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Trinity Stokes

Trinitee Stokes

Interview by Carol Wright Photos by Bobby Quillard

What was the audition process like for K.C. Undercover?

The audition process for me was fun and nerve wrecking at the same time. I think the first audition was more relaxed for me than the ones that followed. After the first couple of auditions, I had a chemistry read with Zendaya. I was SO nervous that day because I loved Zendaya and didn’t want to be star struck and bomb out on my audition. But she was very cool and laid back, so I was able to really relax. After the read, I went back home, prayed, fasted and waited. Three days later while I was filming a commercial, my mom got the call that I booked the show! When I found out that I booked the role of Judy, I was screaming, jumping, and crying tears of joy! God had answered my prayer.

What was it like working with Zendaya? Did she give you any good advice?

It was a great experience working with Zendaya. She was a lot of fun and she worked really hard. Z was truly like an older sister to me. She always encouraged me to use the voice that I have for good. Zendaya showed me that if you work hard, you can play hard too.

K.C. Undercover brought a lot of diversity to Disney Channel and truly connected with children across the country. What has it been like interacting with fans of the show?

It has been life changing interacting with fans of K.C. UNDERCOVER. It is so rewarding when I get to meet the people who love and support the show. And one of my all time favorite parts is making the kids smile and bringing them joy. Our supporters are not just one ethnicity, but they are very diverse and come from every walk of life.

You’re releasing a book titled “Bold & Blessed”. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

In my new book “Bold & Blessed’ I take you on a behind the scenes journey into my life. I share my faith, struggles, dreams, rejection, and so much more. One way I have found to be bold and blessed is by knowing your self worth. Once you know your true value, you can stand boldly and accomplish anything. I also talk about body image, self- esteem, friendship, and confidence. Bold & Blessed also includes never seen before pictures. I give real life advice on how to walk in faith to obtain everything that God has promised you!

Pre-order link: https://www.amazon.com/Bold-Blessed-Yourself-Stand-Crowd/dp/0310766427

but for others to enjoy it while I do it. The arts give us so many options to tap into our creativity. Art has been so influential in my family’s home life especially. We create plays and skits at home and act them out, which is really a lot of fun. Without the arts of any kind in my life, I would definitely feel as though I would be missing something.

What advice do you have for aspiring actors?

My advice is that even though you may face a lot of rejection or hear the word no many times. I encourage you to never give up and to keep going after your dreams. It only takes that one YES to make your dream come true.

How has your faith helped you navigate through the industry?

My faith has been by far the most important thing in the industry. I have to have faith every step of the way because nothing is promised or guaranteed. There are times when I might be uncertain or things might not look like I want them too, but it is my faith that reassures me that God will never fail and that He is faithful that promised. My faith helps me to stay grounded, and also to keep my head on straight. Without my faith in this industry, I would not be able to have and maintain my peace and joy.

What are some of your other creative outlets besides acting?

I absolutely love writing! I am sometimes amazed with what I end up with once I get all of my thoughts out on paper. I have a pretty wild imagination. Singing is my next creative outlet. I love to sing because I just love music. But singing is also a way for me to express myself and I sing everywhere. Coloring, which is one of my top 5 ways to wind down because of all the possibilities. I color every chance I get. It helps me to relax and to clear my mind. Then there is knitting, which I have only been doing a few months but it is very challenging for me.

Our theme for this issue is ‘Art is Life’ How has art changed your life?

Art has changed my life because it has given me multiple avenues not only to express my emotions,


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