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


What is your most memorable moment in SL? Actually, I can’t name just 1 - I have to name 3 1. The second chance my better half gave me 2. The day we got married 3. The day we had our lil nakkia. Who is your favorite content creator? Snelsanator Bellic and Abbie Jinx of Kalonice Which sim do you recommend more than any other to your friends? Sim Unique, which houses club unique and a growing number of shops great people and some good shops popping up there. I can usually be found there.

28| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


What is your favorite activity in SL? I love to DJ - I am all about music. I love to express myself through it, my moods show by what I’m playing and I love to play what others want to hear. What would you like to do in SL that you haven’t accomplished yet? I really want to learn how to make clothes. The male clothing industry lacks the selection that the females have and I would like to be able to get into the business. But saying that and trying it, I have more respect for the ones that do make cloths. What skill or ability from SL do you wish you could export to your first life? The DJ aspect. I’d be happy as can be to DJ parties or a club in RL.

30| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


What is your most memorable moment in SL? Being able to roleplay as Jacob Black in an amazing twilight sim. What is your favorite activity in SL? Hanging out with my fam in BloodVision. Who is your favorite SL live performer? If DJs count, Jessuss Something is the man. What would you like to do in SL that you haven’t accomplished yet? Own my own club.

32| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


What is your favorite activity in SL? I love visiting beautiful sims that creators put together and admire the beauty that lies in that place. I often like to share those sims with special friends. I also do a bit of photography and share it with friends in Flickr. I love spending time with my lady most of all :) Which sim do you recommend more than any other to your friends? I would say any sims created by AM radio - that man is talented. What skill or ability from SL do you wish you could export to your first life? Probably the communication skills - I can never strike up a conversation with a stranger as readily in RL. :)

34| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


What is your favorite activity in SL? Organize and create sets to take snapshots and go to see exhibitions of art. Who is your favorite content creator? Nur Moo, then Sennaspirit Coronet and Cala Rossini for pictures. Lano Ling for his great poetic eyes. What would you like to do in SL that you haven’t accomplished yet? Marry Cala Rossini could be a good answer I think.....*smile*

36| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


What is your most memorable moment in SL? The one thing that stands out the most to me was winning the AC Store/ Casa CheerNo New Face award in 2008. That store was one of the first stores I found in SL that truly made me question everything I know about Fashion. Being named to be the representative for this store is probably still to this point in my Second Life my most memorable moment. What is your favorite activity in SL? At the moment, Photography. I think that SL gives us the opportunities to take photos that quiet simply we cannot take in RL. The ability to express ourselves on so many different levels as well. I take a lot of fashion photos for magazines and for myself as well as I am a very active SL model. I also love taking strange wonderful pictures as well. From gothic to creepy, from fantasy to sexy I enjoy expressing how I am feeling thru taking pictures in Second Life. What would you like to do in SL that you haven’t accomplished yet? I would really like to create something. I turned down an art scholarship when I was younger in RL but I have always been interested in being able to express myself in different ways. So far the only way I have been able to do that in SL is thru photography. I think being able to create things is the obvious next step.

38| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


How many people are on your friends’ list? 267, a small handful I know are no longer in sl, but I don’t have the heart to remove them as they were good family and friends, and they may just pop up again. Which sim do you recommend more than any other to your friends? Patron and Patron Wilds, by Eliza and Cu... Immersivia by Bryn Oh....Rustica by Maxwell Graf, and it’s gone now but Poetik was an amazing place to see. What one item in your inventory could you not live without? LOL, my shape.. i’ve been tweaking on my selfmade shape for almost four years now. If I lost that.. ouch... Venk just wouldn’t be Venk. LOL What would you like to do in SL that you haven’t accomplished yet? Build on a larger scale, something like Rustica or Verdigris. What skill or ability from SL do you wish you could export to your first life? Teleportation. Man.. If we could do that can you imagine what a time saver that would be?

40| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


Coming Home - T Town by Kamalin Bailey

Fields – of wheat, of flowers, of memories. Scorching summer days, slightly ruffling breezes, lazy streams of clear and cool water. Majestic and shady trees, crashing waves and numerous farm buildings well past their prime. This is T Town, built by the wondrous Tya Fallingbridge and home to Pixel Mode, and as close to heaven as you’ll come in SL. Minding my business one day, I was spammed by an eager resident within one of my groups - OMG! You have to see this place, so incredible! Usually I take such pronunciations with a grain of salt, after all OMG incredible is different for each person. However, I had the extra time that day and popped over to the landmark she provided. Whoever you are, I owe you big time! I landed on the trestle bridge – open water to my right and the most quaint covered bridge and water wheel on my left. By following the exquisite dirt road, you’ll encounter many of the sim’s most picturesque spots – the date perfect setting of Inspiration Point, the romantic artistry of the Bridge Outlook with its painting, row boat and dance activities, and the lazy swing with an old bicycle propped against an ancient, towering tree, hungry horses busily munching nearby. “The Bridges of Madison County” and AM Radio’s “The Wheatfields” are certainly evoked here, but Tya has made them her own with all of the personal touches. But don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path too. Strolling through head high wheat, you’ll reach Dante’s Heart where a sit on the piano will earn you a musical delight in Dante’s Prayer by Loreena McKennitt. Sit on one of the many poseballs scattered across the sim and you can become the pilot of a mangled aircraft at a spot appropriately called Crash. There are classic cars strewn around, laundry hangin’ on the line, intimate picnic areas with fresh baked bread and wine chilling in a bucket of ice (her favorite build on the sim) and a coastline with waves gently kissing their rock lined shores. From the moment I set foot in T Town, it felt like home. The peace, tranquility and beauty are perfect for letting my mind wander. I really can picture myself sitting amongst daisies or dancing by the water or swinging from 42| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010

the branches of a weathered tree. Tya has also contributed to the ambience with her selections of music. Piano is on the sim stream, but depending on your location you may get a slightly different vibe. Listen to Lisa Gerard and “Now We are Free” and you’ll understand the meaning of the wheatfields. Romance rules at the Bridge Outpost with selections from Frank Sinatra to Michael Buble. T Town is definitely a spot for lovers, couples, partners! In addition, Tya has thoughtfully placed information signs at each venue to provide a little insight into that particular scene or give helpful hints regarding poseballs. It’s these little touches that elevate Pixel Dreams beyond the “normal” sim. Pixel Dreams itself is a pretty huge gift to the residents of Second Life and I would have been thoroughly delighted if that’s as far as this story went. However, I wanted to know more about what went on behind the scenes, where the inspiration came from and what the response has been. So I contacted Tya hoping to get a couple minutes of her time, knowing what a busy lady she is. She not only agreed to my request, but spent almost two hours sharing very personal details regarding the sim, her life and her philosophy about Second Life. Tya claims not to talk all that much, but she had me riveted the whole time. As one of the very first residents of SL (Tya recently


44| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010

celebrated her 6th rez day!), she is an excellent resource of knowledge and funny stories. To put it in perspective, when she started in SL, one could move from one end of the grid to the other in 20 minutes. She came to SL from and Sims Online, but once she discovered building and opened her store five years ago, there was no going back. Over the years, there is very little Tya hasn’t seen or done (she has been a furry, but never a hooker) and when I asked her if there was anything left she would like to do, she had trouble thinking of something, but eventually hit on wanting to teach building and texturing classes someday when time permits. T Town is the ninth version of Pixel Dreams, having been Japanese influenced at its birth, resembling Santorini, Greece at another time and being a city in yet another rendition. Tya usually constructs all elements of the builds herself, but due to time constraints and a genuine interest in what other creators were making, T Town employs key props from some of SL’s leading content creators. But don’t think for one second that these were just random purchases or that the sim was slapped together quickly or haphazardly (you wouldn’t anyway if you’ve been there). Every single scene in T Town was well thought out and represents some part of Tya’s life – be it a memory or a person. I won’t disclose those stories as they are extremely personal, but know that Tya’s heart and soul has gone into T Town and all


of the little details were put there with love. She plans on continually interchanging scenes, so you’ll have to go back often to keep up with the latest news from Pixel Dreams. Also, if anyone out there would be willing to buy Tya another sim (my idea, not hers), she has thought about extending her country landscape to include a small town. Any takers, please? Response to T Town has been overwhelming. In addition to being included as one of Linden Labs’ Hot Spots, Tya has created a photo contest to showcase the shots that are being taken there. Top prize is 10,000L. Stop by the front of Pixel Mode to get further details. There is so much more I could write about Tya and T Town, but why don’t you go experience it for yourself? Each scene can stand on its own and does so brilliantly, but when you combine them all together, Tya has created a must see Second Life attraction. You will literally be transported to the countryside of your dreams and you may find that your SL has been taken over by visions of open spaces, nostalgia and romance. I know mine has! Go see - 46| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


48| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


Rom antic Role Play in Ambrea by Indygo Criss

Picture: Willowsweep Willenov & Abyss Homewood at Ambrea

50| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010

If you are looking for romance in the simulators (sims) of Second Life (SL), Ambrea is a place with which you can fall in love. One only needs to visit the lands once to become intrigued and enamored by the possibilities that lie within the virtual pixels. While Ambrea’s players are required to remain in period clothing and always in character, it is done to give the role-play an authentic ambiance and transport you from the real world to a magical fantasy land. Ambrea regions consist of thirteen sims for medieval fantasy role-play. The characters range from humans with occupations such as kings, queens, knights, mages and healers to imaginary races such as elves, pixies, gnomes, mer people and fae. These creatures roam the lands and the open seas around the sims. As good must be balanced by evil, Ambrea does not disappoint with a large population of dark mythical creatures as well. The lands crawl with drow, vampires, demons, lycans, orc and dragons. Woven between the mysticism of the sim builds are many volumes of character stories and region histories. Like reading a fairy tale, your adventure begins in Karamoon learning about the Shattered Prince and his quest for power and new life. Moving on, your travels can take you to Ravenscraig to learn the history of The Lady of Ravens, the magic and secrets of two entwined families that sent their matriarch to the darkest regions of the underworld. If you have not already fallen in love with the regions and their enchanted stories, you will soon be head over heels after meeting the people behind the characters. The Karamoon players group consists of 898 members including administrators. In general, the administrators are kind and helpful to all and monitor/referee RPS meter battles to settle disputes. While playing IC (in character) they can be cruel, violent and manipulative, but OCC (Out of Character) they are some of the nicest people you can ever meet. The RPers are highly creative and intelligent people who challenge you to think beyond the mundane. The administrators, who also RP, are there to help you through the registration process, which might feel a bit overwhelming without help. However, it is painless and once you get your character enrolled, the fun begins. I spoke with Kali Folland, Ambrea sims marketing representative, about the people behind the characters. Kali reports, “Many of the players in the sims are builders, scripters, clothing designers, professionals or hobbyists, and have been known to help a new player become settled. It is not only the administrators in these


sims that work, but many of the players contribute through their skills, stories, and ideas. Meetings and classes are also offered on a regular basis, some in character and some out of character.” Kali also informed me how the game portion of the role-play is conducted, “The players in Ambrea use a HUD feature called the RPS system. This system allows players to collect influence points by hanging out in the role-play areas, participating in battles, healing those that have participated in battles, selling items for the local currency of RP$, or completing a quick survey listing impressions of the player they have interacted with. All of this influence helps players to gain levels. As a player gains in levels, their abilities grow. A player earns points to spend at each level to decide which abilities will be the strongest. Some become healers and shop owners, while others become warriors or mages. The path you choose is up to you, and helps your character to grow.” I asked Kali, “Why do you do it? Why use meters and RP$?”. Kali responded, “This

52| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010

is our vacation from real life. This is the time when we can become lost by the camp fire, listening to the lute players and for a few moments forget that the car payment is due tomorrow. You can play the warrior that wins the battle and the girl. This is a world of fantasy, where you can do what you wish, be who you wish, live the way you wish. In the end, isn’t that the reason you logged on to Second Life that very first time?” Kali extends this invitation to all who live their alter ego lives in SL and might be tiring of the same old thing: “Come and visit us, sit around our campfire and share a tale, a drink, or a song. Maybe you will find that pointy ears or wings look good on you, too.” Karamoon RavensCraig


54| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


56| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


58| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


60| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


62| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


Photographer Spotlight


Meet Skip Staheli, Second Life Photographer: Purple Cows Photo Studio Having known Skip’s stream through, I would be a fool not to interview Skip and share his unspoken talent. Skip is one of those SL Photographers that make you go, “ohhhh, ahhhh” when viewing his work. His skills in capturing and bringing out emotion from a basic simple Second Life avatar (who normally never smiles btw, lol) is truly amazing! Skip is from the Netherlands in Real Life. He’s a Taurus (if that matters to some, lmao) and lives with his dog and two cats. He loves people in general, water, music and is totally addicted to Photoshop and Flickr and a huge fan of Second Life. Skip works in the IT sector. One of the traits I’ve noticed from Skip is he doesn’t let his talent go to his head. He loves what he does and it shows in his work and relationship with others. It’s nice to see someone like Skip, who is so talented, yet continues to praise and admire other photographer’s work no matter what level they are. Sixx: Okay Skip, so what got you started in SL photography? Skip: It started for fun..always loved to make pics of friends..but soon their friends started asking for pics also.. and the friends of those friends.. lol.. so it was a snowball effect. In RL, I also love to make in fact its an “old love” SecondLife is so challenging to explore and I just can’t leave my camera at home ;) Sixx: Who have been some of the other SL photographers that may have inspired 64| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010

you when you first started? Or continue to inspire you even today? Skip: In the very beginning I wasn’t busy with SL photography on that level.. I hadn’t even heard of Flickr.. as soon as I opened Flickr a totally new world opened for me. I was so very impressed by the huge talent that was on Flickr...SL pics.. that really took my breath away.. lol..and made me so very insecure! I thought wow.. I’m making crap! So my challenge was to improve my photo editing skills.. I didn’t work with Photoshop in those days, didn’t know about layers/ brushes and all kind of things, totally a noob. The photographers that impressed me the most are still a big inspiration for me. Will name a few... Harry Huffman, Senna Coronet, Nessy Shepherd, Michi67 Shan, Gabrielle Sinatra, Stephen Venkman, Lulu Jameson, Lilli Rang, Fingers Scintilla...and wow. so many more people... but these are really so impressive to me.. and such a big inspiration. Sixx: Do you specialize in a certain type of SL photography, i.e. scenery, builds, avi profiles, weddings, etc… Skip: Yes, I think I’m on my best doing portraits.. close, love LOVE to make them.. and I dare to say I’m good at it! My challenge is to make them as real looking as possible.. I really can lose myself in making them.. spending WAY too many hours in them. It feels like relaxing


Love to make all kinds of pics though.. I’ve been told often, that my pics have maybe that’s also a specialty ;) Sixx: Have you had any SL Photography achievements you’re particularly proud of? Skip: I’m proud of the fact that I am where I am now. I have my own photo studio (Purple Cows) and it’s really busy! Never expected that :) Also I’m proud when one of my pics wins a contest.. lots of models come to me for fashion pics to enter contests.. and then it’s always great fun when they do win with them :) And.. also funny... when I’m exploring SL, people talk to me.. and say.. hey.. are you SKIP, the photographer??? hahahahaha that is really awesome, and yes, I’m vain enough to say it makes me feel proud. But then...well its a small world after all. Sixx: Do you have any suggestions/tips for those of us who are just starting out and wanting to become a SL photographer? Skip: I think its important to look around to others’ work, but keep/create your own style, not just copy others. I learned a lot by doing Pile Ups, which are pictures people place on Flickr for others to work with, change them, making them different. I also think the Pile Ups brought me clients. People see these pics and see what you can make of it.. and when you are a bit good at it, you will stand out from the crowd. I still love to do these Pile Ups just for fun! And DARE.. dare to try things, play with PS... don’t ask others all the time, but find out yourself. I also think its important to be nice to people. Being arrogant is not going to take you far. And most important, you have to really LOVE to do will show in your work. 66| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010

Sixx: Where can we go to view some of your work? Skip: Of course in my own studio :D its a public area.. so everybody is very welcome to visit. And most of my work can be seen at my Flickr stream. photos/37690108@N05 I also have a gallery in dance club VYLERAS. Now and then i have exhibitions, but not at the moment. Sixx: Where would you direct anyone who would be interested in having you do some work for them? Do you have a business card or a note card they can get? Skip: People can always contact me through my flickr or directly in world.. just drop me a note card or visit my studio.. you can find my studio in my profile, under tab: classified....just take the TP..and there you are.. you will also receive a info note card when you arrive. Also they can email me.. Sixx: Anything you would like to add or share with your fans about your work, business, links, slurls, websites? Skip: I really would be honored to see you all; you’re very welcome to visit! Thank you Sixx for this interview... was a pleasure!


The Dance Scene & DJ Broseph Vaher by Clark Mactavish Hello dancers! This is me, C - bringing you all the hot trends and spots from the dance music scene in Second Life. Damn, my last few weeks have been busy, hitting club after club, listening to tune after tune, trying to find a spot worthy of writing about. The place I’m going to tell you about has such a hot vibe that the only tune that comes to my head is “Its getting hot in take off all your...” nevermind. I’m talking about ‘Beachwood Club’. This is the place to be kickin’ it with your friends or hot date. Hot trendy tunes and Dj’s, and a lovely atmosphere make Beachwood Club a “must be” place in the Second Life club scene. From Vocal House to Tribal, I’ve heard it all at Beachwood, a perfect mix between vintage sound and new vibe. The club has a beautiful dance floor with the Dj booth right in front of the crowd, pumping up tunes for our body and soul - and we sure love that dont we dancers? A lounge area to chill when you’re tired isn’t fully utilised in the club, but in Beachwood you have it. A perfect place to hang out with your friends or your “special someone”. The staff is very friendly and tries to keep the club goers pumped as much as they can (although a little less gesturing should be in order), filling Beachwood with Hot people that want to see and be seen. One of the dj’s that caught my eyes (my ears) on one of my regular nights at Beachwood is named Broseph Vaher. I caught up with Broseph to ask him about his story. Take a few minutes to read through our conversation. For now, its goodbye from C - reporting to y’all directly from music heaven. Keep it Pumpin Dancers! Peace out. 68| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010

CLUB REVIEW | INTERVIEW With sexy hot tunes and a perfect mix of Tribal and House - DJ Broseph takes the party to another level. He is sure someone that we (dance lovers) ought to know and follow. I asked him a few questions about his life as an SL DJ... Clark Mactavish: How long have you been Djing? broseph Vaher: 1.5 years Clark Mactavish: Only on SL ? broseph Vaher: yes. Clark Mactavish: What are your dj influences? broseph Vaher: Honestly, since i was a small child, just hearing MJ influenced me to follow music. Then I realized later in life that this is what i wanted to do. No particular artist though. Clark Mactavish: Its a very nice influence. Clark Mactavish: Whats your vibe concerning the dj scene? House? Tecno? Tribal? Trance? Psytrance? broseph Vaher: Well we need more hype less mellow, haha...Dj’s need to know how to get the crowd rockin’ and worry less about their personal image, it’s all about the music my friend. Clark Mactavish: Good answer. Clark Mactavish: Any favorite tune? broseph Vaher: right now i’m diggin’ this tune i mashed up. let me see what it is real quick...bob sinclair feat. shabba ranks - love you no more ( chuckie remix ) vs. mstrkrft feat. john legend - heartbreaker ( laidback luke remix ) Clark Mactavish: Where are your favorite places on SL ? Where’s the best crowd concerning the music scene? broseph Vaher: BEACHWOOD is my favorite. Clark Mactavish: When do you usualy work there? broseph Vaher: 10-12PM SLT, it’s when i rock the house down tues-fri and monday 4-6PM SLT. Clark Mactavish: Any other good djs on SL that we should be aware of? Any special dj partner? broseph Vaher: steve rodeyn, tradgedy kidd, st3ve oh and ashanti allen, great dj’s Clark Mactavish: Any new projects going on? broseph Vaher: i’m doing some charity in particular that i’m about to launch is for haiti. |69

Clark Mactavish: (off record: and how come you havent invite ma ass yet?) broseph Vaher: other than that i’m teaming up with 4 other friends and opening up a club on a fiji replicated sim. broseph Vaher: on record: you are invited. haha. Clark Mactavish: A new club? Its going to be your main place then? Clark Mactavish: Or will you still pump up Beachwood? broseph Vaher: both beachwood and tribe teK will be rockin SL Clark Mactavish: Lookin forward to it. broseph Vaher: me too ;p Clark Mactavish: Any last words that you want to tell to our readers? broseph Vaher: to everyone out there, my fans, my friends, my fam and the noobies of the grid.... i hope you enjoy, find the hidden talent, fall in love with it and do something with it. Clark Mactavish: Its a rap , thank you for coming.

Beachwood Club Beachwood/39/55/39

70| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


The Sharp Dr essed Man by Wyeth Slade

So Valentine’s Day is coming, you have a few things planned with your partner. Perhaps a gift or two - some jewelry to adorn their form, an outfit to accentuate their lines and curves and then hitting the clubs to let it all hang out. Regardless of what your plans are, one thing is for certain, you’re not going to be sitting on the couch watching a rerun of “Cheers”. ZZ Top nailed it when they said, “Every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man” and in this Silk Red Suit from Sartoria you’re bound to turn more than a head or two. The thing I love about this suit, about all tailored Italian menswear actually, is the way it fits to your form with seductive curves and sensual lines in all the right places. If you are like me you find most menswear to be boxy and just kind of hanging there. With the Silk Red Suit from Sartoria you can forget about all that - you will be sporting style and class head to toe! If you are into a semi-casual style rather than totally formal, this outfit also gives you the option of a shirt without the tie. If you choose, you can drop the shirt cuffs as well and still maintain a killer classy look that is just a little more laid back. Regardless of how you decide to wear this outfit you’re definitely going to be one sharp dressed man! Not sure about wearing something Red? No worries, this great suit is also available in Moss Green, Brown, Royale, Blue, and Purple. No matter which color you choose, you can’t lose with this Silk Suit from Sartoria. Sartoria di Traveller Bade, Sunrise Dreams (126, 47, 21) SARTORIA - Menswear Tailored Italian Menswear Creator Traveller Bade Sartoria - Sartoria Silk Suit Red Boots By: MayCreations Creator: Maymay Matova 72| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010

My second choice for this series for Valentine’s Day is an outfit from +Calamity+, “Gentlemen Take Polaroids.” An elegant and classy look that spans well over four centuries, a little more dark, mysterious and brooding, for those of us so inclined. This is another outfit that is designed in a way that it accentuates your form. Notice the nice straight lines across the shoulders that roll easily into the curve of your arms tight in its descent into the flaring cuffs. I love the look that is broad and tight across your chest, slimming down into the waist where it meets the coat skirt. From there it slowly flairs out yet again and then slims down over your legs, and with the low rise pants that state you maybe elegant and classy but you’re no prude! This outfit features a full length coat, a jabot, elegant lacey cuffs, a collar for both coat and shirt (the vest and shirt are one piece). Low rise form fitting pants as well as a belt, and another awesome touch is the collar pin. This outfit and others like it, when mixed and matched, give you unlimited options from classy and stylish, semi-casual and a totally ‘ruff boy’ look which maximize your Lindens spent. One thing is for certain, with the “Gentlemen Take Polaroids,” from +Calamity+ you’re going to hit your mark and make your statement! Calamity Main Store, Palmetto Coast (170, 104, 600) Designers/Owners Candy Durant and Ariel Zuhal. Creator - Ariel Zuhal +Calamity+ Gentlemen Take Polaroids Boots by: JCS - Jeepers Creepers Shoes Creator: Eponymous Trenchmouth


Peanut Blossoms by Ariadne Barzane

Makes About 4 dozen Fresh from the oven the Hershey Kiss will be soft and melting atop a cookie with a crumbly, mild peanut butter flavour. Depending on your personal preference, the peanut butter can be creamy or crunchy style. For variety you can also use Hershey Kisses with Almonds instead of the plain Hershey Kiss candies. Try these combinations: crunchy peanut butter with a plain Hershey Kiss or creamy peanut butter with the Hershey Kiss with Almonds. Making these cookies can be great fun for kids. Enlist them to roll the dough into balls and to place the candy atop the cookie once baking is finished. Ingredients * 1/2 cup shortening * 3/4 cup peanut butter * 1/2 cup sugar * 1/2 cup packed brown sugar * 1 egg * 2 tablespoons milk * 1 teaspoon vanilla * 1 1/2 cups unsifted plain flour * 1 teaspoon baking soda * 1/2 teaspoon salt * Granulated sugar * about 48 Hershey’s Kisses Directions: 1. Cream shortening and peanut butter in large bowl 2. Add sugar and brown sugar and beat until smooth 3. Add egg, milk and vanilla; beat well 4. Combine flour, baking soda and salt in small bowl 5. Gradually add dry mixture to creamed mixture; blending thoroughly 6. Shape dough into 1-inch balls 7. Roll in granulated sugar 8. Place on ungreased cookie sheet 9. Bake at 375 degrees F. for 10 to 12 minutes 10. Remove from oven 11. Immediately place unwrapped Hershey Kiss on top of each cookie; pressing down so that cookie cracks around the edges 12. Remove from cookie sheet 13. Cool

74| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


Cienega Soon Gallery: established June of 2007 by Stephen Venkman Stretched across the meandering island landscape of trees, craggy hills, ruins, and swirly ocean water is a gallery of Second Life art created by Cienega Soon. Not only one gallery that bears her name, but three galleries that each house a distinct flavor for showing digital impressionism: Cienega Soon Gallery, Juicy Gallery and Of the Night Gallery. What sets Cienega Soon’s gallery apart from the rest is her offer to traverse across her own creative piece of art, the landscape itself, while engaging in the current show’s artists’ works. Cienega’s art in Second Life is unquestionably a showcase in any gallery. As a real life artist with a background in oils, acrylics, sculpture in multi-mediums, and photography, you can see for yourself what sets her Second Life images apart from the pack. Be sure to take a peek on the second floor of the feature gallery. Cienega calls her SL art “SLphoto Artistry”. Using angles and prim lighting in her raw shots, she transforms them with a post editing software, sometimes adding other elements to change mood or add depth.

76| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010

Featured in Juicy Gallery is a selected artist who is offering up ten images for your viewing pleasure. This show changes monthly and sometimes the featured artist will also feature in the island theme gallery as well. Last but certainly not least is Of the Night Gallery. Please be careful viewing here - you never know if what you see is an image or a vampire roaming the rooms to feast. After the islands second themed showing, “The Feast” artists were asked if they wanted to submit their work in a semi permanent gallery. Those artists were asked to submit another “Vampire” themed work to show on the gallery floor. In asking Cienega about the gallery and what makes her unique from other galleries and gallery owners, I touched on something that I believe encourages the participation and successful openings of her galleries. Cienega is generous of heart and patient with the artists. A Second Life mentor to new and old |77

78| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


artists alike, she welcomes an IM to discuss SL art or any art for that matter. In picking the artists for her shows, Cienega’s sources in Flickr and Koinup are key. She chooses people by their unique style and how it would be a benefit to the theme of the next exhibit. She also takes recommendations by other artists. She does not hold “contests” to showcase the artist or the art. She feels that each artist is competent to accomplish his/her piece of work, allowing us to see the emotion, the mood, the individual style, and accept it as such. “I am here to promote SL virtual ART. I support the creative means in which we accomplish this medium. The human need to create is in us all. Those of us whom choose to create unleash the magic from within and smile with our hearts inside out. Those who choose not-to create, have tight eyebrows and criticize. Thus is where “Critics” come from. WE don’t listen to them EVER! And you can quote me on this ~Cien “-) Yeah, SL art is ART” ... Cienega Soon

80| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010

Last parting phrase from Cienega.

“If we, citizens, do not support our artists, then we sacrifice our imagination on the altar of crude reality and we end up believing in nothing and having worthless dreams.� Yann Martel

Cienega Soon Gallery |81


February’s here and love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and the imminent arrival of spring brings a renewed sense of love and life. New relationships are popping up all over the grid, people discovering each other for the first time or all over again. With the increase in couplings comes that old question – “Where can I take him/her that is special, but hasn’t been done a thousand times before?” Without a doubt there are an endless number of clubs, ballrooms, gardens and role play sims that fit the bill nicely and provide a very enjoyable spot for a date. However, being the endless believer in fairy tales that I am, I went looking for something else. Decidedly these aren’t going to be everyone’s vision of a “hot date spot”, but they more than met what I was looking for: intimate, hidden away locations with few people, swoon worthy music and breathtaking scenic vistas. Here are three destinations that met some or all of my criteria and will hopefully appeal to you too!

Santorini The first stop, Santorini, is probably the most date like place that I picked. Commissioned by Watchman Thursday on his sim Anatoloon, Santorini was built by the wonderful people of Maritonto, Tonto Tiratzo and Marianna Vita and is definitely inspired by the real life Santorini in Greece. Set high upon a cliff, this Santorini is complete with white washed homes, deep blue roofs, rocky outreaches and sheltered pathways that wind through the village. From the intimate terrace outside of the tavern or the lovely rotunda at the sim’s highest point one gets a glimpse of the Aegean Sea and it is simply breathtaking. What’s more amazing is that Tonto has never been to Greece but has relied solely on the images and pictures provided by Marianna, a native of Greece, to create this vision of heaven. The smallest details have been recreated: the briki pots used to make coffee; the barrels

82| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010

in the tavern, the heroon for honoring the Greek war dead and the glossy watermelons piled high in the fresh air market. Couples pose balls are sprinkled liberally throughout the sim and authentic Greek music wafts through the air. Of special note are the detailed replica of a Greek Orthodox Church, the circular amphitheatre and the quaint outdoor cinema. My favorite spot is down on the water looking back up at the tiny rooms carved into the Cliffside. Romance covers every inch of this gorgeous sim, so transport your date to the Aegean Sea and soak up the wonder that is Santorini!

Patron My personal favorite for first time dates, Patron is actually two distinct environments. The north Patron side houses the exquisite retail shop owned by Eliza Wierwight. Stuffed full |83

with unique and extremely detailed gift items, art and furniture, the store build has been regularly featured in SL magazines and blogs since its opening last fall. If you and your partner love to shop, you can do no better than a visit to Patron. However, if you don’t venture past the doors of the store, you have missed out on the brilliance that is the intricately crafted landscape of the rest of the sim. Eliza has created a dreamy and lush backdrop, home to a pair of elegant black swans and numerous peacocks. In the middle of the lazy stream is the piece de resistance, an inverted octopus table that is perfect for a slow dance with your significant other. As hard as it may be to look at nothing but your date, make sure to cam around. Ms. Wierwight is seriously into details and has tucked delicious surprises in all around the plot. You may wonder what lies at the end of the walkway that runs through the middle of the sim. Don’t wonder, go explore! This side of the sim, known as Patron Wilds, was developed by Cuwynne Deerhunter, the imaginative builder of other must see places

in SL, The Crucible and Wolf Hills. Tucked between the Wilds Topiary Gardens, a huge circular stone structure with unexpected textures, and a smaller build with shimmering pool that will talk to you (yep, listen carefully) is the most magnificent meadow (which actually inspired me to build my own). As far as the cam can see are thigh high purple 84| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010

asters and lavender enhanced with a lovely glow. Random poplars, birch and weeping willows dot the landscape and to all create the most peaceful place in SL. Patron could do with a few poseballs (hint, hint), but for the most serene experience you’ll find, this sim can’t be beat. Utterly divine!

Alirium Gardens For this last place, I ask your indulgence. I pretty much selected Alirium Gardens strictly for its visual beauty. Raul Crimson had posted a picture on Flickr several months back that piqued my interest and I finally got the chance for a visit. Created by Alir Flow, the colors and charm of Alirium Gardens immediately caught my eye. Pastel trees easily combine with golden meadows, abandoned houses mix well with country cottages. Although it houses a store that sells most of the glorious items dotting the sim, it’s the best hidden shop you’ll ever find. There are a few pillows scattered around for relaxing, but you’ll primarily have to bring your own poses if you date here. Instead wander! Cozy coves, whimsical touches and sheer beauty are the draws of Alirium Gardens.

Go off the beaten path and make your date one never to forget! |85

“Hi, I’m Ted Floresby and I am a Happiness Consultant” What’s a happiness consultant?

Well, if I can make you happy or laugh, that’s half the battle. I have dedicated my Second Life existence to making those lives around me more enriched with my humor, sarcasm, wisdom and great advice. When I am not out stirring it up in SL, I am creating, building or helping others at any possible opportunity. It is my absolute pleasure to pass on my knowledge and skills to my friends here in Second Life. Second Life has given me an outlet to express my creative side and get those juices flowing (figuratively speaking of course :P). In my articles I plan on discussing dating, love, sex and many other aspects in Second Life. Think of me as the Dr. Ruth of SL and feel free to ask me anything you want. I promise to answer you in front of all the readers since more than likely others will have the same question or issue. I will NOT use real avatar names in these articles but will try very hard to keep the facts and fun alive in my answers! If you just want to vent or want a quick answer or opinion, please drop me a note card so I can respond to you either in this column or privately if you prefer. If you want me to come see your place (Woo Hoo …. Ok Ok... I usually mean sim or club) try new clothes, sex beds or toys (How can I resist that invite!!!), I would be happy to check it out and review it but REMEMBER - reviews can be good and/or bad! I don’t hold much back. 86| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010

For my first article I am going to open up a can of worms here and talk about meeting people in SL, touch on the basics of dating and what to look out for. One of the biggest dreams a lot of people have is that of finding a love partner they can connect to on a deep level. In Second Life this can include having meaningful, deep romantic and sexual relationships. This is such a popular pastime that some of the most visited sites in Second Life are romantic clubs and hideouts. Relationships formed in SL tend to get very intense, very quickly. Anyone getting into an SL relationship should proceed slowly and with caution (because a week in SL is like a month in RL). It is possible to have a satisfying relationship in SL and people tend to get to know each other on a very personal basis so be aware of your boundaries when you begin a new relationship.There is also the side of the treacherous liars and the players and the heart breakers, and I’ll give you some pointers for identifying them too before another Second Life heart gets broken. First let me start with a brief topic for the men. Females, by and large, are very cautious especially when conversations go from open chat into IM. I was told it’s a tell tale mark if you take too long to respond to someone, that you’re probably in conversations with others (“To see which one you fancy the most”). So men, if you are interested in her, only do one IM at a time! Also the “Oooohhh I’m sor-

ry must be chat lag” excuse (while he is quickly tabbing between multiple IM’s) only works at Frank’s or concerts when there is REAL lag. Now don’t get me wrong - I have seen it played on me also and have been told “I’m in an IM with my girlfriend”. This of course just happens as I get an IM from a male friend also there telling me OMG this lady is all up in my IM. Really, Who? :-) Ladies, 70% or more of the men in SL are dogs. I’m being nice here because some of the other words I was told sent me to the

urban reference dictionary. It is rare to find one that doesn’t just want to start pixel pounding at the earliest sign of interest from you. Some thoughts I have regarding the initial interface with your new SL love come from a dear friend of mine. He told me he gets excited every time a female avatar jumps into his IM because he then already knows she is interested and makes it easier for him to “make his move”. So, you have been warned!

I have put together some very helpful tips on how to take some of the BS out of the equation within SL. I will try to keep it simple and fun. Here we go!

1: If the profile shows a date of birth less than a week old and he looks like one

of Opulent Magazine’s Hottest Hunks, you might want to put up the first red flag. What’s even better is when the profile states “I am a Noobie!” Now don’t get me wrong, friends do help friends look good sometimes, BUT then they are also attached to their hip until they get to know how things work.


The good ol “Damn Ur Hawt…. Wanna Fu_k”? or very similar should flag you right away (if you haven’t already closed the IM) . Now, there is a time and place for that especially if you are in one of those places. In general though if someone is really interested in you, they are going to ask real questions. That doesn’t mean give out your cell number and your billing address, but if you like that person, give them a little something so they know you’re interested - I enjoy hiking, dogs, I do “x” for a living. Then after time and you get to really know that person and you feel trust is there, you can open up more.


Are you an Alt (someone that has more than one Avatar)? Wow, we could dedicate a whole article on this topic (and I will in the near future). I have met a few Alts in my time!!! Some people use alts to hide from others (like a BF or GF), cheat, explore places, have fun (especially if you are a well known Avatar or a content creator) and are tired of going anyplace and being stuck in IM’s rather than |87

having fun. To me, it is hard enough being me in RL and SL let alone having another alt to do “things” with. Will you ever really know they are an Alt or not? No, not unless they tell you they are or they make some stupid mistakes like using the same shape, skin, hair eyes or even some of the same groups. I even saw one that was an Estate manager for his own SIM and when his GF asked who it was, he replied ohh that’s just a friend who helps me out when I am not online! So, she waited to see who this friend was and amazingly enough, they both looked the same!!! Geeeez, come on! I could go on and on here, but I will suppress the rest of my comments for an entirely different article!


Most women are smarter!!! Sorry guys and YES I am also a guy, but they can smell BS a mile away. Besides having this skill at birth, they know how to fine tune it by asking multiple variations of questions to confirm your answer AND they never forget!!! It could be a few weeks later after you have forgotten your answers and they will ask you again. If you told the truth or can remember that far back… then you’re good. But, that little lie will get you every time. Don’t lie! It is easier to be upfront and not hurt each other in the long run. Short term hurt is a lot easier to get over than a long term one filled with lies.

5: CTH!!! OK, you now have found someone and have been hanging out for a while

now and you really seem to click, but you need to make sure you have Communication, Trust and Honesty in the relationship!!! Communication is everything within a relationship. I always say that looks fade and you need something else to spend the rest of your days together. Not just how was your day and that BS. Guys need to open up more and become truly interested in that person. What are your dreams, aspirations, desires (not all sexual here but if you want to share please IM me) and what you like and dislike. I had a friend tell me that after 10 years being married that 88| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010

she could not get excited in bed because he always did it the same way (that and he didn’t let her “finish” first). So I asked the easiest question, “Did you tell him?” Well, we know the answer to this one. So, she finally did talk to him and he said “Ohhhhh I thought u liked it that way…” Trust! In SL I do help a lot friends, create things, get invited to new clubs or even with the ladies (usually shopping or talking gossip). When I am in a relationship though I am upfront about me being busy, being a huge flirt and I’ll probably be seen by your friends, etc. But, at the end of the day I come back to that one person and one only!!! There must be trust in a relationship and this also ties directly into communication along with honesty. If you’re going out, tell them. Don’t make them find out on their own because that NEVER turns out well. Honesty is a tough one because everyone seems to tell those little “white lies” that seem like no big thing or “I didn’t want to bother you with the details” until they all get added up and cashed in. Then you’re up the creek without a paddle! Would you like your partner to lie to you? Wouldn’t you be hurt also? Think before you tell that “little white one”.

6: A Blank profile is usually a hint on a couple of levels for me. Either they are new

and haven’t figured out you can do that yet or they are leaving it blank on purpose. When I spot an avatar with an older born on date and the profile is bare, it’s typically because someone has burned them in the past or they don’t want to tell you about themselves. Some of them I spoke to even had stalkers in RL! They had to clean the profile or create a new Avatar just to get away. Now, I did have one that told me I keep it empty so “you” have to work to get me. Very interesting thought process there, BUT I’m not likely to IM you because you have a HOT Avatar.


Guys, a dead give away for a girl to blow you off (NO… not that way) is to ask personal information about them within a few minutes of chatting, such as: “How tall are you?” “What color eyes do you have RL?” “How old are you?” “Do you have a RL pic?”. Those questions are usually a few dates later and if you ask right away they are going to assume that you are trying to visualize them for mental purposes. Ladies, guys work differently in this situation. If you ask a man this, he will instantly think you are interested and want him. It will instantly turn on the “OMG she wants me gene” and good luck shutting that one off!!! |89

8: The invite back to the house… We have all heard many different versions of this,

but it always seems to lead to the premise of that Avatar wanting something. Come see my house, land, pose balls, dances, hot tub, bed, etc. While this all could be really, really fun (this is when you can invite me), it shouldn’t be within 15 minutes of meeting each other. My favorite response from this was: “When he says 15 minutes after you meet “Do you have a house (and you know he means one with a sex-gen bed)” RUN! The situation I had was when a Avatar wanted me to come over and “fix” her bed. She told me it always kept hanging in this one position. Well I was definitely left in a hanging position - so much for helping her FIX the bed. I hope some of this has helped you and will make your SL friendships and dating more fun. At the end of the day you really need to trust your gut instincts and try to have faith in fellow man/woman. Not everyone is this way as I described above, BUT after speaking to a lot of people these were common things that came up in almost every conversation. In future articles I will be talking in more detail about these items, doing reviews and answering your questions. I have already received a few that I will share now but you will have to read the next issue to see the answers. 1. I have been with my partner now for a few months and we hardly ever have sex. I love to have sex. WTH? 2. I really like this guy and we talk everyday but I don’t know if he likes me that way. What do I do? 3. My girlfriend is a dancer but she claims not to be an escort. I already have issues with her dancing BUT I have seen her back in the VIP areas also. Should I confront her when she is back there? 4. I am in business with my old BF and he still wants to be mine. I’m afraid if I tell him “NO” because he would probably ruin our business. Should I create an alt? I really need to have some fun and meet new people… HELP! So, please send me your questions and I will do my best to answer them for you and remember NO! You can’t afford me!!! ~ Ted Floresby |Photos by Musique Gable|

90| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


92| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010



have been a fascinating subject with different interpretations in different parts of the world for many many years. They are used for a variety of different reasons and have always been a focus of fascination. The word horoscope means a “look at the hours” and is derived from the Greek words of the same meaning. The very first practices of translating the stars, or Horoscopes are said to have originated in the Mediterranean regions of Europe and in Hellenistic Egypt. Even in the technologically and scientifically advanced world of today, it is interesting to note that Horoscopes remain a common practice – particularly in the Eastern part of the world. Have you ever asked yourself how 12 Horoscopes are supposed to be true and accurate for 5 billion different people? The answer is that they are as accurate as they feel to you. The reason some may not seem to apply is that it’s impossible for a mass media horoscope to consider every-one’s unique astrological makeup or all of the astrological influences that affect you at any point in time. The following Horoscopes simply calls out the highly relevant and most significant aspects. Have fun! ~Dali Bury by Jewell Munro 94|Photography OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


January 21 - February 19 Independent, friendly, caring and inventive Most compatible with: Gemini, Libra Least compatible with: Cancer, Virgo Birthstone: Uranus Planet: Amethyst Day: Saturday Color: Indigo Metal: Uranium MODEL: Ariadne Barzane SL Birth Date: 10th February 2007 Aquarius are a genius person. Aquarius have a strong will and definite opinion, not easily swayed away. Aquarius prefer an equally intelligent and educated partner. Very social but choosy, quick witted and wide awake Aquarius are always organizing new ideas and have own individuality.



February 20 - March 20

Intuitive, create, loving and trusting Most compatible with: Cancer, Scorpio Least compatible with: Leo, Libra Birthstone: Aquamarine Planet: Neptune Day: Thursday Color: Grey Metal: Tin MODEL: Jewell Munro SL Birth Date: 13th March 2007

Pisces have some wonderful ideas and freedom in any work will give Pisces success. Pisces are adaptable and can adjust to changes without great difficulty. Pisces are good natured but can be moody, bold, brave and independent.

96| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010

Courageous, energetic, competitive, pioneering


March 21 - April 20

Most compatible with: Leo, Sagittarius Least compatible with: Virgo, Scorpio Birthstone: Diamond Planet: Mars Day: Tuesday Color: Red Metal: Iron MODEL: Kamalin Bailey SL Birth Date: 21st March 2007

Aries are active and alert with lots of drive and ambition and are happy doing things on the spur of moment. Aries are of independent views, happy in command, create an impression everywhere. Aries make good advisers as Aries can see trends early, and are then able to motivate others into plans of action.


TAURUS April 21 - May 21

Loving, prosperous, loyal and patient Most compatible with: Virgo, Capricorn Least compatible with: Libra, Sagittarius Birthstone: Emerald Planet: Venus Day: Friday Color: Green Metal: Copper MODEL: Aliyeh Yifu SL Birth Date: 23rd April 2007 Taurus have a loving nature and are fond of beauty, music, colour and artistic ways. Taurus have solid, steadfast, reliable and practical qualities. Taurus are definitely fond of ease, comforts, and the opposite sex. Security, both emotional and financial, is of paramount importance to a person with the Sun in Taurus. 98| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


May 22 - June 21 Smart, entertaining, open-minded, curious Most compatible with: Libra, Aquarius Least compatible with: Scorpio, Capricorn Birthstone: Agate Planet: Mercury Day: Wednesday Color: Yellow Metal: Mercury MODEL: Dali Bury SL Birth Date: 27th May 2007 Being an intellectual sign, Gemini’s are witty and intelligent. Gemini’s are quick in grasping and learning and are also very clever, progressive, and refuse to be bound by rules.


CANCER June 22 - July 23 Sensitive, caring nurturing, shrewd Most compatible with: Pisces, Scorpio Least compatible with: Sagittarius, Aquarius Birthstone: Ruby Planet: Moon Day: Monday Color: White Metal: Silver MODEL: Mavis McGettigan SL Birth Date: 9th July 2005

Cancer’s are very romantic and sentimental. Like ocean tides, Cancer’s are changeable and fluctuating making Cancers’ moody, so be careful, try to maintain balance. Cancer’s will accumulate wealth through hard work.

100| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


July 24 - August 23 Generous, assertive, faithful, responsible Most compatible with: Aries, Sagittarius Least compatible with: Pisces, Capricorn Birthstone: Sardonic Planet: Orange Day: Sunday Color: Gold Metal: Sun MODEL: Shayla McBride SL Birth Date: 19th August 2007

Leo’s are expressive, forceful, dominant and born to rule others. Leo’s prefer to lead rather than to follow and become popular. Fond of pleasure and luxury even with limited resources. In short, Leo’s are ambitious, generous, honourable and fearless.



August 24 - September 23

Thoughtful, organized, humane, thorough Most compatible with: Taurus, Capricorn Least compatible with: Aries, Aquarius Birthstone: Sapphire Planet: Wednesday Day: Mercury Color: Mercury Metal: Blue MODEL: Kimberly Mirabeau SL Birth Date: 22nd September 2005 Virgo’s are modest and conservative. Virgo’s prefer intelligence over romance and pleasure. Virgo’s can not be carried away by emotions however; a combination of tact and diplomacy will help Virgo’s to have success everywhere.

102| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


September 24 - October 23

Artistic, objective, poised, charming Most compatible with: Gemini, Aquarius Least compatible with: Pisces, Taurus Birthstone: Opal Planet: Copper Day: Venus Color: Friday Metal: Pink MODEL Eche Riverview SL Birth Date: 20th October 2006

Libra’s like things in proportion and balance in all situations. Libra’s can be changeable in their ideas and moods. Libra’s are affectionate and make friends easily but Libra’s dislike conflict, tension and discord. Libra’s also love to live a high standard of living.



October 24 - November 22 Passionate, dynamic, sensual and probing Most compatible with: Cancer, Pisces Least compatible with: Aries, Gemini Birthstone: Topaz Planet: Tuesday Day: Mars Color: Iron Metal: Black MODEL: Ren Blackburn SL Birth Date: 11th November 2007

Scorpio’s have an intensely emotional nature and are capable of deep feelings. Scorpio’s have plenty of determination and unflinching courage to achieve the goal. The urge to possess Scorpio’s partner body and soul will also be strong. Scorpio’s are blessed with power of intuition.

104| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010

SAGITTARIUS November 23 - December 21 Intellectual, tolerant, enthusiastic, optimistic Most compatible with: Aries, Leo Least compatible with: Cancer, Taurus Birthstone: Turquoise Planet: Jupiter Day: Thursday Color: Purple Metal: Tin MODEL: Chalennna Flasheart SL Birth Date: 26th November 2005

Love of sports and outdoor life are Sagittarius special traits. Sagittarius are intelligent, colourful and have an enthusiastic personality and are blessed with energy. Enthusiasm, vigour and vitality. Sagittarius have self confidence.


CAPRICORN December 22 - January 20

Careful, hardworking, disciplined, traditional Most compatible with: Taurus, Virgo Least compatible with: Gemini, Leo Birthstone: Garnet Planet: Saturn Day: Saturday Color: Brown Metal: Lead MODEL: Clark Mactavish SL Birth Date: 30th December 2009

Self control and strength of will, are Capricorn’s basic traits. Serious minded, patient, thrifty and stable are Capricorn’s excellent qualities. Having a keen sense of dignity. Capricorn’s are calculative and business like. Will make friendship with any body quickly but permanent tie only after test is made.

106| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010

Free Land Ownership Contact: Relic Starbrook or Gracie Kangjon


A Love Game by Aliyeh Yifu

A love game is what has engulfed me, relentless tearing when you are not near me to the point of exasperation. Wandering the Earth with no purpose until one day you step into my life and turned it upside down. The power of your touch introduced me to this game of love, a game that can feel like I am winning or the extreme opposite, pure worthlessness when your presence has vanished. I see you from a distance, your long sleek frame radiating in the sunlight that cascades down from above. I know that in every life you will find me, reincarnated with a mission to find your other half that makes you complete. Two souls searching for the other to be complete, to be united as one in every essence known to man, they cannot stop until the task has been complete. Something as beautiful as the sun rising in the distant horizon with rays of glittering gold and hues of pink can never be compared to the love you deliver to me. My soft skin begins to glide around your face, cradling it affectionately into the cups of my hands. I gently press my thumbs against your cheek, impelling the electrifying energy that is surging through my body when you are near into your skin. I begin to feel the pulsation of your heart move in sync with mine, creating a rhythm of unique euphony. Never wanting the feelings to fade away with time, my hands continue to flow down your rigid chest searching for your waist to secure my arms around like a crimson ribbon wraps around my silken ebony hair. This is when I am safe, nestled in your arms with my face buried into the depths of your soul. The quintessence components of true love would certainly be you and I, for without you I would be a wandering soul, empty with my soul bleeding within. My life was black and white, and when you entered it you breathed the color into it, making it rich with vibrant colors. I never imagined life would be as gratifying until you graced me with your existence. Only when you are near do I see this stunning exhibit of color in the life around me. The love game is circular and encompasses tangles of bliss and ecstasy, forever changing and bonding us closer each day we find our way through it. The love game is something that I am forever addicted to. Only when I die does this cycle of the game cease temporarily and when I am reborn a new cycle will pick up where it had left off previously‌.. A love game‌..I am utterly addicted. 108| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


110| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010

If you will by Ren Blackburn

If you will hold my hand and tell me you love me Stare with me beyond the stars If you will keep me forever and love me whether near or far for the moon is blue to start the year our hopes and dreams and frights and fears shall guide us through and strengthen our hearts for love is always from where we start so share with me this life of love a promise that we will forever keep.. now and later and forever still if you will. |111

Second Life Living, a decorating challenge by Sonna Bazar

I’ve been writing a few articles about living in Second Life. I’ve written about the basics, about tips and tricks and so on. Because of this, I decided to put myself to the test.

For this challenge I gave myself a time limit of 1 day to find pieces of furniture to furnish a living room in white with a maximum prim count of 100. I limited it to 100 because most of the land you can rent in SL is less than 300 prims for a reasonable price and you do need prims for the house itself as well as the garden for instance. I also want it to be of good quality and a maximum price in total of 1000 Linden Dollars. This might seem a bit on the pricey side for some, but considering I will try to get a complete high quality living room, it is not a lot to spend. So, what do you do when you only have 1 day to find a living room that has all these qualities that I just described? First you make a list of the things you need to have in your room. For me they are the following items: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

couch with at least one cuddle pose and a few single poses coffee table plants a few accessories pictures/rugs/candles

112| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010

Then what I did was look on Xstreet for living room furniture. On Xstreet you can get complete furniture sets, see a picture of the items and most of all, most designers will put a SLURL, a direct link from Xstreet to their shop, within the information about the items. There is also information, most of the time, about how many prims the total set will be. With this in mind, I started my search. After going to the living room tab on xstreet, i set the ‘sort by relevance’ bar to most popular. The reason i did this is because my logic tells me that people look for items that are at a reasonable price and look great. Now that I was in the right section in Xstreet that I wanted to search in, I discovered my challenge wouldn’t be as easy as it may have sounded. To find a living room set that looks contemporary and is done in white was harder than I thought, but after searching awhile I found this gorgeous set made by Peter McCleod of Lazy Day Designs. Zafrira/243/170. The complete set is only 57 prims and it has cuddle poses as well as a few single poses . To make it feel more like home I’ve taken a few pictures from the internet and uploaded them to Second Life and made my own artwork. I spent a total of 1019L$, which included the 20 L$ for the two pictures that I took from the internet. Not a bad day’s work for three hours and a room that looks like a million bucks!


114| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


EDDI HASKELL PHOTOGRAPHY Eddi Haskell is a staff photographer for Opulent Magazine. He has worked over the past two years for many of the leading magazines and newspapers in Second Life. He was one of 8 photographers who was selected to participate in Second Life’s fifth anniversary celebrations in 2008 during photography week on Orange Island, where his work appeared behind the main conference stage. Read his entertaining & informative blog at: Featured in the following pages are Eddi Haskell’s photographs the architecture of New Venice in the new virtual world of Blue Mars.

116| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


118| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010

BLUE MARS by Eddi Haskell Many Second Life residents are paying attention to Blue Mars, a new virtual world operated by Avatar Reality Inc.. Blue Mars is very different from Second Life and does not have it’s socialization or content creation capabilities The reason why Blue Mars is gaining so much visibility from Second Lifers is primarily due to it’s next-generation graphics. They are a generation ahead of Second Life, and are simply outstanding. Blue Mars opened in a Beta phase on a limited basis in September, 2009. In December 2009, it formally opened to new residents with a new client, and several new cities, a Blue Mars version of Desmond Shang’s Victorianthemed Caledon, one of the largest theme regions in Second Life. Over the next several months, in early 2010, it will be expanding and opening a highly publicized exhibit from the Smithsonian Other projects from other well known corporations and organizations are in the works. Blue Mars runs on CryEngine 2 technology. It’s the same game engine that runs Far Cry on the Xbox, one of the most graphically advanced computer games yet published. Second Life, of course, will also be enhancing and advancing its graphics visualization in the years to come. But for now, Blue Mars is clearly ahead in this area. The downside to the sophistication of Blue Mars is need for a sophisticated laptop or desktop computer with a minimum of a discrete 512k graphics card. Second Life does not require as sophisticated and expensive a set-up on the part of the end user. A typical gaming computer handles Blue Mars effectively. Blue Mars does not have a native Macintosh version at the present time. Blue Mars is very different from Second Life. Second Life has been created by its residents, who can build and design objects such as clothes, furniture, or entire virtual cities such as Insilico by using basic prim-based construction. However, many parts of the Second Life mainland are not that attractive to look at. Haphazard construction and lack of zoning and planning have yielded a virtual world in Second Life that can be brutally ugly outside of well planned estates. Second Life is slowly incorporating a more planned look to the Linden-Labs owned Mainland; the new 512k starter homes in themed regions show how attractive an approach this can be. Blue Mars on the other hand is closed to building and content development to only those residents approved as such. You must be approved by Blue Mars to be a content developer. Each of the areas opened will be


well planned and finished. This approach sets Blue Mars aside from Second Life by making it more a pre-built environment more attractive to the business and casual user who does not want to create content as part of their virtual world experience. New Venice is the most attractive region in the new virtual world of Blue Mars today. In fact, it is breathtaking. It shows what a modern city built on a transformed Martian landscape would look like in 150 years time incorporating the best features of one of the Earth’s most attractive cities. There are canals, boats, small islands, gorgeous vegetation, and bridges – all linked together in a well planned design incorporating both steampunk and art deco elements. In addition, it has a unique “flying camera” element that allows your camera to fly around and pan the equivalent of many Second Life sims if your computer is strong enough to handle the graphic challenges. The photographs I am showing in this article were very hard to do since there is no native photograph interface yet available in the Blue Mars client. I used the screenscraper (or screen image preservation tool) that comes with Windows 7 to take these photos. The resolution was not as high as what I am used to in Second Life. However, at the end, I think I presented a good view of what this new virtual world has to offer.

The entrance to New Venice immediately shows the rich plant life, textures, and atmospherics of Blue Mars. 120| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010

Teleporting around New Venice done via setting your destination in these transport capsules, only a few which work at the present time.

The architecture and plant-life have a Mediterranean feel to them looking more like they come from Capri or Amalfi rather then colder Adriatic Venice. Still, they work well


There is a model condominium available to look at in New Venice. It is the main thing that is not that impressive as similar interior spaces in Second Life due to the lack of coloring and the rather mundane furniture design that seems to emphasize interior styles of 20 years prior. However, it is only a first attempt and the shadowing was highly realistic.

122| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010

Steampunk and art deco design elements can be seen in the movie “Arts Bar� sign.

Another look at the rich foliage in New Venice. You could practically smell these flowers as you pass by.


The sailboats on the pier were very attractive, and the “barbershop� poles are a nice touch.

I liked the use of murals and cast iron railings that added so much realism to New Venice.

124| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010

The second New Venice courtyard after the initial entrance has so much gorgeous purple vegetation, and excellent usage of realistic brick textures that I found myself going back and back to visit- despite the irritation of “flying eyes� which seemed a bit of an invasion of privacy.

The web site for Blue Mars is located at You can see all his Blue Mars articles and videos here: Eddi is showing photography from Blue Mars at his gallery through February. SLURL: Eddi was recently interviewed on BBC Radio 5 about Blue Mars and Second Life. He produced a YouTube of his portion of the broadcast which can be seen here: Eddi has produced other videos of Blue Mars, you can see these on his You Tube channel here:



Styling & Photography by Merrick Genesis Modeled by Travis Madrigal

Sim: Tempura Island Hair: MADesigns Hair - BERNARD Outfit: Alphamale - Winter coat outfit - Green Shoes: Kalnins Footwear - Florenza

126| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


Sim: Mocha Hair: MADesigns - Bernard Jacket: grasp - Leather Biker Jacket Shirt: Kalrau V-Neck Collection in Grey Pants: grasp - Stone Skull Jeans Shoes: AOHARU - Leather Rider Boots Accessories: Kalrau - Sunglasses M9; Exodi - Davarriale Necklace 128| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010


Hair: Uncle Web Studio - Jin (Uncle Web Studio) Outfit: Miamai - DeadBoys Shoes: [ hoorenbeek ] All Star - Low Top Used - White

130| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010

Hair: MADesigns Hair Suit: Sartoria Black S Shoes: Kalnins Footwe Accessories: EYELAS Faire

r - BERNARD Suit ear - Florenza SHES by Talon

Hat:Bailers Nugget Scultpie Hat - Colorchange Black Suede Hair: MADesigns Hair - BERNARD Shirt: Gabriel - DenimShirt GRAY (Gabriel) Pants: Bailers - Rainglers Jeans Shoes: Bailers - Mens Cowboy Boot Mesquite


VALENTINES DAY OUTFITS Styling & Photography by Roxi Richez

OUTFIT: Audrey Bubble Skirt - Pink Sequin 132| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010

Tampa Bay (107, 35, 22)

OUTFIT: Victorian Rendezvou-Jardin Antique Dune Cove (173, 201,|133 24)

OUTFIT: Carmen Dress 134| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010

Sinnersville Wasteland (40, 170, 21)

OUTFIT: Agatha Dress Tabula rasa (133, 218,|135 26)

OUTFIT: Wedding Collection - Dream 136| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010

Amat (32, 230, |137 23)

OUTFIT: Desiree 138| OPULENT Magazine : January / February 2010

Driftwood Island (180, 36, 767)

OUTFIT: Dinner at 8 Snatch City (123,212,30) |139

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