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HIGH DESERT PURE Clinical Strength Lotion

At 30 years old, body maintenance is no longer optional - it is a necessity and a huge benefit to my health. These days, after a session pushing myself to perform at my best, a hot shower just isn’t enough to combat the muscle soreness that inevitably follows. S ince discovering High Desert Pure’s Clinical Strength Lotion, this potent pain-killing ointment has become my go-to for body care after any physical exertion.

Lightly mentholated and packed with over 1000mg of full spectrum cannabinoids, this lotion is ready to take on your worst aches with ease.

The lotion absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy or oily residue and I especially love that it’s not overly mentholated, instead offering a pleasantly mild cooling effect that even those with sensitive skin should be able to handle.

The bottle comes with a plastic cap, making it travel safe and easy to throw in your gym bag without hesitation.

From stiff and barely moving around, to loose and flexible with a single application, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more effective topical on the market today.





“Lightly mentholated and packed with over 1000mg of full spectrum cannabinoids, this lotion is ready to take on your worst aches with ease.”

The subtle sweetness baked into the Blueberry Muffin

balances out the punchy, bold tones of The Lop’s chai spices.

TANNINS | DR. HOPS KOMBUCHA BEER 8.0% ABV - Pomegranate Chai – The Lop Dr. Hops was founded by two wellness enthusiasts on a mission to create a healthy craft beer. Using only organic and fair trade ingredients is a tradition that began in 2015 as a small, grassroots garage project and has continued with their upgrade to a large-scale brewery in San Jose.

Since their successful Indiegogo launch, they’ve combined the probiotic nutrients of kombucha with fresh American hops to provide a balanced and drinkable beverage.

Dynamic and layered, this gluten-free and vegan concoction is buzzing with spicy cinnamon, cardamom and anise.

A double fermentation process renders The Lop as a dangerously refreshing take on traditional craft beer.

TERPENES | URSA EXTRACTS LIVE RESIN Blueberry Muffin Liquid Diamond Sauce “We Are Stardust” is a small reminder delicately printed on the packaging of Humboldt-based Ursa Extracts, and the last thing you see before embarking on a mission to taste their liquid diamond sauce.

Not to be confused with the typical live resin available on the market, Ursa’s strict single-source, fresh frozen methods award their extracts a ‘craft concentrate’ distinction.

Exploring the Blueberry Muffin liquid diamond sauce like the Mars rover Curiosity was undoubtedly a vaping experience unlike any currently available to both Earthlings and Californians.

Strong caryophyllene and myrcene tones are brightened up by the presence of fenchol, which is more commonly found in basil.

In combination with being sourced from the highest quality Cannabis in the Emerald Triangle, this terpene profile leads to incredibly pleasant relaxation effects - both potent and immediate.



THE PAIRING If The Lop’s 8% ABV is captaining a spaceship - with the Blueberry Muffin’s full spectrum of cannabinoids as navigator - passengers can expect a well-rounded and cerebral adventure. The subtle sweetness baked into Blueberry Muffin balances out the punchy, bold tones of The Lop’s chai spices. Frozen blueberries to top The Lop were a brilliant highdea that solidified the stellar collision. This social, giddy crossfade is bliss on a summer afternoon - bonus points if absorbed beneath sunrays.

*California Leaf Warning* Anytime you combine two substances of any kind, you have to be extra vigilant of the effects. We strongly recommend conducting pairings in a safe and private space, in small quantities with friends. Always use a designated driver or have a plan to get home safely.

TANNINS DrHops.com

TERPENES UrsaExtracts.com