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Lesson Tee: Practice with Purpose

People go to the driving range for a variety of reasons. Some go to practice, other go to relax, and some just go for something to do. The one thing that notice not only at my club but also at other facilities that I visit is that most players gravitate towards the driver.

Now, I will admit that the driver has a lot of appeal, but let us be real. The driver has far less impact on a good round of golf than we give it credit for.

Most players would benefit more from working on their 150yd and in game. Therefore, my recommendation for today is to learn to practice in a fashion that works your entire game.

For your next range session, I would suggest purchasing a large bucket (approx 100 balls) and work your way through the bucket like this:

• Start with soft swing half sand wedges (10 balls)

• Move into full swings with even number clubs pw, 8, 6, 4 eight shots for each club (32 balls)

• Fairway wood, either 3 wood or 5 wood six shots off the ground, six off the tee (10 balls)

• Driver: 12 swings

• Move back to the irons, odd clubs 9,7,5 eight shots each (24 balls)

• Cool down with soft half sand wedge (10 balls)

• After the bucket try to spend 15 minutes on the putting green

Make sure you select a target for each shot, don’t just swing away.

If you practice in this fashion, your entire game will get a work out and you will be onto lower scores.

Good luck!

Alan Reese

PGA Professional

Salem Golf Club