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July | August 2010

Designer Showcase Fashion Summer v Winter A.I. Pets: Breedables Guide Residents Innula Zenovka Athalia Opus Cicciuzzo Gausman Automatic Quandry John Earnshaw Rules of Attraction Flick’s of Opulence Beach & Winter Getaways |1

2| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010


INSIDE 10 Designer Showcase 26 Rules of Attraction 30 A.I. Pets: Your Guide to the World of Breedables 36 Cicciuzzo Gausman | Photographer Spotlight 42 Finding the Spirit of Giving | Charity Spotlight 44 Beach & Winter Getaways 48 Resident Focus on Athaliah Opus & Innula Zenovka 53 Fashion | Summer v’s Winter 75 Secret Moon | Poem 78 Automatic Quandry | Enjoying Music More than Ever 84 Indygo Criss | Mental Health Care in Second Life 86 All About Leo - July 23 - Aug 23 89 Jon Ernshaw | I want to do that! 92 The Pixel Bean 96 Ariadne’s Kitchen Recipe’s | Killer Ribs & Fruit Salad 98 Flickrs of Opulence

4| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010

Editor In Chief Aliyeh Yifu

Copy Editor Kamalin Bailey

Creative Director/Publisher Jewell Munro Aceius Hax River Stromfield COVER ARTIST :

Jewell Munro

Opulent Logo by Mcooter Graves July /August 2010 Issue Cover Title: Yin Yang

Staff Writers/Photographers Stephen Venkman Zanes Bikcin Ariadne Barzane Indygo Criss Sixx Yangtz River Stromfield Siubhan Renfort Mecca Merosi Sweetness Sass Jayden Fairlady Tony Brucco

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6| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010

EDITORS Note... Hello dear Readers, As George Elliot once said, “It’s never too late to become the person you might have been.” It is this small quote that holds a powerful punch if you really ponder it deeply. There are many times in our lives, mine included, where we always aspire for something that at times we have to put on the back burner due to other situations that have arisen. I know in both my 1st life and in my Second Life there have been things that I have wanted but did not have the opportunity to achieve them at the time I had wanted. One must put their mind to the notion that it is never too late to accomplish something that your heart has always desired, even if it was something from two years ago. It can happen if you really want it to. At Opulent, we also hold this thought process true. It is never too late to be the person you might have been. The amazing staff that I feel so grateful for are people whom I have always envisioned working with. We have senior staff who have been here since day one, some staff who have ventured on to new adventures and some new additions that I am confident will bring a new spice to the magazine. While it is summer up in the northern hemisphere, it is the winter season down in the southern hemisphere. Since so many of our readers come from both parts of the world, we wanted to incorporate a mixed theme of summer and winter. In this issue we have everything from sim finds and classic fashion to suite both themes. On another note, I would like to personally welcome some of our new staff members: Aceius Hax & River Stromfield both contributed with their own unique creativity to the publication of this issue with stunning results if I may say so! Also new to our staff is Zanes Bikcin who contributed to the winter/summer photography shoot and to our new writers, Jayden Fairlady and Sweetness Sass. These ladies each bring a different twist to their writing, topics I am sure you will all enjoy. Please enjoy our next issue of Opulent magazine!

Aliyeh Yifu

Editor-in-Chief |7

Hopeless Romantic Events specializes in planning Weddings and Events with our client’s wishes meticulously organized for the perfect once in SLifetime Moment. Weddings, Birthday Parties, Rezz Day Parties Bachelorette and/or Bachelor Parties Bridal, any event... 8| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010


Model: Gracie Kangjon

10| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010

We showcase some of our most favourite designers and their most favourite creations by Jewell Munro & River Stromfield




Designer: Ranena Olivier wearing *[ROC]* Chrisette

Model: CheerCoach4EJS Gymnast wearing *[ROC]* Heather

12| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010

DESIGNER | RANENA OLIVIER LABEL | RANENA OLIVIER COUTURE What is the name your favorite design to date? *[ROC]* Heather Why is this your favorite design? It’s whimsical fun and reeks of diva attitude. What inspired you to create this particular design? I saw something with light rays on the internet. Ranena describes *[ROC]* Heather: This design is whimsical, flirtatious and daring. It’s designed for a woman who is comfortable with herself and those around her. She’s not afraid to be seen as someone who stands out from the crowd. Visit the Ranena Olivier Couture mainstore inworld at: Gardens/159/143/22 Bookmark her blog online at:


Designer: Morea Decosta wearing NOA

Model: Jewell Munro wearing INSOLENCE

14| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010

DESIGNER | MOREA DECOSTA LABEL | MOREA STYLE What is the name your favorite design to date? INSOLENCE Dress. Why is this your favorite design? This dress marks the 3 year anniversary of my brand and I like the black and gold colors, they are very elegant for women and the dress cut is original and very glamorous. What inspired you to create this particular design? I draw Inspiration just from my own imagination. Morea describes the INSOLENCE dress: A dress, black and gold in color, satin with top and pants, very glamorous and is composed of large flexible prims which is very fluid and has gold straps. Visit the Morea Style mainstore in-world at: STYLE/186/237/22 Bookmark the Morea Style blog online at:


Designer: Ashoka Eales wearing ‘Coco Chanel Tribute’

Model: Kieren Debevec

16| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010

wearing ‘Kierans Majesty’

DESIGNER | ASHOKA EALES LABEL | PHOENIX RISING What is the name your favorite design to date? That’s a tough decision to make, but I would have to say ‘Kieran’s Majesty’ from The Masked Affair Collection. Why is this your favorite design? This design was created in all my artistic freedom. Inspired by the wishes of my best friend Kieran, for a masquerade party. What inspired you to create this particular design? The drama and elegance found in nature, with a touch of mystery and royalty found in the masked party setting. Ashoka describes ‘Kieran’s Majesty’: The gown is made of dark jewel colors. Overflowing with fabric, and petals of flowers circling the hips and bodice. Visit the Phoenix Rising mainstore in-world at: Bookmark her blog & flickr online at:


Designer: Raven Pennyfeather wearing ‘For the Love of’



18| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010




aring ‘Edouard Brocade Tux’

DESIGNER | RAVEN PENNYFEATHER LABEL | RFYRE What is the name your favorite design to date? Its impossible to choose just one so I would have to say my favorite designs to date are the tribute gown to Alexander McQueen ‘For the love of’ and the ‘Edouard Brocade Tux’. Why are these your favorite designs? For two very important reasons. Firstly design is about the passion, commitment and love we have for the works we create. The second and equally important reason is from the first moment my friend introduced me to the designs of Alexander McQueen I was struck by his incredible creativity and skill. I was startled that here was someone with a mastery & style which I had always aspired to. It was heartbreaking to learn that he chose to leave this world and am deeply saddened by his loss. This is my small way of demonstrating the love I hold for this artist. What inspired you to create these designs? These designs are a synthesis of all the elements I hold dear in my design work. Touches of classic historical styles, texture which convey a tactile quality and weaves the dark tones into a softness which envelopes the wearer. Raven describes ‘For the love of’ & ‘Edouard Brocade Tux’: “For the Love” is a combination of black leather, satin and tulle with its shapely leather sleeved bodice topping a full bowed skirt. ‘Edouard Tux’ is made of rich textures, with trim tails and the accompaniment of gentlemanly chain closures and full white silk bows. Visit the RFyre mainstore in-world at: Bookmark RFyre site online at:


Designer: Swaffette Firefly wearing ‘Spring Pintucked Dress’

Model: River Stromfield

20| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010

wearing ‘The June Groom Tux’

DESIGNER | SWAFFETTE FIREFLY LABEL | SF DESIGN What is the name your favorite design to date? Always difficult to answer because it changes so frequently. I think I’m most pleased with my latest tux from our new June wedding collection - The June Groom Tux. Why is this your favorite design? Because I took elements from my other tux’s that customers had said they liked and put them together in one tux I enjoy making the fabric textures so they look real and I’m happy with how this looks on the avatar. What inspired you to create this particular design? The customers I get specially from wedding parties who are looking for that perfect wedding tux with plenty of options and versatility. Swaffette describes ‘The June Groom Tux’: The tux is a formal tux with cut away coat and tails, it includes sculpted dress shoes, matching vest and scrunch tie with my latest sculpted wing collar. Bow tie and matching cummerbund option with dress pants and dress shirt. Visit the SF Design mainstore in-world at: Bookmark her blog & flickr online at:


Model: Kimberly Mirabeau wearing ‘Harlequin Wedding Gown’ & RH Engel Jewelry

Designer: Rebel Hope

wearing ‘Ginger (Ocean Mist

22| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010

RH Engel Jewelry ‘Ginger Nec

DESIGNER | REBEL HOPE LABEL | REBEL HOPE DESIGNS, INC What is the name your favorite design to date? The Rebel Hope Designs ‘Harlequin Wedding Gown’. Why is this your favorite design? It is very feminine and elegant. I’m all about elegance and sophistication, its just purdy! What inspired you to create this particular design? Kimberly inspires me in a huge way. It was a gown that was in a magazine and I took some elements of it to make it my own. Rebel describes the ‘Harlequin Wedding Gown’: It’s fluffy and soft looking, feminine and glamorous. It’s layered with many attachments to give it a fullness and flare. The gown includes all layer of clothing, plus mod and size script prim skirt as well. Visit the Rebel Hope Designs & RH Engel Jewelry mainstore in-world at: Bay/204/58/22 Bookmark the Rebel Hope site online at:

t)’ &

cklace Set’




Storm Babeli

Aliyeh Yifu

wearing ‘Floret Set’

wearing ‘New H

24| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010

Hope Set‘

DESIGNER | STORM BABELI LABEL | PURPLE ROSE JEWELRY What is the name your favorite design to date? I would say the FLORET set and the NEW HOPE set, hard to pick just one. Why are these your favorite designs? I’ve put a lot of love and time into these designs and I’ve been constantly updating them to improve the way they look and make them in to something beautiful and desireable. What inspired you to create these particular designs? I love flowers and big gems and intricate delicate pieces. With that in mind I just kept creating whatever flowed from my imagination. Storm describes the ‘Floret & New Hope’ sets: Both the Floret and New Hope set are elegant and sophisticated jewels that make a huge statement to any evening or bridal dress. Delicate and intricately detailed with a unique design. Visit the Purple Rose Jewelry mainstore in-world at: Jewelry/130/126/28


26| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010


Photography, Portraits, Pictures, Couple Shots

28| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010 |29

30| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010


32| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010


34| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010


36| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010


38| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010

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40| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010


42| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010


Beach & Winter Getaways By Jayden Fairlady

I had the opportunity to explore several great vacation beach and winter sim getaways a couple of days ago. I had a great time while exploring the beaches of Tranquil Tiki Island, Imzada Tropical Resort, and Carribean Resort. During my excursions I discovered that they offer: fine dining, bars, dancing for couples, romantic walks along the beach, scuba diving, mermaid tours, hang gliding, jet skiing, horse back riding, beach side bbq, balloon tour rides, helicopter rides, and of course, who could forget the shopping for the perfect souvenir to take home, and sky box rentals for the perfect romantic get away. I also got to explore a couple of romantic winter getaways, The Ice Skating & English Pub at Tahoa Mountain Wolf Resort, Snow Valley Resort and Winter Fun, and French Ski Resort, that are sure to make you want to curl up next to a fire under a blanket on a cold day with your sweetheart. I discovered these spots had the following fun winter things to do: beautiful mountain Lodges that overlook the lake, great skiing, ice skating, snow mobile riding, taxi service to rentable lodges, a ski lift that gives you a great view of the slopes, shopping, a chapel where you can attend a service or a winter wedding. So if you’re looking for that perfect romantic getaway or planning your next family vacation ski trip, I highly recommend these sims. They are sure to please and you won’t be disappointed. Explore, enjoy and have fun!

44| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010

Tranquil Tiki Island

Imzada Tropical Resort


Caribbean Resort

The Ice Skating & English Pub

46| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010

Snow Valley Resort & Winter Fun

French Ski Resort


Resident Focus on…

Athaliah Opus & Innula Zenovka By Kamalin Bailey

Every issue Opulent scours the grid for talented residents with whom you may not be familiar. The field isn’t important. It’s what these residents produce, be it music or photography, landscaping or buildings, or animations or scripts that catch our eye. We’re looking for masters in their fields who may not have received the attention we think they deserve. Our focus this month is on Athaliah Opus, the co-founder of the hugely successful and ground breaking OpenCollar, and Innula Zenovka, jack-of-all-trades scripter whose unique way of looking at challenges has led to some unique scripting opportunities. Their stories truly exemplify the possibilities available in Second Life and how with a little imagination, you can tap into your inner innovator!

Athaliah Opus How did you originally hear about Second Life? Was told about it, logged in about three times, then gave up and just said forget it. Promptly forgot all about it for another year or so. Then about a year or a year and a half later, got bored of the game I was in, returned to SL and gradually got over the learning hump and was suckered in.. ;) Do you have a first life background in design/programming that lent itself to your business in SL? Technical support, Operations and a bit of an artistic eye was all that I came from. Tell us a little bit about OpenCollar. OpenCollar started as a bunch of friends wanting to make a personal collar that didn’t have an authorization system that failed 2 out of 5 times. Do you have a customer group?

48| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010

Athaliah Opus

The main group, OpenCollar, has around 60k members at this time. We also have a Chatter group for help and a R&D group for more complex issues where those with ideas can try them out on the others in the group with the rough betas. And we do have a lot of information on our Wiki at com/p/opencollar/wiki/OpenCollar?tm=6. What haven’t you done in SL that you would still like to accomplish? Oh my! So far, having done a lot and seen a lot, I think I would still like to do more with making more intelligent scripts. My understanding is that OpenCollar has been a collaborative venture. What are the unique challenges you have faced working with a group of strangers in Second Life? How do you back up something like this? How do you ask for donations and |49

who do they go to when you have a constantly revolving group of scripters and designers without causing hard feelings? What do we do to constantly improve things? Otherwise, it comes down to herding cats and dogs and avatars to have one goal. And somehow it works. Anything about your business that keeps you up at night? Waiting for the group to crash and burn. Waiting for the SL group to just go poof. Also the amount of traffic in the adult sim makes me cringe. It’s a careful balancing act to give our traffic to our neighbors and for them to not think it’s a bit much and causing excessive lag. What has been the biggest lesson you have learned in SL? There are always drama makers and there are always those you call friends. It’s your choice to pick the right ones to be around and grow. Other than that, it’s important to make new friends or else you get into a rut. Also, take a few days every so often and explore. SL is a great place to be.

Innula Zenovka How did you get started with scripting? My background’s not in computing at all -- literature, languages and law are my thing -- but I’ve always been interested in how to make my PC do what I want it to. So when I got started in SL, I was used to computers doing more or less what I told them. It felt a bit weird not to be able to do stuff that I could see must be reasonably simple, like make hover text appear or have doors open and shut. And it was annoying to have to search round for ready-made scripts that often didn’t do quite what I wanted. Learning how to do it seemed something I’d be able to do and I reasoned that I should be able to tackle most things in SL. I was also fascinated by all the stuff things like my collar could do -- BDSM toys are really interesting to scripters for several reasons, and not just the recreational ones. They often combine lots of different areas of scripting; a collar plays animations, recognizes people, draws particle chains, and does physical movement. The real reason I guess is that it’s like being able to do magic. I write my spells in a script, drop it in a prim and stuff starts to happen. Not always what you want to happen, admittedly. I once made a mistake when trying to make 50| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010

Innula Zenovka

something that rezzed stuff automatically -- which it did, very well indeed, but it just didn’t know when to stop and I almost crashed the sim. But, accidents aside, because scripts operate directly on our virtual reality, it feels like doing magic. It’s much more satisfying to be able to make prims change color than to be able to change the color of your font in Word, for example, even though the two things are pretty much the same in principle. And also, I love working with imaginative creators to bring ideas to life, as it were. I work a lot with Vesta Martynov and we have great fun figuring out little storylines for when people use our furniture and toys. “Wouldn’t it be fun if, when he does such and such, that happens?” And I love figuring out how to make “that” actually happen.


How did you learn? I got a friend to give me a few basic lessons, so I had a vague idea what all these funny brackets and braces and semi-colons were for, and then I started reading the Script Wiki and the LSL Wiki which are both full of explanations and examples, and also have links to lots of on-line tutorials. In-world, I spent a lot of time looking at the displays at The College of Scripting and The Particle Lab and asking loads of questions in the various scripting groups like the College’s group and also Scripts and Script Academy. There are also lots of in-world classes now, notably at the Institute for Cooperative Education. But the resource that really helped was the Scripting Tips Forum (now at community/forums/scripting?view=overview). People are so helpful there, and so long as you’re asking for help rather than to have scripts written for you, people are endlessly patient explaining everything from the most basic to the most advanced topics. What’s this about script limits? Scripts use the sim’s memory, just as running programs on your PC uses memory, and it’s a finite resource. If you have too many things running on your PC at once, stuff starts to slow down and crash, and sims work the same way. There’s a plan -- has been for the last 18 months or so -- to limit the number of running scripts you can have on your person or rezzed on your land. No one knows what the limits will be, if and when they’re imposed, but LL has said (and I believe the scripting and technical Lindens a lot more than I believe the marketing and PR ones) that they’ll do their best to pitch the limits so they don’t affect too many people. They’ve been introducing several functions to help scripters prepare for this, so that we can write (re-write) code that doesn’t have to use horribly inefficient work-rounds. Scripters you particularly admire? Impossible question. There’s people like Void Singer, Jesse Barnett and Argent Stonecutter, who’re top-level scripters and who tirelessly help people in the forums -- they taught me, and showed endless patience in the process. Strife Onizuka, who is not only a genius but also runs the Script Wiki. Jopsy Pendragon, who runs The Particle Lab. And the many people who so generously write and maintain, for free, the tools so many people use for other products, like Lear Cale with MLPV, and Nandana Singh with nPose, the whole Open Collar Team (founded by Nandana, but it’s a group project). And Dari Caldwell, who made all her wonderful collars and stuff full perms, and who’s always been very kind indeed to me. 52| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010


Summer v’s Winter

Our Opulent Models present a Northern and Southern hemisphere fashion comparison, which consists of many different styles for two opposing seasons of Summer vs. Winter


Photography by Jewell Munro, Zanes Bikcin, Stephen Venkman


Hair | Cheerno - Swaray, Surreal Skin | Belleza - Thomas Tan Necklace | Mandala - Shaka Sunglasses | Kalnins - Shutters Shorts | Valiant - Summer, cream Shoes | Step Ahead Strap Sandals

54| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010


Hat and hair | Reek - Merrits hat Skin | Belleza - Thomas Tan Scarf | Devol - loose scarf border brown Jacket | Redgrave - Aviator Leather Jacket Jeans | Redgrave - Dirty No.1 Shoes | Redgrave - Biker Boots |55

Hair | Armidi - The Ginza Skin | Belleza - Elle Coat | Aoharu Nordic Knit Coat Jeans | Poison - white Boots | Reek - Autumn Boots Sand

MODEL: JEWELL MUNRO 56| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010

Hair | Truth - Annie Skin | Belleza - Elle Top | R.icielli Tank Shorts | R.icielli - High waist shorts Shoes | Step Ahead - Womens Urban Sliders Accessories | Reek Bandaids :)


Hair | Cake - Afterglow Skin | Lara Shirt | League - Vintage Futura Pants | Gryphon Wings - Criss Cross Jewelry | Inca Gold necklace & Earrings by Mandala, gold/black bangles by Genesis Shoes | J’s brown sandals Nails | Inca Gold by Mandala


Gown | MP Winter White Snowflake Gown Skin | Lara Hair | Kara in ebony by Tukinowaguma Jewelry | Michele’s Whisper by J and W Jewelry Designs


Hair | Truth valerie night Skin | Lara alina natural Shirt | Boom summer sarong white Skirt | Cynful fluffyness white Bikini | Shai hamptons blue Shoes | J’s cross belt pumps white Accessories | Action woman’s bangles

MODEL: KATE STOCKHOLM 60| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010

Hat and hair | Maitreya sasha ebony Skin | Lara alina natural Gown | Chambre du Chocolat 3 woodpeckers Coat | B@R empress’s new clothes coat Shoes | BAX ankle boot black Accessories | B&K diamond silver jewel necklace and belly chain |61

Glasses | GOS Skin | Redgrave Shirt | Ispachi Jeans | Valiant Shoes | Step Ahead - Black Urban Sliders

62| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010


Glasses | Role Optic Arcadi Hat | Akeyo Skin | Redgrave Sweater & Shirt | Laqroki Pants | Redgrave Shoes | Jeepers Creepers Scarf | Casa Del Shai Body Shapes by Stephen Venkman


Hair | Calico Creations!! Amber - Midnight Dress | {Zaara} Mrinali *pistachio* Earrings | {Zaara} Suvarna Kundan Bangles | {Zaara} Indian Bangles *Gold* Necklace | AriWy Creations - Wisteria Egg Pendant Shoes | Minx * Shoe Designs Visions of Love *Green*

MODEL: ARIADNE BARZANE 64| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010

Hair | Sky Everett Designs - Keira black Jacket | sf design cropped fur jacket - tintable Shirt | Last Call Madison Leopard Top Boots | Bax Coen Designs Calf-length Cheetah Pants | Sn@tch Leather Laced Pants *Brown*


Hair | Truth - Annie Bikini | LAQ Shoes | J’s real toe cross belt sandals Accessories | Ibizarre Beachbag

66| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010


Hair | Truth Sweater | Rebel -X- *! WINTERPROOF Sweater Pants | Magi Take grey cord pants Shoes | [Pacadi Jasha Ltd] - Ankle Boots [silver] |67

Hat & Hair | W&Y yuki HAIR 60 Coat | BP*duffle coat/navy Scarf | *PERSONA* Iris knitted turtleneck Pants | R.icielli - GERMANOTTA highwaistpants Gloves | BAX wool set red gloves Skin | ::Soda:: Persona Skins - Girl Next Door Skates | *LightStar- Ice Skate - White

MODEL: VALERIA PIENAAR 68| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010

Hair | *eha~ Sang Mocha Hair Skin | *League* Taylor Medium Dress | [SC] Surf Couture - Dock Dress - Red Jewelry | JCNY - Scarlett Retro, Hyper-Gems Necklace Shoes | BAX ankle boot red Glasses | (VW) Socialite Shades - Plain I Accessories | Pacadi Jasha - Spring Bracelet


70| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010


72| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010


EMORTAL EYEZ by Mcooter Graves

74| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010


76| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010



Enjoying music more than ever..

Interview by Siubhan Renfort

Automatic Quandry or Auto as people close to him call him writes his own lyrics and composes his own music. He has a solo career as well as a full band in both SL and RL. He also performs Freestyle Electronica with his friend Zero One Paz and others in what has been described as a psychedelic, emotional trip through sound and senses. He also performs for charitable causes in SL, this is a musician with a golden heart.

78| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010

Auto, how long have you been playing? Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My father played sax though I don’t have any memories of him actually playing it! I do remember he would set me on his knee after Sunday breakfast and teach me about music. He listened to the crooners of his day like Frank Sinatra and Barbara Streisand as well as Little Stevie Wonder and Sam Cooke, his Motown favorites. I remember him dissing rock while tapping his foot and singing along to the Beatles. That made an impression on me because I knew then that music only has to be good to be appreciated. Our biases disappear no matter the genera if it’s good. Hey, if the old man could like the Beatles, there was hope for the world. How did you become an SL resident and what made you start playing in this virtual world? Zero One Paz was primarily responsible for me coming in world. I was in school with him and was and are still great friends, glued for life thanks to our love of music. He showed me SL early on, and I was impressed, but it took a couple of years before he got me to get in here and enjoy the budding music scene. He was right! It was a good move for me. One thing that really made me want to be a part of it all was when he took me to see The Follow. After being a bit disillusioned with cover tunes played by singers with their guitars, I wanted to experience full bands doing rock music! The Follow delivered and I was hooked. Suddenly the transformation was complete, and I knew I could find what I was looking for here in SL. What inspires you when you compose melodies and when you write lyrics for your music? My songs are melodic and I think much of that comes from dear old dad and the exposure I had to all those wonderful songs growing up. I’m also a fan of Classical composers such as Stravinsky and Copeland, both very much at home exploiting beautiful melodies. So for me, melody is king. I hear the music in my head before I sit down to compose it. The words are often manipulated after the fact, but the music is usually a complete idea before I commit to it. The words are from my experiences. I write about the things I feel. Often combining many experiences to create an expression of what I feel. When I write about love it’s not one love, it’s all the loves of my life, little bits of them, combined. When I write about topical or political subjects, it may be a bit more specific, but always it’s the combined life experience that comes out. I don’t write specific tunes for specific reasons. It’s always whatever happens to be floating around up there. It’s an adventure. |79

How would you define your style of music? My style for my band and my solo performance with vocals is rock. Borderline Indy with a sprinkling of pop but definitely rock all the way. I’m not afraid of ballads. I think they’re lovely and I enjoy singing them. But there’s nothing like a Marshal stack pumping out the crunch and singing like it’s midnight with a full moon. My electronica is borderline classical with elements of Stravinsky and Copeland, as I mentioned earlier, but there’s also a nod to my favorite electronic music composer, Karlinz Stockhousen. His music opened doors for me that changed my life and my way of seeing hearing and experiencing music. He taught me what improvising was though he never improvised! It was just knowing what sound can do and how noise can be music. It’s all music. I have a piece I’ve written called “Midtown Sonic” that sounds like a traffic jam in Times Square. Next time you’re there just stop and listen. A traffic jam can be beautiful music. It is always music, and often beautiful. I prefer beauty in my music, but it’s not the only necessary element. Do you have any favorite song that you wrote? What makes that song so special? Wow, this is a question whose answer changes daily. I have a few favorites of course. Not just one. I like them at different times and for different reasons. It depends on my mood that day. Old favorites like “Blue Skies” stick with me. I like the melodies, and it’s a positive song. I like positive things. “Spare Change” is a newer one that sticks with me. This song was written in honor of a very dear friend that passed away last year due to breast cancer, a cause for which I’m always ready to do benefits. She would walk to the corner store in the mornings, and on the way she would meet the many homeless folks who were always hanging around. While their stories were usually the same, what touched me was how wonderful this woman was to know these folks as human beings, which of course they are. I wanted to do something in her honor on the 1 year anniversary of her death to remember her so I wrote “Spare Change”. It’s my most often requested song so I guess I got it right. The great Machinima artist, Larkworthy Antfarm, has generously lent her talents to create a video of “Spare Change”, which has received many hits on YouTube and other services along with some very inspiring comments. The world cares it seems - the creative world at least. Check out “Spare Change” on YouTube @ com/watch?v=dXJuzL8Dw6I (along with her many other wonderful videos). “Block Party” is another favorite of the newer songs along with “Protected” that are also often requested. “Block Party” has a story to it as well, but I’ll make 80| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010

you come to a gig to hear it! The “she” in this song is a great example of a combination of many gals I know that love to dance and party and work and play. It’s really a tribute to them all. For the freestyle electronica, I very much love listening to “My Heart At Sea” which I wrote to open a Japanese Garden and Art show at the Born Museum. “Mixed Blood” is another favorite in that genera because I used all the elements I had at my disposal to create it. All the things in my blood, flowing through my veins. Hence the title. I triggered found sounds with guitar and played voices with keyboards and triggered guitar tones with drum pads. I wanted to get out of any habits created by the instruments and my relationship to them. The results were very much what I intended and hold a special place of enjoyment for me. I’m also an avid photographer and, thanks to SL, have met many folks that inspire me in art and photography. Two of these people, Shiny Shabaz and Robin Helsinki, are fine artists and photographers. They invited me to join them in a Photo Conversation which I eagerly agreed to. One photographer would post a photo from our collection and the next photographer would then answer that photograph with a photo from his or her collection. The conversation would take us to many wonderful destinations and we would talk for days. We are on

Auto striking a pose with Siubahn Renfort


our third conversation now. We have a show planned for September. I’ve written a piece of music called, appropriately enough, The Conversation. This piece was written as though scoring for film. I planned 11 seconds for each photo and changed the music to represent my feelings about the art. The results were good and I enjoy this piece whenever I hear it. With or without the art. It’s a journey. An adventure. How is that you can deliver and perform in two so very different and distinct styles? Well again, a nod to my ‘ol pal Karlinz Stockhousen who really made it clear to me that music wasn’t about genera; it was rather more about music! I was very lucky not to have been pigeon-holed as I was coming up in music. Just as in all of life, keeping an open mind about things serves one well. I was exposed to so many different generas that moving from one to the other is very easy for me. And mixing and matching is something that makes me very happy. I also play Jazz Standards with friends, and I was in the orchestra through my school days playing flute and oboe. The oboe is such a joy to play but takes rigorous training and practice to control the thing. The rewards are great however. You can hear me in all these generas on ISR (Indiespectrum Radio) an internet radio station dedicated to promote SL musicians and their original work. If you say you support music in SL, you should be listening and supporting ISR. Club owners should be streaming ISR when there’s no live music if they truly support us musicians and the SL music scene. You can also hear me, my bands, and my friends and their bands on Radio RK, my own 24/7 internet radio ( Here you will listen to many diverse and talented musicians in all generas. SL is represented there too with Keiko Takamura, Zero One Paz, The Follow, Eio Tiquri, Isabella Rumsford, Zaid Baylok, and of course myself, all in regular rotation. Do you have any other artistic projects you are working on right now? As I mentioned, I’m doing photography here in SL now. I have a solo show coming up at Angel Gallery, a wonderful gallery owned and operated by some of the most creative folks I’ve met here in SL. In addition I’ll be participating in The Conversation, a show in September with Shiny Shabaz and Robin Helsinki. I’ll be doing a night of Freestyle Electronica on ISR in August with Jana Kyomoon and Kolor Fall. I’m also working on another video with Larkworthy Antfarm. This will be our third or fourth collaboration. Is there any place where you play regularly? Where can somebody interested in your music find you? I’m signed to the most wonderful management a musician could hope for at 82| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010

Synergy Entertainment. Sher and Sam along with the rest of the crew keep me very busy. I’m not the “house band” anywhere in particular but I play often. The best way for someone to hear my music is to join my group or at least my subscribo. Synergy Entertainment maintains a calender for me with info and slurls on it which make it easy to find me. Contact them anytime in world or on Facebook or on their web page @ They know more about where I’ll be playing than I do! And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Any special message you want to give the fans out there? I’d want them to know how exciting the explosion in internet music is and how SL is so much on the cutting edge of live performance over the internet. I’d want them to know they are part of something that will one day be seen as a turning point in music. This is something to get excited about and enjoy. Support SL music, Indiespectrum Radio, and all the venues and artists in SL. We are all pioneers and share this creation. Thanks Auto for the great interview, and all the great information you have given us regarding to what’s happening in the SL music scene! For all Auto fans, and for people who haven’t had the chance to hear his music, make sure you look him up, he’s a really cool guy that plays with his heart, a great performer in which you’ll always find meaningful words and melodic and innovative melodies. |83

RL meets SL Mental Health Care in Second Life

Meet Indygo Criss Like any other resident in SL, Indygo Criss wanted to make a place for herself among the other virtual people on the grid. After months of doing the normal exploring, shopping and dancing, she decided it was time to find a job. Not having a lot of business ideas, she decided to bring real life skills to the second life world. Indygo has worked in the human service field for more than15 years. During this time she has worked with a lot of different people. Most recently she has worked with as a therapist in the substance abuse field. “I have worked with people who have had many different kinds of problems in life” Indygo told us. “I want to keep helping people, it is my calling in life.” Indygo has worked in world for almost a year offering counseling services to the SL masses. She spent some of that time running support groups on Support for Healing Island. At Support for Healing Island, she assisted people with Anxiety, Depression, those who were victims of sexual abuse/rape, as well as people with multiple mental health diagnosis. “It was a very rewarding time for me when I was working at SFH, they have a large group of people, all very caring.” Indygo states. Indygo’s work doesn’t stop at the log off screen of SL either. Her services have moved into the real world as she is open for phone calls and emails. “I know what it is like to feel like you are all alone in the world. I don’t want anyone to log off feeling that they are so insignificant no one wants to talk to them. Life is hard, on both sides of the screen.” says Indygo.

84| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010

I asked Indygo what makes her different than any of the other counseling services in SL. She replied “I am for real, what I do is not a role play, I have one Master’s degree in counseling and am now working on a second to receive state license. This is not a game to me, I am serious about the services I offer. I believe that there are many people out there are scared to death of making a phone call to a local counselor. For whatever reason they have, fear can numb us into inaction. I can help these people move out of the numbness and make changes. I do not judge people for their situations, it is not my place to judge. “ Previous clients have offered testimonials to Indygo because of their miraculous turn around in their life. One gentleman raves a year later how much happier and calmer he is after working with Indygo. “I feel so great I tell everyone I know who needs help to call her.” he tells Opulent Magazine. “I gave her information to my dad who isn’t even in SL. I highly recommend Indygo Criss, she is an amazing lady who knows what she is doing.” How Can Indygo Help You? Indygo can help in a variety of areas, personal and professional relationships, rebuild self esteem, stress and coping skills, parenting skills, achieve personal growth, communication skills, improve physical and emotional intimacy and more. I can also assist you in coping with trauma related to any kind of event including accident, abuse of any kind, rape etc. I can help you find real world help in your town, assist you in understanding how to advocate for yourself and much more. If you have a special problem you would like to ask about, please IM Indygo Criss anytime. |85

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Our Opulent resident chef Ariadne Barzane brings you two mouth watering feasts to try, bon appetit! KILLER RIBS! This is a great recipe for doing up pork ribs the right way!! Do not let all the ingredients chase you away. The ribs are boiled first and then baked in the oven. This leaves the meat so tender that it falls from the bone and your house smells wonderful!! This is a great recipe for cold, winter months when the house is closed up and the heat from the stove and oven are welcome. Ingredients * 5 lbs of pork ribs (baby backs are wonderful) * 1 large onion * 2 teaspoon cinnamon * 1 Tablespoon dried basil * 1 1/2 teaspoon allspice * 1 1/2 teaspoon ginger * 1 1/2 teaspoon crushed dried red hot chili flakes * 3 dried bay leaves * 3 cloves garlic, minced or pressed * 1 can (18 oz) sliced peaches, drained OR 1 jar (12 - 16 oz) peach preserves * 1 bottle (18 oz) barbeque sauce Directions: 1. Trim and discard excess fat from ribs. 2. Place ribs in an 8 to 10 quart pot or pan. 3. Add onion, cinnamon, basil, all spice, ginger, 1 teaspoon of the red chili flakes, bay leaves and garlic. 4. Fill pan with water to cover the ribs. 5. Put lid on pan and bring water to a boil over high heat. 6. Reduce heat to simmer and cook about 20 minutes. 7. If using sliced peaches, add to blender or food processor and puree. If using peach preserves this step can be skipped. 8. Mix barbeque sauce, peaches and remaining 1/2 teaspoon of red chili flakes together. 9. Remove from pot and discard liquid. 10. Preheat oven to 300 degrees. 11. Place ribs in roasting pan or glass baking dish. 12. Pour the sauce over the ribs, turning them in the pan to ensure they are coated. 13. Cover pan with aluminum foil. 14. Bake for two hours, turning and basting ribs after one hour. 15. If you want to brown the exposed side, uncover them for the last 15 minutes. 96| OPULENT Magazine : July/August 2010

This recipe is easily adapted for a crockpot or slow cooker. Place trimmed ribs in crockpot with seasonings from Step #2. Fill crockpot with water and cook on high for 6 - 8 hours. Remove ribs from crockpot and discard liquid. Return ribs and add barbeque sauce mixture from Step #8. Heat ribs and sauce on high until heated through. Source: This is a combined recipe from Group Recipes website Henrie - Cabincrazyone - html

FRUIT SALAD On a hot summer day there is nothing quite like the cooling power of jello and chilled fruit. The versatility of this recipe is endless given the number of different jello flavors and the types of fruit. Please note that pineapple does not work well in jello. Ingredients * 2 large boxes of lime Jello * 1 12 - 16 oz can of fruit cocktail - drained * 4 - 6 large ripe bananas - if you like bananas go for more, if they are not your thing, use less * 1 small package chopped nuts - pecans and walnuts work best * 1 container of Cool Whip - thawed Directions: 1. Prepare Jello as directed on box 2. Place in large bowl in refrigerator to cool and thicken 3. Check Jello after 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour it should be thickened but not entirely gelled. 4. Add drained fruit cocktail to jello, stir well. 5. Slice bananas into small bite sized chunks and add to jello, stir well. 6. Stir chopped nuts into jello. 7. Return jello mixture to refrigerator and allow to finish thickening. 1 to 2 hours should do the trick. 8. Fruit salad is ready to serve when the jello is completely set and jiggles when the bowl is touched. 9. Spoon fruit salad into chilled bowls. 10. Top with a generous dollop of Cool Whip or any other whipped topping. For a refreshing difference try Strawberry Banana Jello! You can also swap out the fruit cocktail for mandarin orange slices, peaches or fresh berries. Use your imagination and enjoy the cooling taste sensations you create!! Source: Family recipe


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