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December 2019 Newsletter

As facilitators, we have an amazing opportunity to help guide developing minds for life beyond the high school years. The individuals that move on from Oak Farm Montessori High School are poised to become contributing members of society, offering both empathy and compassion to the world around them. Maria Montessori’s revolutionary notion to “follow the child” empowers us to support students in the pursuit of their passions. These passions can turn into careers that have a greater impact than we can currently imagine. The Senior Capstone project here at Oak Farm focuses on the student’s long-term commitment to their personal passion. Students must move outside the walls of school and engage with the community to go deeper into their area of focus. Allow me to introduce you to a student who is in the midst of this journey of discovery.

Meet Abby Murphy:

Q: Could you describe your Capstone project?

A: “My Capstone project is focused on the access to mental health care for teens in Northeast Indiana. The teen years can be very turbulent and I have noticed that many of my peers do not understand the process of obtaining counseling to help them deal with their problems. I hope my project will help clarify: who they should contact to start the process, what the initial first steps are, what options are available to them, and what they might expect during treatment.”

Q: How has Oak Farm empowered you to pursue this passion project?

A: “From the very beginning Oak Farm has encouraged me to pursue topics of interest. This has allowed me to delve into areas that bring significance and meaning to my work. The teachers have also helped me to network with professionals in the mental-health field that are able to assist me in the process.”

Q: How will you use the knowledge you acquire to help you impact the world around you?

A: “ I see this as a first step towards a career in the area of mental-health. My project will culminate with a video that will be made available to teens. My hope is to help others in the same way I have been helped.”

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: “I plan on pursuing a degree in psychology and devoting my life to helping others overcome obstacles in their lives.”

Abby Murphy is just one example of how students at Oak Farm are filled with compassion and empathy. It is a privilege, as a facilitator, to play a small part in the life of an individual who will go on to make a lasting impact on the world.