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From the editor

I think we can all agree that we’ve had an outburst on the golf. Maybe it’s a quick f-bomb, or a club slam, or simply slamming the flag stick back into the hole after missing a short putt. We’ve all done it and, let’s face it, you have to let off steam after a mistake or risk having that bad energy follow throughout the round.

Some are saying that Bio Kim, a player on the Korean Tour, took things a little too far when he gave a fan the middle finger during his round at the DGB Financial Group Volvik Daegu Gyeongbuk Open. Television cameras caught the incident that followed the sound of a cellphone camera going off during Kim’s downswing.

Kim went on to win the tournament and later apologized for his actions, but Korean Tour officials banned him from competition for three years.

Too harsh? I’d say that’s complicated.

Players on the PGA TOUR have been throwing tantrums for years during official events. Players have been criticized for intentionally breaking clubs, yelling at noisy fans, spitting in cups, and swearing during televised events. None of those players, however, have been banned for their actions. Should they have been punished?

On one side of the coin, I agree with the ban. Kim, as a leading professional player, is influencing young golfers throughout Korea who are watching and aspiring to play professional golf. We don’t need the next generation of players to think that abusing fans is the way they should behave following an errant shot.

On the other side, fans need to understand how their actions impact what’s happening around them. Sure, most professional events have throngs of fans everywhere and it’s easy to forget that the men and women between the ropes are playing for their livelihoods. Yelling - even encouraging words - can distract the players. Movement and noise during a swing can cause players to take their eye off the ball and miss a shot.

It’s a game of inches.

This is the kind of thing that happens every day on golf courses throughout the Northwest. The next time you think about throwing a club or losing your mind after a four-putt, check your surroundings and make sure there’s no one around to offend.

Kris Fayris Fay Owner - NW Golf Adventures

Northwest News & Notes

Sheep Ranch set for June opening

Sheep Ranch will become the fifth 18-hole course at Oregon’s Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, with an official opening of the Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw course set for June 2020.

WA Golf team takes part in marathon

Members of the WA Golf staff took part in the Hundred Hole Hike on September 30. Players all over the country walked 100 holes in support of the Youth on Course program.

IGA celebrates 50 years

2019 was the 50th year in business for the Idaho Golf Association. To celebrate, the IGA ran a campaign to raise money to support the 2020 Girls Junior Americas Cup that will be held in Idaho.

Eagle lands victory in CA tourney

Michael Block of Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club in Mission Viejo and Brian Schippel of South County Golf Academy at Arroyo Trabuco made eagle on the last hole to win the Southern California PGA Professional- Assistant Championship by one stroke.

Course goes pink

Arizona’s Troon North Golf Club is going pink in October to raise awareness for breast cancer prevention. No better time for a round if you’re in the area!